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insane bondage and dominance
The sheriff had seen enough inside the mad farm house. He reached the porch door and took a deep breath of the afternoon air. In his time he had seen many sights but those devices down in the cellar made his heart pound with disgust and morbid sexual fascination.

"Jesus!" he coughed to himself leaving the hell house behind heading for his patrol car

Ahead one of his men stood with the local doctor; the aging man had been called to help. On arrival there had been little he could do for the crazies. Each one had died in a hail of fire; their bodies peppered with bullet holes. But he had been able to tend the women as one by one they had been placed in ambulances and driven off at speed.

The sheriff massaged his chin choosing his words'

"The girls," he paused, "how are they doing?"

The old doc shrugged his shoulders. "Dehydrated & exhausted; possible two of them have become a little unhinged."

The sheriff grunted in acceptance and knowing how long they had been missing and imagining what sexual horrors had been played out back in the house he added," is there anything else?"

The grey haired man nodded. "Yes, they are all nearly three months pregnant."

That first evening; first of many had finally arrived. Miss Simms and her four sexy students had fallen one by one into the hands of the homestead family and their deformed and insane youngest son. Natasha had to keep a glimmer of hope but even this fiery confident English teacher was beginning to feel a claustrophobic shroud of futility envelope her world.

In the dirty cellar she screwed her eyes tight hearing the groans, moans and gasps of her young ladies.

All four teens were in a bizarre cartwheel of indignity; all bound together in his obscene dildo sculpture. Every conceivable orifice was full of animated sex toy pressed against another young anal or pussy hole.

The maniac had turned the switch and the electric current had flowed up into the buxom Sophie's slit. She bounced and thrashed her wailing mouth pressed onto her bondage suited cheerleader friend Michelle; her own ass full of Blondie's attention; Sandy's mouth cock.

Michelle was in delirium the anal buzzer sealed inside, her pussy also stuffed; this time by teen queen Bianca's mouth cock. The statuses Bianca couldn't groan; her mouth full of dildo; instead her eyes rolled, tits pulled hard by cord. Her double headed anal and pussy devices were on full power sending shivers up her spine and sensation coursing through her pig tailed best friend Sandy.

Ands so it went in an orgasmic wheel of humiliation.

The electric shocks jumped between all; the sweat falling from their bodies, tits pulling, nipples stretching.

Miss Sims opened her eyes as the maniac's hand squeezed her cheeks into a Monroe pout.

He had been told to teach her a lesson as she was still too defiant for the family.

The tall red head teacher stood erect, her neck in a clamp held to the wall her knees bending in her big bust glistening like treacle covered buns.

"You fucking bastard," she hissed. "My girls! Leave them alone you fuck!"

The inhuman man mountain didn't respond instead looked to the ceiling above her. There was a twisted pipe and tap poking through the ceiling and the crazy turned the faucet, water cascading down in a cold but refreshing shower.

Natasha spat and wriggled, her head and body beginning to run with water rivulets, her tits like an African gorge falls; a sheet of water tracing straight down to the floor.

He stopped the shower staggering back knocking over boxes and hitting work benches. He was a clumsy oaf of a creature and she couldn't believe how easily they had all fallen at his mercy.

Across from her the "wheel of sex" continued to wriggle and roll from side to side the shocks coming in spasmodic bursts from a humming box. The vibrators and other devices were unyielding in their internal attentions and the girls were desperately trying to resist the sensations; unsuccessfully.

From her bucking it was clear Michelle was near to orgasm, the prostrate Sandy also in animated arousal.

The maniac concentrated on his teacher and began working on the transformer attaching two more wires, Natasha giving a loud plea of mercy. It was clear he intended similar shock treatment for her.

"Oh God Jesus! Look please oh no nouuuuuuuuuuKKKKKKK!"

The maniac used the two fluffy tipped paddles to press on her body either side of her wet bouncing tits. The paddles were connected to the power transformer letting the electricity surged through her as she screamed.

He pressed again on her nipples the soft tipped insulated by rubber handles. Her tits almost glowed; her spine like a conductor the power making her anus pucker and gobble air; her heeled feet doing a tap dance, fantastic bronzed ass almost steaming.

"Awwwwwwwwwww" she gave a lung filled groaned her eyes wide lashes flared her red mane dark and rich flat to her head now it was wet showing that fabulous long neck.

He took the electrode away miss Sims panting her bosom bouncing almost involuntarily her voice hoarse and in panic.

"Nooooo please noooo I I can't take ukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

He pressed the power pads back onto her wonderful melons.

The dildo massacre was going to plan. He wasn't sure but behind him on the floor one of the girls seemed to be coming' her ass pushing back on her friend mouth cock. It was the gimp suited Michelle, giving a lip pressed squeal of humiliation and ecstasy.


