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My first story
This is my first story. Comments are welcome.

He slowly wakes up. The room didn't at first seem familiar. His head hurt beyond anything he had ever felt. As he started to put the last few days together the memories assailed, horrified, and revolted him. He had just lived through another battle as where even more of his brothers had died. How could he continue with his life still? He should have been the one to have died. He heard another voice in the back of the room, but couldn't make out the words. His head hurt so bad. The darkness crept back in.

He woke up two days later. The pain in his head was still there but not nearly as bad. "Doc! He is awake" He heard. "Jim how are you feeling?" Asked Major Henry Goff the Marine doctor assigned to the case of SSGT Jim Wolf. "I am ok." Said Jim. "My head is killing me though. What happened?" "You took one hell of a shot to the head by a stray bullet. You are lucky to be alive. The only thing that saved you was your kevlar helmet." Said Goff. As Major Goff continued to talk all Jim could think about was the words "lucky to be alive". He didn't feel very lucky. One of his closest friends had just died. How was he lucky?! His head started to pound again. Anger started to swell inside of him and he focused on it. The anger would get him through. All of the sudden something clicked in his head and two lights shattered right next to him. "What the fuck was that?" Asked CPL Bech. Major Goff just stared at the lights and shrugged. Goff looked to Wolf and said "You are to remain here for the next two days. Then you are going home state side for some much needed rest. You have been through more than most." And with that left the room. CPL Bech followed right behind him.
Jim couldn't believe what he had just been told. He didn't belong back home. He belongs here with the men that are still fighting. What would he do at home? He had no family to speak of. Just a sister that he had not spoken to in more than five years. He had been deployed now for 13 months. What did home even mean? The anger started to swell in him again. More anger than he had ever felt. POP! Another light. Jim came right out of his anger. That was the second time that a light had broken right when he got angry. He thought it could be coincidence but something felt very strange to him. His head hurt but it was something more. Something felt so much different to him. At that time though everything felt too surreal. Home. Home! Home? What did that mean?

Five weeks later Jim was driving to his home town. After he had got back to the states he was informed that due to some of his wounds, and the PTSD he had been diagnosed with he was being placed on medical leave with full benefits for no less then 6 month. He didn't know what else to do. His hometown was never a home to him. The Marine Corps was his home. He had joined at 17 and never looked back. And just like that he was out. Hopefully not for good but out none the less. Suddenly his truck started to sputter. He was running out of gas. He looked up and saw that he was 10 miles from the nearest gas station. "Well fuck". Jim said. "Guess I'm hoofing it". He pulled to the side of the rode and shut off the truck. Got a bottle of water and started to walk. A few cars passed him and even though he tried to wave them down none stopped for him. "Just my luck" he said. Off in the distance he saw another car, again he felt the anger welling up inside of him. He told himself this car will stop no matter what. Even if he had to get hit for the person to do so. As the car got closer in his mind with the anger welling up even more he said "STOP!" To his ultimate surprise, not only did the car stop but the driver slammed on the brakes. The driver rolled down the window and seemed very nervous. He asked "can I help you with something?" Jim just as concerned with what had just happened just nodded at first. "I ran out of gas a ways back. I am looking for a ride to the nearest gas station. Could you give me a ride?" The man almost said no, but he was already stopped and agreed. As Jim got in the car the man started away. Jim started to get a headache from hell once more. He started to put his head back on the seat when he heard "why the fuck did I stop? I should just kick him out now?" Jim looked over and asked "Did you say something?" The man just looked over at Jim and said "no". The man did think to himself "did I just say that aloud?" But just shoot his head. For some reason Jim heard the question. But knew the man had not spoken a word. He was looking right at the man and had not seen his mouth move at all. "I'll just take him to the gas station and leave him there. Let him find his own way back" The man thought. Again Jim heard every word. But no Jim realized. Not actually heard but somewhere in his mind he felt the thoughts. Just as Jim started to really think on the matter they arrived at the gas station. The man curtly but politely asked Jim to find his own ride back the his truck. Jim nodded and even game the man $20 for his troubles. The man sped off without another word.

