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Journal of an Agent: Chapter 3 - Jessica Alba
By Carnage Jackson (


Awards shows are always a big deal for us agents. Sure,
they are a mixed blessing with all the preparations in
getting your star (or stars) ready for the big night, but
the payoff comes when they come home with those nice
shiny statues that mean bigger and better things for
their careers, and our wallets.

One of the firm's hottest clients and a quickly rising
star is Jessica Alba. We had initially taken her on as a
"little fish". Basically a bit part actress. But then
when she interviewed for the highly coveted female lead
on James Cameron's Dark Angel and got it, we started to
pay more attention. The show is a hit and Jessica was
everywhere. She was the "it" girl for the fall TV season,
something very few stars get to experience.

And now here she was, up for a People's Choice award for
best new actress. Sure, it wasn't an Academy Award, but
anything that can help her resume works for me. So, on
the night of the ceremony, I went all out. Julie (my
personal assistant) had suggested renting a huge limo for
Jessica, as well as paying for the dress she would wear.
This would display an air of confidence and would treat
her like the star she had become.

We picked Jessica up from her loft apartment at 5,
allowing two hours for pre-show traffic. Myself and two
bodyguards were in the limo when we pulled up, just as a
safety precaution. I was there to see how she did and
maybe wrangle away some new clients for the firm. As soon
as her and her boyfriend got in the car though, I knew
something wasn't right.

"Dean, guys," she said, nodding at the two security
guards. "This is my boyfriend Ken."

Ken was a well built guy, probably in his mid 20s. He had
a nice enough face and was dressed very well, but even
from 5 feet away, I could smell the alcohol on his breath
and his clothes.

"Hi. How are ya doing? I'm Ken," he said in a slight
slur, extending his hand for us to shake. When I reached
to shake it, he pulled it away.

"Haha! Too slow!" he laughed drunkedly. I looked at the
two guards. They too could tell it was going to be a long
night. The car ride there was excruciatingly long, not
only because of pre-show traffic but because Ken talked
endlessly about how he met Jessica and how we had all
better "stay away from her, she's my girl", shaking his
fist at the two guards. The one on his right
just rolled his eyes and politely answered "Yes sir."

To make matters worse, Ken was partaking in the whiskey
in the car quite fluidly. Jessica was underage and
couldn't drink, although not like I cared if she wanted
to or not. Lots of our under age stars partied quite
hard. Jessica just sat on her seat in the car quietly,
obviously embarrassed by Ken.

When we arrived, Jessica and Ken got out of the car.
Julie had picked out the dress for Jessica to wear, and
she looked absolutely beautiful. It was down to ankles
and all black, with a maroon sash tied around the waist.
Her left shoulder was bare, and the back of the dress was
slit, exposing her beautifully tanned and perfect skin.
When she stood to get out of the limo, I couldn't help
but look at her ass. Ken managed to compose himself for
the cameras, although it was quite evident to anyone near
him that he was totally drunk. Luckily for Jessica and
the firm, the cameras avoided him as much as possible.

Before the show began at 8, I walked around the lobby of
the auditorium, talking to clients who were in attendance
but not up for any awards, as well as managers and owners
of studios and other agencies. In the two months I had
been in Hollywood since taking over the business from my
deceased father, I had made quite a few connections in
Hollywood. Grabbing a drink from a cute little brunette
waitress, I took my seat in the upper level above the

This was my first in-person award show and I enjoyed it.
Granted, winning a People's Choice isn't THAT big of an
accomplishment, and a lot of the
presenters were b-movie actors and actresses, but it was
still enjoyable. When Jessica's category was up and set
to be announced by Rob Lowe, I actually
felt myself get a little nervous and excited.

"And the winner for Best new actress is....Jessica Alba,
Dark Angel," Lowe read from the envelope.

The auditorium erupted in applause, and Jessica made her
way to the stage. Her acceptance speech was short and
sweet. I was honored when she mentioned
me by name as "the best agent a girl could ask for".
Strangely though, she didn't thank her boyfriend.

After the show, I finally chased her down in the lobby.

