My boss trapped me to have sex with my wife and also gangbang her with his half a dozen friends while I had to watch
I was on cloud nine! I could never have imagined to get such a job so early in my career! Frankly, I did not believe I was even qualified for it, but god knows what the selectors saw in me, I was selected and today I was there on my first day in the new job. The boss welcomed me very warmly and invited for dinner at his home. This was another surprise for me, but then, well, I was now in the senior management cadre! Probably one of the youngest ones!

I decided to start my day by meeting my colleagues. And they were a not only a big disappointment- they were a shock! The first one, Khanna, after barely five minutes of introduction, asked if my wife was very beautiful. I was not prepared for this question and fumbled for a response before uttering “well she is not bad looking….” and to make the conversation lighter once again, added, “but any way beauty lies in the eyes of beholder” Khanna acidly retorted, “ and the boss has those eyes.”

This was a clear offence and I could not take it lying down. I thundered, ‘what do you mean by that?” He kept looking coolly in my eyes without any emotion and said, “cool down Sudhir, I know you are not aware, but the fact is that this Girish (our boss) is a son of a bitch. He selects only those who have a beautiful female member in the family and after giving him the job, regularly fucks that female member.”

How could a manager use this kind of language in the office???? and such allegations???? No I have to tackle this bastard carefully. I asked him, “so he fucks your wife regularly?” I was sure the offence will take him offguard but his response made me almost faint. He said, “not only my wife, he fucks someone or other in each one’s family or else the person does not have the job.”

“Why do you tolerate this… why don’t you quit instead of getting humiliated like this? It is your own sweet will that you are continuing in this job.” I retorted. He laughed. “Find out for your self why you are going to tolerate…we all have enough reasons…. He does not offer the job unless he has created a good enough trap from which you can not escape…think over all your options and I am sure you will happily offer your wife to him for fucking!”

“Hey don’t cross the limits…. Enough is enough..” I shouted and barged out of his cabin banging the door behind me. This was ridiculous.

I was still trying to get calm when my secretary came in. I pasted a forced smile on my face and asked her to be seated. Then I started talking about the other people in the office. In fact I asked him what kind of a person this Khanna was. And she sadly said he was an excellent person. why he, they all used to be nice persons before they joined but then everything changed! Looking at my curious eyes she said look I used to be a very chaste girl and today I feel like a prostitute. She stood up and lifted her blouse exposing her beautiful round tits with small pink nipples and in the same breath, lifted her skirt to show her neatly shaved pussy between the hairless smooth silky thighs. I wasn’t able to understand anything. She went on saying see I don’t wear any undergarments- I am not allowed to because the boss calls me several times in a day to play with my tits, lick my vagina, or make me suck his cock or even fuck… undergarments obstruct all this…. And he doesn’t mind doing all this in front of any one! So! All my virtue has gone down the drain. I don’t hesitate in stripping before any one and won’t even mind if you start fucking me right now.”

I was utterly confused. What is all this.. if she does not like it why doesn’t she quit and why is she trying to seduce me? I asked her and she gave same reply as Khanna… I can’t. I am in a trap!

I then decided to meet the old accountant who definitely would not have a beautiful wife. But he started crying. He had quit his decent job for the high salary being offered her as he had his two teenager daughters who would soon attain marriageable age and he needed to save something for their marriage. But Girish had used them both, and now every now and then would take them for a night of enjoyment.
I had now realized the problem and decided to quit immediately and then I realized that I too was in a trap!

I had spent almost all my savings in moving to this town, I had quit the respectable job and spoiled my relations with them in the last few days, and to top it all, my original certificates were with the boss! I was very tense evaluating all options when the boss called me. He started in a very friendly tone, “did these boys tell you stories about me?”

There was a flicker of hope. Probably all these were stories, because they hated him… because he was a very strict boss…”Yes but I don’t believe all this.. how is this possible…” I tried to look normal. He raised his eyebrows. “Why not? I don’t do any thing behind the curtains… I say what I do and I don’t mind if people say the truth.” He paused and then said and this should be a clear indication to you about what is going to happen today evening.” I could not believe somebody could be so blunt and daring. He continued “…. And kitty must have told you I don’t like hairy cunts…. Tell your wife to neatly shave her pussy before coming for dinner” I was stunned and unable to think of anything to say or do.

I kept on thinking of my strategy to face this situation but I was in the trap and probably had no options. I told my wife in very clear terms exactly all that had happened and the fact that we had no way to escape this situation.

