I am a single white bisexual male at the time of this in my late 30's and had only been with a few other bi or gay guys for oral sex. I was horny one afternoon and decided to try my luck on the internet.

I had been idly surfing, viewing pictures and reading stories when I decided to log onto a local chat room to see what was happening there. I hadn't been in the room very long when I got a message sent to me, "Hi, where from?"

I responded and the person told me he was a 50 year-old man, decent shape, was in the area and wanted to meet another bisexual guy for some real-time fun. We chatted for a while and exchanged enough information and we seemed like a good match as we both enjoyed the same types of things. When he told me what town he was in, I was amazed. He was only about 25 minutes from me!

He had a laptop and was staying at a motel a few towns away and he asked me to meet him at the lounge for a drink to see if we liked each other. I was very excited and agreed immediately. We met at the agreed upon time and after finishing a couple cocktails, he asked me if I was interested in going to his room for some fun. I smiled and nodded yes.

At this point, despite the drinks, I was still a little nervous and he seemed to sense it as we walked to his room. He told me to not worry, we'd only do what I was comfortable with and there wouldn't be any problems. I felt like we had developed some trust so I decided to just relax and enjoy myself as much as possible. Little did I know how much!

We got on the bed in his room and he had a couple of pornographic magazines that we flipped through together, laying next to each other and commenting on the various models and poses. Soon we both had stiff cocks and he suggested that we get undressed.

We stood on opposite sides of the bed and stripped our clothes off. His cock was half-stiff, about 5 inches long and his chest was moderately covered in a fine smooth light brown hair. My own cock was rock hard and straining at 6 inches. My chest hair was slightly darker than his and just about as prevalent.

He asked me if I liked to role-play and I said I was pretty open minded about everything two guys could come up with. He told me to come around the bed and get on my knees in front of him and I did. He put his hand on my chin and lifted my head so that our eyes were locked and he told me that he was going to be my Daddy and direct me in how to please him. I smiled and he told me to keep my hands at my side and then asked me if I liked his cock. I said I did and he told me to give it a kiss.

I leaned forward a little and kissed the head of his swollen cock and then leaned back to be straight up on my knees. Next he said to open my mouth and extend my tongue and keep my eyes on his face. I did and soon felt the head of his warm hard cock resting on my flat tongue. It was incredibly exciting to be directed in this way and something inside me felt so good about it. He told me he thought I was submissive from our chat and that he enjoyed being dominant while playing. I couldn't say anything with his cock on my tongue, but smiled up at him and kind of nodded. My cock was very hard at this point.

Next he said to close my lips around his cock and to tongue it and I did. He started a gentle rocking of his hips telling me how much like a pussy my mouth felt to him. I loved the humiliating way I felt and squeezed my lips tightly to provide more pleasure for him. He would ask me questions without taking his cock from my mouth and it was fun responding to him with murmurs and groans. He knew I was his horny little bitch at this point and said that the real fun would soon begin.

He reached out and held my head with his hands and told me he was going to fuck my mouth. I groaned with delight and felt him slide more and more of his cock into me. He wasn't too thick so my teeth never got in the way as I felt him feed me more and more of his delicious dick. The pre-cum was leaking out of it onto my tongue and I loved the texture and flavor of the slippery substance.

All the while he kept up a verbally abusive and very direct dialogue that enflamed my passion higher and higher. I never had my mouth called a pussy before and soon he was fucking my face with his entire length, pulling back but never taking it out completely and then ramming it forward until his pubes touched my nose and his balls slapped against my chin. Despite keeping my lips around his dick, I was drooling quite a bit and his balls were coated with my saliva. As they slapped against my chin, my chin and neck soon got wet as well. I remained on my knees and he held me in the position he wanted.

"Are you a cock sucking pussy mouth?" Almost nodding my head, "Mmmpphhff" was all I could manage in response. "You love my cock fucking your sweet pussy mouth, don't you?" and again I groaned my affirmative response. He released my head and stepped back a few feet and sat down on the bed with his legs spread wide. I started to move towards him but he said to stay put. As hungry as I was to keep sucking his cock, I was glad for the short break to rest my jaw.

He said, "You're quite a cock sucker.did you enjoy that?" and I nodded. He said, "No, tell me out loud." I replied, "I enjoyed sucking your cock." He looked down and told me to look at how hard my cock was and when I did I noticed that is was soaking wet and shiny with my own pre-cum and no doubt some of the drool that dripped off my chin.

"Stand up and come over here, I want to have a taste of your cock now." I was only too eager to comply. He licked the head for a little bit and then put his hands on my ass cheeks and pulled me completely into his mouth taking my whole length in one long stroke. It felt so good to have his mouth on my straining hard cock.

I groaned at the hot mouth surrounding my dick and he bobbed his head up and down about four or five times, tightly stroking the shaft with his lips and scrubbing the underside with his wet raspy tongue. I flinched and told him I would cum in a second if he didn't stop and he grasped the base of my shaft with one hand and firmly squeezed it. The urge to cum ceased and he took my cock out of his mouth and told me to climb onto the bed and get on all fours.

He took a magazine and opened it to a picture taken from behind a naked woman on a bed in virtually the same position I was in and told me to look at it as he placed it under my face. He reached in the table by the bed and took out a tube of KY jelly and told me he was going to play with my ass. I felt so sexy and submissive to him and when I felt his greased finger slide into my hole, I couldn't help but moan and push back at him.

