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Jerome relaxed and laid against the back of the sofa. "I told you to suck
my cock like your wife. Do it or I'll give you another dose."

My husband didn't need another dose. He humbly crawled to the edge of the
sofa and pulled himself up. He was looking directly at the still semi hard
black tube that had just ravished his wife. Jerome grabbed him by the back
of the head and pulled him sharply forward.

Jim immediately opened his mouth and was rewarded by the insertion of
Jerome's black cock. He feverishly sucked the black sperm and my womanly
coating from the large much used black man weapon. It took my husband nearly
five minutes to thoroughly clean the black manhood. Smiling Jerome raised
his leg and pulled it back to his chest...."Now Rim me....."

Jim did not instantly recognize the order but with the black puckered
asshole only inches away from his wet shiny face he finally comprehended the
dreaded order. He started to shake his head.....but the intense glare from
the muscled black teenager finally registered; again. Jerome smiled when he
felt my husband's tongue slide up his chute. His left hand found the back of
his head and with his fingers firmly planted in the slick hair he pulled Jim
forward until he was totally buried in his black ass. The submission lasted
nearly five minutes and finally Jim was kicked away.

I laid totally still as my husband was made to pay for his submissiveness.
He had not defended me against my terrible assault and I felt no mercy for
him as he labored to lick my student's pungent asshole. My body ached from
my head to my tender stretched pussy hole. Jerome's seed continued to flow
from my swollen lips. I could not comprehend how much sperm had been planted
in my heretofore seldom used womanhood. I tried to shift positions but each
movement brought pain to my stretched muscles... and my stretched cunt.

When Jim had been kicked away I turned my head and looked at my Jr. High
Student. His icy stare confirmed my fears that this would not be the end of
my or my husband's servitude to our new Black Master.

My husband laid at my feet after cleaning my Black
Lover's cock and asshole. I tried to shift my tired body and
every muscle seemed to ache. My teen age lover had twisted
my body in such angles that each of my muscle groups screamed
for relief. My pussy, full of Jerome's mammoth discharge was
still leaking down my thighs and coating my asshole, even after
nearly an hour of his brutal lovemaking.

Jerome shifted and slid to the edge of the sofa cushions.
"Hey Jimbo, how you going to like a little black baby bastard
running around this nice home. In another nine months your wife
is going to spread her legs and my black baby will drop out.
How you going to like that you limp dicked little faggot ?"

Jim, totally broken looked up at his tormentor and
meekly shook his head. "No.....I can't accept that...," he quietly

"Well White Boy, I suggest you suck my sperm out of
my new pussy...." Jerome mocked.

My husband, Jim, was totally mesmerized by the black
teen age boy that had taken his wife.. He looked around
unbelieving the last several hours. He had watched his
heretofore meek, mild, mousy wife become a sexual vixen at the
end of a fourteen year old black boy. He had witnessed his
own decline in masculinity.....being forced to clean the black
cock that had totally captivated his wife. Of being forced to
suck the seducer's wrinkled asshole. Of being kicked on the
floor like a junk yard dog. And last....of being mocked by the
black intruder after he probably impregnated his wife.

This last conscious thought finally brought him to some
small sense of reality. He crawled between my legs and gently
spread them. Even this gentle movement strained already
overworked muscles. I looked down to the man who I had
loved; but who I now loathed. He had permitted this fourteen
year old youth to savagely fuck me......... Gathering my
remaining strength I reached behind his wet scalp and pulled his
face towards my tender and stretched slit. The initial contact felt
soothing. His soft wet tongue caressed my swollen pussy lips
caused me pleasure. I felt the tip of his tongue snake into my
chamber searching for Jerome's seed and spread my legs. I was
still wearing my hose and I enjoyed the erotic scene with my
doting husband sucking my pussy with my nylon covered legs
wrapped around his head.

Jim was a man on a mission. He kept trying to insert his
wet tongue deeper and deeper; attempting to secure more of the
salty sperm left by my teenage black boy lover. As he
scrunched up against my overworked thighs I continually tried to
spread my legs further and further to allow him greater and
greater access. I was rewarded by his warm tongue as it dove
deeper and deeper into my wet recesses. I felt his tongue
scoop out the boy's discharge and I heard him suck it down his

Out of the corner of my eye I seen the teen ager slowly
get up and move around to the back of my husband. I watched
his face as he put his finger to his lip and motioned for me to
keep silent. I obeyed the boy with the long hard black cock.

When he was directly behind my husband he motioned
for me to raise my legs and insert them over my husband's
shoulders. Although I did not immediately realize what he was
asking I complied without hesitation. As I interlocked my nylon
covered legs over my husband's shoulder it had the pleasurable
effect in driving his face deeper into my steaming crevice. It also
accomplished another effectively immobilized him..
He could not dislodge my legs..........

