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lifelong fantasy of sex with mom finally happens
Let me continue. This story picks up about two years ago, my father had passed away unexpectedly, mom was now in her sixties, and I am nearly forty, married, with kids of my own. To describe my mother, she is very plain, quite short and petite, she wears a "reducing bra" because she has breasts that are very large for her small frame. Her skin is very pale with a few bluish varicose veins showing along her legs. She carries a few pounds of extra flesh around her hips and thighs but stays pretty darn well kept for a 60 some year old. A business trip had brought me near my hometown about six hours from where I now live. I was staying with mom in her new home, we ate supper and lounged about the living room, she was wearing a simple long cotton gown. I enjoyed being with her and talking but at the same time I wanted to get away from her, partly because I needed to relieve my cock that throbbed as I watched her every move, and partly because I feared that I might not be able to restrain my lust and I might try what I had always refrained from doing.

I excused myself and retired to the guest bedroom and quickly dropped my jeans and started stroking my cock. The sight of my mother lying around in that flimsy gown had re-awakened my forbidden fantasies of her. I imagined her big, soft, pale breasts that I had just watched swaying beneath that thin layer of cloth. I thought of the treasure that waited at the union of her creamy white thighs that I had been watching closely. Suddenly, something came over me. I am not sure just what I was thinking, but before I could reason with myself, I returned to the living room couch where she was sitting, I sat beside her and used the remote to turn off the TV she was watching. I said "mom, I have a problem".

I'm not sure what all I said next because I was trembling and stuttering as I spilled my guts about my fantasies with her. She mostly just sat there looking at me and shaking her head slowly with tears welling up in her eyes. I remember saying something about knowing that she had not been getting the loving she deserved as I moved myself over her. She didn't push me away, she just grabbed me and held me from her. I lowered my face towards her to kiss and then she pulled me close and turned her head away. My cock was rubbing through my jeans against her thigh as I lowered my lips and kissed the side of her face and her neck, I could feel her breasts through the cotton fabric pressing on my bare chest as I grabbed her head and turned her towards me and kissed her lips. She paused briefly, then said “NO!”, and pushed me away. I retreated immediately and sat up in the middle of the couch and burst into tears. I was truly ashamed of what I had done.

In no time at all, Mom came to me and held me close to her. She stood in front of me while I sat on the couch and held me and she sighed and cried along with me for several minutes. Her hands stroked my shoulders and neck as she held me close and kissed me on top of the head. My arms were wrapped around her waist and I clung to her tightly. It slowly dawned on me that my face was nestled into her bosom, I could feel the heat from her soft tits, I kept hold of her as she knelt on the couch beside me. I somehow convinced myself that since she returned to hold me close, she must not be upset with my advances and maybe I should try again. I stared into her eyes as I slowly lowered her down under me, and I was soon atop her again, I kept hugging her and planted soft kisses on her shoulders, neck, and cheeks. My hand found it’s way beneath her gown, I stroked and rubbed her side and belly, then reached to grab onto one of her ample tits. My other hand pulled the cotton fabric up and exposed her breasts, I lowered my face and began kissing all over her left breast until I found her wrinkled nipple and took it into my lips. Her only response was deep and rapid breathing. Now I returned to her face and kissed her again, her lips were so soft, her breath kind of stank but it didn't matter, I was so turned on kissing my mom! She just kind of laid there moaning softly, her mouth only slightly responding to my kisses. My hands were rubbing all over her body as I kissed her face, breasts, and neck; I don’t even think she realized what was happening as I caressed and kissed her body while my hands worked my pants and her panties down to our ankles.

I had nestled myself in between her thighs, I lifted up slightly and looked down at her frail body. Her big tits sagged to each side of her heaving chest, from my angle I could only see the mound of her cunt, it had lots of fading reddish-bronze hair all matted and curled. I lowered myself and as my cock touched her pubes she involuntarily burst out "OHH! OHH!!”, She was dry and my dick pressed and prodded her lips but could not gain an entrance into her even though I was quickly lubing her up with the pre-come oozing from my shaft. I prodded lower and could feel my cock settle into smooth flesh, but still, her dry organ would not accept my stiff shaft.

It was unbeleviable! My cock was pressed against the warm pubes that had given me life! I was thrilled as I worked my hips around and rubbed my swollen, leaking cockhead through her pubic hair and against her pussy lips. She went beyond moaning and started panting out her excitement. Her voice did it. She was uttering those words that had shook my soul for three decades as she held me tightly and leaned her head into my chest. Feeling all of her warm flesh and hearing her excited voice sent me over the edge. As My mother voiced those words of ecstasy, "OHH!!, OHH!!" my cock spewed strings of cum all over her hairy mound and cuntlips.

I could not believe what had just happened, I WAS DEVASTATED! How could I have come so quickly? For most of my 40 years I had anticipated this moment, and in the crucial moments, had lost control of myself.

But my lust was not to be denied, I knew I had to feel myself inside her anyway, so I pressed again into her cuntlips which were now coated with my sperm. This time my swollen cockhead met little resistance and slid between her hairy lips and into the warm embrace of her 60 year old vagina!

I pushed myself further and further into her tight, warm opening and her exclamations continued with increasing intensity. I pulled her close, sucked on her neck, and stroked into her deep and hard. With each back thrust of my hips, she moved herself closer towards the edge of the couch. I had no idea what she was doing, I was overcome with the wonderful sensation of pushing myself into her heated nest. I quickly pumped my slick meat into her maybe a dozen times when I started to come again! But once again, my sperm would not find it's way into the place where I so desperately needed to put it! While my balls and cock were just begining to implant my seed in her, she somehow had slid all the way off the couch and onto the floor and she quickly got to her feet and took off sobbing to the bathroom. I followed after her with a thin strand of cum dangling from my dick. She locked herself in the bathroom. I told her I was sorry and pleaded with her to come out. She just kept saying "it's ok, just forget it ever happened". That night she kept her distance and for months afterward it was extremely awkward to even speak with her, I had feared I may have ruined our close relationship forever. Whenever we would visit, she would make sure we were never alone together and I grew very remorseful over what I had done.


2006-06-26 19:27:39
yeah, i think lownutts is a bit psychosexual, but his stories are great 10/10

Katie Girl


2006-03-10 06:24:00
The fellow who wrote this story is fucked up in the head, but he can write. That's for sure. His brain is fuvcked up, that's all.


2006-03-10 06:10:09
why complain if this story is fictional? forget what it is labeled as, do u have a brain rudy?


2006-03-09 17:45:29
Incestuous rape is still rape, I'm going to complain about this one.


2006-03-08 16:30:24
part 1 and 2 were okay....3 sucks really bad

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