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Students take the matter in their own hands after being picked on, and decide to show their teacher who's in control
Miss Davies had to be taught a lesson. All three of us were tired of always been ridiculed. We weren't the best of students, and especially math had always been a problem for us. We used to pass each year, because the teachers were our biggest fans, as we were the stars of our high school team. But since we came from the wrong side of time (as people like to remind me of), we have to rely on our scholarship. So the teachers never gave us a hard time. Until this year.

Mr. Robinson retired last year, and they replaced him with our worst nightmare, Miss Davies. Although she was quite nice at first, she made it very clear that the only way we would ever pass, and thus keep our scholarship, was by studying hard, and not by playing football. We tried to convince her, but she was very strict. We decided to get some people to help us study. Everybody wanted to help us out. So we let the even biggest nerds help us getting our grades up, as desperate as we were. We even decided to attend each class, and party less.

But it was of no use. Math just wasn't our cup of tea. We tried everything we could, our grades were as worse as before. But furthermore, our beloved teacher Miss Davies never left an oportunity to make sure the entire class knew haw bad we were. After a while, she used to copy our papers, "to show the other students what could go wrong". But today, we were surfing the net, looking for someone professional to help us, we stumbled onto something that really startled us. We were checking out this site, and we were very much surprised to see our own math tests public, with our names not even erased. At the bottom, ther was room for people to leave their comment. And believe me when I say the comment wasn't that positive.

That was the last straw! We decided she had to be punished! She had to be shown she messed with the wrong people.

The next few days, we went to school like nothing was wrong. We couldn't wait to get even with Miss Davies. Going to school was amusing, knowing we would get back at her! Even being laughed at by her was fun. Knowing that with each bad thing she said about us, her punishment would be even harder, we encouraged her by asking the most stupid questions we could think about. She must have thought we were getting even dumber by the minute.

We planned everything very careful. We observed her for about 2 weeks, so we would know when she was alone, what her habits were, etc. We decided it would happen after school, because she always stayed late on friday to plan the next week, and she would be the only person in the school buildings, so we would have all the time we needed to punish her.

After class was over, we stayed apart until the school was deserted. We took all the stuff we needed from our lockers, and went to the math room. We had put a lot of work in it, and had come up with a lot of material we were going to use, to show her we were meaning business!

We looked through the window, and there she was sitting. She always wore a skirt and a jacket, really old-fashioned, although she was only around 30. She had put her jacket over the chair, and she was sitting in a chair being very busy, probably writing about us. We jumped in the room, and before she knew what happened, Jim and Dave grabbed her by her arms.

"What is happening here? Dan, what the hell are you doing? You can get suspended for this!"
"Shut up, bitch! You think you're something, making fun of us all over the internet? Now it's our time to have fun!" Jim got some rope from his backpack, and tied her wrists. "You think you can make us look stupid in front of everyone, and get away with it? We'll show you what we do in our neighbourhood to little sluts who are naughty!"

By this time, Miss Davies knew what was going to happen to her, she had read this before in the newspaper. They were going to rape her! Eventhough she knew no one would be able to hear her, she started screaming. "Scream all you want bitch, we're here all alone!" She knew they were right. "What are you going to do to me? Please don't harm me! I'll never do it again!" "You will never do it again once we are done with you! Your sorry is too late!"

Now Jim blindfolded her. I took my knife, and ripped her blouse, revealing a red and black bra with a nice pair of tits. After tearing her skirt, i saw she wore a matching string. When we decided to get a piece of her a few weeks ago, we never suspected she would be this hot! She always looked like the average old-fashioned teacher, with the loose blouse and the long skirt, the typical teacher glasses and the hair always in a tail. She didn't even have a beautiful face, just the girl next door you know but never fall in love with. And here she was standing in front of us, and I realized she was the hottest thing I had ever seen! Her long brown hair hanging down, almost reaching her large tits. Not that she had the nicest body, lots of young girls I dated were much tighter, but she knew how to make herself look sexy. I couldn't wait to start playing with her.

We had decided to make it an experience the 4 of us would never forget! We walked around her, looking at every inch of that hot body. "What are you doing? Let me go, you bastards!" "We'll let you go, after you have been a nice girl." "What are you talking about? Let me go now, and I promiss this will stay between us!" "We're terribly sorry, but we're not letting you go right now, because we have the entire weekend ahead of us, and since we haven't made any plans, we can as well spend it with our beloved teacher."

She realized she was going to have a long weekend, because nobody would be missing her or start looking for her. Her husband was away for his job, and she had planned an entire weekend for herself : going to the gym, renting a movie, sleeping late, ... Plans had changed. She thought "if I cooperate, they will release me soon, and i won't get hurt."Suddenly there were hands all over her body. They were checking every part of her body, from her feet to her thighs, from her arms to her hair.