The beast paused with his tit torture watching as Sandy then thrust her tits up and gyrated her groin onto the double headed dildo; but without the desired result. Coming was difficult because each girl writhed and bucked moving the devices at the most in appropriate moment; and from time to time the pussy deep electric shocker sprang to life distracting them from their growing arousal.

Pig face turned back to his erect postured school mistress.

"Jes no, no, not again!" Natasha begged, her back arching tits looking swollen fuller and firmer than before if that was humanly possible as he electrified her cat walk body again.


Through all the gasping, sparking and her own screaming Miss Sims could still hear voices above in the house. The insane family were finishing their chores bedding the farm down for the evening. They'd plan to tow her school mini bus somewhere dark and hidden and no doubt by now no evidence of their road side crash would be visible. She imagined the half decapitated driver, Pedro; man handled into the back along with their clothes and identities the whole van buried in a dark ravine or mud filed watering hole.

The rag skinned man paused undecided if to apply the fluffers again.

The maniac looked into her eyes his limp tongue rancid his leather masked face creaking. His eyes moved to look to his right and Natasha's big beauties following his gaze.

"Oh God what's that!" She thought seeing his next toy.

He snapped the clip on her collar and the woman felt in total domination as the massively powerful ape picked her up and carried her towards a strange barrel. She tried to punch and claw but he was oblivious to her attentions. She felt sick and her mind played cruel teasing thoughts of beauty and the beast fairytales.

The barrel was indeed strange. It was an old keg type, one made of rosewood but split using two hinges; allowing it to open along its length. Both ends of the barrel were open and the hinges allowed it to close to its original shape. It was on its side the bottom open end facing the wall the whole wooden device on a stand which was basically two long rollers on stilts. With the barrel locked closed you could spin it around unhindered and indefinitely; the rollers below holding it in place but allowing the spin.

At the top end of the barrel 6 handles had been placed around the circumference; reminiscent of a sailing ships tiller wheel no doubt assisting the deviant spinning it.

Natasha felt her self laid in the barrel base the curved bulging sides like a chair back her hands were free but unable to stop him lifting her ankles holding them together pulling them back.

She gave a horrified cry realising what he planned to do. Once her ankle where both sides of her shoulders he would close the barrel lid. She would be bent double inside a wooden sheath her ass poking from the bottom her head and toe tips appearing from the top. He didn't need her hands bound as her shoulder blocked any attempt at extracting herself.

"Ug noo ohhhhhh shit shit uhhhhhhh. "



She was in the closed barrel her ass and pussy appearing from the bottom the beast able to do what ever he wanted, the whole wooden cask slightly turning on greased rollers.

There was a series of high pitched moans from the corner. Bianca had managed to climax; her clit on fire her orgasmic contractions shitting out the writhing anal double header leaving it thrashing like a neon pink fish out of water.

The beast decided not to reinsert it; he was too busy. Leaving the arrogant school goddess was a wet dirty mess of perfect tight skin. He instead concentrated on his barrel bitch spinning the trolley moving the tub and roller device along the wall, Natasha able to see her final destination.

"Oh shit oh no you can't be serious? Oh heavens!"

On the stone wall at barrel height was a dildo. It was pointing straight out from the wall secured to a metal based which was drilled to the stone.

Natasha screamed as he swung the rear end of the barrel trolley towards the wall her ass and pussy only inches from the tip.

And what a tip it was.

The cock was a monster maybe 14 inches long thrusting out like a man arms. It was also wide. At its axle grease dripping tip it was maybe the size of a man's cock head but as it drew back towards the wall it widened cone like, until its base had a circumference of a small plate possible 5 or 6 inches.

"Oh no its impossible," cried Natasha, "it's like a fucking traffic cone."

But it was along the tapered length that horrified her and struck a cord of understanding. The thing was ridged. It had one continuous curving ridge in a spiral down the shaft. Natasha screamed as she felt the thing press against her pussy the head been manoeuvred in until the ridge became apparent.

It dawned on her; the barrel, the handles for rotation; now she understood.

The whole dildo was like a rigid rubber screw!

The maniac gripped the ship wheel type handles and turned the barrel Natasha's captive body beginning to rotate the ridged dildo starting a deepening, widening penetration.


Across the room the girls wild eyed saw what was happening but could do nothing or care little; their bodies on fire the never-ending sensations and back arching surges sending them into delirium. They just wanted it to stop, anything but this.


Natasha had stopped pretending and holding her emotions in check. She knew her wails gave him perverse pleasure and encouragement but she couldn't help herself. The maniac was slowly screwing her pussy onto a massive horizontal cock. Each full revolution she swallowed more and more her pussy screaming as she widened and widened. The screw length was heavily greased so the sensation was more of aching exploration than pain.




"No no it won't go any more uggggggg please I can't take any more!"




She could not know that the awful device was over nine inches in her pussy obscenely large and absolutely bunged full. But her body's sensations told her enough.

