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It’s my birthday, so we agree to meet in Richmond for lunch, followed by a stroll in the park. It’s a lovely hot day, and when I turn up at your flat you’re wearing a brightly-coloured wrap-around skirt, with a low-cut peasant top that leaves your midriff bare, showing off your flat stomach. It clings tightly to your 19-year old figure, outlining your prominent nipples, the buttons down the front seemingly hardly able to keep your breasts from popping out. Through the gaps between the buttons I can see tantalising glimpses of flesh – you’re obviously not wearing a bra underneath. Not that you need to - your tits are firm enough to do without. Very nice.

It’s too nice to sit inside a restaurant, so we go to the White Cross Hotel, and manage to grab a table outside right by the river. As we sit with our drinks, I tell you how sexy you look. You lean over and whisper to me that, in honour of my birthday, you’re not wearing any panties either. I challenge you to prove it, so I pretend to drop something under the table, and when I bend down to pick it up you open your legs and pull your skirt apart, flashing your pussy at me. Your outer labia peep out from your pubic bush, already puffy with excitement.

After all this, by the time we’ve finished eating I’m already feeling pretty horny. As we walk up the hill towards the park, I stroke your bum, squeezing your firm cheeks. This makes you feel randy too, and your vagina starts to get wet, a few droplets of sex juice oozing out as we walk.

Not surprisingly on such a hot day, lots of other people have come up to the Park, but it’s a big place, and there is plenty of room for everyone without it feeling overcrowded. We walk up to Pen Ponds, and sit on a bench under a tree a little bit away from the water, watching the other people; parents with young children; couples with dogs; solitary wanderers; all enjoying the warm afternoon sun. We watch the little kids running along the edge of the pond, chasing the ducks and throwing stones into the water, their parents trying to stop them falling in.

Your wrap-around skirt slips off your leg, revealing a smooth expanse of light brown thigh. I put my arm around you and draw you towards me; we kiss, lightly at first, then harder as we become more aroused. I run my hand over your bare stomach, warm and smooth, then upwards towards the lower edge of your top. I insinuate one finger underneath, tickling at the bottom of your boob. Even this is enough to get you seriously horny, and you place your hand on my groin, feeling for my cock inside my trousers. The pressure quickly makes it begin to get hard, and I can feel it pressing against my leg as you run your hand along its length.

I lightly place my hand on your breasts, squeezing them gently. I sneak one finger between two of the buttons, feeling the bare flesh as I probe further across the mound. I’m aiming for your nipple, but my finger isn’t quite long enough, and I can just barely reach the rough edge of your aureole. This is frustrating for both of us; you take your hand from my groin and mange to loosen one of the buttons on your top, letting me get two fingers inside, giving me that extra bit of reach until I can just pinch your nipple between my fingertips. All the time we’re still kissing, and you gently nibble at my lower lip as your nipple stiffens at my manipulation.

If we were at home on the sofa, we’d very soon be removing each others clothing. But we’re still very much in public here, and we both know that we can’t go very much further without causing serious offence! The key to getting away with this sort of thing is to keep as much covered as possible, making it look as if you are just indulging in a little heavy snogging. Most people don’t seem too concerned, and just walk past with hardly a second glance. The occasional frigid old bag might mutter something about “youth of today”, or a dirty old man might steal an extra look, but they’re all just jealous.

Even so, I don’t know if it’s the warm weather, or the couple of drinks at lunchtime, but we seem to be going a bit further than we usually do. Your hand is back on my groin, rubbing quite hard at it now. I mutter something about not going too far, or there might be a nasty mess. You look at me: “Promises, promise”, you whisper. You stop rubbing for a moment, and I start to regret saying anything, but then I realise that you have started carefully to unzip my trousers. My cock is enormously stiff, still held in place by my briefs, but straining almost painfully against the material. You carefully slide your hand inside, running your fingers over my cock, feeling its length and hardness. Getting even bolder, you slip one finger inside the slit in the front of my briefs and feel the heat of my engorged flesh.

There are still too many people around for you to risk taking my cock out of my trousers, but you manage to push down my briefs until it springs out of the top and you can get your hand around the hot shaft. As you begin to pump it harder, still inside my trousers, you feel a considerable quantity of pre-cum dribble out, lubricating the shaft and making it easier for your hand to rub up and down. I try to regulate my breathing, but a warm flush suffuses my face.

You smile. “How does that feel?” you whisper.

