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Wendy Hingston,raised her ass and took the horse down to the starting stalls.She heard the announcers voice........''No 8,Adagio the mount of Wendy Hingston and the outsider of the field at 100/1''

Wendy,steered clear of most of her fellow jockeys.One of the few female professional riders.She found them chauvinist and only intrested in what she had between her legs.Just,shy of her 21st birthday.Wendy was petite and extremely pretty.

She had just come out of her apprenticeship and was battling.Wendy,didnt think so but the brutal truth was that she was a very moderate racerider.She had ridden this horse twice before and finished dead last.Adagio,was past his best and her only ride on the program.

Wendy,jumped the horse out of the gates and went to the front at a crazy pace.Off like a rocket she built up a substantial lead.......with two furlongs remaining.Adagio,started to stagger and tire badly.The rest of the field,rushed past her and she finished last.Way back.

When she returned to the unsaddling enclosure.The trainer and owners didnt look happy.She knew she wouldnt ride for them again.Her carrer was in the doldrums and her future looked bleak.

She,picked up her miniscule riding fee.She cursed,she was in such financial shit!As Wendy,made her way to the parking lot and her rusty old VW bettle.James Sinclair,whistled at her and made his way over.She couldnt stand the asshole! His late father had been one of the countries top trainers.Filthy rich and born with a golden spoon in his mouth,James Sinclair was a obese,arrogant piece of work.

She tried to be nice.......''Hi James,how things going?''

''Oh,terrific.Did you see?I had three winners on Wednesday!''..........The guy was such a schmuck!Here she was living from hand to mouth in a really crappy apartment.Overdraft exhausted,she had no idea how she was going to pay her rent at the end of the month.The fat prick,who had never given her one solitary ride, was bragging about having winners!

''Good for you James!Cheers.'' She quickened her pace.He caught up with her heaving with the effort.''Hold on Wendy.Look here!'' She turned and he was holding 5 crisp hundreds in his hand....''Huh?Whats that for James?''

His eyes looked large under his thick lensed spectacles.He licked his lip,beads of perspiration on his brow.He was soooo gross,Wendy thought.He dug into his jacket and produced another 5 hundreds.Wendy,looked at him questioningly.

James,glanced over his shoulder.There was nobody around.He looked back at her,she was so delicate.The girl made his blood race.He stammered it out.....''Wendy,Ummm....uh...Blow me and I will give you the K''

She blinked and looked taken aback.He pushed on.....''Suck my cock and you can keep the grand!''

Wendy,couldnt believe what she was hearing.James Sinclair,was powerful in racing circles.If she reported him to the Jockey Club.They would probably believe her.They may even give him a heavy fine but she would be finished in racing......''Fuck off!'' Wendy said with venom.

She was shaking from anger as she started the car.The gall of the guy! With the money she put some gas in the tank.Using the balance to purchase a diet coke and salad at her local delhi.She ate,showered and changed into pjs.She watched abit of TV and turned in early.

Wendy,was at the training track at 6am.She put a number of horses through their paces.Riding work for the more unfashionable trainers.Her effort came to nought,nobody offered her any rides for the next two weeks.Distraught,she drove home in the morning traffic.Her car overheated. The temperature gauge shooting up into the red.

The mechanic,phoned.It was the radiator the guy wanted 700 to fix it.She told him to go ahead even though she didnt have a cent.

Wendy,sat on her bed,phone in front of her.She had dialled his number three times.Everytime he answered she slammed the phone down.Wendy felt depressed and desperate.Truth was.She was still a virgin she just hadnt met the right guy.Sure,she had had boyfriends and nearly had let one of them fuck her.He had been so drunk and before he even put it in had cum all over her.She had done the oral sex thing before but that was it.

''Ah,Fuck this!'' She shouted loudly and dialled the number.....


''Hi,James its me,Wendy.How you doing?'' There was a pause and then she heard him chuckling.Wendy cringed.She bit down on her lip.......''Um,James.That offer is it still on?''