Now his fantastic long legged teacher was screwed onto the wall he opened his pelvic flap his massive diseased cock springing out as horizontal and as hard as the wall monster.

"Oh fuuuck!" Natasha wailed in frustration at how easy it all was for him. Her thoughts knew full well what was coming next.

In the sex wheel Sandy was hysterical. If her mouth hadn't been full of ass impaled rubber dildo she would have giggled insanely. The big bottom of Sophie wobbled on her face the brain box getting a twisting sensation from the anal monster and the metal pussy dildo sending intermittent shocks through her body then her colleagues. These electric distractions were frustratingly stopping her from climaxing.

Although Sophie couldn't bring herself off Sandy on the other hand could. The anal dildo which had escaped from Bianca ass was slowly crawling out from her own leaving only the happily buzzing two ended dildo up her own and her blonde best friend's pussy.

She'd imagined and had wicked thoughts about sex with her best friend before.

"After all, all those boys can't be wrong?" She had once thought knowing Bianca teen slut reputation.

But she'd never imagine it like this; the sweat, the moans, the shocks! Bianca was still gyrating even after climax and Sandy had felt a horrendous pounding as her friend had come. Now it was her turn and she clenched the mouth cock like a flogging bit, bucking up returning the hammering sensation to her surprised friend as she climaxed!

On the wall the maniac was literally screwing Natasha back and forth; twisting her onto the rubber screw head at the same time thrusting his cock into her mouth. She slurped and gagged as her head rotated, throat spinning on his fixed length, her pussy opening and swallowing. Then it would unscrew as he twisted the other way till only the slightest tip was left in her. Then back the other way again, saliva dripping in buckets from her mouth axle grease foaming at her pussy as he mechanically serviced her back and forth.

The maniac twisted the barrel over and over Natasha's big lips slobbering on his cock then shrieking as he continued to twist. She was swallowing a wider and wider part of the cone. She felt it so deep and each twist made her eyes almost pop from her head.

"No stoopppppp!" She coughed around his cock biting hard on his member but making no impact on him.

The mountain of filth and leather began to come; his cock tip dribbling then pouring like piss into her mouth. A wet horse type ejaculation; Natasha fearing she might choke with his load. But the twisting continued as he unloaded in her mouth the spinning of her head allowing the come to pour to the floor with each downward facing rotation.

When she had been screwed 12 inches onto the wall cock he stopped. He knew that was her limit. She was face down sweating and panting come dripping in long strands. Her pinned hands could touch the rear rim of the barrel her long fingers finding the edge of the buried cone at the point where it entered her.

She felt the width of the slimy rim and moaned.

"Ohh fuckk nooooooo! She gagged on his deflating dick; amazed at how wide her pussy had opened.

The Beast then withdrew his saliva dripping spent cock and spinning around to his other women he wobbled like a drunk. He looked back at the teen sex circus still wriggling and moaning on the floor. Leaving the hot teacher impaled to the wall he switched off the transformer and then began to unclip and removed the devices from the bondage students.

The girls were exhausted and one by one he dragged them to their separated cages until only the unfulfilled Sophie remained in a voluptuous heap on the floor. She was now unbound and had eagerly pulled her ass impaler and horrid pussy shocker from her body, finishing with her mouth restraint. Her black rimmed glasses glinted as her beautiful come to bed eyes looked with sheer terror at the massive pig man.

He was satisfied with his game but two had not come yet. Everyone must come!

He dragged the girl to her feet and tits dangling he pushed her to the teacher barrel. He motioned for her to twist the barrel and Sophie groaned but slowly began to extract her school mistress form the wall.

"Oh miss I'm sorry please..." she sniffed turning the barrel, Natasha moaning at the sensation until finally her pussy was free of the device.


Standing at the cellar door watching the scene was the cop again looking smug.

"All sorted now ladies, "he laughed chewing on a cigar happy with his mini bus recovery, "No one going to come looking for a long time."

The trooper came down the stairs wiping his red neck in the humid haze.

"Junior," he said the ape maniac grunting and looking at him, long spent maggot still dripping on the floor. "Put your cock away and go saddle up Pa's horse."

He then pointed to the caged gimp suited Michelle. "He wants to ride his little filly all evening."

The maniac looked at Michelle and nodded. The barn, the saddle, he remembered it sure beat pushing that wheelchair around. Pa did like his little girl horses; didn't he?

As the manic dragged the gagged Michelle up the stairs her incredible stilettos slipping and twisting the cop looked at his first catch of the day the raven Sophie and this latest find the amazing thorough bred captive barrelled Natasha.

Sophie just stood there naked her magnificent white tits like twin cathedral domes her hair sweat covered was glistening like oil.

"Please help Miss Sims," Sophie begged," let her out of that thing."

The cop shook his head." She needed it explaining to her didn't she? I reckon you could still do that for me Sophie."

The busty school swot looked pale and confused.

"Please officer I never did anything wrong."

