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Chapter Ten:

"Well, I can see that you're having a good time," Margaret purred. "Is
my Henry keeping you happy, Patty? He's a good fucker, isn't he?"

Patty just lay there, Henry's prick still stiffly embedded deep inside
her asshole, her eyes shifting rapidly from Margaret to Walter as she
tried to understand what was going on. They didn't give her time to
think. Margaret crossed the room, sat on the edge of the bed and
shamelessly caressed Patty's naked body. By then Walter had already
begun stripping off his clothes.

"See? There's nothing really wrong with you, Patty," Margaret
whispered. "You're just horny, that's all. You need a lot more fucking
than average. That's why I sent my darling Henry over to visit you. I
know what a wonderfully large cock he has. You see, darling, you're not
the only mother who fucks her own son."

Henry raised his hips, grimacing as he slid his enormous cock out of
Patty's stretched, tender asshole with a lurid plopping sound. Then he
stood in front of his mother, looking at her expectantly. Patty
watched, almost unable to believe her eyes as Margaret dropped to her
knees, facing Henry's gigantic prick. The lad's massive, twitching
hard-on was soiled and sticky from fucking Patty's asshole. Margaret
obviously didn't care at all. She opened her mouth wide and thrust her
head forward, stuffing her own son's giant cock lance between her lips.

She does fuck her own son, Patty thought. The blonde looked on in
disbelief and growing horniness, seeing the hunger with which
Margaret's lips clasped around Henry's cock. Margaret was obviously a
very hungry, cum-loving cocksucker. She wrapped her fingers tightly
around the base of Henry's cock skillfully beginning to jack her son's
big prick a she sucked and slurped on the tip.

Standing in front of the door, Walter was now completely naked. He held
his own huge prick in hand, jacking it slowly as he watched. Margaret
sucked loudly and wetly on Henry's hard-on, almost seeming to enjoy the
taste his prick had acquired from fucking Patty's anus. Soon the blow
job had cleaned every trace of shit juice from Henry's organ, leaving
it glistening with spit from base to tip.

"Look, Patty." Margaret took the big boner out of her mouth, looking
mischievously at her blonde friend. "I got my son's cock all nice and
clean for you again. Now Henry can fuck your pussy, while Walter fucks
your asshole too!"

Patty remained where she was, her stiff nipples tingling and her pussy
getting wet again, gradually understanding the kind of incestuous
foursome that Margaret proposed. The last remnants of her conscience
told her to get out of the room immediately, that letting Henry and her
own son double-fuck her while Margaret watched would be stooping into
the very gutter of depravity. But Patty had never been double-fucked
before. Despite the endless humping she'd enjoyed that day, her whole
body thrilled to the thought of being stretched by two enormous,
pounding cocks at the same time.

Patty said nothing. It was the same as giving in. Henry smiled at her,
then joined her on the bed again, this time stretching out on his back
with his enormous, spit-dripping boner pulsing obscenely over his
stomach. Patty shared a long, knowing look with Margaret. Then she
submissively did what they all wanted her to do: she mounted young
Henry, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his hips, taking
hold of his giant cock and directing the rosy knob into her cunt.

"Doesn't it feel big going in, Patty?" Margaret whispered, then looked
over her shoulder at Patty's son.

"Look, Walter. Don't you like watching your mother's pussy stretching
around another boy's prick?"

Walter was watching, still jacking on his own prick, watching for the
moment when he could bury its throbbing stiffness deep inside his
mother's bowels. Patty grimaced, feeling Henry's big prick stretching
her pussy, the glistening walls of her cunt sucking and gripping around
its breadth. She clutched Henry's shoulders tightly, wiggling and
thrusting her pink-flushed ass cheeks, making his stiff cock drive all
the way up her buttery cunt.

Henry started thrusting, ramming his mammoth boner into her pussy.
Patty felt it disappearing into her, gooshing deep inside the innermost
depths of her pussy channel. She shuddered, banging her thighs on
Henry's hips as she forced his prick all the way in. Then she started
humping again, fast and hard, rapidly banging her tight, juice pussy up
and down on Henry's enormous prick.

"Fuck me," she gasped. "Ungggh! Fuck my cunt, Henry, fuck my juicy
cunt! Oh, ram it in, Henry! My pussy wants your prick!"

