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chained, spread eagle in an upright position, my naked body sways to and fro. i've been left there for awhile, my head downcast in supplication and eyes closed. my thick waves of hair fall in front of my face and just hit the tops of my breasts. my body trembles ever so slightly from a bit of fatigue.

i can't quite determine where i am... some remote area in a sparse cabin. i vaguely remember seeing a barn and a wood shed out back.'s so fuzzy and i begin to doze again.

it seems not a minute later, i feel the soft caress of a fingertip along the back of my spine. running the full length from my tailbone up to my neck, i attempt to lean into that caress as a soft moan escapes my lips. my Master's hand starts to circle my throat, thumb lightly stroking my cheek, running the tip over my bottom lip. i sway back and feel the full length of your body against my own. your warmth seeps through your clothes and onto my skin. a breath of contentment is all that shatters the silence as i feel the hardness of your cock through your jeans as it lays against the crack of my ass.

it's been so long since we've been together that my pussy immediately becomes wet with my juices and a sweet musky scent fills the air. i thrust towards you in an attempt to grind my ass against your cock. inserting a thumb into my mouth, you pull it open and laugh at my wanton actions.

you mention that you have a surprise for me. i'm a little bit suspicious because i know i've been slightly remiss in my duties and i haven't warranted the privilege of anything that i would find pleasing. still... i'm crossing my fingers and think good thoughts. "maybe my Master is so happy to see me that he's forgotten my indiscretions? i might just actually get a reprieve."

running your fingertips softly along the length of my body, i tremble in anticipation. goose bumps rise from my flesh and every nerve is awake & alive. i want the chains that i'm hanging from to be removed so that i can bow low before you in the hopes you'll let me take your pulsating cock into my mouth. you laugh as i shake against the ties that bind me and go to get the surprise.

you bring in another woman. you've mentioned her before although i've never met her. long, rich brunette hair, svelte figure slightly slimmer than my own curvaceousness. taking a quick peek she seems rather shy.

with my eyes downcast, you tell me that this is siobhan, your new submissive in training, and that i am to help her to learn the ropes, so to speak. i light up in anticipation and then your next words are "siobhan, we've talked about limits and what i expect. we both know that i plan to push those limits, however there will be times when you will rebel. while not exactly rebelling, rayne has been remiss in her duties of late so her new task will be assisting me in teaching you how i deal with wayward subs."

those words make me cringe as your caress my cheek with the back of your hand. you know how competitive i am – that i strive to be the best, that i need to be your favorite. now here, meeting siobhan for the first time, i’m going to be laid low. i turn my face to your hand and try to kiss it. saying nothing but looking into your eyes… my own pleading as if to say, “please Master don’t do this to me… oh god i promise i’ll be so much better”

you turn slightly towards siobhan and i struggle not to breathe a sigh of relief. closing my eyes, not seconds later i hear a whoosh through the air. before i can register the sound the back of your hand cracks across my face snapping my head back. crocodile tears well up in my eyes.

your turn from me and address siobhan. “as my submissive, you will occasionally be disciplined – either for an infraction your have done, or sometimes just for the pleasure it gives me in seeing you squirm. please open the armoire over there.”

upon opening the armoire, she sees a vast array of paddles & whips along with other paraphernalia. “as you can see siobhan, my collection is very extensive. my dear sweet rayne is an avid equestrian and was well-versed in what these objects can do. however, because you have not had the luxury of her knowledge, rayne will help demonstrate a few of them.”

you pull the leather slapper from its hook. you show siobhan that its two pieces of leather that are approximately 2.5 feet long and 2 inches wide, whipped stitched together. at one end it was sewn closed, however at the other end approximately 4 inches of the leather strips have been left unstitched. “rayne, please tell siobhan what this is used for”.

“Master, i’ve typically used it when barrel racing to give my horses that extra burst of speed.”

you walk behind me and light up my ass. the heavy crack of the leather hitting against each other and my ass permeates the room. as you’re the leather strap rains across my ass making it beat red, you state “perhaps if you had given that little “extra” that i always require, then this wouldn’t be necessary rayne.”

“siobhan, take out that black whip – the thin one approximate 3 feet long with the small flexible tail at the end of it.” siobhan meekly hands it to you and sits back down on the chair you specify. “this is a dressage whip. rayne will you please tell siobhan in what capacity you use this whip.”

“Sir, a dressage whip can be used in many ways. i use it to train my horses to respect my personal space and know that i am the alpha of the group, especially when they’ve been pushy & difficult.”

