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They came through the window..
I had just gotten back from alittle get togather with my girlfriends we had been watching horro films. I always suggested we switch to porn when my friends parents werent around. I was a very horny girl i could not help it i was saving myself. So we had watched porn and it had made my panties more then alittle wet. Everyone was asleep in my house and I was very thankful because i didnt want to start hearing bitching when i first got in i was sleepy and needed to go to bed. I went up the stairs yawning i could feel the wetness in my panties coating my thighs. I sighed and thought softly hang on i will make you happy soon. I smiled opening my door i reached for the light that was right next to the entrance. Somthing grabbed my hand I tried to scream somthing was stuffed right into my mouth. I was petrified i was dragged into my room. The nightlight went out in the hall as my door was shut and locked. I was in tears what was going on things were flashing through my mind what if they killed mom? What if they killed my cat and dog ? I trembled being pressed agiansted the wall i didnt dare move. The light went on and looked wide eyed at two boys i knew. " Hey slut," I whimpered into the sock that had been stuffed in my mouth. Two green blue eyes stared back at me it was Billy. His breath smelt of weed and beer I looked away from him. His best bud stood near my bed Franco his eyes glazed they were both stoned out of thier minds. I felt my heart pounding what did they want i could not even believe they were here how did they get in. " Mmm where were you baby we were wondering when you were going to show up," Billy's strong hands held my arms by my head his groin was firmly placed on my leg. I swallowed seeing the open window they had climbed up the side of the roof and broken through the window. Franco smiled dreamly at me his wavy hair in his eyes. Billy pulled the sock out of my mouth and smiled i felt his hands tighten around my wrists. " What do you want?" I asked my voice cracking. Franco giggled holding up a pair of handcuffs he dangled them and pulled out a key from his pocket. " You have gotten so fucking sexy Ash", I frowned as he moved both my wrists into one of his strong hands and moved me back to where the coat pegs were. I squirmed twisting around he pushed me forward and grabbed the handcuffs hancuffing me and suspending me from the pegs. I bit my lip looking at Franco and then Bill again they were going to rape me. " Oh man she looks so hot like that," Franco murmered rubbing the frot of his jeans i looked away he was sporting a big hardon and i was scared and embaressed. Billy laughed his teeth found my neck i gasped as he bit hard. " Ooo did you like that slut how about this," he grabbed one of my boobs and rubbed it hard through my shirt. I whined softly begging him to stop he wasent having it he unzipped my pants and tugged them down my hips. I bit my lip hard tears filling up my eyes I was scared I had never had sex and Billy and Franco knew it! " Ohh you such a slut your thighs are all wet," Billy's fingers probed my thong and then he pushed it alittle running his finger along my slit. " Ahh...Billy no please," I was trapped my body was responding two the thick fingers and the breath in ear. I heard Franco moan as he came closer he pushed my shirt up onto my collar and pushed my bra up over my D breast. They wobbled and i heard the guys chuckle. " Were going to fuck you Ash you little slut," I trembled as Billy's fingers pushed into my pussy. It hurt i cried out but my cry was muffled by Franco's lips. I could not stop a moan as Billy's fingers worked in and out of my dripping pussy and Franco's tongue raped my mouth. Billy got to his knees pulling my panties down and pushed one of my legs up over his shoulder he fucked my pussy with two of his large fingers. I moaned moving my head away from Franco's drunken tongue he moaned cpaturing one of my nipple in his mouth and sucking hard his other hand played with my other breast. " Oh shit she's so tight i cant fit another finger in," I gasped Billy licked along my clit teasing it i cried out i could not hold my pleasure in. Franco was moaning rubbing his hardon aginsted my thigh as he sucked and fondled my breast. Billy's tongue was driving me wild i moaned moving my pussy aginsted his mouth. " You like that bitch ?" I moaned in response. " Get the fuck out of way man I putting my dick in her first," I froze as Franco's lips left my breast Billy grinned capturing my mouth. He tasted like weed i didnt like it he smelled too. I heard the zip of his fly tears began rolling down my cheeks he rubbed the head of his cock aginsted my clit then he began pushing his cock into me. I screamed into his mouth Franco hurried to pushed the sock back into my mouth. Billy's dick was so big i felt my self rip as he pushed it through and he pierced me i cried. I was dizzy i could not hold my self up Billy made sure i didnt fall her pulled my legs up and over his hips fucking slowly aginsted the wall. He was groaning low in his throat into my ear. I moaned in pain aginsted him. He began fucking me harder and harder my pussy must have been bleeding. I cried out the sock fell from my mouth. " Ahhh!" I cried out into his shoulder as he cock fucked me hard. My pussy clenched around him over and over he reached down rubbing my clit. i gasped biting his shoulder it did not stop him. His hands slid down my back and pulled my ass aginsted him fucking me until i could not think straight. " Uhh you fucking slut Im gonna cum," I whimpered as he came. I imagened his hot cum squirting into my pussy. I looked at Franco in a daze he was rubbing his cock it was huge i swallowed as Billy slipped his cock out it made a pop noise. I moaned my pussy burning with pain and the need to cum. Franco got up his icy blue eyes stared at my now limp form he pulled my hands off the peg and pushed me face forward on the bed. i whimpered as he pulled up my hips his cock running up and down my pussy. " I think i should fuck your ass what you think?" I trembled looking back at him. " No no..please no..," he grinned Billy layed down on the bed stroking his still hard cock. He luped my ass with the blood and pussy juice from me and began to push in i screamed into the sheets. " Ahh man," he growled fucking me hard i kept crying and screaming into the sheets. My head was forced up and my mouth was slid down Billy's cock i looked at him wide eyed. " If you bite i will fucking kill you,' i whimpered as my ass was being fucked and then started sucking his dick. I could taste my blood right away i could feel every vien and curve of his cock as i sucked both boys moaned as they used me. Hot tears ran down my cheeks as i felt Billy's cock pulse in my mouth. Franco cried out cumming in my ass he slipped out another pop noise he moaned slapping my ass hard. I swallowed as Billy cummed again this time in my mouth. It was so salty he told me to swallow all of it like a good slut. I did and both boys sat down on the bed i whimpered into the sheets my body in pain. " You were the best baby even if you were a virgen," Bill said pushing his cock back in his pants Franco laughed slapping my ass agian. I moaned and then felt my head spin a hard blow to the head and out cold. Darkness.

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2008-10-20 16:52:19
Good story as always but, All your stories could use paragraphs, and I think you need to put an extra space after your ending quotes; it gets really confusing when an a few lines run together b/c its hard to tell which is speaking.


2007-10-14 03:41:03
thats fuking cracy


2006-06-04 23:26:29
yeah really needs some paragraph's got lost a little but the story was ok


2006-04-05 17:59:58
aw be nice it was good its missing an explanation like describing how she knows these people and what it feels like and all that :)


2006-03-28 13:27:41
thts fuckin crazy

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