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A daughter realizes her love her father.
Note to the reader: This story is what one might call a slow burn. I have read many stories on this topic but I wanted something more true to life. This takes a real world approach and therefore may seem slow at first. However, I promise, you will not be disappointed if you commit to the story. Enjoy.

“Back Story”

Everyone keeps saying the economy is back to normal, people on the news, teachers at school, and my friend’s parents. Whatever, all I know is my dad has been unemployed for over a year now and it isn’t for a lack of trying. I feel bad some times, like I'm sort of a burden on him.

He and my mom had me when they were still in high school. Obviously having a kid that young puts a ton of stress on a relationship and needless to say, it didn’t last very long. I ended up with my dad because unlike my mom he actually was the more responsible one, counter to the evidence, me, and more importantly he was a really, really hard worker. He barely finished high school between working two jobs and helping to take care of me and then he spent another two years fighting for custody over me with my mom. With all the lawyer drama and endless hours at work to pay the legal bills he didn’t have the time, little alone the money, to go to college.

Then once he started moving up in the company he decided to focus on his career instead of trying to go back to school. I’m sure he figured it was better to stick with the job he had and give his little girl everything she wanted instead of living paycheck to paycheck for who knows how long. After eleven years instead of hearing about his next promotion my dad tells me that because of laws being passed in our state, business for the company just isn’t what it used to be and they had to let him go.

Immediately he started applying to job listings, he made a profile online, and even scoured Craigslist. Regardless, day after day and then month after month I would come home to find him sitting at his desk taking those online courses. He’s always had a knack for learning and in turn loves to teach me stuff, so he got it in his head that he’d try and become a teacher. “At the least, they’ll have me be a substitute,” he’d joked.

Part I

I finish up my homework and help my dad set the table. “It smells so good, are we having what I think we’re having?” I ask excitedly.

“You know it kiddo… bust out the good china cause we’re feasting tonight!” he exclaimed clutching the pot holders.

My dad can be such a dork sometimes but I love’em because he always remembers the little things that make my day special. As he’s serving up my slice he does his best fancy pants waiter impression, “Tonight you will dine on our most exquisite thousand layer lasagna, m’lady.”

“Why thank you good sir!” I reply in turn.

It’s not really a thousand layers but it’s the tastiest lasagna you’ll ever have. I think we gave it its name when I was real little, when I asked why it tasted so good and my forever facetious father replied that it was made with a thousand layers. So whenever I wanted to celebrate, I’d ask for the thousand layer lasagna.

“Hey, dad, what’s with the TLL tonight, my birthday isn’t for a whole ‘nother month?” I’ll be turning thirteen and my dad knew this was a special one for me. I’m excited because I’m no longer going to be a kid; I’m finally going to be a teenager.

“Well,” my dad said rather cautiously, “actually, I have a bit of an announcement.”

I stopped eating and looked up curiously, “What…?”

“Well, as you know, times have been tough and I haven’t exactly had the best of luck finding another job around here. I either seem to be over qualified or under experienced. So I decided to start looking in other places.”

I was a bit puzzled, what does he mean other places, the next town over, next county?

“And,” he continued, “there just so happens to be this big boom out in the Dakota’s right now in the natural gas industry, which is kinda my thing--”

“WE’RE MOVING TO SOUTH DAKOTA?!” I blurted, “But what about all my friends, I just started middle school…why?!”

I was stunned. I was finally making friends, I was starting to get the boys attention, and I’m turning 13! I’d been quite the tomboy growing up, even though my dad hates that term, “There’s nothing wrong with a girl gettn’ a little dirty,” he’d say. But now there was no confusing it, I had already started going through changes, heck I got my period earlier this year.

If you want to see something that is both painful and hilarious to watch, you should see a single father wondering up and down the feminine hygiene isles of your local drug store with his nose glued to his phone Googling every option he sees on the shelves and his daughter in tow. Lucky for my dad, I knew what I needed, hey, I can Google too. So after letting him sweat a little, I picked out what I wanted.

“Wait-wha-how do you know what you need? You know how to use a tampon?” he asked with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Youtube, dad, Youtube,” I giggled as we made our way to the cashier.

In the car on the ride home my dad finally shares, “I just wanted you to know I was ready to answer any of your questions… I just couldn’t believe how many options there were,” he trails off.

“I know, dad, thanks,” I smile at him and thus we checked off that father daughter bonding moment.

Anyways, what was really changing was my body. I was outgrowing my training bras fast and had recently picked up my first real bra from A&E. It was incredibly exhilarating and I felt kind of naughty with my group friends as we picked out some somewhat practical but sexy bras trimmed with lace. I can only imagine the look on my dad’s face the first time he saw it in the laundry.

Regardless, he didn’t seem to have too much of a problem because I found it neatly put away in my dresser. Finally, most recently, I’ve notice that my pant waists are getting a bit snug and I’ve had to go up a few sizes. Yes, I know teens grow like weeds and I also know it’s not extra weight. I was blessed with a super fast metabolism. So at just 5’1” I can eat nearly however much I want and not break 100lbs.

“Okay, alright,” my dad said in a calming tone. “Before you blow a gasket, let me explain a few things. First and foremost, I’m well aware your birthday is right around the corner, 22 days to be exact. And yes, you will be able to celebrate your 13th birthday with all of your friends. Lucky for us both, the energy company that’s hiring me out there is desperate for employees, especially with my skill set. Therefore, they were more than okay with me starting in a month.

His grin then faded into pursed lips and after a sharp inhale he said, “Unfortunately, where we are going, which is North Dakota by the way, is, well, out in the boonies.”

“What do you mean; we don’t exactly live in a city now,” I remarked.

“There isn’t much in the way of infrastructure out there,” he vied, “especially where we’ll be living, and, actually, there’s pretty much no public works really, sooo… I’m going to have to home school you.”

I went numb for a moment, my vision tunneled, all I heard was a ringing in my ears, and a pit opened up in my stomach. I felt like I was being sentenced to a social Alcatraz. I was moving to the middle of nowhere just when most kids – no, teens my age were establishing the friends they were going to have for the rest of school. I didn’t know what to think, I was happy that I would at least be able to celebrate my birthday with my friends but depression won out and I lost my appetite.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I could see my dad had a defeated look on his face. I didn’t want him to feel horrible, I know how much this job means to him so I quietly got up, walked over to him, pecked him on the cheek and wished him good night. When I got to my room I collapsed onto my bed and just let the tears roll down my cheeks and fell asleep. I woke up and looked at my phone, it was 1am, my pants and socks were off, and I was under the covers. I cracked a little smile, knowing that my dad had obviously come in to check on his little girl and had tucked me in. I rolled over grabbed and snuggled teddy and drifted back to a blissful sleep.

The weeks went by relatively fast, school had just ended and it was summer, so I spent most of the time hanging out with my friends, attempting to save up as many memories as I could. My birthday was pretty great. My dad must have called in a number of favors because he booked us the hall at the local VFW and had a guy who dj’d till midnight. The turn out was pretty big and everyone knew we were leaving at this point so it was sort of a going away party as well.

A week later all of our stuff was packed in the moving truck and I finished up my teary goodbyes. It was all sort of surreal, my friends and I kept saying that we’ll stay in touch sending a hundred Snaps a day and I joked that I was depending on them to let me vicariously live through there Twitter and Instagram feeds. We exchanged our last few hugs and kisses and I climbed up into the moving truck cabin and watched as my life disappeared in the side mirror.

“It’s gonna be alright, kiddo,” my dad attempted to reassure, “it’s pretty scary for me too ya’ know. I’m looking to you for a bit of support.”

I looked over at him rather inquisitively, “What do you mean?”

“Well, I’m probably going to be working some rather long hours and if we’re going to keep your education on a steady trajectory, well, to be honest… I’m going to need you to act even more mature than you already do for your age.”

“Okay,” I agreed.

“Okay. Well we have ourselves quite the long ride ahead of us, what do you want to listen to sweetheart?”


When we finally pulled up to our new home I was in utter disbelief. We’d been on the road for over three days! Then once we got to ND it felt like we were driving in the middle of nowhere forever. Finally once we got to the nearest town we would turn off a main road and drive a while only to turn off onto an even less traveled road. We were utterly, truly in the middle of nowhere. The nearest “town,” which is more of an outpost for the company, with a grocery store is 45 minutes away and according to dad, the 1,300 some people who live in and around it nearly all worked for the company.

As we jumped out of the truck an SUV full of guys pulled up and introduced themselves to my dad. Turns out they are all part of the new team dad will be working with and are here to help us move our stuff in. I was glad because I was exhausted from the drive out and was in no mood to unload the truck.

After the last box made it in the house my dad peeked his head into my new room, “Hey sweetie, I’m going to go return the truck to the depot while I have someone to drive into town with me. Do you want to come with?”

“Nah, I’d rather hangout here and organize my room,” I replied.

“Okay, cell reception isn’t great out here so if need be, use the land line in the kitchen to call me, alright?” he reminded.

“K, bye dad.”

The first few days went by alright, we had a lot of unpacking to do and luckily enough, we at least have Dish for tv and internet. After the first week though, I was starting to get pretty bored. There is quite literally nothing to do out here. Yeah, we lived on a picturesque hillside in what looked like a cabin from the old settlement days but had all the modern day appliances one could want and walking around our property was quite relaxing but there’s only so much of that one can take. I spent a decent amount of my time Snapping with friends but you’d be surprised how quickly even teenage girls run out of stuff to talk about. This left me with watching a lot of TV and spending quite a lot of time “shopping” online. I didn’t have an allowance, so I couldn’t really buy anything.

When dad got home that night I set the table and threw the leftovers in the microwave oven and then served us our food. “So, dad, how was the first week… do you like it?”

He looked over at me with a look on his face that was half excitement and half exhaustion. “In all honesty, it’s been absolutely amazing, kiddo!”

“Really, why?” I asked.

“Well, where do I start… okay, first, you know how we’re a bit farther out than everyone else. That’s because when I was negotiating my contract, I told them that I needed a house since I wasn’t about to move my daughter into an apartment complex with a bunch of horny guys in their 20’s and 30’s.”

“Daaaa-ud, o-m-g!” I declared.

“Well, it’s true and have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately lil’ lady, you’re not exactly hard on the eyes as they say out here.” He prodded.

“Seriously, dad, stop.” I was full on blushing now, I wasn’t mad just really embarrassed that he had noticed I guess.

“Anyways,” he continued, “the fun fact about this place is it belonged to the project manager of this site when the company was first setting up operations out here. I guess they slightly miscalculated where exactly the outpost was going to be so that’s why it’s so far out aaand why I got it for such a steal!”

“That’s cool, I suppose but do you like your job?” I reminded him.

“Yes, sweetie, thank you for asking,” he smiled back.

“Well, I’m happy for you dad. You know, I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied during the week but I’m having a pretty hard time finding stuff to do,” I shared.

“I know it’s hard and that there are limited things to do but I told you, it’s going to be hard at first but you’ll adjust. I just really need you to work with me.”

“I know, dad. Actually I was thinking maybe I could get a head start on my school work for the coming year. And, no, before you ask, I’m not getting cabin fever already; I just think I’ll be a lot happier if I have more activities to choose from during the week.”

With a raised eyebrow my dad says, “Alrighty then, I haven’t had the chance to order all your stuff for school but most of your reading is available online, so I’ll give you a list of your required text for this year and you can pick and choose which stuff you want to get started on.”

“Thanks, teach!”

After we finished eating I started clearing the plates and asked, “So are you always going to be getting back late at night?”

Loading the dishwasher my dad looks over his shoulder and says, “Well since I’m in charge of safety at one of the drill sites I should have pretty predictable hours. I’ve just been really busy this week because I’ve been taking training courses to bring me up to speed on how they do things around here.”

“Cool, okay, I was just wondering. I’m going to go watch some tv.” I reply dropping off the last of the dirty dishes.

As the latest reality show on NatGeo played I looked over to see if dad was still awake. “Hey dad, I have another question?”

“Hey daughter, I might have another answer,” he shot back.

“I was wondering if maybe, if I started doing stuff around the house, like vacuuming, cleaning, and organizing… if you’d think about paying me an allowance?” I propose.

My dad sat up a little straighter and looked at me then the tv then back at me again, “Okay, I’ll bite, what do you need an allowance for?”

I figured honesty is the best policy, “Well, I’m kind of growing out of my clothes and would like to be able to buy my own stuff.”

My dads face then contorted a bit and he asks, “Who are you trying to impress all the way out here?”

“No one in particular, I would just like to look nice the few times I do get to socialize out of the year,” I said sarcastically, “and to buy other stuff I guess.”

“Well where do you plan on shopping, you know there isn’t much in the way of malls out here,” he countered.

“I don’t know, I guess online,” I replied.

I could see he was thinking, then after a minute, “Okay, here’s the deal, you keep the house looking in tip top shape and I’ll give you a credit card in your name—,”

I squealed with excitement and jumped off the couch and onto dad laying back in his recliner and gave him a huge hug, “OH MY GOD DADDY, thank you so, so much!”

“Whoooaaa,” he interrupted picking me up by the arms… wow, I’d never realized how strong he was…“Now hold on there cowboy. Listen carefully, this card is still going to be on my account AND this does not mean you can just go on a spending spree once a month. You will get $20 for every week you complete all your chores in and around the house, which includes yard work. Do you understand?”

I responded with a double bear hug squeezing him around the neck with my arms and his waist with my legs and a big, “Thank you so much!”

I released him from my embrace and rolled a little to his side then snuggled nice and tight into his arms. I always liked doing this but have enjoyed it more and more as of late. I like how his big arms wrap around me and how much heat he emits; it makes me feel like I could just melt right into him. Trying to keep my eyes open and focused on the tv was a loosing battle and I quickly surrendered to sleep.

