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As promised a new series! While Jaime figured she didn't need a babysitter as she was 11 years old her parents had other ideas.
"Mommy I don't need a babysitter" Jamie said while attempting to protest her parents decision.
"Jaime we have already decided that you do" Susan told her while walking out the door.
Susan and husband Jeff had two children Jaime age 11 and Shawn age 16. Jeff and her were high school sweet hearts although it didn't feel like that anymore, they found out that Susan was pregnant soon after graduating high school. Sure it wasn't something they expected but they dealt with it, Shawn now 16 was a very attractive young man. He was athletic and lead an active social life. Susan was about 5'4 with a 32B sized breasts, she had brown hair and green eyes she loved he husband dearly but their marriage wasn't the same. She didn't know if he didn't find her attractive anymore, as a 35 year old mother of two she thought she looked great. Jeff was no fitness model himself at around 6'1 kind of stocky with black hair and brown eyes, the one thing he did have going for him was that he had a nice fat 10 inch cock.

"Daddy do I really need a babysitter" Jaime whined through the hallway into her fathers office.
"Umm...what sweetie" he asked looking up from his work.
"I don't need a babysitter! I'm old enough to take care of myself plus Shawn will be here" she said angrily to her father.
"Sweetie Shawn isn't going to be home and we don't expect him to watch you the whole weekend either, now this isn't happening to the end of the month so things may change." he said to her softly "You'll have fun trust me"
"No I won't, this isn't fair!" She yelled before storming to her room and slamming the door.
He knew from the start that she wasn't going to be happy but, Susan was going to be gone the whole weekend and he wouldn't be back until late Sunday. He checked to see if anyone had accepted the ad he posted online looking for a babysitter, he was surprised to see a few inquiries about the position and decided he better interview them.

Later that evening he had Susan take the kids out for dinner around 6:00, while he had "work" to do. As soon as they left he immediately sat down and searched for babysitter porn videos, this had often been a fantasy of his and now he had the chance to make it a reality! He began to rub his thick cock through his shorts while watching the pornstar being slowly seduced. He had a nice hard on when the door bell rang, he was half pissed off and half excited it was only 6:30.

He answered the door to see a stunning blonde bombshell standing in front of him. She was about 23 and had easily a DD set of tits, a beautiful smile and gorgeous blue eyes.
"Hi my names Ashley, I'm here about a babysitting position" she said innocently.
"Umm...yeah my names Jeff, please come on in" he told her. As she stepped by him she knew he was checking her out, I mean she didn't wear a white t-shirt and mini skirt for nothing. She also noticed the nice sized bulge in his pants as she sat down on the couch. He quickly sat next to her and positioned himself so he could get a great view of her tits.
"So do you have prior experience" he asked her.
"Yes I've babysat multiple children and always left making sure everyone was satisfied" she said with a seductive smile.
"Okay well that sounds like something I would be highly interested in" he replied while now moving closer to her. She squeezed her breasts together making sure he got a great view as she knew she was going to get this job one way or the other. He reposition himself so that his bulge was much more comfortable in his shorts.
"Would you like a glass of wine" he asked her, trying to push his luck.
"Sure, red will be fine" she told him as he got up. After he left the room she moved to the end of the couch and rode her skirt up so that her bare pussy was exposed to anyone who looked.

When he returned she laughed as he nearly choked on the wine he took a sip of.
"Is there something wrong Jeff?" She asked innocently.
"Nothing wrong at all" he said while handing her a glass, "maybe you might be the babysitter for me...I umm mean us"
She giggled and decided to give him a real show. She spilled the glass of wine onto her shirt making it see through, her amazing rack was now on full display through a two sizes to small pink bra. She quickly removed her shirt leaving herself on full display for Jeff who was speechless. She reached up and fondled her tits while Jeff looked on in shock, she then asked him if could help her remove her bra so she could dry off. He nearly fainted from excitement, sure Susan was beautiful but he had a hot young blond sitting in front of him asking to be stripped!! He quickly slide down the couch removing her bra before leaning back to hopefully get a view of a lifetime, but Ashley decided she would tease him. She quickly covered her breasts and asked for him to go get her a shirt, he was disappointed but understood that maybe things weren't meant to be. When he came back he definitely got the surprise of a lifetime, Ashley was sitting on the couch naked with her legs spread!

"What...what are you doing" he asked.
"What? I saw you looking at me this whole time and as I said earlier I make sure everyone is satisfied!" She said in a slutty tone. Before I could respond she grabbed my shorts and yanked them down, she smiled as she looked at my rapidly hardening fat cock.
"Oh baby, this is an amazing cock! I think we're going to have a lot of fun" she told me before wrapping her hands around it. She slowly began to stroke up and down as she looked up at me, I couldn't help myself from moaning as she had an Angels touch on my cock. She then leaned down and kissed the tip of my cock, she slide her tongue over my fat swollen head licking away some precum. Then she ran her tongue up and down the length of my cock never breaking eye contact before she engulfed my cock into her mouth. This made me let out a moan as I slide my hands onto her head, she quickly got the idea and began to take more and more of my cock into her mouth. The head of my cock was teasing the back of her throat, I thought see couldn't take anymore when she leaned forward and swallow my fat cock!
"My God baby your throat feels amazing" I told her. She just nodded her head while keeping my cock inside her warm wet mouth. I knew I was close but I figured I would push my luck, I started to thrust into her mouth. Soon I was full on face fucking her! It was then I heard a car pull into the drive way, it was now 7:30. Knowing my wife was right outside sent me over the edge, I began to shoot load after load of cum down her throat. It was to much for her as she began to gag and let my cum leak out the side of her mouth. I was highly disappointed as I pulled up my shorts and ordered her to get dressed.