Soon the humping unison fell into a fast needy rhythm, with Henry
clutching Patty's hips and Patty holding onto his shoulders, her huge
tits jiggling over his chest as she slammed her hairy pussy onto his
cock as fast as she could. Suddenly she felt the bed sagging behind
her, and realized that her son had joined them on the bed. Patty
quickly sprawled flat on Henry's chest, eagerly awaiting the first
skewering thrust of her own son's hard cock into her already well-
fucked bowels.

"Spread 'em open, Mum!"

Patty knew what her son wanted. She reached behind her back, grasping
her ass cheeks, spreading them wide to display her pink, itchy shit
hole to her hung, horny son. She glanced to her right, noticing that
Margaret was now squatting against the wall and fingerfucking as she
watched. Then Patty forgot everything as she felt the first pressure of
her son's enormous cock, cleaving into the rubbery tightness of her
sore, horny shit tunnel.

"Oh, Walter!" she gasped. "Fuck Mummy's asshole! Oh, shit, oh, fuck,
you've got such a big prick!"

Walter was already humping hard, moaning with pleasure as he felt his
mother's tight, aching asshole compressing around his prick. The first
part of his cock bored into her shit chute easily, and then Walter had
to start humping hard to force the rest in.

Patty felt like she was getting fucked by a horse. Both of the pricks
were so huge, and having them in her pussy and asshole at the same time
made them seem even larger. Only a thin flesh membrane divided her
pussy and shit tunnel, and that membrane was not stretched by the
pulsing, chafing length of their cocks.

Patty felt more overwhelmed with raw fuck need than ever before in her
life. Feverishly she started humping between the two hung studs,
thrusting her cunt onto Henry's prick one moment, eagerly fucking her
stretched, horny asshole onto Walter's prick.

Walter grunted, moving his ass, forcing his giant, cum-laden cock all
the way into the rubber tightness of his mother's shit sphincter. For a
moment he lay still, letting his big prick soak in the constant,
pressurized warmth of her bowels. Then he started fucking again, much
harder than before, rhythmically drilling his mammoth, aching cock
lance through the stretched ring of her tight anus.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole!" Patty squealed.

She was almost screaming out the words now, her whole body aching with
the most intense pleasure she'd ever felt. The sweat dripped from her
body as she humped frantically between them, her tit melons jiggling,
desperate for as much hard cock as she could possible get.

"Don't shoot off in her," Margaret hissed. The naked brunette was
fingerfucking in a frenzy, ramming her fingers in and out of her cunt
as she watched Patty getting double-fucked. " it for
me, boys. "Don't shoot your cum in her. I need to get fucked too!"

Then Patty felt herself starting to cum. She knew instantly that it was
going to be a big, hard one, as her asshole sucked uncontrollably
around her son's pounding prick, as her pussy spewed cunt oils onto
Henry's cock. The blonde grimaced and whipped her ass in a frenzy of
passion, desperately trying to take in even more of their pricks.

"Unh, unh! Fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole now! Unh! Harder, both of
you! I'm cumming now! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, fuck the shit out of me!
Cumming, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her twin, ravished fuck channels spasmed violently, gripping the two
giant cocks, holding them deep inside her body as the cum pounded
through her loins again and again. The cum lasted for nearly a minute,
and both Henry and Walter kept fucking her violently through every
second of it. When the spasm finally subsided, Patty was on the verge
of unconsciousness. She offered no protest as her son pulled his huge
prick out of her tender asshole, giving her room to slide off of
Henry's cock and crumple on the floor beside the bed.

"God, I can't wait," Margaret hissed.

Henry was still lying there, his giant prick pulsing over his belly,
now waiting eagerly for another chance to fuck his own mother. Margaret
swiftly straddled him, taking Patty's place, planting her knees on the
bed to either side of his hips. She reached down, taking hold of his
stiff prick, directing the knob into her cunt. Margaret held onto
Henry's shoulders and wiggled her tight little ass in a downward
spiral, shuddering and panting as she felt her pussy being stuffed with
the cum-bloated thickness of Henry's prick.

"Now fuck my asshole, Walter!" she gasped. "Hurry, hurry!"

Margaret was sprawled forward, crushing her tits on her son's chest.
She reached behind her back, shamelessly displaying her pink, puckered
asshole to Patty's son. Walter swiftly climbed onto the bed again, his
prick throbbing harder than ever. Looking up at them from the floor,
Patty watched dazedly as Walter fit his swollen cock tip into the
puckered gateway of Margaret's bowels.

"Ungggh! Feels good, Walter!" Margaret cried. "Fuck my horny asshole
now! Oh, please, fuck my horny asshole!"