"Congratulations!" I said, giving her a hug.

"Thanks. This is so overwhelming!" she said, a huge smile
on her face.

"Well, let's go celebrate. Tell me Ms. Best New Actress,
where are we off to?" I asked, leading her towards the
entourage of press and limos outside the

"Hold on, I need to find Ken. I think he went off
somewhere to get another drink," she said, sounding a
little angry about his drinking.

She found him not exactly where she wanted to. He had
cornered a blond bartender in a far corner of the room
and was obviously trying to get into her pants. His head
was less than 3 inches from her face and it looked like
he was just about to kiss her when Jessica walked up.
Using a move I had seen her do in Dark Angel, she grabbed
Ken by the shoulders and slammed him up against the wall.
For a smaller woman, she was quite strong.

I was across the room but I could tell from her voice and
body language that she was giving him a major bitch
session. His face seemed to be apathetic, often not even
looking at her when she was talking. She finished and
started ragging him towards me and the door. We hurried
to the limo and drove off.

Jessica was extremely upset, and had her face in her
hands crying.

"How the hell could you do that to me Ken? In front of
all those important people," Jessica sobbed, trying to
control herself again.

Ken was even more drunk than I thought possible, and his
attitude showed it. "I was just trying to hook up with a
girl to maybe get in on a threeway with you, me and her,"
he said snottily.

Jessica slapped him hard across the face. Acting out of
pure reflex, Ken balled up his fist and raised it back to
punch Jessica. Luckily the two bodyguards caught it as
soon as it was over his head, one of them palming his
fist and holding it back while the other bent his other
arm around his back, immobilizing it. Ken struggled in
vein for a second and then relaxed. The guards still held

"Ken, I think this is where you get out," I said coldly.

"What?? We are in the middle of the freeway!" Ken said,
sounding concerned for the first time that night.

"That's your problem. Not mine," I said. With that, one
of the guards used his free arm to open the door to the
night road outside. We were not going faster than 5 mph,
and actually were stopping quite frequently. And even
though I didn't give a rats ass what happened to him, I
didn't want to go to jail for throwing him out of a fast
moving car. Moving with amazing agility inside
such a small space, the guards grabbed Ken's legs and
arms and as the car came to a stop in traffic, lightly
threw Ken onto the shoulder of the freeway, closing the
door quickly behind them. Ken rolled a little bit but was
back up in a flash, running after the car. He caught up
to it and was banging on the windows, quite sober now.

"Jessica baby, come on! I wouldn't ever hit you, you know
that! I was only kidding around with the blond girl!
PLEASE LET ME BACK IN THE CAR!" he was yelling, his
tuxedo getting dirty from the sand along the road as well
as the diesel fumes from the cars. When the car stopped,
Jessica surprised us all and rolled down her window. A
momentary glimpse of hope on Ken's face was just that,
momentary, as Jessica said emotionlessly.

"Go fuck yourself!"

This angered Ken and he tried to cram his arm and head
through the window to get at Jessica. The guards were
quick on the draw though, pulling out a 9mm pistol each
and jamming it through the window. Ken got the message
and backed away from the car. Jessica rolled up her
window and the car sped up, as we were at our exit.

Things were quiet in the car until we got back to
Jessica's loft. I took one of the guns from the guards
and got out of the car with Jessica, telling the driver
to take the limo back after he dropped the guards at
their houses. I would stay with Jessica to make sure she
got in okay and that Ken didn't try anything stupid. I
was acting not only in my best interest but also
Jessica's, as after the awards and Ken, things could be a
little exciting at her house in both a good and a bad

We walked to her front door and then she stopped before
opening it.

"Thanks Dean. I mean, for everything you did tonight,"
she said, looking directly into my eyes.