I respond by sliding my hand inside the loose flap of your wrap-around skirt and stroking the bare flesh of your leg. The light touch of my fingers on your skin sends a delicious tingle up your spine, which becomes even more intense as my hand moves to the warm sensitive inside of your upper thighs. You tremble slightly as my fingers approach the very top of your thighs, so close to your pussy that I can feel the heat of you. My fingers just brush oh so lightly over your close-cropped bush of hair, barely making contact in such a way that you almost scream out with delighted frustration.

I knew that there is nothing that turns you on more than being toyed with like this, being kept on the edge of sexual contact, but I can’t wait any longer. Slowly I let my fingers burrow into your bush, until they find your little pink labia, already wet with your sexual juices. You part your thighs slightly, allowing your pussy lips to open just enough to admit one questing finger. You let out an almost primitive groan as you feel that finger slip inside your hot slit.

You rub harder at my cock, and this, combined with the sensation of gently frigging you, makes me realise that I won’t be able to hold back for much longer. “I’m going to cum” I whisper. “Good” you say, and give one long pull, stretching the skin tight. That is definitely as much as I can take, and I feel my cum pumping up the shaft. Keeping your hand inside my briefs, you quickly position it over the tip and catch as much as possible of the hot creamy liquid in your palm, although enough of it oozes through your fingers to make my briefs sticky.

You slide your hand out…oh Jesus, that’s sexy…my cum dripping from your fingers…I do hope no-one notices what is going on. You rub your hands together, spreading the cum over them, then lick it off one at a time. You run one finger across your bare stomach, leaving a sticky trail, then suck it greedily.

Far from being satiated, I just want you even more now. And you haven’t come yourself yet, and I know you won’t be satisfied until you have. We could go back to your flat, but you don’t want to wait that long. You just want to feel my thick penis inside your vagina, as soon as possible.

We quickly get up and start to head off towards the Isabella Plantation. It’s much quieter there, and there’s an area of long grass that could give us the opportunity we are looking for. Sure enough, by lying down in the grass we become much less visible. Only if someone stumbles right over us will they be able to see what we’re doing, and we’re both happy to take that chance.

We kiss again, hard and urgent, but you’re eager to feel my cock again. You take charge, pulling it out of my trousers; it’s gone a bit limp now, but you take it in your mouth, licking around the head. It’s still sticky with drying semen, and you enjoy the taste, sucking as you lick, making me stiff again.

As soon as I am hard enough, you straddle me. You quickly arrange your skirt, so it covers my stiff erection like a tent, and gently lower yourself towards it. Trying to make contact by feel alone isn’t that easy, and you have to get hold of my erection under your skirt and pull it towards your cunt. But once you’ve found the slit all goes well; you rub the tip against your bush, pushing the lips apart. Your vagina is already soaking wet, so my cock slides in ever so easily. You sink deep down, allowing my cock to fill you to the hilt. “Oh yes, that’s so good” you whisper. You start to move gently up and down, using your strong thighs, and I place my hands under your buttocks to help with the thrusting.

The idea is that if anyone does come past they won’t be able to see any naughty bits, although as you start to bounce up and down on my cock, it must be pretty obvious what is going on. But by this time you don’t care; the sensation of my cock thrusting in and out is sending you to new heights of pleasure.

You now feel very aroused, so much so that you throw caution to the wind. You pause in your thrusting for a moment, and undo the buttons down the front of your top. Your bare breasts spill out, and you lean over to let me take first one nipple, then the other, in my mouth. I massage them with my hands, stimulating the nipples.

You notice a young woman in the middle distance who is out with her dog; she stops and looks in our direction. She can see you bouncing up and down; she can’t see me, but it’s pretty obvious what is going on; after all, you might as well be topless, with your top unbuttoned and your bare breasts proudly exposed. You can’t make out the expression on her face – she’s a bit too far away, and anyway you’re not exactly keeping still - but she’s still looking, perhaps intrigued rather than shocked. As you watch, she touches herself briefly between her legs; so she’s definitely feeling a little bit turned on by the sight, her imagination perhaps putting herself in your place, with a thick hot cock pumping in and out of her vagina. Then suddenly she turns aside and walks quickly off with her dog, glancing back just once.

