I knew Roger was going to rent me to Luther. The big stud had been eyeing me for the past month, arranging with the trustee to switch to my shower time so he could stand beside me and ogle me with that leering grin. He'd only been in this prison for two months, but he seemed to know all the secrets of how to get his way with the guards and trustees. It didn't tae him long to find out Roger was boss in our cell block and to get in good with him.

I remember the first time Luther saw me. When I came into the cell block from work, Luther was being introduced to Roger, and when he saw me he did a double-take and gulped. I'm pretty for a guy, I know, and Roger makes me wear tight clothes because he likes to look at my ass and the way it sticks way out. My bubble-ass would've gotten me into big trouble in prison if Roger hadn't immediately put me in his stable so no one else could fuck me. Even the prison guards say dirty things to me about my ass and elbow each other and snicker when I walk by, but Roger keeps me safe because everyone understands my ass is his personal property. The problem is that sometimes when an inmate does Roger a favor, they ask for me as their reward and sometimes Roger loans me out to them for a night. Boy, is my ass ever sore the next day!

Anyway, at that first meeting between Luther and me, Luther smiled and asked Roger who I was. Roger said I was a cute little chippy the guys passed around and I blushed because I knew Roger had given me to most of the guys in the room at one time or another. Luther held out his hand and I went to shake it, but before I could, he slipped it down the front of my pants and started massaging my genitals! I yelped in surprise, and Roger laughed. I waited for Roger to step in and correct Luther, but he didn't. He just let Luther enjoy playing with me. Naturally I was really embarrassed, standing there while another guy felt me up like that! But after a couple of minutes, Roger told him to knock it off, that I wasn't a chippy, that I was in his stable and my ass was his private stash.

Ever since then, Luther had found ways to find me naked and stare at me. In the shower, he'd tell me quietly what he was going to make me do for him when he finally had me. His voice kind of trembled while he described dirty things do to me, and I would shiver at the thought, but my shivering only encouraged him and he'd laugh.

One morning when I was toweling off from my shower, Roger came into the locker room. Even though the room was filled with inmates getting dressed, he shouted over to me, calling me by my nickname, "Nipples," and said, "Strip and get back in the shower. I want to fuck you before breakfast." Naturally, I stripped immediately and no one said anything because it was normal for dominant guys to fuck weak members of their stables. Once in the shower, I started to jack myself off because Roger liked to use my semen to lubricate his cock when he fucked me. But this time he stopped me. "I'll use soap this morning, Nipples. I want you to get it up later."

I said, "Yes sir," and braced myself against the shower wall, spread my legs wide apart and received him deep up my ass. He drove himself in all the way and hard, and after a few minutes of enjoying me, he shot his wad way up inside my gut. It felt good. As usual, I then soaped him up real good and rinsed him off. As I cleaned his balls, I watched his cock getting hard again. "Nipples, on your knees." I knew what that meant, and in about another four or five minutes, I'd sucked him off and now had his sperm swimming around in my belly, too.

We walked together back to the locker room, and most of the guys had dressed and gone to breakfast by now. Roger and me could go eat late, though, because the guards knew Roger kept the peace and I was his fuck-boy. "Nipples," he said looking straight at me while I began toweling off a second time, "there's a guy who wants to fuck you real bad. I've been holding him off because he's pretty rough and you've been a good fuck to me. But I owe him, so I'm afraid I'll be giving you to him pretty soon. Sorry about that, but your big bubble-ass can take it."

At first I thought of the fat, ugly guard who had fucked me on my first night. He'd made me take a shower for him. Then he made me jack myself off, splashing my semen onto a concrete wall. He made me lap it off as it ran down to the floor. After I'd done that...well...the next morning we were both exhausted and the guards laughed at me and gave me my nickname, "Nipples." That's because my nipples are huge and puffy, sticking way out from my girlish pecs. The ugly guard had sucked and bitten them all night, so they were really swollen and red, making me look like I was ready to nurse a baby. He obviously intended to enjoy me whenever he came on duty, but Roger quickly put me off limits and the guards respected that. Still, every so often, a guard really, really wanted to fuck a boy and Roger would send me to their bunk room for awhile. In return, they gave him special favors.

But Roger never told me who he was giving me to, so I was on my guard. If I didn't behave myself and be polite to everybody, I knew Roger might pass me around the cell block that night. He'd done that a couple of times when I'd sassed him back over something, and boy, was my ass ever sore the next day!

I guess I'm making Roger sound really mean, but he wasn't. He took good care of me and I shared his bunk. Naturally, I slept naked with him so he could fuck me whenever he wanted without his having to tear off my clothes. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I'd awaken to Roger pushing my head down to his cock and before I was really awake, I'd already be sucking cock for him and filling my belly with his salty-tasting sperm.

