This story has some truth about it..This story happened about 5years back, I was only 19 as the saying goes...
I had met my fiance Hayley, when we were only 15years old. My partner is a beautiful tall with black hair and blue eyes girl, but I had to move away for a couple of years. I was 19 when I moved back and we met up again, I finally met her family at a big get together at her parents place, near a major beach.

There was her Aunt with her 2 kids, Amber 8 and Max 4. My Fiances brother Toby, 7, and her Sister April 13.

When we got there the girls were playing in the water, they came over and gave me a big hug when we were introduced, I got the biggest hardon you could imagine. There they were, playing and laughing., there I was drooling..... Hayley draged me over to introduce her parents to me. I didn't know what to say as I all I could think of was these girls playing in the water.

That night when we got home Hayley asked me what I thought of her family, all I could say was they were nice. But I was still thinking of them Amber and April especially.

About 2months later we moved into a new house and Amber called, I was shocked, She asked if she could come over for the weekend, (She was extremely smart for an 8yr old). I called out to Hayley, who was getting ready for work and asked if Amber could come over, she said yes but she would have to wait till Saturday morning. I wouldn't have that so I said she could come over Friday afternoon, while Hayley was at work that way Amber would have the whole weekend to be with us.

That put a huge smile on my face when they agreed to that offer.

Friday came about 4pm a car pulled up in the drive way it was Amber and her mum. Amber hoped out of the car in a HOT denim dress. Amber has long dark almost brown red hair, brown eyes and stands about 3.5ft tall, she is short for her age. But WOW she was hot.

That afternoon I asked if Amber wanted to watch a DVD I said she could choose as we have about 150 DVDs to choose from, she agreed. She decided to put on Lion King, a movie I had seen thousands of times, but not with such a hot chick beside me. Anyways, I sat down in my recliner and Amber jumped up on my lap and said that she wanted to sit with me, So I offered to move to the 2 seater and she accepted. I sat down and she laid down with her head on my lap, I dont know how she did not feel my dick getting harder by the millisecond.

About half way through the movie she moved her hand up to her head and started to rub my dick above my shorts, I was frozen with anticipation at what she may do next, but she just kept rubbing away. I was nearly ready to blow when the movie finished and she started to rub harder, then she turned sat up a gave me kiss on the mouth and said thankyou for the movie. I was shocked.

She then led me to the bedroom and said that she has only ever kissed a girl and not a boy before, and that she wanted to kiss me and wanted me to teach her how to kiss properly. I didn't know whether to agree or not but I did...

I knew what I was doing was wrong and it shouldn't happen. So I said yes and I sat on the end of the bed and she stood infront of me and we started to kiss just lips first then I started to put my tongue in, she soon got the hang of it and also started to pash me with her tongue. Amber paused for a second and said that when she seen me staring at the beach she new she could ask me, I didn't even know I was seen staring, but maybe the open mouth and the drool, and the hardon you could hit a ball with gave it away.

We kissed for what seemed like ages, but it was only about 6:30pm, Hayley was not due home from work till about 2am, so I asked Amber if she was telling the truth about kissing and she said yes, I then asked her if the girl that she kissed ever do anything else with her, other then kissing, Amber said that she had touched the other girls pussy adn vice versa but never much else.

I offered to teach Amber how to have sex, I was shocked when she said that is what she wanted in the first place. So i pulled her on to the bed and lifted her Hot denim dress off of her and started to rub her stomach and tiny breasts, down to her thighs, she grabed my hand and started to push it into her undies. That was my que to strip her of her child virginity. I took her Undies off and start to finger her little pussy, but because she was only 8yr old it wasn't to wet down there, but the sweet smell was enticing me to lick her out, so I put my head between her legs and drove my tongue deap into her little pussy, she moaned and loved every bit of it. I then started to finger fuck her agin with the spit that I had left there, she squirmed and moaned more and she said to do it (have sex) to her.