My husband started squirming when he felt Jerome
reach around his waist and unbuckle his belt. He kept struggling
harder and harder to break free but...... my legs held him firm.
His struggling excited me as his face was ground ever deeper
into my now aroused clit. I could not see his face...only feel his
futile struggles.

Jerome had a large smile as he unbuttoned the dress
slacks and started pulling them down over Jim's lean waist.
Each of Jerome's movements caused my husband greater and
greater anxiety. He desperately wanted to be free so that he
could resist what we both knew was coming. The black teenager
ungraciously ripped the slacks from his thighs and legs;
letting his knees hit the hard floor. Jim had only his jockey
shorts covering his small treasures now. They were still wet
from when he was masturbating after watching me being
ravished by my black lover.

My husband started screaming when he felt Jerome's
strong hands grab his shorts and slowly pull them down over his
ass cheeks. As the screaming continued I pulled his face
brutally forward with my strong legs. The leverage I had; my
legs being wrapped around his soft shoulders was complete.
Although his legs thrashed around his upper torso was
completely at my mercy. I smiled........My underendowed and
under powered husband was about to experience what I had
enjoyed in my stretched little cunt.

After he removed the jockey shorts Jerome turned and
walked to the bathroom. When he returned he had a sly smile
on his face. He carried a tube of K-Y jelly in his hand and
again motioned for me to remain silent. A smile appeared on my
face as he smeared the clear liquid on his right index finger. I felt
my husband flinch as he felt the digit insert itself into his tight
unyielding anus. Jerome continued smiling as he sawed in and
out of Jim's ass with his slime coated finger.

My husband continued to thrash around until....... His
submission like mine was quick and decisive. His pleasure level
however was not like mine. He struggled until my black lover
had finished.....and left his seed buried deep within his bowels.
As Jerome finished I finally unlocked my legs and allowed my
husband to slump to the floor in front of my pussy. His vacant
stare told me of his surrender.

Jerome got up and marched off to the bathroom.
Shortly I heard the shower running and saw steam flowing from
the open door. I let my eyes close and drifted off to a light
slumber. I drifted off hearing my husband Jim, sob softly at my
nylon covered feet.

When Jerome returned he softly stroked my brow. "Go
make our bed."

I looked up with a puzzled look.

"From now on I will be sleeping in your bed with you.
Your husband can sleep on a rug near the door. I want him to
hear when I pleasure you. Now Go..."

Jim, his eyes distant, meekly shook his head.

I pulled my weary body off the leather sofa and
followed my black teen age lover's orders. I returned and stood
in the door completely naked when I had completed the tasks
that he had assigned.

"You can watch if you want. I am sure you will hear
when I bust my nut in your wife again tonight..." Jerome told my
husband who meekly nodded.

I drifted off to sleep first but was awaken approximately
three hours later. Jerome was sucking on my distended breasts.
He sucked the hard nipples into his mouth and roughly bit the
tips. It brought a sharp pain but it also brought .........arousal.
By the time he mounted me I was wet. Even though my pussy
was wet and ready his size again intimidated me. The large
black cock slipped into my small and sore pussy and after
fucking me intensely for nearly thirty minutes he deposited his
virile black seed deep in my womb. I seemed to be on a never
ending cycle of intense orgasms since this tall muscular black
youth walked into my life.

After squeezing his the last of his seed on my tired and
exhausted body Jerome rose and walked to the door. "Clean
your wife. If you hurry you can suck my cum from her pussy. If
you fail your mousy little wife will be carrying my baby....Do
IT....Now !!"

My husband timidly pulled himself off the rug where he
was asleep and crawled to our martial bed. His tongue found
my hole and sucked Jerome's seed from it's outer reaches. It
then forced it's way deeper into my chamber. I could tell he
was able to retrieve some of the thick fluid. He continued until
he had cleaned me thoroughly. Groggily he pulled himself off
our bed and returned to his rug.

I felt the springs creak as Jerome laid back down and
quickly fell off into slumber.

Jerome took me two more times on this first night of my
surrender. Each time my husband Jim was forced to clean my
chute of his virile seed. As I drifted off to slumber after my last
servicing my thoughts were of the coming day. What more
could possibly be in store for my husband and I ?

WHAT ???????

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2008-09-16 15:12:54
yea ummmm, i think it's funny that people are yelling white power in a porn forum. and this story sucked ass(no pun intended). it was both gay and disgusting. like a horror porno or something. made my dick soft. i felt ashamed whn beating off and thats not a good look

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2008-08-17 18:50:04
Better ending and then JIm pulled out a video camera, he had videotaped it all, The next day Barbara, or Marie, gave the tape to the nigras friends. he shot himself since he was made fun of for being gay.


2008-06-11 16:02:36
Wow what a wild fiction, what black boy wouldnt want to make a slave out of his teacher, the fact that she is white makes it even more dirty.


2008-03-01 15:53:26
salut mon ami comment cava?


2008-01-22 13:18:37
What not kill the nigger while he was sleeping.. Dumb bastard..

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