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Never go into the forest unprepared
The marksman was carefully positioned below the ridge so that his silhouette would not be seen on the skyline. He sighted his rifle into the valley below. He had been stalking his quarry for three hours.
He studied them through his telescope sights. Which to take out first? The one on the right maybe? Silently he went back into the undergrowth to get closer.

The two girls knew they were terribly lost in the forest. They were tired and tearful.
"Liz, we should have stopped as soon as we knew we were lost," wept the blond.
"I know, Wendy, we've been going for hours. I have no idea where we are."
The three day forest hike to Jamestown was an easy walk. But early on the second day, they had taken a wrong turn.
Inexperienced hikers, the two 19 year old flatmates, with no map and no compass hadn't even realised they were lost for two hours. Then they had unwisely kept walking for another three hours in a futile effort to find the track.
Their cellphones had had no reception ever since they started a day ago.
"We should have signed in at the Park Service office. Fuck we're stupid."

Then, the full implications struck them. Their boyfriends, who were supposed to be with them, had suddenly gone to Australia for the university holidays.
Liz remembered Bob's parting words to her. "See you later doll, don't be good because I won't. But don't worry, I'll be back between your legs in a couple of months."
"Bastard," she cursed. He had more chance of flying to the moon by flapping his arms than ever getting between her legs again.
She had phoned her mother.
"Mum, Wendy and I are off to the mountains for a week. See you then."
"Oh do be careful Liz."
"Mum, don't be such a fusspot." And hung up.
A week, and it would probably take her mother another couple of days more to start worrying. A shiver down her spine. She hadn't even said which mountains.

She turned to her friend and they hugged each other in their misery.They were so tired, too tired to go on.They decided to pitch camp. It would be dark in a few hours.

Not 15 metres away he was invisible to them in the thick undergrowth He studied carefully.
Good, a gas burner for boiling their water. No fire, no smoke. They were stupid these girls. If they had stopped when they realized they were lost, and lit a fire, they would be out by now.
He looked at them. It always interested him how beautiful women seemed to stick together.
19 - 20 he guessed, both tall, the brunette slightly taller. Their legs below their shorts were long, lean and shapely. Their bodies were taut and slim, he could see as their sweat sodden T shirts clung to their bodies. The shape of their breasts showed him he had a double treat in store.

"Good afternoon ladies."
They jumped, they hadn't heard his approach. Thank goodness, a rescuer.
They were saved!
They looked at him, relief in their faces.
But he was an intimidating figure. About 30, tall, maybe 6 foot 3 inches, Narrow waist, but broad powerful shoulders. His tank top revealed large bulging biceps and shoulders. He had tattoos on each of his triceps. Each arm was savaged by deep scars.
He also carried a rifle, which neither girl liked, and a large hunting knife was sheathed on his belt. However, who else but a hunter would be out here in these remote hills?
And his wide, friendly smile under a mop of blond hair made them feel better.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. You're a gift fom heaven. We're lost," gasped Wendy.
"I saw you from on the ridge and thought you may be. I came down to check."
"We are so glad you did," gushed Liz.
"I'm Liz and this is Wendy."
"And I'm Hans."
"Short for handsome," thought Liz, his friendly smile relaxing her.
"I'm thirsty, would you mind if I had some of your tea?"
"Mind, of course not. Please, you are welcome to share everything we have."
"Everything," he thought. "Yes it will be everything."

They chattered away and the girls told their story.
"Your boyfriends must be crazy to leave two such beautiful girls." He roared with laughter and the girls giggled. He really was quite dishy.
When they told him how no-one knew where they were and wouldn't be expecting them a week he frowned.
"Beautiful," he paused. "And silly." But then looked ashamed of himself.
"Sorry Liz, that was rude of me. Not silly. Inexperienced." He looked at them "But I won't retract 'beautiful'." Again that loud raucous laugh.
The girls laughed with him. They were warming to this mountain of a man.

"But seriously, it would take ten days before a proper search was mounted. And then they wouldn't know where to start looking. It would probably be weeks before they would have found you. If they found you at all." He added chillingly.
The girls hugged each other.
"Hans we were so lucky you came."