So I pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and pulled my 7" dick out and lined it up to her little girl pussy and slowly pushed it into her, she said that it was a bit sore but to keep going as she wanted it all the way in. So I did. I started to rock back and forth till I was almost 2" in her when we met a resistance I told her this would hurt for a while but she did not care so I forced it in till it was almost 4" in her, I kept fucking her; watching her beautiful body and sexy eyes. When I felt my self about to blow my load, I wanted her to taste it so I pulled out of her and told her to suck my dick clean of it's juices, so she did and MY GOD she was good she put nearly 6" of my 7" cock in there, I was amazed watching this HOT 8yr old sucking, licking and teathing my cock like a season pro.

I started to feel again after about 5mins of her doing this to me, and I shot my load down her mouth and into her hot stomach. She licked my dick and wiped the little bit of juice of her chin and sucked it off her finge, rthen gave me a kiss and said to keep fucking her, so I did. I kept fucking and fucking her for about another 30mins when I was ready to blow my load again, this time she held me and said to spew it in her. I could not complain at all with her request. Then I shot my load in her and I droped on top of her with my dick still plugging her little pussy.

We kissed for a little while longer and she asked what it would be like up the bum. I could not believe this girl wanted it up the arse aswell. It did not take long for my dick to stiffen again and I was ready to teach this girl a thing or two about arse fucking. I rolled her over and rubbed her Nice firm little round arse and told her it would hurt a little, so I grabed my fiance's lube from the draw, beside the bed, and rubbed a little on my dick so it would slip into her easier. I lined her up and started to push my dick up her arse, it took a bit to pop the lid but it soon got in there and in there, until i had about 6" of my dick in her butt. I started to fuck her arse like i did her nice tight pussy, and she loved it, after about 15 mins I shot my load up her arse and pulled out of her. She wanted to suck me clean again but I offered to take her for a shower first, she beat me to the bathroom, where she sucked me again and again in the shower.

That night I set a bed up for her a the end of ours, as it was getting cool of a night and we had a heater in our room.

My Fiance got home and asked what we did while she was at work, all I said was that we watched a couple of DVD's and kicked a ball around outside for a while, as Amber was sound asleep from the days activities.

This story does not end here..........

My Fiance said she had to work again on Saturday afternoon so she (Amber) would have to stay with me again for the night, we did not complain. Just before Hayley left for work again on Saturday Amber asked if she could sleep in our bed with us (We have a king size bed) as it was cold sleeping on the ground, so Hayley agreed, I hesitated trying to sound as though I did not want her to, BUT it was a cover up, BECAUSE I DID.

As soon as Hayley was out of site and on the way to work Amber was pulling me to the bedroom to start the lessons all over again.

That night I put Amber to bed and waited up for Hayley to get home again, we went to bed and had Amber between us. What I did not know was that Amber was to give me one of the best Hand Jobs a girl could give me that night while Hayley was asleep as she slept quite Heavy. When I was ready to cum Amber slid down to my dick and sucked it all out of me.......

The weekend was over Amber did not want to leave, she whispered in my ear as no one was watching that she loved me and said that it was the best weekend she had ever had. So we oranised for her to come over for a fews days of each Holidays and every now and then a weekend, and the lessons start again everytime.

I dont know if Hayley ever woke up that night when Amber hand fucked me and sucked me dry, but she still does not have a clue as to why Amber wants to cum over so often, and I love it....

I hope you all have enjoyed reading the story as much as I have writing it.

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2012-01-06 18:32:39
That's a smart way of looknig at the world.


2007-07-01 08:15:00
don't change a thing. pre-teen pussy is the best there is. I love those fat little pussy lips, and knowing you are the first man to ever touch and taste their young cunts.


2006-04-07 05:36:44
loved the story keep it coming and keep her 8


2006-03-20 07:36:16
too many idiots on here confuse rape and statutory rape. okay, rape is unconsensual sex at any age. statutory rape is with a minor. 18 is the generally known age, but if you do some research, most states the age of consent is 17 now, 16 in some. Fuzzynutz


2006-03-15 13:13:28
terrific! i like the young age thing. it brings a delicious innocence to the story. good work

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