Jim when inside to buy a gas can and to pay for a pump to get some gas. As soon as he walked in he saw a very pretty girl behind the counter. She looked up at Jim and smiled. Jim glanced at her left hand and saw no ring to indicate she was married and started to think to himself that maybe this miserable trip back "home" could be a little more enjoyable. She was short. Maybe around 5'5". She had curves in just the right spots. So had dark brown hair and black eyes it seemed. But her complexion was fair. She had nice firm breasts and a tight ass. Jim was no ugly man. He was very fit. He stood right at 5'11". Boone hair and Crystal blue eyes. Most said that his eyes pulled everyone's attention at a glance. His chest was broad and well defined. And his arms while not overbearingly muscular were well defined. And not to mention he was packing a 9" cock that was just the right girth for a man his size.
As he walk up to her after grabbing the gas can all he could think about was how she might look without her shirt on. He was trying not to make it so obvious that he was staring at her, but couldn't really help it. As he got to the counter he said hi and she smiled back at him. "Will that be all?"she asked. "Well I ran out of gas about 10 miles down the highway. Do you know anyone who could give me a ride?" Jim asked. He stared right at her and thought "please say you can". She got almost a tranced look over her face and said "I can". Jim just at her with shock. Not at the words but at how she said she could. Jim looked around but no one was within eye shot. Then he heard "Why did I just agree so easily?" He looked right back to her and he could tell that those last word were not spoken aloud. How was he doing this. Was hearing what people were think? Did he just get two people to agree with what he wanted them to do that they normally wouldn't? He looked to the girl "I don't want to put you out at all. If you don't want to drive me to my truck it's ok." He said. But she thought about it and said "No I don't mind at all." "Can I buy you dinner for your trouble?" Jim asked. Again she thought about it. She didn't have anything better to do so she agreed. "My name is Jim." "I'm Ashly." "I get off of work in 30 minutes if you don't mind waiting. "Not at all." Jim said. Jim went and got gas and sat outside waiting for Ashly to get off of work. He didn't mind sitting alone for a bit. So many questions were burning in his mind. He remembered the light bulbs exploding, he remembered the driver of the car, and now Ashly. "Could I have really done all of that?" He saw another woman pull up to the gas station then and thought he might test something. She was pretty. More on the homely side but still cute. He focused on her. He wanted he to do something that might not be out of the norm but just enough for him to see if his theory might be correct. He said in his mind to the woman to touch her ass. Nothing happened. He thought it again. Nothing. He almost shrugged it away and then another burst of Agitation welled within him. And the woman touched her ass. "Is that my trigger? Anger? But I wasn't angry with Ashly?" The thoughts spun in his head. Emotions!! He felt an emotion when talking with Ashly. It was lust. He tried again with the woman this time feeling within himself. He focused with his eyes closed on the woman. But something even more happened at that point. He saw within her. Her state of mind, her memories. He could even feel her life force. Suddenly his head felt as if it were about to explode. And lost all connection. Jim sat in his spot for the rest of the time just thinking about what had just happened. How had he just done what he did? It made no since to him. He knew that whatever this was he had to delve into it much more.

He almost came out of his boots when he felt Ashly touch him on his shoulder. "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you." She said. "I called to you a few times but you were seemed to be lost in your thoughts." "I'm sorry" Jim said. "It's ok. Are you ready to head out?" Jim nodded and they got into Ashly's car. As they started toward Jim's truck Ashly started to make small talk. "So where are you heading?" She asked. "I'm heading to my hometown in Montana." "Do you have family there?" She asked. "Just a sister. My parents died a long time ago." "I'm sorry to hear that". She said. As the got near the truck Jim asked if there was a nice hotel in town explaining that he had been driving a long time and had not thought about how tired he was. "We only have two in town. But the nicest of the two is down the road from the gas station where I work." She said. "If you'd like I can have you follow me there?" Jim agreed. They got to his truck and he put in the gas. After that they were off to the hotel. When they arrived Jim got a room and put his bag inside. "Do you think I could rest a bit before we go to dinner?" He asked. "Sure. I would like to go home and change my clothes anyway. I'll meet you back here at 8pm?" Jim looked at the clock and saw that was three hours away and agreed. Ashly left and Jim closed the door behind her.

