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Daddy Meats Teacher - Chapter 3


Arc Light

The first signal of a new day was when my eyes finally
opened. It was nearly 11:00 AM and neither my teen age lover
nor my husband had yet stirred. My body although rested still
ached from the sexual breeding that I had undergone during the
last twenty four hours. I raised my head and my muscles sent
me their signal; they were sore and each movement must be
performed on a slow motion basis.

I slowly made it to the shower off the master bedroom.
As I felt the warm water coat my body I lathered my small but
firm breasts and slowly rubbed the soap over my well used sex.
The warm water, soap suds and peaceful moments relaxed my
tender and sore body.

When I finished I pulled on one of my husband's white
dress shirts. I thought momentarily about putting on a pair of
panties and bra but then felt that my new lover would not
approve. I therefore exited the bathroom in only my husband's
shirt. When I re-entered the bedroom I saw the first movements
of Jerome on my martial bed. I walked over and straddled his
muscular body. He was laying face down and I forcefully gave
him a soothing back rub. After several minutes he rolled over
and pulled me to him and gave him a full mouth kiss. He then
pushed me aside. "I like bacon and eggs..."

Jumping from the bed he started for the bathroom but
my husband had just woke up. Jerome turned and walked to
my husband. "I think you best do some yardwork Jimmy. I
have a party planned for tonight and I want your yard looking
real fine."

Jim, his head still fogged with early morning grogginess,
tried to comprehend how the arrogant black teen age boy had
taken over his wife; his home; his very existence. "I need to
take a quick shower," he mumbled, rubbing his red eyes.

"No, you best do what I tell you, when I tell you to do
it. Pull your white shirt over your jockey shorts," Jerome

Jim started to object.....but reason again prevailed. The
black teenager's muscular nude body was still far too much for
his to challenge. He pulled on the white dress shirt that was
crumpled by the sofa.

"Put your wing tips and black socks on. That should
make a good combination," Jerome smiled.

Although he complied with the humiliating orders he was
less than pleased. After tying his wing tips he meekly walked
out to the garage where the rakes were.

As my husband timidly shuffled out the kitchen door
Jerome returned to my side. He confidently put his large black
hand on my ass cheeks and whispered in my ear, "I have a
surprise for you later this morning."

After I fixed my lover's breakfast I was ready to start
the dishes when I heard the front door bell ring.. I started to turn
and put something on but Jerome pointed to the door. "Get the
Door...." was the brief but direct command.

As I walked towards the front door I did manage to
button all but the top three buttons on my husband's shirt. I was
not expecting anyone this Saturday morning. When I swung the
door open I was totally shocked. Filling the entire door frame
was one of the largest men I had ever seen. He had a wide
smile on his handsome black face. He wore a sleeveless shirt
and his biceps rippled. The shirt ended just below his massive
pectorals and showed his rippled stomach. He wore tight blue
jean cut-offs and tennis shoes.

I tried to analyze his age. He was not old but he had
many years put on his lean frame.

I was just about to speak when I heard Jerome speak
from behind nearly nude frame. "Daddy, Come On In."

The large, six foot six inch black man brushed by me
and the two black men embraced. I glanced towards the front
of our house and saw my ridiculous looking husband with a rake
in his hands. Wearing only his dress shirt; jockey shorts and
dark socks with his wing tip dress shoes he looked like a
complete idiot. The expression on his overwrought face looked
like a man in total dispair.

I slowly turned to see the new man that had walked into
my home; and into my life. The door was still completely open
and my husband Jim was observing the latest events in his life.

Jerome turned to me and said this is my father. You will
address him as "Daddy" cause Mary he is one bad dude.
Daddy walked up to me and took full inventory in his intense
eyes. "So this is your little meek teacher," he said to his son.

As he stood next to me I was awed by the rippling
muscles in his arms and shoulders. His arms were larger than
my legs and he looked like he appeared straight from a
bodybuilder's magazine. He cupped my chin and lifted my face
until I was staring into his burning intense eyes. "You best
please me. My son tells me for a meek little bitch you fuck to
please. Is that correct Teach ?" he asked.