The man smiled picking up the bucket of axle grease and took one of the cute girl's delicate hands.

"I know honey, but don't worry you going to do lots of wrong things from now on."

And with that he began to smear the confused teens hand with grease the captive teacher hollering in protest her superior years giving a clearer insight into what the cop intended to happen.

In the main house ma stopped her deformed son in his tracks.

"That's enough fun for you my lad." She said in a playful tone hands on hips. "Let your cousin saddle the mare I've got chores for you before supper."

The manic grunted and snorted in protest; towering over his Ma like a rampant stallion. But with a stern stare of command the old hag made him let go of Michelle lease tossing it to one of the skinny brothers who had corn cob fucked her teacher earlier.

The geek grabbed the chain smiling, licking his lips.

"Don't worry Ma I'll get her saddled up for sure."

It was pitch black outside dark storm clouds closing in for the evening. Michelle struggled to stand as the geek tugged her wrists pulling her to the barn. She tried to speak but the gag was as ever in her mouth; her tits still encased in the studded brassiere. But she was thankful to be away from that insane monster.

Inside the barn the place stunk of manure the pigs grunting and wriggling in their sty's.

The geek found the saddle; a small childlike leather version with strange cup stirrups no doubt for Pa to push his stumps into. The thing had a secure harness so when on a girls back the man could ride his bitch as she crawled on all fours.

Michelle was mumbling in the gag and the geek paused for a moment. Maybe he should take it off?

The brunette began to splutter her mouth free, her lips dry. He panicked with the noise and tried to re-insert it.

"Oh God fuck please, please. Don't put it back in." Michelle cried in desperation adding, "not just yet."

The geek did as she asked and seeing her visibly relax he asked; "I guess you want a rest from my big cousin and his pa don't you?" Michelle nodded commenting about leather mask. "He's insane," then thinking more added," you all are."

The geek smiled, "now I've got you to myself what about a little fun together?"

Michelle cringed, her knees nearly buckling in the extreme stilettos. The man was a skinny deformed in bred. The geek seeing her reaction reassured her.

"Pa's already come up you hasn't he?" The Geek stated as fact. Michelle eyes answered for her.

"Fuck it's not fair I never get to breed." He then added Michelle giving a whine of realization.

"Breed?" She stammered.

The geek nodded. "Yeah you and your friends will make a nice addition to the family."

He frowned. "But I'm too late with you aren't I."

He then looked across the barn a crazy idea forming in his head.

"Look you be a good girl for me and from time to time I'll look after you." he explained. "Pa is real nasty he'd beat me if he knew I'd even taken your gag out. You're his doggie now no talking for you ever again."

He stroked her head again like admiring a prise racehorse." Just beating and fucking's for you honey from now on"

He then gave an evil grin. "I reckon I can beat old pa's tadpoles to the finish line if I'm quick."

Michelle whined understanding her new role as gimp. But she also sensed that this one of the family was the weakest link. "Maybe," she though to herself as the goon stroked her mane," maybe I've got a chance with this one."

She gave him a cow eyed stare with her long lashed beauties and nodded the words of false flattery retching in her throat. She needed to get the edge with this one.

"I'm sure you much more of a stud than your Pa.."

In the cellar Sophie was shaking her head in embarrassment.

"Miss I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

The wet squelching was mixed with the grunts and gasps of Miss Sims and the heavy lustful words of the cop.

"That's it slowly in and out. Go on you little slut push it deeper lets see your wrist disappear."

The teen's hand was inside the pussy of her school mistress. The 30 something woman groaning as her flesh gripped her students hand like a wet sauna towel.

Slop, slop!

Her pussy juices had made the insertion easier; the cop helping force the reluctance hand of Sophie first against then in between the teacher's loose wide flaps.

Now she pumped back and forth her fingers feeling strange ridges and folds deep inside her barrel captive.

Natasha was biting her lip and giving belly deep groans of disgust and sensation. The young woman's hand was all the way inside exploring her like she was a glove puppet. The cop holding what was left of Sophie's exposed wrist helping keep a steady pounding rhythm going.

The cop was stood at the side of the bent teen one hand helping the fisting his other switching between squeezing the smart girls nipples and fingering her wet slit; his finger rubbing on her sore tender bud.

"That's it she's getting more loose by the minute." He groaned admiring the teacher's hand swallowing technique, at the same time frigging harder and harder on the panting Sophie's mound.

Natasha had to agree with him. First the screw cock now this she was struggling to get a sense of how deep things were and how wide she was. But she had more embarrassing concerns her clit hardening her body lusting after liberating release. She knew she would come soon and the humiliating thought of her hot biting cunt squeezing on her students wrist in satisfaction seemed to hurry the inevitable.

"Oh God ugggg shit shit ugggggggggg!" She gave gasping signals of nearing explosion.

"Not yet!" The cop shouted sensing the hands was about to become very wet indeed.

