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A submissive lesbian becomes a cheerleader recruit.
Note 1: All characters are at least 18 years old.

Note 2: Although I recommend you read parts 1 and 2 first, here is a summary of this series so far...
Part 1-Megan, a dominant but caring lesbian, seduced her cute and innocent babysitter Jenny.
Part 2-Megan takes her new submissive lesbian shopping, makes a fantasy come true with a cheerleader that Jenny had dreamed about forever and took her to a special lesbian only bar.

Bedding the Babysitter: A Cheerleader’s Recruit

What a weekend. Jenny had become a perfect little submissive. Seeing her glow as she came to grips with who she really is was very rewarding. Anyhow, many people have asked dying to know what happened after this first glorious weekend. Well the best way to tell you about it is to let my young babysitter slave tell you about it herself. So if you want to know about Jenny’s journey to popularity, her submission at hands of the head cheerleader Karen, her seduction of a teacher and falling in love please read on.


My name is Jenny. Mistress Megan has demanded I retell my past week’s occurrences. Of course, I will obey. If you have read the first two parts of my Mistress’ Bedding the Babysitter series (which I highly recommend reading if you have not) you already know how I came to be a submissive slave. If not, let’s just say before that eventful and life- altering weekend, I was a closet lesbian who had no real experience to know for sure if I was an actual lesbian.

But within just one weekend with my beautiful Mistress, I had a new job, had my fantasy of being with Karen, the head cheerleader, come true, and had been to a lesbian club. There I had begun to really experiment with my sexuality and my obedience.

The following story is the first week of the rest of my life, in which I have another adventure with my mistress, I attempt to seduce a teacher, I become an obedient cheerleader’s servant and, oddly enough, become a cheerleader myself...oh, and I fall in love.


SUNDAY FEBRUARY 2ND: A Reflection and Babysitting Again

It actually began on Sunday afternoon, the day after my brief submission to Karen at her workplace. I was exhausted from my long night at the La Chateau Club, a special club that caters to lesbian women, and an evening pleasing the governor of our state. I won’t get into the details, as mistress has instructed me to focus on my cheerleader submission. Let’s just say that our governor is one very demanding and kinky lady.

I got a call around 2:30 from Karen Pepper and here, as best as I can recall is the conversation:

“Hello is Jenny there?” a girl’s voiced asked.

“Speaking,” I responded, unaware it was Karen.

“This is Karen,” she informed me.

“Oh,” I said, slightly surprised and instantly out of my comfort zone. It was one thing to submit to her in front of Mistress Megan, as I was only obeying my mistress, and felt safe when she was with me, but it was completely another to actually speak for myself. Instantly, I became the shy closet lesbian I had always been, the wallflower no one knew or noticed, insecure and unsure of myself. Now don’t get me wrong; I had friends, but they were all just shy geeks like I was. We lived in our pond, they lived in theirs. In reality, they were royalty, we were the peasants.

“Is that any way to react to someone who is going to make you popular?” Karen asked, slightly annoyed.

“Popular,” I repeated in a haze.

“Yes,” She said, “I put a lot of thought into this all last night as I reflected on how great it was to have you between my legs. I came up with a great plan.”

“You did?” I asked, unable to put a full complete and intelligent sentence together.

“Yes, I have decided you will be a PomPom.”

This shocked me. The PomPoms were always freshman or second year cheerleader wannabes who were pretty much servants for the actual cheerleaders. They carried their trays for them at lunch, did their homework for them, and so forth. No senior had ever been a PomPom. It would be humiliating. A long pause followed as I reflected on this revelation.

The silence was broken by Karen who said, “You don’t want to be a PomPom?”

I collected myself before responding with a stutter, “I-I-I thought only f-f-freshmen were PomPoms?”

Karen responded, “Well, that is usually the case, and the odd second-year. But as Head Cheerleader, I really can do whatever I want and,” she paused her tone changing ever so slightly, “I want you to be a PomPom.”

“But what will others think?” I asked, worried for the first time in my life about my reputation.”

“Well the other PomPoms will be furious and will do whatever they have to do to crush you. My fellow cheerleaders will be slightly confused, but they won’t question me and the rest of the school will finally know who you are,” she said logically, before adding, “Although I imagine the gossip about you will range from mean to inquiry to sarcastic to who knows what.”

Again, I had nothing to say. I was unsure what Karen had in store for me. “I don’t want the whole school to know I am a...” I started.

“Lesbian?” she asked and then continued, “Dyke?”

“Yes,” I whispered, ashamed.

“Well that secret can remain a secret for the most part. I won’t announce it to the school if that is what you mean. But I will expect you to be a good little girl when asked.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, just beginning to understand the full reality of yesterday’s submission.

“Well, I plan to use you over and over and over and over again, and my two co-captains will also be allowed to use your services, understood?”

My face went white with fear as I realized what her plans were; although my pussy also went wet with excitement at the same time. Now, while Karen was a redhead, with green eyes, large breasts and rather compact at 5’2, Ashley Swanson and Sabrina McCafferty were her perfect counterparts.

Sabrina, strangely quite chunky, for a cheerleader, I thought, with breasts way too big for any girl; she was about 5’4 and had an odd air of confidence in herself for a girl who was not particularly attractive. On the other hand, Ashley Swanson was almost 6 feet tall, a brunette, with long, long legs, brown eyes and very small breasts. She was pretty, but in a conservative way, if that makes any sense.

I attempted to respond, but nothing came out of my mouth. Karen, clearly getting tired of waiting, said, “Jenny, I know you want this, so don’t pretend you don’t. I have one question to ask you; if you say yes, then I expect you to do as you’re told. If you say no, then I understand and will not bother you ever again, nor tell anyone about yesterday’s fun excursion. Ready for the question?”

Anxiety filled me as I realized I did not want to displease her. I responded nervously, “Yes, I am.”

“Good girl,” she said like a mother would say to her little daughter when she did as she was told. She paused, leaving me hanging over what seemed like an eternity, “Do you ever want to taste my pussy again?”

My spine had a chill go down it and my pussy got a little wetter just by the question. My answer was obvious; of course I wanted to please her again. She was my fantasy girl. Yet, at what cost? If I said yes, everything in my life changed; the whole school would know who I was and keeping my secret a secret would be a lot harder. That said, if I said no, I would never be allowed to please Karen again and I would remain the unpopular nobody I currently was. As my hand began to rub my clit, I answered, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” Karen asked leadingly.

Knowing that what she wanted was my ultimate submission, I said, “Yes, I want to eat your pussy again.”

“You will obey?”

“Yes, Mistress Karen, I will obey,” I responded like a good little slave. I then pleaded “But please don’t humiliate me in public.”

“Mistress Karen, I like that. If you are a good lesbian pussy slave, I will make sure you are protected, my precious,” Karen reassured.

“Thank you, Mistress Karen,” I said sincerely.

“I will pick you up at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning. I have your PomPom outfit ready for you,” she instructed.

“Understood, Mistress Karen,” I obediently answered.

“You are getting my pussy wet,” Karen said surprisingly. She then continued, “Be sure to wear those sexy stockings you were wearing on Saturday.”

“Yes, Mistress Karen,” I said, but asked, “Won’t they be visible with the PomPom outfit?”

“Yes they will,” Karen said causally.

“Oh,” I said slightly worried.

“Do you have a problem with that?” Karen asked.

“No, Mistress Karen,” I responded, “It’s just, I don’t want all the school to think I am a tramp.”

Karen let out a soft laugh, getting more excited as she talked, “I will have the other PomPom girls and cheerleaders wearing the same thing. That way you won’t stand out. Plus, I found them to be a turn on. The entire cheerleader’s squad will be wearing them as well; we are going to start a new fashion revolution. Out with the old knee high socks and in with the thigh highs. You should feel special my pet, you are going to start a fashion craze.”

“I am?” I asked, confused.

“Yes,” she answered, “When others see the cheerleaders and me, the queen of the school, wearing thigh highs, others will copy us. You watch.”

“OK,” I said, believing her, “I will be ready and dressed as you requested, Mistress Karen.”

“Fuck, I love being called that,” Karen said, giving a soft moan.

I asked, “Mistress Karen, are you masturbating because of me?”

“Yes,” she moaned, “Tell me a story my little lez, get me off.”

I considered briefly before saying, “So you are at school, Mistress Karen, and your pussy is all fired up. You text me while I am in class, demanding I go to the bathroom. I ask to be excused from my class and quickly head towards the bathroom. I knock on the door and you say ‘get in here, slut’. I walk in and close the door, being sure to lock it. You then demand, ‘Eat my pussy, my lez whore’ and I get on my knees and dive into your pussy. You call me all sorts of dirty names as I get you off like a good slave should.”

“Aaaaaaaaaah,” Karen screamed into the phone as she had an orgasm from my dirty talk. Inside I felt a great joy and a spreading of warmth in my pussy as I knew I had pleased my mistress.

“Did I make you cum, Mistress Karen?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Yes,” she breathed into the phone, still breathing heavily.

“Thank you, Mistress Karen, for allowing me to help you cum. It is an honour to be responsible for your pleasure,” I said honestly, my hand now rubbing my own clit softly. “Mistress Karen,” I said in a questioning tone.

“Yes, my slave,” she asked, almost recovered from her orgasm.

“Do I have your permission to cum?” I requested.

“Yes my little tramp, cum for your mistress, do it now,” she demanded.

I quickly rubbed my clit, faster and faster as I fantasized about all the things she would make me do. It took less than a minute and I moaned, “I’m cumming,” and let out an orgasmic moan.

Karen asked, “Did you cum my dyke?”

“Yes Mistress Karen, thank you for letting your lezzie cunt have an orgasm,” I responded blissfully.

“That wasn’t much of a scream, a good lesbian would scream so the whole world knew she was having an orgasm.”

“Sorry, Mistress Karen, but my mother is downstairs and I would hate for them to hear me in such a compromising position. She thinks I am her innocent, sweet, pure daughter and not a lesbian cunt slave,” I explained.

“Fair enough,” Karen said, “But when you cum for me when we are together, I expect the walls to shake.”

“Of course, Mistress Karen,” I agreed, “I will do whatever you ask of me.”

“You are such a good little lez. What about Megan?” she asked.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Is she your mistress as well?” she asked,

“Yes Mistress Karen, Mistress Megan is my Head Mistress and I believe if I understand her completely, your mistress as well,” I explained.

“Oh,” she said thoughtfully, “Do you think Megan would take me as a slave?”

“Oh yes,” I said, thinking I was right.

“Well, when do you plan to see Mistress Megan?”

“She texted me this morning, asking me to come over at five to babysit. I don’t know if she means babysit or something else,” I said, unsure of Mistress Megan’s purpose and Mistress Karen’s questioning.

“I see,” Karen said, “Please tell Mistress Megan that I would love to see her again.”

“Yes Mistress Karen,” I said, “I am sure she will be glad to hear it.”

“What is your cell number?” she asked. I gave her mine and she gave me her digits back. I put them in my cell phone instantly under my favourite five.

“I will see you at eight tomorrow morning my slut,” Karen confirmed once again.

“Yes Mistress Karen, I will be ready,” I responded.

“Goodbye Jenny,” she said using my name for the first time in a long while.

“Goodbye Mistress Karen,” I responded, and she hung up the phone. I did the same and reflected about our conversation. Karen was submissive to Megan and dominant to me which I thought was strange. I went to my desk and actually did some Calculus homework for a while and then began to write my Pride and Prejudice essay that was due in a couple of weeks.

At ten to five I put on white thigh high stockings, a red sweatshirt, and a long skirt, as mother was home and would think it odd for me to leave in my school outfit. I arrived at Megan’s and saw her dressed casually in jeans, a blouse, open toe heels that showed she had tan stockings on underneath. She gave me a hug and said, “You didn’t know if this was actual babysitting did you?”

“No,” I said slightly disappointed.

“Sorry to disappoint. I am going out for supper with a couple of friends of mine and then to a movie. I should be home around 9:30 or so.”

“OK,” I said, trying to be my usual bubbly self, although inside I was greatly devastated. Trying to get her interest back I said, “Karen called me, she was hoping to be able to see you again.”

“Oh,” Megan said, “Well that could be arranged. Do you have her number?”

“Yes, Mistress Megan,” I said as I grabbed my cell phone. I handed her my cell phone and she hit dial.

“Hi Karen,” Megan said, “It is Megan.” There is a pause before she continued, “So Jenny here says you are interested in seeing me again.” After a brief pause she said, “Good, well I am free on Tuesday evening; understand if you come over, you are mine for the night.” After a brief pause Megan gave me a wink, as she said, “And I expect you to treat my little Jenny well. Learn to be a good mistress to her. In return she will be a perfect slave.” Megan laughed from something Karen said as she then added, “Yes, she is very obedient. I will see you on Tuesday at seven PM, do not be late.”

Megan handed me back the phone and said, “Are you free on Tuesday?”

“Oh yes Mistress Megan,” I said a little too eagerly.

“Great, I am going to train Karen how to be a good mistress to you,” Megan said as an explanation.

“Thank you,” Mistress Megan I responded gratefully.

Megan came up to me and kissed me on the lips gently. She then broke the kiss and said, “I will always look after you, my sweet.” She began to leave and then said, “Max is in the basement watching Toy Story 3, for the 100th time in a row. Be sure to put him to bed at eight o’clock. After he is asleep, there is a reward in the envelope on the kitchen table.”

I looked over to a vanilla coloured envelope on the table. She smiled and said sternly, “Do not open it until Max is asleep.”

Max ran up the steps at that moment and so I changed my response to “Yes, Miss Cameron.”

Max gave his mother a big hug and then ran to me and said, “Jen play hide and seek with me.”

I bent down and said, “Of course, Max.”

Max said, “I get to hide first.”

I smiled and started counting, “1-2...” Max immediately ran away to hide.

Megan smiled and said, “Jenny, you really are the perfect all around babysitter.”

“I aim to please,” I said, awkwardly seductive.

“That you do my precious,” Megan said as she headed out her front door.

I spent the next couple of hours playing with Max, who is a funny, funny boy. We watched Toy Story again, played games, had a snack, cleaned up his snack mess and I read him three books. He eventually fell asleep, way later than he was supposed to, while I eagerly anticipated what was in the envelope. As soon as I knew he was asleep, I went to the envelope and opened it quickly.

It was a letter. It said, “Dear Jenny. Go to my computer and log in. When you do, go to my files, go to the bin called ‘my stories’ and click on Bedding the Babysitter. Read it.”