"No problem. And congratulations again on winning," I

"Yea, thanks," she said. There was an awkward moment of
silence and then she leaned in slowly and gave me a kiss
on the cheek. This wasn't the usual Hollywood greeting
kiss; There was a certain warmth in it. Feeling her warm
breath on my cheek, impulse took over and I turned her
head slightly, kissing her softly on her beautiful lips.
I only intended it to be a momentary kiss, to return the
favor, but she kissed me back with more heated passion. I
began to feel my body take over as I unconciously moved
my hands up to her soft, round hips. Our kiss became more
involved, as she slipped her tongue into my mouth and I
moved mine into hers. We stood there kissing like that
for what felt like an eternity. Finally, I broke the kiss
and moved my hands from her.

"Would you mind staying with me, just to you know, be
safe?" she asked innocently, the flames of passion
dancing behind her deep hazel eyes.

"I'd love to," I replied softly. She then opened her door
and we were inside her apartment. Shutting the door
behind us, she took my coat from me and hung it on the
coat rack by the door, brushing her small but firm body
against my side. Turning around after hanging the coat,
she leaned against the wall and I moved in to kiss her
again. Our mouths acted virtually on their own accord and
our kissing became more feverant. I slowly started
kissing her neck and exposed shoulder, reaching my hands
around her back to undo her dress. Letting the clasp
fall, I gently pulled the dress over her shoulders and
exposed her bare breasts.

Her skin was as beautiful as the rest of her, a darkened
shade that had to have come from the Italian and/or
Hispanic portion of her genes. Her aereolas were a deeper
brown and very large, covering the front portion of her
breasts almost entirely. Her nipples were large and quite
soft, as I ran my hands over them, flicking them ever so
gently to arouse them. They stood pointed from her large
breasts, as Jessica's breathing became a bit heavier from
the excitement. Her face was flushed with the erotic
attention the rest of her body was getting. I moved my
mouth from her shoulders and began kissing her breasts
all the way down to her nipples, taking a handful of her
left tit into my mouth and sucking lightly on her nipple.
Jessica held my head there and ran her fingers through my
hair, moving her hands smoothly up and down the side of
my face.

I switched to the other breast and started flicking her
now very erect nipple with my tongue, running it slowly
around her nipple, teasing it.

This continued for a few minutes, me standing there in
her hallway in my expensive tux and her dress half off of
her body. Jessica pulled my head up to her face and we
kissed fiercely again. After a few minutes, it was her
turn to
break the kiss and she gazed deep into my eyes and
whispered throatedly,

"Take me now. In the bedroom," she said.

I lifted her up into my arms, cradling her head and bare
chest against mine as I carried her through the kitchen
and into her bedroom. She had an expensive four post bed,
blanketed by a rich maroon velvet bedspread. I set her
gently onto the bed and stepped back to begin taking off
my shirt. Jessica propped herself up on her knees and
began undoing my belt and pants, letting them fall to the
floor. I stood in only my white boxer shorts, my cock
straining to get out of them. Jessica laid back on the
bed and spread her legs slightly.

I leaned over her and kissed her again, slowly moving
from her lips down her neck to her breasts and navel. I
stopped and slowly began sliding her dress off of her
hips. When I had the dress off, I dropped it lightly to
the floor. Jessica lay on top of the velvet bed now in
only a pair of skimpy black panties. Her skin contrasted
richly to the bedspread, a light brown on top of a maroon
red. Her panties were already a little damp I noticed in
the soft light of the room.

I crawled on to the bed and laid beside her. Propping her
head up with her left hand, she slowly slid her right
down my body, running her fingers softly over my chest
and abs, tracing unknown little patterns all over my
stomach. When Jessica reached my boxers, she slowly put
her hand down past the waistband and ran her small, soft,
warm hand on to my dick, feeling it up and down. I was
quite hard by now, and Jessica seemed to enjoy that.

Sitting up slightly on the bed, she pulled both hands up
to the waistband and pulled my boxers down, flinging them
onto the floor beside the bed. Stroking my cock again
with her hands, she slowly began jacking me off. I
reached my hand up and began teasing and kneading her
breast, pinching and squeezing her nipples softly. She
leaned her face down to mine and we began to kiss again,
gently and softly. I have to say, she was one of the best
kissers I have ever met.