James,felt faint.FUCK! This was GREAT.She was so darn attractive! .......''Yeah,sure! You got the money baby.How about now?Give me your address.''

Wendy,winced when he called her 'baby'.

When she opened the door.James,sized her up.His eyes travelled up and down her bod.Her shoulder length black hair was tied in a ponytail.Hair back,her face was real cute with big blue eyes and fine features.She had put on makeup,lipstick on her sexy lips.Her facial expression looked cheeky and fiesty making him want to do her even more.Wendy,was wearing a white V neck T,denim shorts and sandals.James,thought that if he placed his hands around her waist his fingers would meet.Her legs were toned and shapely and her feet no more than a size 3.

He smiled mischeviously.She looked at him with an icy stare.....''Come in''

Her furnishings were sparce.The place was a dump.Wendy,noticed the way he looked around her home with disdain.She wanted this over and done with quickly.The oaf,sat down on the sofa and fiddled with his zipper.He took out his flacid dick.Wendy,could see his excitement written all over his face.He lifted his big butt and pulled a roll of notes out of his pocket,offering it to her.Wendy,put the money into the side table draw.

James,was used to paying for sexual favours.This girl looked nervous and unsure,standing with her arms crossed and watching his growing member.......''Suck my cock!'' he said and avoided her eyes looking around the room.

Wendy,sighed his penis was nearlly fully erect and looked large.She had actually expected the asshole to have a puny little dick.

Wendy,kicked her sandals off and knelt between his legs with him watching her intently.James,pulled his pants down further over his flabby thighs so that his balls were hanging loose.Wendy,closed her eyes and pulled a strange face.He could see she was fighting with her emotions.

Wendy,opened her eyes and reaching out her small hand,encircled his shaft.The feel of her hand on his cock made James,moan audibly.He clenched his buttocks so hard that his anus actually pained.So intense was the sensation of her touch.

The guy was breathing like a bellows as Wendy,slowly worked her hand up and down his length.He felt hot and sweaty in her hand.She stopped her hand under his uncircumzised crown.It was thick and his foreskin meaty and long.

Wendy,took air deeply and leaned forward taking his cockhead into her mouth.It was warm and had an unsavoury taste to it.She had to control herself form gagging as she felt his foreskin peel back against her palate.

As he groaned,she held his shaft firmly.Working him with her mouth,tongue and lips.When she looked up at him the sight sickened her.His face was flushed and his thick specs all steamed up.Droplets of sweat were visible all over his brow and top lip.....''Take your Wendy!'' he said lustfully.

as she blew him.She answered him with a muffled....''Ha Uh!''.She had always been self concious of her really tiny boobs.She didnt even need to wear a bra for shitsake.

''Take off the T and I will give you an extra 200'' She was blowing him and could already taste his precum.So she might as well show him her nonexsistent tits!Wendy,took a breather and pulled her T over her head.

James,gasped.Her tits were minute not even a handful.Her nipples though were large and looked like they could get real pointy.......''Let me tweak them'' he asked pleadingly.Wendy,shook her head...''No!No touching!''

As she held him around the base.Wendy,placed her other hand down by his ass,palming his heavy bullocks.She wanted him to get his rocks off and leave.Her cheeks sunk in as she sucked on his knob.She took his gob and sweat smelling dick out of her mouth.Licking,the tip of her tongue on the underneath of his glans where his cockhead formed a V.She teased him and quickly felt his balls cringe and his penis spasm.She took him back in her mouth just as his cannon erupted heavily.He spurted his load in her mouth,moaning and twitching like a schoolboy.The stuff leaked from her trap and ran down her chin.

Wendy,raced to the bathroom wanting to hurl.lHer cheeks bloated.She spat the awful mess into the toilet bowl.She sat down on the toilet pot head in her hands. She gathered herself wipeing away the tears.She washed her face and rinsed her mouth.Placing a towel around her naked torso she returned to the livingroom.

