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I begin my time as a distributor of erotic fiction with a story only slightly modified from a cybersex session:

kissingkitten37: what would you do if you were in bed with me right now?

tom_h_body: mmm... i'd remove each of our shirts and your bra and roam my hands over your body and nibble on your ear

kissingkitten37: that sounds incredible. i love being nibbled on, bit even
kissingkitten37: it's been many years since I've cyber sexed....

tom_h_body: it's okay, i'll be gentle. at first...
tom_h_body: i return my mouth to yours and kiss you deeply again, biting your upper lip before i pull away and move down to your beautiful full breasts
tom_h_body: sucking your right breast into my mouth, i let my tongue run gently over your nipple while i tease and caress your other with my hand

kissingkitten37: my right hand slides down between your knees and up the inside of you leg to your throbbing cock while my left hand runs over your smooth chest and plays with your nipples

tom_h_body: while you caress the bulge in my pants, i move my mouth over to your other nipple and gently bite it. i put my head between them now and leave a trail of kisses back up to your neck and bite it, being careful not to leave a mark
tom_h_body: i whisper into your ear for you to roll over
tom_h_body: while you are comfortably laying on your stomach, i straddle you and drizzle some massage oil on your back. i work the oil in with my strong hands and lay down on you, my chest pressed to your back and bite the nape of your neck

kissingkitten37: mmmmm, my delight is obvious as I moan and press my pelvis down into the bed wishing to be filled

tom_h_body: noticing your increasing desire, i roll you back over and assist you in removing your pants and panties. i begin to remove my own remaining clothing as well, distracted though i am by your now completely naked and sensuous body

kissingkitten37: i push you over onto your back and slide down your body leaving a trail with my tongue

kissingkitten37: i take your penis in my mouth

tom_h_body: i groan in sheer pleasure and raise my pelvis to greet your warm and wet mouth

kissingkitten37: i begin by licking up and down the shaft while massaging your balls in my hand
kissingkitten37: i suck on the tip and take you in and out of my mouth slowly

tom_h_body: i beckon you to turn around so that i may return the favor in the position
tom_h_body: i cover your glistening wet pussy with my mouth and begin exploring your intimate folds with my tongue
tom_h_body: i lap up the copious and delicious fluids i find there

kissingkitten37: i place my left hand around the base of your penis and take you into my mouth as far as I can while I let the tip of your cock press against the roof of my mouth. I move up and down with increasing speed

tom_h_body: feeling an orgasm coming on, i take your clit between my lips and begin to gently caress it with my tongue, gauging your reaction, but knowing that you are fully aroused enough that the direct manipulation is indeed extremely pleasurable
tom_h_body: i feel my balls tighten up and i react by tightening my PC muscles in an attempt to hold back my ejaculate so that i may continue in other positions. the stimulation that your skillful tongue provides proves to be too much, however, and some of my cum shoots into the back of your mouth

kissingkitten37: i grab a cup off of the nightstand and spit... lol

tom_h_body: lol

kissingkitten37: i tell you that I expect you to finish me now
kissingkitten37: and by the time you're done with me, you better be ready to fuck

tom_h_body: not being one to disappoint, i lay you down on your back and place my head between your thighs
tom_h_body: i lick all around your pink slit and stick my tongue as deeply inside your hole as i can manage
tom_h_body: i then wet my fingers and place two of them inside of you

kissingkitten37: i find it very hard to stay still.... and quiet

tom_h_body: your gyrations and moans begin to resurrect my semi-erect penis as i curl my fingers upward to find your g-spot
tom_h_body: i ask you to guide me to it, and when i've found the spot, i begin moving my fingers around it in various patterns, and finally lower my head back down and begin to use my tongue and lips to stimulate your sensitive button

kissingkitten37: all the muscles in my body tense as I buck under you. i grab a pillow and place it over my face so that I feel free to cry out as loud as I want. you feel me begin to shake as you hear my cries get louder and higher. then you feel my vaginal muscles tense around your fingers
kissingkitten37: this lasts about 30 seconds and then my whole body relaxes and I remove the pillow and gaze at you with flushed cheeks
kissingkitten37: and a smile :)

tom_h_body: i lick my lips and remove the remainder of your cum off of my face with a nearby towel, wishing that i had a longer tongue. i move up to kiss you deeply

kissingkitten37: I take a condom out of the nightstand drawer as we kiss

tom_h_body: i take the condom and dutifully (if ruefully) place it on myself, knowing that the intricate patterns of your womanhood will be dulled by it. i smile knowing the great pleasure we are about to share, regardless.
tom_h_body: i place my now fully hard cock at the entrance of your vagina and look to you for an approving nod

kissingkitten37: i grab you by the hips and shove you inside me which leaves me gasping for breath

tom_h_body: i nearly come as i am surprised by how tight and wet you are. the feeling of my balls slapping hard against you is almost too much to stand
tom_h_body: taking your cue as an indication of your horniness, i waste no time pistoning in and out of you with all of the might that my hips can muster

kissingkitten37: i rise my head up and bite your neck- not caring if I leave a mark and then throw my head back in ecstasy and gasp "don't stop"
kissingkitten37: i then reach my hand down and caress my clit as you approach release

tom_h_body: i continue thrusting into you, thrusting as hard as i can. my eyes glaze over as i watch the scene before me: your tits bouncing in rhythm with thrusts, your hand caressing yourself, and my own cock, sliding erotically back and forth. able to bear these sensations no longer, i finally cum harder than i have in over a year.
tom_h_body: i hear a small scream, which i realize must have been mine. i quickly pull out of you and dispose of the condom, wiping myself off
tom_h_body: i then crawl up besides you and spoon, resting for now, my softening cock between the cheeks of your ass
tom_h_body: i kiss you on the neck and put my arm over you, lightly and
absentmindedly caressing your breast

tom_h_body: as we lay together we pillow-talked about various things.

kissingkitten37: do you like having sex with a woman while she is wearing lingiere?

tom_h_body: it's a nice treat. what really gets my perverted mind off is moving aside a pair of white cotton panties

kissingkitten37: i can provide that. what are some of your fantasies?

Well, that'll have to wait for another time, won't it?


2006-03-30 08:44:54


2006-03-21 19:31:50
well, you really fucked up this story. You need to learn a few tricks about proper writing and style.

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