"How was dinner honey?" I asked my wife as she came through the door.
"It was good...umm who's car is outside?" She asked me some what concerned.
"Oh that would be Ashley she came by a few minutes ago for the babysitter interview" I told her while grabbing my food they brought home. My kids walked past me and headed upstairs.
"Oh...umm where is she?" Susan asked as she began to look around.
"She's in the living room honey, I was just going to grab us something to drink when you came home so I figured it would be better if you interviewed her!" I told her while walking back into the living room with my wife. Ashley had already redressed and had on the the plan black t-shirt I gave her so my wife wouldn't get suspicious.
"Hi my name is Susan, I'm guessing you're Ashley" my wife said
"Yes, I'm Ashley. Pleased to meet you." she told my wife. I sat across from them thinking about what had just happened moments before, I chuckled to myself thinking about how much fun this was going to be. My wife and Ashley continued to talk for awhile, while I paid absolutely no attention until Ashley got up to leave.
"Thank you for coming over Ashley we will give you a few trial runs and we will let you know our finally decision after." My wife told her.
"Okay thank you Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, see you Monday" she told both of us before walking out the door. This made me go insane, my wife just basically set me up with this hot sexy blonde next Monday without even knowing it! I was going to be home Monday night while Susan was at work, boy I couldn't wait for the weekend to be over.

Monday finally rolled around and I was ready, now that I knew Ashley would make sure everyone was "satisfied" I couldn't wait to make her really earn this job! Susan left for work around 5:00 and I gave Shawn money to go to the mall, he didn't ask any questions he was just happy to get extra cash. I stayed in my office until Ashley arrived, after she came in she quickly went to babysit my daughter. They played games and watched tv until around 8:00 when my daughter came upstairs to shower before her 9:30 weekday bedtime. I took this as my chance and hurried downstairs.
"So how's your first night?" I asked her while removing my shorts.
"Umm...pretty good but, that was a one time thing to make sure I got the job" she said while pointing at my cock.
"Well you see that's where you're wrong, you don't have the job yet so start sucking!" I told her while stroking my now hard cock. She looked at me in shock, I was a little shocked at myself "where did this come from, just yesterday I was fantasizing about doing it and now I was forcing someone to do it" I thought to myself.
Ashley reluctantly got up and got down on her knees, she started to slowly stroke my cock looking up at me hoping I would have her stop. I didn't and I wouldn't!
"Enough stroking start sucking" I half yelled at her while reaching down to feel up her tits.
She began to lick up and down the shaft of my cock before she slide the head into her mouth, "My God this girl had a magic tongue" I thought to myself. I let out a soft moan as she began to swallow more and more of my cock, "Oh fuck!" I said as she slide my head into her throat. Her throat began to squeeze my cock for all its worth, as she twirled her tongue up and down the rest of my cock. I decided I wanted more I pulled her off of my cock and told her "You have amazing tits let me see them!" She once again looked at me in shock her eyes almost begging me to not make her do this, before she reluctantly removed her top.

"Oh these are nice, real nice! It's tits like these that will get you somewhere in life!" I told her while I began to fondle her breasts. Soft moans escaping every time I passed over one of her quickly hardening nipples.
"How big are the baby?" I asked her while taking her nipples in between my thumbs and index fingers and slightly twisting them.
"Ohhhh...umm there...God that feels nice...there 34DD" she told me. With that I knew I just had to titty fuck these bad boys.
"Baby get my cock really wet, I wanna feel those tits on my cock"
She took my cock back into her mouth and really began to lick and swirl her tongue on it to get it nice and wet. I pulled her off my cock again and told her to hold her breasts together and spit in between them. I began to line up my cock with her breasts before thrusting upwards into them, the feeling was magical. To have a hot young blonde in front of you while you're titty fucking her is a sight to see for sure. I began to thrust as she slide her tits up and down on my cock, although she seemed reluctant at first she quickly got into the mood.
"Oh yeah baby, you like my nice big tits sliding up and down your cock" she asked sexily.
"Ohh fuck! Yeah baby just like that" was all she got out of me. Although she may not want to admit it she was well into things, I knew I was close to cumming and I wanted to coat these big titties with my cum.
"Daddy?" I heard Jaime yell from upstairs. "Oh fuck I forgot she was home" I thought to myself as I looked down to see Ashley with a huge devilish smile. But while she thought she was going to get me caught and ruin everything I had other ideas.
"Sweetie can you wait one second" I yelled up to my daughter.
"But daddy" I heard while she began to come downstairs.
The thought of being caught by my innocent young daughter sent me over the edge, I quickly grabbed my cock and began to stroke it as I shot my cum all over Ashley's tits. My God was she a sight to see in front of me tits covered in my cum! I quickly put on my shorts and threw Ashley a box of Kleenex to clean up with.

"Hi sweetie" I said grabbing my daughter as she walked through the dinning room.
"Daddy where's Ashley I wanted to say goodnight" she said to me cutely.
"I'm sorry sweetie but she already left" I said while letting out a small laugh "Don't worry though she'll be back tomorrow!"
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