He moved away from the gawping Sophie. "Keep fisting bitch do you hear." The teen nodded and increased her pumping the slime dripping from her wrist to the floor.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" The barrel was shaking Natasha now on a kamikaze course with ecstasy.


A gas engine attempted to spring into life.


Sophie tried to pull out of her hot haven giving a shriek as the cop swung the maniac's chain cock in the air. The grease rubber tyre-tread tip spat slime as the shaft hummed and thundered back and forth.

"Keep your fucking hand inside her!" He bellowed swinging the pulsating cock towards the porcelain rear of Sophie explaining. "Time to bring you off too."


Natasha couldn't see what had happened but she felt Sophie's hand flex inside her the finger tips clawing, the hand seeming to expand in terror and sensation.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkk!" Natasha came; her body feeling like it had been dropped in lava. Her whole world was a fiery climactic explosion of red whipping hair and screaming indignant bleats from her fisting partner.

Sophie tried to pull out but the woman's muscles were gripping and slurping trying to swallow her deeper. Her own teeth were chattering and her eyes crossing as the power cock was turning her pussy inside out.


The gas driven pumping was like a jack hammer the vibrations a demented washing machine on full spin. Her clit had been waiting so long and now this; a ferocious unyielding intruder, blind, uncaring able to continue almost indefinitely at mechanical speed and intensity.

"Ugggggggggggggg!" She felt the stiff rubber shaft curve a little banging hard on her cervix her knees buckling her twat buried hand giving her support.

That hand was now awash with teachers love juices her muscles finally relaxing, the woman's shaft a massive sloppy pipe draining onto the floor taking Sophie's hand with it.


As The raven haired Sophie slumped her knees touching inwards she sat down on the power tip her mouth making a howling oval her fingers out wide like crow claws. Her shaft was as wet as her school mistresses her orgasmic screams as high. She was feint her body a vibrating bag of flesh her big tits amazingly firm like stick on bug headlights. The cop adjusted the throttle the cock coughing at the change in fuel supply; the tip, barking inside her sent her over the edge.

"Uh no, no, ohh yessssssssss Eieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!"

Sophie had passed out before she hit the juice flooded floor.

In the barn Michelle was also experiencing her first hand deep examination. She looked to the ceiling in embarrassment and focus. "Remember you might have a chance!" She told herself as the geeks bony fingers touched at her womb entrance.

"Oh pony I can feel all the way to your baby room," He giggled watching his wrist glisten with juice his long fingers pressing all over her internal walls. "Pa's slime's all over your entrance. The dirty fucks smeared it on like paste."

She was half reclined on hay bails the geek having tied a rope around both her stiletto booted ankles and draw her legs at almost 180 degree apart before fastening the ropes to sturdy wooden pillars. He needn't have done this as Michelle had not resisted or pleaded for him to stop when he told her his plans.

The black clad Cheerleader was gritting her teeth her deep brown eyes widening as she felt his wrist flex inside her. It had been a struggle to do even with his small wrist and Michelle had moaned and sobbed head on his shoulder as he almost affectionately comforted her as his dirty fingers opened then pushed inside her slit.

Now he was pumping with more purpose the beauty bucking and gasping as he fucked her with his hand.

Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh!

The spread eagle position was really uncomfortable but it allowed total access to her slit her pink lips slurping on his wrist his other hand pushing into her mouth sexy red lips sucking on his fingers.

The geek had stripped his boiler suit and his cock was standing rigid again Michele amazed at the stamina of this family. She gripped his shaft with her black gloved hand and began to wank him with a monotonous purpose. The geek in turn continued his burrowing each flex and bump making the olive skinned girl pout and coo with sensation.

"Urr yessss that it uhhhhh uhhhhhh oh ohn shit shitt hnnnnnnnnnn!" She cooed giving what he wanted.

The geek was impressed with his ability and groaned as her fingers pressed on his seeping eye hole.

He slowly extracted his hand form her glistening pussy the mound widening then spitting his hand out in a little gasp of exertion, her flower pink inside brilliant against her dark tan skin.

He pushed her back on the hay bails her legs still doing the splits tied open in a wide V.

"Just lay back." He said Michelle resting on her elbows the man kneeling near her face.

She nodded taking the cock in between her aching jaw the wet end feeling as big as the ball gag.

"Slurpp, slurpppp!"

The geek reached up with his hands to an upright cylinder stood on a set of wheels next to the bails. He unhooked the pistol grip device his hand bringing the nozzle and pipe down over her metal bassire and black clad tummy. The nozzle was greasy and dull silver the end.

He moved the tip the size of a gas nozzle down to her slit and slowly pushed into her stretched hole.

Michelle eyes shut tight her mouth still swallowing his rampant rod. The sliver tube was solid and unyielding, cold to touch the open end pushing all the way to her cervix bump. God knows what the device was used for normally. Extracting sun flower oil from barrels maybe, she didn't really care all she knew was that once he flicked the switch the cylinder would begin to suck her insides clean the nozzle and device some large mechanical vacuum .


