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My Degenerate family 2

I was beginning to worry after the twins were born as to the kind of life I was living; and what did I and the twins have to look forward to. As much as I loved sex I was beginning to feel like I was just a piece of meat to be fucked anytime anyone wanted too. The twins were six months old and I was still breast feeding them. My breasts held a lot of milk and besides the twins my Uncles cousins and brothers loved to suck them while they fucked me. Mom also likes to suck them on the nights when I ate her pussy. My brother Paulie was the only one I truly loved making love too. He was kind and tender and looked out for me as best as he could. But I knew I couldn’t marry him or have his children. The pickings for a husband in the valley were pretty low.

While working at the restaurant I met this long hall driver, whose name was Gill. Every couple of weeks he stopped to eat and stay a night at the local motel (we only had one). We got along great and he had a good since of humor. He was in his late thirties and his home base was California. I could tell he really liked me and really wanted to fuck me. I decided this was my ticket out of here. It took about six months but he finally asked me to marry him. I had played him like a fiddle. I new it wasn’t fair to him but I was desperate to leave. I told him that I would only on the condition that he took me and the twins to California to live. I had told him how I got pregnant by a traveling salesman whose glib tongue had gotten me in the family way and then skipped town. And how I had vowed I would never give into another man until I got married.

We agreed that two weeks from today (Thursday) that he would pick us up in front of the General Store at about eleven am. My stay at home sister took care of the twins while I was working. I always made sure she was home when I brought them over otherwise her husband would try and fuck me. I had made that mistake once before. This one time I took the twins to her house and she had gone to the store. Her husband was there and while I was bent over the crib tucking them in he snuck up behind me and grabbed me around the waist. He got between my legs and spread them apart with his knees. He shoved his cock into my pussy so quickly that I hardly had time to blink. I didn’t wear any panties any more because I was being fucked so often; some times two and three times a day. I tried to struggle, but because my body was so used to being fucked it only took about a half dozen strokes before I began to respond. I came within about a minute and a half. He fucked me like a dog, rapid fire. It took him only about five minuets and he came. Afterwards he grabbed me by the throat and said, Billie Jo if you tell your sister or anyone else I’ll beat the hell out of you. Any way I called my sister and said I wouldn’t be bringing the twins over because I didn’t feel well and was going to stay home from work. I called the restaurant and said I was sick. The night before I had packed a bag with a few of my best clothes and my two pair of extra shoes, my tooth brush, a comb, and my birth control pills. I had switched from the diaphragm to the pill. I hid the bag in a clump of bushes on the main road to town. That morning I packed up the twins and told Mom I would see her after work, just like I did every morning. I was shaking like a leaf in the wind as I walked down the road to town. I just new I’d meet someone from the family and they would ask me what was I doing with a suit case. I got lucky and Gil picked me up in front of the store at exactly 11:30.

We bought a house in Simi Valley near Highway 118. It was and old 2 bedroom farm house on just over an acre. It had been a big farm that was subdivided into 11/2 acres horse ranchos. Gill added to bedrooms and two baths when we had two more children. When the twins turned thirteen, Randy who was big like my father was already six feet and weighs 150 lbs. His twin sister Dawn was 5’5” and looks like me except for her red hair like my Uncle. The other two kids are Kathleen, we call her Kat, who is eleven and the youngest is Paulie, named after my brother who I love, was nine almost ten. They are eighteen months apart. We had a wonderful party for them. Many of the twin’s friends came and everyone had a good time. Unfortunately Gil was on the road. I had been trying to get him to change from a long haul driver to a local country where he could be home every night.

That night I woke up about one thirty and was having trouble getting back to sleep. I felt a little horny and began to rub my slit. I wasn’t getting much sex, what with Gill gone most of the time. I rubbed my pussy and inserted my finger into my already moist cunt, coming to an immediate climax. I didn’t realize until then how horny I really was. I got up and went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up. I decided to check on the kids. Each one was sound asleep. When I got to Randy’s room I was startled when I looked in on him. He was lying on his back completely nude. He had this enormous hard on. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. His cock was at least seven inches long. How could a thirteen year old be that big? Then I remembered how big my father was. My pussy began to get hot and I began to secrete my pussy juices. I couldn’t help my self. It was like I became hypnotized. I took his huge cock into my mouth and began to gently suck. I ran my tongue up and down that wonderful cock, sucking and licking it like a Popsicle. I felt him swell and let him cum deep into my mouth. I almost choked he had so much. I swallowed as much of it as I could but some ran out of my mouth and down his cock. He began to stir and was moaning so I hurriedly left and went back to my room. My cunt was dripping and I finger fucked myself again coming several times before I fell asleep.