Hans explained that he was Hungarian, and had migrated to New Zealand five years ago. That explained the accent the girls liked so much. He worked as a child librarian in Matamata, a local town.
"What a contrast. This huge hulk, working with books and children," thought Wendy. "I wonder waht their mothers think."

"What do you think of New Zealand girls Hans?"
"If they were all as lovely as you two, I would know I had migrated to heaven." Again his laughter. The girls giggled and smiled. He was quite charming.

"My feet are so sore," Both girls had taken off their boots to get some relief.
"I can't start taking you girls to safety now," said Hans. "It is a six hour hike through rough terrrain. You are both very tired and it will be dark in an hour in the forest. We should start tomorrow morning."
The girls agreed. Neither felt able to walk for six minutes let alone six hours.
"We need more water." He picked up a billy-can to go to the stream.
"That's a nice tent you girls have." He bent down to peer in. They didn't notice him picking up their boots.
He was away for five minutes.

"He's a bit odd, don't you think."
"He's so huge. And did you see those scars?"
"But he has got a lovely smile and laugh."
"And he has said some nice things to us."
"And he is a child librarian."
"Well, we can't choose who rescues us. I'm going to take his photo. This will show Bob what a real man looks like." She giggled, both went to get their camera phones.

He was worried when he saw the phones.
"We've had no reception since we started yesterday. Smile Hans, we want some photos of our guardian angel."
He smiled his friendly smile.
"And one of your muscles. Oh they are so big." His lovely loud laugh bellowed as he flexed his biceps. The girls giggled.
"Can I see." They passed their phones to him.
He looked at the phones. A frown appeared on his face. He didn't want any photos taken of him.
"All this technology, but you can't even get reception.
"I'm a peace loving man, but one thing that makes me angry is when technology fails. Sometimes I feel like doing this." His smile had gone, replaced by a look of intense anger.

He dropped their phones to the ground and smashed them under his boots. The first kicks had destroyed the phones, but he continued stamping, as if in a frenzy. He turned to them, face stern There seemed to be a strange glow in his eyes.

The girls stood stunned. An dreadful chill seemed to go through their blood. The knew that a nightmare was starting.
They started to cry and hugged each other.
"Good, you girls are comforting each other. I'm glad you have each other." His face was relaxed from it's fury, his wide smile had returned.
"Look Liz, poor Wendy has tears on her cheeks. It would make her feel better if you kissed them."

Liz froze.
"Would you like me to show you how?" his voice was relaxed, even sounding concerned for their welfare.
They needed no second bidding and tenderly kissed each other's cheeks.

Wendy looked around.
"Where are our boots?" She knew with no boots they could never walk out even if they somehow managed to escape.
"I am a sensitive man. The smell from boots, even of feet as lovely as yours upsets me, so I took them with me. I seem to have forgotten where I left them." His smile was innocent and apologetic.
The girls were truly frightened. Again the tears flowed.

"Poor Wendy has more tears on her cheeks and some now have run onto her lips."
Both girls only had sex with men. Lesbianism had never appealed. Evenly slightly disgusted them. They hesitated.
"Ah, you want me to show you how."
They kissed each other's lips.
In their fear their hugs tightened. Each was aware of the other's breasts against their own, each felt the other's hips pressing into theirs.

"When I have been in stress, I have found the touch of a woman's tongue on mine very soothing."
They knew there was no answer to his words "I will show you how" and the tips of their tongues touched.
"And I found even more comfort when she placed her tongue deeply in my mouth."
The girls thrust their tongues. It may have been caused by their terror, but they did find comfort. Their tongues intertwined, their lips started to move greedily.

"Ah it moves me to see the solace you are giving each other. Your position is dire, distressingly dire," he looked almost sorry for them.
"So I, a man of peace, will not mind if you sooth each other. Indeed you must"
Their kissing intensified. Wendy started stroking Liz's back, Liz her friend's hair. Their embrace meant the were thrusting together, breasts to breasts, hips to hips.
Liz was aware of her nipples hardening.

"Girls, your friendhip and support for each other touches me.
"But we need to talk about your unfortunate circumstances. Look you can sit side by side on that stone."
They sat close, their arms around each other's shoulders. He sat cross legged on the ground. They realized he had never touched them, never been closer than a couple of metres.