“siobhan, i particularly like this whip –especially with rayne, because she knows just what it can do. for her, it’s a very strong deterrent. however that didn’t stop rayne’s behavior over the past few weeks, so we will give her a little reminder.” you brush the tip of the whip along my breasts. “what i really like about this whip is how much control you have. all sting but isolated strokes can cause swift bruising.” at a flick of the wrist, you snap the whip against my breasts causing instant bruising. mottled purple and red welts pop up so that it forms a sunburst. “however the real damage can be done here….” you lay the whips cane across my ass and strike. i scream at the pain as you hit harder and harder. welts rain all over my ass, across my back and thighs. a sobbing mess after 10 minutes or so, i sag against my chains. you unhook me and i fall to my hands and knees on the floor.

siobhan watches curiously as you state, “rayne, you’ve taken ‘this’ part of your punishment very well.” (i think…this part?... there’s more?!?) you take the last swig from your bottled beer and hold it up to investigate. nonchalantly you say, “rayne has been in training for quite some time. we have worked through quite a few of her limits, as i will with you siobhan. there is one particular task that rayne finds difficult no matter how long we’ve worked on it. it’s more of a mental task and it requires her to reiterate her place to me. rayne, can you please tell siobhan what you are to me?”

oh god, i can’t believe he’s going to make me say this in front of her! it’s humiliating to admit these things to myself let alone some strange woman who i feel in competition with. “rayne….” you say a little more firmly. “look directly at siobhan when you tell her who & what you are. do not close your eyes or turn away or you will think anything i’ve done before has been walk in the park.”

a hot blush warms my face, tears flow freely. i gasp for breath and say. “Master i am yours. no one has pushed me further, taught me more or owned me more completely than you. thoughts of you fill my days and i only want your happiness. i am your cunt licking, ass rimming, cum swallowing, ass fucking, slut of a whore.” humiliated and dejected, i crawl to your feet and kiss the tops of your boots.

siobhan looks curiously at you and says, “she’s a whore Sir?”. petting my head, you reply, “not just anyone’s whore… she’s my whore and will therefore do whatever i ask of her. of course she has set backs like recently, just as you will my dear. however, all in all, rayne is one of the best subs i’ve ever had. in fact i’m sure rayne would love to prove herself.” you hand me your empty bottle that you had been holding in your hand. i move to dispose of it, when i hear…”rayne i believe that bottle would fit very nicely up your ass. you see siobhan, i’ve patiently worked her through several items.. wearing plugs throughout the day, using a screwdriver, a hammer, and eventually four fingers. this bottle will be new to her.” “please proceed rayne”

humiliated, i know it pleases you to see me take as much as possible. i put the bottle upon the floor and straddle it. leaning back you can see exactly how much of it is going up my ass. my pussy is dripping wet and the juices slide down my thighs. “my rayne enjoys a certain amount of pain.. in fact turned on while she’s enduring it, she doesn’t really become wet. one would think that she doesn’t prefer it… however remove that pain and the floodgates open. it’s quite an interesting sight.”

demonstrating you binder clips on my clit and nipples, you walk to siobhan to smoothing her tresses. “now watch siobhan…. watch my little pain slut of whore. rayne… fuck yourself in the ass with that bottle. i want you at the brink of orgasm but do not cum.”

straddling the bottle i use my arms and legs to push myself up and down on the bottle. on each downward stroke i take more of it in my ass… so much so that i whimper on each thrust. i cant believe someone else is watching me doing this. i’m covered in welts & tears, fucking a bottle for my Master’s pleasure. my nipples and clit throb against the clips with every movement but god that bottle feels so good in my ass. i fuck the bottle harder as siobhan watches in amazement.

i’m so close to cumming but i need to do well. i can’t fail you again. you pull the bottle out of my ass. i pray and pray that you will just fuck me. i don’t care if someone’s watching or not… i’ll do anything. i’m so keyed up. you remove the clips from nipples and my clit and a fountain of juices comes out of my pussy. “as you can siobhan… her wetness is a testament of how much i control her every thought… her every desire.”

“rayne, crawl to me please.” i slither across the floor to you and you command, “open your mouth to this bottle and taste your ass.” fresh tears are released and i wrap my lips around the neck forcing it down my throat. siobhan stares aghast and somewhat disgust as she watches me engulf it. my juices drip down my leg to the carpet in my humiliation and arousal. tell me to keep my lips to the bottle, you lead me to the large dog cage you have in the corner. at its opening you command me to crawl in, and put my hands up so that they’re properly restrained to the thin steel bars. i hate being in the cage… i don’t even feel human.

i would do anything to relieve this itch you’ve caused inside of me. you cast a glare and i instantly become still. “would you like to have the honor of sucking my cock rayne?’” “please Sir i beg to let me worship you… i crave your hard cock gagging me.”

a gentle amused laugh escapes you as you say, “perhaps you’ll remember to behave next time. i for one believe siobhan deserves a reward for being so tolerant of your lesson. and you my dear… you can lay in your own wetness and think about what it means exactly to be my whore.”

my tears of arousal and frustration sing sweetly in your ears as during the next couple of hours as my Master and siobhan have a session where i am only a voyeur


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2007-07-26 08:25:51
quiet nice write more


2007-05-28 22:39:22
Loved it,,,very well done...I would love to see if rayne has learned her lesson


2006-03-18 06:01:52
Nice. I like the second-person POV


2006-03-15 17:34:58
Waste of time to read

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