With my head held back and the intense burning eyes
melting my already fragile being I could not speak. Out of the
corner of my eyes I could see my husband Jim forlornly looking
at the scene in front of him. Here was his rather tall meek wife
standing in front of a Six Foot Six Inch Muscular Black man
clothed in only a white dress shirt. I am sure that my husband
could see my trembling body as I tried to answer the tall intruder
who had invaded our lives.

"It doesn't look like you have much in the tit department.
I like to tit fuck my new bitches; so you better find other ways to
please me Mrs. Jones......: Daddy continued.

His overpowering strength radiated to my lean trembling
body. He could break me into with a flick of his powerful arms.

His intense eyes continued to burn into my soul. "I like
what I see in your face Mrs. Jones. I see fear and I feed on that
emotion. I have spent the last ten years of my live in Joiliet State
Prison and I have seen a lot of fear. Once you have fear instilled
you get what you what...." he continued.

My voice started trembling, " What......what is it that
you want ?"

His laughter broke the immediate tension. His hands fell
to the top of my open shirt. His massive grip slowly but
powerfully ripped the resisting buttons from the starched white
cloth. He slowly and deliberately ripped the shirt open one
button at a time; the buttons flying throughout the entrance
hallway. His objective was for him to exhibit his strength and
with each button sent flying he accomplished his goal.

In merely seconds I was standing nearly naked before
his gazing eyes. His strong hands reached around me and with
each hand on the back of the collar shredded the resisting cloth.
Once the shirt was in two pieces it merely fell from my
shoulders. My nipples hardened ......... from the early morning
chill or the intense situation; I do not know. I felt myself moisten

Daddy stood before me and didn't speak for nearly two
minutes. He merely inhaled my fear and dread. "Have you
fucked this little meek teacher in the ass yet son?" he finally

Jerome stood smiling to our left. "No Daddy....I thought
you may wish to break her in. I'm sure she is cherry. The little
teacher hadn't had a real man until Friday night. Her limp dick
husband sure hadn't hurt her pussy hole at all. It was like
fucking the little bitch for the first time."

The older black man again turned and burned his intense
eyes deep into my soul. "Has anyone taken your ass yet Mrs.
Jones ?" he calmly asked.

I felt like melting.....standing naked in front of a muscular
six foot six inch black block of granite and having him question
my most intimate encounters. "No one has ever fucked my ass,"
I meekly answered.

"Put your hands on me," Daddy ordered.

I hesitated. I was shivering........ I knew that he would
make me.

"Put your hands on the black cock that will but your ass
cherry Mary," Daddy again ordered.

His command was stern. Hesitantly, I allowed my
hands to find the front of his cut-offs. He heard me gasp as my
small hands outlined the large hard black cock through the
denim fabric. My mouth fell open and I heard him and Jerome
laugh at my discomfort.

"Milk IT...... Milk my black cock Teacher," he ordered.

My small hands ran on both sides of the denim covered
cock. I looked up and seen that he was smiling at my
discomfort. He was enjoying my apprehension; my fear. His
cock was TOO BIG. It would never fit into my soft body.

"You will squeal when I take your ass cherry. I may let
you experience the fullness in your Pussy first. Jerome.....How
many times have you bred the little bitch ?" he casually asked.

"I've taken my Teacher five times since Friday. She
could barely take my cock the first time but I've stretched her
little hole since the first time. Her limp dicked husband must be
hung like a noodle. Her little pussy gripped my cock like a
glove. She felt like she was a twelve year old virgin when I first
fucked her. She learned to spread her long legs after I first
buried cock deep in her womb though," Jerome callously
answered his twenty eight year old father.

I was frantically stroking "Daddy's" long hard cock. I
was hoping he would blow his first load in his shorts. It would
give me a brief moment of respite.

He looked deep into my eyes. I could not stand his
intense glare. I started shaking......