"The feel, the softness of a woman's breast has often comforted me. You will need that comfort for your ordeal."
Side by side the girls adjusted, putting their arm's under the other's shoulder. Wendy's hand rested on Liz's right T shirt covered breast, Liz's hand on Wendy's left. Wendy felt her friend's hardened nipple and looked at her questioningly. Liz said nothing and stared ahead.

Hans didn't seem at all interested in them. In fact he had his rifle to his shoulder, peering through his telescopicsights. He sighted on a tree.
"Boom," he whispered loudly.
He targeted another tree. "Boom."
A stone, "Boom."
Another stone. "Boom."
"Don't they have lunatic asylums in Hungary?" whispered Liz.

He returned his attention to them
"Your position, as I said, is extremely dire. No-one will be looking for your for weeks.
"I believe your only hope is to kill me, find your boots and try to make your way out."
The chilling nature of his words sent a shiver down Wendy's spine. Her hand tighted on Liz's breast. She felt Liz gently stroke hers in return.

"But ladies, that may not be easy". He pointed to a tattoo on his left tricep. "This is the insignia of the elite Hungarian Kommandos. I am privileged to have been a member for four years."
The girls' hands tightened on each other's breast.
"Many highly trained and determined men tried to kill me and failed. It pained me, a peace loving man, to have to kill a large number of them."

The girls looked at him in horror. They didn't doubt his truth for a moment. They were here with a cold blooded killer.
"Girls, I believe you will feel more comfort from each other's breasts if you could feel the soft skin."

"Hans, Liz is my friend. Neither of us is gay. We don't like that."
"Wendy, you are so beautiful, so very, very lovely.
"But stressful times can change us. I, a peace loving man, surprised myself when I cut off the ears and cut out the eyes and tongue of a Taleban prisoner."
"He had killed my komrade." He added as an apolgetic explanation, still smiling.

Their T shirts and bras came off. Their firm youthful breasts jutted in the evening light. Wendy looked at Liz's firm flesh and the brown aureoles and thought how beautiful her friend was. She also saw how her nipples had peaked and were firm. She was surprised to feel a thrill in her loins.
Liz was saw Wendy's slightly larger breasts and marvelled at their perfection, the pink nipples.
They faced each other and tentatively massaged. They looked into each other's eyes.

Hans, they noticed, didn't pay them much attention. In fact he had pulled out his enormous knife and was examining with a loving gaze.
The sight of this hideous weapon renewed their tears.

"Poor Liz still cries. There are tears on her lips."
They opened their mouths to kiss, their tongues entwined as they gained confidence and delight with each other's breasts.
"You may be more comfortable on the ground." He had brought their foam matresses from their tent.
The girls lay down, through their fear, but also a strange new desire, their passion grew.
LIz bent down and held her friend's nipple in her mouth. Wendy held her their tightly.

"Liz, lovely Liz, you are such a good friend for wonderful Wendy." Hans soothed encouragement.
Wendy in turn, bent down to suck on those hard nipples which had started to fascinate her.

The continued their passion. But they became aware of a scraping sound.
They looked in horror at Hans. He was sharpening his enormous knife with a steel. He was totally focused, apparantly unaware they were watching.
He tested the blade with his thumb, then the girls' blood ran cold.
He ran the blade six inches down his forearm. Not a deep cut, but more than a scratch. His blood flowed.

"There's a screw driver missing here," whispered Liz in horror.
"A complete fucking tool box."

He looked up at them again, smiling, seemingly oblivious to their horrified stares. "Girls its starting to get dark. I have work to do. While I do, you should comfort each other, the night will be dark and may be scary. I believe you need the full comfort of each other's bodies."

"Liz, I think Wendy wants you to take all her clothes off."
"Please Hans, we are not gay."
"LIz, you are even more exquisitely beautiful and lovely in dusk. As I said, difficult times may change us.
"I would have never thought that I, a peace loving man, would have castrated a Nigerian soldier and made him cook and eat his own penis.
"He had tortured my komrade," he added apologetically.