I sort of became aware that I was moving, being laid down, then one sock two sock pulled of my feet, followed by the gentlest fingers unfastening button by button of my jeans, then my pants being pulled over my hips and bum until they slid completely off… ah, I realized, I must have dozed off. “Thank you, love you dad,” I mumbled.

“Love you too, good night,” he whispered as he tucked me in and then he kissed me on my temple and closed the door.

“Daaad, we’re out of milk,” I yelled as I shut the fridge and opened up the pantry, “seriously… are we out of pop-tarts too?!”

Then dad came shambling into the kitchen wearing just a pair of basketball shorts and a gym shirt with cutoff sleeves. Has he been working out since he was unemployed, I swear his arms are more cut than ever—stop!—what am I doing, it’s like I can’t help myself lately, I just can’t help noticing how sexy his arms and abs look.

“Parent, I need food, can we please go to the grocery store today?”

“Yes, my child, as you wish. In the meantime there’s fruit left in the basket, grab an apple or banana for now and I’ll go change.”

As I load the last of the groceries into the back of our car, dad starts the engine and I return the cart. I jump in the passenger seat and exclaim, “Wow, are there any girls in this place?!”

“No, not really,” dad shares, “in fact, last I heard, of the few women who do live out here, they work just as crazy hours as the guys and they’re all much older than you… heck, even me.”

“Wait, are you saying there isn’t anyone my age out here?!”

He hesitates for a second, “Umm, I think I recall one of the guys saying there was this sweet little, ah, nice girl who worked at the gas station who just moved out here to live with her dad while she decides what to do after high school. So, I’d guess she’s probably 17 or 18.”

Well, at least I might have ‘A’ friend out here, I wonder if she has a car. “Do we need gas?” I ask hopefully.

“Sorry kiddo, just filled her up yesterday,” he sees the disappointment on my face, “but how about I see if I can set up an introduction so you two can meet. I guess it’d be kinda nice for you to have someone else other than your old man to hang out with, huh?”

I roll my eyes, “Ah, yeah, do you want me to turn in to a crazy person?”

With a big grin on his face he replies, “Alright, alright, I’ll see what I can do.”

Pulling around the bend in our driveway and up to the porch I see a brown box next to our front door. I grab a few bags from the back seat and start up to the house and as I walk up to the box I yell back, “DAD, what is this?”

Just as I’m about to read where it’s from dad runs up and blocks my view, “Ah-ah-ahh, no peeking.” I bring the rest of the groceries in and put them away while my dad disappears with the box.

A few minutes later he reappears with the biggest smile and the box hastily wrapped with a bow on top. I peer at him through squinted eyes, “What are you up to?” I ask.

“I know you accepted your Bday party as your gift but I ended up getting quite the starting bonus so I wanted to get you another gift. That and I know I asked a lot of you to move out here with me and there isn’t much to do… well, here, just open it!”

I take the box and rip off the bow and paper, then I peel open the box and can’t believe my eyes, it’s a brand new laptop. “Oh, my… dad, you shouldn’t have,” I say in disbelief.

“So is that a good thiiing?” he asks cautiously.

“Yes, dad, I can’t even…, wow, just thank you dad, thanks so much.”

“Well, I figured you need a little privacy and since you are going to be reading a lot for your assignments and books, it’d be nice to have something you can use on the kitchen table, the couch, your bed or just where ever you feel like.”

“Seriously, daddy, thank you so much,” I say as I give him a hug.

“Not a problem sweetie,” he says as he returns my hug.

My laptop is lightning quick and we also have decent internet speed. I’ve been spending a ton of time shopping for new cloths, streaming shows, and yes, doing a little reading. However, I’ve also been exploring these feelings I’ve been getting. I haven’t really given it too much thought but it started sometime in the past year I guess, it’s not something I have really kept track of.

Nonetheless, I’ve noticed that I can’t stop checking out the male models when I’m shopping and I can’t get the guys I see on tv out of my head during the day. I’m not completely clueless about boys and girls liking each other… I guess I just never expected it would be sooo… distracting.

I glimpse down at the time and see it’s almost 6pm so I still have an hour or two before dad gets home. Curiosity gets the better of me and I start searching for cute boys. All the typical results populate the screen, boy singers, boy bands, and hipster boys. It’s just not what I like, the smooth face, swoopy hair, and super tight jeans, ugh, I never did get what my friends saw in that. I want something more rough around the edges, I want character, a guy who looks like he can take care of himself. I’m determined this time. After experimenting with different combinations of masculine nouns and different adjectives I discover what I’m looking for is a “man” who’s “rugged” or “tough.” I just really like seeing them doing active stuff and getting dirty, not in a gross way but a ‘I work hard and sweat and stuff’ kind of way.

Anyhow, I’m starting to get, idk, tingly down there and my underwear feel like they’re getting a little moist and since I’m stretched out on my stomach atop my bed I decide to try what I’ve read about girls doing with sheets. I grab and bunch up the sheets and push them under me between my legs and start humping them.

It feels good but it’s not enough so I quick jump up and strip off my pants and reposition myself… mmm, oh, that does feel good. I start thinking about how embarrassing this would usually be but I just don’t care, I don’t know why but all I’m concerned with is enjoying the moment. Hmm, yes, I look back and I see my little butt bobbing up then down and pressing then wiggling on the sheets and it feels so goo-- *thunk* I hear a car door shut – OH CRAP, my dad is home! I shut my laptop and jump out of the bed scrambling for my pants. I jump into them with both feet and pull them up until they get stuck on my butt, goddammit I need to get new jeans, humph; I squeeze them over my butt and hips and finish buttoning them just as I hear my dad opening the door.

My bedroom door is almost a straight shot across the living space from the entrance so you can see into my room when you enter the house. “Hey, hi dad, what are you doing home so early?” I ask sort of flustered as I walk out of my room.

“Ah, like I said last week, sweetie, I was only working late for training, since I’m finished with that, now I’ll be getting home at a more reasonable time,” he then narrowed his eyes as he looked up from the mail he was sorting, “why, were you not expecting me?”

“Umm,” I say as I look down at the ground and notice my nipples are hard and I quick cross my arms and look up, “I just must have forgot and you surprised me, that’s all.”

He still hasn’t taken his eyes off me. “Okay, well, this is going to be my usual time, soo,” he pauses for a sec, “what are we making for dinner tonight?”

“Oh, let’s make that super seasoned baked chicken and some steamed veggies… I just need to check something I’m downloading quick,” I lie.

I skirt back to my room and close my door nearly all the way and look down. What the hell, how are my nipples so hard, does this happen every time? I’m not even cold. Oh my god, did my dad see them through my shirt, this is so humiliating. I strip off my shirt and training bra, which obviously isn’t cutting it anymore, and notice that my areolas are smaller and slightly darker. Well, at least they look nice. I fish my bra out of the dirty laundry, need to buy more of these apparently, and put it on, then my shirt. I check in the mirror and, yep, that’s much better, then I head out to the kitchen.

“Hey I talked to gas station girl’s dad today, her name is Laura,” my dad shares.

“Oh cool, did you ask if he could introduce me?” I ask.

“Yes, and I did you one more, he was saying how his daughter would love to have someone closer to her age to hang out with, so I invited ‘em over to dinner Saturday night!”

“Oh, cool, okay… wait, what am I going to wear?!”

“I’m sure you’ll find something cutie pie.”

“Oh my god, dad, that’s easy for you to say. None of my clothes even fit me anymore!” I cry out.

With a dead-pan face he says, “Really, none of your clothes fit you, none of them? So your’ wearing someone else’s clothes right now?”

I tuck my thumbs into my waist band and hook my finger into my belt loop then pull as much of the waist out as I can and say, “Look, I barely fit in these anymore,” then I pull my bra strap out, “and this is the only bra I own,” finally I say, “and you don’t want to see but my undies are wearing out.”

My dad throws his hands up in defeat, “Alright, okay, I get it. Here I thought my pocket book would be spared from the teenage girl fashion expenses moving out here.”

“I’m not asking for anything fancy, just some basics and pants that fit.”

“Okay, you let me know what you ‘need’ and if you want to get anything extra, well, you have an allowance now.”

I tilt my head side to side, “Okay that’s fair.”

He then slips his finger into my hair and tussles it up, “You bet its fair! Now grab the chicken from the fridge and let’s get to cookn’.”

After dinner I immediately jumped online and I was able to find some more cute stuff on A&E and since I like the one I had already, I figured it’d be best to stick with what I know. I also decided I wanted to match my new lacey bras, so I picked out some panties to match. I liked the Mini-Cheeky ones the most, they aren’t exactly a thong, which I know my dad would not allow, but they did show off a lot of my butt… which I thought was sexy. I then tried to find some jeans that I would like and cute tops to match but it’s just not the same as being able to try them out and see how they look. Then I figured it might be fun to shop with Laura on Saturday.

I added everything to my shopping cart that I wanted and brought my laptop over to my dad. I held my breath as he quick looked at the item list and then he asked, “Are you sure this will all fit you, you know what size you are?”

“Yep, that and I figured I’d hold off on picking jeans and shirts until Laura comes over. I figured she’s probably used to buying stuff online.”

“That’s a good idea,” he agrees nodding his head. “Okay, lemme enter my card info here… aaand there you go. Can I click the order button?”

“Yes, dad, thanks,” I say as I lean over, grab my laptop and give him kiss on the cheek.

“No problemo, kiddo.”

Finally, I thought he’d never go to bed. I already have some pics lined up and I pull the sheets back beneath me and start slowly grinding into them. Mmm, in no time I get into a rhythm and it feels so, sooo good. I can feel the spot between my legs getting all tingly and the harder I press the more intense it gets. I can feel my undies getting moist again and I really start to hump the sheets, oh-my-god this is amazing.

First, I’m glad that dad’s room is on the opposite side of the house because I can’t help but let out little squeaks of pleasure and second I can’t believe I just discovered this! Now it’s gotten to the point where I’m actually starting to feel, idk, slippery and hot between my legs. My girlfriends and I had read about girls masturbating and knew that there was supposed to be a big release but this just felt too good, how could it get any better?!

I need more, so I reached down between my legs and grab the sheets to press them up against me and in doing so I position my hand and fingers in just the right spot that I can’t believe how much better it makes it feel. Now I’m grabbing the sheets with my thumb, ring, and pinky finger, while pushing the sheet against me with my fore and middle finger. Oh, oh my, this is it, now I’m just pushing and wiggling my butt back and forth while pressing into my fingers.

The sensation of my stiff fingers rubbing me has started to send this sense of electric pleasure deep into my sex. I keep up a nice steady pace for a few minutes and sense this pressure welling up inside me. I then aggressively start humping my sheet covered fingers and it hits me, “Uuugh,” wave after wave of pure pleasure wash over my body from head to toe, emanating from my sex. I push my face into my pillow and continue to grind into my fingers as a second set of waves hit me and my moan is muffled by the feathers.

I lie face down, my mind and body reeling after my first orgasm. My thoughts drift from how incredibly amazing it felt, to wondering why I didn’t try this sooner, and recalling someone saying that some girls struggle with getting to orgasm. I don’t understand how. I notice that my undies feel like they are really sticky but I just don’t care, I don’t even bother to pull the sheets over me and I fall asleep face down with my hand between my legs, mounting the sheets.

I wake up the next morning as the sun comes pouring into my room and the house is all quite per usual. In the daylight I realize that I fell asleep in a rather compromising position, my uncovered butt is being forced up in the air from the balled up sheets; I need to remember not to do that again.

I push myself up then swing my feet out of bed and when I rock forward to stand up I notice that my undies feel weird. I stand up and pull my underwear away from me and try to peer in and don’t notice anything right away, so I start to pull them down while bending over and as I do I feel them slowly peel away, sticking to my sex, and revealing a rather big whitish stain, also it’s a bit stiff and crusty – “Eww.” Oh wow, that must have been from last night, noted. I toss them in the hamper, grab another pair, and then trot off to take a shower.

After turning on the water to let it warm up I strip off my t-shirt and take a moment to admire my body. Last nights event has left me feeling empowered about my body. I put my hands on my hips and strike a few poses, I turn to the side showing my rather flat stomach, I like how long my legs look and how my shapely butt really compliments them, I like my butt the most! I think my boobs are a decent size for my age, although I rarely refer to them as such since they are only an A cup, so really I just think of them as little breasts. Hopefully they’ll grow into boobs, I muse as I turn back to a profile view of my body, wondering what I would look like if they were B’s or even C’s.

The shower begins to steam so I step in and let the water cascade down my back and over my shoulders onto my chest. I reach over and grab the shower gel, squeeze some into my hand and start lathering up my shoulders, arms, back, and then as my hands pass over my nipples I notice they’re a little more sensitive to touch this morning. Maybe it’s from last night or perhaps it’s from the little show I put on just now in front of the mirror. Regardless, it feels good to brush my fingers back and forth over them. I continue sudsing up and return back to my nipples ever so often just for a little taste of elation in between washing and rinsing my body then hair. I can’t help but get a little horny from the experimenting and I hurry up and dry off and return to my room with just a towel wrapped on top of my head with my clothes in hand.

I close my door behind me and jump on my bed. In the back of my head I’m questioning if there is something wrong with me. I guess I’ve been getting sort of excited like this for a little bit now, I just didn’t realize how easy it was to satiate the hunger I could feel building in my sex. But is it normal to be horny, for what feels like since last night? I lean over and grab my laptop and then bunch some sheets up underneath me. I decide that I’d like to learn a little more about how I’m feeling so as I began to hump the sheets I turn to Yahoo Answers archives.