He slowly walked around behind me. "Put your hands
on your knees Mary," he softly commanded.

I complied with his order. "Please.......don't hurt me," I
quietly begged.

Standing behind me I heard him stick his index finger in
his wet mouth and coated it with his saliva. He took his
time............... I didn't want to feel his finger; but I knew what
was coming.

"Turn your head to the left Mrs. Jones. Let me know
what you see lover," he quietly asked.

Turning to the open door I looked out my front
sidewalk. Standing with the rake in his hand and his tongue
hanging out was my husband Jim. He was still in his ridiculous
black socks; wingtips; jockey shorts and white dress shirt. His
little cock was at attention and he had a defeated look on his

"My husband is watching us Daddy...Please let Jerome
shut the door," I softly pleaded from my half bent over stance.

"Tell me about his little white boy cock Mary. Tell me
about your husband's cock. Has he ever been able to satisfy
your needs ?" Daddy asked.

"His cock is hard," I softly spoke.

I felt the saliva coated finger tease my tightly clenched
little wrinkled asshole. I flinched but didn't step forward. I
knew that punishment would follow if I resisted his crude
domination of my tight lean body.

"Your ass is tighter than Bob. He was my white boy
cellmate for three years. When the guard brought him to the cell
for the first time he was crying. I made him get down on his
knees and suck me within ten minutes he was thrown into my
cell. He sucked me every night for three years. I made him
whore for me with the other brothers.....but he got a shot of the
hot dose. He died within nine months of aids but I still made
him suck me as his teeth were falling out......I would suggest that
you not resist me Mrs. Jones. Now reach back and spread
your ass cheeks."

With my eyes tearing I reached back and pulled my
cheeks apart. I pulled them wide and I felt his finger lodge into
my nether opening. At first it was only the finger tip; and then
the first knuckle; and then......... The finger hurt.....

He pulled his finger out and walked around to directly
face me again. I was afraid he would take my ass on the floor
directly in front of the front door with my husband watching.

"Does your fear excite you Mary ?" Daddy questioned.

" frighten me....Please, leave me and my
husband...." I sobbed..

"Spread....." Daddy ordered.

I lowered my head and spread my legs wide apart. I
brought my hands to cover my hardened nipples.

His strong dark fingers ran along the outside of my
lower lips. A small moan escaped my lips. The sensation felt
good...the release of my tension relaxed my suddenly cold body.
I turned my eyes to the door and seen my husband, Jim with his
little manhood twitching on the front lawn. I tried to understand
what emotions must be going through his mind with his naked
wife in the middle of the front door; and a huge black man
probing her sex while his fourteen year old black son stands by
idly watching. Fortunately I did not have additional time to
comprehend my husband's emotions.

As his fingers traveled back and forth along my squishy
slit he allowed his fingertips to sink between the folds. He
brought his wet fingers to my lips and allowed my moisture to
soak my lips. My tongue snaked out and tasted the honey like
substance. Daddy was pleased.

He continued to excite me with his fingers but made
certain that he not bring me to climax. I knew that this was
merely the first stage of his domination........and my submission.
After all, his son had already filled me with black cum. It was
now his Daddy's turn.

"Do you want to suck me first ?" was his simple

I looked up.....into his forbidding eyes. My lips moaned
"Yes" as I slid down on my knees.

He carefully and slowly undid his belt....and the button
holding the tight denim shorts....and slowly drew the zipper
down. I was merely an observer from my subservient position
at his feet. When the shorts slid down his muscle bound thighs
his black manhood flopped out.

The purple head dripped a large pre cum drop which I
quickly sucked in my mouth. His black cock was nearly too
thick for me to get my mouth open wide enough. I tried...I
nearly dislocated my jaw trying to suck the huge man organ into
my mouth. Even with my saliva coating the tip I could barely get
the first two inches in my mouth. My tongue bathed the black
cock. I brought my small hands up to cradle the huge balls
dangling before the magnificent black manhood.