I followed Mistress Megan’s instructions and, after a few minutes, I was face to face with my story. I went ruby red, I imagine, as I realized she had documented my submission. I read the story, learning exactly how I was seduced. I was in awe. I then relived my first time and began to rub myself. I took my time, just teasing myself. As I read about Saturday, a flood of memories washed over me. Each detail made me smile, made me cringe, made me want to relive it again and again. I finished the story and was surprised to learn that Mistress Megan had lined up to please Rosie.

I was still rubbing myself when Megan walked into her room. I was so immersed in her story that I did not hear her come home. She said, “I see you are enjoying your story.”

“Very much so,” I said.

“Guess what?” she asked as she pulled me up from the chair.

I looked into her eyes and asked, “What Mistress?”

“That story you read,” she began teasingly.

“Yes, Mistress Megan,” I queried.

She kissed me and then began, “I plan...”

Another kiss as she teased, “To.” Her mouth moved to my right ear as she whispered, “submit this story,” she continued as she moved to my other ear and finished the sentence, her hot breath on my ear, “to Literotica.”

Her lips went to my neck as I said, “Oh my.”

“Think very soon” she whispered, her hand sliding to my pussy, “the whole world will know your story.” I moaned as she rubbed my clit. “Pervs, dykes, young eighteen year old girls like you.”

“Whatever you wish, Mistress Megan,” I breathed heavily.

“Good,” she said, “As I plan to send it to my online friend Jasmine who will take the story and make it all erotic and so forth. Have you read any of her stories on literotica? She goes under the name silkstockinglover.”

I recognized the name as I continued to moan, “The name sounds familiar.”

Megan then abruptly quit touching my pussy and moved to the bed. “You can read all her stories tonight when you get home. She is one crazy bitch.”

I stood there unsure what to do. I finally asked, “Can I please cum, Mistress Megan?”

“No,” was all she said.

I waited for her to say more but she just stared at me with an unreadable expression on her face. It then turned into a slight smirk. This frustrated me greatly until I finally asked, “Why, Mistress Megan?”

“All good things come to those who wait,” she said philosophically. Seeing my confused, frustrated and annoyed expression she added, “You are not allowed to cum until Tuesday. If Karen tries to force you, you tell her you are forbidden.” She paused and then said, “Actually, give me your phone again.”

I handed it to her.

She hit the speed-dial and after a few seconds she said, “Hi Karen, it is Mistress Megan.” After a couple of seconds she continued, “Neither you nor Jenny are allowed to have an orgasm until I see you two together Tuesday evening, is that understood?” A second later she said, “Goodbye slut,” and handed me back the phone. She then finished, “Don’t worry my sweet, I won’t touch myself until then too.” She walked over kissed me sweetly one last time and said, “You better get going home. You have school tomorrow.”

“Yes, Mistress Megan,” I said, and feeling and depressed, left and returned home.

I did not look up the stories Mistress mentioned for fear of them getting me horny. Instead I did my homework, struggling to start that stupid English essay. I didn’t get too far before deciding to just go to bed. It took forever as I often masturbate myself to sleep and I kept wondering what Karen had in store for me tomorrow. I considered so many options, I fantasized about so many more. Yet what happened the next few days was so much sexier, so much dirtier and so much crazier than I could even begin to imagine.



The day started early as I spent way more time than I usually do getting ready. I wanted to look presentable for Karen. I had on beige thigh highs and with my skirt anyone could see what I was wearing. I was surprised, the first of many the next week, when Karen appeared in my doorway a few minutes before eight. She was wearing her usual cheerleading outfit, the only girls who were allowed to not wear the school uniform, and dark beige thigh highs, the lace tops in clear view, were the cheerleaders. The red and white school colours were brought more to life with the dark beige stockings. She said, without any sort of greeting, “Take off the skirt, I have your new outfit.” She handed me a bag.

I opened the bag and saw the cheerleader’s red skirt and the usual tight white t-shirt, with red arms, that had the word ‘Trainee’ on the back. I went to go to the bathroom to change when Karen demanded, “No put it on here.”

“OK,” I said and quickly switched skirts. I then took off my blouse and put on the new t-shirt, which was very tight and showcased every curve of my breasts and hips. I looked in the mirror and my mouth dropped open. “I can’t wear this to school,” I explained.

Karen said dismissively, “You look good, hot actually.” She then said, “But let’s make this even hotter and put your hair in pigtails.”

“Pigtails?” I asked.

“Yep,” she said, and in a flash my hair was in pigtails. As she finished my make-over she breathed into my ear, “You are going to be one hot little lez trainee, aren’t you?”

A light moan escaped my lips as I responded quietly, “Yes Mistress Karen.”

Karen then grabbed my hand and led me down the stairs, where my mom saw my new appearance. She gave a long puzzled look before she asked, “What are you wearing?”

Mistress Karen turned on the charm and explained, “Hi Mrs. Wyatt, I am Karen; Jenny has decided to try out for the cheerleading squad.

“She has?” my mother questioned with a completely mystified look on her face. “My daughter wants to be a cheerleader?”

“Yes Mom,” I said, “Is that ok?”

My Mom quickly recovered from this extreme change in her daughter as she said, “Oh no. no honey, it is fine. It is just a bit of a surprise.”

Karen slyly added, “Oh Jenny is full of surprises, aren’t you, Jenny?”

My face went red as I feared that Karen would reveal my new submissive lifestyle to my prudish mother. Luckily, Karen said, “Nice meeting you, Mrs. Wyatt, but if we don’t leave now we will be late for school.”

Karen grabbed my hand and led me out the door as my Mom called out, “Have a great day honey.”

As we reached the car, Karen said, “Your Mom is pretty hot.”

I blushed, never really thinking of her in any way other than my mother. “You think?”

“Yes,’ Karen said, “and you look just like her.”

A chill went up my spine as I realized she was giving me a compliment on the sly. I got in the Karen’s car and sat silently as she put the car in drive. I waited patiently for Karen to speak, but she kept silent as she drove. Oddly, I felt a tingle between my legs and the beginning of dampness forming. I silently cursed to myself.

Karen finally broke the silence as she asked, “So my slave, are you ready for your climb to popularity?”

I looked at her, stared actually at her pure beauty, and said, with an immense amount of trepidation, “Yes, Mistress Karen.”

“You don’t sound too convincing, my little pussy pleaser,” Karen said with concern.

“I really don’t know what to expect,” I began, “Last week my life made sense. I went to school, sat with my couple of my friends, and lived a simple wall flower life.”

“Did you like that life?” Karen asked.

“I don’t know. It was the life I knew. It was who I was. I accepted long ago I would never be popular and would just live my high school life as a ghost. Seeing everything, but not being allowed to partake,” I said allowing my deepest insecurities to spill out like water when a dam bursts.

Karen gave a sympathetic smile as she said, “You know, being popular isn’t all people think it is. It turns you into someone you are not. For example, everyone looks up to me to lead and somehow my persona has turned into one that is often bitchy and arrogant. But…”

I looked at her, she had a tear in her eye, “It’s ok,” I said, my hand going on her leg as we stopped at a red light.

She grabbed my hand, gave it a squeeze, and said, “People only see what they want to see.”

I laughed and said, “Isn’t that the truth.”

As the light went green, she let go of my hand and said with a smirk, “Don’t think that means I won’t use you as my little submissive.”

“I wouldn’t even consider it, Mistress Karen,” I replied.

Karen smiled, “I just want you between my legs right now,” she said frustrated, knowing we were not allowed to cum.

“I would love nothing more,” I flirted back, with just a slight tone of frustration. I didn’t even know I knew how to flirt.

Karen smiled as we pulled up to the school and into the grade 12 parking lot, “Well,” she began, “Are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I said unsure but willing to begin my new life and obey my new mistress.

“OK,” Karen said, “Let’s go, my little dyke.” She then opened the door and strode out, and I, after letting out one last sigh of resignation, did the same.

Karen came around to my side of the car and handed me her books and I carried them, walking three feet behind her as all PomPoms did. I felt humiliation burning inside me as I got a plethora of odd looks from the other grade 12s in the parking lot. I looked down, trying to avoid eye contact, as I heard the odd rumbling.

Mike, a basketball player, asked Karen, “Who is the new recruit?”

Karen smiled, “Don’t you recognize her? This is Jenny Wyatt. She is in our English class.”

As Mike looked me up and down like a piece of meat, I tried to show confidence in my new look and gave him a smile. “A grade 12 recruit, nice,” he said.

Karen said with an innuendo only I understood, “Yes, she is a real eager beaver.” I am sure my cheeks went a fire red. Finally Karen said, “Let’s go, PomPom.” As we began walking she looked back and must have seen my embarrassment as she, walked over to me and whispered, “Jenny, you are a PomPom girl now. Everybody wants to be a cheerleader. You are now the envy of most girls here and will become the focus of many boys’ late night all alone stroke sessions.”

I looked at her confused, “Stroke sessions?”

“You really are innocent, aren’t you,” she said with a chuckle, “Stroke sessions, whacking off, beating the stick, cranking the love pump, fist fucking.”

Finally the light bulb goes clicks and I say shocked, “Boys will masturbate about me?”

“Girls too, I imagine,” she informed me and began walking again.

I followed behind her. It was then I saw Sally, my best friend at school, although not someone I did much with out of school. She had a perplexed look on her face as she saw me. I gave her a ‘I know this is weird’ look and then said, “Hi Sally,” without stopping.

We entered the school and I followed Karen to her locker. I held her books as she gave Sabrina, who was wearing thigh highs as Karen said she would, a hug. Sabrina gave me a look, not overly impressed, and then asked, “So this is your new recruit?”

Karen smiled but said with a ‘don’t mess with me’ tone, “Yes, this is Jenny; she will be our newest PomPom.”

Sabrina shrugged, showing indifference, as she said, “So why the thigh highs?”

Karen said, “It was time for a change. Plus they are sexier than knee high socks, don’t you think?.” Karen then did a diva pose which made my cunt drip a little, and a few boys stopped to stare. She then asked Sabrina, “What do you think?”

“Well they are hotter and sluttier,” Sabrina agreed. “Don’t you think Principal Dictator will make us change?”

“No, he loves checking us out,” Karen said matter-of-factly.



Their riveting banter had me bored but I pretended to care. The bell then rang and I walked Karen to her Biology class before I rushed to my Chemistry class. I got a lot of odd looks but I just sat in my regular seat as if nothing was different.

The rest of the morning was a blur of the surreal. Teachers gave me peculiar looks, girls gave me jealous glares and boys gave me horny stares. The attention was so strange after a lifetime of being a nobody that lived on the fringes of the school hierarchy.

I liked it---it was exhilarating.

I hated it---it was awkward.

I loved it---it was addictive.

All these feelings overwhelmed me. It was great to be noticed, yet I quickly resented being seen as an object. In History class I noticed Wilson, a kid who was a poster boy for nerds, gawking at my legs. I don’t know why I did it, but I looked at him and winked seductively. He blushed and looked away. I felt a perverse joy from embarrassing him and from being stared at.

Lunchtime finally arrived and I quickly and eagerly, like a puppy looking for his master, went to find Karen. She was at her locker with Ashley, who towered over me. Unlike Sabrina who looked down at me, Ashley was very nice to me. She said, “Hi Jenny, you are in my History class right?”

I smiled, happy that she knew who I was, and responded, “Yes.”

“What is your essay topic on?” she asked.

“The rights of women in third-world countries,” I replied.

“Are you a feminist?” she asked.

Karen laughed and said, ‘Trust me; she is not a feminist, although she does have an appetite for women.” I went red I’m sure as Ashley gave a confused look. Karen handed me her lunch and we went to the cafeteria. I looked over at my usual outsider table and waved to Sally and my other friend Eleanor. They gave an awkward wave back as they attempted to figure out why I was now a PomPom girl.

During lunch I was asked to get dessert for all three of the captains and was lambasted by Sabrina when there was no strawberry jello so I got her cherry instead. She said, “PomPom, how useless are you? I asked for strawberry; is this strawberry?”

“No,” I responded explaining, “They were out of strawberry so I got you cherry.”

She looked at Karen, greatly perturbed and said, “Really? Why her?”

Karen didn’t defend me, just responded, “Oh, she has very special talents. Trust me.” I blushed; worried that she may announce my special talents to the group. But she didn’t.

The table of cheerleaders talked about the upcoming Valentine’s Dance; what they were wearing and who was taking them. The conversations were hard to follow as it seemed ten girls were all talking at once, while myself and the other four PomPoms, all freshman by the way, listened intently. As the bell rang, I walked Karen to her class and then I headed to Advanced Calculus class, which I suppose really did showcase why I was a geek. I love numbers.

I arrived in class and took my usual seat at a table, in-between Sally and Eleanor. I had been dreading this all lunch hour, what was I going to say to the two of them. I couldn’t tell them I was a lesbian and that Karen was my mistress, and I had never once in my life even given the slightest notion I wanted to be a cheerleader, and of course no grade 12 just suddenly, part way through the school year, decided to become a cheerleader. So I had to come up with a lie. I sat down and said, “Hi girls.”

They both said hi back and both seemed too nervous to ask the question they were assumedly dying to ask. So I began as I asked, “I guess you are probably wondering how I ended up being a PomPom?”

Sally, the sarcastic one, responded, “I assumed you lost a bet.”

I gave a chuckle and said, “Funny. No, I went shopping at a store where Karen Pepper works and before I knew it she asked if I wanted to be a PomPom. I was so flattered I said yes and then on Sunday I panicked. What if she is setting me up to embarrass me? I decided to not do it, but she showed up at my house this morning and ta-da here I am.”

They both looked at me as if I was an alien speaking in some intergalatical language. Finally Eleanor asked shyly, “So you want to be a cheerleader?”

Thinking of Karen’s advice I responded, “Yes, I do.”

“Oh,” Eleanor said, almost speechless.

Sally added, “Well it does make you look s...,” she paused for a long time before rewording and finishing “prettier.”

I think she wanted to say sexier, which instantly made me wonder if she was a lesbian. But that thought quickly faded as Mr. Hermanson began class. The class ended and I surprised myself and Sally by giving her a squeeze on the leg and saying, “Later ladies.” I then rushed again to find Karen and went with her to the one class I had with her, Advanced English.

On the walk there Karen asked, “So, how has your day been, what with living in the spotlight and all?”

“Great,” I responded, which was partly true and partly a lie. It was great in that as I enjoyed the looks, mostly, but it wasn’t all great as I balanced my new found popularity with the fact that I was only popular because I was dressed differently and not because of who I was as a person.

“Good to hear,” Karen said and then informed me, “By the way, the first rumour about you has already hit gossip alley.”