Walter started humping, grimacing with pleasure as he sank his prick
into the narrow, spasming shit hole, as he felt Margaret's shitting
muscles sucking around his cock. Margaret wiggled her ass to help him
shove his cock in, her pussy still throbbing rhythmically around
Henry's cock. A half of Walter's cock plowed up her asshole, then two-
thirds. Walter grunted and fucked down hard, drilling every inch of his
enormous, cum-laden boner into the sucking grip of Margaret's bowels.

It felt incredibly good. Margaret had sample nearly every sexual
variation known, but she had never really had her fill of double-
fucking. The two cocks stuffed inside her at the same time felt even
bigger than they really were, stuffing her loins completely with hard,
throbbing cock meat. Margaret grimaced and flushed, her face contorting
with the intense pleasure of fucking. Then she started humping fast and
hard, feverishly trying to fuck both of the big pricks at once.

"Fuck me, fuck meeee!" she gasped. "Unh, unh, fuck Mummy's pussy,
Henry! Oh, please, Walter, fuck the shit out of my horny little
asshole! Oh, hard, do it hard! I need to cum so fucking much!"

Walter pulled out, withdrawing until only the hear-shaped crown of his
hard-on distended her anal lips. He paused, then rammed his cock even
deeper up her ass. Then he started fucking the naked, horny brunette
with a quick, driving rhythm, tirelessly spearing his enormous prick in
and out of her horny, itchy anus.

"Fuck Mummy's pussy, Henry!"

Henry responded, humping his ass to meet Walter's rhythm, drilling his
cock in and out of his mother. Walter fucked harder, his prick swelling
progressively stiffer in the rubbery grip of Margaret's asshole,
growing close to showering her bowels with jizz. Soon both of the hung
young studs were humping as hard as they could, guiding Margaret to the
peak of ecstasy, ramming their pricks in and out of her horny, writhing

"I'm cumming!" Margaret cried suddenly.

The orgasm burst violently deep inside her belly, radiating through her
pussy and asshole, making the twin fuck holes spasm even harder around
their cocks.

"Unnggggh! Fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole! Oh, shit, I love it! Cumming
now! Unh, unh, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Henry cried out, fucking his hips as high off the bed as he could,
slamming his prick to the hilt in his mother's cum- throbbing, juice-
spewing pussy. Even in the middle of her cum, Margaret groaned with
intense satisfaction as the milky-white cock juice started spewing out
of Henry's cock, flooding torrentially deep inside her cunt. Henry
fucked harder than ever, draining his load into his mother, feeling the
sappy white goo running out of her furry cuntslit and puddling luridly
on his stomach.

Walter rammed down hard, sinking his prick to the hilt in her asshole.
Then he started cumming too, shooting his load of cock juice deep
inside the brunette's pulsing ass. Margaret's shameless smile widened
as she felt her rubber shit tunnel being showered with more cream.
Eagerly she kept bucking and humping between them, now flexing her shit
sphincter to drain the last gooey droplets out of Walter's cock.

And, watching from the floor, Patty had already begun finger- fucking
as fast as she could. She knew that the boys would keep their cocks
hard, ready to fuck their mothers all day and night. Patty knew now
that she couldn't restrain the intensity of her passion for fucking,
and she knew that she didn't want to. She simply lived for the joy of
having her pussy and asshole reamed, or slurping on her son's enormous
cock, sucking the tasty cock juice out of her own son's big prick.


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2012-09-07 03:27:12
Hmm,guess there wasn't anything more on Limewire. You should have written something else on your own. Whatever, bowels are self cleaning unless one has diarrhea, so there's no special taste on a cock that''s fucked an asshole, though most people would want to wash it off a mite.


2008-02-02 17:13:22
Loved the series. Wish you would have kept it just between mother and son tho. Bring sistern if one is available. I fucked both my mother and my sister for about 12 years giving each of them 4 childern. 2 boys 2 girls for my mom and 3 girls and one boy for my sister.


2007-12-17 12:11:29
Single fucking is much more enjoyable for the man than double fucking. My mo, never liked to be double fucked,but did it occassionaly. WE found that a threesome was far superior, my mother, my sister, aand me.


2007-11-25 20:42:26
You just kept repeating the same thing. It's like you wrote the one part and then just repeated it with the name's changed up to this one which was differen't somewhat. But I did like it. 7/10


2007-02-24 11:51:45
brilliant! Can't wait till the next chapters! More lesbian action! 11/10!

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