I begin with the general queries, ‘What’s being horny like,’ and ‘how often are you horny.’ When I’m satisfied with those answers I start searching the more provocative questions, like ‘how much can you masturbate,’ and then I type in the question that I really want to know ‘how do girls masturbate?’ This returns a whole slue of results. I click on a non-Yahoo Answer result this time and it opens up to this very girly blog. I begin to read the introduction and it lays out the many different ways women can bring themselves to climax.

I had only been to two sleepovers in the past couple of years when girls my age start talking about this stuff. I thought I had heard my friends sharing some pretty naughty stuff but I realize now that they had no clue what they were talking about. When I got to the section that discussed penetration and using dildos, I felt my whole face turn red. I think it was partially from embarrassment but also because it kind of excited me.

I know how girls get pregnant, believe me, immediately after my first period I remember dad sitting me down and saying he had something very important to talk about. I then proceeded to sit through the absolute most awkward lesson my father ever gave me, everything from the penis inserting into the vagina to the mother pushing the baby out after going through hours of painful labor. I was pretty turned off from having sex anytime soon at that point.

Anyways, then at one of the sleepovers we were all crowded around looking stuff up, someone thought it would be funny to look at porn. We just typed something stupid like ‘sluts having sex’ and clicked on the first video that showed up and I just remember seeing this naked girl kneeling on the grass, which I thought was weird cause they were apparently outside, and a then a guy was behind her humping into her while holding on to her waist, when all of a sudden this second guy walks up grabs her head then puts his penis in her mouth. I remember we all screamed so loud that the girl’s mom whose house we here in opened the door to the basement and asked if everything was all right. This caused us to collapse in utter hysteria, laughing so hard that we couldn’t even catch our breath long enough to answer here back, obviously though she assumed we were just girls being girls.

Well, I definitely was not at all tempted to use a dildo, it’s not like I have one, and I didn’t really have too much interest in porn, it usually just seems to concentrate on the girl’s boobs and butts anyhow. I was content with just thinking about all the hot guys I couldn’t get out of my head anyways.

Now that I knew what I was doing I just concentrated on recreating last night. What was different this time though was I wasn’t wearing any underwear, so I immediately noticed it was far more sensitive and in conjunction with the blog I had just read. I learned that I should actually concentrate my efforts on my clitoris or clit… I like clit better, it makes me feel sexier.

I grab the sheets like I did last night and use my two fingers to rub my clit back and forth, “Ohhhh, mmm,” that feels amazing! This is already so much better than last night. I look back at my bare butt propped up in the air and watch as it bounces up and down as I grind against my fingers and the sheets. “Uhhh, yesss,” I hiss and then bite my lip as I feel the pleasure build inside of me. I switch to making circles around my clit, which makes me even more puffy. I then concentrate on holding my hand still and using my hips to do all the work. I like looking back and seeing my cute little butt cheeks wiggle as my hips shake and thrust. As I feel the heat starting to build up inside me I start moving my fingers up and down. My fingers and hips are now in a rapid harmony and I can feel it coming… then all of a sudden I’m their and the waves of euphoria are once again washing over me. I remove my fingers from my clit but I continue to shake with pleasure and am quite happy with myself.

The days creep by, I spend time exploring farther and farther out into the forest behind our house, I also make sure to keep up on the chores, and I even find the discipline to read for school. However, I spend a large amount of my time laying on my bed and basking in my new found ability to bring myself intimate pleasure. I read more and more about what works for some girls and what doesn’t, trying to find the perfect combination for myself. I also start to pick up more vocab that somehow makes me feel sexy or dirty, in a good way, when I use it.

We spend most of Saturday morning trekking out to some cool spots that I’ve discovered. We make our way through the woods to the top of the hill where I show dad my favorite site. It’s situated at the peak of the hill and is made up of a couple flat rocks that make it a perfect picnic site and the best part is you can just see the edge of town on the horizon.

“Wow, honey, you weren’t kidding this really is a breath taking view,” dad observes.

“I know, I’m glad I pushed myself to hike all the way up here.” We hang out and catch our breath while we take in the views.

“Well, we’ll have to come hang out here more often. But for now we need to head back and start preparing dinner for our guests tonight,” dad says, bringing us back to reality.

The doorbell rang and I make my way to the foyer just as dad opens the door, “Hey Justin, how’s it going,” my dad says as he reaches out and shakes his hand, “and this must be your daughter Laura.”

“Yes, nice to meet you, sir,” Laura says.

“So polite!” my dad exclaims.

“She’s a Southern girl at heart,.” Justin replies.

“Well, Laura,” my dad carries on, “this is my daughter who’s been looking forward to making your acquaintance—oomph.”

I elbow my dad in the ribs, “Hi, nice to meet you.” I say with a big smile as I wave to them both.

During dinner we’re sharing stories of how moving out here sounded crazy but it was hard to turn down such a great opportunity. Justin and Laura moved out here just the year before and came from similar situation but they were from Kentucky, just across the border from Ohio. They said that even for them this was in the middle of nowhere.

“So what’s it like living in town?” I ask.

“Well,” Laura starts, “It is nice that I can walk to work and the grocery store. But it can get pretty old pretty fast.”

My dad speaks up and asks, “What do you mean?”

“For starters, it isn’t like there’s a whole lot to do,” Laura shares. “Yeah, you can go hang out at the general store or chat with people at the diner but there are a lot of lonely guys.”

“Yeah, you can say that again.” Justin pipes in, “I’ve had to beat them off with a bat.”

Laura rolls here eyes, “It’s not that bad but some of them don’t know how to take no for an answer. Luckily enough I haven’t had to deal with anything to crazy… you just have to be smart you know; Don’t give out your number no matter what they say, don’t lead guys on, and be respectful.”

My dad looks over at me and gestures at Laura with his fork, “You taken notes over there lil’ lady?”

“Yesss, daaad,” I half bleat.

Justin laughs, “Don’t you worry too much about her. It’s a small community and there’s enough of us proper folk that we watch out for the ladies. If anything, you just give a holler and one of us will take care of the rest.”

After dinner Laura and I retreat to my room to hang out. We talk about how hard it was to leave our hometown and how we miss our friends. She still keeps in touch but it’s more of a ‘when something happens’ than a ‘keeping up on everything’ basis.

Eventually the discussion leads to family and I start with, “So is it just you and your dad?”

“No,” Laura says, “I have an older brother but he actually went into OTR up in Canada and is making a killing.”

“What’s OTR?” I ask.

“Oh, Over-the-Road trucking… it’s just what they call it when you drive semi’s, you know 18 wheelers?”

“Ah, okay. So, um, what about your mom?” I gently question.

“I thought you knew, er, I thought maybe your dad had told you since our dads seem to be such friends. Doesn’t matter, yeah, ah, my mom actually died from cancer when I was 15.”

“Oh no, I’m so, so sorry I had no idea,” I profusely apologize.

“It’s okay, it took me a couple, well, us, a couple of years but we’ve gotten better at coping with it. You never quite get over it and it still hurts but you just kind of get better at dealing with it.”

Laura has this very steely look on her face and I feel kind of bad for bring up a sore memory. I decide to distract her with a confession, “Well at least you knew your mom. My mom has been out of the picture since I was born.”

“Really, sorry, I didn’t know that either. Can I ask what happened?”

It really doesn’t bother me so I just kind of full on confess, “Sure, my parents had me when they were still in high school and my mom wasn’t the most responsible of teenagers, obviously. My dad was a little bit more, besides having me of course.

“Anywho, he really, really wanted custody and it got kind of messy. Obviously my dad won out but afterward, my mom didn’t stick around and moved across country as soon as she graduated and we haven’t heard from her since.”

“Jeez, that’s a mind fuck,” she blurts.

We both burst out laughing, partially from breaking the tension and probably partially from realizing we both had a rather unfortunate piece of history in our childhood. Regardless, it served as a starting point for our relationship and we talked on into the night until her and her dad called it a day. We wished them good night and left the kitchen mess for the morning and went straight to sleep.

As I finish loading the dishwasher my dad places the last pot on the drying rack and I grab an apple to snack on. “So, you and Laura seemed to have had a lot to talk about and she’s even a bit older than you,” my dad observes kicking off the convo.

“Yeah, we talked about a whole bunch of stuff, what moving here was like, trying to keep in touch with friends, and talking about her mom.” I reply.

“Yeah, I talked with Justin about that last night too, rough times,” he says sympathetically.

“I know but we talked about fun stuff too, like what she does for fun out here and she also gave me some tips on how to shop for clothes online. I guess there are sites out there that can help guide you on what size you are for which store, so that’s pretty cool,” I share.

“I’d say. Did you two figure anything else out last night?”

“Actually, yes, she offered to come pick me up and hang out whenever I get bored. She’s actually really nice for being so much older than me,” I confess.

“Well that’s considerate of her. Did she share if there were any other fun things for you two to do in town?”

“I guess she forgot to mention during dinner but there’s this sort of hall attached to the restaurant, for parties and other events, and every Sunday they set up a projector and have a movie night. I thought that was pretty cool.”

“That does sound pretty cool, maybe we can even catch a movie together,” my dad states rather hopefully. “Of course, dad,” I reply over my shoulder as I plod off to my room.


Over the following few months I experience a number of personal developments. First, Laura and I become pretty close friends, well as close of friends someone my age and an 18 year old can be. We catch a couple of movies, thanks to torrenting we actually get to see rather new movies more often than not and when we hang out it’s generally at my house because her and her dad live in a sort of townhouse apartment.

Second, I start my schooling, which was sort of rough because even with me reading on my own and taking on a number of my own assignments, my dad still spends a decent amount of time giving me lessons. He starts with a lesson for an hour after he gets home and then another hour and a half after dinner; additionally we spend 4 hours on Sunday morning on lessons as well. I must say, I wonder what dad could have been capable of had he gone to college because he really is quite smart.

Finally, I spend a lot of time masturbating, A-lot. I just can’t seem to get enough. Most mornings I’ll start the day off with a quick session, then some days I’ll have an afternoon session as well. Then finally at night it’s become a ritual for me to take a shower and play with my nipples until they’re hard, oh and I’ve also discovered that the shower head is my best friend.

I can’t spend too much time in the shower though because our bathroom is sort of unique in the sense that it’s in the middle of the house and has two doors, one on either side. Specifically, if I step out of my bedroom and look to the right and both bathroom doors are open, I can see directly into my dad’s room; I can’t see his bed but I can see his dresser. Anyways, after I get my nipples hard and my pussy wet and swollen I skirt to my room, jump on my bed and finger myself to at least one orgasm.

Oh yeah, and when I get horny now, I like to state that it’s my pussy and clit and I make myself cum; I can’t explain why, it just makes me feel sexier.

The steam is thick, my nipples are hard, and my legs are quivering as I press the shower head up against my clit. I bite my lip to prevent a moan from escaping my throat and decide I need to stop while I can and finish this in my room. I step out of the shower, dry off and wrap the towel around my head.

My new routine includes ensuring dad is in bed before I get in the shower to reduce the chance of being caught. Now I turn off the lights and return to my room buck naked each night. I find that there is something liberating about walking around in the buff especially when my nipples are sensitive to the cool air of autumn and my lips and clit are swollen from the shower head.

I close the door and lay out on my bed and my fingers expertly find my awaiting clit. I don’t hump my sheets much anymore, I find it only gets in the way, also, I like the feeling of the skin on skin contact. In no time I’m massaging my clit back and forth and I find my hips bucking into the air. “Ah, ah, ah, ah, hnnggg,” I know exactly what I’m doing now. “Mmm, god yes, yess, yesss!” I excitedly breathe through my teeth.

That’s it, I feel my pussy convulsing, ahhh, yes, I’m cumming. I bask in the afterglow, admiring my pointy nipples cast in the moonlight. I smile to myself as I think about how my breast are starting to fill out my bras, if this keeps up I’ll have to graduate to B’s by new years. I quick pull on my t-shirt and panties, then grab the sheets, pull them over and go to sleep.

I awake the next morning and follow my typical morning routine then head out to the kitchen. I make a bagel, pour some OJ, and plant myself in front of my laptop back in my room.

This urge or more accurately, this itch has been growing inside of me. Every once and a while after I cum, I’m left feeling unfinished? …or incomplete? …no, empty? Ah, yes, empty. Not in so much of a bad way but left wanting something more. I think it’s because I’ve been starting to read erotic stories online, I even found a couple sites that always seem to have something I like: Literotica and xnxx.

In nearly all the stories I enjoy, I get the horniest when I read about the guy’s dick filling a girl up and stretching her out. There is just something about the visual that turns me on like no other; I just want to know the feeling of something filling me up.

I start to mull over my options: (a) I could just improvise and use a brush handle like so many people recommend online. Personally though, I think it’s kind of gross but I wouldn’t have to worry about being discovered by dad. (b) I could order something off one of those discreet sites but I don’t know how closely dad is reviewing my credit card statements. Even though it appears as something non-de, what would I say if he asks about it? Then there is the whole keeping it hidden matter… which I could probably find somewhere he wouldn’t accidentally come across it in my room but if he did find it I think I would die of embarrassment. Well, it’s something to think about, time to start on my morning chores and finish this week’s school work.

“JUST A MINUTE,” I yell as I rummage through my dresser drawers. Dad and I are headed into town for our weekend grocery shopping and I can’t find a clean pair of underwear. I dash across my room to my laundry hamper and –ugh—jeez no, I am not going to find anything in that stinking mess. Oh well, I’m just going to have to go commando. I jump into a pair of jeans and pull on a clean bra and shirt and expediently make my way out the door.

“What took you so long?” my dad asks.

I guess I got a little lazy this week and didn’t wash my laundry so I couldn’t find any clean… shirts.” I figured that’s a less awkward explanation.