“W-w-what?” I stuttered, fearing what she would say next.

“Supposedly, you slept with a couple basketball players in return for the privilege to be a PomPom.”

“No,” I said, tears already forming in my eyes.

Karen rubbed my back gently as she explained, “Oh Jenny, get used to it. How many rumours have you heard about me?”

I thought about it and realized I had heard many from she blew off quarterback Aiden Smith before every game, to she had slept with the hot gym teacher Mr. Parker, to she was in rehab this past summer for drug and alcohol abuse. “Lots,” I answered honestly.

“And trust me; almost none of them are true; we are the celebrities at the high school. And rumours are like the tabloids, they feed the masses information regardless of its truth. People want to live vicariously through us.”

I considered her explanation as I said, “But people will think I am a slut.”

“True, but at least people will know who you are,” she said.

At this moment, Troy Sparks, a 6 foot 3 black basketball player, walked over to us and said, “Hi Karen, Hi Jenny.”

I blushed; stunned that Troy Sparks had any clue who I was. I didn’t hear the next part of the conversation, but they both looked at me waiting for a response. “Sorry, what?” I asked like a confused idiot.

Troy asked again, “Are you going to the Valentine’s Dance?”

“Oh, no, I don’t go to dances,” I began, until I saw Karen shaking her head yes, so I quickly recovered and said with a sly smile on my face “but there is always a first time for everything.”

Troy, all confident, informed me, “Great, so you will be my date?”

A slight gasp escaped my lips as I realized he was asking me to be his date at a dance. I wanted to say no but looked at Karen who was shaking her head yes. So reluctantly, very reluctantly, I said, “Sounds great.”

The warning bell signalling class would begin in a minute rang and Troy said, “Great, I’ll be in contact,” and headed to whatever class he had.

I stood there stunned as Karen grabbed my hand and said, “Geez you really are turning into a whore.”

This brought me back to reality and we got to class just as the bell rang. Now all the other teachers noticed my new look, as they all gave a questioning glance or two, but none said anything. But that changed as soon as I walked into Miss Morgan’s advanced English class. Miss Morgan gave me her usual bright smile but this time said, “Wow, Jenny you are a PomPom girl?”

“Yes ma’am,” I responded politely.

“That is a real surprise,” she said, then added, “Although you look adorable in your new outfit.” I blushed and my pussy leaked just a smidge as I got such a compliment from a teacher I had spent many late nights fantasizing about. Miss Morgan is a first year teacher and easily one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She has hypnotic ocean blue eyes, long straight blonde hair, large breasts that she does not hide with the tight sweaters she usually wears, and long luscious legs that are always showed off in pantyhose (although deep down I hoped they were stockings or thigh highs). Her smile always made me melt and her voice, so sweet and innocent, was the icing on an already perfect cupcake.

I got out with a mutter, “Thank you,” and sat down in my front row seat. I didn’t know at first if it was a coincidence or not, but it seemed to me that Miss Morgan would often take a glimpse of my legs. By the end of the class I was convinced I was right as the looks came often enough that it could no longer be just coincidence. As she talked about Langston Hughes and how he was a voice of a minority, I tuned out and wondered if Miss Morgan was a lesbian. I had to close my legs tight as to not get too excited and desperately attempted to listen to her lecture.

Just before the bell was to ring she gave us a brief assignment; Miss Morgan explained, “We are all a minority in some way. Some of you come from a minority racial background, some of you have unique family situations, and some of you may be insecure about something.” She paused before finishing, “So your assignment, due tomorrow, is to write a poem, in the style of Langston Hughes, in other words simplistic in word usage, but deep in message, about being a minority. Get personal, get passionate, dig deep to find how you are a minority in this class, this school, this city, this country or this world.”

Someone asked how long and she said, “This is poetry, the length is irrelevant, write until the message shines through. You are dismissed.” She sat on top of her desk and watched as we got ready to leave. She then said, “Jenny, can you please stay for a minute?”

“Sure, Miss Morgan,” I responded, both eager to hear what she had to say and scared of what she may discover.

As the class dispersed, she said, “I would like you to write about this whole PomPom situation.”

“Excuse me?” I asked confused.

“Well, you are a minority of one. I don’t think any grade 12 has ever been a PomPom before, have they?”

“I don’t think so,” I responded.

“Well then, it is done,” she said and stood up and went to her desk.

“Thanks Miss Morgan,” I said politely and began to leave. As I was at the door I looked back, and she was still watching me. So unlike me, I gave her a wink and a smile; she instantly put her head down, but I was now pretty convinced Miss Morgan was a lesbian or at least girl curious.

After I left, I was instantly confronted by Karen who said, “Miss Morgan was so into you.”

I blushed and said, “She did seem to be checking me out.”

“Checking you out? She wanted to have you for supper,” Karen announced.

“Well that may be extreme,” I said.

“We may just have to have you seduce her,” Karen concluded as we headed for the gym. Others quickly joined us, so the conversation would have to wait. The next two hours were insane. I had never put a second of thought into what cheerleaders do. I had never considered them athletes or skilled, but after watching one practice, my whole respect for them changed.

My whole body ached fifteen minutes in and that was just from the stretching. Miss Hopkins, the cheerleading coach, was a slave driver and a complete bitch. She was a perfectly fit, black woman, in her early thirties I would guess, who was pretty much Sue from Glee if you have ever watched it. She yelled, she criticized, and she humiliated all of us. Sweat poured off my whole body by the time the workout was done. The last hour was cheer after cheer and dance move after dance move. I learned I had no memory for the cheers, but I actually caught on to the dances pretty quickly. When practice ended, I was pleasantly surprised to get what I assume passes as a compliment in Miss Hopkins world as she said, “Jenny, you don’t suck as much as I assumed you would.”

“Um thanks,” I responded, but she had already begun walking away. I showered and changed and was then asked by Sabrina to give her a neck massage, which she criticized the whole time. I was not massaging hard enough and then I was massaging too hard. I could never get it just right for her. She finally got up and said to me in a condescending tone, “You will never be a real cheerleader.” She then walked away.

On the drive home Karen said, “Sabrina will come around. She is not one to accept change or any threat to her perceived power. And she sees you as a threat.”

“Why?” I asked, stunned.

“Don’t you see? You are a diamond in the rough.”


“You are smart, cute, sexy, sweet, and I have taken a liking to you,” she said, her right hand dropping to my leg. “In other words, she feels like you may replace her.” She then paused as she moved her hand up my leg and under my skirt. “And she should be worried, because she is right; I hate that bitch.”

I gave a soft moan as her finger touched my pussy over my underwear as she drove. As she reached my house she said, “So I think we are going to test a theory tomorrow.”

“What theory?” I asked.

“That Miss Morgan is a dyke,” she blurted out, her finger tracing my pussy lips through my underwear.

“How so?” I moaned.

“Wear a pair of heels and throughout class tomorrow, dangle your shoe. Let it fall to the floor. I will watch to see her reactions,” she said as she formulated the plan, her finger still teasing my now extremely damp pussy.

I finally said, “Please stop or I will cum.”

“So?” she teased.

“Mistress Megan said we can’t.”

“She would never know,” she whispered her finger putting pressure on my clit.

“But I could never lie to her,” I whimpered.

“Suit yourself,” Karen said and withdrew her hand from under my skirt. I was disappointed and relieved as I got ready to leave. “What are you going to write your poem about?”

“Miss Morgan asked me to write it about how I became a PomPom girl,” I said.

“Fuck off,” Karen said shocked.

“Seriously, but I have no idea what to write.”

“This is perfect,” Karen said enthusiastically.

“How so?” I asked.

“You will write a poem in which you come out to her,” Karen said confidently.

“What?” I said horrified.

“ If she is a dyke, this will be a perfect play.”

“For what?” I asked freaking out inside.

“For you to fuck her,” Karen said casually.

“You want me to fuck Miss Morgan?” I asked.

“Don’t you?” she asked back.

I paused for a long time, knowing deep down I would love to pleasure Miss Morgan, before I answered shyly, “Yes.”

Karen responded, “Jenny, you need to stop being so insecure and shy. You are a PomPom girl now. You are in. Be aggressive, be confident.”

“OK,” I said rather unconvincingly.

Karen’s tone dripped with frustration as she said, “Now tell me what you want to do to Miss Morgan?”

I responded after a few seconds, “I want to eat her pussy.”

“Well, that is a bit better, but be more aggressive,” she said.

I contemplated this for a bit before finally releasing my real feelings as I said, “I want to eat her pussy until she cums all over my slut face and then I want her to fuck my pussy till I cum like the little dyke I am. I want to be under her desk licking her cunt as she has a parent interview with my Mom. I want her to share me with the entire girl teaching staff in the school. I want to be her lez whore.”

Karen’s mouth dropped a little as she said, “Well, there we go; I knew you had it in you.”

I looked at my watch and said I should get inside.

“OK,” Karen said.

I said, “Goodbye, Mistress Karen.”

Karen leaned in and kissed me. The kiss sent electric shocks throughout my whole body as it was so unexpected and tender. She parted my lips with her tongue and we French kissed for a couple of minutes. She then broke the kiss and said, “I will pick you up tomorrow at the same time.”

“Ok,” I said.

The night was uneventful, as I tried not to think of tomorrow; that said, writing my poem was difficult and frightening, yet when it was done, I felt relieved; it seemed to wash away any insecurities or doubts I had. I was a lesbian and that was not going to change...although I was still not ready to reveal such news to my mother. In case you are curious, here is the poem...


Have you ever



I woke up excited, knowing that tonight was a special night with Mistress Megan and that I probably would be able to cum…if I didn’t soon I might just explode. I wore my PomPom Outfit, red thigh thighs which I thought were really hot, since we have red as a school colour, and hip as I will definitely stand out. As instructed by Mistress Karen, I also wore heels. The only pair I owned were a lame pair with a tiny one inch heel. I was waiting by the door and as soon as Karen pulled up I rushed out of the house, before Mom could see today’s outfit.

The look on Karen’s face was indescribable as she saw the red stockings. She said flattering me, “Wow that is fucking hot. I have got to get some of those.” Her hand moved to my leg to touch the silk fabric.

“Thanks,” I responded, very happy to please her, “I thought you would like them.”

“Your shoes, on the other hand,” she said with disapproval, “Have got to go.”

“It is all I have,” I said with a sigh.

“What size are you?” Karen asked, “A six?”

“Yes,” I said back.

“We have the same size,” she said, as she started driving and did a u-turn. “We are going back to my place.”

She started driving and asked how the poem went. I read it to her and she gasped as it got dirtier as I read it. “Wow,” she said amazed, “That is hot. You really are turning into a sex machine, aren’t you?”

I shrugged and said, “It seems so.”

We arrived at Karen’s mansion, I assumed she was rich and now that assumption became a fact. She said, “Wait here,” and went inside. She came out a couple of minutes later with a pair of three inch pumps. She handed them to me and said, “Put these on.”

I took them and put them on as Karen drove us to school. As I got out of the car I realized I had never had three inch heels on before. I almost stumbled twice early, but then got the hang of it. As we entered the school I got even more looks than yesterday. The red stockings I wore stood out so much that everyone who saw them seemed to do a double take. When we arrived at Karen’s locker Sabrina shook her head in disgust and said, “Jenny, could you look like a bigger slut?”

Karen quickly defended me when she said, “Tomorrow we will all be wearing red stockings, it is a brilliant idea. Secondly, calling Jenny a slut is a bit ironic, don’t you think?” Karen glared at Sabrina, who was seething, but said nothing in response to being called a slut by the head cheerleader.

Ashley came up behind me and said, “Wow, Jenny, red stockings are a great idea. Why didn’t any of us think about this?”

I turned around and said, “Thanks. It was just a spur of the moment thing. I had a pair and thought, what the heck.”

“Well good call,” Ashley said as the bell rang. The rest of the morning went by as a blur. A quiz in History, a lot of strange looks, a few boys drooling; a couple of girls even seemed to be giving me special attention. While yesterday I was conflicted by this new popularity, it was now becoming addictive. I was beginning to like the looks, even though I knew they really were nothing about the real me. Sally and Eleanor were even more baffled by my appearance today; based on the expressions on their faces. They did not know how to react to my new look.

I met Karen at her locker to head into Miss Morgan’s Advanced English class. As we walked to class, Karen instructed me, “Remember, be confident. In your mind every boy here wants to fuck you and every girl wants to eat you.” As we entered class, she added, “Including teachers.”

Miss Morgan’s expression seemed to change the second she saw me. I walked up to her, confident on the outside, an insecure mess on the inside, as I handed her my poem and said seductively, or at least I was trying for seductive, “Here is my poem. I think you will really enjoy it.” I then turned around and sat at my desk.

Miss Morgan began to read my poem, and her face went redder and redder as she read each well chosen word. When she finished, she looked at me and saw I was staring at her and quickly looked away and put the assignment on her desk. As class began I could tell she was trying not to look at me, but I was in the front row and dead center, I was hard to miss. As instructed by Mistress Karen, I dangled my shoe and when she avoided my legs for too long, I dropped my shoe to the floor. As expected she looked down. She taught for a couple of minutes before she gave us time to work on the questions to the short story we had just read. Miss Morgan went to her desk and began marking. I looked up on a few occasions to see if she was looking my way, but did not catch her glancing at me at all. Suddenly, I realized how foolish I had been. She was not interested in me; she was just surprised and maybe concerned by my new appearance. The bell rang and I went to cheerleading practice with Karen.

Another exhausting practice, but everything seemed easier. I had the chants and cheers memorized by the end of the second day and the dance numbers were getting easier. Stamina-wise I was still weak, but I seemed to have a bit more energy than I had the day before.

On the drive home, Karen and I stopped at the mall and bought twenty-five pairs of red thigh high stockings. She also bought twenty-five black thigh high stockings which matched the trim on our cheerleading outfits and twenty white pairs, as that was all they had, which was our other school colour. Just under 400 bucks and one incredibly curious saleslady later, we were driving back home. Karen said, “So Miss Morgan is definitely a dyke?”

I shook my head as I said, “No, I don’t think so. She did not look up at me the whole time she was at her desk.”

“True, by then she knew I was watching her,” Karen stated.

“How do you figure?” I asked curiously.

“She saw me smirking at her the couple of times she clearly had checked you out earlier in the class.”

“Really?” I said, unbelieving.

“Really,” she replied, “It is only a matter of time.”

