Loving my girl - part 1
I have always had a very imaginative mind. I also have always been very horny. So, it was no suprise when my baby girl of 12 started to look sexy to me. My wife was working 2nd shift, so I was pretty much bringing up our little Amy. I noticed one day when we were in the hot tub that Amy had breast. They weren't big but they were there. Immediately my mind thought how wonderful it would be to suck on them. I started playing a game with her in the hot tub. I would grab her and swirl her around in the water while catching a feel of her little titties and ass. I got bold and slipped my cock out of my shorts and while rock hard, I brought her to me with her legs as I spread them around my waist. I had my cock perfectly rubbing on her cunt through her swim suit. My cock is about 8" hard and I made sure she was rubbing it all. I shot my load under the water but made sure my cock head was right on her pussy oozing my cum through her swim suit. This was the beginning.

We continued to play those games for quite awhile. Every chance I could get. Finally, summer was near. I couldn't wait for the little bit of clothes these young babes wear. I couldn't wait for Amy to dress down. She would invite her little friends over and I would be in heaven.

I got the idea, why not check them out too. So I went to work on putting some survielance equipment in. I put a little camera mount in bathroom vent in ceiling and in Amy's bedroom. I set up a recorder in the basement in my workshop. No one goes in there but me....this is my space...
I had it hidden pretty well in a false wall. They couldn't see the little camera's hidden in the vents. I would jack off thinking how much fun this is going to be (while sniffing Amy's panties of course).

One day, Amy just got home from school and was going to take a shower. I sat in my little work area, watching with delight and stroking my hard cock. She started undressing with her blouse and then her little skirt. She was checking herself out in the mirror, which was perfect for my camera angle. Slowly she took her little bra off and started to rub her tits. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, little Amy playing with herself. After awhile, she then slowly pulled her panties off. I could see very little of her very light red colored pussy hair. Man, I started stroking hard. She then was rubbing herself. She had her eyes closed, one hand on pussy and one on her breast. I did all I could not to cum right there. I can't believe I got all this on camera so clearly. I will be able to beat off many times to this. She turned and walked to the shower. I couldn't see to well then but I already shot my load anyways. Fuck man, am I a bad bad boy. Lusting after my own little girl.

Amy came out of the shower wrapped in a towel. Man she looked hot. Long red hair, slim, long legs (she's 5'3") and little pointy tits. Visions of her bush made me start to get hard again. Fuck man, I gotta control this thing, I thought. Well, that's easier said than done. There was a gap in her towel that showed me her pussy. I thought I was going to lose it. I thought I could smell that beautiful thing. She then ran off to get dressed.

She came down dressed in nice tight shorts and a loose top. I caught glimpses of her breast quite often. She asked what was for dinner and I told her anything she wanted. She laughed and said ok but can Kelly stay overnight. She don't want to go to her Grandma's for the weekend and I told her it would probably be ok. Maybe we can order pizza or something. I said ok.

Kelly showed up about 1/2 hr later. We ordered pizza and bread sticks. I brought out the pop for the girls, I had beer.

We played some card games, laughing and joking around. I had had a few beers and was feeling pretty good. I suggested we go watch a movie. We have many dvd's to chose from. The girls pick one out with a lot of beach scenes. Shit, that's all I need I thought.

I told the girls to go ahead and watch it, "it's a chick flick" I said. They said ok. I went down to my workshop to watch Amy on video. I was stroking myself through my jeans when I heard some noise. I turned in time to see Amy and Kelly coming around the corner. I shut off the video just in time. Fuck that was close. My heart was racing like crazy.

They decided they were going to bed and wanted me to know. I said ok, but I need a hug first. Amy gave me a big hug and a kiss on the lips. Kelly, a little shy, gave me a hug and I gave her a little peck on the cheek. Holy shit man, this girl has some tits, I thought as they brushed against me. I watched as they were leaving and that Kelly also has a nice ass for a 12 yr old. I immediately switched camera to Amy's room. And waited. And waited. I was just about to get up and see what was going on, when they came into view. They had to stock up on munchies and pop. Wait, what is that? I could swear I see a bottle of rum or something. Is that my captain morgan they have there? I think it is. You little brats, I thougth smiling. I remember what it was like at that age. By the way, I'm 36.

Then the party started.

The girls were playing around drinking and getting a little buzzed. I was laughing along when all of a sudden, Kelly pulled her top off and shouted to Amy, "let them hang free baby". A wild little thing. Kelly is not as tall as Amy, she has brown hair, medium build 5'1", but big tits for her age. Probably a 34C. Kelly grabbed at Amy's top and pulled it off. What a contrast, tiny tits and Kelly's tits. Not big but looked good compared to Amy's. Amy told Kelly she wish she had tits like her's and Kelly said that she liked Amy's. They discussed this for awhile then laid down giggling, half drunk. They started to doze off after awhile. I kept watching as Amy was laying almost spread eagle and Kelly's hand was on Amy's cunt. I watched in amazement as Kelly pulled Amy's panties aside and started to play with Amy. I could see perfectly clear, Kelly's finger sliding up and down Amy's slit. Amy moved a little, actually spreading her legs more. Kelly slipped a finger in Amy. Amy moved around and I thought shit, she's going to wake up. But to my suprise, Amy reached down and helped Kelly finger fuck herself. This went on for a couple of minutes and Amy started to moan and apparently cumming. She was lifting her hips off the bed in time with Kelly's fingering. Then she rose up and grabbed Kelly and started to kiss her. I thought holy shit, my babies a dyke. Then I thought, hmm, this could be interesting.
I kept watching and after a nice long kiss, they looked at each other. Kelly said that she noticed that Amy's dad had a hard on when they went into his workshop. Amy said yeah, I think he's always horny. Kelly looked at Amy and winked. They giggled and cuddled each other and went to sleep.

I rewound the most recent part of tape and kept stroking. I then decided that they were passed out from the rum. I'm going to go pay them a little visit.


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2010-03-27 18:00:12
great story

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2008-11-01 18:33:23
wheres the rest of the story


2007-12-15 00:57:34
It wasn't that good it needs a lot of work done to it. but hey i'am not telling you nothing you don't already know


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2007-06-08 18:26:48
Okay don't you have to be AT LEAST 18 too enter the site? But yes it is plausible howerever unlikely that this would occur. However all in all a very nice story. 10/10

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