“That reminds me, you’re coming awfully close to missing out on this week’s allowance,” dad warns.

“I know, I know, I’ll finish by Sunday,” I promise.

“You’ve been doing pretty good though, I think you only missed one week since you started. Have you been keeping track of your spending and earnings on the Excel spreadsheet we made?”

“Yes, dad, I haven’t forgotten: Since this generation doesn’t write actually checks for anything anymore we don’t need to balance a check book, however,” I drone on, “we still need to keep track of expenses in case the bank makes a mistake.”

He grins and glances over at me, “That’s right, kiddo and who’s the bank?”

“You are,” I sarcastically reply, “for now.”

“And you best not forget it,” he chuckles.

Dinner was delicious; steak was on sale so my dad cooked us up a 16oz porterhouse, a baked potato, and cream spinach to top it off. I obviously ate everything but I was sooo full afterward I thought I was going to burst.

It was getting kind of late but if I wasn’t out with Laura we tried to keep Saturday nights our movie night. “What do you want to watch tonight?” I ask dad.

“I’ve been wanting to watch that Clooney movie where he lives in Hawai’i and has the quirky and dysfunctional family.”

“Meh,” I figured I’d agree to it since we picked my choices the last few times. “Why not, I’ve been wondering what all the hype was about.” I queue up the movie and hit play. Unfortunately, it is not nearly interesting enough to keep me captivated and with the big dinner, food coma sets in and I’m out before I know it.

I come out of my slumber just enough to feel myself being laid down and I try to ignore the little voice inside my head trying to wake me up. I know it’s dad and he’s just putting me to bed, yep, there go my socks and now he’s unbuttoning my jeans and just as I feel him pull them past my hips and half way down my butt I wake up enough to remember I’m not wearing any undies!

A dozen thoughts run through my mind: What should I do?! Would it be more embarrassing to wake up and freak out? The lights aren’t on…maybe he won’t even notice…that’s it, I’m just going to continue appearing to be asleep and he’ll probably not even realize it – It’s as though time slows and I can feel inch by inch of my pants being pulled past my butt. The cool air hits my exposed bits and I get instant goose bumps. Just as I feel the pant waist about to clear the bottom of my butt cheeks he hesitates, it feels like a solid minute and I can imagine the moon light coming in just right and lighting up my mound. OH-MY-GOD! I keep completely still for what ends up only being a one-thousand-one count and he finishes stripping off my pants, covers me, and just when I thought he would skirt out of my room he leans over and kisses me on the forehead, then leaves.

My brain is still processing the event, I’m literally replaying second by second in my head, when I notice that I’m tingling and what’s that, I reach down, I’m-I’m moist! I can’t believe I just got wet from that. I can’t keep track of one thought over the other so I try to take a few calming breaths and collect myself.

Okay, first things first, it is quite obvious that my dad just saw me, vagina and trimmed pubes, up close and personal for the first time since I was a little girl. Second, he most definitely paused for at least a full second before pulling my pants the rest of the way off. Thirdly, instead of retreating from my room, as I would expect someone who was embarrassed would do, he stays long enough to give me a kiss. Lastly, why am I so turned on by what just took place?!

I mean, okay, I guess if I think about it rationally, I am his daughter, so it’s not like he hasn’t seen it before…even though it was years earlier. Then as for my reaction, well, it probably just a combination of being exposed and subconsciously due to the fact a man just pulled my pants off revealing my naked vagina. Yeah that’s what I choose to concentrate on as I doze back to sleep.

I wake up a little later than usual so I’m not able to take care of myself. I eat a quick breakfast and then we go straight into lessons for the day. Then after lunch I mow what little lawn we have in the backyard between the house and the woods. I also do all of our laundry. Finally, I take a little break before dinner and retreat to my room for some relaxation.

As I’m sitting in front of my laptop listening to music and looking for some cute fall/winter tops, I still can’t seem to get my mind off last night. In fact all day today I haven’t been able to keep a clear head, dad especially noticed during lessons; I’m not sure if he put two and two together. Between that and the little thing I’ve been planning for tomorrow morning after my dad leaves for work, it feels like I have a leaky faucet between my legs.

“DAUGHTER. DINNER,” dad shouts from in the kitchen.

“Okay, I’ll be right there,” I reply.

We eat our meal together, conversing about random subjects, pretty much business as usual. Actually, the whole day hasn’t been awkward at all. My dad has acted as though nothing really happened which makes me pretty happy. I clear our plates after we finish and load the dishwasher. I tell my dad that I’m feeling pretty beat from all the school work and chores from today and that I’m going to hang out in my room for the rest of the night.

He wishes me good night; I reply in suit and pad off to my room. I actually am pretty tired and I end up falling asleep watching a random show online. I wake up just long enough to safely place my laptop on my desk and roll back over and drift off to sleep.

“Mmmmmm-ngh,” I stretch my arms up above my head and simultaneously point and spread my toes to the absolute max as I let out a little squeak. After taking a second to get my bearings I get all giddy inside when I realize what I have in store for myself this morning.

First, however, I need to take a shower. I jump out of bed and strip off my t-shirt and panties, admiring the curves of my butt, hips, and waist in the full length mirror next to my closet. All of the hiking I’ve been doing has sculpted my calves and hamstrings, accentuating my butt. As I continue up my backside I notice my Venus dimples have become quite pronounced. I draw my hands up from my thighs, tracing my body and catching my breasts from beneath, cupping them, and pushing them together. They’ll definitely be B’s by New Years… I hope, I’ve read about how girls can stop at an A cup early on.

I grab my phone and turn on the Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom, select some chill/spa music, and hop in the shower. I take my time lathering up with the Luffa, dragging it across every inch of my skin and then I take a more delicate approach and begin to tease my nipples. I trace the outer edges of my areolas, making smaller and smaller circles until I just barely brush my now rock hard nipples.

I quick wash and rinse my hair and detach the shower head from the wall. I switch the stream to a more solid concentrated output and bring it over my left nipple then turn the temp to cold. As soon as it cools I sharply inhale from the shock and quickly bring the stream over to my right nipple. I look down to see both of my areolas have contracted to tight little circles barely the size of a quarter. I then switch the temp back to a comfortable hot and the warming embrace of the water over my nipples sends waves of pleasure deep down into my sex. “Mmm, yesss,” I breathe. Lowering the shower head, I switch the output to massage and bring it to hover over my pussy. “Aahhh, gawd yeah,” I manage as the oscillating streams take turns bouncing off my clit and lips. I reach up with my left hand and take hold of my left nipple; I start by rolling it between my thumb and forefinger.

I switch back and forth until both nipples can’t possibly get anymore erect. I then pinch my right nipple, like I’m grabbing a tag to rip it off of a shirt, and I begin to squeeeeeze. “Oh-God-Yes!” I state as I feel my knees begin to weaken. I push the shower head up against my clit and pull on my nipple until I’ve stretched it out as far as I can. I feel this incredibly painful pleasure shoot down from my nipple and explode deep inside, my hips start shaking uncontrollably and I collapse onto the shower floor convulsing in orgasm, half mumbling and half moaning in pleasure. I remain sitting for a moment allowing the hot water to shower over me, keeping me warm. I gather the strength and pull myself up so I can turn off the water.

I step out of the shower, dry off, and wrap my hair in the towel. Mmm, the cool air feels nice on my skin. I open the drawer next to the sink and fish out the round barrel brush I never use. It has a slick solid plastic handle that looks kind of like an oversized handle of a rolling pin. The handle itself is about 5 inches long and maybe an inch in diameter. “This will do just fine,” I say to myself. I quick wash the handle with soap and water, who knows where it’s been… but I know where it’s going, I smile to myself.

As soon as I enter my room I close my door and lodge my chair under the handle for good measure, I really wish my door locked. Anyways, I spread out on my bed and set the brush next to me on my nightstand. I reach down and check to see what the situation is down below. Oooh, my lips are still all puffy from my episode in the shower, I spread my lips and dip my finger in only to confirm that I’m still quite wet as well. First, however, I bring my attention back to my nipples. I’ve learned from experience and reading online that my nipples are a little more sensitive than your average girl. At the very least, I know how to manipulate them to get me gushing between my legs.

I take each nipple in both sets of fingers and gently begin to roll and flick them. I’m careful not to be too aggressive, especially with my right one, considering the torture I just put them through. Mm-hmm, and in just a few minutes I can feel myself getting all swollen and slippery as I cross my legs, pressing my lips together. I allow my right hand to trace down over my stomach straight to my clit—“AH,” wow is she sensitive, I giggle to myself. I make a ‘V’ with my fore and middle-fingers and just sort of massage on either side of my clit and brushing over my lips every couple of seconds.

I dip my finger in me again and it comes out covered in juices… that should be enough. I reach over and grab the brush between the bristles and handle and move it to my opening. ‘It’s just like putting in a tampon,’ I think to myself. I slowly push the brush in; I can feel it pushing its way in and pulling on my lips, so I pull it out a little and push it back in. This spreads my lubricant onto my lips, which makes it easier, so I repeat this until my lips are nice and slippery. Then I get the handle about one or two inches in and it feels as though I’ve gotten very tight very quickly. I push a little more and—mmkay, yep, I’m pushing past my hymen.

I actually sat down with a mirror and inspected myself out of curiosity. So I know that I have a partial hymen, it’s not a solid membrane like porno’s make them out to be.

As I penetrate her it still stings, so I take in a deep breath and I puuuuuush ‘owie-owie-owie’ okay, I’m through. Alright, that wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was going to be. It was actually more of a pinching pain than the intense stinging pain I expected. I lie still for a moment, adjust to the foreign object in my body and take in the fact that I just popped my cherry, per se.

I then pull the brush almost out then push it in, slowly at first because there is a faint stinging, then I become more interested in how deep I can go. I pull out, then in again, all the way to the bristles. Not to bad I figure, probably about 5 plus inches. I then start pumping the brush iiin and then ooout, repeating the motion back and forth. Mmm-Mm, this is starting to feel good. I start picking up the tempo, rocking the brush back and forth as though I’m playing my pussy like a violin, I snort. I continue on for a few more minutes and my arm starts to get tired.

As good as it feels, between the faint stinging and my tired arm, I decide to pull the brush out. Uff-da, I did not expect to actually feel sort of empty. I grab a tissue and wipe off as much of my juices as I can and put the brush in my nightstands drawer. I reach down, cup myself, and smile, relishing the moment.

I’m still turned on a bit so I adjust so that my fingers are resting on my clit and I slowly start to make little circles. Ah, yes, that feels good. I spend the next few minutes tickling my little bean until I reach my second orgasm of the day, although, far less intense than the first. Still, I’m quite satisfied and I drift off to a blissful sleep.

I wake up to a start, ‘Did I just hear the door shut?’ I sit still for a minute, listening carefully and hear nothing else. I reach over to my phone and notice it’s still the morning and conclude I must have been dreaming. I get up out of bed and go to grab my underwear when I notice a spot on the bed from the corner of my eye. Oh crap, upon closer inspection I realize that it’s a dried bit of blood, “Idiot!”

Of course, I then bend over, contorting myself into a human pretzel, attempting to see if there’s any left on me. I quickly abandon my endeavor and shuffle off to the bathroom where I wet a piece of tissue and wipe myself—ewww, brown and red smears come off on to the tissue and I quickly discard it and finish cleaning.

I return to my room and strip my bed sheets. Why did I have to choose such a light color? I figure I’ll just use the same method to clean the sheets as I have for when my periods have leaked onto my underwear. I grab some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and mix it in some cold water and then I begin to work it in with an old toothbrush. As I’m scrubbing in the mixture I start to chuckle and ponder, maybe it isn’t that women commit less crimes, it’s that women have a lot more practice cleaning up blood, hence, they’re better at cleaning up crime scenes! I toss the sheets in the washer, add some detergent, and hit go.

I realize that I’m still buck naked and I ponder as to whether I should put on some clothes. I actually find myself spending less and less time wearing a top, most days I just throw on some underwear and shorts and I’m good, unless I get chilly, then a t-shirt. It’s still pretty warm out, since it’s only early September, and this house has amazing installation; it stayed pretty cool all summer as long as we kept the windows shut. I slip on some underwear and continue on with my day.

The sheets came out perfectly clean, so after drying them I put them back on the bed. I also rinsed the brush handle off and returned it to my nightstand. Once all the house chores are complete I sit down in front of my laptop and decide I’ll check the balance of my allowance.

I had earned $200 thus far, which I though was pretty good. And I was being pretty frugal. I had convinced dad since I was growing out of my pants that I shouldn’t have to buy my replacements. After giving him my little princess eyes and asking nicely he caved. So actually, I have only spent about $60 on arbitrary stuff like movies and snacks and a few shirts I bought during a random online sale. I really thought I was going to be spending my allowance as soon as I earned it. However, once I started saving, I kind of felt like I should wait and spend my hard earned cash on something worth while.


Standing atop the hill looking out towards the town I start shivering, well, it’s time to put my bra and shirt back on. Maybe it’s out of boredom but I find it kind of empowering and, obviously, arousing to walk around the woods without my top on. The first time I went topless was out of curiosity and then as I continued hiking I realized that it kind of turned me on in this carnal sort of way. Last week was so warm that by the time I got up here I actually stripped nude and just walked around the woods for a while.

I take one last look and frown to myself, if only I’d been a little more adventurous early on. As I make my way down the hill I wonder what it would be like to spend an entire day walking around the woods completely nude. I make a mental note to try it as soon as it warms up in the spring. Then the thought, that’s entered my head often lately, pops up again: ‘Why is it such a big deal if girls want to walk around without a shirt on but it’s no big deal when boys do it?’ Obviously, yes, our chests look different; girls have deposits of fat and boys don’t. Girl’s breasts are at least functional! Also, why is it a bigger deal in the U.S. than other places? I was reading this one post that said in parts of Europe there’s topless pictures of women on everyday advertising and magazines.