Roger treated me real good, and just last week he hugged me and playfully spanked my bare ass in front of all the other inmates. Why, you ask? Well, it seems another dominant inmate from another cell block bragged he had a fuck-boy who could shoot sperm farther than anyone else...over five feet. That's quite a distance! I'd come close to it once when my older cousin made me jack myself one summer at his father's camp. He'd challenged me to a contest, loser gets fucked that night. I won! But my cousin was bigger and stronger, so he fucked me that night anyway. Well, Roger bet the other inmate fifty bucks that I could out-shoot his prize fuck-boy. The bet was taken up, and the contest was scheduled for the gym in two weeks. Two weeks! Do you have any idea what that meant? In order to build up as much pressure as possible, I wasn't allowed to masturbate or to reach orgasm until the contest! I know it sounds like I'm kidding, but I'm serious. Not Roger, not anyone touched me for two weeks, and Roger wouldn't even let me touch myself when I'd get a rod and wanted to play with it. Three days before the contest, I was in agony! I was used to jacking myself or getting jacked three and four times a day, and now suddenly...nothing! I pleaded with Roger, whining and crying because my balls were full and needed release. I told Roger that was only a matter of time before I had a huge wet dream and drenched the bed, but he said if that happened he'd sell me to the perverts on "D" block. They beat their fuck-boys without mercy. Anyway, on the day of the contest, the guys on my cell block took me naked to the gym. I had a hard-on like you wouldn't believe, and guys lined the corridor to the gym and cheered me as I ambled blushing by them. My cock stood straight up, begging for a hand, anyone's hand, to release the incredible pressure of my sperm aching to be sprayed. In the gym, the other fuck-boy was also naked. He was a big, dumb blond boy with a nice, stiff one, too, and he blushed and smiled at me when he saw me. I think we'd have had a great time beating each other off and spraying our sperm all over each other if our masters had let us, but we both knew that would never happen. Fuck-boys are submissive and weak-willed. We fuck-boys are dominated by strong males and we ain't got no say in nothin'! Anyway, the other fuck-boy was made to go first. He played with his nipples to bring himself up real good and stuck his thumb up his own ass to massage his prostate, and it worked because he let out a yell as he shot a healthy load of cum a good five and a half feet. The guys who'd brought him in hugged him and patted his ass appreciatively and he grinned sheepishly. I'm telling you he was a charming little piece of ass.

Then it was my turn. I waddled up to the shooting line. I say I waddled because my balls were so full and sore! Roger had told me to bring myself up three or four times before letting myself reach orgasm, so I did that for awhile. The guys who were rooting for the other fuck-boy were laughing, thinking I couldn't jack myself. They didn't realize what I was doing. Believe me, it was sheer torture to get my cock to the point of firing and then not go through with it! I pulled hard on my thick nipples and stroked my wet shaft. I brought myself up close to firing five times, and each time I stopped, my pre-cum spilled out and dripped onto the floor. A lot of it ran down my shaft and my thighs, so by the end of the fifth time, I was standing in a little puddle of my own pre-cum! And then Roger smiled at me and nodded, giving me permission to shoot my wad. I spit in the palms of both hands, grabbed my swollen, pulsing shaft with two hands and jacked really hard with my legs spread wide apart. My god, my god! What a wonderful release! I felt my prostate drain, my cock buck real hard, and then with the most magnificent explosion I ever enjoyed, a great white rope of lovely sperm fired high into the air. I went down on my knees as the crowd broke into a great cheer, and another and another white rope arced up and away, splashing down hard on the gym floor. Seven feet eight inches. The guys went crazy. They were yelling and applauding and grabbing me and shaking my sticky hands. Even the other fuck-boy came over to me and French-kissed me. He'd evidently recently sucked off a cock because I could taste the salty semen still in his mouth. Anyway, Roger hugged me real good and was so pleased with my performance that he let me alone for a couple of days to just play with myself whenever I wanted.

But now he'd rented me out for the night to an unknown guy. That afternoon after he'd finished fucking me, Roger told me to take an early shower and to plan on not coming back to the cell that night. Then he kissed me and yanked my soft penis a few times to harden me up. "Give him a good time tonight," he said as he turned away. I did as I was told and went straight to the shower. The guard at the locker room door leered at me. As usual he slipped his hand down my pants to squeeze my balls and I had to stand there while he played with my genitals. After he'd had his fun, he opened the door so I could go in and strip naked. I was alone, but I heard water running in the shower in the next room. I gulped. I was a little nervous. And I was even more nervous when I went in the shower and found Luther standing under a shower nozzle with an enormous, 12-inch rod sticking straight up. It was so big that its head was just beneath his rib cage! I thought of sucking it right away so he wouldn't want to jam that whole thing up my ass, but I was afraid I'd choke on it all.