We arrived at my place and as soon as she stopped, she shut the car off and took her keys out. I looked at her with a slightly confused look on her face. She smiled, flipped open her phone and pressed a button. Her free hand moved to my leg as she waited a few seconds before saying, “Hi, Mom. I am going to stay for supper at Jenny’s house.” A brief pause ensued before she said, “Yes, the new PomPom girl. I am going to stay here tonight and work on the dance routines tonight.” After another brief quiet period, Karen finished, “Yes I’ll be home around ten, I have a lot to practice. Bye Mom, love you.” She flipped her phone closed and said, “Well no point driving home if we are going to see Mistress Megan tonight.”

“I suppose,” I responded nervously.

“What’s the matter?” Karen queried. “Afraid I am going to dominate you right in front of your mother?”

I blushed. “I wasn’t until you said that,” I said with a concerned look on my face.

She smiled with a soft laugh, “I’m kidding. We really will work on your dance routines, until seven at least.” She then opened her door and got out. She went into her trunk, grabbed one package of stockings and then followed me into my house.

Mom was not home and so we went upstairs to my room. The first thing Karen did was ask, “Take my stockings off my slave.”

I was slightly surprised by this; two days of friendship and no real sexual demands had relaxed me a bit. I moved to Karen, who was sitting on the edge of my bed, and deciding to be a tease, I took off her heels, and then slid my hands all the way up her left leg, slowly, ever so slowly, as Karen gave a soft moan. I reached the top of her beige thigh high stocking and began to slide it down her leg. I then gently, with such care, slowly slid the stocking off. What could take one second, took me thirty. When I looked up, Karen had her eyes closed and a pleasant smile. I moved to her right leg and massaged her stocking foot. She moaned again and I surprised her by taking her silk stocking-covered foot in my mouth. I sucked each toe into my mouth, savouring the salty sweat of her feet. I then slid my tongue up the side of her calf and up the back of her leg. My tongue never quit touching her leg as it slid up until I reached the elastic top of the thigh high.

Karen spoke for the first time in a few minutes as she said, “Fuck Jenny, you have me soaking wet.”

“Sorry,” I said coyly.

Karen looked at the clock, it was 5:15. “Fuck, a couple more hours at least until I can cum,” Karen said, sexually frustrated.

I slid off the second stocking with as much care as I did the first. I then grabbed the stocking package and opened it. I took one red thigh high stocking and slowly put it on my beautiful mistress. As the top of the stocking wrapped around her leg, I then moved my head to her white panty covered pussy. I stopped just millimetres from her pussy, her sexual aroma breaking through the sheer underwear. I moved my mouth onto her panties for just a second and then moved away reaching for the second stocking.

“You are such a tease, slut,” Karen said, her breathe a bit heavy.

I smiled, but remained silent as I slid the second red thigh high on her leg. I finished and was just moving in for a second tease when I heard the front door close. Startled, I jumped up with lightning speed. Karen sat there smiling, before standing up. “Think I could seduce your mother?” she asked casually.

“What?” I asked incredibly surprised.

“You heard me,” she said and then repeated, “Think I can get your mother between my legs?”

“No way,” I said confidently.

“Want to bet?”

“No,” I said, worried she may try to seduce her.

Mom knocked on my door; she always respected my privacy, and I said, “Come in Mom.”

Mom entered, dressed in her usual business formal, and said, “Hi girls. Good to see you again, um...”

“Karen,” Karen said, and walked over to my Mom and gave her a kiss on the cheek and then hugged her. My Mom blushed but hugged her back awkwardly. Karen broke the hug and said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I invited myself for supper so your daughter and I can work on our dance routines and then we have an extra practice at 7.”

“No not at all,” my mother said and then added, “I was just going to order pizza, if that is ok with you ladies.”

Karen said, the double-entendre dripping in each word, “That sounds delicious.”

Mom missed the flirtatious tone and asked, “What kind do you like Karen?”

“Oh, I like all kinds,” Karen said, still trying to flirt, but somewhat failing.

“OK,” my Mom said and added, “I’ll get a Hawaiian and a double pepperoni.”

“Sounds great,” I said, trying to break the awkwardness of the situation.

My Mom left and, as soon as the door closed, Karen announced, “She will be easy to seduce.”

“How do you figure?” I asked, not seeing it at all.

“Trust me, it will be easy,” Karen said confidently. “Let’s go practise in the living room.”

“Why?” I asked.

“We need more space and I want to make sure your mommy gets lots of chances to watch,” Karen said.

“She isn’t, she won’t,” I tried to articulate.

Karen smiled and said, “What? She isn’t a dyke, like her daughter? When was the last time she had a man here?”

I contemplated this as I said, “Not since Dad died.”

Karen instantly changed her tone from aggressive to caring as she said, “Sorry, I didn’t...”

“No it is ok,” I said, “It was five years ago. A car accident.”

“Oh, sorry,” Karen said, giving me a gentle friendly hug. She held me for what seemed like an eternity. I felt so safe and comfortable inside her arms. My heart began beating faster. Finally, she let go and said, “I’m still going to try and seduce your Mom.”

I don’t know why, but I said, “OK.”

“I’m going to have her between my legs soon,” she said confidently.

I doubted she was right, but a part of me, the perverted me that I had never let out until last week, was curious. “Go for it,” I egged her on.

Karen smiled, grabbed my hand and led me downstairs. We practised a couple OF dance routines, my mom in and out of the room, until the pizza arrived. We ate as Mom asked a bunch of typical mother questions to Karen: What do you want to do when you graduate? Do you have a job? What do you do for fun? Etc, etc... When dinner was finished, I grabbed the dishes as Mom and Karen went to the living room to watch the news. My Mom always watches the news. I put the few dishes in the dishwasher, grabbed a glass of water and returned to the living room. I held in a gasp, barely, as Karen was giving my Mom a foot massage.

Karen smiled at me, massaging my Mom’s stocking foot and said, “Mrs. Mom had a long day, so I asked if she needed a foot massage.”

My Mom gave me a slightly awkward smile as she said, “And Karen was so nice to offer.”

I sat down on a chair and watched the news, taking a glimpse at the couch. Karen switched feet and kept massaging. Finally after fifteen minutes, the time now 6:45, Karen said, “Sorry to stop Mrs. Wyatt, but we got to get going.”

My Mom responded as she stood up, “No problem. I have to go shower anyway.” She paused as she stretched, her large breasts clearly visible through her blouse, “and call me Amy.”

Karen smiled, “Ok Amy, thanks for supper.” She then kissed my Mom on the cheek again and gave her another hug, her hand resting half on my Mom’s butt. I shook my head as Karen looked me directly in the eye and winked. Karen lingered longer than normal hug etiquette dictated before giving my mother one last kiss on the cheek.

Mom’s cheeks were red as I gave my Mom a kiss on the cheek as well and said, “I’ll be home by curfew Mom.”

“No problem,” My Mom said, “Just give me a call if you are running late.”

“OK,’ I said and Karen and I headed out.

As soon as the door was closed Karen asked, “So still think your Mom can’t be seduced?”

I no longer was sure of anything, but said, “That was all harmless.”

Karen shook her head as she said, “You’ll see. I will have her eating out of my pussy in a week, two tops.”

“I doubt it,” I said, although I really no longer had a clue if I did doubt it.

We got in the car and drove around the block so my mother would think we had left as we said and parked. We then walked to Mistress Megan’s. We knocked on the door, at 6:55, five minutes early, dressed in identical cheerleading outfits.

We waited until Mistress Megan opened the door. She opened the door, wearing a black leather skirt, black stockings, black ‘fuck me’ boots and a red blouse. She smiled and said, “Welcome ladies, come on in.”

We obediently walked in and followed Megan into her living room. Megan poured us each a glass of wine and asked, “So how are things going dear?” she asked.

“Good,” I said.

“Care to expand?” she asked, taking a sip from her wine.

“Well, I have become more popular, that is for sure,” I explained and then added, “And I am beginning to get more comfortable with my new look.”

“I see,” Megan said before asking, “And Karen, she has been a good girl?”

“Very,” Karen answered, “She has been a perfect little slave.”

“Neither of you has had an orgasm have you?”

“No,” we both said in unison.

Megan gave an odd look before asking, “Karen, you are not lying to me, are you?”

“No,” she said, avoiding eye contact.

Megan walked up to her and said, “I think you are and I don’t appreciate being lied to. I will only ask one you more time. Did you have a forbidden orgasm?”

“Yes,” Karen whispered, “I am so sorry Mistress, but Jenny’s submission to me had me so hot that I masturbated myself to sleep last night.”

“I see,” Megan said and then just looked at Karen for a long time. Finally, Megan said, in a tone I had never heard escape her lips, “Don’t ever lie to me again.”

“Yes, Mistress Megan,” Karen said.

Megan then said, “Follow me.” We both did and I found myself in the room where I lost my virginity. A warmth in my body and especially my privates filled me as I reminisced about what happened in this room just a few days ago. Had it been less than a week ago? It seemed so long ago, like a distant memory, yet it was indeed only a few days ago.

Megan left her room briefly and then came back with a kitchen chair. She looked at Karen and said with authority, “Sit.”

Karen obeyed and Mistress Megan grabbed her arms and tied them behind the chair. She then tied each leg to a leg of the chair. She then explained, “Karen, your punishment is to watch while I give our slave great pleasure, pleasure you would have experienced if you wouldn’t have disobeyed me; pleasure that is beyond what you could ever imagine.” Megan then grabbed a vibrator, turned it on full and placed it under Karen’s bum. She then said sternly, “Don’t you dare cum.”

“Yes, Mistress Megan,” Karen said, disappointedly.

Mistress Megan slid off her skirt and then grabbed a strap-on. “Jenny,” she said sincerely, her sweet tender voice back, “You are so beautiful.”

“Thank you,” I responded, flattered.

“Have you ever sucked a cock?”

“No,” I said.

Megan looked at Karen and asked, “Have you?”

“Yes, Mistress Megan.”

Megan walked over and said, “Show our Jenny, how to suck a cock.” Megan grabbed a stool and then stood on it, her black cock now directly in Karen’s face. Karen opened her mouth and leaned forward to suck the cock. She moved back and forth taking in a couple inches and then trying to take more. This continued for a couple of minutes until Megan asked, “Jenny, do you think you can do that?”

“Yes, Mistress Megan,” I said, eager to try.

Mistress Megan walked over to me and I, without instruction, dropped to my knees and grabbed the cock with my hand. I kissed it and then opened my mouth. I engulfed the toy in my mouth and, like Karen, moved back and forth. With each stroke I attempted to take a little more in my mouth. I gagged a couple of times, but eventually got into a decent rhythm.

Megan said, “Good girl,” as she pulled me up and kissed me, the stiff cock poking me just above my damp vagina. The kiss was tender and passionate. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth until she finally said, “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Desperately,” I responded.

She led me to the bed, assisted me out of my underwear, but kept on my whole cheerleader’s uniform. She had me on all fours, facing Karen. Megan went behind me and said, “See Karen, this could have been you; getting fucked by your mistress, while your slave licked and sucked your clit. The double pleasure would have had you in a type of pleasure that you have never even imagined.”

I moaned as Mistress Megan’s fake cock slid into my very ready pussy.

Megan put her hands on my hips as she slowly started fucking me with the seven inch cock. She asked, “Slave Jenny, how does it feel?”

“Soooo good, Mistress Megan,” I moaned honestly.

Megan began to move faster and I began to move back to meet her thrusts. “That’s it my little lez, bounce back on my cock.”

I eagerly obeyed, as I moved back faster, taking all seven inches inside me. The pleasure felt so good and a couple of days without orgasmic bliss had me near the brink in only a couple of minutes of fucking. I pleaded, “Mistress Megan, can I cum, I am so close.”

Megan grabbed my hips, pulled me back, the cock going even deeper than I thought possible.

I whimpered ecstatically, the cock filling me so completely. She held me there and then I felt a finger at my anal entrance. She whispered, “You may cum any time you want, as long as you don’t move.”

I moaned, “Thank you, Mistress Megan,” and stopped moving as she slid a finger inside my anus. She kept pushing forward and soon she was finger-fucking my ass. The quick pace kept me excited and nearing the brink of bliss, but not over it. Suddenly as my moaning got louder, she gave one brutal thrust with the cock, and I screamed in orgasmic surprise louder than I thought possible as I came instantly. My body shook like I was having an epileptic seizure as the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced charged through my whole body. I kept repeating, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” as the sexual explosion continued to pulse, engulfing me, drowning me. Megan just held me tight, a finger still in my ass, the cock still buried to the hilt in my pussy, until my breathing slowed down and the last remnants of the orgasm were released from my body. Finally, Megan let go and I fell forward as her finger and the toy slid out of me.

She then surprised me again, flipping me over and kissing me hard. This time the kiss was heated and eager like two lovers before the apocalypse. Her breasts and mine were squished together as we made out. Her tongue danced inside my mouth, seemingly searching for something as it explored every crevice. The hardcore kissing had the chills roll through my body like an electric current, and my pussy began to fire up again. She then broke the kiss and surprised me, as she buried her head between my legs. She did something I can’t even explain to my clit as she sucked it into her mouth and rolled it around her lips. A few seconds of this intense clitoris pleasure and I was writhing on the bed as a second intense orgasm quaked inside me. As my pussy juice flooded out of me, Mistress Megan kept my clit in her mouth and began pumping two fingers in my pussy. This intense joy fulfilled me for minutes as a third, fourth and fifth orgasm exploded out of me. When I finally collapsed, perspiration dripping down my forehead, Megan moved away from between my legs and looked at me. Her face glistened, completely soaked with her slave’s love cum.

She pulled me up one last time. There was a twinkle in her eyes and a sweet sexy smile on her face as her tongue traced my lips, her lips barely touching mine. She teased my lips with her tongue and lips until finally she leaned in and kissed me gently. This time our kissing was soft and gentle as if we had all night to just drown inside each other’s mouths. When she finally broke it, I was disappointed.

Mistress Megan then stood up and took off her cock. She then slid off her panties and sat on the edge of the bed. Megan stared directly at Karen, who I had forgotten about completely, and spread her legs. I looked at the clock, it was 8:12, and I couldn’t believe it. Over an hour had flown by already; it had felt like seconds. Megan began to rub her clit as she asked, “Was that hot, Karen?”

“Yes, Mistress Megan,” responded Karen, who’s face was red and clearly horny from the toy underneath her and watching my sexual bliss.

“Do you want to eat your mistress’s pussy?”

“Very badly, Mistress Megan,” she answered.

“What will you do to make you worthy of such a treat?” Megan asked coyly.

“Anything,” Karen said desperately.

“Anything?” Megan asked.