I get back to the house and as soon as I’m through the front door I strip my top off and free my breasts. I quick check the time and start pre-heating the oven for the meatloaf we’re eating tonight. Then I grab my laptop and plant myself on the couch.

The cooler it gets the more time I spend looking at cute sweaters. Laura’s really helped me fine tune my fashion sense, which has allowed me to finally narrow down my choices and I think I’ve finally found something that I really like and I add it to my shopping cart. I stop before hitting the purchase button then pull up my hidden bookmarks and click on “Romeo” and the page opens up. Standing 6 inches tall and 1.5 inches in circumference it seems like just the right size. I’ve been enjoying my brush quite a bit but lately it just doesn’t seem to be fully satisfying me. When I began looking for an alternative I decided I wanted something that was more realistic… also, I wanted it to vibrate!

I don’t know if there is something wrong with me but I’ve been horny as fuck lately. Experimenting with the brush just opened up a side of me I didn’t realize was there. Anyways, I look it over again: It’s 6 by 1.5 inches, good size; it’s life like with veins and a head; and finally, not only is it waterproof but also quite. “You know what, I’m gonna do it.” I state to myself. I add it to the cart and fill out all the information and hesitate for a second. What’s the worst that happens, dad finds out and asks me what I need one for. Okay, well I already have a response ready. “Better I use this than a random guy in town!” I exclaim as I click submit. Holy crap, I did it. I quick go and purchase my sweater as well. Hopefully, now if he looks at the bill it won’t look conspicuous.

“Honey I’m home!” dad sarcastically declares.

“Hey dad,” I greet back as I walk from my room pulling my shirt down.

“Smells good, what’ya cookn’?” he asks.

“Meatloaf and mash potatoes,” I reply.

“Nice, so is this becoming one of your new favorites?” dad asks as he enters his room.

“Nah, it’s just kinda easy to make and I’m sort of sick of burgers…sooo I had to find something to make out of all that chuck we have frozen,” I say while facing down towards him.

He comes back out from changing and grabs the oven mitt, “Can I take this out for you?”

“Yep, I was just keeping it warm.”

He serves us both up a portion of each and I grab glasses for water.

“So, did you and Laura finally decide on what you’re going to be for Halloween?” dad asks.

“Yep, wicked witches from the Wizard of Oz” I say as I scoop up a big spoonful of potatoes.

“Really, what are you going to use for costumes?”

“Laura actual has a lot of my costume,” I reply, “which is how she came up with the idea in the first place. She was taking a look at what she had and realized there was more than enough to make both costumes.”

“Well that’s nice of her to borrow you her stuff.”

“Actually, she can’t fit into some of it, that’s how we decided who’s who. She’s giving me some red high heels and a black ruffle skirt she wore once when she dressed up as a black widow; so I’ll be the Wicked Witch of the East.” I explain. “Then she already has some green face paint, so she’s going to be the Wicked Witch of the West.”

“Well, I’m interested to see how that turns out. Is she still coming over here to get ready?” dad asks.

“Yep, she said they’ll show up around 6pm and that should give us enough time to get dressed and still make it to the party by 8pm over at the hall,” I detail out.

“Sounds like a plan kiddo.”

The weekend finally rolls around and Laura and her dad show up just before six and we greet them with a big, “Hello!” followed by hugs.

“Okay girls, let us know when you’re ready.” Justin says as we make our way to my room.

As I close my door Laura starts pulling an assortment of clothes for our costumes out of her duffle bag. “So,” Laura starts, “Here’s the skirt and shoes.”

“Thanks,” I say as I grab them and set them aside, “I have a question for you.” I open my dresser and grab out the three shirts I had narrowed it down to. “Which of these do you think will look best?” I ask as I lay them out on my bed.

Laura looks them over quickly, “Honey, you’re gonna have’ta try those on.”

I pull my shirt up over my head and grab the first shirt, it’s a plain black spaghetti top, and try it on, “What do you think?” She scrunches up here nose and shakes her head so I strip it off and try the next one.

“How about this?” It’s a red halter top that comes up to my neck.

She shakes her head and asks bluntly, “Do you have anything else?”

I’m starting to worry now. “Yeah, one more…” I shakily reply as I change into a maroon short sleeve tee which is rather low cut, so much so you can almost see my bra.

“Nice, I like that one a lot but I don’t know if it goes with the costume.”

I frown at Laura’s response and slump onto my bed folding my leg beneath me. “Well then I don’t know what I should wear,” I pout.

“Ooohh,” Laura utters as she scoots up next to me wrapping her arm around my shoulder, “don’t worry. What did I say? I’ve got so many clothes that don’t fit me but I’m sure fit you—now here.” She pulls out a lacey black spaghetti top and hands it over to me. “Try this on.”

I pull it over my head and it fits quite snuggly. “Perfect,” Laura comments, “Do you have a red bra?” I shake my head and simultaneously she pulls out this super sexy looking deep red bra.

“Oh my god,” I declare, “this looks like something a-an adult would wear!”

She smiles, “I know, isn’t it cute?!”

“I suppose…“ I start.

“Well put it on, let’s see it.” I start to turn and reach back to unfasten my bra when Laura interrupts, “Don’t be shy, there’s nothing you got I haven’t seen.”

I grin, showing a bit of relief but then wonder what she’ll think of mine, especially when hers are at least C’s. I slip off my bra awaiting her judgment.

“Nice girl, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, now lets try on that bra and top,” she shares reassuringly.

I smile and pull the bra over my shoulders and fasten it snuggly. “Oh wow, this is a little tight.”

Laura giggles, “Of course, it’s a push up bra. Here, lemme help.” She stands up to face me and without warning reaches in and pulls up my left boob and then my right, then spins me around.

My mind is racing a mile a minute, oh-my-god-oh-my-god-oh-my-god someone other than me just touched my bare breasts. I’m stunned yet I can feel my nipples hardening from their recent stimulation.

My face must have displayed my sense of utter shock because looking over my shoulder in the mirror Laura responded with, “Ah, come on now, I didn’t mean to scare’ya. Now take a look down and tell me what you think,” as she adjusts the straps.

Sort of dazed I reply, “No, no it’s just that, that’s the first—“ I cut short as my now enormous cleavage comes into view, “OMG, they’re huge!” I exclaim.

Now it’s not like they were suddenly double D’s but they looked like large B’s almost C’s! “This is amazing,” still not being able to accept my metamorphosis, I look up in the mirror, “and they look great from the front as well!”

Laura sets her chin on my left shoulder then dangles the lacy top over my right, “Now try this on.”

I pull it over my head and I realize now why Laura suggested this combination. The red of the bra shows up behind the lace teasing at what lies beneath and the cleavage, well, dad is probably going to have a heart attack.

I go to grab the black leggings I was going to wear when Laura snorts, “Ya don’t think I’m gonna let you wear those with that amazing top and cute skirt do you?” She then hands me a pair of rather scandalous looking pantyhose.

I pull down my shorts, already wearing a black thong, and pull the hosiery up my legs revealing a wrap around floral design. “Wow, these are super cute Laura,” I observe and then pull on the ruffle mini skirt.

“Jesus girl, you look stunning,” Laura remarks, making me blush.

It only takes a few minutes for Laura to get changed. She also is wearing a pair of patterned pantyhose, only hers made it appear as though there was a piece of satin lacing up the back of her legs make a perfect bow at the top and she was wearing a rather revealing green top that had a super deep V that drooped down below her breasts.

We then quickly sneak into the bathroom to do our hair. Laura put both of our hair up in this sort of messy birds nest display since we weren’t wearing witch hats.

After about 40 minutes my dad shouts, “Hey are you girls almost done in there?”

“YES DAD,” I yell back, “we’re finishing up…give us 15 more minutes, THANK YOU!” I reply sarcastically.

Dad and Justin are infatuated with something on the tv so we make it back to my room unseen to grab our purses and slip on our shoes.

Then we march out of my room, approaching them from behind, “Okay we’re ready.”

They both get up and turn around and their reactions couldn’t have been more opposite. Justin doesn’t even seem phased by our outfits, while my dad appears to be taking extra time to process what exactly happened to his little girl.

I can see his eyes scanning every inch of my figure from my head to my ruby red shoes. “Ahhh, what is this?” he asks as he looks over Laura and then glances over at Justin to see his reaction. “I thought you were dressing up as witches… wasn’t Laura going to paint her face green?” he asks with the most perplexed look on his face.

“Oh no,” Laura giggles looking over at me, “I was just joking when I said that.”

I smile awkwardly. “Ooops,” I say shrugging my shoulders.

Dad then looks over at Justin, “I mean, if they show up at the party like this with all the guys…”

Justin raises his hand, “It’ll be okay, I freaked out the first time Laura wanted to go out like this. She promised that she would stay in my line of site the whole night, which she did, and every thing turned out more than fine.”

“Your telling me none of the guys had to much liquid courage and tried to get fresh?” dad shot back.

“Listen, at this point they all know who you are and they know our daughters; as long as our two little princesses here don’t instigate anything, we should be fine.”

My dad couldn’t seem to help his eyes from settling on my cleavage every time he looked back at me, that or he kept trying to see how far my legs reached up into my skirt. He then pointed at us both and stated very firmly, “NO instigating.”

When we walked through the double doors of the hall it was pretty packed, probably close to 400 plus people, and nearly every set of eyes snapped over to pay us some serious attention as we made our way over to the buffet. Laura and I had left our coats in our dad’s vehicles, so we didn’t have to carry them around with us, and the cool October air had chilled us to the core. Lucky for me I was wearing this padded bra, cause had I not been, I would probably have poked someone’s eye out with my nipples.

“OMG, everyone is looking at us,” I whispered to Laura.

“Um, yeah, were two of maybe the few dozen female species within a two hour radius of this place,” she retorts.

We make our way through the fully stocked buffet. Which I learned over 4th of July is always amazing because the company spares no expense for the holiday; my dad said it was a way of keeping the morale up. Well, I don’t care how dolled up I am, there’s no way I’m going to miss out on all this food.

After ‘politely’ stuffing our faces we make our way out onto the dance floor, keeping in line of site of our ever watchful fathers, and start dancing together. The music was weird mix of recent club hits with Halloween tracks mixed in. I figured it must be someone’s playlist or random internet radio station. Anyways, I wasn’t the best dancer so Laura definitely took the lead.

Laura brought her face down next to mine, cheek to cheek, and said, “Hey, slowly, when you get the chance, check out your 3 o’clock, next to the punch bowls.”

As casually as I can I glance over my shoulder and spot four guys who actually look pretty young compared to most the men in the room. “Who are they,” I breathe into Laura’s ear.

“I met them earlier in the week. They all graduated from a high school down in Fargo last year. They decided to move up here when they couldn’t find a steady job with good pay,” Laura tells me.

Just then 50 Cent’s ‘Candy Shop’ came on. Laura then gave me this devilish grin, “Oldie but a goodie… how about we give these boys a show?!”

I figured why not, when am I going to get the chance to have this much fun again, so I nod my head. Laura then mounted my leg and started to seriously grind me to the rhythm of the music. I quick try to spot either of our dads and I couldn’t. Laura then spun and pushed her butt up against me, grabbed both my hands and placed them on her hips and started to swirl and gyrate her ass.

Had they really left us unsupervised after making a big stink out of it? I stopped worrying and started to push up against Laura’s butt. She then turned around and I mounted her leg and slid down then back up a few times. As I pressed up against her I realized I started to get a little turned on. We continued on grinding back and forth, putting on a show for the boys… and every other male in the room until the song ended. By the end I realized that I had actually succeeded in making my panties quite wet.

Before I had the time to really asses what was going on between the two of us, Laura took me by the hand and started making our way over to the drinks next to the boys.

When we got to the table we both grabbed a cup and went to scoop up some punch when one of the boys smiled at us and said, “You should have some of the blue one in the middle.”

“And why is that?” Laura inquired.

“Well if you want to have a good time that is,” another of the boys laughed.

“Uh-huh, and what’d ya put in it?” Laura asked in a challenging tone.

They then showed us an empty bottle of vodka. Laura squinted through the flashing lights, “Okay, that’s not too bad.” She then proceeded to fill up both of our cups.

“Ahh,” I started.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered back in my ear, “if you don’t feel like it just take a few sips and set it down somewhere.”

I nod my head and the tallest boy reaches out his hand and introduces himself, “Hi, my name is David, do you remember me?”

Laura takes his hand, “Of course I do. How have you guys been adjusting to camp life?”

They continue to chat for a minute and then we all sort of introduce ourselves. While they’re chatting I was having an internal debate about drinking the spiked punch. The more we talked the more I got comfortable and I ended up finishing my drink.

Joseph the shortest of the bunch offered to refill my glass. He was sort of cute, about 5’9’ish with dark brown hair and eyes. After my second cup I was actually starting to feel a bit warm and I noticed that I was having a slightly harder time concentrating on the conversations.

Then I remembered that I hadn’t seen either of our dads in a while and started to worry… I hope we don’t get in trouble. I then snuck a peak at my phone and realized it was past 11pm. Well I didn’t have any texts so dad must not care. Joseph then fills up my cup for a third time. “Thanks very much.” I chime with a big smile on my face.

We’re talking about how it sucks to leave all your friends behind; Which, Joseph explains, is why they have all stuck together and have become much closer in the past few months.

“Hey Joseph, can you hold on a minute?” I ask and then grab Laura by the arm, “I really need to go pee.”

“Okay sweatheart,” she replies back. “Hey boys, could you give us a moment, thanks.”