Jerome walked to the front door and giving Jim an angry
nod, slammed the door.

I slaved at pleasing Daddy. My mind raced; if I can't
get his black cock in my mouth how could I get the huge organ
in my pussy in God's Name could he bury
himself in my................ass.

However at this moment Daddy was not worrying about
my fears... His black cock discharge caught me off guard. He
walked forward and I fell back on my ass as His Black Cannon
blasted his hot spunk deep into my throat. I tried to swallow but
there was too much white cum. It blasted out my mouth and
was running down my chin. I humbly looked up at the massive
black man smiling above me.

He stroked himself emptying his pet up spunk on my
face and hair. As he looked down he could see my wet and
slopping pussy streaking the hardwood floor.

"Get Ready....I'll be in to fuck you in a minute. Lay face
down on your bed......" Daddy ordered.

With glazed eyes I walked towards my husband's
bedroom. I swayed my ass cheeks provocatively as I walked
across the room. In hindsight it was probable foolish.....Daddy
still had more than one load ready to be leashed on my sexually
charged body.

Before Daddy arrived I had put clean white sheets on
the bed. Jerome and I had coated the previous ones with load
after load of creme. I stepped up on the bed and kneewalked
to it's center. I then laid face down and waited.

Jerome was the first to enter the room. His cock was
charged but he was to obientantly wait his turn with me. The
black blindfold was the first thing to rob me of my sight. Jerome
pulled it tight and I moaned. I pulled back my right hand when
he grabbed it and pulled it to the corner of the king size bed. I
heard the metal clasp close before I felt the cold stainless steel
handcuff to steal my partial freedom of movement.

Jerome then walked to the foot of the bed and sharply
pulled my left ankle down before clasping my dainty ankle to the
foot of the bed. As each of my limbs were secured the
overwhelming fear returned.

A sharp slap brought a burning sensation to my left ass
cheek. "Raise your ass Teacher..." Jerome commanded.

I raised my stomach and buttocks and felt a fluffy pillow
being shoved under my torso.

I then felt the bed springs creak as Daddy's weight
made the lower bed sag. The K-Y jelly coated his finger. He
was gentle....... the sensation of the slippery lubricant made the
insertion easier.

There was no reason for Daddy to hasten
his conquest. I was bound and open for him and he casually
took his time. I could feel his dripping man organ coat my
thighs. It took him a great deal of time to be able to work his
index finger into my bowels. The second finger felt like it was an
easier task....and finally his third finger pried my anus open and
coated it's tender chute was the lubricant. The sensations were
not unpleasant. I felt my body sway with his gentle manipulation
of my most private place.

As the lubricant dripped to my soaked cunt chamber the
fingers had loosened my wrinkled opening.

"Beg me Miss Mary. Beg me to make you a woman,"
Daddy softly requested.

I was nearly in a trance as I swayed against the thick
black fingers lodged in my ass. "Take me Daddy......Make me
a woman..." I begged.

Daddy's purple tipped black cock was coated with the
K-Y jelly. He merely rested the tip at first but then gently
rubbed the head against my opening. I shoved my ass up as the
tip slid over the opening.

Raising up he angled the black destroyer against my
small puckered opening. He groaned and I screamed as the
second assault found it's mark. As each inch was inserted He
allowed me to adjust my ravished body.

My constant moans.....pleads .......and screams drove
his assault on my tender little asshole. I was helpless as he took
me......He coated my bowels with his seed. He did not retract
his cock until a long period had passed where my stretched
rectum muscles milked his huge black cock. I could feel my
muscles suck the fertile black seed from his huge nut sacks.

His simple question at the end of the ass breeding
session was simple, "Are you mine......"

I screamed my response, "Oh God Daddy....YES!!!

His mind cataloged my surrender. He fell on top on my
body and his cock stayed lodged in my bowels. We slept in the
early morning sunshine; with my hands and ankles strapped to
the bed and with Daddy laying prone over my exhausted body
and..............his long black cock still lodged firmly in my bowels.

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