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two pot head friends, just chillin at home one night
Intro: two 16 year old guys sitting at home on a week night with no parents, gettin stoned out of there minds. Matt and John rooled up two blunts and each smoked one to there self. After that they went and sat down on the couch and watched a porn that John had brought with him. They both had boners and were touching them selves threw there pants. They had sucked each other's dicks before and sometimes tried to fuck one another in the ass, but usualy didnt work. 10 minutes went by and they ended up naked on the couch next to each other. John reached for Matt's dick and started to pump up and down on it, and got it hard as a rock, then took all 7 inches in his mouth. He started to bob up and down on it, really getting into it. He stayed in the rythem just like the girls on the porno they had been watching, when Matt was about to cum he told John that he was close. John took his dick out of his mouth and pumped it towards his lips, right whe Mat came John took most of the load into his mouth and gargled it around before spitting it out.

Matt just laid back on the couch, still naked and still horny. John started to slowly stroke his dick in front of Matt, just trying to turn Matt on some more so they could keep fooling around. John slid over closer to Matt and leaned into him and engaged in a long meaning less kiss. Matt pulled away and headed south for John's hot dick. John had a large dick for a 16 year old, it was 9 inches and very thick. Matt took most of it down his throat and started to get into rythum with it. he pulled off for a minute to lick all over my balls and onto my ass hole. He licked all over my ass hole and inserted his middle finger in my ass. He stareted to push it in and out, feeling my ass hole loosen up he inserted another finger, now with two fingers John was gettin really into it. John told Matt he wanted to try it up the ass one more time. Matt went into the bath room and grabbed some KY gelly that he had purchased just for this occasion. He opened the bottle and squirted alittly in his hand and lubed up hid dick by stroking it back and forth. He then applied some to John's ass hole. He fingered him again, first using two fingers then moved up to three fingers. After John was relaxed with four fingers in his ass Matt started to put his dick in John's ass hole. Matt put his dick about half way in and stopped so John's ass could relax, then went the rest of the way in. John had done this before but never liked it because it had always hurt him so bad, but today it wasnt hurting much at all. Matt slowly started to pump in and out of John's stretched asshole. John was starting to moan with pleasure, he told Matt to fuck him harder, then harder. Matt picked up his pace untill he was pistoning into John's ass hole. Matt was fucking him as hard as he could for at least 30 minutes when Matt tensed up and unleashed his second load right in John's ass hole. Matt fell off of John's back and laid down on the floor in front of the couch. John laid on the couch feeling his strechted and slightly torn ass hole.

After they had laid down for a minute they got up and decided to smoke another blunt and watch some T.V. They flipped threw the local channels not find anything to watch so they turned the porno back on. John stood up and said " I'm gonna go take a shower real quick". Matt told him to hurry up, and just sat and watched the porn. After about 5 minutes Matt got up and walked in the bathroom were John was taking his shower. Matt stripped down naked again and stepped into the shower. He stood there watching John soap up his balls and huge dick with soap and stroke them, then washed then off. After he rinsed the soap off Matt took almost all of John's cock down his throat, he bobbed up and down on it for along time until finally Matt got tired and his jaw was sore, he stood back up and put his mouth close to John's ear and told him to fuck his ass.

So John told Matt " lets go in my bed room and get on my bed," Matt just nodded his head and followed John out of the shower. They didnt even dry off just got the KY gelly and lubed up John's huge rod and lubed up Matt's tight ass hole. John started off by inserting two fingers slowy in his ass then gently worked his way up to three then four. After John had gotten four finger Matt was moaning very load and telling John not to stop. John got on his knee's behind him and leveled his huge cock up with Matt's poor ass hole. Four fingers had'nt even relaxed Matt's tight almost virgin ass hole, John had only gotten his cock a quarter of the way in and Matt was telling him to stop. John didnt stop, but he just went deeper into Matt. He finally got all the way in him but Matt was telling him to pull it out, he started to pull it out but only took it half way out and shoved it right back in. Matt let out a loud cry of pain when John started fucking him at a steady rythum. John picked up his pace untill he was fucking him ass fast as he could, Matt was screaming in pain, but it was as if John couldnt even hear his best friends under him screaming for him to stop. John pumped away at Matt's torn up ass hole for almost and hour untill he pulled out and shoved his dick in Matt's mouth and made him swallow all of his load, which by the way was the biggest load he had ever let out. He filled up Matt's mouth with his hot salty cum, Matt swallowed a gulp down and let the rest just ooze out on his mouth as he wimpered about his ass hole.

After John had came off in Matt's mouth he got up to get dressed when he noticed there was blood on the sheets of his bed, he looked and Matt still lying on the bed feeling his bleeding and torn ass hole. John leaned down to look at what he had done to Matt. Matt's hole was still spread wide open, and blood was seeping out of it. Matt said that it hurt really bad and that he was he didnt know what to do about the bleeding. John told him to just lay there and go to sleep. John crawled into bed after gettin undresed for the last time and held Matt close. They both dozed off for about about and hour, that is untill John woke up before Matt. John got more KY and lubed up his dick and lubed up Matt's ass hole, Matt must have been in a deep sleep from all weed they had smoked because John put the head of his dick in his ass before Matt woke up and moaned that it hurt. John told him to just relax and he would take it slow. John slowly pumed his ass for about 2 hours before he released his load right in Matt's ass and collapsed next to Matt.

that was my first story


2007-12-11 21:05:12
watever,i liked it
and for those who seem to have only derogatory remarks, why the hell are you complaining about gays. in case ur stupid enoug not to notice........THIS IS THE FUCKING GAY SECTION!!!


2007-09-19 18:30:25
Very confusing on who was who....
It sounds to me a little on the border for rape....
Im not really sure though. Needs some work. i rated 1/10....



2006-10-29 23:13:47
it just shows that it's his own story.. hidden in the names of john and matt.. :)


2006-08-10 00:05:17
fuck my asshole


2006-07-12 20:02:40
Why do you insist to click on the storys with the deions that you dont like? do you like to cum to a story and then bad mouth it after, u clicked on the gay story, you are gay.

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