The nice thing about being one of so few girls, no lines at the bathroom and it turns out to be a good thing because I just barely get my panties down when I release a solid stream of pee. “Oh my god that was so close,” I declare.

“Are you alright in there girl?” Laura giggles.

I wipe myself and when I go to stand I almost fall over from my high heels and apparently inhibited motor skills. I slam against the door and now Laura actually sounded concerned, “What are doing, do you need any help.”

“No’m fine,” I slur a little. I pull everything up and exit the stall.

Laura’s waiting and grabs me by the shoulders and looks me straight on for a sec. “Okay honey, that’s enough punch for you tonight. Your dad would never forgive me if he found out I let you get drunk,” she warns.

As we exit the bathroom two guys in Jason masks come charging and grab us by the arms. In unison Rachel and I both let out a blood curdling scream and try to shake away. Then we’re both released and the Jason’s double over laughing as they remove the masks and we see it’s only our dads. Rachel tries to take her dads head off with her purse but Justin is to fast a dodges her attempt.

“Okay, okay settle down,” he says.

I stomp my foot and shout, “DAD, SERIOUSLY!!! Not even funny.”

Dad throws out his arms, “Ohhh, honey come here, we didn’t mean to scare you.”

I keep my arms crossed and turn my head trying to fight off the grin creeping across my face. He then wraps his arms around me, picks me up, and twirls me around. As he sets me down I’m a little dizzy and I fall forward a little catching myself on his chest.

Quickly I cover, “Dad,” I point at my feet, “HEELS!”

“Oh, sorry,” he apologizes. “Okay, are you ladies ready to say goodbye to those boys you’ve been chatting to all night?” Justin asks.

It takes me a second but then I realize the reason we hadn’t seen them all night is because they were probably wearing those stupid masks the whole time. “Yeah, I guess daddy,” Laura laments.

As we say our goodbyes, David asks for Laura’s number and I thank Joseph for chatting with me. Then we make our way over to the exit and find both our dads waiting in their Jason masks.

“Hardy, har, har,” Rachel fake laughs, “you both think you’re so friggn’ cute.”

We say our goodbyes and make our way to our respective vehicles.

Checking both ways dad turns on to the main road and starts driving home. “So how was your night, who were the boys?” dad immediately inquires.

“Wow, way to be subtle, dad,” I snarkily reply.

“Who said I was being subtle,” he joked back.

I roll my eyes at him, “It was fun and the boys were just some guys Laura had met earlier in the week.” I noticed it was starting to get a bit warm but my dad still had his coat on. “They graduated from high school and just moved here from Fargo.”

“So they’re older boys…” dad comments.

“Well yeah, they have jobs out here.” I take my coat off, “Aren’t you hot?”

“No, I’m fine,” he replies.

I crack the window and enjoy the cool breeze.

“Well, we’ll be home soon enough. Are you feeling alright?” he asks.

I try and cover, “Yeah, I’m just a little warm from all the dancing.” I quickly change the topic, “So you guys just wore those creepy masks all night?”

My dad turns off onto the road that eventually leads to our house. “It was actually Justin’s idea initially. He thought it’d be a good way to give you girls the illusion of privacy but keep a watchful eye.”

I’m feeling a little better now but I’m still uncomfortably warm. “Well as you saw no one did anything inappropriate to us.”

“Sweetie you have no idea how many guys were ogling you two, especially when you were on the dance floor,” dad replies, looking over at me and accentuating the last bit.

I’m following the conversation just close enough to know what he was implying. “Oh, you saw that,” I passively state.

“It was kind of hard to miss kiddo,” he says looking me up and down.

I look over, trying my best to seem like I wasn’t inebriated, “Did you think that was wrong?”

My dad slows down and pulls over and looks me in the eye, “You know, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if there is anything, anything at all that you want to talk about... even if it’s not considered the norm, especially if it was something you felt strongly about and it’d make you feel better to share… you know you can talk to me, right?”

I keep eye contact and I just nod my head. Dad turns back to the road, puts the truck in gear, and starts driving back down the road. We sit in absolute silence for what seems like forever. I try and make out what my dad was getting at. Is he saying I shouldn’t feel bad talking to older boys?

No… my mind drifts and then it pops into my head, staring forward, I state matter of factly, “I think it’s bullshit that girls have to wear bras.”

Out of the corner of my eye I see my dad do a double take, “What?!” he asks.

“I mean,” I take a half second, “I think girls should be able to go topless if they want and the only reason it’s not acceptable in America is because of some Putin mindset.”

Apparently quite confused, he replies rather cautiously, “Okaaay, I mean, I can kind of see what you’re saying… but don’t you mean ‘Puritan’ not Putin?”

“Yeah, whatever, you know what I mean. You just said if I had anything I wanted to talk about… and well, this has been bothering me,” I remind him.

“Ah, right, okay that’s fair. I mean it’s sort of a decency thing and while I agree that it’s cultural—“

I interrupt and proclaim, “It’s because guys can’t control themselves and us girls get punished for it.”

“Alright, again, I suppose that’s sort of a fair point but I wouldn’t say all men can’t control themselves but a point is a point… sweetie, can I just say… that, what I meant earlier was, okay how do I say this?” he pauses for a moment and shifts in his seat. “I was more talking about you and your friend Laura when you were on the dance floor and if you had feelings for her I would understand.”

I scrunch up my face and in a very confused voice I look over and ask, “What?”

“It was just, the way you to were dancing, it seemed like more than friends…” dad trails off.

I raise my hands to my face trying not to laugh, “O-m-g, dad, I can’t even right now…ha-ha-ha,” I start to laugh. “We’re just friends, I swear, that’s just how girls dance with each other... especially when we’re trying to impress boys.”

Looking more confused then ever he replies, “Oh, okay, well then…WAIT, I said no instigating!”

I continue laughing and sneak in between breaths, “Oops…okay…sorry…ah-ha-ha-ha.” I’m laughing so hard now my sides start to hurt.

My laughs settle to giggles and finally I get in, “I can’t believe you thought I was a lesbian!”

Dad has taken on a very serious face now, “You know, I think you forget sometimes that I’m a single father trying my best to raise a daughter.”

I flip up my armrest then his and I reach over and give him a hug, “Ohhh dad, I know, I’m just giving you a hard time, I know you do your best.”

He puts his arm around me, takes a deep breath, attempts to look down at me and asks, “So, you really want to go topless?”

I half bury my face in his chest, “Well yeah, I walk around the house topless when you’re not around.”

He takes another deep breath and holds it for half a minute and I can hear his heart beating faster. As he begins to exhale, he squeezes out, “Okay, well, if you want, I’m okay if you choose not to wear shirts and what not when it’s just the two of us at home.”

I tilt my head up, “Really?”

“Hey, I bathed you until you were 8 years old. And at the end of the day, they are just a part of your body,” he replies rather calmly.

“I’m so relieved to hear you say that daddy.” Maybe I’m a bit emboldened from drinking but it just made sense, after returning to my seat, I reach down and pull my top over my head. I can see my dad watching me out of the corner of his eye as I reach behind and unhook my bra and let it fall forward. “Mmm, that feels so much better,” I state as I reach up above my head, arc my back, and stretch to the ceiling.

“Um, okay,” dad says quickly. I turn my head and notice that he’s half watching the road half watching me. “That bra was so uncomfortable, it felt like I was being compressed the whole time I was wearing it.”

In turn he asks, “Then why did you wear it?”

I squish my breast together and say, “Well these aren’t really anything to look at without a little assistance, sooo…”

He looks over, giving my breasts nearly his full attention and drifts a little off the road forcing him to make a quick correction. “I don’t think they need any help,” he glances over again and continues, “also, you still have a few years left before you stop growing, so don’t you worry.”

As we pull up to our house I pull my jacket on and grab the top and bra. When we get into the house I turn and hang up my jacket and notice dad is doing his best not to stare at me.

I’m about to go straight to bed when I stop turn around and walk over to my dad and throw my arms around his neck in a big hug. “Thank you so much for being the best, most understanding, father of the year,” I say as I kick up my legs behind me.

He in turn fully embraces me and I can feel my hardening nipples pressing up against his tee covered chest. “Of course honey but you’ll have to work with me, it might take a little bit for me to get used to this.” He then grabbed me under my armpits, backed his hips away from me, and sets me down.

I look at him a little bewildered, “Sorry, did I knee you?”

“No, no, it’s fine,” he said, “I’m just more tired than I thought.” He then turned and started heading to his room and called back, “I’ll see you in the morning, g’night.”

I stand confused for a second and then realize why he probably scooted of so quickly, I smile to myself, a little proud in what I accomplished and make my way to my room. I’m so tired and still a little tipsy that I barely get the sheets over me before I fall asleep.

I awake the following morning with a slight headache. Maybe a shower will make me feel a bit better. Still wearing the ruffle skirt and leggings I make my way to the bathroom. I notice that the house is eerily quite for a Sunday morning, hm, dad must be outside. I walk over to the sink and brush my teeth quick; relieved to get the horrible taste of whatever I drank last night out of my mouth. I then turn the water on, strip, and climb underneath the shower stream. As the steam builds I bask in its warm embrace, although my head doesn’t feel a great deal better, it is more bearable. After I wash and rinse I climb out and grab a towel and notice the smell of bacon. I dry out my hair with the towel then wrap it around my body and make my way out to the kitchen.

“Good morning, beautiful. You must have partied pretty hard last night,” dad greets.

Opening the fridge and grabbing the OJ, I ask, “Why do you say that?”

Pointing to the microwave’s clock with the bacon grease covered fork, “Cause it’s past ten sleepy head!”

I glance at the clock pouring myself a glass and can’t believe it at first, “Yeah, I don’t know, I wasn’t feeling great this morning…it must have been something I ate last night. Hey, where were you when I got up?”

After he finishes scooping up the last of the bacon he turns and sets the plate in front of me, “I was out splitting wood, when I finally saw you stirring in your room I decided to come in and make you breakfast.”

Gnawing on a piece of bacon, I get up off the stool I was sitting on and walk over to dad and kiss him on the cheek, “Thanks dad, I’m going to go throw on some clothes.”

“First, do you want scrambled or easy-over?” he fires off.

“Scrambled,” I reply over my shoulder.

As I’m pulling on my undies and shorts I recall the conversation we had last night on the ride home. I can’t believe I was so bold. As much as I would like to take advantage of our new agreement, I’m a little chilly after the warm shower. So I grab a loose fitting t-shirt and pull it over my head. I return to the kitchen to find my food waiting for me at the kitchen table and dad reading his tablet munching on some toast.

When I pull out the chair he looks up and seems ever so slightly surprised, then returns to his tablet. After a few minutes he speaks up, “You know, we’ll have to make up the class time you missed this morning after lunch?”

Swallowing the last of my eggs, I look up and reply with a simple, “Mm-hm.” I wash down the last bit of toast with my OJ and ask, “So are you really okay with what we talked about last night?”

He finishes reading whatever page he was on then looks up. “Listen, I meant what I said last night and I spent some serious time thinking about it last night and this morning,” he says pausing for couple beats, “It’s sort of like one of those things you’re aware of in the world but until it happens to you or someone you care about you never give it much thought.”

I nod my head to let him know I’m giving him my full attention. He continues, “And I do agree, it’s something that people need to get over, I mean nudity in general, but bare breasts especially. How can we expect people to get over their poor body image, if we’re always shaming people to cover up?”

My eyes widen and I pipe up in agreement, “I know, that’s exactly what I was thinking!”

Dad gets up and clears the table then walks over to the door and starts putting his jacket back on. “Alright, I’m going to get out there and help you build up our wood pile for the winter. How about you figure out what we’re eating for lunch and get a head start on your reading?” he asks.

“Sounds like a plan, dad.”

Following a slow Monday morning, I’d been tracking ‘the’ package very studiously. I found it very impressive that delivery trucks were willing to come all the way out here. I guess they probably did a decent amount of business with the Outpost, so we probably weren’t too much farther for them. Anyways, the tracking info said that it went out for delivery this morning, which usually meant it would be here by 4pm, give or take an hour. I decided time would probably pass by faster if I actually did something and chores needed to be done.

I had finished everything up inside the house so now I was adding to the wood pile. I kept glancing at the time, it was now 5:07pm and just when I picked up the axe I saw the dust from a vehicle being kicked up on our road. I quick put the axe back in the shed and hurried over to the front door. Not fearing the delivery person would know what the package contained, since I had used the uber-discreet site, I greeted him, grabbed the package, and retreated to my room.

I set the box on my chair, stripped down, and realize I’m a bit sweaty from all the house work. I scamper over to the bathroom where I grab a fresh wash cloth and give myself a sort of sponge bath. The warm wash cloth actually feels amazing as I drag it across my flushed skin. I finish up and head back to my room and quick check the time, drats, it’s almost 5:30pm. Well, I don’t care, I’ve been waiting for Romeo all week long and dad shouldn’t be home for another 30 minutes at least.

I open up the box and pull the packaged toy out. I grab a pair of scissors and cut open the plastic and stuff it back in the box, then shove it under the bed for later disposal. I open the pamphlet and skim through the whole, ‘Congratulations on your purchase’ B.S. and find the battery instructions at the bottom. ‘For your convenience this toy comes fully charged…blah-blah…ensure to wash with soap and water before use.’ Fine, I half sprint over to the bathroom and starting soaping it, as I stroke my new toy up and down I can feel the veins and ridge of the head under my palm and I start to get a little turned on. I quick rinse all the soap off and return to my bed…5:37pm, okay, not too bad.

