Allie was excited for her first year of college. She loved the campus of her school and it was far enough from home so she wouldn't have to worry about her parents showing up. The only thing that made her slightly nervous was the fact that she didn't have a boyfriend. Most of her friends from home and her new roommate were in long term relationships. Not that Allie wasn't liked by boys-- she had dumped her high school sweetheart when she found him with her sister (another story altogether).

Now generally Allie would not be worried at all, but her school had a funny boy to girl ratio, something like 1 to 3, so any guys there would be in short supply.

After unpacking, her parents left and she headed off for a hall meeting and a late dinner. All the girls seemed nice, rich bitches like herself. As she headed back to her room from dinner she saw a new flyer tacked to her door. It read:

Single Freshman Girl?
Wanna party tonight?
Kappa Omega Frat House @ 10
Come Cute

Allie read it and continued into her room. Her roommate, Sarah, was arranging her underwear drawer.

"You see the flyer for the frat party tonight?" asked Allie.

"Yeah I saw it," responded Sarah.

"Thinking about going?"

"Nah, my boyfriend would kill me if I went to a frat party my first night here."

Both girls laughed as Sarah finished arranging her thongs.

"I wonder what 'come cute' means."

Sarah shrugged her shoulders.

Allie took a nap and got up with time to shower before the party. She came back into her room in just a towel and opened up her newly organized closet. "Come cute" she thought.

She pulled out a black thong and tossed it on her bed. Following it was a navy blue sweater. Then she pulled out a short denim mini skirt. She dropped her towel and dressed in front of the mirror.

She looked herself over. Pretty cute, she thought. She finished the outfit off with her brand new knee high Ugg boots and headed off for the party.

When she got there she found about 70 people there, roughly 20 guys and 50 or so girls. Allie got a beer, danced a little and mingled about, meeting some nice girls and some nice guys. All the girls were freshman she realized, and all the guys she learned were junior and seniors.

After about 45 minutes, the music stopped and one guy got up on a table, he began to speak loud to the whole crowd:

"Welcome to the first Kappa Omega meeting of the year. This is a very special meeting because we begin the selection of some very special members of this frat. Kappa Omega allows 5 honorary girl members every year to be entered into its ranks. Obviously at a school of mostly girls, these are highly sought after seats. But you needn't worry; all of you have reached the first criteria of consideration: you came to this party. The second criterion, like it said on the flyer, is that you be single. We are serious about that; if you're not single please leave now."

A few girls left quietly. The guy continued:

"Now there are 20 guys here, and about 50 girls. Each guy will choose one girl to be his nominee for consideration. It's 11 now, by 1 each guy will have chosen his girl. If you are chosen you will continue in the process, if not you will never be allowed back in this frat house again. Good luck."

The music went back on. All the girls looked around at each other realizing they were in intense competition.

Allie dashed off looking for the guy she had been chatting with earlier. She found him.

"So what will it take for me to be your nominee?" asked Allie.

"Well, let's find out," the guy responded. He led to her one of the many "closets" that lined the frat house. Once in there he wasted no time and took out his cock. Allie, thanks to a mixture of beer and determination dropped to her knees. She started by sucking his balls. She licked and sucked them firmly, getting her cherry lip gloss all over them. Then, realizing she had to work hard at this, took his whole cock in her mouth.

She gagged a little but quickly got it under control. She sucked passionately, bobbing her head up and down and massaging his moist balls. He didn't take long to start to moan.

He started to shoot. Lots of cum began to flow into her mouth. She swallowed squirt after squirt, confident that she had got this guy. She felt his cock get soft in her mouth, making she got every last drop. She then stood up.

"Well, I'll take you under consideration" he said, and left.

Allie's jaw dropped as she realized this was gonna be harder than she thought. She reapplied lip gloss and headed back out.

Her eyes gazed over the room. There were no guys by themselves, but she spotted a guy who didn't seem too into the girl who was chatting him up. Allie walked right up and smiled cutely at the guy.

The girl already there said, "Excuse me."

Allie realizing that this was cut throat turned to her and said, "Listen, bitch, he's not into you, now go fuck off."

The girl stormed off and the guy smiled at Allie. He led her to one of the closet rooms and she asked what he wanted to do. Without saying a word he reached up her skirt and pulled down her thong. Allie giggled as the thong dropped down her boots and she stepped out of hit.

"Bend over, sweetie" the guy said.

Allie did as she was told and the guy shoved his cock up her ass. She moaned in agony, it had been months since she'd be taken in the ass. It took a second before she got accustomed, but the guy didn't wait, he just started pounding. She closed her eyes and took the pain. As the pain got worse, another feeling started to come about, the feeling of being deeply filled up. She liked that feeling and tried to ignore the pain and only feel the warm filled up-ness. The guy soon cam, filling her ass with a soothing, hot sticky load.

As he pulled out, Allie asked, "So do I get to be your girl?"

"Eh, maybe" the guy said as he darted out, heading for another girl.

Allie was discouraged, but she knew all the girls must be going through this, so she headed out again, forgetting her underwear.

She looked around and spotted a big black guy over in the corner. She went over and started to flirt. Once into one of the closets, she got scared however. He took out his dick and it (once hard) measured 12 inches at least.

He lifted her skirt and firmly placed his cock in her cunt. She screamed in agony, she just couldn't take his cock. He tried to warm her up but she was just being a bitch. He pulled out because she clearly couldn't take it.

"Can I just give you head?" Allie asked meekly, still in pain.

"Yeah I guess he said."

Allie dropped to her knees and began to suck. She could of course barely take half his cock, but she got him to cum pretty quick.

"I guess I'm not your girl." said Allie, sadly.

"Nope." and the guy left.

Allie headed back out, dejected. There were nearly no guys out in the room now, they were all with their girls in the closets. Allie realized that if she didn't do something drastic she'd have no chance at all.

So she picked a closet at random and barged in. In the closet was a girl giving a guy head. Allie rushed forward and knelt down next to the girl. She took the guys balls in her mouth and started to passionately suck them while the other girl gave head.

With all this stimulation, the guy came pretty quick and left right away. Allie was really depressed. She went back out and leaned against a wall and just stood there feeling sorry for herself.

After 15 minutes it was 1, and the guys were making their final selection. The guys were standing with their girls on the far side of the room when Allie heard a voice behind her.

"Excuse me? Are you the girl who sucked my balls while I got head?"

"Yes," Allie said meekly.

"Come with me." The guy took Allie over to where the other girls who had been selected were. She was quietly overjoyed and beamed with pride.

"Thank you so much" she whispered to the guy who had chosen her.

The guy smiled.

Allie had made it past the first round of selection.

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