He was standing near the door,smiling smugly.She sniffed and avoided his gaze.....''The 200 is in the draw with the other money.Oh! I forgot to tell you.Earl Turners, ill he cant ride on Saturday. Im replacing him with you.Three rides.I think you can win with Sparks are Flying. See you Saturday,Hon!'' He winked and was gone.

She felt uncomfortable as she walked into the parade ring and greeted James.He owned Flyer his runner in the first.The horse was third favourite.The other jockeys had looked at her strangely and nugged each other,grinning when she arrived at the track.She hadnt ridden a winner in two years and was replacing Earl Turner! Word on the track was that James Sinclair was doing her.

James,told her to go to the front and try and steal the race.She did as he told her.She had to whip the horse home but he was game and tough and held on to win.Wendy,was ecstatic!She had shown the bastards that given a chance she could ride.James,greeted her return to the winners box with a huge grin.Wendy beamed with excitement.

Her second ride finished third and James was happy with the run.

Sparks are Flying,was running in the main race.He had won five of his seven starts and was the hotpot favourite.Wendy,handled him well and the horse won unextended by 4 lengths.Her delight was apparent as she dissmounted.Without anyone seeing James,felt up her ass through her riding pants.She let him.

He arrived uninvited at her door at 8:30 that night.After she had turned down his offer to go for drinks earlier.She was thankful to him and didnt want to fight.She made him coffee.She spoke animatedly about Sparks are Flying,how she thought the horse was capable of winning some big races.James,watched her the kid was obviously passionate about the sport and was on a high.It made her look even more beautiful.It was time to burst her bubble....

''Wendy,Wendy,Wendy!...Get real.My owners would never accept you as stable jockey.I would loose patrons and horses.However,you can ride second string for me.Earls the stable jock but you will still have your fair share of winners.From now on you work solely for me and for your help in the stable.I'm willing to pay you a retainer of 10 grand a month.''

He saw the surprise on her face,the kid was awestruck! Ten thousand was a huge sum for a 3rd rate jockey.......''Gee,James.I don't know what to say.Thanks I guess.That's kind of you!''

''No problem.Now show me your bedroom.''

Wendy,looked at herself in the bathroom mirror.She looked pretty in the thin white cotton gown.She had freshend up even washing between her legs.She smelt feminine and clean.He was waiting for her on the bed naked.His gut was huge and his body out of shape.She sat down on the edge........''James,listen.I've never done it before and I ain't on a contraceptive.Can't this wait?Want me to blow you rather?''

James,knew he loved her.That she was a virgin he had'nt expected.Her financial problems were over.That he wouldn't be able to hold out for more than a month before he proposed he did'nt doubt......''Don't worry about babies.I shoot blanks.Known for a long time,Doc told me so!''He said lying through his teeth.He wanted her forever......''Come sit on my face Wendy.''

James,had never felt so aroused as the women slipped out of her gown.Her naked body brought a rush of blood to his head.She looked childlike,naive and nervous.He wanted to make it special for her.

As if climbing into the saddle.Wendy,positioned herself above his head.Placing her hands against the wall above the headboard to keep her balance.Feet either side of his head.

James,looked up it was heaven!The chick weighed just 50 kg's.Her body was exquisite.Tummy flat as an ironingboard with a feint sixpack from all the riding.Her arms muscular up against the wall,rippled as she moved.The gorgeous little thing manouvered her pussy and ass above his head.Making it easier for him.

Her cunny,was small and tight.Her vulva looking almost as if they had never been opened so tightlipped they appeared sown together.James,raised his head placing his nose against her shaven vagina and breathed in deeply.Waves of erotic sensation washed over him.He had never felt such blissful arousel.James,slowly stuck out his tongue,savouring the moment.He licked her entire crack length.

Wendy,gasped and raised herself from his tongue.He placed his hands on her slight hips and drew her back to him.Wendy,felt her slit growing wet.When he slurped at her clitoris and caught it in his mouth,she moaned and stiffened.......''Oh James!''