Michelle was unable to push her body back upright the geek pressing on her metal brassier his cock slowly pumping into the side of her expanding cheek. The nozzle tip instantly connected to her internal dead end. Slock! Her come smeared insides beginning to empty.

"Pa can't impregnate you with all his come in a barrel!" The geek laughed.

Michelle moaned her mouth unable to spit cock her hands pushing at the nozzle the suction incredible. "Bad idea, bad idea!" Her mind screamed.

She spat his cock from her lips."Oh Jesus no it uhhhhhh!." Michelle was about to protest when she saw his confused face.

"I thought you promised? He said almost child like, you fucking bitch I..."

"No..No!" Michelle barked afraid he would march her back too soon and in a serious pissed off mood.

"I did, I've just er ohhh!"

Michelle gave animal grunts the nozzle flexing and slurping inside her its rigidity that of a steel bar. She arched her back moaning at the attention the vacuum was giving her, horrified one of her friends might see. But she knew false shame was pointless, only getting out of here mattered.

The geek tugged at the mechanical tube the thing gripping so hard inside you would think it was alive. The sensation was bizarre her pussy ultra dry the nozzle forming a ring around her cervix as if it might suck her insides out, the geek wrestling to pull the sucking monster out.

"Awwwwwwww!" She gave a scream in horror.

Back in the cellar all the women were curled in cages the cellar door locked the crazies above at work with their chores. Sandy sat in her cell knees up rocking to a thro humming to herself. Bianca looked at Miss Sims then Sophie they both looked back exhausted and in no mood to talk.

Then Bianca noticed something that made them sit up and take notice.

"Sandy," Bianca called in a hush to her best friend, "Sandy your cage, it's not locked."

The girls all stared at what was true. In his eagerness to concentrate on Natasha and Sophie he'd not locked her cage. And when leaving the cop had shook his head at the clearly unhinged blonde who was giggling and swaying. He'd clearly thought it didn't matter much.

The women all began to call to Sandy as the poor wretch continued in a world of her own.

They were almost at the point of giving up when the girls eyes seemed to become more focused and the message began to sink in.

"My what?"

They told her to hush pointing to the open padlock.

She pushed the bars the old rusty hinges creaking a little the cage opening.

"Oh shit, oh shit!" She began to panic she could get out of her cage but now what?

Sandy began to come to her senses her breathing slowing her body tensing like a predator. She crawled from the cage and frantically search for the keys to the other cells.

"Its no use he must have them on him," She said after a desperate search.

There was clanging and movement above and she froze in fear.

"Forget about it Sandy," Natasha whispered her nerves fearing any second she'd hear the cellar door open." Is there a way out?"

Sandy looked horrified. "Not up there, I'll never get past them."

Miss Simms remained calm and instructed her student. "Is there another way a corn chute or something like that?"

Then Sandy remembered. In the corner was a square hole with a flap hiding a curving metal shaft. It had been the pantry chute she had fallen through. She bent down at the entrance and looked up maybe fifteen feet. She could see the bottom of the trap door it had springs to make it close shut but she also saw the light switch catch that released it allowing a heavy weight to fall.

"I think I can crawl up her and get into the kitchen," She whispered.

"Do it, hurry." The girls said in unison. Natasha adding "get to the main road; stop whatever you see and get help." Sandy seemed a different person again back to her cock sure ways like the day had been a dream so far. She nodded with big blue eyes still completely naked but no longer bothered. Then she crawled into the square hole and pushed up to the wooden trap.

The catch sprang back easily but it took a great deal of dexterity to get her nails into the grooves and slowly pull the wooden floor open. It was trying to spring back all the time but once she had a hand inside it was far easier to pull down and open. She dare not call back so instead eased herself up into the pitch black pantry allowing the floor to gently close behind her. Click!

Back in the barn the man finally tugged the eager pipe from her with a fleshy pop. The geek could see the tall cylinders bottom smeared with seminal deposit. Michelle was moaning and wriggling but not resisting, biting her finger in a school girl tease.

"Oh shit you've sucked me dry." She said amazed with her own filthy language; but seeing the desired smile on his face. He knew he'd drained every last drop of come out of her.

He flung the nozzle to the floor pulling back his pink foreskin showing his big eye hole.

"Now to replace it with mine," he giggled.

Michelle sensing her opportunity needed to get loose.

"Ohhhh ugh ugh please I need to go on all fours." She panted lashes flashing in a come hither bloom.

The geek wasn't sure.

"It'll be easier for you to mount me." She added seductively,"like a rutting bull."

He nodded wiping his skinny chest of sweat. He unfastened her legs and she brought them together gratefully. Knelling up she crawled down the bails until she was knelt doggie fashion on the hay strew floor the pigs grunting nearby. She looked fantastic in a the black skin tight cat suit her heels like a Disney queen witches her long brunette ponytail and darkened sullen eyes also adding to that image. The Amazon brassiere still bit into her firm breast but there was no way he would remove that.