Jim woke up about 2 hours later to sounds of what he thought were 20 people screaming. Only then did he realize that it wasn't screaming, in fact the people were not even talking to each other. They were thoughts he was hearing. Jim was having troubled dreams when this started happening. So his emotions were very high. He started to concentrate and to calm himself. Then he started to focus on one person at a time. He saw one man and concentrated on him alone. Jim closed his eyes and again looked within another person. He could see what the man was thinking and even feeling. He looked deeper and to Jim's amazement now he was looking through the mans eyes. Jim broke the connection and sat back. "This is just getting too weird." He thought. He looked at the time and only had 30 minutes until Ashly was to be there. He grabbed some clean cloths and got in the shower. The hot water felt so good. Jim lost track of time and before he knew it he heard a knock at the door. He had not even washed yet so he hurried and put on a towel and opened the door. "Sorry I lost track of time. If you don't mind waiting I'll finish my shower and we can go." Ashly smiled and nodded. She walked into the room and sat on the bed while Jim got back in the shower. As he got back in he heard "Wow he is hot. Only if I could get a man like that." Jim taken off is guard slipped and almost smacked his head on the side of the shower. He hurried and washed and got out. Put on his cloths and walked out into the room. "Ready to g....." The word cut out before he finished. Ashly had decided that she could skip dinner. She was on the bed but only wearing her underwear and bra. "Do you think that you can skip dinner with me?" She asked. Jim was very willing. Maybe he thought too willing. He went over to the edge of the bed and knelt down. He could not get over how beautiful she really was. Her legs were perfect. He started to kiss up one and down the other. As he came back up he kissed her stomach to her neck. She whimpered to his touch. She removed his shirt and grabbed ahold of his dog tags and pulled home in for a passionate kiss. She rolled him over and got atop him. She worked her way down and even managed to remove his pants in one fluid motion. She noticed that he shaved and was thrilled by this. No man she had ever been with had ever shaved. Even his chest was smooth. And Beyond that she saw his dick. She had never seen one so big before. So many possibilities she thought. She grabbed ahold of his dick and started to mover her hand slowly. Jim closed his eyes enjoying the feeling. Ashly slid her mouth over his dick and took her time feeling his every movement. She wanted home to never forget the pleasure she was about to give him. She bobbed her head up and down and Twirled her tongue around the head of his dick. She used her other hand to cup his balls in just the right was as to maximize his pleasure. Jim had never felt someone give to much effort into a blowjob. He felt like she was trying to suck him dry. Just before he was about to be stopped her. Ashly looked up with concern thinking she had done something wrong. "I wish to return the favor" Jim said. Ashly looked nervous she had never had anyone do that before. Jim lifted her up and turned her over onto her back. Ashly was amazed be the strength of Jim. She had never felt someone just pick her up with so much ease. Jim started kissing her all over her body. He wanted to make her heel as good as she had just done to him. He removed her underwear and started to kiss around her labia. She stopped him. "No one have ever..." Jim put his finger to her lips. "Then let me show you how a man should treat a woman." No more complaints can from Ashly. Jim started once more. Kissing her inner thigh and then softly using the tip of his tongue on her clit. And then suddenly Jim saw within Ashly again. This time her pleasure and the spots on her body that were the most sensitive. He even saw how to enhance her pleasure with just his mind. He started to concentrate on this and made it rise with more and more pleasure. His tongue slid further into her pussy making full contact with her clit. Ashly lurched with pleasure. Never had she felt something so amazing. Jim continued with his movements and slid one finger into her pussy. Ashly knew that she was going to cum soon. Jim through his mind found once again Ashly's pleasure scenes and cranked them up just slightly more. With his