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Eager to please
Sascha was a plain but neat looking girl that stayed next door. I wasn't quite sure what the story on her was. The people living in the house were obviously not her parents, you could see the lack of enthusiasm they showed toward her. They only called her Sascha, never dear or baby or anything cute and cuddly that parents might call their daughter. Her life seemed like a regimen of school and home. I never saw them take her any place. It seemed she was a prisoner in that house. One Saturday, the man of the house left early. With the luggage he was carrying, it would appear he was headed out of town for more than a few days. Later that morning, his wife left also, I figured to probably do the weekend shopping. I was out at the curb, trying to get my weedeater to start, when Sascha, emerged from the house. "Mister, if you will choke it halfway, pull the rope once, then put it to start and pull again, it will start," she said with a slight laugh in her voice. Not wanting to offend her, I did as instructed and the damn thing started. I waved to her a said an unheard thanks, as she collected the mail from the mail box next to mine, then went back inside. In less than an hour, all my weedeating was done and all that was left to do was sweep the sidewalk and dispose of the grass cuttings. Just as I got everything into the garbage bag and took it to the curb for pick up, Sascha emerged from the house with a tray of two cold drinks. "i thought you might be thristy, Mister, so I squeezed you some lemonade and thought I would have some too," she said quitely, almost beaming, no doubt proud to be able to help someone. "Come on over to my patio," and we'll enjoy that lemonade, and thanks for the lemonade and for helping me with my weedeater," I encouragingly asked her. "Okay, I can stay for a few minutes, Maggie won't be back until later this afternoon, it's her hairstyle and grocery shopping day," she chortled in an unamused voice. As we sat down on the picnic table, across from each other, I looked her over pretty good. Just guessing, I figured she was 17 at the most. She was cute in a plain kind of way, neatly dressed in beige slacks and a light cotton pull over blouse. She was slender, not well endowed, rather a petite figure in 5'7" frame. We talked mostly about the little town we were now inhabitants of, she queried if there was a Mrs. Mister, then I laughed and told her my name as I told her that my wife had died a few months earlier of cancer and that it was only me. She brushed tears from her eyes as she explained a little of her circumstances and how she came to be living with the Garber's. "They are really good people, having chosen to let me stay with them until I finish High school this year. My parents were killed last year, she said, but didn't elaborate. 'It was a few days from my 17th birthday and now that anniversary is next week. It is going to be hard, but I will do okay," she quietly sobbed. "The Garber's were the only family willing to take a teenager who was headed for the group home for unwanted children, plus, I have been a very bad girl over the years," she added. With all that said, she got up and came over by me and sat down. Slowly, she began caressing the front of my jeans as she slowly unzipped her slacks. With her other hand, she began to finger her clit right in front of me. I cautiously looked around to make sure we could not be seen, "You like that don't you?" she half questioned and half asserted.
It was hard to argue as the hardness of my pecker now was forcing against the restraint of the Levi denims I had on. Moisture was beginning to surface on the front of her slacks, signalling that she was also getting her rocks off. For some stupid reason, I found myself doing some math and realizing that she was still a few days short of being legal age. Just as I though I might put a stop to our foreplay, she easily unzipped my denims and released the rock hard beast from its captivity.
All thought of stopping was quelled when she began her deepthroating of my surging member. With one hand pulling off her slacks and panties, the other kept a vigil upon my scrotum, easily squeezing my swollen sack that was almost beginning to burst. I undid the belt from around my waist, unbuttoned the front button of my denims and let them fall to the ground, stepping out of them, before sitting down on the cool slab of the concrete picnic table. It was obvious Sascha had already cum, because the wetness from her clit attack ahd expelled a forcefull flood of erotic juices that were now running down her inner thighs. "I am going to let you fuck me in the ass,"
she said," almost demandingly." I am not on the pill and I sure don't want or need any baby, besides, I haven't felt a load of hot cum inside of me since since my daddy died, " she added almost proudly. "Yeah, you be my daddy and fuck me in the ass, only this time it is on my terms,"
she said almost matter of factly. It was like a freight train hitting me when she spoke those words. No doubt she was a victim of incest and no doubt rape. For a short while, that quelled a little of my passion, but her continued sucking of my cock soon chased away all of the thoughts of sorrow and turned back into facing the soon to be ejaculation of my sperm from deep in my balls. Suddenly, she stopped her oral assault and began to climb on top of me. She eagerly began to insert my now engorged torpedo into her tight, damp ass hole. Whining just a little as she forced the penile head into her shit chute, she closed her eyes, gritted her teeth, and sat down completely on its length until her ass cheeks were planted firmly on my balls. With total tightness enrapped around its girth, my cock made a slight slurping sound as she gegan her fevered up and down pumping upon its rigidness. Facing me, with clenched fist on each of my shoulders, I could tell her juices had once again released from deep in her love tunnel. The wetness was now prevalent all over the picnic table seat, my balls, and her thighs. I could feel its warmth melding in between my ass cheeks and the coolness of the bench top.. Quietly, she laid her head on my shoulder and slightly gasped, as my jet stream propelled deep into her ass. So deep, warm, and powerful was its propulsion, that it must have quivered her G-spot enough because another surge of erotic wetness oozed between us as my shrinking rod allowed the remainder of my damned up juices to ease out of her ass and drip between her legs. With out another word, Sascha got up and pulled on her clothes, kissed me good by, and headed off across the street.
Once inside the warm, pulsating water massage felt good as I allowed the warm spray to massage my neck and back area. I was still remembering the last squirt of Sascha's pussy, wondering how the exploding current of my cum had enabled her to bring forth such a wetness from her pussy. Do women have an anal g-spot? I didn't know, but the answer was soon to come. The phone was ringing as I stepped out of the shower. "Hey, it's me, Sascha, can I come over?" she asked. I assured her she was more than welcome. Momentarily, she tapped on the door and came on in. She was dressed fit to be fucked. A whie mini skirt and sleeveless blouse was all she was wearing. As she sat on the seatee across from me, it was obvious she wasn't wearing any panties and the sleevless blouse was not completely buttoned, allowing a good shot of her smallish breasts, highlighted by dark brown nipples. I had on only my bath robe and it was having a difficult time hiding my risen cock from her view. She giggled and motioned me to come over. Taking my hand, she guided it to her furry pussy. As I began to easily play with her clit, I noticed the slight vibration, then running my finger up her wet crevice, I felt the reason for her insane orgasm. There was a vibrator stuck up deep in her pussy. She giggled again and said," we have two more hours . let's make the most of it." Eagerly, she again orally attacked my manhood while gently squeezing my balls. Her other hand was fishing for the vibrator and finally eased it out of her twat. She held it on my balls, then began a slight insertion of its tip into my asshole. Almost instantly, my balls exploded and my cream shot down deep in her throat. She kept up the anal assault as my spasming erection pushed out the pent up passions. She quickly swallowed the mouthful of jism and then began to softly squeeze my deflating balls until every drop of hot cum surged down her throat. The incessent vibration, now in my ass, created a quake like effect throughout my body. Finally, she removed the vibrator, and inserted it back inot her asshole, until it was completely buried. Moaning, she pulld me on top of her and began to slightly jack off my limp dick. Momentarily, she froze and with a slight groan, farted the vibrator from out of her ass hole, just as she shuddered and came all over my lap.



2007-07-09 04:11:57
NOW that's a FUCK SLUT


2006-03-04 19:55:55
No comment, almost a boring story. u gotta 2/.


2006-03-04 18:51:45
fuckin a, spaces please.. goddamn i hate things wihtout paragraphs.;

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