Karen then offered, “I will offer you Jenny’s Mom as a slave for you.”

It was Megan’s turn to be surprised as she questioned, “Excuse me?”

“I will seduce Mrs. Wyatt and bring her over to your house as a gift to you,” Karen offered confidently.

Megan looked back at me and said, “What do you think of this?”

I explained, “Karen thinks my Mom is a lez and that she can seduce her. I don’t think that is possible.”

Megan mulled this over for awhile before she said, “An interesting proposal, Karen my little disobedient slut, a very interesting offer indeed.”

Karen, getting some of her confidence back, added, “I will have that bitch begging to eat me out within a week.”

“Well, what can I say,” Megan said, looking at me again, “Your mother is very hot and it would be handy to not have to play this babysitting charade every time I want to have you over here.”

“Whatever you want,” I said, like a good little submissive.

“Done,” Megan said, “When you bring Amy Wyatt here, dressed in a cheerleader’s outfit, wearing the same red thigh highs you two dykes are wearing, then and only then Karen will you be allowed a taste of my nectar and the pleasures that only your mistress can bring.”

“Yes, Mistress Megan,” Karen said, “I will have that MILF over here submitting to you soon.”

“Good,” Megan said, and then said, “Jenny, come and eat your mistress, I am fucking dying for an orgasm.”

“Yes, Mistress Megan,” I said and quickly jumped off the bed, fell to my knees and began to pleasure my mistress. Trying to replicate what Mistress Megan had done to me, I focused on her clit, taking it into my mouth. I put pressure on it as I slid a finger into her gaping hole. I added a second finger and began pumping in and out. As her moans got louder, I pushed my face hard against her clit and pubic bone and furiously finger- fucked her. I felt her hand on the back of my head as she pulled me in deeper. Seconds later her legs tightened around my head and a flood of her cum sprayed onto my face. Her cum was so intense I felt like I was drowning in her love juice. I drank as much of her deliciousness as I could, not wanting to ever leave her pleasure shrine.

When her orgasm subsided, she lifted me up and kissed me once again. She broke the kiss and said, rather humourously, “Fuck, I taste good.”

I laughed as I said, “There is no better taste in the world.”

As Megan got up and grabbed a robe, she said jokingly, “I should bottle it up.”

“You would make millions,” I joked back.

We were both laughing, as Karen sat there still bound. Megan asked, “So Jenny, do you think Karen deserves an orgasm?”

“Yes,” I said instantly.

Megan smiled, “You are too nice.”

I shrugged.

Megan moved to Karen and pulled the toy out from underneath her and, without warning, slid it inside Karen’s pussy. Megan said, “Cum my slut,” and Karen instantly screamed and in less than ten seconds had the orgasm that had been building up inside her the past two hours of teasing.

Megan then said, leaving the toy inside her slave, “Let’s go downstairs and get a drink.”

“But what about Karen?” I asked.

“We will untie her in a bit. Let her stew there for a bit; I am still not very happy with her disobedience,” she said as she grabbed my hand and led me out of her room.

We spent the next half hour downstairs, talking about everything, including Miss Morgan. As I re-told the story of the past two days in Miss Morgan’s class, Megan listened intently. She then asked, “Do you want to seduce her?”

I thought about it a couple of seconds before realizing I did and answered, “Yes, I do.”

“Well then do it,” Megan said, “But remember a seduction of such a person needs to be well-paced. She is a teacher, you are a student. Even if she wants to, which she probably does, she has to worry about her job.”

“I understand.”

“So each day should build on the other; each tease going further than the other; each tease revealing more, yet not so obvious that others know,” Megan advised me.

“OK,” I said.

Megan then said, walking over to her computer, “Let’s do some research on her.” I followed her over and waited as Megan logged on. I was in awe as in seconds Megan had found all her private information, including her IP adress. She then said, “She is online right now. Let’s see what websites she has been on since Monday and what site she is on right now.” A couple quick clicks of Megan’s mouse and she said, “Well, well, well.”

I leaned forward as I asked, “What?”

“Do you really want to know what your teacher looks up in the privacy of her own home?”

I thought about it briefly; this was clearly a violation of her privacy; while old me had morals and would have said no, the new me had much looser morals and clearly would say yes. “Yes, Mistress Megan,” I responded.

“You are a devious little dyke aren’t you,” Megan teased.

I smiled devilishly, “Isn’t that the way you like me Mistress?”

Megan shook her head and said, “That I do, my little slave. Now come take a look at this.” I leaned forward and Megan said, “Like you, she is a regular reader of Literotica. She reads mostly lesbian stories, although she also does searches using the words ‘domination’, ‘submission’, ‘humiliation’ and interestingly enough, ’18 year old’. But yesterday and today she has been searching and reading stories with a new search.”

When she didn’t continue, I asked, “And what search is that?”

“Teacher submission,” Megan responded, “Clearly you have been greatly turning on your teacher, my little dyke.”

My pussy began to heat up again as I realized the power I had been having on my hot teacher.

“Look at the stories she has been reading today.”The Only True Teacher/Student Story” by Notabutch, “The Pet Teacher”-Couture, “Hot For Teacher”-watchdawg and “The Laura Effect” by krr1957. Fuck, my little dyke, she has been reading non-stop for a couple of hours now.”

“Cool,” I said.

Megan looked at me and said, “Well the seduction should be easy, my slut. But remember she has an image to protect, so do it with class.”

“Yes, Mistress Megan,” I said.

“Should we go and untie Karen?” Megan asked, standing up from the computer.

“Probably, she must be going fucking crazy by now,” I said.

“Good, that should teach her a lesson.”

“Agreed,” I responded.

I followed Megan up the stairs and back to her bedroom. Karen was sweating, clearly near the brink of bliss. The look on her face pleaded for help, for permission to cum and I asked, “Mistress Megan, may I help get your slut off?”

“You think she deserves another orgasm?” she asked me.

“Yes. I think she learned her lesson, didn’t you slut?” I asked, playing a more dominant role than I had ever played.

Karen surprised me and Megan as she said, “Yes Mistress Jenny and Mistress Megan, I will never disobey again.”

Juice began to escape from my pussy at being called “Mistress” as I waited for Megan’s instructions.

Megan finally said, “Go fuck the bitch.”

I quickly went between Karen’s bound legs and began licking her clit, not touching the toy still inside her. As soon as my mouth made contact, Karen let out a scream of pleasure and kept moaning as I sucked her clit into my mouth. In only a few precious seconds, juice sprayed all over my face as she had a wickedly powerful orgasm. I kept my mouth on her clit as she kept moaning until she begged me to quit. I then stood up; my face soaked with Karen’s cum and kissed her. I broke the kiss and said, “How does your cum taste on my lips?”

“Yummy,” she barely was able to say, still recovering from her orgasm.

Megan untied her and said, “You ladies better get home, you have school in the morning.”

“Yes Mistress,” we chorused.

Megan kissed us both once and sent us on our way. As we got back to the car, Karen finally recovered from the evening’s events said, “See you tomorrow, my sexy little slut.”

“See you tomorrow, Mistress Karen,” I responded.

She walked over to me and kissed me one last time, right in the open, although it was dark and no one was around. She then said, “Wear the white thigh highs tomorrow.”

“Yes, Mistress Megan,” I said, back in our traditional roles, as Karen got in her car. I watched her leave and walked home.

Tired past exhaustion, I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 5th: Almost Caught...Mom is a dyke?

By the third day of my new life, things began to be a bit of a routine, if such a change can be considered routine. Boys stared at me as I sauntered by, girls gossiped about me and a power shift in the cheerleader’s group was clearly occurring. Sabrina continued to treat me like a servant, but was less harsh on her criticisms of me; interestingly, she was wearing red stockings and heels, while only Karen and I were the only two wearing the white ones. Ashley, on the other hand, was super nice to me and put her hand on my nylon covered leg on a couple of occasions during lunch. She didn’t caress or anything, but it lingered there the first time for almost a minute and the second time for probably five minutes.

Near the end of lunch, Troy came up to our table and asked, “So Jenny, are you free this weekend to go out for supper and a flick?”

I immediately was petrified, I had never had a date with a boy, nor did I really want one.

Karen saved me as she said, “Actually, sorry, Troy, she is my date all weekend; it is the cheerleader’s retreat this weekend.”

“Oh, well I would love to be a part of that,” he flirted, his eyes locked on mine.

I looked away nervously as Karen said, “I bet you would. You probably fantasize one big dyke orgy, don’t ya?”

“Well,” he said slightly embarrassed.

Karen stood up and walked over to him and said, “Don’t worry, we will be sure to make your fantasy come true.” She quickly rubbed his dick through his pants and then said, “Let’s go, Jenny.”

I quickly got to my feet and followed obediently. Karen laughed as we left the cafeteria, “The funny thing is this weekend will be a lesbian orgy of sorts and you will be the center of attention.”

“I will?” I gasped.

“Oh yes,” Karen said, “You are sharing a room with Sabrina, Ashley and myself. Your duty will be pussy pleaser.”

“Oh,” I said terrified.

The bell rang and I headed to class. Sally and Eleanor were also different today. Although not dressed as slutty and as revealing as I was, both had on long skirts and tights. I complimented them and they both blushed. We talked as if nothing had changed since last week. We talked about Chuck, which is the best show on TV, complained about classes and talked about other generic nothingness. When class ended, I gave both of them quick pecks on the cheek before leaving, something I had never did before.

I then headed out to meet with Karen and we quickly made our way to English class. As Megan instructed, I decided to take it slow. I sat at my desk and simply slid my feet in and out of my heels all class long. If she didn’t look down for a period of time, I made sure to drop my shoe on the floor. Miss Morgan seemed distracted, but only I knew why. It made my pussy damp, knowing the power I had. As class ended, Miss Morgan gave back our poems. She handed mine last and gave me a slight smile. I took the paper and looked at it. I got an A and the following comment, “A very vivid poem that builds to a powerful climax.” An accidental laugh escaped my mouth as I read the last two words. Miss Morgan looked at me, began to say something, but then didn’t. I said, “See you tomorrow, Miss Morgan,” and left class.

Practice number three was another exhausting workout, but again I felt less tired than I had the day before. Karen drove me home again and then invited herself in. My Mom was in the kitchen making supper and Karen walked up and gave my Mom a kiss on both cheeks. Karen then said, “Mrs. Wyatt you look amazing today.”

My Mom blushed and said, “Thank you Karen.”

Karen and I practiced cheers for an hour, with Mom coming in and out the whole time. After supper, Karen and I went upstairs so I could help her with her math. As soon as I closed the door, Karen said, “You had to notice that your mother was checking me out during our workout, right?”

I did indeed notice, but said, “Not really.”

Karen walked up to me and said, “You are a horrible liar.”

I blushed and then said defeated, “Fine, it seems she was indeed checking you out.”

“I will have her between my legs soon,” she purred. When I said nothing, she added, “Speaking of things between my legs.”

I blushed, understanding completely what she was implying, and said nervously, “But Mom is right down stairs.”

“So?” she asked.

“I don’t have a lock on my door,” I pleaded.

“So?” she asked again.

“She could walk in at any moment,” I said a little more frantic.

“So?” she repeated, as she lifted up her skirt, showing me her naked beaver as sat on the edge of my bed. She smiled at me and using one finger beckoned me in. I didn’t move instantly and she then said in a firm voice, “Now slut.”

Reluctantly, petrified that my Mom would walk in or hear Karen, I moved to my Mistress and knelt before her. Karen smiled and said, “I have looked forward to this all day; get me off my little lez.”

I leaned forward and began licking Karen. I slid my tongue up and down her cunt lips, and then every few seconds I would put pressure on Karen’s clit with my tongue. Each time I put pressure on Karen’s clit, she shook just a bit. I did this continual teasing pleasure for a while, trying to get her off with a building of pleasure, hoping she wouldn’t scream and alarm my mother. I savoured Karen’s delicious pussy, her wetness drenching my face, as I continued to lick and lick.

Karen, who seemed to be getting close, demanded, “Finger me slut.”

Obeying, I slid a finger inside her ocean of pleasure. It slid in so easily that I slid a second in as well. I began moving my two fingers in and out, completely focused on giving pleasure, I completely forgot about my mother downstairs. Feeling her legs tense slightly, I hooked my two fingers inside, her putting as much pressure on her g-spot as I could. Karen instantly let out a scream loud enough to wake the dead as her juices gushed out of her pussy and sprayed my face. I had never had so much pussy juice on my face as she continued to quake through her orgasm.

I heard footsteps coming and quickly stood up, and Karen, thankfully, quickly got up too, just as my Mom opened the door. My mom looked at us frantically, worried, “Are you girls ok?”

Karen, her face ruby red, clearly recovering from orgasmic bliss, said, “Oh sorry Mrs. Wyatt, I just stubbed my toe and it really hurt.”

My Mom somehow did not seem to notice my face shining with Karen’s cum. As she said, “Oh thank God, I thought something dreadful had happened. Are you OK?”

Karen sat on the bed and said, “Mrs. Wyatt, could you come and look at my toe. It really hurts.”

“Oh, sure honey,” my mother said, as I watched horrified.

Karen lifted up her foot, so my mother could look at it, and I could see Karen’s still wet and leaking cunt from where I was standing. There was no way my mother would not see it.

My Mom grabbed her foot and looked at the toe through the stocking. My mother said, “Well it doesn’t,” she then stopped abruptly as she clearly saw Karen’s shaved pussy. Mom’s face went red, but she seemed to recover pretty quickly as she looked up to Karen, who was smiling like an innocent choir girl, “it doesn’t look like you did any serious damage.”

Karen asked sweetly, “Could you massage it, it really hurts.”

“Sure,” my Mom said, as she gently rubbed Karen’s foot. Karen’s cunt was completely uncovered and in plain sight for my mother, at the angle she was sitting, and I was surprised at how many times my mother would take a quick glimpse of my young 18 year old Mistress’ pussy.

This went on for a couple of minutes, until Karen said, “Thanks Mrs. Wyatt, you really know how to make someone feel better.”

My Mom let go of Karen’s foot and took one last look at the delicious wet pussy before Karen’s skirt covered the prize. The peepshow now complete, my mother seemed to regain her composure and said, “Well, um, I will be downstairs if you ladies need anything.”

Karen grabbed my mother’s hand as she was about to leave and said, “Thank you so much.” Karen kissed her on each cheek, lingering a couple of seconds before moving away.

My mother said, slightly flushed, “No problem.” She then left the room.

Karen looked right at me and said, “Still think she isn’t a dyke?”

