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A shocking discovery changes a young man's sexuality forever
When I was in my childhood I never gave my mom, (or sex for that matter) much thought until one day when I was in my early teens a profound experience changed my sexuality forever. I was playing with some friends in a vacant lot a few blocks from my home when I saw my mother drive by in her car. An odd feeling came over me, she did not look normal, even though I only caught a glimpse of her as she drove by she looked flushed, and determined, maybe even scared, and was obviously so preoccupied that she never noticed we were there. After a half hour or so, I left my friends and walked up the street until I saw mom’s car parked at a neighbor’s house. She was parked in the driveway of a mobile home that was a part time residence of an old friend of the family. I decided to see what was up, so I walked up the steps and started to knock, but before I did, I looked through the small window in the front door of the single wide trailer. I could see that no one was in the living room, but I could see her purse on the couch. “That is odd, she must be using the bathroom or something, but where is he?” I thought. Concerned, I began walking around the trailer and as I approached the Back end of it, I began hearing noises, I could faintly hear my mother saying "ohh!!, ohh!!", in a regular rhythm. I approached a window and the noises grew clearer, it was my mother all right, and she was making some unusual noises, it sounded like sounds she would make if she was shocked or surprised by some important news but it was a long and drawn out, high pitched cry.

I thought, “Man, he might be hurting her!”, so I picked a concealed route to bring me up closer to the window. The cheap trailer window had the panes cranked out to let in air and as I got closer I could clearly hear bedsprings squeaking, heavy breathing, and an occasional muffled grunt along with my mother’s continuous rhythm of exclamations. Only then did it dawn on me that my "friendly neighbor" was fucking my mom! Time stood still and I froze there in disbelief. My mom’s voice continued growing steadily louder, faster, and more urgent. I slowly moved in front of the window where I could make out the old man’s shadowy figure through the window screen. The window was over my head so I stood atop some old boards lying alongside the trailer and rose up on my tiptoes so I could see more.

There, a few feet in front of me, I saw my mother lying under the old man, her legs were spread out to her side with her feet dancing in the air, the soft pale flesh of her belly and breasts quivered as she received his thrusts. My neighbor’s head was hung down towards her breasts as I watched his body mashing into my mom. The sounds she was making were indelibly burned into my memory as I stood there motionless, surveying this torrid scene. I watched him push himself into her once, twice, three, four, five times as her cries matched the pace of his fucking, now I noticed he was lifting his head and starting to look in my direction. I quickly ducked and squatted beneath the window listening intently to determine if I had been discovered. My heart and mind were racing, filled with fear, anger, envy, and lust; the carnal sounds of their fucking continued. I could hear the bed begin to thump against the very wall I was leaned on as moms squeals grew louder and the old man grunted more frequently. Part of me wanted to rise up and watch more of this disturbing scene and part of me wanted to run away. Instead, I just cowered there and listened as the fucking reached its frantic end. I could hear Mom’s voice begin quivering through her final cries, the man moaned loudly as the bed slammed hard into the wall the last few times. For a while, all I heard was heavy breathing and then I heard them begin to talk. I quietly crept away from the scene and hurried towards home. I was dizzy, my mind was numb, my heart kept thumping, my young prick was hard as steel. I felt betrayed & I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to cry, I wanted to kill her, I wanted to tell my father, I considered loading a gun and returning to his trailer to confront the old man, but all these feelings were overwhelmed by the incredible turn-on the encounter had given me.

When I got to our empty house, I was feeling hurt and confused and I knew I badly needed to do something, but I just didn’t know what. It took a few minutes to for me to catch my breath and as I tried to calm myself, I came to the realization that she went there for a reason, and that she must have wanted it, she probably even seduced the old man or at least initiated the encounter in some way. The thoughts of this were disgusting to me but deep down it was turning me on incredibly as well. My attention was irresistibly drawn to my throbbing prick, I was very familiar with having erections but this time it was different, my whole being was expressing itself through my pulsating member and I felt an overwhelming need. I wrapped my fist around my cock and walked into my mother’s bedroom where the thoughts of recollections of what I had just seen and heard overwhelmed me. I began stroking my stiff prick as I thought of all I had seen and heard, A few quick pulls on my shaft and my entire groin tensed up, my mind went blank, something squeezed tight deep inside me and shot spurts of hot liquid through my cock which landed on my mother’s dresser. I had just experienced my very first, incredible orgasm. Mom returned home about twenty minutes later, but by then, I had already brought myself to two more incredible orgasms as I re-lived the experience and heard those sounds, "ohh!!, ohh!!" over and over again in my mind. That night, I didn't sleep much as I shot off what seemed like countless times, beginning my lifelong practice of intense masturbation sessions fantasizing over my mother.

From that day forward, I found much of my waking hours totally consumed with lustful thoughts of mom. I would spy on her all I could to try to catch a peek of her naked body, I recall the first time I left my bedroom door partly open and stood staring through the little crack into my mother’s bedroom. She had just come from the bathroom, and she stood at the foot of her bed. As mom removed her bathrobe I could see here bare ass and a patch of pubic hair, I was stroking myself furiously. She then bent over slightly and the sight of her drooping tits gave me cold chills. She turned to the side and my bouncing prick shot sperm all over the back of the door and the wall as I watched her ass wiggle.

My old habit of lying my head on mom’s lap as I watched TV took on new meaning as I lay there hoping for a whiff of her sex and knowing I was only inches away from the objects of my desire. I began avoiding touching her with hugs and such due to the fact that any contact with her immediately made my young body pump blood to my cock until it poked conspicuously forward and lifted my pants. On a few rare occasions, I would climb up a rock wall outside of our bathroom when I knew she would be showering or preparing for bed and get a glimpse of her entire frame in all its naked glory.

I began to plunder through her bedroom every chance I got to look for freshly worn bras and panties in her hamper. I will never forget the head rush I got when I first discovered her worn panties. I might as well have discovered gold! I carefully lifted them from her hamper, held them in front of me and admired them. They were soft and silky and I could just imagine looking at the fleshy butt and hairy mound that they had been wrapped around a few hours earlier. I looked inside them as I held the waistband open and saw that they had a built-in pad where her cunt would be, and what is this! Some yellow spots of a fluid substance were plainly visible in the center of the white material. I lifted them close to my nose, first tasting the salty spots and then inhaling the precious pungent odor of her pussy. The odors were an intoxicating blend somewhere between the smell of fresh baked bread and urine. I very nearly came right there and then! I rubbed the head of my prick over the crotch of her panties, thrilled at knowing her pussy had occupied this space a short while ago. Pre-cum leaked from my purple head onto the fabric of the pussy patch. I grabbed a silk nightgown from the laundry basket and inhaled the faint odor of her body on it; I then lowered it to my prick and stroked myself with the soft fabric. I arranged her panties with the crotch exposed and held them into my lips and nose and inhaled deeply as I spurted my seed into her garments. From that day on, I achieved many a glorious orgasm sprawled out on her bed in a pile of her dirty undergarments with crusty panties with yellow stains stretched across my face.

For nearly thirty years, no sex has ever lived up to my ultimate fantasy of sex with mom!


2009-08-22 09:01:37
Believable and honest. Nicely told.


2008-08-05 00:21:10
Too short. Should have confronted mom about her lover.


2006-08-20 08:52:19
Good story. but i see that some folks that allow fear to cloud thier feelings and distort what they really see, rated you low. well so sad fore them. 10/10


2006-06-26 19:25:24
Great story. 10/10

Katie Girl


2006-05-26 18:49:56
a man that hasn't ached to frigg his momma aint no man at all!

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