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not your normal fairytale
The dark wooden cabin glowed in the firelight as the beautiful woman put logs on the hearth. She was clothed in a tattered light blue dress and petticoat; her heaving chest barely contained inside a string lattice blouse. Her black bobbed hair, streaked with oil shinning roots reflected the fires glow, along with her angelic pale face. Her sweet eyes were accentuated with dark rich mascara the lashes long and artificially black.

She looked up her ruby red lips pursed, her expression frozen.

She could hear her masters returning from the mines.

Slut-White stood, her head almost to the ceiling her heeled slippers tapping on the wooden floor boards. The cabin door swung open the chill winter snow blowing in. One by one the dwarves entered. All dirty and sniffling, carrying picks and sacks.

Each dwarf sneered and drooled at the beautiful angel waiting to greet them.

It had been many seasons since they found her. Many seasons of servitude and submission she had endured. "Suppers ready." She said sweetly but also a little nervously. The dwarves grinned; their long march home giving them ample time for lustful thoughts.

"Supper can wait you big minx" Came a reply along with agreeing nods.

The dwarves began to stroke her legs, and then fondle her ass, Ms White moaning a little, looking down in despair. The little men began to pull at her torn dress as they had done many times; unfastening the string lattice front the fabric expanding as her bosom forced outwards. She whimpered her long nailed hands trying to push them away.

But there were too many, seven in fact.
The dress came loose falling over her hips collecting around her stocking ankles. She stood, her tits pointing out like domes. Her body was thin, slender with ample curves. But her 40 inch tits looked obscenely large like ripe fruit the pale pink almost white nipples looking like teats from a baby bottle. She stepped out of the dress, now only her stocking legs, the skimpiest briefs and her school mistress black heeled shoes still on.

The dwarves mumbled in gruff voices as they stroked her thighs and ankles. "We've been waiting all day for this my dear."

First she sat on a high backed chair her thighs apart long legs bent the heels resting on the wooden floor. Two dwarves stood on boxes holding her arms back making her tits thrust out, a look of desperation on her pretty face. A dirty dwarf was licking at her clit through her tiny briefs another greasing a large thick dildo. It was shiny and sleek made of polished wood the surface glistening with gel, the thing fashion with love over many winter nights

"Ugh uggggggg ohhhhhh!"

She moaned as the smooth shell tip head eased up her pussy. One dwarf pumped the shiny cock in and out another tugging her knickers to one side allowing them to see her pink bare lips of her shaven pussy. As the cock fucked up into her she bucked her tits bouncing the sweat collecting on them like snow on the mountains outside. The little man held the dildo with both dirty hands pounding into her; the squelch of grease echoing around the room as her bare hole frothed.

The two arm gripping dwarves groped a massive tit each, twisting her nipples slapping the perspiring flesh as Ms White meekly protested.
Across the room the others were preparing her bath.

The dildo slipped out of her the tapered tip wet and looking ever so hard. The dwarves pushed her knees together so she sat prim. Using a long rope they wrapped her cute ankles tight together then fed the rope through a roof rafter.

"Oh uggh no ugh not that again ugghh!"

She moaned as four of them pulled with all their might. Now she sat with her clamped thigh crushed against her tummy; calves up in front of her eyes her feet a few inches from the low roof. Her knickers clad ass pointed straight ahead; the fabric pulled taught buried in her crack. The dildo dwarfs tugged the fabric aside the hard rigid wooden tip burrowing forcefully into her ass hole.

"Awwwwwww, ugh, ugh, ugh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhh!"

The wooden cock pumped deeper and deeper Slut-white rocking on the seat of the chair her arms still gripped tightly by little men. She screamed as he began to thrust back and forth with his shiny cock.

"Eieeeeeee ugh, ugh, oh heavens, oh ughhhhhhhh!"

The men let her arms go and she tried to reach round to stop the buggering but her fingers just couldn't reach. The dwarfs kept removing the cock and looking up her gaping shit hole admiring his tunnelling technique.

After many seasons of practice her ass gulped the phallus effortlessly. Like twice before they realized they would have to carve an even fatter cock to widen her further. The dwarves licked with ease at her rim pushing their tongues inside her ass, while the others began to strip.