After getting my dick at full attention, she removed her
hand and this time it was her turn to slide down her
underwear. As they moved past her hips and down to her
knees, I saw her pussy for the first time. Shaved in a
normal bikini-line sort of way, her pussy hair was a
brown about as dark as her aerolas, only much softer. I
could smell her musky scent and could see little droplets
of moisture on the outside of her mound. I moved my
fingers down to her snatch and began slowly teasing her
aroused clit with two fingers, squeezing it gently and
rubbing it between my thumb and index finger.

Jessica moaned softly as I did this. Slipping two fingers
now into her, I began to slowly finger fuck her. Moving
my fingers in and out of her tightness, I got a good
rhythm going in he. Soon, soft squishing sounds began to
resonate through out the room as Jessica was nearing
orgasm. Her moans and cries that used to be soft were now
getting louder as she was writing around on the bed in

Reaching her hands up to grasp the sheets, she cried out
loudly as she orgasmed, covering my two fingers in her
sticky sweet juice. I pulled my fingers from her and
licked them clean, tasting her salty honey. Jessica
caught her breath and then grasped my cock in her hand
and pulled me towards her on the bed.

Without saying a word, I lifted myself over her and
positioned my cock at her tiny little hole.

Reaching up with hand to caress my face, she whispered
softly "Please be gentle. Your my first,"

This struck me off guard and I almost hesitated to pull
away from her. But she was too quick for me and thrust
her hips up at me, snaring my dick in between her soft
labia and driving in almost all of my 9 inches into her
in one quick thrust. Grunting in pain for a slight
second, I could see the grimace on her face as I tore
into her quicker than she probably wanted. But only a few
seconds later, she pulled me on top of her and began
rotating her hips around my cock, trying to get as much
into her as possible.

I lay on top of her, crushing her breasts against my
chest. Her pussy was like the soft velvet of the
bedspread, teasing my shaft but virtually sucking it in
for more. The warm wetness inside her was like an
insatiable fire that I could not put out. Being inside of
her was like heaven, as I thrust in and out slowly at

My speed and tempo must not have been enough for Jessica,
as in between my grinding into her and in shortened
breath she gasped, "More! More! Faster! Harder!"

I picked up the tempo as fast as I could, and soon we
were literally bouncing up and down on the bed, my full 9
inches sliding into the deepest portion of her, hitting
her pussy wall on virtually every thrust. As feverish as
our pace was, it was the heat of her virgin, teenage
pussy that I knew would keep me from lasting for very
long. Beneath me I could feel Jessica shudder as she
orgasmed, her juices mingling in with our fucking and
leaking on to the bed below in a pool of liquid. Sensing
myself on the edge of cumming, I started to pull out of

"No! In me!" Jessica gasped, pulling me back on top of
her with all of her strength. I was torn about cumming
inside of her, what with this being her first time and
all, but my body was reacting far quicker than my mind
was, and I felt my balls tighten as I shot stream after
stream of cum into her. Jessica felt it hit her inside
and this triggered another orgasm and she cried out so
loudly it shook the pictures on the wall. Thank God she
had this floor to herself.

Exhausted and spent, I pulled out of her only to find
that I was still hard. Jessica caught her breath again
and we laid next to each other, kissing gently.

I guess she wasn't as done as I thought she was, as she
lowered my head down to her pussy. I got the hint and
started lapping at the outside of her lips, running my
tongue against her thighs and inner walls. I could taste
some of my cum in her, something that I had never
experienced before. Her sweet juices overpowered it
though, as I took her clit into my teeth and gently
squeezed, licking all around her as I did. Jessica sighed
contentedly and I continued to eat her out.

My dick was now a raging hard on once more, so I changed
positions and we soon lay in a 69 position. Jessica took
my cock in her hand and slowly slid it into her warm
mouth. I felt it slide down her throat as she licked the
shaft as it went all the way down. Lifting my hips up
from her face and then lowering them back down, I began
to slowly fuck her mouth while I continued to eat her
out. My tongue was now deep within her as it probed the
inner walls of her hot snatch. My cock was now moving of
it's own accord as Jessica would pull it out and then
lower it back in, kissing and licking it as slid into and
out of her mouth.