I move my laptop onto my dresser push the sheets aside and prop my pillow up so I can still sort of see what I’m doing. For the first time I take a second to look over the controls. Okay, I press and hold to turn it on, after three seconds it starts with a hum. Alright, then I just press the button to change the patterns. I cycle through, there are 4 or 5, a few of them were pulses, one was a wave, and I decided to stick with the less intense of the two steady options.

Already turned on quite a bit from just the thought of having my own dildo, I’m more than ready when I lower it to my clitoris. “MMM-hmmm, oh—my—gaaawd.” I manage through a clenched jaw.

I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. It’s not that it was all that different from when I fingered myself, it was just better in every way! I started making small circles around my clit and noticed that my pussy started to get more and more puffy. I dragged my nails up across my stomach to my breast and started to roll my nipple between my fingers. Oh, yes, that was it. I then reached across and brushed my other nipple which had become quite hard. Every time I flick my nipple I can feel a bolt of electricity shoot down to my sex.

I was now gently gyrating my hips, pushing my clit up against the vibe, each time feeling the tingling deep inside increase with intensity. I can feel my juices starting to leak down my lips. I take this as my queue and slid the head of the dildo down to my entrance. I spread my legs, to help pull my lips apart, and I begin to work the head of Romeo into me. I push him in a little then pull out until the crown is fully lubricated. Then I start to ease inch after inch into my pussy, I can feel myself being stretched and filled at the same time.

This only makes me wetter and hornier. The intensity is no longer enough so I press the button and my pleasure increases with the humming. “Oooohhh, yyyesss.” I pull it out to the head, feeling the veins slide along my vaginal walls and then plunge it back in, “Ugh.”

I then start to pick up the pace, repeating, pull out to the head then push all the way back in, each time letting out a little grunt. I continue on picking up the pace until I am outright fucking myself with my new favorite toy. My juices have covered the entire dildo and are now on my hand and leaking down my butt onto the sheets. “Ugh-ugh-ugh-ugh,” my pussy is tingling, my heart is racing, I can feel sweat beading on my brow. I reach down to my side and grab hold of the bed as I push the toy as deep as it can go and thrust my hips in the air exploding in silent orgasm.

“UGH,” I let out a groan as I catch my breath and drop my butt back to the bed bouncing a few times till it comes to a rest. “Sweetie, is that you?” I hear my dad shout as the front door thuds shut. ‘SHIIIIT!’ I scream internally. In my rush to play with my new toy I hadn’t closed my bedroom door! I freeze for a second, not knowing what to do. Oh crap, oh shit, what am I going to do?! I hear his foot steps approaching my door. I quick throw my blanket over my bottom half and grab the lap top from my nightstand and open it up.

Just as the blanket settles onto the bed, dad enters my door frame. “Hey, what are you doing in bed?”

“Oh, I spent all afternoon splitting wood so I took a nap.” Fuck me, in my rush to cover myself I had forgotten to switch the vibrator off, little alone remove it. “Ah, alright, um, what were—um, never mind, I though I heard something fall when I came in the door.”

Oh no, at first the continual vibrating after my orgasm was a little annoying but now it was starting to feel good again.

“So you really do spend the day topless, huh?” dad asks as he gestures towards my naked breasts.

I look down as though I had forgotten, “Ah, yep.” It felt like he was looking into my soul.

He then gestures towards me, oh-no, what did I miss, “Are you ahh, are you a little chilly? I’m sorry maybe I shouldn’t have asked that.”

Jesus, I can barely think straight, my body can’t decide whether to be turned on or embarrassed. I feel my pussy starting to convulse around the dildo that’s still buried deep inside her, vibrating away. “No…no, your right, I guess… it’s kind of more obvious on girls.”

“You know,” dad starts as he enters my room and walks over to my desk to sit. Oh Christ in a hand basket, what is he doing?

“I was reading last night that the local Native American women went topless until settlers started pushing west on the railway. It wasn’t until local US authorities forced them to dress more to their standards if they wanted to do trade in town that native women started covering up.”

Oh, god, I could feel the pressure building inside, I couldn’t help it… I think I half liked that he was in the room... I managed to smile and nod, “Cool.”

My dad stood up, “Alright kiddo, I’ll let you get back to your business, just wanted to share.”

He then leaned and kissed me on the head, OH FUCK, I squeezed my legs together as tight as I could, he then spun and walked out of the room. As soon as I heard him turn down his hall I sunk into the bed and spread my legs, allowing me to push the dildo out without even touching it.

Just as it passed my lips a second orgasm rocked my body and I covered my face with the pillow, muffling my moans of ecstasy, as I shook uncontrollably feeling wave after wave of electricity shoot from my pussy traveling down my legs all the way to my curling toes.


It has been over a month since the dildo incident. The following couple of days were confusing for me, to say the least. I had spent many moments during the day and lying in bed at night going over every moment in my head. I even tried to duplicate the scene with pillows, so that I could see AND hear from my dad’s perspective. I couldn’t tell if it was because I was hyper sensitive to the situation or I knew to listen for it but I could swear that there was no way he could have missed the humming of the vibrator. However, I guess he could have heard it and just assumed it was my laptop… but to me that wasn’t believable because they sounded so different.

Eventually I stopped obsessing over it and returned to my normal ritual of masturbating after dad when to bed. Romeo had really been delivering. I did enjoy my share of internal stimulation; after researching I realized that I must have engaged my G-spot that fateful day. That was one thing I did my best to recreate. What I figured I must have done was I pinned the portion of the dildo that was sticking out of me beneath my thighs and as I squeezed them together I forced the head up against said erogenous area.

Anyhow, I actually spent most nights using one of the many different vibration patterns to stimulate my clit to bring me to orgasm. I loved it because as soon as I came, I didn’t have to clean up, and I could go straight to sleep.

Another observation worth noting was my dad did try his best to make me feel comfortable whenever I went topless around the house. However, I did observe that he would steal glances at me when he thought I wouldn’t notice. I couldn’t really blame him. After all he had dated a number of women in his day and I know it has probably been awhile for him.

The ladies back home would last a month or so but then sooner or later he would feel like it was time to share that he had a daughter, unfortunately, most girls his age weren’t ready for kids quite yet, especially my age. There was one that lasted over a year, her name was Emily and she was really nice to me. Then one night I overheard them arguing and she said something about having her own and dad said one was enough for him at the moment. Well, needless to say, they didn’t last too long after that.

So yeah, with the lack of women his age around, I was probably the only real thing he has seen for a while. Plus I didn’t mind… and I actually kind of like the attention. I know what all the posts online say about family relations. I don’t know, I just don’t care because knowing that a guy found me so attractive that he couldn’t stop staring at me was just sooo… fulfilling.

I finish setting the table and call dad to dinner. “This is the last of it, so enjoy… cause I barely can.” I state.

“Heh, I guess a 15 pound turkey was overkill for a four person Thanksgiving, huh?” he snorted.

We had celebrated with Laura and Justin. “Yeah, we are definitely going with ham for Christmas,” I shoot back.

“I’ll make sure to remind Justin, we still have a couple weeks.”

“Hey, I was thinking we could hike up the hill tomorrow one last time before it really starts to snow?” I ask. There was about an inch on the ground and it had gotten quite chilly as well in the past month and a half.

“Sure, we’ll go after lunch, as long as you finish your school work,” dad replies.

“Yeah, shouldn’t be a problem,” I answer back

We’d gotten pretty good at finding the most direct path up and were to the top in less than 20 minutes. The snow gave some much needed contrast to the nearly all brown landscape. In fact, the brown and mostly dead flora was part of the reason I hadn’t made it up here for a couple of weeks. I hook my pack full of water and snacks on the branch stub I always do. I look over at my dad who seems to be walking off some sort of measurements.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

He looks up, sort of lost in thought, “Oh… I was thinking since we spend so much time up here, we should put a picnic table or maybe a couple of chairs up here.”

“That would be cool.” I walk over to him, tilt my head, lean in to his site of view, and ask, “Do you want to know a secret?”

As he scribbles some notes in a pocket book, without looking up, “Sure.”

“During the fall, when I would come up here, I would take my shirt off and walk around here topless.”

He stops writing, frowns for a second, then looks up at me. “Honey, what,” he starts then exhales through his nose, “this technically isn’t our land. It actually belongs to the farmer who owns the fields on the other side of this hill.”

I unfold my arms, “Oh, I didn’t know that, are we allowed up here?”

“Remember the project manager who lived here before? He had an agreement with the farmer to hike up here,” he answers.

“Well, do you think he would ever come up here?” I question.

“Probably not, just, now you know, so be mindful.”

I pop my hip to the side and smirk. “Well, then you probably don’t want to hear the rest of my secret.”

He shifts on his feet and looks at me sideways and slowly asks, “The rest, there’s more?”

I bite my lower lip, “Promise you won’t think I’m a weirdo.”

He raises his right hand making the Boy Scout salute, “Scouts honor,” he says with half a smile.

“I actually stripped down naked and walked around,” I squeak out, “a few times.”

“JE-SUS, sweat heart,” he begins to scoff but then lightens up when he sees me starting to pout, “you’re not a weirdo… just a free spirit… and maybe a little crazy.”

“HEY!” I shout as I punch him in the arm.

“Ow,” he yelps grabbing his arm, “when did you get so strong?”

Smiling I bring my arm up and pump my bicep and kiss it, “It’s all that time splitting firewood.”

Dad chuckles and grabs and throws me over his shoulder, “Yeah well, you still can’t out power your old man.”

I start wriggling but he has a vice grip on my legs, “AHHH, put me down,” I yell.

“HEY,” he yells and swats my butt, “settle down back there.”

He then starts walking, “I think it’s time to take you back home,” he jokes.

“Wait, my backpack,” I plead.

He then spins and grabs it off the tree. While he’s distracted I try to wiggle free again but he’s ready for me and just too strong.

Laughing at my failed attempt, “I thought I told you to stay still,” he says, spanking me again.

Oh my, I can’t decide which I like more, feeling my dads strong hands and arms wrap around me or being spanked! I wouldn’t mind him carrying me the rest of the way but lying over his shoulder is putting a lot of pressure on my bladder. “Dad, seriously, put me down, I have to pee!”

As I make my way down the hill I can’t stop thinking about the spanking I just received and how much it turned me on. It was one of those instances where I just didn’t believe it till I experienced it. Now, I not only believed people could enjoy the things that happen in 50 Shades in real life but I understood why. The first slap was more of a surprise but that combined with being restrained flipped a switch. Then when he landed the second one, it felt like a bolt of electricity shot from the impact on my ass deep into my sex and awakened something in me. I almost wanted to struggle more but I was confused and I really do have to pee and it would have been embarrassing to pee my pants in front of my dad little alone on him.

I look back as I approach the rear door and it appears I beat dad by a minute or so. I kick my boots off at the door and rush to the bathroom. I pull my pants and underwear down and release just as I sit, looking at my panties I notice the wet spot that had formed. As I gaze at the spot I start to hatch a plan in my head and I can feel the itch forming deep inside me. I’m quite sure I know how I want to itch it, now I just need to figure out if it can be itched that way.

Dad never really enjoyed celebrating his birthday, particularly since it was just over a week before Christmas. Personally, I think he didn’t want me to feel pressured to get him two sets of cards and gifts, especially when I got a little older and understood the traditions. I usually ended up baking cookies or cupcakes though and making a card on the computer. Then I would use what money I made from babysitting and odd end jobs to get him a Christmas gift. I decided that this year was going to be different.

I checked to make sure dad was out in the kitchen making dinner and then returned to my room closing the door behind me. Dad isn’t a heavy drinker, I’m not sure why, but I always figured it had something to do with always taking care of me. Regardless, I did learn a couple years ago, when he was still dating Emily, that he secretly loved red wine. Emily had made a fancy Italian dinner for us on one of his birthdays and they ended up drinking two whole bottles. I think I was still a little oblivious to the fact that my dad was just like any other man who gets frisky when drunk. Anyways, I just remember a lot of laughter, giggling, and hushing coming from dad’s room after I went to bed that night. Now, I’ve obviously put two and two together.

I pick up my phone and call Laura. “Hello?” Laura answers.

“Hey Laura, it’s me,” I reply in a quieter tone.

“Yeah, I saw the caller id and was confused. What’s up, is everything okay?” she asks sort of concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine actually, I was calling cause I wanted to ask Justin a favor,” I reply.

“Oh, what do you need?” Laura asks curiously.

“It’s my dad’s birthday and he likes to keep it low key but I wanted to surprise him with a gift. He really likes red wine, so I was wondering if your dad could buy some for me?” I ask.

“Aww, that’s so cute! I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. Lemme go get him,” she gladly replies.

I hear her telling her dad about the idea and then Justin answers the phone, “I’d love to pick something up for your dad. Do you know what he likes?”

“Yes, well, sort of, I remember that it was red wine and I’m pretty sure it was from northern Italy,” I answer hesitantly.

“Ha, well, that does narrow it down a bit but there are tons of different types of red wine in northern Italy…” Justin trails off. After I remain silent he asks, “Um, do you remember anything else? Or how about, do you know if he likes sweet stuff or spicy? Or maybe you know what you’re going to eat with it?”

I get overwhelmed by the rapid fire questions, “I don’t know, I’m not sure what were going to eat,” I respond in a huff.

“That’s okay, don’t worry,” Justin says trying to comfort me, “How about this, I’ll grab two bottles that I think would pair with an assortment of dishes. Does that sound like a good idea?”

“YES, yes, thank you so much!” I reply trying to contain my excitement.

“Alright, when do you need this by? I might have to ask one of our truckers to pick it up on their way through the next town over,” Justin asks.

“Next weekend,” I squeak out.

“Wow, he really doesn’t like his birthday, huh,” Justin remarks, “I didn’t even hear about it. Anyways, that’s a little tight but it shouldn’t be a problem. You have a good night and here’s Laura back.”

