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Mom sets up a date for more amazing sex
Long months of frustration followed with my mother refusing to couple with me again for what seemed like a year or so. Until one day, she again brought her needs to my attention through hints she used during phone conversations. This time, I had finally got her to at least discuss the matter of our sinful sex, and for a rare occasion, she was being very open and candid about her feelings. “If you just weren’t my son! My own flesh and blood, I think I could deal with it!” she said, “it just makes me feel so dirty”. I explained to her that for me it was just another way to show my love and affection to her, and she is much better off fucking with me than some stranger. She agreed with some of my logic but held her opinion that since she felt it was wrong it must be wrong.

The next day she called me again at the same time; “what if you were someone else, or at least if I thought you were”. I asked, “what do you mean, like acting as if I were some other man?”. She went on to excitedly describe how she could convince herself that I was some other person, given the right setting, and she could safely live out a fantasy of fucking a complete stranger. We talked for some time, both of us growing aroused by the plan she was making to meet me at a nearby city and “pick me up” as if I was a total stranger. She told me that I was to be at a certain bar & grill around a certain time and she would look for me seated at the bar. She wanted me to stick to my part and act as a total stranger. For the next week I went through most of each day with my cock pressing into the crotch of my pants, in growing anticipation of this planned encounter.

The evening finally arrived, and I had prepared myself for her by changing my appearance as best I could. I had cut my hair very short and dyed it to jet black and grown a moustache, I was dressed up in new clothes in a much different style than my usual. I arrived and nervously found my way in, sat at the bar, and started drinking. I could not find her for a while, but soon I overheard her voice somewhere behind me and I turned around and saw her seated at a small table next to a booth with three guys, one of whom was trying to make conversation with her. No wonder he was trying to talk to her! She looked fucking hot! She was dressed in a low cut gown and was wearing a bra that shoved her tits up and exposed plenty of cleavage. A new hair style and some make-up made her look 15 years younger.

I avoided staring at her and started a conversation with two rather large girls who were seated near me, at one point, my thoughts even drifted away from the attractive older woman behind me as I considered the possibility of wallowing in the warm rolls of these two plumpers. Just then, I was bumped into from behind and I turned to hear my dressed up mother apologize profusely to me, she asked my name, then asked if she could buy me a drink. She sat at the bar beside me and began some small talk and asked me some questions. The fat girls were not pleased.

Mom had a story prepared and we were truly engrossed hearing and learning about each others new identity. One of the plumpers would lean over and ask me something every now and then trying to get my attention. I was loving this! This older woman was faced with some competition! The bar was getting very crowded and loud and she turned towards me and tugged on my arm and whispered in my ear “those young girls are just teasing you”, her lips kissed my ear as she spoke. I asked, “and you’re not?”. Mom responded by grabbing my hand beneath the bar and as she continued speaking to me, as if nothing was going on, she pulled my hand up along her smooth thigh, she was holding my fingers in her little hand and she carefuly placed the tips of two fingers into a warm and wet crack! My dick immediately pumped full of blood and strained painfully against my pants.

I was in a blur from that moment on, Mom's charcter now had me totaly subdued by her beauty, grace, and charm. Twenty minutes later she left the bar with me following her, we got into her car where we started making out and she once again pulled my hand to her pussy. Suddenly I realized that my hands did not feel her pubic hair! She’d shaved her cunt! I nearly attacked her then in a frenzy of lust, she protested and stopped, gently pushing me away. She said that she had a room nearby but was afraid to just take in a stranger as she had never done anything like this before.

I convinced her that I could be trusted and did my best to keep stoking her fire of lust. She finally approved and we returned to a nice motel where she was staying. As we walked through the lobby people sure took notice of this sharp older lady who had obviously won the affections of a much younger lover.

Into her room, straight onto the bed, my fingers again finding the warm wet folds of her bald pussy, rubbing and caressing her as we passionately kissed. She was acting out her part as I started removing her clothes, saying she wasn’t sure she could go further with a complete stranger. “you want me don’t you?”, I asked, “or were you just teasing me too”. She said no, she wasn’t teasing and she needed me to fuck her, but first she wanted me to shower.

I complied and when I emerged from the bathroom, she met me at the door, it was totally dark and soft music was playing on the TV, she guided me to a chair and as I sat, she kneeled. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the light, her warm mouth engulfed my cockhead, she moaned while she sucked pre-cum from my dick. In a few minutes she arose and walked to a lamp which she turned on, she had the light turned down very dim and in it’s glow I beheld a stunningly beautiful creature.