“Well, she did take a few peeks, but who wouldn’t?”

“A straight woman,” Karen answered.

“Haha,” I laughed.

“Very soon Jenny,” Karen predicted, “Very soon your mother will be my little MILF slut.”

I didn’t say anything.

Karen added, “Are you ok with that?”

I shrugged, really not sure how I felt about this odd plot twist, “I don’t know. It turns me on, yet...”

“Yet what?” Karen asked.

“Yet, she is my mother,” I said.

“I’m not asking you to fuck her,” Karen said, her eyes going big as she said, “Unless you want to.”

“No,” I said.

“You do, don’t you; you want to fuck your own mother?”

“No,” I said adamantly.

Karen smiled, “I think you do.” She then kissed me and said, “Fuck I taste good.”

“Delicious,” I teased back.

Karen then said, “No orgasms for you until the cheerleader getaway.”

“Oh,” I said crestfallen.

“None,” Karen said with a more authoritarian tone.

“Understood,” I said disappointedly.

“It’s only two days,” Karen said, “You’re not such a big sex maniac you can’t wait two days, are you?”

When she put it that way, I chuckled to myself, had I become such a sex maniac? The answer, of course, was yes. “I will obey, Mistress Karen,” I said.

“Good,” Karen said, “I got to get going, see you tomorrow my dyke.”

“Bye, Mistress Karen,” I said and walked her out.

The rest of the evening I worked on my essay and did everything I could to avoid thinking about sex. Of course the picture of my mother submissively pleasing Karen would not leave my brain. I went to bed, my pussy begging to be pleased. Not surprisingly, I had a restless night.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 6th: An aggressive approach to Miss Morgan

Normality had settled into my new life. I dressed in my usual outfit, today with black thigh highs, Karen picked me up, we got to school, people checked me out and my pussy was constantly on fire. As Karen predicted, thigh high stockings had become the new rave. At least fifty girls were wearing thigh high stockings on Thursday. I smiled as I realized I was either to blame or to be given credit for such a sexy trend.

The day was normal, well my new normal, until after lunch. Sally and Eleanor were in class and both were wearing thigh high stockings. Seeing the two shyest girls dressed so provocatively was both baffling and a turn-on. I complimented them on their outfits and they both blushed like the two school-girl virgins they were. Near the end of class I said, “Sally you are very pretty and have gorgeous long hair. Yet, you wear it in a very unattractive bun every day. Let it down tomorrow.”

Sally said, “You think so?”

I purred, flirting with her just a tad, “I know so.”

Sally blushed as I looked at Eleanor and said, “And you Eleanor. You are pretty too. You need to wear make-up, especially lipstick to showcase your luscious lips.”

She said embarrassed by the compliment, “My Mom won’t let me wear any.”

I said, “Tell you what. Be here by 8:30 tomorrow and I will give you a makeover.”

“OK,” Eleanor said with a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

The bell rang as I said, “See you tomorrow, hotties.”

I left and headed to meet Karen. Karen grabbed my arm and said, “Today I plan to have some fun.”

I gave her a sceptical and nervous look as I asked, “How so?”

“When I ask to go the bathroom,” she explained, “You will wait a minute and ask to go as well.”

My face went white as I realized what she had in mind.

Karen and I reached the classroom before I could really respond, but Karen added, “Do not disobey, slut.”

Luckily for me at first, Miss Morgan gave a lecture and Karen is way too nice to interrupt a teacher when she is teaching. I was just starting to relax when with twenty minutes left, she assigned us some time to write a reflection. The topic was simplistic, ‘What key moment in time has defined who you are.’ I gave a slight smirk as I already knew what Karen was going to make me write and what I wanted to write as well.

As soon as Miss Morgan sat at her desk, Karen asked permission to go the washroom.
After getting approval, Karen left and I waited, my body a mix of turmoil. Both excited to please Karen and scared with the fear of being caught. I waited the full minute before asking to go the washroom as well. Miss Morgan gave a brief look of curiosity, maybe tying the two together, but I doubt it, before excusing me to go as well. As soon as I left the room, I quickly went to the nearby bathroom. A stall was open and I followed Karen in. She did not say a word, as she lifted up her skirt and I simply followed the implied expectation. I licked her pussy, in this awkward position for a couple minutes, long enough to have a shine on my lips and mouth. Karen then said, “Better get back to class. And don’t you daer wipe off your mistress’s juice.”

“Yes, Mistress Karen,” I said as Karen simply composed herself and left me in the washroom. I looked in the mirror, it wasn’t too obvious I thought and began to leave just as two other girls entered the bathroom.

I returned to class and sat to work on my project. When I looked up a few minutes later, Miss Morgan was looking at me. I smiled and then went back to work. As I worked, Karen walked over and whispered in my ear, “Make sure you get close enough for Miss Morgan to smell your juices.”

I sighed as Karen returned to her desk. The bell was about to ring and I pondered how to achieve this demand. I waited for the bell to ring and then put my hand up.

Miss Morgan looked at me and asked, “What is it Jenny?”

“Oh, I just would like you to ask you about my essay.”

“What about it?” Miss Morgan asked as she stood up and began to come to my desk.

I grabbed my essay rough copy, the two paragraphs I had finished so far and said, “Can you read this and give me your opinion?”

“Sure,” she said, grabbing a chair and sitting right beside me. She took the paper and read it silently for a couple of minutes. I waited patiently, the distinct smell of Karen’s cunt lingering on my face. I don’t know if she knew what the smell was, but she did notice it as she gave a peculiar look just as she finished. She laid the paper on my desk; her nostrils just inches away from my sin.

“So?” I asked innocently, making sure my knee now rested against hers.

“Well it is pretty good. Yet, you don’t have a topic sentence in your second paragraph and you need quotes from the book to make your point.”

“OK,” I said, leaning in a bit closer, “That is really helpful.” I didn’t move, nor did she for a few brief seconds before she seemed to come to her senses and stood up abruptly.

“You should probably get to cheerleading practice,” she said, “I hear Miss Hopkins is a bit of a Nazi when it comes to punctuality.”

I grabbed my stuff and said, “That she is.” I then surprised Miss Morgan by giving her a hug and added, “Thanks for your help. If there is anything I can do to repay you, just ask.”

I got to practice just in time and barely survived Miss Hopkins’ marathon workout. When practice was done, Karen dropped me off and said, “I expect a good story to share with Miss Morgan tomorrow.”

“Should I use your name?” I asked cautiously.

Karen just shrugged, “You decide.”

She then said goodbye and drove away to go to work. It was then that I realized I was supposed to start a new job tomorrow. I panicked and went to Megan’s house. She answered the door and welcomed me in.

I said worriedly, “I just realized that I am supposed to start work tomorrow with Krystal, but I have this cheerleader’s retreat to go to.”

Megan smiled and said, “No worries, I will give Krystal a call for you.”

“Thanks,” I said, a burden instantly leaving my shoulders. Max ran up, hugged my leg and said, “Jenny here to play.”

I shrugged, looked at Megan who shrugged back, and I said, “Sure, I have a few minutes.” A few minutes turned into an hour, before I saw the clock and realized I had to go home.

As I said goodbye, Megan handed me a piece of paper. I took it as she explained, “It is her code name on the lesbian chatroom she often is on.”

I gave her a perplexed look.

“For Miss Morgan,” she said.

I looked at it and said, “Thanks,” although I was unsure I would use it.

I got home and Mom was in the kitchen making supper and asked concerned, “Where’s Karen?”

I answered, “She had to go to work.”

“Oh,” my mother said, clearly disappointed, but quickly rebounded trying to hide her disappointment from me.

We had supper and Mom asked questions about school, cheerleading and Karen. She made sure to ask vague questions, but it really felt like when a friend is trying to find out if a boy likes her. It was adorable and yet a little creepy. There was no doubt about it; my mother had a crush on my teenage mistress.

After supper, I watched the Big Bang Theory and then went upstairs and wrote my new assignment. Below is the brief essay I wrote for class.

In everyone’s life, there are key moments that define who you are. For some they may not even realize they are important at the time. For example, the day you meet the boy you are going to marry may be rather unremarkable at the time, it is only on reflection you realize how important that day was. Other times, the moment is instantly recognizable, like when you score the winning goal in a championship game, when you get your first kiss or when you graduate high school. For me though, my key moment is a mixture of both, for finding myself, the real me, not the one others had seen for the past 18 years, was only found through the help of one woman. I found myself, when my Mistress found me.

Now I should note first, deep down I am a good person. I am compassionate, I am academically strong and I am somewhat funny (although that could be debatable). I love animals and I hope to change the world someday. I am easily emotional, as I cry when I see commercials for third world country children, I cry at lame commercials that pull at your heart strings and I often cry when I think about my deceased father. I guess the point of all this is, I thought I was a normal, emotionally drained, psychological stressed teenager, and maybe I still am. But my one secret, a secret I held close to my heart, was that deep down I knew I was a lesbian. This secret shamed me, but I held it inside, not allowing anyone in. At night I fantasized about other classmates, about being their submissive pleasure toy and it was these fantasies that kept me sane. I read lesbian love stories online to deal with my unhealthy obsession and my sinful lust. Then I met my Mistress.

Now I should note I had already known my Mistress for awhile as I babysit for her regularly. She is a single mother and one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. She seduced me online (a long story and if you really want to know read Bedding the Babysitter parts one and two on in one perfect evening my shame was washed away and I eagerly and thankfully accepted my role as a submissive lesbian. In my life everything is so stressful, but when I am pleasing my mistresses (I have two now) all my stress is gone. Sure I still have insecurities but I have learned to accept my sexuality and my need to please.

In conclusion, I have come to full terms with the fact that I am a lesbian. I am submissive and get turned on when I am called names or made to do naughty, inappropriate and clearly socially unacceptable things. I have also accepted that I need this degrading, this sexual humiliation to get the pleasure I need and to release the stress that used to dominate my life. Lastly, my mistresses have turned me into a confident sexual being and from this my true personality has been able to shine bright. I proudly wear stockings every day, I proudly submit to the every whim of my mistresses and I proudly accept that I am a submissive lesbian who is eager to please. I eagerly lick and lap in the luxury of other’s pleasure.

I finished my second draft and wondered if this was way too direct. What would Miss Morgan think? Then I remembered I had Miss Morgan’s secret code name. I went and searched her name, Wanda87. She was online and her profile, with no picture, was as follows:

I am a 23 year old English teacher who is looking for someone special. I have only recently realized my sexuality and am looking to explore my new lesbian lifestyle.
I am still in the closet to my old fashioned family, but would be willing to come out if I met the right person.
Other interests include reading, travel, movies and chatting.

I finished reading her profile and wondered what Wanda87 stood for. I created a new username “Subinstockings” and a relatively true profile:

I just had my first sexual experience with a woman recently and learned that I am very, very submissive. I like to serve and please and will never disobey. I also love to wear stockings at all times.

I clicked on her name and opened a chat session with her:

Subinstockings: Hi, I liked your profile.

I waited a couple of minutes until she responded.

Wanda87: Hi. Your profile is rather interesting as well.

Subinstockings: It is all true.

Wanda87: I was intrigued by your name.

Subinstockings: I am a girl who is very, VERY, submissive.

Wanda87: Oh.

Subinstockings: Sorry, does that disgust you?

Wanda87: Oh no. It’s just...

Subinstockings: Just what?

Wanda87: I have been having fantasies about dominating one of my students.

Subinstockings: are a teacher?

Wanda87: Yes, so such a fantasy is wrong.

Subinstockings: Not if she is eighteen.

Wanda87: She is, but she is a student.

Subinstockings: Do you think she is a lesbian?

Wanda87: A recent writing implies as much.

Subinstockings: I see.

Wanda87: Plus how does one say to a student, ‘I want to take you home and use you as my personal sex slave’?

Subinstockings: Well, saying it would be one way. 

Wanda87: I am way too shy and my job is too important. What if I am wrong?

Subinstockings: True. As a student myself, I would love to submit to my teacher.

Wanda87: You would?

Subinstockings: Oh yes. If you were my teacher, I would obey your every command.

Wanda87: Really?!?

Subinstockings: Really. If I was there I would lick your pussy until you came all over my pretty face. Will you be my online mistress?

Wanda87: would that work?

Subinstockings: You tell me to do something and I obey.

Wanda87: Ok...what are you wearing right now?

Subinstockings: Just thigh high stockings and my jammies.

Wanda87: I see. Tell me one of your fantasies.

Subinstockings: I fantasize about being taken by a group of cheerleaders and made to be their personal sex toy for a whole weekend.

Wanda87: Wow that is hot.

Subinstockings: Thank you Mistress Wanda.

Wanda87: Mistress Wanda I like that.

Subinstockings: Is there anything I can do for you mistress.

Wanda87: Tell me what you would do if you were here at my house?

Subinstockings: Anything you asked?

Wanda87: Anything?

Subinstockings: Yes anything.

Wanda87: I am new at this. Can you give me an example?

Subinstockings: Yes, Mistress Wanda.

Subinstockings: I would crawl to you on request. I would then go between your legs and lick your pussy until you sprayed your love juices all over me. You would then put a strap-on on your sexy waist and fuck me like the lez slut I am. First you would pound me in my shaved ripe pussy and then later you would hammer my tight firm ass. I would only orgasm when given permission. When you were done dominating me, I would then continue to please you as you saw fit.

Wanda87: OMG, you got me so wet.

Subinstockings: Will you cum for me Mistress Wanda?

Wanda87: Yes.

Subinstockings: Rub yourself for me Mistress Wanda. Imagine me between your legs, your clit in my mouth.

Wanda87: Hmmm...

Subinstockings: My finger sliding inside you Mistress Wanda. Your student and slave finger fucking you.

Wanda87: Hmmm, yes....I’m close...

Subinstockings: My finger finding your g-spot and rubbing it as you explode all over your student’s eager tongue.

Wanda87: I’m cumming...

Subinstockings: Did I please you Mistress Wanda?

Wanda87: Yes, very much so.

Subinstockings: That makes me very happy Mistress Wanda.

Wanda87: That was amazing. I wish you were really here.

Subinstockings: Maybe someday Mistress Wanda.

Wanda87: What city are you in?

Subinstockings: Boston.

There is a long gap of time, I wonder if Miss Morgan has figured out it is me.

Wanda87: That is too strange. I live in Boston too.

Subinstockings: Well, maybe we can meet face to face and pussy to pussy sometime.

Wanda87: I would like that.

Subinstockings: By the way, if you want to seduce that student of yours. Compliment her. Touch her gently, but not inappropriately. If she is interested, she will respond.

