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Lexxi is a girl who thinks shes lesbian, until she reunites with her old highschool boyfriend that is...
I was walking through the mall, looking for my girlfriend LaNelle, when I noticed a couple standing in the corner near the public restrooms all over each other. I don’t know what made me notice them, but they must have noticed me watching them because the guy turned around and my heart skipped a beat. It was not Lee, it couldn’t be! Last I heard he’d run off to California, with some girl… guess all rumours aren’t true. “Lexxi?” He said my name, and his girlfriend, I assumed, instantly froze up, tightening her grip on his hand as they walked over. “Lee?” I was as shocked as he was to have ran into each other after all these years. “God, how long has it been hun?!” We hugged and I could sense his girlfriend growing uncomftorable or maybe feeling threatened so I introduced myself to her properly. “I’m Lexxi, an old friend. My girlfriend’s around here somewhere.” She laughed it off as soon as she realized what I said, she must have thought I was lesbian. Which I must admit, at times I thought I had slipped that way too, but seeing Lee for the first time since I was a freshman in highschool made my heart skip a beat, Lesbian Lexxi didn’t exist at the moment.

After talking with Lee and his girlfriend for a while, who I came to know as Marie; I saw Nelle walking towards the food court and waved her over. “Lee, Marie, meet Nelle, my gorgeous girlfriend.” I managed, hugging her. She was uncomftorable, and I couldn’t blame her. I’d told her about Lee before, he was the reason I had seemed to like mostly girls since we’d ruined what we had so long ago. She knew he had been the love of my life, and often I could sense her wondering if she measured up to him. The truth of the matter was, no one ever would. I skimmed him up and down as the three of them made small talk and smiled to myself, “He’s still got a nice body,” I thought. I must have whispered the words out loud because Marie stormed off in the direction of the escalators leading to the exit and Lee just shook his head and went off after her, but not before he jotted down my number. Nelle however, failed to be as understanding. She slapped me right there, “You still fucking love him.” She almost screamed the words. I couldn’t find any words that would console her, so I decided to just leave. I never looked behind me, but I could feel her icy cold glare… and I felt really bad about hurting her. But I didn’t think I’d said it out loud I was just thinking and it must have slipped.

On my way home, my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number so I answered cautiously, “Hello?” I asked, wondering who would be calling me. Not many people had my number, then as I heard a man nervously clear his throat I realized it might be Lee. “Lex?” I took in a sharp breath, as several memories came flooding back at once. Nights alone in my mother’s boyfriend at the time’s house… long nights on the phone… even emails occasionally. “Yes?” I managed, clearing my head was a hard task to do. God, I wanted him, he hadn’t said anything suggesting reciprocity but I wanted him. “I was wondering if I could stop by and see you…?” He let his voice trail off, as he did when we were younger, I knew the familiar voice and I said yes and gave him directions to my apartment.

I don’t know what I expected from him when he showed up, but it wasn’t a bouquet of roses, for sure. I saw this through the peephole in the door, and gathered myself, checking one last time to make sure I looked alright, before I let him in. He handed me the flowers and smiled, I didn’t need to fake being surprised, I truly was; even though I’d seen them through the peephole. “What’s the occasion?” I asked, walking to the kitchen to place the flowers in a vase of water, arranging them so they balanced out evenly. “I don’t know really,” He started, and I realized he was shockingly close behind me, with the sink infront of me. “I just couldn’t stop thinking about you after what happened at the mall today. I haven’t seen you in so long…” He wrapped his arms around my waist and I thought I would melt right there. I had never been the type of girl to ask a man to hold me, but god knows that’s all it took and I was a goner. I smiled as more memories came back to me, us in his beautiful mustang before we just fell apart, down by the lake swimming… suitless. He must have had my same train of thought, “I wonder if that lake is still open?” He was asking me a question but I was in a dream land, he was close enough for me to atleast attempt seducing him if I had the guts to do it. But I didn’t think I did. So I turned around and nodded yes, he smiled and took me by the hand, and led me out of my apartment, down the stairs and to his car. Which to my surprise, was the same car he’d had years ago, and in mint condition. I let out a low whistle and he laughed at me, smiling “You’re still in love with my car huh? Should I be jealous?” I didn’t answer him, because no matter what I said, I’d have a foot in my mouth. That or something much more interesting… I let this thought trail away as he said my name. “Lexxi? Are you okay? Are you hurt? You let out a sound or something. Did you hit your knee?” I looked at him, with flushed cheeks and realized I’d been fantasizing. I couldn’t believe this man still made me feel like the young little gitty freshman I had been when we’d messed around so long ago. “No. I’m fiiine.” I stammered, stuttering slightly. He smiled a wicked grin at me, I knew what he was thinking, and he knew what I had been…