The next morning as I lay in bed I began to get angry at myself for what I had done. I had left home because I didn’t want my children to grow up like I did. I wanted them to grow up like normal people. The following Friday morning I got up real early and took a long shower. I played with my pussy giving it a good fingering. I came after a short time and got out of the shower. As I toweled my self off I looked at my body. I still looked good. I was 5’11’ and my breast were still firm. My belly was pretty flat for 27 with just a slight pouch. I had nice long legs that men still admired. As I toweled myself I placed my foot on the toilet seat and bent over to dry my toes. Suddenly I felt two hands grab my waist and felt this enormous cock being shoved into my still wet pussy. I looked into the mirror and to my horror it was my son Randy. He began to shove his cock in and out of my pussy. I screamed and cried god no Randy, but he wouldn’t stop. He kept ramming me, holding me tight against him as I struggled to get lose. I felt him cum deep inside my belly, his hot seaman searing my pussy walls. My legs became weak. He only hesitated for a moment. He began to fuck me again more slowly with long steady strokes. I cried Randy you can’t be doing this. I’m your mother for Christ sake. Why not, he whispered, after that wonderful blow job you gave me on my birthday I think I’m entitled to fuck you don’t you think?

I couldn’t speak, I was so ashamed .As he continued to run his big cock in and out of my pussy my body began to respond. I couldn’t help myself. I tried to tell myself how wrong it was but my body was telling me different. My pussy was on fire and my juice’s were running down my leg. I exploded with a huge climax. Randy kept pumping his cock in and out of me and I stared to climax in a series. One climax after another, I just couldn’t stop I was so excited. Oh Randy it feels so good, it’s wrong but you make me cum like I haven’t for a long time. Randy said, “how can it be wrong when something feels so good. Fucking someone you really love can’t be that wrong.” I remember how fucking my brother Paulie felt so natural. I had never felt guilty when I was with him, only with the others. I let my self go completely and enjoyed that beautiful cock. I felt his cock swell even more filling me completely as he shot his load into me. I came again as I felt his hot sperm filling my pussy. He held me tight as he let his cock spew his fluid into me. He held me like that for almost five minute’s. I couldn’t believe it as he began to stroke me again with his cock. It hadn’t gone down. He fucked me and fucked me. We must have fucked close to forty five minute’s before he came again. I was so weak from Cumming so much; if it wasn’t for Randy holding me I think I would have collapsed.

We jumped into the shower and washed each other off. We were sweating profusely from our love making. Randy dropped to his knees and spread my legs. He put his mouth to my pussy and began to lick the juices from my fuck hole. I ask him how he liked his own cum and giggled. He looked up and smiled and said “salty but nice. He cleaned all he could from my pussy. I couldn’t believe I had it in me but I came again. I looked at the clock and said you better get back to your room the kids will be getting up shortly. I got dressed and was walking towards the kitchen as Kate and Paulie were racing for the bathroom to see who got to pee first.

For the next six months Randy fucked me every day. Some time’s two and three times a day. Only when Gill was home from one of his runs did we not fuck. I was in heaven. I hadn’t been that happy in a long time. I stopped asking Gil to change jobs. I liked him being gone that much. Even when He was home we did not make love much. I suspected he had women or two on his routes. He was taking more two and three week runs than he use too. I didn’t really care.

I started working part time at a local hash house that catered to truckers, breakfast and lunch. I made real good tips. Not many waitresses looked as good as I did in that type of joint. I had to continually ward off the hands and offers to bed me. I only worked during the week so I could spend the weekends with the kids and I was thankful they were all doing well in school and had never received a complaint about any of them. Some weekends we went to Gil’s sister’s small ranch in Santa Paula. She boarded horses and had bought Kate a Shetland pony when she was six. All the kids loved to ride her horses, especially Paulie and Kate.

Just before summer vacation started on a Friday, I told the kids I wouldn’t be home until about six as I had some shopping to do. However when I got to the mall I realized I had left my purse with all my credit cards at home and my tips for the day were not enough to pay for what I wanted to get. I arrived home about 2:30 an as I went to my bedroom to get my purse I heard this moaning coming from Dawn’s room. I thought she should have still been in school. I opened her door and to my surprise and shock I found her stark naked sitting on top of her math teacher. What the hell is going on I shouted. Dawn dam near broke the poor mans dick off as she scrambled to get up. “You son of a bitch” I screamed. “She’s only thirteen years old. I’m going to have you put away for a long time you bastard.” Dawn turned around and glared at me. “No, no you’re not going to do a thing. If you tell on Mr. Burger I’ll tell the authority’s that you’re fucking your son.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “What are you talking about” I stammered. “Don’t play dumb. You have been fucking him for the last six months day and night. Because of you he doesn’t want to fuck me any more” she screamed. I was flabbergasted at what I was hearing. I thought, Dawn & Randy fucking each other. We had become just like my Kin. “How, how long have you been fucking your brother,” I whispered. “About a year and a half until you came along and spoiled it.” She was still screaming.