The two girls stood naked and vulnerable in the dusk. Their breasts childishly defenseless, their shaven pussies openly exposed. They shivered although the evening was balmy and warm.
"Wendy is truly beautiful, exotically so, wouldn't you agree Liz?"
Liz looked at her friend. Yes Hans, she is very beautiful."
"I can tell you haven't seen her like this before. She will like it if you kneel in front of her."
"And she will like it if you gently stroke her pussy."
Both the girls' minds rebelled, but they believed the story about the Nigerian's last supper.
"And it will calm her, if you examined her feminine intimacies."
"Please, just do it Liz," Wendy could see him fondling the handle of his knife. She stroked her friend's hair.

Forcing herself, Liz gently parted Wendy's outer labia, for the first time saw a woman's inner labia, glistening. She needed no prompting to lift Wendy's clitoral hood and also for the first time saw a pearly clitoris. Wendy gave a slight groan. Liz could smell her juices and was surprised she didn't mind. More than that, she liked it.
"Good, you are a devoted friend, but time is short. A quick kiss to sooth your friend's pearly bud."
Wendy gave a little shudder as Liz licked.
She needed no bidding to reciprocate. Like Liz, she found her revulsion had gone and was pleased when Liz groaned after her clitoral caress.

Hans lit a gas lantern for them, said "I must find our dinner."
But then he stopped, as if embarassed.
"How rude of me. You are naked and I am clothed. My stunningly gorgeous young friends, forgive me, I beg."
In a flash he was naked.

The girls clung to each other. His enormous nudity frightened them.
His upper torso, like his arms and shoulders were hugely muscled. Far more so than they had ever thought attractive.
His flaccid penus seemed to sway. It was in proportion to the rest of his body. Huge.
But worst of all, like his arms his torso was covered in scars. Many scars, some livid, some white and luminous, some sunken, some puckered.

He went to his backpack, but the girls couldn't see what he found. He then turned and walked away, a bizzare sight, naked but for belt with the sheathed knife, penis swaying.

From the dark where they could not see him they heard him call.
"Remember exotically beautiful captives, if you ambush me, you must kill me. As a peace loving man I would be distressed at the terrible consequences for you if you failed."
The loud laughter which had earlier delighted them, now chilled them to the marrow.

The girls cuddled and whispered
"He's escaped from a padded cell. Its obvious."
"A maniac, a homicidal maniac."
"Thank goodness there isn't a full moon tonight."
"He has that lovely smile as he says those horrible things."
"I believe all his stories, even the one about cooking the penis."
"So do I. Why did he slice himself with that disgusting knife?"
"I don't know. Some Kommando tough guy act maybe."
"Surely all the Hungarian Kommandos aren't as mad as he is."
"Did you see all those revolting scars. He must have lost more fights than Mike Tyson."
"I don't think he lost. I'd like to see the other guys." Then, remembering the Taleban and Nigerian. " No I don't think I would like to see them."
"Oh Liz, I'm so afraid he is going to do something terrible to us."
"I know he is. Let's get those stones over there and hide beside the path he walked down and ambush him."
"No, he'll be expecting it. And you've seen the size of him. He's built like King Kong."

After a pause.
"Have you realised he hasn't touched us, hasn't been closer than a couple of metres."
"But sometimes he says such lovely things about us and his voice then is so tender."
"No man has ever spoken like that to me before."
"Yes, and he doesn't seem to ogle us. It's as though he's more interested in his rifle and that terrible knife."
"Perhaps he's gay. Perhaps he won't rape us."
"Before he kills us you mean."

"Wendy, I'm so sorry you are here. But in selfish way, I'm glad its you."
"I understand, darling Liz."

And they sought comfort in each other's embrace. There kisses became more intense, their hands wandered over each other's bodies, even their outer sexual organs, but did not penetrate.
Hans came back, from the opposite direction, he had left, showing that the suggestion to ambush him would have been dangerously futile.
"Wonderfully gorgeous Wendy, perfectly lovely Liz, you are comforting each other, that's good.
"Look nature has been bounteous."
He held up a very dead eel.
"Our finned friend nobly sacrificed himself for us.
"He seemed so happy. He smiled at me as I cut his throat." That laughter again.
And there was a gaping wound from which blood had trickled down
There was no way would they eat that.