We had been driving maybe ten minutes when we hit a back-road I hadn’t seen in years, I couldn’t bring anyone else down here. This had been mine and Lee’s spot… I shook my head smiling at him. “You remembered?” I was shocked, I must have meant something to him after all if he’d take the time to keep such a silly spot and how to get there in his mind after 3 long years. He nodded, and grinned from ear to ear. “The cove, best memories I ever made are down there. I feel like having a resurrection.” He slid his hand to rest on my knee and gave it a ‘friendly’ squeeze. I laid my hand over his, thinking about what I knew was bound to happen if we were by the cove alone. I didn’t have long to think. We pulled into the spot, over grown with weeds and fallen trees had taken their places there as well. He walked around letting me out of the car, and we walked down to the shore together. The spot was to the right, and that’s where we headed, towards the rocks where I’d lost my virginity to this very man…I shook my head again, smiling. I really couldn’t get over it that he’d remembered. He looked over his shoulder at me, grabbing my hand to tag me along. We didn’t say a word until we climbed up the path to the rocks that anyone would have sworn were carved as beds. That’s exactly what we’d used them as. I sat down, leaning my head to one side staring at him. “I missed you Lex.” He said the words matter-of-factly, like I should know this. When he’d just left so abrupt, and I see him with a girlfriend. A girlfriend. The memory came back to me of the poor girl humiliated because of my remark that had slipped. “Where’s Marie?” I asked, looking at him sympathetically. He waved his hand as if shooing away her memory and sat next to me, pulling me into his arms. “Forget about everyone else for right now, we have more memories to make Lexxi.” There was a fire in his eyes that I had never seen, not in any man, much less Lee. He was always so controlled when we were younger, atleast with me.

He kissed me roughly, and I was a warming recipient. No way was I going to complain about being held by this man, and being teased by his lips even if there were a few technicalities that we’d have to definitely talk about later. I parted my lips, sliding my tongue against his, and along his lips as he ground himself against me through our clothes, I let out a moan at the familiar yet unfamiliar sensation. I had always been afraid of the size of him when I was younger, but this would be the day I showed him what I could do, so to speak. I pushed him on his back and tugged his shirt off. He looked at me, shock etched on his face. The expression slowly changed to pleasurably insane as I stroked his cock with my hand. I loved him… I would never admit it in a thousand years, but Nelle was right, I loved this man and I always would. I lowered my lips to the head of his bulging member and pressed my tongue against the slit of him as I pressed him farther into my mouth. He groaned and moved his hips up with me, I was shocked at myself, I had never gone down on a guy before and so I carefully felt my way through it. I traced my tongue along the shaft of him as I moved him in and out of my lips. Somehow his hand found its way to my already very wet pussy and he began rubbing my clit. I lost it. I slid my mouth off of him and pressed my tongue against the slit one more time before he pulled me up to look him in the eyes.

“I don’t want you to do this Lexxi. Unless you still love me as much as I still love you.” The words shocked me. And I began shivering I was so nervous. I nodded, I couldn’t speak, my tongue was caught in the back of my throat. He kissed me, sucking on my lip and smiled, kissing across my jaw line to my neck. He nibbled here and there on his way down my chest, taking each nipple in his mouth one at a time. He flicked his tongue across every piece of flesh imaginable on my poor body until he finally made his way between my thighs. I felt him lick around the inside of my thighs, and start at the entrance of me; licking up slowly to my clit and back down then. My legs started shaking and I knew I’d come if he didn’t stop. I twisted my fingers through his hair and moaned softly as he sucked on my clit, and slit a finger into me slowly. He wiggled it around, and I could tell he was in shock because he paused, before lifting his head up. “God you’re just as tight as you were when I left…” I blushed and kept my mouth shut. I wouldn’t do his ego any favours by allowing him the pleasure of knowing he was the only man I’d ever been with. He slid backup to me, kissing everything lightly as he made his way to my lips. I licked them, knowing the taste of myself by now but the erotics of it never failed to make me need more of anything I could get. He rubbed himself along the entrance to me, darting the head in and out of me. I moaned, rubbing the back of his neck. No body compared to him to my fiery heart, and no one would Ever compare to him to my burning body. He had me on fire, and I felt it coursing through my veins as he finally entered me. Working shallow strokes in first, and then back out. I lurched up against him, pulling him deep inside me, whispering, “It’s ok to hurt me…” I saw the expressions change on his face, as he switched to a fast beat, moving in and out of me quickly and pressing hard every time he hit a wall. I screamed at the sensation. God I’d missed this. He slid his hands under me holding me by my ass up to him, pumping in and out of me as quick as I thought any man could; he was losing control and I could tell. I moved against him wildly as he buried his face in my neck, biting gently as he pulled out of me and lay there between my legs. I felt the wet sliding down my leg and the rock I was laying on. But I was in heaven, I didn’t care what touched me right now. I looked up at Lee and he had his eyes closed. He lingered between my legs a few more minutes then rolled over beside me and pulled me close to him. I laid my head on his chest and sighed. “This is perfect,” he whispered, and I just smiled.


2006-04-10 21:41:01
After I wrote &re read the two. -nods-


2006-04-10 21:38:33
I liked part 2 better.


2006-04-07 02:31:25


2006-03-23 13:24:48
not bad, id give it a 5/10 a bit too much story and not enough sex


2006-03-20 12:09:17
it was ok 6/10

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