You imagine she’s going quickly home; if she lives alone, she’ll go straight to her bedroom and take out the dildo she keeps in her bedside table. She’ll strip off her clothes, and sit on the edge of the bed, opening her legs and rubbing the dildo around her pussy lips, which are already moist and slick. She’ll think of you, just as you are thinking of her, as she slips the dildo into her vagina and pumps it in and out, stimulating her clitoris until she comes. Or maybe she’ll call her boyfriend and invite him round; they’ll sit on the sofa and she’ll tell him with a smile about what she saw that afternoon in Richmond Park. She’ll feel herself getting turned on as she tells the story, perhaps embellishing it slightly to increase the erotic potential. He’ll start getting horny too, and soon they’ll be tearing off each others’ clothes and he’ll fuck her then and there on the sofa, the two of them cumming together in a sticky, sweaty heap.

That little fantasy passes through your mind much quicker than it takes to tell. If possible, it makes you feel hornier than ever, and you pause in your thrusting, resting on top of me, savouring the feel of my penis buried deep inside you. You clutch at your breasts, squeezing the nipples and letting out little moans of pleasure. Beads of sweat run down your breasts, your nipples rock hard.

You start to rock gently backwards and forwards again. You always get very wet when we fuck, and your sex juices are flowing out, coating my cock and balls, lubricating your cunt. I lift up the edge of your skirt and enjoy the sight of your glistening labia wrapped around my wet penis.

You’re pretty close to orgasm by this time. You let me take the weight of your buttocks, and slip your hand under your skirt, stroking it around the shaft of my penis as I begin to pump it faster into you again. You rub your finger over your clitoris. That is all it takes to finally push you over the edge, and you climax with a groan. Your vaginal muscles suck and squeeze at my cock, as your body convulses with a delicious shuddering pulse of pleasure. This sensation is too much for me too. I feel my climax approaching; I thrust once more hard inside you, and feel the semen surging up inside my penis in a series of throbbing pulsations, before I shoot my load deep inside your cunt, You feel my hot creamy cum splashing against the lining of your vagina, filling you so full. Long streams of cum pour from my cock-head, mixing with your cunt juices, already starting to splash out as my cock slowly stops its pumping.

Slowly, you stop thrusting, and roll off me onto the grass, my penis sliding out with a sticky plop. Your skirt gapes open at the front, showing your very wet pink labia, and your bush glistening with sexual juices. My penis too is wet with a mixture of cum and vaginal secretions. I lean over and kiss you, my softening cock leaving a trail of sticky mess up the side of your dress, but you don’t care. You give it a final rub, your hand getting sticky too. I slip it back inside my trousers before it starts to get hard again.

Your breasts are still flushed with excitement as you sit up, and fasten your top again with just one button. This leaves a lot of curvaceous tit flesh clearly visible, and is almost unbearably sexy; if I hadn’t just fucked you, I’d do it now. You understand full well the sexual power of suggestion; this is actually much, much sexier than if you were to go completely topless. You’re still on a sexual high, and you like the idea of other people enjoying the sight of your body, giving them the chance of a sexy fantasy, imagining what would happen if that one button were to pop off.

We stand up, you smoothing down your crumpled skirt, retying it around your waist. “I need a shower after that” you whisper. “Come back to my flat and give me a hand. Your birthday isn’t over yet”.

As we start to walk back, the lack of panties means that it doesn’t take long for a mixture of my cum and your vaginal juices to start dribbling down your inner thigh. You slip your hand discreetly under your skirt and catch some of it on your finger, smelling the scent before letting me lick it off. As I do so, we pass a young couple; the man snatches a glance at your barely-covered breasts; nudges his girl; she sees what he is looking at, and drags him away – but not crossly; she catches your eye and winks. I imagine they could well end up having a bit of fun themselves on this sunny afternoon.

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2012-02-12 14:09:53
SOX9Pt Yeah� I read and I understand that I do not understand anything what it is about:D

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2010-08-12 00:01:28
That was an excellent story. Brilliant and bold. Putting the reader in the female role is a first for me, but I managed to read it as if I had written it, putting myself back in the male role. I also have to quote you here, "giving them the chance of a sexy fantasy..." Fucking brilliant! It's like breaking the "fourth wall" but in written form. Great story and well thought out concept. Write again and it will be my pleasure to read.

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2010-08-12 00:00:28
That was an excellent story. Brilliant and bold. Putting the reader in the female role is a first for me, but I managed to read it as if I had written it, putting myself back in the male role. I also have to quote you here, "giving them the chance of a sexy fantasy..." Fucking brilliant! It's like breaking the "fourth wall" but in written form. Great story and well thought out concept. Write again and it will be my pleasure to read.

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2010-04-25 17:13:42
Some people on the site are actually female (me.)/smart enough to get the concept, thanks for that =).


2007-06-05 10:15:14
Amazingly sexy !! bc.

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