Christine was looking out the window, it was pouring cats and dogs. Christine, was 5'3 tall, with brown eyes, and was blonde and Christine was C cupped for a 14 year old. Christine's father had died about 3 weeks ago in a car accident. Everybody in her family had finally gone and left her family alone after their fathers death. Monica, her 17 year old sister, who was slouched across the sofa reading Teen Magazine, was very sexy looking. She was 5'6 tall, blue eyes, blonde hair, and her bras were already D cup. Monica was quite popular with the people in her grade. Jason, the 12 year old, was watching cartoons on T.V. Jason had black hair and brown eyes and was 5'4 tall. Mom was cooking food for us while talking on the phone with one of her old school friends. Mom was 5'8 tall, blue eyed, blonde, and D cupped just like Monica. Mom was also 29 years old. She had Monica when she was 12, me when she was 15 and had Jason when she was 17. Mom had finally learned her lesson when she took pills from getting pregnant with my father.

Mom finished talking on the phone and picked up the remote and closed the T.V. She must have some news about something important. "HEY I WAS WATCHING THAT!" cried Jason. "Hold on honey, I've come here to tell you that since your father has died, we are gonna have to have some new rules in this house" said Mom while winking at Monica at the same time.

"What are they Mom?" Christine asked. "Well, lets say Monica and me were thinking about these new rules for about a week, but we will tell you and Jason tomorrow about the new rules tomorrow after we have finalized these rules together. Right Monica?" Mom asked Monica who was still caught in her Teens Magazine. "Yea Mom," replied Monica who popped a bubble gum, " we'll tell them tomorrow."

Christine noticed that Monica's shirt wasn't down to her pajamas and she saw part of her pink thong. She felt herself getting very wet just looking at her beautiful sister. "CAN I NOW WATCH MY CARTOONS NOW??!!" screamed Jason. "No!" Mom snapped back, "I want both you and Christine to go to sleep right now, you will both have a long day tomorrow." Jason and Christine dragged there way up to there rooms. Christine was wondering all night what new house rules Mom and Monica would have since dad had died.

Christine woke up lazily with something squirming her pajamas. It was Monica's hands. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!" Christine yelled. "Taking off your pajamas silly." Monica replied cooly. Christine couldn't believe it! Monica was bare naked in front of her. Boy was she looking great, but Christine was still in shock of her there in front of her NAKED!

"Um..." Christine stammered, " why... why are you naked?" "Its the new house rules we made, come downstairs Mom and me will tell you all the rules" Monica said turning her ass to Christine. "What about Jason?" Christine questioned. "O we told him already when you were sleeping, he's now playing videogames right now" said Monica, "Hurry up, O and come downstairs naked seriously."

Christine didnt know what to do, she was sitting here with just her T-shirt and pajamas down at her ankles. She didnt want them to see her pussy, she had shaved them and didnt want them to think that she was a slut. Christine finally decided to go down naked after all but cautiously. She saw that Mom and Monica were both downstairs naked talking with each other.

She went down to them and sat on the couch and asked them what the fuck was going on. "Honey, I know you can't believe any of this, but what we will tell you will be how you live in this house from now on" replied Mom. "Let me tell her Mom," interrupted Monica, "One, in this house once you step in it you have to be naked and not wear anything. Two, you will do anything me or mom tells you. Three, you won't go to sleep unless you tell me or mom and if either one of us checks up on you and allows it. Ok?"

"WHAT! THATS NOT FAIR" Christine protested. "Dont you dare raise your voice to either of us, you hear that!" Mom snapped. Christine was gonna protest but Monica moved up to her and was 3 inches from her face. "You know what im gonna do to you" Monica whispered to Christine's face. Both of there nipples were touching each other and Christine felt both of there nipples were getting very hard. "Im....gonna....." Monica said. Wondering what she would do, suddenly dropped her face between Christine's legs and was eating her out!

"O my gosh!" screamed Christine. Monica licked her pussy and felt the warmth of Christine's pussy. She had never tasted such great pussy in her life! Monica started rubbing Christine's clit in a motion. "OOOO YES FUCK.... please please stop!" moaned Christine, "Mom... mom tell her to stop mom tell her." "Shut up and enjoy what you are getting you should be happy that your sister is kind enough to eat you out" replied Mom. Monica started pushing her finger slowly into Christine.

