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The price rises
When we left off, the nameless narrator had just been fucked by her grandfather for the first time, with promises of future episodes.

Over the next few weeks, things were perfect. In the morning, Grandpa would have a beautiful breakfast waiting for me, followed by a day of shopping and fun, and whatever else I wanted to do. But at some point of every day, I paid for it.

Grandpa loved fucking me. And I hated it. But what could I do? He fucked me whenever he got the chance. Whether it was out back in the pool in the middle of the day, or in the foyer as soon as we came in the house. He had to have me. At any given moment, he needed to feel me squeezing him, holding him, sucking him, or touching him. It was like, he gave me everything I wanted and I gave him life. My pussy gave him comfort, gave him love. Whether he had me bent over the kitchen table shoving into my ass or on the dryer in the laundry room with my legs spread wide, he had to have me. I would wake up in the middle of the night to the feeling of him eating my pussy. Then he would fuck me over and over and over.

One night, I lay on my bed and I heard him come in. I pretended to be sleep, hoping maybe he'd leave. He got on my bed and pulled the covers off of me, revealing my naked body. I hadn't had much use for wearing clothes much at any time of the day, so I just slept naked. Grandpa looked at me for a long time before he kissed my forehead, then my lips, then my neck, each of my breasts, then my stomach. He moved down and kissed the insides of each of my thighs, then my knees, and my feet. Then he pulled the cover back on me and left.

It was then that I realized my Grandpa was in love with me. I wonered how many nights he had done that. How long he had such passion for me. I tried to brush it off, but it really disturbed me.

"Damn," I told myself. "He's been fucking me for months but the thought of him being in love with me disturbs me."

I laughed at my silliness, then turned over and went to sleep.

A month later, school started back. I was so happy to finally be able to be around other kids my age. The moment I walked in, I was introduced by one of the girls whose father worked in town and from that moment on, I was popular. Everyone wanted to hang around me. I was beautiful, shapely, and mixed. But on top of that, my grandpa was one of the richest men in town. All the girls wanted to get close to me to see what my life was like. All the boys wanted to get close to me to see what was in my pants. Either way, I didn't care. I was eating it up.

By the end of the day, I was floating on Cloud Nine. My first day at school, and I was already the most popular girl there. When Grandpa picked me up, I told him all about my day. He listened intently to my going on and on about all the girls trying to get close to me and all the boys trying to talk to me. When we got in the house, I put my book bag down and turned to face my Grandpa only to see the face of a madman. He grabbed me by my neck and threw me against the wall.

"What," I asked, completely shocked and surprised.

"I guess now you want to have a boyfriend," he asked me sharply. "Well forget about it. You belong to me, now and forever."

He threw me to the floor.

"And while you're hanging with those sluts at that school, you remember who gets this pussy."

He picked me up and threw me onto a chair. He unfastened his pants and pushed them down, then he got on me and spread my legs.

"Grandpa, please," I cried. "You're scaring me."

"Am I," he asked, taunting. "Well I have something for you to be scared of."

He pushed my panties asided and shoved into me fast and hard. I yelled and struggled to get away from him. He was fucking me like a lunatic. He thrust into me hard and deep. He ripped open my uniform shirt, popping all my buttons and removed my titty from my bra. He sucked it sharply in his mouth and bit down on my nipple. I screamed out. I begged him to stop, hitting, pushing and screaming. He just kept fucking me, hard, deep, manic.

"This pussy belongs to me for the rest of your life," he told me. "Do you understand?"

"Grandpa please," I yelled out. "Please STOP!"

He pulled out of me and turned me over and entered me from behind. I felt him flip my uniform skirt up so he could see himself pounding my pussy. Then he went at it. He fucked me ferouciously. I screamed as tears streamed down my face. He pounded my pussy with no mercy, causing my ass to ripple and my tits to jiggle beneath me. I caught a glimpes of him on a mirror on the wall and I didn't even recognize the man that was fucking me. He continued beating into me, his balls tapping my clitty again and again until it caused me shudder in orgasm. I yelled out as I tightened around him. He pounded into me desperately and I felt him explode. He roared out his orgasm like a lion claiming his territory. He shot his load deep into me, filling me up with incestuous seed. I cried as he pulled out of me, my knees buckling from the orgasm, causing me to fall to the floor. I couldn't do anything but cry.

"Every day when you come in this house, you give me that pussy," he yelled at me. "You give me MY pussy. Do you hear me?"

"Yes sir," I told him through my tears.

"Now go up to your room," he told me. I ran up the stairs, feelings hurt and clothes ripped, crying.