Jessica came first, mumbling on my cock as she did. I
tasted her juices in full force this time, spilling out
onto my mouth and the bed beneath us. The puddle by my
head was now getting quite big and sticky, smelling
innocently sweet, just like Jessica.

I turned myself around and stood up on the bed, as
Jessica continued to suck me off. Grasping her deep brown
hair in my hands, I fucked her mouth a little more
roughly than the way we had been going all night. She
didn't seem to mind though, and in fact sucked more
enthusiastically on my cock. I pulled out of her mouth
and gave it a quick two or three jerks and then sprayed
my load all over her face.

This orgasm was just as strong as the one that was still
seeping out of her cunt, and it covered her face. Streams
of cum landed on her forehead and nose, sliding down to
her mouth. Her tongue was extended and willingly taking
all the drops that landed on it. Another shot landed on
her upperlip and dropped audibly onto her waiting tongue.
I aimed my cock lower and shot the final stream onto her
large and heaving breasts, as the cum leaked down her
cleavage and onto her nipples.

We lay back on the bed and cuddled. Jessica cleaned my
cum from her face with her fingers, wiping as much as she
could into her mouth and rubbing the cum on her tits into
her chest. She licked my cock clean and we slept.

A few hours later, I awoke to noise in the kitchen.
Jessica was gone from next to me. Fearing Ken's return, I
searched around for the gun I had brought. Finally
finding it buried beneath our mountain of clothes, I
walked slowly and quietly to the kitchen. My fears were
absolved however when I saw Jessica at the small kitchen
stove, fixing pancakes. She was wearing only my tuxedo
shirt, and her ass looked beautiful in the early morning
light. Setting the gun on the counter, I walked behind
her and wrapped my hands around her hips. Her hair was
tossled from sleep, but combined with the man's shirt she
was wearing, she looked incredibly sexy.

"Hey there. Hungry? I was fixing myself a quick
breakfast," she asked, not turning around.

"Mmm... I'm hungry for something alright," I said,
grinding my growing erection against her asscheeks.

Jessica laughed softly and turned around and smiled. "Is
that so? Well, let me see if I can help you," she said

She kissed me, setting the pan on the stove and wrapped
her hands around my shoulders. I reached behind her and
turned off the fryer, the smell of the fresh batter
filling the room.

"So, what would you like to eat?" she said, that same
wicked smile never leaving her face.

"How about a little piece of ass?" I replied.

"Mmmm...I think I know how to fix that," she said.
Sliding away from my grasp, she walked over to the
opposing counter. Thrusting her ass out sexily, she
pretended like she was doing something else on the
countertop. I walked behind her and ran my hands up and
down her legs and hips, playing with her asscheeks. I
gently parted them and then began to run my cock in
between them. Jessica knew exactly what was coming and
ground her ass back against me to get me harder. I pulled
from between her beautiful ass and positioned myself at
her pert little asshole. I smeared the precum from the
tip of my cock onto the head and started to slowly push
into her.

I told Jessica to just relax and she complied, and I
slowly worked inch by inch of my cock into her ass. When
I was into the hilt, I felt Jessica slip her hand between
her legs and start to play with herself. I placed my hand
over hers and guided her in and out of herself. She was
getting wet yet again and took her soft fingers and
reached up and coated my cock with her juice. This gave
me more lubrication and I began pulling in and out of her
ass at a gaining speed. She continued to diddle herself
more and more, getting herself off from not only her hand
but also from the thrusting I was giving her.

I started to go even harder and faster now, and Jessica
cried out in part pain, mostly pleasure as we rocked
against the counter top. Finally, I thrust into her once
more and came inside of her. Jessica had already cum
twice through her own finger fucking, and we both just
lay atop each other on the countertop.

Later we finally did eat those pancakes she was cooking
and then I left. Giving her a kiss goodbye, I walked the
10 blocks back to my office, got in my car and drove
home. Showering and finally sleeping on my own bed, I
dreamed of all that lay before me at the next awards

CHAPTER 4 : Alyssa Milano


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