The ropes were unfastened Slut-white been allowed to stand. She was led by the hand to the bath tub hot and steamy. She slowly peeled her stocking and unbuckled her shoes. Finally she pulled down her wet panties and stepped into the tub.

She lay back’ her tits like life buoys bobbing on the steaming water. The dwarves surrounded the bath stroking her skin, molesting her melons. Her mouth quivered as two long pipes were pulled forward the end like suckers. She didn't resist just held a hand to her mouth her red lips biting on it as the sucker tips each connected to a baby bottle size nipple.


Straight away four off the little men began to work a strange wooden device like a sea saw. Two pulled down then the other two repeating the same action on the other side; like a sea-saw.

The hand pump began to suck the air from the tubes, Slut-white’s chest heaving as the sucker tips began to tug hard on her teats. She began to moan and wriggle in the steaming bath as the pump crew worked steadily.

Sluck! Sluck! Sluck!

As one dwarf began to tire another stepped up to continue the rhythm. The men caressed the rigid pumped tits washing then along with her beautiful neck, hands reaching down to goose her bare slit. Two of them stood on boxes either side of her head. They had their cocks out stubby and hard and their slut began to wank each her ruby lips enveloping each cock at a time, sucking back and forth over and over.

She writhed as her tits bounced the nipples been gobbled over and over the teats tugged deep into the tubes. One by one she sucked the little cocks the dwarves eagerly running to the pumping device once their turn was over. Finally the pumping stopped and the tubes were removed with a dirty slopping noise. Her nipples were pink and tender and she squealed as they touch them with their soapy hands.

At the far side of the room was a huge oak bed which they all slept in. Slut-white laid down on the sheets her body glistening with soap and water. The dwarves were all naked now climbing onto her, under her, across her.

They begin to fuck. Two down between her legs fucking her up the cunt and ass. Another riding one of them her long glistening legs, fucking her shins like a crazy dog. Two more pushed their cocks into her mouth, her wide lips accommodating both tips, just. And finally the luckiest two sucked her aroused nipples their cocks rubbing across her flat tummy, in turn fucking her tight cleavage as they squeezed her monster domes together.

One of the mouth fuckers came first pulling his cock out just as he shot, the spattering fluid covering her upturned nose pooling in a massacred eye socket. As she continued to suck she felt her ass canal swim in spunk her weak muscles allowing the filth to dribble from her hole once the little mans cock has withdrawn.
She grunted as the tits sucking and pussy reaming begins to arouse her. The shin fucker pumped up and down rapidly, his meagre cock turning her glowing calf a sticky white as he released his deposit. The dwarf humping between her fantastic thighs erupted; his wad hosing up inside her.

Now with only three were left and she was ordered to knell doggie. The two tit fuckers slapped her peach ass and began to tag fuck her ass. She grunted obediently still deep throating the other mouth fucker. All three pumped hard and hungrily until finally they pulled her shoulder back making her knell up. One after another the three sweaty dwarves came over her tits. The shots hitting her neck, others blobs coating her hard nipples till she is a sweaty cum covered mess.

As she lays there panting they gripped her legs pulling them wide. One of the dwarves has the large wooden cock again. He pushed it into her with a long ecstatic moan from the buxom wench.
She groaned in ashamed passion and humiliation.

"Ohhhhhh uggggggggg!" She began to buck, her own hands touching her inflamed clit. "Oh God, oh heavens, oh, oh, ugghh ukkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!"

She came, her clit spitting juices onto the bed her eyes rolling lips hot and as red as a bewitched apple.

Suddenly the door blew open the snow strands whipping into the room.

It was the prince, tall and elegant his chiselled face impervious to the harsh weather.

He surveyed the scene his eyes falling on the beautiful sweating woman.

His put his hand to his sword belt and drew a bag of coins, which he tossed to the closet dwarf. Then he ripped open his crotch his cock springing out rampant and regal.

Slut-white took a deep breath of resignation as her true jailer approached.

“Oh my,” she said in her sweet delicate voice,” it must be Tuesday.”


2008-01-04 21:02:38
great story, more to come???


2007-04-26 06:47:49
Thank you, great story.


2007-02-15 20:35:49
Is there going to be a sequal ?


2006-09-20 15:22:05
good point! thanx


2006-09-19 05:11:55
40 inch it's a size of the chest not breast cups she's have to be fat;) huge tits it would be 34DD.

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