The geek like her bull analogy and he climbed on her rear into the familiar farm yard position his hard monster finding her lose empty cunt.

She began to grunt like a beast herself.

His hands gripped her waste as he thundered in and out, Michelle yelping, startled at his ferocity. Her hand was banging on the dusty barn floor her brunette mane swinging from side to side. She looked over her shoulder her sultry eyes wanton and decadent.

"Let me up" She gasped." Bang me up against the wall."

She couldn't believe her own words and as the man nodded positioning himself behind her she knelt up then pulled herself to her feet. There was a bar on the barn wall at hip height and she bent over; resting her cheek on it, hands gripping the wood ass raised heeled legs apart. She wanted him from behind standing up.

"Spunk up me now, hurry; please!" She was wet again her body ready to accept a new deposit.

"Ugggggggggggg!" She cried again with the sensation of thrust the man filling her canal with his massive meat rod.

"Awwwwwwww yes yes yessssssssss!" She writhed back the man jerking his hips the squelching and stink turning him into a panting buffoon

"Ohhh ugggggg urrrrrrr ohhhhhhhhhhhh nnnnnnnnnnnnnn!"

He erupted, his cock tip spitting thick come; his body tense his neck muscles showing as he became rigid. That was what she had been waiting for.

Michele arched her back and with gymnastic ability contorted her body upright his cock sliding from her hole mid climax the come still pumping from his eye hole

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Crash! Thud!

The shovel hit him hard against the side of his head. Michelle grabbing the wooden pole device she had seen standing lent against the wall the first minute she walked in here. Her final wanton position had put her hands inches from the shaft and at the biggest point of vulnerability she had struck.

The man was on the floor moaning but hardly conscious.

She took a deep breath looking down at her boots. They needed to come off; she'd never get away in these. She pulled the latches and buckle's as the man on the floor moaned and sobbed. Pulling the long leather shoe off she quickly repeated it with the next. She knelt on the man's back grabbing the rope tying his hands then his feet.

"One of the trucks must have keys in it." She thought to herself.

She needed to put distance between her and the farm. The man was disorientated at the moment but give it twenty minutes and no doubt the family would hunt her down with avengance.

She ran out into the dark starless night. The humidity was stifling a storm about to break. The first rain was beginning to hit the floo; the down pour coming fast and heavy like this evil families ejaculations


Michelle froze a white light in her eyes a southern drawl making her heart sink.

"Don't move miss; or we'll have to shoot you in the knee."

The cop grinned from under his dripping Stetson brim; shotgun pointing straight at her.

"And trust me honey, that won't stop Pa from having his way with you."

Michelle standing there the rain beginning to shower her body suddenly realised it had all been for nothing. She looked to the sky and gave a defeated howl.

From a hundred feet away the hidden Sandy heard the animal screeched of sheer frustration, futility and resignation.

The blonde had crept from the cellar and fearing capture at any moment climbed through the kitchen window out into the corn field. She could see torch light around the other side of the house but didn't plan on going to find out. Ahead at the front porch were a state trooper car and an old black pick up.

The rain was battering down now but she didn't mind it help conceal her movements. Her bare feet pressed on mud filled pools until she reached the cop car. Opening the door she saw there were no keys.


The pick up was further away and she decided it was all or nothing. No shots rang out no hollering and even though she expected the porch doors to open with torch wielding crazies she reached the battered old wreck. Opening the far door then crawling to the driver seat she saw the keys sat in the ignition.

"Oh Jesus... "she gasped, the thunder cracking overhead, "thank fuck for that."

The dense wooded track was like driving in a cave the poor beams struggling to illuminate her way. The windscreen was awash with rain water and at the breakneck speed that she drove every second remaining level and upright was a miracle.

Sandy crunched the gear shift the battered pick up groaning and screeching as its engine and gearbox struggled to work in harmony. The steering was heavy and she grunted with effort to make the sudden turn. The vehicle almost bounced onto the firmer route of the shortcut their mini bus has made earlier. The crashed bus was nowhere to be seen and Sandy didn't waste time in slowing instead revving the engine to a screaming pitch she sped off down the road intent on raising the alarm to the first car she saw.

A mile ahead of her the young truck driver shook his head in frustration. It had been a long day and now with his rig unloaded he just wanted to get home. The rain was almost hypnotic his long hours at the wheel starting to tell. The headlights ahead grew larger and he realised he was not the only fool to be on this road in this weather. The lights were moving erratically and as his big truck thundered towards it horn blarring the vehicle veered off the road and into a ditch.

Sandy felt dizzy the impact momentarily dazing her. She heard the air brakes of a large wheeled machine slam on and only moments later a young mans voice and reassuring hand as her door was prised open.