She finally went into the bath room with the shaving kit!


The boss himself opened the door for us. He looked at Kamla and gave a broad smile “oh honey! I have been dreaming of you for so many days!!!” He patted her cheeks and move the hands slowly down to the shoulders, brushed her breasts and moved don to her waist pulling her close for a deep hug. Them with his right arm round her shoulder, playing with her tit he started taking her inside the house. I followed. He and my wife sat on the settee and I opposite to them. He did not waste any time and cupped both her breasts and bent down to kiss her on her lips. “Wow! You taste very sweet and your boobs are a treat!” Without waiting he started unbuttoning her blouse. I was finding it impossible to hold back my anger but kept on watching him undress my wife helplessly. The blouse and bra were removed in less than a minute and my wife sat with her bare breasts in the palms of Girish who once looked at her, then kissed her lips, bit her nipples and then looked at me for reaction. I felt like an impotent person and he was enjoying tis more than my naked wife. He the asked me to go to the bar and get a scotch on rocks for him and my wife and ‘anything’ for myself. I told him my wife did not drink. He laughed and said, she will today!

He took one from me and pressed it against her lips. She took a sip and he immediately locked his lips against hers, getting the whisky out of her mouth in to his own. Then he turned to me and said.. this is one of the ways I like my whisky! He continued his ‘operation stripping’ and pulled her saree and threw it away. In one stroke he pulled the string of her petticoat and asked her get up so he could pull it down. No sooner was she up that he pulled her panties down as well making her stark naked. He gazed at her pussy and commented.. beautiful pussy, you did a good job at shaving it! He brought his face forward t her pussy and inhaled deeply savouring its smell. The he pushe her down on the settee and spread her thighs wide exposing the pink. He lifted his glass with one hand, and using the thumb and index fingers of the other, opened her pussy wide, and slowly poured some whisky into her cunt. He looked at me, smiled and said this is the best way to drink whisky! And lowered his mouth to start licking whisky off her pussy. It wasn’t long before my wife lost all her defenses and was moaning and writhing and kneading her own breasts mercilessly. Girish continued to lick the pussy. Suddenly she threw her all inhibitions and reached for Girish’s fly. She pulled it open and pushed her hand inside groping for her prize. Girish stopped licking the cunt and to make her job easy, stood on his knees in front of her. She took out the cock and took straight in to her mouth. I was surprised as she never liked to suck my cock. While doing the great blow job, she continued to unbutton his pants and the pulled it down. Girish himself pened his shirt and threw it away. Now both of them were completely naked and I was sitting in a three piece suit and tie but with my cock about to burst. Girish pulled his cock out of her mouth, made her lie on her back and spread her thighs once again, this time placing his cock at the doorway! The eight inch long cock smoothly slid into her pussy and he began crusing her tits as if he was kneading dough. He lied on top of her in missionary position and began giving long strokes while his hand continued to knead the breasts and lips kept kissing her lips. The strokes soon reached a crescendo and with that he moanings of my wife too and then he suddenly collapsed on top of her. The world came to a halt! Thdey kept lying like that for several minutes and then he said, “Sudhir, bring two wet towels from the bath” I wetted two small towels in hot water, and brought them on a tray. Girish turned over and with that a gush of cum began coming out of her cunt. Girish’s cock and even balls were smeared with cum. He shouted at me “don’t keep standing there like a dummy- wipe my cock first and then your wife’s cunt.” This was probably the limit of humiliation, but I silently wiped his cock clean and then his balls and moved an to clean Kamala’s cunt which was going on spurting cum. Both the towels were completely soaked and even my hands were now messed up.

During dinner Kamala sat in Girish’s lap, both completely naked. And Girish kept fondling her different parts. After dinner Girish said,” You may go if you want to”
I asked Kamala to get ready but Girish said, “no, not Kamala dear! I need to fuck her more during the night. You may take her back in the morning or I will send my driver to drop her!

She came back at about eight in the morning, completely exhausted, and went to bed without saying a word.

But my boss was very vocal during the day. He called me in the room when several others were present and started telling the stories of yesterday night, commenting that Kamala was great to fuck. He pointed to the old accountant and said, you should send your daughters to her to get a training on how the cock should be sucked! They are novices but Kamala sucks like a whore!

In the end he invited me again in the evening because he was throwing a party!

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