Her beautiful breasts were heaving, and in spite of it all she looked beautiful. At 5’5” her small breasts were firm and her nipples stuck out from her passion. She was a true redhead. Her pussy was partially covered with dark red hair. You could see that in another couple of years when her body was fully developed she would be gorgeous. She screamed at me. “I’m so mad at you for taking Randy away from me. So to get even I want you to suck Mr. Burgers cock and fuck him, and then you re going to eat my pussy. If you don’t, I’m going to tell the police how you seduced my brother and you will go to jail.” I looked at Mr. Burger who was sitting on the bed wide eyed, his mouth wide open. I walked over as if in a trance I leaned over and took his limp cock in my mouth and began to suck. It took awhile because I think he was in shock before it became hard. I could taste Dawn’s pussy juices and was surprised how sweet it was. Had I had a chance to think I should have known that it was an idle threat? She would never have called the police on me. I got on the bed on my knees as I sucked his cock. He was getting into it and began to moan. Dawn slipped between my legs and placed her mouth on my pussy and began to suck and lick my pussy. She racked her tongue across my clit and then sunk her tongue deep into my pussy. I began to lose it. My cunt became a furnace and my juices flowed like a river. I started Cuming. I could hardly concentrate on sucking Mr. Burgers cock. I must have been doing it OK, because he grabbed my head and rammed his cock deep down my throat and came. I could feel his thick sperm splatter against the back of my mouth and slide down my throat. His cock was not more than six inches but was quit fat, a good three inches around. Dawn kept thrusting her tongue in and out of my sopping hot pussy. I realized she had also stuck two of her long fingers up my ass and was plunging in and out of my ass hole. I was in ecstasy, I just kept Cuming. She finally stopped eating my pussy and sat up. Her face was covered with my juices. She grinned and said I think you like it.

We laid there for about twenty minutes. Then Dawn leaned over and began to suck Mr. Burgers cock. When it got hard she said, “Ok Mom, fuck him good.” I got up and turned my back to him. I straddled his cock and sat down letting his cock slide all the way into my pussy. I started rotating my hips and grinding my pussy on his fat cock. It took him less than five minutes to cum. All during that time Dawn sat cross legged on the bed grinning at me. “Ok, it’s my turn now,” she said. She lay down and drew her knees up, spreading her legs apart. I knelt on the bed and stuck my head between her legs as I began to gently kiss around her fuck hole. She smelled nice. I parted the lips of her pussy and began to lick that very pink young pussy. She jumped when I ran my tongue over her small clitoris. She started squirming as I increased my licking around and over her clit. I plunged my tongue as deep as I could into her wet pussy and I felt her cum as she lifted her hips and forced my head down. She screamed, “god Mom you are fantastic. Oh, Oh, Christ I’m going to cum again. Yes Mom, that’s it, yes, yes Oooooooooooh yes and she grabbed my head and crammed my face tight against her pussy and came all over my face. I inserted two fingers into her vagina and began to feel for her “G” spot. When I found it I began to rub my finger tips over the spot as I shoved my fingers in and out of her pussy. She was as tight as could be and she squeezed those cunt lips tight on my fingers. “Oh Mom, What are you doing? You’re driving me crazy.” Her hips began to whip up and down on the bed as I forced my fingers in and out and over that “G” spot. She cried, “Oooooooooooooooooooooo god what is happening to me”. She raised her hip’s high and shot a load all over me. Soaking my face and tits with her cum water. It got all over the bed too. She fainted for a couple of seconds. “I’m so sorry Mom; I don’t know what came over me. It didn’t feel like I peed on you, but I must have. Look at your face and look at what I did to the bed.

I laughed and said “No honey, you had a “G” spot orgasm. Some people may never experience one. But those who do never forget how wonderful it feels. It’s too bad, that most men never learn how to find that little spot that fills up with fluid when a women is aroused. If they did there would be fewer divorces. “Well I thought my entire insides were going to come out through my pussy. It was wonderful. Thank you Mom.” I asked her how long she had been fucking Mr. Burger. “Not to long. I caught him fucking my girl friend, his daughter. I made him fuck me too because I was so horny when suddenly Randy stopped fucking me. I was used to getting it almost every day. Randy seems to be able to fuck all the time without getting tired or running out of cum. I don’t know how he is able to do it. But then you know all that don’t you Mom.