finger Jim for Ashly's g-spot and started to rub it. With his tongue Jim did circles over Ashly's clit. Ashly started to convulse with the most powerful orgasm she had ever known. Jim let her come down just a bit from her orgasm and once more started to lick and finger Ashly. She let out a silent scream of ecstasy for she had no breath at that point to put sound to her scream. Jim let Ashly com down all of the way from her orgasm. She finally looked at Jim and said "That was the best I have ever felt in my life." Jim smiled and said "I hope this next part will be to your liking as well." With that Jim started to climb up to kiss Ashly. He lowered his dick in line with Ashly's pussy and started in. Ashly had had sex a few times. But as Jim started to push in she had never felt anything like this before. She felt as if he was going to fill every inch of her. And for some reason that she didn't understand her pussy was more sensitive than anytime in her life. Jim hadn't even got half inside of her when another powerful orgasm ripped through her body. As Ashly started to orgasm Jim took this opportunity to push all of the way inside of her. This enhanced the already body shaking orgasm that Ashly was experiencing. As she came down from her orgasm Jim started to move slow inside of Ashly. Pulling almost all of the way out and slowly sliding back in. Ashly couldn't believe the feelings she was having. The sheer pleasure was nothing she had ever experienced before. She felt Jim picking up the pace and urged him on. She had thought to show him the time of his life, but now she saw that he was the one that was going to take her to a place she had never been. As Jim picked up the pace he felt Ashly start to wrap her legs around his. He pushed even deeper into her and felt himself hit bottom. Ashly started to have another orgasm and he knew with as tight as she was squeezed his dick he would not be far behind. He once more reached into her mind and this time turned up her pleasure even more. Ashly could not believe what she was feeling. Just when she thought that the had reached an orgasm to the strongest her body ever could she was amazed at what she was feeling now. She was just about to orgasm when she felt something even bigger building within her. All she knew was the most purest form of pleasure starting deep within her soul. "Cum with me Jim. Cum inside me please. I must feel you release inside of me!" Ashly began to shake, scream and tighten her pussy so hard on Jim that he thought his dick would just pop. Jim continued to thrust into ashy through the convulsions, through her tightening pussy. He could no longer hold back, and when Ashly had begged him to cum inside of her he did. Ashly felt Jim starting to cum deep inside of her pussy. Through her orgasm she felt ever spurt hitting the back of her vagina. She started to move even harder to milk ever last drop. "That's right baby cum more. Cum deep inside of me. Don't stop yet I'm going to cum again!" And she did the orgasm was so hard that Ashly blacked out right there underneath of Jim. He laid there on top of her for a minute and then rolled over next to her to fall deep into a deep sleep.

Please leave comments if I should continue the story. I do have much more to write and a deeper story if the feedback is good.

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2015-03-26 01:23:42
Ehh...Its okay. Its not bad. Yeah, a few grammatical errors, but it made me cum and that was the goal so good job I guess

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2015-03-25 07:45:06
Decent first story. Quite a few grammatical errors though.

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2015-03-25 07:09:03
Nine inch penises are not realistic the American average is 5.4 so keep it somewhat realistic.

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2015-03-23 06:31:40
There are no doctors in the USMC. It would be a Navy doctor. Lt. Commander is the same rank as a Major. Just a little heads up.

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2015-03-22 02:22:29
Don't rely only on Spellcheck for your grammar. It only checks to see if a word exists. There, their and they're would all be accepted, yet have completely different meanings, which, when used incorrectly, really annoys readers who know how to spell.
Great story so far, though! Keep it cumming, er, coming! Pebee.

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