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April visits her cousins' home and discovers more sexual playmates, including her aunt.
April's Friendly Family, Part 2

Mary Lou and I became very familiar with each other's bodies that summer,
but we always made sure we were alone and would not be detected by her
mother or her sisters. I thought, from the knowing way her mother looked at
us sometimes, that she suspected what was going on, but she didn't say
anything. She'd just smile and look thoughtfully, and perhaps longingly at

The next summer we were a little bolder with our playfulness, not bothering
to go to the sewing room, or be sure we were alone in the barn. One night,
as we were going down on each other, we heard a tittering laugh. We looked up from each other's pussy, and there, standing in the doorway of Mary Lou's bedroom, were her two younger sisters, by now aged 9 and 10.

They turned to go when they saw that we had noticed them, but when we
resumed our pussy licking we could tell they were back. Since they seemed
so interested in what we were doing, we invited them to join us on the bed
and watch from up close.

Barbie, the ten year-old, reached out and placed her hand on my bottom as
I wriggled on top of Mary Lou's face, her tongue lapping at my pussy and ass alternately. I felt her hand caressing me, and her finger running down
between my ass cheeks until it joined her sister's tongue in my anus. The
wetness there made her finger slither right into my tight little sphincter,
and it felt nice to have a digital fuck in my ass. Mary Lou's tongue kept
working in my pussy, strumming my clit, and it didn't take long for me to
have a delicious orgasm, which I muffled by burying me face in Mary Lou's

Katy, the youngest cousin, sat mesmerized by what she saw, and when I
finished cumming, I rolled off Mary Lou and reached out to take her hand and place it on my sticky vagina. She smiled happily, and set to exploring my inner labia and feeling the juice on her fingers. I guided her hand back up to her mouth and let her taste my pussy juice. She loved it, and
immediately put her finger into her own little cunny. Then she licked her
finger again, and commented on how different we tasted.

I took this as a clue to have a taste of her little bare cunny, which she
allowed without hesitation or shame. She lay back and spread her legs
apart, and I climbed between them kneeling and pushing my face up between her thighs to first gaze at, then lick at her little peach-shaped pussy. She squirmed with delight, and though I'm sure she didn't have an orgasm as such, she certainly enjoyed the tongue licking her older cousin was giving her.

Meanwhile, Mary Lou had taken charge of Barbie, and began tasting her
wares as well. What a sight we must have been, four girls sprawled out on
one bed, licking and lapping at one another, learning the lessons of
lesbian love.

The next morning my aunt called Mary Lou and me into her room and told us that she had seen what we were up to the night before, but that she was
concerned that we were corrupting her younger daughters before they might be ready for sex. We assured her that they seemed to enjoy it as much as we did, so she said it would be okay for us to play with one another out in the open.

Then she hugged both of us to her ample breast, and let us feel their
softness as we leaned into her and she caressed our backs and bottoms with her loving hands. Soon she had pulled up our nightgowns and had her hands on our bare asses, fingering us and exploring our ass cracks and pussies.

Aunt Betty lay back on her bed and let us go down between her knees and
push her nightgown up over her waist. How beautiful was her hairy pussy,
the pubic hair a reddish color and full over the slit of her vulva. Mary Lou
and I almost fought over who would get to lick her mother's pussy first,
but Aunt Betty settled it by pulling me up to her breasts, which she had
bared. Now I got to suck on her nipples while Mary Lou tasted her mother's
cunt for the first time, exclaiming at how delicious it was since it was
bigger and juicier than either of ours was.

When it was my turn at Aunt Betty's pussy, I was pleased to learn that her
adult cunt was indeed even more luscious than our childish ones were. Aunt Betty writhed in pleasure at the loving that her daughter and niece were giving her, and she complimented us on our technique.

The rest of that day Aunt Betty let us girls go around naked, feeling free to play with one another's pussies whenever the mood took us. She stayed nude herself, and at one point or another, each one of us was able to bury our face in her sweet, hairy cunt, tasting the constantly flowing nectar and then sharing it with juicy kisses.

In the middle of one of these sessions, when Aunt Betty took me into her arms and hugged me to her breast, I reminded her of the time she had felt me up when I was younger, and she said she had enjoyed that occasion as much as I had. She also suggested that I might try to become more intimate with my mother when I went home, since she and my mother had been enjoying lady love ever since they were the age of Mary Lou and me. But that's another story. Stay tuned!


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I love incest stories, just now when the girls in it are younger than 13, it was good over all, keep it up

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