We had seen enough, we wanted to feel her now. we couldn't keep our hands off her, she was just so tasty! We rubbed her tits, felt her pussy through her underwear, stroked her thighs. She felt heavenly, with that smooth skin and those delicious curves. While Jim and I were still touching her, Dave set up his camera, because we wanted to have a nice memorie from what was to come. When he was ready, I took my knife and got rid of those annoying pieces of clothes that were between us and her secret spots. This was even better. Not only did she have big breasts, they had a perfect shape, and she had shaven her pussy, as she was expecting to get a visit from 3 horny men.

She started screaming again, only making us hornier. We were now all over her, fingering her pussy, pinching her nipples and licking her tits. We put her on her desk, and tied her arms and feet to the legs of the desk, leaving her spread eagle. Jim started licking her open pussy, and Dave had taken his cock out of his pants, and wanted to put it in her mouth, but she tried to bite him a couple times. "If you don't cooperate, we'll have to hurt that pretty face of yours. We have a knife and if it's sharp enough to cut cour clothes, it's sharp enough to give you some plastic surgery of our own." This time she took Dave's cock in her mouth. "Now suck it, bitch, I'm sure you're a great cocksucker. If you do a good job, we might let you go early." She started sucking him very hard now, making sure he came as soon as possible. Dave didn't have the fattest cock, but it was a very long one, so she was very surprised when he jammed it all the way down her throat. She started gagging, but soon got the hang of it. "That's it, bitch, suck that cock! Ooh that feels so good! Go on like that! Ooooooooooooo yes I'm cumming! You better swallow it all bitch!" I don't think she ever saw that much cum in her life! Dave must have saved it all for her! He kept cumming and shooting loads down her throat! But she had to be one hot devil in her free time, because she didnt spoil a drop. By this time she started to have her first orgasm, because she was shivering all over her body. "Damn, Jim must be doing one hell of a job!" Now it was Jim's turn to get a piece of her cock sucking abilities. He took out his cock, he had the biggest cock I had ever seen, but Miss Davies didn't think of it as a problem, she just took it entirely in her mouth. "Shit, she's like a pro, guys, no girl I dated ever took it in her mouth at once!"Seeing her like that, made me so horny, I couldn't wait any longer. I got my dick out, and put it in that open pussy of her. "Damn, miss, for a pro like you, you're sure tight!" I started pumping inside her, slow at first, but I kept going faster and faster. After a few minutes, Jim and I came almost together, and feeling my hot load down her pussy, she got another screaming orgasm.

It didn't take us too long to get our cocks erect again. "Well miss, it's your lucky day! Since neither of us wants to wait to get a piece of that more than delicious body of yours, we decided to fuck you all at once! Being the nice guys we are, we'll let you decide who gets which hole. Since there are 3 holes to fill, and 3 guys, you can't say we neglect you!" "No please, don't do that! Haven't you had enough already?" "I don't think any normal guy could ever get enough of you, miss! So what's it gonna be? Are you choosing, ar will we do it?" "No please, let me go!" "Ok then, if you want it that way! Ok, guys, I didn't get a blowjob yet, so I want to know if she's really that good. Dave, what do you want?" "I want that slutty pussy of hers again!" "Well Jim, I guess you get the thightest hole." "Fine by me!"

We cut the rope, and Dave lied down on the floor. We put her on him, and Dave jammed his cock inside her. I put my cock in her mouth, and she started sucking on it. "You were absolutely right, boys, she's a real slut!" Now Jim placed his cock against her smallest hole, and pushed it half the way in. She started screaming now! "Stop! You're ripping me open! I've never had one so big in my ass!" "Well, bitch, there has to be a first time for everything!" Now he shoved his dick all the way in. After a while she got used of his monster too, and we all kept pumping until we were cumming, giving her one orgasm after the other. "Open your mouth, slut, and swallow our loads!" We came one after the other, and our beloved teacher kept on swallowing our hot loads, like a real whore.

When we were finished, we took off her blindfold, and she freaked out when she saw the camera. "What have you done? Oh no, please don't show this to anyone! I'll lose my job for this!" "Don't worry miss, we won't. We would be very sorry to lose such a hot teacher! We thought it might come in hand if you decide not to let us pass this year. Who knows we might give you the tape in the future, if you can be the naughty whore you were today when we feel like it." After that, we freed her from the ropes, and left her just the way we planned it, dripping with our cum all over that slutty face of hers.

To be continued?

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