This is a continuation from part 1, My Fiance's Cousin.
I was 19 and Amber was 8 years old when we started to have sex, after meeting my fiance's family at a family get together. Amber phoned up about 2-3months later to ask if she could come over for the weekend, we did not see the problem except that my fiance Hayley, was not going to be home the Friday that she was coming over, but that did not stop us from having fun that night.

It is now 2005, I am 23yr old, And we have moved again. Amber has turned into an amazing 12yr old girl with nice perky tits, hot long hair down to her hips, and a body to die for.....

It was a Saturday morning in the Summer Holidays here in Australia, Amber was over for 1 week of the holidays, I had some Work leave up so I opted to take them when she was over, so we could spend as much time together as we could. Hayley has now gone to a full time position, working from 8:30am till 5pm, two days per week and 12pm till 8:30pm the rest of the week.

We all decided to go swimming, Hayley wore a hot brown with floral design bikini, Amber wore a hot pink bikini that emphised her gorgous taned body. It was about half past 6 when we got home all rather tired, so we decided to sit down and relax while watching some movies. Amber sat in the middle of us as she always does, and cuddles up to Hayley as not to arouse suspicion between her and I. then normally falls asleep across my lap anyway. we went to bed Amberl still sleeping in our bed, and still giving me the best hand jobs through the night.

The weekend finally passed and April and I were alone again. (Yippee). We were lying down in bed when I asked her who she had kissed before me. I had my thought as to who it was but wasn't to sure until she said it was April.

I asked her if they were still kissing each other, she said yes, as well as now having sex. I went rock hard as she was explaining how good April was, as April was also fucking hot. April not long had her 17th birthday, She wasn't all that tall but she was perfect in every way, nice size tits, hot ass, and amazing legs. I couldn't get my mind off of her as Amber was sucking my dick clean again, so I rolled Amber on her back and started punding my dick into her; at the same time I told her that I wanted April to join in our fun, she agreed.

We kept fucking the whole week she was here, Hayley was a bit upset that she couldn't be home as much as she wanted, Amber was not to worried and said next time she will try for longer (I wonder why).

It was the last couple of weeks of the holidays when Amber called again, ( I managed to get more time off then I hoped for as we were not that busy), and Amber said that she had aranged with Hayley to come over again as her mum was going to a funeral up the coast. and that she also aranged for April to spend a few night and days with us..

The time came April bought Amber over and we sat down while Hayley was at work and talked about how long we all had been having sex with each other. Amber was trying to drag us to the bedroom the whole time. we finally gave in and headed of to the bedroom.

I opted to watch April and Amber go at it first, and boy did they fuck. April was digging her tongue so deap into Amber, and also fingering Amber arse at the same time, then jamming her fingers up Aprils vagina, I couldn't help my self, so I stripped off and jumped on top of April and jamed my cock up her sweet arse. She was moaning deeplly when she had the most intence orgasm I had ever seen, she was bucking wildly it was hard to keep my dick in her, but I did..

I was fucking her for about 10mins more when I pumped my load up into her, I pulled out and she grabed my dick and started to suck it. April was lying on the bed fingering her sweet vagina lips when she also started to buck and shot her load all over the nice clean sheets. I told her to squat over me so I could clean her up with my tongue.

After I shot my load down Aprils throat, she told me to fuck Amber, as that is why she was here, to see a childs vagina be streched by a dick. She also said that she couldn't wait to have her sweet vagina broken in by a real man. I could't believe what I heard April was a VIRGIN.

So I fucked Amber for about 10mins when April wanted to be fucked, I took my dick out of Amber, and hoped of of her. I got on top of April and asked if she had ever used a dildo before, she also said no, she had always used fingers, So I lined my dick up to her warm vagina and slowly started to push it deep inside her. She was so tight for a 17yr old, it was amazing, I poped her cherry and a trickle of blood came out, I fucked her for what seemed like ages when she started to buck and moan loudly as she blew her load out again, it was like having a hose attached to your dick, the pressure of her orgasm was so strong It, forced my dick out of her. So I jammed it back in her her started to fuck her like there was no tomorrow, I shot my load in her, It was unreal.

Fucking these two magnificent girls, it was a s though my dreams had come true all at once.
We all fell asleep till I woke about 3pm, Hayley was due home in 2hours and we had a lot of cleaning up to do. (It was lucky that we had a clothes dryer) we shoved the sheets in the wash and quickly got them all done and dry with in about 15mins of Hayley getting home.

We were asked how our day was and said that we went for a swim in the creek and that the dog had jumped on the bed while he was wet so we had to do a load of washing. and that was about it. What we did not realise was that our swimmers were no where in site, but Hayley did not pick that up.

April was only here for another day so we made the most of it and fucked all day, pounding hers, and Ambers bodies, till they shot there loads many times. I dont know how I managed to last as long as I did, my dick was rock hard all day, I think I orgasmed about 10 times that day each one as power full as the other. I had the best days of my life, watching these to gorgous girls fucking and sucking each other than fucking and sucking me, all while Hayley was at work..

Its a pity that the holidays are now over, TILL next time anyway.............


2007-01-15 02:03:05
Fucking all day sounnnds so fucking good, that is till
your G/F finds out. Girls talk a lot. So you'll get what
is coming to you. The fucking you get for the fucking you got. Justice ass hole Justice


2006-12-04 05:26:55
dude so fucking crazy my exs name is amber and the chick i love and close to screwin now is april to bad these 2 hate each other


2006-09-27 15:38:40
umm... girls can squirt but wtf thats fucked up


2006-03-22 01:29:34
Nope. Sorry it was shit. Definatly not my style of storys. You used the word "fuck" way too much.

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