Me and his daughter Kim love to have a three sums. Kim likes to have her Dad fuck her while she eats my pussy but She really likes it up her ass. Kim told me when she was about Eleven she had her first period. She said she was about to take a bath and was bent over the tub when her dog, a lab jumped on her back and fucked her in the ass. When his knot penetrated her butt and they got hung up she had her first orgasm. She told me it had really hurt her at first but after awhile it began to feel good. She told me that she started letting him fuck her every time she got her period and was training him to respond just from her pussy juice's that was until she got caught by her Dad. Mr. Burger chimed in and said, “When I saw our dog fucking her, and then getting hung up inside her I couldn’t move. I should have been mad enough to kill the dog and beat the hell out of Kim. Instead I found that the scene turned me on and I got a sudden hard on. I took my dick out and began to flog it and just when the dogs knot came popped out of her ass I could not stop my self. I walked up behind her and stuck my cock into that gapping hole. I fucked her like I had never fucked anyone before. I didn’t seem to care if I hurt her or not. To my surprise she started screaming at me. “Oh daddy it feels so good, please don’t stop.” I cried, I wont honey I’m going to fuck your little ass till you say stop. “Is that what your doing, fucking me?” She said. Yes honey I’m fucking my little baby girl. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help myself. I love you so and I want to fuck my little girl forever. “how isn't wrong, it feels so good? You make me feel all funny inside and I want more. Never stop fucking me Daddy. To my surprise she said you can put it in my pee hole if you want too.” That drove me into a frenzy, I fucked her little ass six times that night and came five times. We slept together for the first time ever. The following morning I called us in sick. We went back to bed and I took her cherry. It took me almost an hour and a half to get into her tight little cunt. But once she got over the pain she couldn’t get enough. We fucked all morning and afternoon. Taking only short naps between our fuck sessions. That night she would have me fuck her for five minutes in her pussy and then ten minutes in her ass. If I came we would change and start all over, but this time it would be ten minutes in her pussy and five minutes in her ass. She learned to have an orgasm. They were far apart at first, but now she can have several at a time. She has turned into a woman almost over night. Her tits are getting bigger and she is growing lots of hair around her pussy.

“Ok, Ok, I want to finish fucking Mr. Burger, since I was so rudely interrupted” said Dawn grinning like a banshee at me. She pushed him down and began to suck his cock. As soon as he was hard she squatted over him and sat down on his cock, letting it go all the way in. Now Mom sit on his face and let him eat your lovely pussy.” We had hardly got started when Randy walked into the room. “Well well, what do we have going on here? Dawn and I explained as best we could while Mr. Burger ate my pussy and Dawn fucked his cock. Mind if I join in? he said. Dawn and I said you sure can. Randy took his already hard cock and placed it in my Mouth. He was able to do that standing next to the bed. Fhe fucked my mouth running tha magnificant cock in and out of my throat. After about five or six minutes he removed it from my mouth and stuck his dick into Dawn’s mouth. He kept doing that back and fourth until finally he grabbed my head and pulled my face tight against him and shot his load of cum down my throat. At about the same time I came all over Mr. Burger’s face and He shot his load up into Dawns pussy.

We all layed on the bed for awhile, when Randy said. "I have an idea. Why don’t we all get together this weekend? You can bring your daughter Kim Mr. Burger. By the way what is your first name? Charles, he said. Mind if I call you Chuck. Not at all he said. Mom you can take Paulie and Kate to Aunties place. You know they love to go there and she likes having them. Dad isn’t coming home this week is he? No I said. Ok, that’s settled, we all meet back here at noon on Saturday and have a party. As I walked out of the room Randy whispered, I’ll see you later tonight. As always I got that feeling in my groin and pussy whenever I anticipated Randy giving me a good fucking,
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One of the poorest-written stories that I have ever tried to read (even on this site). Your spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence construction are all awful. Please go back to school and try to learn HOW to write before submitting any more of this garbage.

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my son is 16 with a dick the size of a coke can and longer then 8 inches i caught him fucking a 12 yr old girl i joined in however i only allowed him to fuck my ass, and to this day he has been punishing my ass.......i now have a gapping ass...... problem is he shoves objects up there all the time


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The first time I fucked my mom was when I was 13. We had been out to dinner and I was feeling her up on the dance floor. We got so horny that we fucked in the car on the way home, again during the night at home. We stopped for awhile after Dad got home from the service, but started after he had been home for about 6 weeks. Over 12 years I gave my mom 4 children and Dad never knew.

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