"Wow your pussy is very sensitive to just a finger in you, and its so tight lets see how it feels when theres two fingers in your wet pussy" said Monica excitingly. Monica pushed in two. Christine's hips started moving in one motion with the fingers. "OOOO im about to fucking cum" moaned Christine. Christine just came onto Monica's fingers, and the rest squirted out of her pussy. Monica went into her and tasted her cum.

"Wow that tastes great" commented Monica, "now here taste your own cum." Monica just shoved her two cream filled fingers into Christine. "How does it taste you bitch?" questioned Monica. Christine hadn't tasted something that great. She had always thought it would have been nasty but it was great she wanted more of this. "Look at her you can tell she wants more" said Mom who was looking at both of them carefully, "Monica your done I want her now for the day." "Alright I need to take a shower anyways" replied Monica as she was walking up the stairs.

Mom turned away from looking at Monica and turned to Christine. "What are you gonna do to me Mom? Are you gonna eat me out like Monica?" questioned Christine. "Go to my room and lay with your ass facing the ceiling" replied Mom. Christine went without questioning anymore to Mom. Mom came in 5 minutes later and slouched on a pillow at the wall. "Turn the other way around honey, I wanna see your ass" Mom said.

Christine turned around and spread her ass as much as she could. "Are are you gonna start lic... O MY GOD!!!" screamed Christine who was trying to crawl away off the bed. Mom had slid her tounge through the crack of Christine's butt. Mom stopped her by her ankles and brought her ass back to her tounge. "I never realized you were that sensitive to just a tounge in your ass honey" Mom said excitingly.

Mom firmly put her arms around Christines hips too make sure she couldn't crawl away from her tounge. Mom moved her tounge up and down Christine's butt. She hadn't tasted anything so warm and wet as Christine's ass in her life. "MOM PLEASE PLEASE I CANT STAND THIS FEELING!!" moaned Christine. "Shut up right now, ill stop when im done" snapped Mom.

Mom went back to the same tounge motion down her ass. She stopped after some time and stuck a finger in her ass. "Hey your asshole is very tight and so warm, its so amazing" replied Mom. Mom moved her finger in and out of Christine's butt very slowly. "MOM IT BURNS!" screamed Christine. "Am I hurting you honey?" questioned Mom. "NO IT FEELS GREAT BUT IT BUUUURRNS!!" moaned Christine as Mom pushed in two of her fingers.

Monica came back in the room and sat across and watch the mother and daughter having sex. "Wow Mom look at how much juice you took out of Christine!" exclaimed Monica. The bed was very wet with Christine's cum. Mom had finally stopped playing with Christine.

"I am soo tired, is this how its going to be now everyday?" questioned Christine. "You guessed it right bitch" replied Monica. "So are we gonna eat im starving" asked Christine. "We already did we ate you out!" exclaimed Mom.

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Hi Jeanne ,What a terrible story . Very sad to hear this, but happy you found our irtinmafoon.I would recommend that you start out with the “30DAY package” with the 2 one liter bottles of pHenemonal , the MRSA skin healing gel, and the b-Phree body wash . Treating the infection internally by drinking the pHenemonal water will start breaking down the Hydrogen bonds of the Lactic Acid and other toxins . You will start urinating these out. As a result, you will have more energy as Oxygen starts to increase throughout the blood/tissue.Use the MRSA skin healing gel daily on any open sores. This will assist in reducing some itching and neutralizing acid from the site n the skin.The b-Phree body wash is done once a week for 10 minutes. You will feel great after a round of this body wash.Keep a healthy diet ( remember sugars or glucose must be reduced)and add a good probiotic as your antibiotic history more than likely has reduced your intestinal “friendly-flora”.Wishing you the best f

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Dont waste your time

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that was shit

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i was 14 when my nan decided she wanted to show me lesbian sex and can remember the taste of her cum as she masturbated and squirted into my mouth. i then found out all our family females fucked with one another but nothing like in this crap above


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jasons a real bitch, always yelling...

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