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At the beach with a friend at his place...we were both 14 at the time
First off let me tell you about the setting. I was at my best friend's beach house in florida, We were both 14 at the time and had known each other for a while and always loved hangin out. We hung out all the time, but we never did anything until we went on vacation together.

My name is James and my friend's name was Corey. It started when Corey's dad left to go with his girl friend for the night, so that left us alone in a huge beach house all night. The first thing we did was watch some TV then ate a snack. Corey said he was going to go get a shower. i said " aight then i gotta go up stairs to get my phone charger" so i followed him up the stairs. We were sharing a room together and our bags were right next to each other's. as i was going threw my bag looking for my charger Corey was taking off his clothes. When i turned around i was surprised that i saw him naked for the first time. He noticed that i was looking directly at his dick , whitch was not very big at the time. He kinda laughed and walked into the shower. So he walked in the bath room and took a shower, while i was layin on the bed thinking of what i saw.

I had to take a piss really bad by the time he got out of the shower and right as he walked out i ran in so i could piss. He walked back in while i was pissin and i noticed he was still naked and his dick was hard. It had grown alot since i had last saw it when it was soft. he asked me if i was horny and i said "yeah alil bit," and then i asked him if he wanted to jack off. He said " yeah, do you wanna get in the shower and see who comes first?". I said" yeah it will be like a race or something." So we both went and got in the shower and closed the shower curtain. We started off by just using out bare hands and then Corey found some gel shaving cream witch we used to lube up our small dicks. we were both so horny after using the gel, but we still didnt come yet.

We got out of the shower and went to get dresed. WE were both still very horny with our boners hanging out of our underpants. He asked me if i would suck his dick and i kinda stopped and thought for a little bit and told him i would do it if he would get me back for it. He agreed to so he pulled down his pants. He lined the head of it up to my lips and i hesitated at first thinking it was so wrong. i slowly opened my mouth and let it in. It was so good when it first started, then just kept gettin better. I moved my mouthe up and down rather quickly and started a rithim. He told me it felt great and not to stop. It was my first time so i didnt know wat to expect, so abdout 46 secounds into it he tenses up and squirts a large hot load into my mouth. It made me so horny i wanted to come right then. But then i just swallowed it all up and loved every drop of it. He asked me what i thougth about giving my first blow job. i told him " that i kinda liked doing it" and asked him to return the favor. Well he didnt want to suck my dick at first untill i sucked his one more time. So i sucked his dick one more time and just like the first time he lined it up and i slowly got started on it. I first took it all in my mouth at once and slowly sucked it. but he used his hand to speed up my rythum. i sucked it for about 5minutes then he started to tense up and another large hot load was pumped into my mouth.

I gulped it down and sucked it alittle bit more, when he said that he would do me now. I took off my underpants and let him inspect my dick and balls. He started to lick on my balls and gently suck my ball sack and shaft on my dick. He then took my whole dick in his mouth and started a rythem. He went up and down for about 2minutes until i started to tense up and unleash my little load down his throught. He spit it out on his chin and licked it off.

We both then laid down naked on the bed talking about how much we liked it. I had and idea that i had once saw in a porno i stole from my dad. It was the 69 and he jumped at the oportunity. I got on the top as i waited to feel my dick in his mouth before i started. I felt something warm and smooth around my dick so i started to work on his dick. he came first after about 5 minutes and the load wasnt as big this time but seemed to have the best taste that i had ever tasted in my whole life. i kept sucking on it untilli came about 10secounds later. we both then laid back down and got re energized when he got the idea of ass fucking. I was prety sure i wanted to try it. so he went and got the shaving cream we used on our little jack off race to lube up his dick my my ass hole.

At first he stuck him index finger in my ass hole and it sent a huge jolt threw my body when it first entered. he slowly began to move it in and out waiting to feel my little ass hole relax. He rubbed some shaving cream on my ass hole then leveled his dick up to it. he ran it over the hole a couple times just teasing me and driving my nuts. i didnt know wat to think until he started to put his dick in my ass. he put it in about half way and i started telling him to stop. he stoped for a little bit then when the rest of the way into my virgin ass hole. He then started to pump it in me and i was bent over the end of the bed and him standing behind me. He pumped away at my ass for about 10minutes this time. He was to come in my ass hole so he pulled it out and came all over his balls and shaft of his dick. He then grabbed my head and made me suck it all off his dick and balls.

It made me so horny. I didnt konw what went off in my head but something made me have and urge to kiss Corey. I leaned up and kissed him with my tongue deep in his throat we made out for a good 5minutes. we were grabbing each other all over our body's until my finger found his ass hole. i broke our kiss and i put soome shaving cream on my finger and lubed up his ass hole. I started to finger fuck him as we stared to kiss again untill i felt something tugging at my dick. i then pushed him down to the bed and made him get on all fours. he did so without any complaing. I leveled my dick up with his ass and slid it half way in and let it set there for a secound then went all the way in his little hole. I started pumping rather hard at first and made him say stop. but i didnt stop i just slowed down for a little bit then sped back up. he was loving it i would tell and so was i. I felt myself fixing to come so i just came right inside his virgin ass hole. I pulled out of him and watched the come ooze out off his ass. we then laid there holding each other and fooling around for the rest of the night. Until we woke up in the morning and did that same thing for the rest of the weekend.

that was my first story so just bare with me

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-23 00:20:27
Shaving cream for lube? Get the fuck outta here


2013-01-18 10:07:54
Love the way you took turns on each other asses...I'm a woman and i LOVE anal!!!

anonymous readerReport

2011-05-08 08:05:45
Yeah, grammar, spelling, and the lot were painful to struggle through. Please be considerate of your readers by ensuring such errors are not present when you submit your work for posting. This was a nice story that could have been far better had it been written correctly.

anonymous readerReport

2011-01-26 16:22:49
The story is very hot! But omg the spelling & grammar are actually painful. Work on it


2010-05-19 15:38:45
great story, my real life story was similar, but I didnt get to make out or have anal, the friend i did it with stopped hanging out, and now i want to do it again, but its really hard to find a new person to do it with

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