Wanda87: Good idea. I don’t know if I can do it. But I will definitely think about it.

Subinstockings: Do. If she is anything like me, she will get wet from your advances.

Wanda87: I don’t know.

Subinstockings: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Wanda87: True. Well, I should get to bed; that orgasm has me exhausted and I have to teach tomorrow.

Subinstockings: I should get to bed too. I have school tomorrow as well.

Wanda87: How old are you?

Subinstockings: 18. You, Mistress Wanda?

Wanda87: 23

Subinstockings: Have a good night Mistress Wanda.

Wanda87: You too my slave.

Subinstockings: Talk to you soon.

Wanda87: I hope so.

I logged out and went to bed with a big smile on my face, Miss Morgan wanted me.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7th: Cheerleader’s Retreat and love?
The last day of the week was the most eventful. I wore a pair of green thigh highs. They did not remotely match my red and white outfit, but that was the point. Even Karen was surprised with my look. As we drove to school I told her about my night and read her my paper. Karen just shook her head and said, “You really are a complete lez slut.”

“I know,” I said, not the least bit ashamed.

Karen said, “Finger yourself, but don’t cum.”

I obeyed, moving my skirt up so Karen could watch. I slid a finger in and out slowly as Karen said, “So next week we will both complete seductions. You will be between Miss Morgan’s legs and your mother will be between mine.”

We arrived at school as my horniness simmered. Karen said, “Rub your pussy juice all over your mouth.”

“Yes, Mistress Karen,” I said and coated my lips with my own cum.

Karen and I then went into school. Both Ashley ands Sabrina seemed to notice my unique lip sauce, but did not say anything.

I met with both Eleanor and Sally and helped each one with their transformation. I don’t know if I did a really good job, or if I was just so horny from a lack of an orgasm, but they each looked good enough to eat. Both girls looked radiant in their new look and my pussy got a small tingle of pleasure from seeing their transformation. I complimented them both and learned they both now had dates to next week’s dance. I was so happy for them.

The day flew by and I met Karen before English class and she demanded, “Go to the bathroom and finger yourself until you are soaking wet. Then take off your panties and generously coat your lips with your wetness.”

I whispered, “Yes, Mistress Karen,” and headed to the bathroom. I did as instructed and took off my underwear and put it in my purse. I fingered myself to a feverish tease and then stopped. I took my finger and coated my red lips with my own juice.

I then made myself as presentable as possible and then arrived in class a couple of minutes late. Miss Morgan gave me a look but didn’t say anything as I walked up to her, my sweet scent lingering as I handed her my paper. “Sorry Miss Morgan, I had to finish a task before getting to class.”

Miss Morgan smiled, showing no reaction to my shiny lips, as she said, “Oh no problem Jenny, I am sure it was important.”

“Oh, it was, and I think you will really like my paper,” I responded and sat in my seat.

Miss Morgan then instructed that today was a work period for our essays due next week. She then began walking up and down the rows and assisting students. I used the time to work on my paper and waited for Miss Morgan to arrive.

Eventually she arrived at my desk and asked “How is your essay coming along, Jenny?”

I said in a soft voice, so only she could hear, “I have barely got any further from when we last talked. I have been too busy pleasing my mistress, well both my mistresses actually.”

She gave out a gasp and said, “Jenny, what has gotten into you?”

I teased back, “Toys, lots of toys.”

She went red again as she tried to stay focused, “Can I give you any assistance on your paper?”

I shrugged and said, “I think I am ok.” I then stretched my stocking covered legs out, my shoes on the floor, to give my sexy teacher a very open look at my legs and my perfectly manicured and painted toes.

Miss Morgan took a lengthy look at my legs, before moving on to the next student. With a few minutes left, Miss Morgan returned to her desk. She seemed to be reading something and I knew quickly it was my paper as her face went red and she looked up at me. I, of course, was looking at her and made sure it was she who broke eye contact. Another student asked for help and Miss Morgan went to assist her. A few minutes later the bell rang and I got up to leave. As I was leaving, I walked up to her and said, “Have a good weekend, Miss Morgan.”

I then met Karen after class and we headed to the bus that would take us to our retreat. It was only an hour away, at a lake that is closed this time of year. The bus ride was gossip central. I learned more in that hour than I had in the past three years. The rumours about me were hilarious, disturbing, but hilarious. I learned that apparently: I was gangbanged by the football team; I had an abortion this summer; I got my high marks by doing the teachers; I was a crystal meth addict and lastly, that I was only on the cheerleading team because I had blackmailed Karen, although no one seems to know how I was blackmailing her.

Anyhow, we got to our destination and then had a three hour marathon workout. It was ridiculous. My whole body ached, even parts I did not know could ache. We were then sent tour cabins...each cabin had 4 girls assigned. Not surprisingly, I was assigned to be with Karen, Sabrina and Ashley. As I entered the cabin, butterflies of nervousness filled my whole body. I knew that any minute now Karen was going to reveal our secret. I was excited as I wanted to taste Ashley, but petrified of what Sabrina may do.

Ashley and Sabrina started to change into their nighties, while Karen came over to talk to me. She said as she handed me a bag, “Here, go to the bathroom and put this on.”

“What is it?” I asked nervously.

“You’ll see,” she said with a devious smirk.

“Ok,” I said.

“And the rest of the night, you will refer to me as mistress,” She demanded with authority.

“Understood, Mistress Karen,” I whispered. I then went to the bathroom to find out what Mistress Karen had in store for me. I opened the bag tentatively and then dismay as I saw my outfit. It was a maid’s outfit with black skirt, black thigh highs, four inch heels, a white blouse and a collar with a leash. I got undressed and put on the subservient outfit.

Just as I was finishing, Karen knocked on the door, “Are you ready?”

“Almost,” I replied.

“Tell me when you are, PomPom,” she said in a voice that was clearly showing her authority over me.

I heard Sabrina call, “Yes, PomPom, get your ass out here, it is time for your initiation.”

I put on the collar and slipped into the awkwardly high heels and said, “I am ready.”

Karen then said, “Come on out, PomPom.”

I did and was again the innocent shy girl I used to be. I was so nervous I could not look any of the three girls in the eye.

Sabrina said, “PomPom, get me a beer.”

“Ok,” I said.

I began going to the fridge when Sabrina said, “Respond like a good PomPom.”

I pondered this and then said, “Yes, Mistress Sabrina.”

Sabrina laughed as she said, “Mistress, I like that. I was expecting ma’am.”

I blushed and went and grabbed a beer. I handed it to Sabrina and said, looking her straight in the eye, “Here you are, Mistress Sabrina.”

I then looked at Ashley and said, “May I get you anything, Mistress Ashley?”

Ashley’s face went red a look of stunned silence on her face as she finally said, “Sure, I will have a beer too.”

Karen then added, “Get me one too, PomPom slave.”

“Yes, Mistress Karen,” I said and went and got two more beers.

I handed both their beers and stood at attention like a maid would, already getting a bit turned on by my subservient role.

Karen demanded, “Get yourself a beer, slut, and come and join us.”

“Yes, Mistress Karen,” I obeyed and saw Ashley’s surprised face at me being called a slut.

I returned and then sat down in the open chair. Karen then said, “Truth or dare time for our little PomPom girl.”

Instantly I knew all my secrets would be quickly revealed; yet, I was not worried, but rather relieved that the charade would come to an end. I would be their whore tonight and that was the way it was. I wanted to their whore, especially Ashley, yet even Sabrina’s bossy demeanour had me yet.

Karen said, “Our PomPom can go first. Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” I said.

“Have you ever fucked a boy before?”

“No,” I said.

Sabrina then asked “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” I said again.

“Have you ever been with a girl?”

“Yes,” I replied not at all ashamed, my eyes not leaving Sabrina.

Sabrina added, “Good to know” and took a sip of her beer.

Ashley then looked at me and I said, “Truth” before she could even ask.

Ashley thought about it a while and finally asked “Why did you decide you wanted to be a cheerleader?”

An innocent question on the surface, but my answer was anything but as I explained, “Mistress Karen suggested it on the phone on Sunday.” I then waited for dramatic effect before adding, “The day after I ate her out after work.”

Ashley let out a stunned gasp, while Sabrina gave an ‘I knew it’ smirk.

Karen then asked, “Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” I continued my comfortable pattern.

“How did you end up being between my legs?” she asked, knowing perfectly well the answer.

I then explained, in lengthy detail, for over ten minutes, the whole sordid story from my masturbating fantasy, to Megan’s seduction of me, to the actual encounter with Karen at her work.

Sabrina said, “I knew it. I knew there had to be a reason. It made no sense that you would suddenly be a PomPom.”

Karen defended me as she said, “She will make an excellent PomPom, won’t you my slut?”

“Yes, Mistress Karen,” I responded obediently.

“Truth or dare?” Sabrina queried.

“Truth,” I responded.

“Do you want to eat my pussy?” she asked, opening her legs slightly.

“Yes, Mistress Sabrina, I would love to eat your pussy,” I said so matter-of-factly it was like she had asked if I wanted a coffee.

“Well, come do it,” Sabrina demanded.

“All in good time,” Karen said.

“Fine,” Sabrina huffed.

It was Ashley’s turn, and I said, before she could ask, “Dare.” I thought it would be fun to see how the shy one of the group reacted. She sat there a long time, seemingly unsure what to ask.

Sabrina said, “Make her eat your pussy. I bet she wants to.”

I gave Ashley a smile implying Sabrina was right. But instead Ashley dared, “I dare you to a dance for us.”

This was worse than actually eating her pussy, as I was an awkward dancer. Karen got up and plugged her iPod in and after a couple of seconds of searching a song began to play. It was Brittany Spears ‘I am A Slave for U.’ I stood up and began dancing awkwardly to the song. All the more awkward since I can’t dance and I was wearing four inch heels. The song seemed to play forever as I wiggled my butt, slid my hands up and down my breasts and then playing the role of a stripper, I moved to Ashley and did a sexy lap dance for her. Ashley strred obsessed with my moves as I teased her, bringing my body so close to her and them moving away. The song ended and I went and sat back down.

Karen then said, “Dare or dare?”

I smiled, realizing the game had changed.

“Um, dare,” I joked.

Karen smiled, chugged the rest of her beer, and said, handing me the now empty beer bottle, “Fuck yourself to an orgasm.”

“Yes, Mistress Karen,” I said as I grabbed the bottle. I then took off my skirt, sat on the chair and rubbed the bottle around my lips. I slid the thin top of the bottle in my very wet pussy. I began to move the top half of the bottle in and out as I rubbed my swollen clit, completely oblivious to the three sets of eyes watching me.

As I began moaning, Sabrina demanded, “Shove the bottle deeper, dyke.”

“Yes, Mistress Sabrina,” I moaned as I attempted to push the wider part of the bottle into my tight pussy. I let out a yelp as the wider bottle, wider than any toy that had ever been used to fuck me, slowly penetrated me. My yelp became a whimper as a slight jolt of pain quivered throughout my body. I continued to slowly push it in deeper, until the majority of the bottle filled my pussy.

I didn’t notice Sabrina until her hand replaced mine and began to vigorously pump the bottle in and out of me. “Take it all you fucking slut,” she said as she ruthlessly fucked me. I whimpered, a mixture of pleasure and pain as I was assaulted by the bottle. Eventually, my juices lubricated my entrance enough that the pain subsided and I began to enjoy the bottle domination.

“I am close to an orgasm,” I pleaded, “Please Mistress Sabrina, fuck me harder.”

Sabrina then slid all but the last inch inside me and I screamed, “Yesssssssss,” as an intense orgasm hit me and my cum flooded out pushing the bottle out of me.

Sabrina smiled, “You really are a whore, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress Sabrina,” I moaned, the orgasm still bringing great pleasure to my whole body.

Sabrina handed me the bottle and said, “Clean your juices, slut.”

“Yes, Mistress Sabrina,” I obeyed, taking the bottle and sucking it like a cock. I then licked around the rest of the bottle, retrieving any last juice.

Sabrina then looked at Karen, “Can I use this cunt yet?”

Karen, playing the powerful leader she was, responded, “Not until you pay your dues as well.”

“Excuse me?” Sabrina said defiant.

“You have been questioning me all week. You need to pay for your lack of loyalty.”

“How so?” Sabrina asked a little less defiant and a little more worried.

Karen went to a bag and pulled out a rather thick butt plug and said, “Fuck yourself to an orgasm with this.”

Sabrina looked at it disgustingly and said, “I would never do that.”

Karen held the plug inches from Sabrina’s face and said, “Not only will you do it,” she began as she grabbed a camcorder from her bag, “You will do it on tape.”

“No,” Sabrina said shocked.

Karen continued, “Look. You have two choices. Do as your told or don’t. Either way I win. If you do, you will be my little lez slave as well, but you may, I do mean may, get Jenny as your little dyke slave. If you don’t submit, I will get you kicked off the team and since I don’t really like you that much it won’t be much of a loss.”

Sabrina was seething as she said, “I will just go and tell Coach Hopkins you are threatening me.”

Karen laughed as she said, pictures in her hand, “Go ahead. Then I will send these photos of you with Mr. Paulson.” I gasped too. Mr. Paulson was a chubby math teacher who was hardly attractive.

Sabrina went instantly white. “H-h-how did you get these?”

“Oh the how doesn’t matter. Don’t you understand I run this school? Not you. The key is I have them and I have no problem shattering your rep and getting a teacher fired. Plus, a better question is why you are fucking Paulson, there are a lot hotter teachers then him.”

Sabrina, wavering a bit, said, “He threatened to fail me last year.”

“And?” Karen asked.

“I said I would do anything to pass and he took me up on my offer,” Sabrina explained.

“And you call Jenny a slut,” Karen said.

Sabrina said nothing, realizing her predicament.

“So, I will ask you only one more time. What is your choice? To be my slut or to not be my slut: that is the question. Whether it is nobler in your mind to suffer the binds and cuffs of outrageous servitude or take arms against me and be swallowed by a sea of trouble and by opposing me be crushed.” Karen then moved in front of Sabrina and placed her hand on her shoulder and pushed her down onto her knees.

Sabrina did not resist, seemingly defeated.

Karen slid out of her skirt, presenting a shaved pussy to her cheerleading assistant captain.

Karen then continued her sexual filled Hamlet parody as, she seductively said, her pussy now inches from Sabrina’s face, “To beg: to submit: all night, and by obeying end your holier than thou attitude.”

Sabrina had tears in her eye as she said, “Please Karen, I...”

Karen interrupted her as she said, “Stop. Beg to have slut Jenny fuck your ass with this butt plug.”