That night, I couldn't sleep. I didn't know what had posessed my Grandpa to fuck me like that. I was sitting there trying to figure it out when I heard my door open. I pretended to be sleep and I felt him come over and pull the covers off of me. He kissed every part of my body like he'd done before, then he kissed my pussy. He kissed it as if he were apologizing to it.

Then I felt him begin to eat me out. He slid his tongue ever so gently around my cunt, teasing my clitty, then he dipped inside. I tried my best not to moan from the sensation, but I couldn't help but squirm a little. I hated that my body responded to him. He sucked, licked, and enjoyed my cunt until I couldn't take anymore. I moaned out softly. He realized I was awake and went at it, sopping up the juice that was trickling down onto my lucious ass cheeks and dipping into my tight little ass hole. He ate me straight through one orgasm and into another. Then he climbed on top of me and pushed into me slowly. He fucked me gently, although deep and strong. He stroked into me over and over, deeper and deeper, until I came again. This time, he came with me. And when it was all over, Grandpa kissed me on my cheek, and left without a word.

I woke up the next day with a new mind. There was a lovely breakfast waiting for me. I ate and left for school. When I got home, I went in the living room and turned on the TV. Grandpa cleared his throat. I looked at him. He was sitting on a chair with his dick laying limp from his pants.

I knew what he wanted. I hesitated. I thought he would have let go what he had said the day before, but I could see he wasn't as sorry as he had seemed when he was apologizing to my pussy last night.

Nevertheless, he was my Grandpa, and I owed him the world. I stood up and took my panties off from beneath my skirt and walked over to him. I took his dick in my hands and began to stroke it before taking it in my mouth. I sucked him with everything I had until I felt him grow hard and strong in my mouth. He reached out to me and began to unbutton my shirt. After teasing my nipples to make them erect, he pulled me up to straddle his lap. He lined his erection up at the slit of my pussy and eased me down on him. I resisted the urge to moaned out and closed my eyes. Grandpa leaned his head back and savored my pussy, then he reached around to caress my ass. I began to ride him slowly. He spanked my ass and made it jiggle before he grabbed both cheeks and began to bounce me up and down on his dick.

"Talk to me," he told me. "Tell me it feels good."

"It feels so good," I moaned.

"It feels so good, what?"

"It feels so good, Grandpa." My body was so hot. My titties were bouncing in Grandpa's face. He squeezed my ass and rolled my hips around on his lap.

"Oh, yeah," I moaned. "Oh, shit. You're stretching me. So wide. So deep."

"Oh, Princess," he said. "You love when your Grandpa fucks you, don't you."

"Oh, I love it when you fuck me," I moaned. I was on edge. Grandpa raised up to meet my bouncing pussy.

"You want me to shoot my cum into your tight wet little delicious pussy, don't you?"

"Yes," I lied as my eyes rolled up into my head. He told me to beg him.

"Grandpa, please shoot your thick beautiful cum into my tight hungry pussy."

And he did. He buried himself in me and pumped his seed deep into my womb. As soon as I felt the heat inside my cunt, I went over. I held onto him as my pussy clutched his dick deep inside of me. I spasmed on his lap until we had both stopped cumming. I went to get up, and he held me still.

"Sit here," he told me. "See how wonderful your pussy is that it still holds onto my dick even after I'm soft."

He laid my head down on his shoulder and rubbed my wavy hair.

"Just think," he said. "You think you have a good day being away from me at school, just think of doing this everyday when you get home."

Whoopee, I thought, sarcastically. This should be fun.

"Now," he told me. "Turn around and bend over. Let Grandpa get that sweet little pussy ready for tomorrow."

I turned around and put my dripping cunt in his face. He ate me out, making me moan and spread my legs even wider. Then he stood up behind me, eased his massive dick back into me, and fucked the shit out of the pussy that was all his.

To Be Continued...

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2012-10-06 13:18:03
It indeed is a great story, i'm re-reading it all the time hehe <3


2007-06-09 20:29:04
Ure the greatest RHANDI. Fuck all these other BITCHES that say ure sick. These people, seriously, cannot read. The deion says "FICTION". Really people, get a grip on it and enjoy. If u dont like it, then go read about two 80 yr olds going at it. that might be more ore speed.


2007-03-02 21:12:57
once agan y the fuck r u reading this if u dident like the first


2006-03-22 21:17:51
No, we're not simple-minded. We enjoy a good fuck story. We just don't enjoy sick, demented stories about grandfathers fucking their own granddaughters. I draw the line with shit like that. I guess a sicko would like to see more of this.


2006-03-22 09:46:28
Simple minded people. Please don't let them discourage you. Great story. Very deive. I want more.

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