They cuddled, he cooked, still naked.
But the smell of the eel pan fried in olive oil with garlic, spices and onions, together with their hunger overcame their revulsion.
The eel was cooked to perfection. With spicy rice and crisp tender vegetables the meal was delicious.

"Hans that was delicious. Did you bring that food with you?"
"The rice and some spices, but the forest has food as the wise Maori know. And you know about the eel.
"Look he's still smiling at us," And there was the dismembered head on a nearby rock facing them. The girls could see no smile, only a horrible death grimace.

It was a balmy warm evening. The girls stayed cuddled for comfort and gently fondled and kissed. They saw that Hans was reading by the gas light, with no obvious interest in them. They saw the title of the book, "Teach Yourself Modern Torture Techniques."
The eel just stared.

He put down his book.
"I have a story to tell and it is important for you to listen carefully."
A sinking feeling for the girls, another gruesome tale, they knew.

"I was seconded from the Kommandos to assist the Italian police in their battle with the Mafia. In Milan, Maria and I fell in love. The one true love of my life." Incredibly the girls saw a tear in his eye.

His voice was charged with emotion. "We had a year of bliss then the Mafia murdered my beloved Maria, thinking that would intimidate me. Murdered her in a most foul and cowardly manner." He spat on the ground.
He put his head in his hands. They could hear him sob.

He recovered his composure by kissing the blade of his knife.
"Even I ,a man of peace, had to have revenge. It took me a year to find the killer and the Don who ordered her death.
"For two days, alternating between them, an hour between each blow, I used a hammer to break each bone in the their fingers and hands, their toes and feet. They bleated like new-born babes." A look of contempt on his face. He spat on the ground again.

"After two days,my peaceful nature returned. I put them out of their misery. I saw their tears of gratitude as I thrust red hot pokers into their rectums."
He paused.
"Well, tears of something."
He roared with laughter and despite the chilling story the girls could not restrain their own laughter. Four breasts bounced in the gas light. Only the eel seemed not to see the humour.

"You will understand the significance later," he added chillingly. And returned to his book.

Perhaps they had grown immune to this ever present threat of violence, or perhaps it was the love, passion and lust. The girls returned their attention to each other.
Their bodies were tightly embraced, they started panting, their hips started to move.

Hans didn't look up from his book as he said,
"Wendy you body will stay in my dreams forever, you are so very lovely. But your beautiful Liz is still anxious. I think you should give her an orgasm, she will sleep more easily."
They knew it was useless to protest. In fact they didn't want to.
They were delighting in each other's bodies and responses, enjoying kissing and suckling and nibbling a woman's breasts. They had both spread their legs for each other's exploration. Their fingers danced over the outside of their genitilia and explored the moistness between their lower lips.

"Please darling, now," whispered Liz, lying on her back, her knees lifted and as wide apart as she could spread.
Wendy went down, her nose to Liz's pubic bone. But hesitancy overcame her.
"Really Hans I don't know what to do."
"I understand, two novices. Unfortunately I am too tired to show. For what it's worth here is some advice from a wounded soldier."

"First, your state of mind.
"Your beautiful lover has offered her genitals to you as a privileged gift, the most intimate gift she can give.
"In return it is your duty to give her pleasure . More than that you will find yourself happier, the happier you make her.
"Explore all of her from pubic bone to perineum, up her inner satiny thighs, with your lips, your fingers, your tongue and gently, your teeth. Delve her weeping wound with your tongue, your fingers, your nose even, you will love the smell I know. Suck her juices as they flow.
LIz was excited by the words. "Please darling start." Wendy did. Hans paused in his words and let them experiment.
Wendy's excitement mounted, her juices flowed.

Liz didn't stop but heard Hans' next words as she applied herself to her adored friend's pleasure..
"Feel Wendy's responses, be proud and delighted that you are giving her pleasure. Follow the guidance she is giving with her body. But also tantalise and titilate.
If you are unsure, choose to be soft and slow, but you will know when when Liz wants you faster and firmer. Learn to love and recognise her responses, she will guide you. But use variety, tantalise her."
And they both followed his advice in ever mounting excitement. He studied his book fascinated by a diagram showing how to place a baseball bat sized electrode up an anus.