Sabrina looked at her, pleading with her eyes desperately, before saying, “Jenny, please fuck my ass.”

I had been watching in complete silence the hot blackmailing submission and was jarred back to reality by my name. I stood up and Karen handed me the butt plug. Karen instructed as she handed me some lube as well, “Don’t be gentle.”

“Yes, Mistress Karen,” I responded.

Sabrina looked at me slightly scared as I generously lubed the toy. I then said, surprising everyone including myself, “Bend over bitch.”

Sabrina looked at me furiously and began to say something, but stopped before any sound escaped her lips, as she obeyed, getting onto all fours. I then lubed her ass as well and without any warning began to slide the toy in her ass. Sabrina gave out a rather loud scream as it penetrated her ass. Obeying Karen’s command, I showed no gentleness as I pushed the thick plug in her ass. I don’t know what came over me; maybe it was all the years of being looked down upon by her or just her ignorant treatment of me this week, but I began to verbally abuse her. “How does that feel you fucking bitch?”

Sabrina moaned in what I think was pleasure, but hard to tell, as she didn’t say anything.

I then said in a forceful tone I didn’t know I had, “Answer me, cunt!”

“It hurts, but it feels good too,” she whimpered, her eyes showing fear from the new dominant me.

I pushed the plug in deeper and soon all six inches were filing her ass. I then said, “Fuck back on the toy slut. Fuck yourself to an orgasm, you butt slut.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she moaned and I got exceedingly wet at being called mistress.

“Mistress what?” I asked as I slapped her chunky ass hard.

“Yes, Mistress Jenny,” she said.

I held the plug, and watched as this chunky bitch, the bitch that had always been so much better than everyone else, obeyed my command and began to bounce back on the plug. Her moaning got louder as she continued to allow the plug to fill her as deeper and deeper. Then finally she screamed as she reached orgasmic bliss from the humiliating debauchery.

I looked at Ashley, who had been quiet this whole time, and was rubbing herself frantically. I slapped Sabrina’s ass once more, leaving the plug in her ass and said to Ashley, “Dare me to eat your pussy.”

Ashley clearly desperate to have an orgasm after watching the sexual depravity begged, through a moan, “Please.”

“Close enough,” I quipped and quickly went between the beautiful, sweet, girl’s legs. I instantly worked on her clit and as soon as my tongue touched her clit she began to quake and sprayed juice on my face. I kept licking right through her orgasm as I attempted to get her off again. I nibbled on her clit and slid a finger inside her. I pumped the finger in and out of her surprisingly tight pussy. She continued to give moans of pleasure as I pleasured her cunt. I then slowed down so I could savour her deliciousness. I licked slowly, my finger lodged deep inside her, but not moving. I slid my tongue up and down her pussy lips, continuing to tease her. I then slid down a bit more and surprised her a bit as my tongue touched her anal pleasure spot. I pushed my tongue in just breaking her anal taboo, and then returned to her pussy.

I heard her whisper, in a pleading and insecure tone, “Please, I need to cum.”

I looked up at her, smiled and got a shock of pleasure through my body as she smiled back. I then said, “Yes, Mistress Ashley.”

I then went between her legs again and attacked her pussy with an aggressive mixture of licking, nibbling and fingering. This focused assault of her pussy had her moaning and moaning until her legs tightened and a gush of cum exploded all over my face. I had never seen someone gush so much cum from her vagina. I kept licking, attempting to swallow as much of her delicious love juice as possible. Finally she actually pushed me away as she said, “Please, no more.”

I looked up at her, thinking I had failed. My look of confusion was recognized by Ashley as she said, “Sorry Jenny, I have never had such an intense orgasm and I needed to allow it to flow through me.”

“Oh,” I said, “I thought I had disappointed you, Mistress Ashley.”

“God no,” Ashley said, perspiration dripping down her face, “That was the most amazing sensation I have ever felt.”

“Thank you for allowing me to pleasure you,” I said sincerely. I looked and saw that Sabrina was still on all fours, but now was also between Karen’s legs licking her pussy. The butt plug was still clearly lodged inside her ass.

Ashley then said, “Can I do you?”

“You don’t have to,” I said, “I am here to please you.”

“But I want to,” Ashley said, and then realizing how serious and obedient I was, she said, “I demand you lay back, spread your legs and have an orgasm.”

“Yes, Mistress Ashley,” I obliged excitedly as I lay back on the floor and opened my legs. To my surprise, Ashley leaned in and kissed me gently. A tenderness that I had never felt before and a chill went down my spine. The kiss lasted minutes as we explored each other’s mouths. I could have done this all night, my pussy getting wetter and wetter, but sadly for me she broke the kiss. She then went and nibbled my left ear, her hot breath allowing another chill to thrill my body. She then moved lower, unbuttoned my blouse, and took my left breast into her mouth. She spent minutes exploring every region of my breasts and belly. Giving soft kisses and gentle nibbles that had my juice leaking form my desperate cunt, she slid down my body, past my soaked pussy and glided her tongue down my right leg.

She then found my all-time weakness, as she sucked each of my toes into her mouth through the sheer nylon. I gave myself away as I moaned like a girl getting fucked from her focused pleasure. She took my other foot and did the same thing, staring at me the whole time, but saying nothing. She massaged my foot, before sliding her hands down my stocking clad leg. She leaned back in, passed my pussy and came back to my lips. I eagerly opened my mouth and we kissed again, her knee pressed against my pussy. The pressure had me moan into her mouth and moved her knee around, teasing me.

My moans got louder until finally Ashley asked, “Do you want me to lick your vagina?”

I smiled at her saying vagina, still so proper considering the circumstance, and said, “Yes, please, Mistress Ashley.”

Her knee leaned into me as she said, “On one condition.”

“Anything,” I quivered, my focus fading because of the pressure down below.

“Don’t call me mistress,” she said tenderly, “Call me Ashley.”

I responded desperately, “Oh Ashley, please eat me, I need to cum so badly.”

Ashley smiled, a smile so sincere, so sweet, so pure, I got even wetter as she said, “I would love to, Jenny.” She slid back down and licked my pussy. She didn’t fuck my pussy, she made love to it with her tongue. She teased, she pleased, she probed, she explored. She was clearly in no hurry.

For the first time in many minutes I looked across the room and saw that Karen was watching me intently as Sabrina sat on the floor like an obedient puppy dog. To make the scene even more humiliating, Karen was petting Sabrina’s hair like she would a dog. Karen winked at me.

I smiled and mouthed a ‘thank you’ before closing my eyes again. I then just let myself go as Ashley continued to pleasure me. Eventually I could feel my orgasm coming and I moaned, “I’m cumming Ashley, please don’t stop.”

Ashley, hearing my request, slid a finger inside my ocean of juice and took my whole clit into her mouth. I instantly screamed from the new double pleasure and within seconds my orgasm exploded out of me. Like me, Ashley kept licking and fingering as the orgasm thrilled every part of my body. Eventually the pleasure was too intense, and like Ashley, I begged, “Please stop.”

Ashley did, smiled at me and said, “See.”

I smiled, trying to catch my breath, as I responded, “Yes.”

Ashley moved back up and pressed her body against me as we kissed one more time. Like the previous kisses, the kiss was electric, passionate and tender. We kissed for minutes, with no other agenda, other than to be immersed in each other’s passion.

It was finally Karen who broke our make out session when she said, “Well, we should probably hit the hay ladies; drill sergeant Hopkins is going to work us like rented mules tomorrow.

Ashley broke the kiss and helped me to my feet.

Karen walked over to me, kissed me on the cheek, took off my collar and then put it on Sabrina. She then spoke to Sabrina, “Do you have anything to say to Jenny?”

Sabrina looked at me completely humiliated and said, “Sorry Jenny.”

I smiled at her and said, “It’s ok.”

Karen then said to Ashley and me, “I thought you two would hit it off. Jenny, did you know that Ashley is a lesbian?”

“I do now,” I joked.

Karen then said sincerely, “You two make an adorable couple.”

Ashley blushed, but reached for my hand. I looked at Ashley and then a flood of realization hit me as I realized it was not Karen I was in love with, it was Ashley.

Karen smiled, “Jenny, I have a new slave” as she patted Sabrina like a puppy again. “If you two want to be an item, I will allow it.”

I looked at Ashley, who looked at me and she asked with an insecure tone, “Are we an us?”

I smiled back, nervous as well, as I said, “I would love that.”

Ashley kissed me again gently. Karen added, “But don’t think it will be that easy. Jenny still has a mistress with Megan and I will expect to be able to use Jenny on occasion if I wish.”

Ashley seemed a bit disappointed by this, but I was secretly thankful. I am not sure I could commit to just one girl. I needed to be dominated sometimes, and Ashley is way too sweet to dominate me.

“Understood,” I said.

Karen then added, “I still expect you to finish your seduction of Miss Morgan.”

“Of course,” I said, as Ashley gave a look of surprise.

“And,” she finished “I still plan to seduce your mother.”

“I figured you would,” I said giving Ashley’s hand a soft squeeze of support.

Karen than began walking to her room, with Sabrina following on all fours on the leash. Karen called out, “Share a room, you two dykes.”

Ashley and I watched Karen and Sabrina leave and then wordlessly we went to our own room. Both exhausted sexually, we got under the blankets and cuddled. I fell asleep with Ashley’s arms wrapped around me. I had never felt such warmth in my life. In her arms, life made sense.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 8th: The final puzzle piece played
I woke up in the arms of Ashley. I rolled over and Ashley was awake, smiling at me. She leaned in and kissed me. She then looked at me and said, “That was a crazy night.”

I smiled back and said, “Yes, and yet not my strangest of late.”

“I suppose,” Ashley said, “what did she mean about Miss Morgan?”

“I have been seducing Miss Morgan all week,” I explained.

“She is gay?”

“I don’t know if she is gay, but she definitely likes women,” I said and then explained the whole week.

“Oh, wow,” Ashley said, as the alarm went off. She then said reluctantly, “Well we’d better get up. If we are late Hopkins will crush us.”

“Ok,” I said and we got up. We got dressed and went to the living room.

Karen and Sabrina were not out yet, so we knocked on the door. Karen bellowed, “Come on in.”

We did and were witness to Sabrina handcuffed to the bed, the butt plug still in her ass, as Karen was sitting on her face. It was an obscene, yet hot scene. “I’m almost done,” she said.

We watched in silence until Ashley said, “We are going to be late.”

“Shit,” Karen said frustrated, and then began rubbing her ass all over her new slut. She then stood up and said, “You will be punished later slut for not getting me off in time.” She then released her from her restraints and grabbed her clothes.

Sabrina looked at me humiliated before getting up off the bed, her face wet with Karen’s juice.

I couldn’t help but smile as I left and waited in the other room. A couple of minutes later, Karen and Sabrina both came out dressed and composed, and we silently headed to breakfast.

If I thought the week of practice was intense, or that Friday was brutally painful, that was nothing compared to what Coach Hopkins had in store for us. All morning was extreme conditioning and she was particularly hard on the rather tired and out of it Sabrina. By lunch, I thought I was going to die. After lunch though, we worked on our routine for States. It was so much fun. I don’t know if Karen had talked to Coach Hopkins or not, but I was surprised to learn I was involved in all the routines, while the younger PomPom girls seethed on the sidelines.

I have never felt so a part of something in my life. It was so exciting to feel a part of a team; to be in the in crowd. We trained until 5:30 before we got on the bus and headed home exhausted.

The bus ride back was incredibly tame as we were all too tired even to talk. Ashley and I held hands in the dark and I fell asleep on her shoulder and was surprised to see the lights of town approaching when I awoke. When we arrived back at school, the four of us all went to Karen’s car. Sabrina sat in the front, while Ashley and I sat in the backseat.

As Karen drove she said, “Well ladies, that was fun, and you all know that what happens at Cheerleading Camp, stays at Cheerleading Camp, understood?”

“Yes,” we all replied in perfect unison.

The rest of the drive was shockingly silent, although I felt a sudden sweet warmth all over me when Ashley grabbed my hand. I gave her hand a squeeze to let her know I appreciated her.

Karen dropped me off first. I said, “Bye, thanks girls, it was fun.” I blew them all a kiss and then headed into my house. I was exhausted but it was only eight o’clock. My Mom was not home, so I went upstairs and logged onto my computer. I checked my e-mail and then decided to see if Miss Morgan was on.

When I logged in I was happy to see she was on. I decided to see if she would contact me first. As expected she did:

Wanda87: there?

Subinstockings: Yes, Mistress Wanda; just got home.

Wanda87: I looked for you last night...

Subinstockings: I was away with some friends.

Wanda87: I see.

Subinstockings: What are you wearing mistress?

Wanda87: just jeans and a t-shirt.

Subinstockings: I am in my cheerleading outfit.

Wanda87: You’re a cheerleader?

Subinstockings: Yes.

Wanda87:I was one too.

Subinstockings: You were? Did you have any sexual experiences with your teammates.

Wanda87: In college, yes.

Subinstockings: Were you in charge? Or submissive?

Wanda87: just happened.

Subinstockings: I see. I am also wearing stockings. Black ones.

Wanda87: With your cheerleading outfit?

Subinstockings: Yes. I like to dress provocatively.

Wanda87: I see.

Subinstockings: Can I please u in real life?

Wanda87: Umm...I don’t know.

Subinstockings: U don’t want me? :)

Wanda87: It’s not that. It’s just I have never done this before.

Subinstockings: Me neither...not like this. But I want to.

Wanda87: I want you too.

Subinstockings: I am tired tonight. I will be at Starbucks on Winter Street at 11:30am. I will be wearing my cheerleader’s outfit. You won’t be able to miss me. If you are not there, I will understand; if you are, I am your sub for the afternoon. Goodnight.

I then logged out before she could respond. I smiled. All my cards had been played, and played well, I think. I would find out tomorrow if I had won the jackpot.

Oddly, I went to bed thinking about Ashley even as I attempted to finish my seduction of Miss Morgan. I tried to forget about Ashley, about how good it felt to be in her arms, but the feeling of warmth still filled me with joy. The confusing emotions had my mind reeling and I was an emotional mess. I loved being Megan’s slave, I enjoyed being Karen’s slut, and I was enjoying and looking forward to finishing my seduction of Miss Morgan...yet, as I drifted to sleep all I could think of was Ashley. Ashley’s body, Ashley’s smile and how I felt when her arms were around me. As I faded into sleep I wondered, had this whole week of submission and seduction ended with me falling in love?

THE END...for now...


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I'm loving your stories hope you keep writing more so hot and naughty

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