"That's it, fuck yourself back onto my finger just like the woman in the picture. Doesn't that feel good to have my finger fucking your tight ass-`pussy'?" He was beside me on the bed and reached down and flipped a page and the next picture showed a man with his finger at the entrance of her asshole and then the pictures progressed to him inserting that finger and fucking her ass just like what was being done to me! I just kept moaning and pushing back onto his finger and then I felt him push two fingers into me as he said he was going to get me nice and loose for his cock to slide right in.

I shivered with lust and told him breathlessly that I had never taken a cock in my ass before. He reached under me and rubbed the wet head of my cock as he continued to finger my hole. He told me to relax and that I should tell him how it feels and I kept moaning things like, "Ohhhh it feels so good, so fucking good.I love how this feels so good to have you fucking me with your fingers...please don't stop, I need it."

He flipped another page of the magazine and now the guy in the picture had his cock halfway in the woman's asshole. I felt the fingers withdraw from my hole and he again reached in the drawer and took out a cock ring and rolled it down my shaft until it was tight around the base of my dick. He told me not to cum, no matter what. I could only moan. At this point I was putty in his hands, totally aroused, loose and well lubricated.

I felt him move behind me on the bed and one of his hands now rested warmly on my ass. I looked back between my legs past my engorged purple-red cock and noticed he was greasing up his condom-covered cock with more lube. I couldn't believe it, but there I was on all fours about to be fucked for the first time in my life!

He told me to beg him to fuck my `cunt' with his hard cock. I was surprised to hear my own voice begging him, "Please fuck me.please fuck my `cunt' with your hard cock."

I felt the hard pointed head of his cock touch against my asshole and the heat from that contact made me moan again. He told me to push out like I was going to shit and he eased the head of his cock inside my ass. I felt a little pain but it actually changed to a wonderful pleasant feeling and I just stuffed my head down into the pillows, lowering my shoulders and just about shouted, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.PLEASE FUCK ME!"

He drove his cock all the way into my ass and held it there for a moment. I felt the heat from the front of his legs on the backs of mine and after a little bit, he started to slide out and in, fucking my ass slowly as he started another verbal assault on my mind.

"Does my sissy cock sucker like getting her `pussy' fucked?" I only moaned and he said, "Tell me out loud.SAY IT!" He continued to fuck me and I said, "I love getting fucked in my `pussy'.I love your hard cock in my `cunt'!" He really started pounding my ass at this point and I just lost it completely. I have no idea how long he fucked me like this but I only felt intense pleasure. I was vaguely aware of my own cock becoming almost painfully stiff and swollen and while in my mind I wanted to cum, I didn't.

I felt him pull out of my ass and he pushed me onto my side and then turned me onto my back. He pulled the rubber off his cock and I was surprised it wasn't shitty at all; the way that he had pounded my guts fucking me. He got up on my chest with his knees on either side of my head and looked down at me. I smiled up at him happy as could be.

"Beg me for my cock cream you little slut!" and as soon as I started to reply he leaned over my head and drove the entire length of his hard cock right into my mouth! I heard him say things like, "I'm going to fuck your mouth like I fucked your `pussy' and you're going to eat my cum you sweet little fucking sissy cock sucker!!!"

This just inflamed me even more and while I didn't have a choice in the matter, I tried to show him I was okay with it as I pressed my tongue up against his shaft and tightened my lips around his cock as firmly as I could. He held my head and kept jamming his dick into my mouth. I kept groaning and moaning and soon he started to shoot his cum. I felt the first blast jet into my throat and this was followed up with a couple more spurts. He pulled himself up and out of my mouth but his cock kept shooting cum, some landing in my mouth with most of the remainder landing on my face.

I gulped to swallow what was in my mouth and my head and senses were filled with the tangy pungent taste of man cum. "Open your mouth", he said as he jacked the last few drops from his dick directly onto my tongue and told me to hold it. He slid down next to me and held my face in his hands and licked his cum up then he deeply tongue kissed me, sharing the remaining cum in our mouths, wetly smearing our faces in the process.

"Time for you to cum, I want you to fuck my pussy mouth," he said and he reached down and managed to remove the ring from around my swollen dick. My brain had stopped working long ago but I did feel a little pain in my dick. He took the entire length of my cock in his warm wet mouth and very quickly coaxed an enormous orgasm from me as I pumped up into him as best I could. He stayed on my cock until I finished shooting and then came up and kissed me again, sharing cum with me in another deep tongue wrestling French kiss. I was completely exhausted and couldn't even hold him as he lay next to me with his leg draped across my thighs and his arm across my chest. We fell asleep and when I woke, it was dark outside and he smiled at me and asked how I felt.

"Submissive!" I said with a smile.

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2014-09-01 05:53:40
Nice story I dont feel as I have been FUCKED unless I have 8 or 9 CUM inside my ASS as well as EATING their YUMMY CUM

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2013-08-28 11:55:56
It made me strip grab a dildo stick it up my ass. I am sub and I want to be dominated by another faggot. I had to beatoff while reading. I love the taste of cock . I need 2 or 3 hung guys to take me out and assfuck mefor about 12 hours

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2013-08-28 11:55:40
It made me strip grab a dildo stick it up my ass. I am sub and I want to be dominated by another faggot. I had to beatoff while reading. I love the taste of cock . I need 2 or 3 hung guys to take me out and assfuck mefor about 12 hours

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2008-08-11 21:32:26
2007-05-05 15:40:47 LOl, its so funny to see people call gays and lesbians "unnatural"...cause if you havnt noticed dogs, cats, horses, swans, wolves, and many more animals that are found in nature fuck male to male, or female to female. If its so unnatural, then why do things in nature do it?? LOL

Female to female? never happend.
great story keep it up


2008-07-21 12:26:16
i enjoyed it immensly and it turned me on. I would like an experience like this to happen to me

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