He teased her bud and made her whole body shake.Wendy,could feel by the pleasure he was giving her that he knew what he was doing.James,parted her lips and tasted her pussy.Sticking his tongue into her entrance and flicking it furiously.She responded by beating her twat down on his face.He loved the response he was getting from her.She moaned and panted........''Owww,James..Yeah! You doing it sooo good.I want MORE!'' she yelled it out voice croacking.

James,moved her further up his face and planted his tongue in her anus.It was obviously her sensitive spot because she shrieked like a Ho.As she ground her ass he explored her ring.She was a screamer!

Wendy felt afire,he was going to make her explode.He was eating at her bunghole.Her cheeks and body felt warm and she wanted to orgasm.When he reached up and tweaked her long erect rubbery nipples her whole body convulsed.

James,knew he had her on heat.His face was wet from her juice letting.Wendy could'nt take the pressure of his tongue anymore.she was squealing........''NO''

He flipped her back,head landing on his stomach.Her face was contorted with lust and she grabbed his meat like a wanton slut.Greedy for it she brushed her hair aside and gobbled up his cock.Her head moving up and down as she blew him.Wendy,was lying atop of his body.Her drumtight asscheeks inches from his face.James,stuck his thumb up her tight cunt and fingerfucked her briskly.''Ohhhh....Aaaah...YEAH,,,,Do IT!'' she wailed.

James,manouvered his other hand and stuck his sausage like middlefinger up her poopshoot.Giving Wendy,a heavy DP frigging.

Wendy,was past it.She was so horny her pussy was screaming!.....She groaned from deep in her gut and called for him.....''Please James!....fuck me....fuck me with your cock.''

As long as he lived.James,would never forget their coupling.The kid climbed,aboard him.Mounting up with that purposeful look in her eyes. She stradled him,feet on either side.Like she positioned herself in the stirrups.Her face aglow,eyes lustful and wanting.She reached under her and gripped his rampant hardon.She held his joystick,firmly and lowered herself down on him.He moaned with appreciation as his glans felt her cuntlips peel open.Her mouth opened wide in a silent scream as she closed her eyes and swallowed his bulb.Guiding his shaft,Wendy popped her own cherry.Wendy,yelped she had done it slowly but his organ tearing her hymen had been fucking painful! The intense pain dissolved quickly and his cock felt delicious inside her. She wanted him deep.......

Wendy,felt stretched and stuffed with his cock buried in her to the hilt.Feeling his coarse pubic hair against her shaven pubis.She started moving slowly and it was wonderful.When she was comfortable she picked up the work rate and eventually she was hammering down on him.Humping his cock crazily,like a woman possessed.James,looked at the girl squeezing her breasts other hand masturbating her twat where they were joined. When he moaned Wendy,realizing he was about to shoot went wild.She screeched and pilverized his cock. Wendy,came loudly as she milked him.James,shook violently and crossed his feet as her cunt emptied him.He cursed as he spurted his wad.Wendy,cried so overwhelming was her orgasm.She felt hot jism fountaining in her body.The man was spewing inside her and she wanted more.She beat her ass down on him madly.

She was still atop of him,both of them breathing heavily.As James,stroked her wet hair.He kissed her head tenderly.

Later,in the early hours of the morning.As James,looked at the girl on all fours before him.Face buried as she screamed into the pillow with pleasure as he assfucked her.Clutching fistfulls of bedding....It struck him there was no doubt.Wendy Hingston,was the most underrated rider in the country.


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bunghole? lol


2006-03-25 21:31:22
listen dumbass, a vw beetle is air cooled, no radiator, stick with your day job.4/10


2006-03-25 18:02:42
maybe Reader

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should post a story himself and shut the fuck up


2006-03-24 22:23:18
What are you talking about. That's pretty good grammar for what's here. Great story. 9/10


2006-03-24 06:04:23
This was a wonderful story, but it could have been twice as good if the "author" only learned a little about proper punctuation, spelling, use of proper grammar, etc. All the same, after fighting through this grammatical jungle, I still enjoyed it. I give it an 8/10

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