Mom was wearing a light blue teddy that hung from her tits and flowed down to her hips, it didn’t quite reach down far enough to cover the magnificent view of her freshly shaven cunt. I could make out the large pouty lips of her pussy and saw a glistening streak of moisture in her folds. I approached her and dropped to my knees, my face was inches away from her tits, her nipples were wrinkled and stiff, poking into the sheer fabric of her negligee. I reached a hand behind her and grabbed her soft ass with one hand and pulled her to me, my other hand slid over the bald mound of her sex and began probing the inner lips of her cunt. My face buried in her bosom, surrounded by soft fabric, warm skin, and perfume. I worshipped her body while I knelt before her, I untied a silky bow and her teddy slid to the side to reveal her huge mounds of breastmeat on her heaving chest, she rocked from side to side and brushed her erect nipples slowly over my mouth and face.

She stepped backwards towards the bed and lay down with me attached to her like a leech, sucking her nipples and rubbing my knuckles over her clit. We wiggled against each other as she nestled into a comfortable position on the motel bed. My strong hands groped and petted her body, and I was shocked at how wet her pussy had become as my fingers stroked her inner lips and rubbed over her slick clit. Unbelievably, she started coming then. Her body trembled and her hips rocked her wet pussy up and down on my fingers as she began to fall into the grip of orgasm. I started rubbing little circles over her swollen clit with two fingers while I anchored my hand by pressing firmly against one side of her wet, yeilding, pussy lips. My mouth left her breasts and I kissed her deeply and smothered her mouth with mine and inhaled her frantic breaths as she was overcome with what must have been a tremendous climax.

I Then pulled her to the center of the bed, spread her legs apart and climbed atop her, my cock danced around her smooth mound, I gave little thrusts forward that pushed my dick into her bald lips and prodded her sensitive clit. I held my hips back and rotated them around moving the head of my cock against her opening and spreading her fluids around the extent of her wet slit. She was going nuts! The acting was over with as she called me by my real name and told me she needed her son’s cock.

She continued begging as her body pushed her groin towards me trying to impale herself on my rigid shaft “I need my baby”, “please fuck mommy with your big stiff cock”, “Shove it in me now baby”, she pleaded. “OHH! I need you to fuck my pussy!”

“GOD YES!!” she squealed as I eased forward and began sinking my meat into her steaming hole. Before I even got halfway in, her hips started gyrating, wanting to claim more and more of my prick. “OH fuck YES mom!”, I panted and shoved forward. I had her now, her body, heart and soul, were impaled upon my manhood. Her legs wrapped tightly around me, my arms encircled her soft body and squeezed her tightly, our crotches pressed hard into each other, her naked pubes felt the coarse nest of my pubic hair while my nuts pressed into the soft skin beneath her sacred opening. Her cunt was "open" more than usual, it's hard for me to describe, but it was warmer, wetter, and "looser" than it had been other times.

Mom's hips rose to meet mine with an excitement and enthusiasm that belied her 61 yer old body. She was trying to be quiet but she could not suppress her high pitched howls as I continued plowing into her overheated crotch. My groin was tensing up, my prick expanding inside her, my balls tightened as I sensed the oncoming explosion; I cried; “OH MOM! I’m gonna cum deep inside your pussy!” Mom; “Ohh! Ohh! Give it to me”. Me; “Oh god! Fuck yes!” Mom, “CUM! Gosh! Oh fuck yes! Ohh!” Mom could not hold back as my throbbing dick spewed warm gushes of come into her, she came with me, and was still thrusting her frail hips into me even as my dick started shrinking. We tasted each other’s mouths and clung to each other tightly as we melted into the afterglow of orgasms. This night was far from over.


2007-01-15 01:03:58
when r u going to fuck hre ass


2006-10-29 01:09:53
moms r the best!!I to had mine when I was 16 the first time and we stopped when I was 22 she got to old for it she says...


2006-10-16 23:18:19
I always wanted to fuck my mom and I believe she wanted me to at one time and i was too stupid to realise it Loved the way you let your guy in the story fuck her good job


2006-07-14 10:56:04
hi i love ur mom


2006-07-13 14:08:09
the fuckin woman was friken 61

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