"You will know when your beautiful lover is ready. Three fingers maybe, into her weeping wound and delight her clitoris with your tongue and lips. Firmer and faster as her excitement mounts"

This had been too much for Liz. "Please darling, do it now."
And Wendy did, loving the smells, tastes, the textures, colours and responses of Liz's intimate genitals.
Wendy came faster than she wanted, her hips bucking in her friend's face, her torso sweating and she exploded through her loins.
"Oooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaH You lovely cunt sucking bitch" She screamed
Wendy twitching and panting, her hips still spasming.

"See, my beautifully bummed Liz, how you have helped sooth my beautifully breasted Wendy."
Soothed was not the word Wendy, still panting and spasming, would have chosen.

"One more duty for you Liz, see how Wendy's weeping wound has truly wept. She will feel calmer if you clean her. Wendy, you will be helping your friend if you bring your wonderful thighs to your wonderful breasts."
Wendy needed no invitation and did so. Aware that all her most private parts were open.
"Liz, her vulva and perineum need your tongue and lips."
"And also her round brown wound."
Both Liz and Wendy had never let anyone near their asses. But Liz's tongue probed and Wendy parted her buttocks for her. Perhaps they would have taken the path to a new world. But Hans' loud yell jolted them both.

"The eel has stopped smiling!" His face was a ball of fury.
The girls could see no change in the eel's deathly grimace. But Hans charged over with his knife and repeated stabbed the head.
Then he kicked and their last glimpse of the self sacrificing eel was of its head sailing into the black night.

"Exotic Wendy, your friend is agitated and her wonderful weeping wound needs soothing. I have work to do."

"Absolutely mad!"
"Part your slim thighs my darling."

They were vaguely aware of Hans cleaning the dishes from the meal, of him sharpening his knife, of him wandering around with his rifle, whispering "Boom Boom Boom."
But they paid no heed and Liz repeated her friend's gurgles, groans and screams as she climaxed.

"Thank you darling, that was the best sex in my life."
"For me too." They cuddled.
"What's he going to do to us."
"I don't know. I can't tell what he's going to do in the next minute."
"One thing, he is a control freak. And he does like playing games with us. We have to do as he expects. If he wants us to be happy we must smile. If wants to scare us, we must show fear."
"I agree."

As usual Hans just appeared from nowhere beside them carrying three cups of tea. He sat cross legged in front of them, penis almost touching the ground. They sat up to drink their tea, also sitting cross legged. They didn't even think about their exposed labia. Anyway he seemed to show no great interest in their pussies.

Hans' face was no longer smiling.
"My beautiful captives, listen carefully." They did so as his knife was out.
"I am made of flesh and blood like you. I have urges of the flesh." They listened, their blood running cold. He paused, studying his knife.

"The moment you have dreaded has arrived. I must rape you both. It is your time for your terrible pain and humiliation."
Petrified, they could only stare, their eyes wide with fear.
"As we are all tired, I have decided that I will rape your mouths."
The girls felt even worse. Their experience of oral sex had been of partners fucking the back of their mouths, forcing their cocks painfully into their throats. Jacking off over their faces or trying to get them to swallow their revolting spunk.

"I know I talk a lot, but it's I who have the knife," a brief laugh. "Keep listening."
"First it may occur to you to bite, but I plead with you, do not. Resist the urge" and his face was imploring them.
"Such a wound will be painful to me but not fatal. Remember the Mafia Don's fingers and rectum."
"Don't you dare even touch him with your teeth," whispered an ashen faced Liz and Wendy nodded.

"Second, I cannot abide mess. You must swallow my semen. You must stay on after I ejaculate for the after-spasms." The girls shuddered.
"Third, your mouths are to be raped, not your fingers or hands. I will stop you should you attempt to make me come with them." The girls looked in horror. Always their boyfriends had jacked off to come, or they had used their own hands. They didn't know how, just with their mouths.
"As few women are aware of how to properly service a man, I will help you. We don't want you down there all night." That chilling laugh.
"Number one. You know your clitoris is you most sensitive pleasure spot. For the men, it is this," pointing to his knob.
"The porn film business always shows women attempting to swallow all of a man's member. It looks good." He paused. "But it doesn't fuck so good.
"How can you pleasure my knob with lips and tongue when it is rammed into your throat, causing you to gag?"