"Miss are you oh!" The truck driver stopped seeing the girl was almost naked in a sack cloth top bare feet on pedals. But he also remembered her from a previous fully clothed meeting.

"OH please help!" Sandy said seeing the face of the young man she had flirted with that very morning in the heat swollen traffic jam.

He hurriedly helped her from the smoking pick up and lifted up into his warm cab the engine humming on idle his country and western tunes still playing.

She was babbling about the police. Her friends and teacher needed help.

The trucker tried to make sense.

A cop

A house


A monster?

He nodded his eyes getting wider and wider. She was sure he didn't believe her. He just looked so dumbfounded trying to get her to explain what she meant in more detail.

"Please just drive." She gasped as his questioning continued.

He nodded and sat back down in his seat

"Don't you worry miss." He said the rig picking up speed its beams scanning the road like two huge searchlights.

As the truck battled headlong against the rain, ahead the two occupants could see flashing lights, those of a cop patrol car. It was coming directly towards them blocking the road. The rig cab was dark and Sandy shrunk into her seat her eyes looking in desperation at the young man.

"Oh God, it's one of them I'm sure of it."

The man couldn't be sure it might be another cop. He decided not to risk it

"Quick," he shouted looking over his shoulder. "In the back let's not take any chances."

Sandy slid out of her chair pulling herself into the rear of the cab. It was cramped with an overhead bed and big padded seat below.

"The seat" he shouted, "it lifts back there's a latch."

The cop car had slowed and come to a stop directly in front of the massive grill of the big wheeler.

The seat did indeed open showing a hidden empty chest space. No doubt ideal for hiding items from unwanted inspection

"Get in hurry."

The chest was cramped and Sandy had to knell inside pressing her head down onto the cold wooden base. The lid clicked shut on top of her the chest now a padded seat to all but the most suspicious eye. She heard the young man open the door and climb down. It made sense keep him far away as possible.

She could hear voices over the engine hum. She was sure it was the lazy drawl of the evil cop.

The voices got closer and she heard the driver direct the cop down the road.

"About a mile and a half back that way, its pointing in a ditch."

She began to shake knowing her would be captor was so close the young man no doubt telling him how he'd passed the abandoned truck with no sign of a girl.


The door closed as the man sat back in his seat and she could hear the patrol car pulling away heading further down the rain washed track. Sandy breathed a sigh of relief and tried to raise her body. The dam lid had a catch and she was stuck inside.

"Hey..." she realised she didn't know his name, "hey mister I'm stuck."

The young man crunched through a gear change and cussed an excuse for his poor driving.

Damn winding roads," hearing Sandy he answered, "just a little further, be patient."

The truck slowed and turned then she felt the gradient of the hill.

"Hey I'm getting a little hot in here," she said in a polite friendly tone.

The young man nodded in agreement yeah she was hot; fucking amazingly hot. He thanked his luck that he had come across her first. His fucking family never failed to amaze him with their stupidity. His lazy fucking grand pa, the freakish twins, that cock sucking arrogant cop cousin and don't even get him started on junior.

He smiled remembering the narrowed eyed cop cousin explain his predicament in a little desperation

"I caught us some hot pussy today, but one of them high tailed it. We've got to find her."

The trucker remembered how it had been himself who had casually directed the girls into the clutches of his family but he said nothing to take the glory. Instead he mentioned to his older cousin with a smug smile that the perfect figure teen was now safely curled up in his trunk.

He'd deal with her; the dumb cop could sort out the pick up.

"Hey is it time to let me out yet?" Came a sweet voice from the trunk.

The trucker smiled as his rigs lights illuminated the farm stead the big wheeler pulling up along side the barn. "Best place to take a little captured cow," he surmised.

He reached into his glove compartment for a coil of rope calling over his shoulder in his friendly manner. "Sure miss lets get you out of that uncomfortable position."

It was a half hour later when the cop arrived back at the farm. He was tired and angry. The barn was illuminated with light. Someone was inside; he could hear machinery and the moans of exertion. It was no doubt his cocky cousin dealing with their run away.

"That fucking little miss pig tail." He hissed," all those bitches are in for one hell of a night I'll see to that."


2007-02-18 21:49:49
NIcE story


2006-08-01 14:08:42
omg shite!!!!!!


2006-04-08 23:40:17
the fuckin thing suked grampa's cock. i may be 12, but at least i kno how to write a story... BITCHES


2006-04-06 14:59:39
the stories is played out in flash back like a movie might. we already know the girls have been rescued and the crazies killed. The tale is understanding how they got there and what they went through

hope this explain what i,m trying to achieve


2006-03-29 23:41:38
finc , u are the god amonst rape story writers , truely amazing again .....plz give us part 4 ,,,my cock is hard for it !!!

write some about famiy rape ..with brothers and farthers forced to fuck moms and sisters plz !!! i love your work ..its the best there is !!!

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