Luther beckoned me over with a smile. "I know you're frightened, Nipples. I'm damn big and you ain't used to takin' something this size, right?"

I grinned a little and blushed. "Yeah, you're huge, sir. But I'll do my best, sir. Just guide me." And Luther, blessedly, put his hand on my head and pushed my faced onto his thick glans. Looking at me had obviously caused him to give up a lot of pre-cum because I could taste it as I licked all around the head of his cock and his foreskin. When I kissed the tip and let it slip a little into my mouth, I could feel his cock throb and I knew he wanted me real bad.

"Eat my cum," Luther said with a lovely moan, and I began sucking in earnest as his pre-cum dribbled down the back of my throat. I played with his swollen, full balls to bring him along and sure enough, he suddenly yelled out and the next thing I knew, I had a mouth full of hot semen! And it just kept coming and coming. As fast as I could swallow, his cock fired more and more into my mouth and I gulped it down in wave after wave. When his cock finally stopped firing, I licked it nice and clean for him, got up and leaned facing the shower stall wall with my legs spread. "Jack yourself off and lubricate me," Luther said. Obediently, I quickly shot my cum into my left hand and lubricated his cock with my own sperm, licking my hand clean of the rest. Then he roughly spun me around and rammed his entire twelve inches up my ass. God, it felt good! Every powerful thrust made me glad I was a weak little fuck-boy! And he made me grateful that God had given me such a nice bubble-ass to attract guys' attention. I felt his cock expand and contract with each load of semen he deposited way up inside my gut. When he was finished, I soaped him up and rinsed him like all good little fuck-boys do to their dominant males.

As we dressed in the locker room, Luther spoke softly to me: "You know, Nipples, Roger is going to be paroled in a couple of months." I hadn't wanted to think about that. "Do you know what happens to the fuck-boys of dominant males who leave the prison?" I nodded. "Tell me," he said.

I sighed. "They're put into a bed in a corner of the cell block and fucked for a week, day and night. Then they're auctioned off to the highest dominant male bidder." I hadn't wanted to think about that.

"Well, I can save you from that fate," Luther smiled. "I'm going buy you from Roger. You'll sleep with me and service me whenever I want, understand?" I smiled and nodded. "And I'll only rent you out to the guards on occasion. There are a couple of them that really want to get inside you real bad and that bubble-ass of yours was built for it.

"I know it was," I said shyly, blushing. "When Roger leaves prison, I really don't want to be gang-raped for a week and then sold at auction."

"You'll be my fuck-boy. No rapes," Luther said, pulling on my soft penis as it dangled relaxed between my legs. He bit my left nipple, and that sent a jolt to my stiffening cock. "But these big, delicious nipples of yours are going to be sore all the time from now on. Is that okay with you?"

I knew that was the fate of every weak fuck-boy, so I didn't mind. Still, I thought I might be able to get Luther to agree to something Roger never would have. I looked at him innocently as he gently massaged my stiff cock. "Luther, you could do something for me I'd really, really like."

"Sure, Nipples. What do you want?" A little pre-cum was again running down my shaft. Boys who are forced to jack a lot produce lots and lots of pre-cum. It's the one drawback I guess to having lots of orgasms all the time.

"I'd like to play with that other little fuck-boy I beat out the other day in the sperm-shooting contest." Luther frowned. "I know guys don't like to let fuck-boys have each other, but he's really pretty, and I promise I won't disappoint you in bed afterward. I... promise."

Luther's frown turned into a smile as he heard my voice go real soft. I was coming gently. My sperm oozed out and slathered over his hand as it ran down my shaft. He kept milking my cock and at every slow stroke, more of my semen sloshed out to run down my softening cock. I was surprised my prostate still had that much fluid in it and my astonished expression made Luther laugh. "Okay, Nipples. I'll talk to your fuck-boy's master and arrange it. But you'll have to play with each other while inmates watch you. It'll have to be billed as entertainment. You two can't be alone enjoying each other. It just isn't allowed, okay?"

I smiled and agreed. Hell, fuck-boys don't care who watches! We're fucked so often every day, no one notices who's getting a kick out of looking at it. I realized Luther was going to treat me really nice. I was going to get to play with that cute boy's body every now and then while other inmates cheered us on, and I knew I'd get to enjoy Luther's enormous cock every day and every night. When you're a pretty little fuck-boy in prison, believe me, it's the best possible life!

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