"It is important to go down my shaft, but only to where you feel comfortable.More important is this," pointing to his knob.
"And one final word of advice. Remember what I told you before. Be aware and take note of your lover's reactions'"
" 'Lover's' " hissed Wendy "I'd love a dung beetle before I loved this revolting rapist."

He picked up a pebble and tossed it in the air.
"Smooth side means Wendy. Ah rough. Liz you have won first honour."
Liz didn't feel like winner.

"And Wendy, your bounteous breasts will help lovely Liz."

He lay on his back. Liz was kneeling between his legs, head over his now enormously engorged cock. She was trembling with fear, tears falling from her eyes.
Wendy was kneeling behind his head, her breasts hanging over his face.
Both could see that he was still holding his knife. Liz could not bring herself to start.

Wendy braced herself. She must help her friend and she lowered her left nipple to his lips, expecting a painful bite. Instead she received the gentlest of kisses and a tickle from his tongue. Her breast tingled, she offered her right nipple and her that breast also tingled.
She ran a nipple across the tip of his nose and was rewarded with a giggle. A giggle, for heaven's sake.
She saw his mouth open and dropped her aureole inside. He sucked and tickled her nipple again. She was feeling a lovely sensation in her breasts, a warmth in her loins and eagerly applied herself to this titillating and erotic game.

Down below Liz was still crying. His erection was now rock hard, she just knelt and stared,tears still flowing. She felt something cold gently tap her shoulder. The flat of his KNIFE BLADE!!
She lowered her head and took his knob in her mouth. She remembered with gratitude that he didn't seem all that interested in going into her throat and concentrated on his knob. She sucked gently and was rewarded with a wriggle of his hips.
She withdrew and licked his slit and was rewarded with a stroke on her breast, from the hand which had held the knife. But not any more.
Instead of having her head forced down as had happened with previous lovers, she concentrated on his knob, licking, kissing, sucking, varying the speed and varying the pressure.
She felt him respond, a wriggle of his hips, a fondling of her nipples, stroking her thighs. Even an "Oh Liz that's lovely", when his mouth escaped Wendy's nipple.
She felt a soft pressure on the back of her head, guiding, not forcing, and she went down but only as far as she was comfortable. He thrust up, but only gently.
His groans increased, his fondling of her nipples became firmer, but not painful. His hips moved more.

She suddenly started to enjoy the feeling that she, she was actually in control of this brute of a man. What's more she knew he loved what she was doing. She cupped his balls in his hands. She was away. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, up and down, sometimes his knob out of her mouth as she licked his slit.
She even forgot the Mafia Don and nibbled gently with her teeth.
She loved the feel of this strong masculinity in her mouth.
She felt his buttocks brace and sped her movements. Wendy sensed his reactions and regretfully withdrew as he was now only concentrating on his cock.
Liz felt his excitement rise and deliberately slowed.
"Liz, you fucking slut," but with a little of that laugh. So she did it again,bringing him to the brink, then slowing. And again and again until finally she relented and sucked him to his climax.
His orgasmic shriek was combination of that laugh, grunts, groans and "Fuuuuuuuuuck."
She swallowed his load with delight. Sucked his after-spasms. She started to lift her head but he softly held her there saying, "Just lick and kiss as softly as you can." And groaned and writhed for a minute more.

The girls waited. They must let him set the tone. He lay panting on his back. Then he stiffened, leapt to his feet with a maniacal stare, holding his knife.

He threw the knife at something they couldn't see in the dark. There was a horrble shriek of pain. Hans rushed over to where a possum was skewered to a tree trunk. It was still alive. He grabbed the beast, ripped his knife out, turned to the girls with his smile of triumph.
Then he cut the animal's throat and threw it on the ground. The possum crawled a little, blood running from its throat, bubbling from its mouth. Then it rolled itself into a ball and didn't move.
"Pests!" he roared.
Then he vanished into the night, his now flaccid penis bouncing.

The girls sat down and held each other's hand.
"How was your unbearable pain and humiliation from being raped in the mouth?"
"In a spiritual sort of way, just so lovely." Liz kissed Wendy. "Even though I didn't orgasm and he hardly touched me. It was beautiful exciting him, feeling him come and tasting his jism"
"And your poor breasts, darling Wendy, they must be bleeding and bruised." in mock sympathy.
"They are still tingling. If I hadn't have to stop I would have frigged myself off."

Hans returned. He stroked a finger over Wendy's lips.
"Beautiful mouth it is your time to be raped and mutilated."
But neither girl was concerned and almost eagerly moved to position Liz's nipples over Hans' mouth, Wendy's mouth over Hans' engorged erection.
But Wendy knew there was a game to play.

"This is rape you fucking animal. You'll get 16 years for this." Her voice hissed with venom.
He stroked her shoulder with his knife.
"Perhaps. But worse things happen in war. I remember when I, a peace loving man, was cruelly imprisoned in the Hindu Kush . . "
Liz lowered a breast to stop him talking.

Each of the girls felt the same delight and pleasure the other had had in their role. Hans' came with a yell, and grunts and laugh and "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck".
He leapt to his feet and looked almost sadly at the girls. He touched Wendy's lip and Liz's lip.
"Poor raped mouths."
He touched both their breasts.
"Poor abused mammaries."

"Mad as a meat axe," murmured Liz and reflected on the aptness of her metaphor.

"It's late my gorgeous captives. To bed. Tomorrow you have a demanding day, a day when you will wish you never met me."
The girls had realized his spoken threats were seldom accurate. They were far more concerned about his total lack of predictability. His spontaneous outbreaks of violence.

"I shall not sleep here. My camp is far from away." He pointed vaguely into the black night..
"I will be vulnerable asleep and don't want you to find me, to revenge your rapes. But I need another precaution."
With strong nylon cord he tied Wendy's left ankle to Liz's right. It wasn't uncomfortable, the rope wasn't too tight and there were two feet of rope between their ankles.

Liz protested, "Hans, it will be difficult for us to have a piss like this."
"Not as difficult as for me to shit if you shoved a red hot poker up my ass." That loud loud laughter pealed through the night.
The girls held each other each other and laughed hysterically, tears running down their cheeks. They would have hugged Hans willingly, but knew better.

And then another of his mood changes.
His knife was out. He had that strange glow in his eyes as he stared at them.

"My blade has powerful urges. She too must participate in your rape. She must taste your blood."
The girls stood absolutely petrified in horror. They could see the blood covered possum in its final curl,
They couldn't move as the blade flashed in fearsome arcs in the moonlight. Close to their faces, close to their bodies, they felt its wind on their cheeks, across their nipples.
After a terrible minute which they feared would be their last, he sheathed the blade.
Wendy and Liz wept with relief. He hadn't touched them.

"Wonderful Wendy, clean your friend's wounds. Lovely Liz, attend to your friend."
They looked at each other. Each had the tiniest of scratches on both cheek bones, tiny nicks on each breast. From each cut a small globule of blood was balanced.
They knew what to do and kissed the blood away.

Hans was gone. They heard his laugh.
"Now you are blood sisters as well as lovers."
Emotionally drained, they staggered to their tent and slept in a tight embrace.

To be continued.


2007-04-28 21:55:49
wow, it was interesting... ROFL!


2007-04-08 02:11:52
interesting, in a creepy and gruesome way


2007-03-04 22:29:57
it was totally stupid and poop and im gonna cut your penis off 10/10


2007-03-03 04:53:52
Lol Hans reminds me of my alter ego.The one where i have a purple monkey on my shoulder with brown wings and his name is Charlie.In that alter eago i go alittle crazy and i want to plunge my dagger in to awaiting sorry forgot i wasnt the writer here its you my bad.I only read half of it cause its 2:00AM here right now but from what i did read it was cool.


2006-12-05 07:34:28
Totally insane ... but quite erotic without a doubt!

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