“Thanks again for all the help,” I shoot back.

“Seriously hon, that is so incredibly cute of you! Hey, I’ll try and see if I can come drop the stuff off at your place, if not I’ll see you for Christmas Eve.”

“Thanks, yeah, that’d be cool. Oh, ham, please cook ham! I can’t eat any more turkey,” I declare.

“Ha-ha-ha, okay, I’ll make sure to tell my dad,” she laughs.

“Kay, thanks, talk to you later.”

“Byyye,” she sings before hanging up.

I set my phone on my desk and jump out of my chair doing a little dance. This is going to be perfect…now I just need to figure out what to cook.

I spend the week keeping up with the chores, doing my homework, and looking up recipes that I can handle. I’m not completely selfish, I do want to make this dinner special for my dad. He really does deserve it for how much he cares for me. Yeah, he chose a job in the middle of nowhere and it wasn’t easy adapting but Laura and my self discoveries have made it more than bearable.

I think on it for a sec and realize had we not moved out here I might not have discovered a number of things about me. Anyhow, I found something that I could make, Chicken Parmesan, and we had most of the ingredients. The few things I was missing I texted Laura and asked her to bring them with the wine and that I’d pay her back for everything afterward.

Even with all the busy work the week dragged by unusually slow. Then on Thursday night I received a text from Laura telling me she’d be by in the morning. I woke up the following day and got super involved with some homework reading and the next thing I know I hear Laura, “Hello, anyone home?”

“Hey, sorry, I’m in here,” I yell out to the main room. I close my book and head out to meet Laura.

“Hiii,” I greet as I give her a hug, “thanks for bringing this out to me.”

“Yeah, not a problem at all girl. I just figured this was so cute n’ all, that I wanted to help.” she replies as she hands over the goods.

“Well, I can’t wait to see the look on his face,” I say as I start going through the bags, “What kind of wine is this?”

Laura then grabs the bottles, “So this one here is a Super Tuscan, which my dad says has a strong spice to it, so it goes well with heavily seasoned dishes… aaand this one here is a Sangiovese, which is fruitier and will pair nicely with something more subtle like seafood or pork.”

“Wow, thanks, where did he get them,” I ask.

“I’m not actually sure, I just know one of the drivers dropped it off to me when he came in to fuel up, so out a town apparently,” she replies, setting the bottles back on the counter.

“Jeez, I feel like I owe your dad or something,” I share a bit flustered.

“No, no, he said not to feel weird and this was just his way to help out,” Laura reassures.

“Well, please tell him I really do appreciate it and that I’ll pay him back as soon as the surprise is over.”

Laura starts shaking her head, “Don’t you worry, we know you’re good for it,” she checks her phone, “Alright, I gotta go, my shift starts in an hour.”

I reach out and give her a hug, “Thanks again, and I’ll see you soon.”

“Not a problem, lemme know how it goes,” she says as she heads out the door.

“I will, bye.” I close the door, put the ingredients away and then I hide the wine in my closet.

Even though it was getting chilly even inside the house, I made sure to remain topless most of the week in the evening. I had been spending most days with a top on and I didn’t want to seem like it was so out of the norm tomorrow.

As we were sitting on the couch watching tv my dad looked over at me and asked, “Hey aren’t you cold over there?”

“No,” I gesture towards the fireplace to the left of me with my head, “the fire really keeps you warm in this spot.”

“Alright, by the way, was there anything you wanted to do tomorrow?” he asks.

“Um, nothing much but I do have dinner picked out.” I say.

“Oh yeah, what are we having?” he inquires.

I look over at him with a grin, “It’s a surprise.”

“Okay, well, I’m looking forward to it then,” he smiles back.

As soon as I hear dad close his door for the night I pull Romeo out and go to work on my clit. Mmm, it feels so good every time! I wanted to know what girls were supposed to do during sex, so I had been visiting a few porn sites during the day. I didn’t like the fake blond, plastics surgery, and poor acting vids that seemed to dominate most sites. Then I learned that the key word was ‘amateur.’ I actually started to like these vids, especially the ones where the couple looked like they knew what they were doing.

After observing a number of clips I realized the girl has it pretty easy, especially in missionary or doggy style; Either you just lay on your back and spread your legs and maybe lift them or get on all fours and present your pussy by sticking your butt up in the air. The more advanced ones that looked fun were cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Though they looked simple enough, you sorta just had to bounce up and down and grind. Mmm-hmm, I loved picturing a man on top of me, spreading my legs, and pushing into me. I tried to imagine what it would feel like to have his weight pressing down and him completely surrounding me.

Circling my clit, I could feel the vibrations resonate across my puffy outer labia deep into my sex. Fuck, I wanted to know what a warm, thick, stiff dick felt like! I gripped the dildo like it was a mans cock and dipped it in me to tease out some of my juices. I brought the now well lubricated crown back to my clit and focused on making little circles. “Hnnggg,” my hips buck wildly up in the air. I continue to slide him up and down, back and forth as I feel the warm sensation of an orgasm building inside. Then holding the vibe steady against my pink bean, the flood gates open and wash over my body, releasing the built up pleasure, in an electric surge. With my free hand, I hold my covers over my mouth muffling my moans. Quite satisfied I put Romeo back and quickly fall asleep.

Thanks to my amazing, sometimes obsessive, planning skills, I actually pulled of baking the chicken and cooking the pasta so that they finish around the same time. I plate the dishes and call out, “Okay, you can come out now.”

Dad had agreed to hang out in his room while I cooked everything. Walking into the kitchen he comments, “Mm-hm, that smells good!”

“Ah-thank you very much,” I say in my best Elvis impression. After he sits I bring the plates to the table, “And I give you, Chicken Parmesan.”

“Ho-wow!” dad exclaims, “How’d you pull this off?”

Beaming with pride, I reply, “And now let me get you your birthday present.”

“Wait, this isn’t it?” he asks genuinely shocked.

I disappear into my room grab the bag of wine and return, “Happy birthday!” I sing as I hand him the bag.

He grabs the bag then pulls both bottles out with the biggest look of surprise on his face I’ve seen in a while. “How-who-where did you get this?”

Smiling ear to ear, “Laura and Justin helped me out, it’s a good story but I should wait to tell it when they are here.”

“And you paid for these?” he asks.

“I will, since it was a surprise and I didn’t have cash I’d told them I’d pay them back. Enough about how I got it… do you like your gift?” I demand.

Dad stands up and places the bottles on the counter then turns and wraps his arms around me, almost squishing my face into his chest, “Yes, honey, I like my gift very much,” he says gently, ending the embrace with a kiss on my forehead. My stomach has butterflies and I feel like I’m on the top of the world.

Dad opens one of the top cabinets grabbing a wine glass and rinses the dust off. He then grabs the corkscrew and opens the Tuscan and wafts in the aroma into his nostrils, “Mm, that smells pretty good.”

He looks over at me and I am closely watching him. I must have looked a little desperate because he grins and asks, “Would you like to try some?”

Surprised by the offer my eyes widen and I simply nod in agreement.

He cleans another wine glass and then takes his seat, “Lets let that breath and enjoy this amazing dish you made before it gets cold.”

After a few fork fulls dad pours us both a glass, filling mine just half of what he gave himself.

I raise my glass and say, “Cheers to a happy 31st birthday, dad!”

Giving me a devilish smile he says rather sardonically, “Thanks for reminding me.”

“What… do you feel like an old man?” “No, that’s the thing, I don’t feel old enough; especially to have a young woman as smart, mature, and beautiful as you as my daughter.”

I blush, “Do you really think so?”

“Of course I think you’re smart.”

I shake my head, “No, do you really think I’m beautiful?”

He’s caught off guard for a second because the comment is so out of my character. I watch him struggle a second more before I allow the smile to creep across my face and I burst into laughter. “I can never have a serious moment with you can I,” he kids as he takes a swig of the wine.

We spend the rest of dinner talking about how happy he is of how I turned out and that he wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Turns out I was right about the wine because he’s finished off the bottle, with my help, by the time we finish eating. I’ve actually had about a glass and half myself and feeling it. I didn’t realize how strong wine is.

Then dad goes, “Well, tonight seems to be a party, so why don’t you cut up some cheese and wash off a bowl of grapes and I’ll open the second bottle.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I agree, getting up I smile to myself, everything is going according to plan—whoa, I feel a little off balance as I bend down to grab the grapes from the crisper.

We settle on the couch, across from the fire, setting the wine and snacks on the coffee table. Handing my dad his glass I ask, “So you really have no regrets about having me young?”

His brow arches and starts with a deep breath, “Well,” which is his tell that he’s about to give an in depth answer. “Yes and no. Yes, obviously having you when I was in high school wasn’t the best move and placed me on an uphill battle with life. Yeah, if I had waited maybe your mom and I would still be together and I probably would have gone off to college buuut… if that means I wouldn’t have had you. Then no, I don’t have any regrets.”

I didn’t know how to respond, so I just snuggled up as close as I could get, pulling my feet up under me, and set my head on his chest. I decided I would stop drinking because I wanted to be fully aware and ready for the next part of my plan.

I sat up and said, “Let’s put some music on.” I grabbed the Bluetooth speaker and found the old blues station I knew he liked. I saw his glass was low, “Do you want me to top you off?”

“Sure, thanks sweetie,” he drunkenly grinned.

I put another log on the fire and sat down. After a minute the fire was snapping and crackling, “Man am I getting hot,” I then leaned forward and strip off my top and loosed my bra, throwing them on the recliner. I plopped down back next to dad like nothing was new. However it was, since I had started going topless I hadn’t snuggled up to him without at least a shirt on. I kept waiting for him to say something but either he didn’t care or he didn’t notice.

“So how was your birthday, dad?” I ask and take a fake sip of wine.

He looks down at me leaning on his chest and I see his eyes fall to my pert breasts and linger. Then he looks up to my eyes, “It’ was a great meal, kiddo…and I really liked the wine…it-it was very thoughtful of you.”

I lean up and peck him on the cheek, “That’s all I wanted to hear, dad. It looks like you’re running on empty, do you want another glass?”

He looks at his glass for a second, “M’kay, jus’ one more… it’s really hitn’ me.” I then pour him another full glass.

I get up, “Excuse me for a second, I really have to pee.”

He looks up and snorts, “Okay, sweetie.”

I walk back to the bathroom and close the door behind me. I’m thinking clearer now and I have a dozen thoughts crossing my mind. Okay, I have to be careful, I can’t be to forward because then it’ll be too obvious and he might get weirded out. Okay, I’ll just ‘present the opportunity’ and hopefully instinct and temptation will take care of the rest.

I unbutton my jeans and pull them off, then I hook my thumbs in my panties and slip them over my hips and let them fall to the floor. I step back into my jeans and pull them up. I do a quick check in the mirror, reach down and grab my panties then exit. As I’m walking back to the living area I quick lean into my room and discard of my panties before returning to the couch.

I return to the nook under my dads arm allowing it to come to a rest on me. I look up and smile, “You know I love you dad.”

He looks down at me, “Of course and I love you too,” he replies letting his eyes wonder back down to my breasts.

As he finished his wine I settled in and started to control my breathing. The trick was remaining still enough, for long enough, that he thought I had fallen asleep. I remained as completely still for what seemed like a whole hour. Finally, just as I was dozing, he carefully leans forward and set his glass on the table. Holding me up with his right arm, I hear him make one of those laughs where you exhale through your nose. I feel him slide his other arm under my legs and then his muscles flex as he gently picks me up. I love how effortlessly he can carry me. I sense that he’s a little wobbly but we make it to my room without incident.

I use all of my discipline to remain still, not wanting him to think I’m waking up. Okay, this is it, now all he has to do is follow his past behavior when putting me to bed. He lies me down and I feel his arms slip out from under me. Just as I thought I felt him leaving, he grabs hold of my left sock and pulls it off my foot followed by the right. This is it!

I feel his hands as they position themselves to unbutton my jeans, his finger slip underneath my waist ban brushing my bare skin. Then one by one he unfastens them. He then grabs either side of my jeans and I feel him start to pull them down over my hips. God, I’m so wet! Then they draw to a stop and he loses his grip. Oh no, did he notice I wasn’t wearing panties or did they just get stuck?

I feel his hands return, only this time further underneath my butt then before. His thumbs hook into the loops but I can feel his up turned fingertips on the back of my partially exposed bottom. He then starts to slowly, very slowly slide my pants off, dragging his fingertips down, tracing the curve of my ass. It felt like the most exciting touch I had ever experienced until—“hng” I couldn’t stop the slight moan from escaping my lips when I feel his pinkies trace the outlines of my pussy as he continues to pull my pants down!

It took every ounce of my will power not to give in to my desire and press back against his touch. His fingers continued their dance down my inner thighs, tracing the divots of my knees, over the humps of my calves until finally pulling my pants off. It felt like my pussy was on fire!

I can’t tell what he is doing but I can sense that he is still next to me. I want to open my eyes so badly but I know if I do he would see. What is he doing?! All of a sudden I could feel his breath on my neck.

“Good night sweetie,” I hear him whisper, and then his soft lips tickle my neck and he gives me a light peck.

MY GOD, the thrilling sensation shoots down my body; I spread my toes as far apart as I can, it being the only way I know how to expend my energy.

Then I’m almost shocked when instead of standing up and leaving he raises his voice to an almost conversational level and repeats, “Good night sweetie.”

He pauses, I keep my breathing consistent, I feel his breath fall on my collar bone and then—OH SWEET JESUS MOTHER MARY OF…”Mmmmmm,” I let out a long moan as I feel my nipple being engulfed in a wet warm embrace. He releases it and then, “ugh,” his tongue swirls around my other areola before sucking it in to his mouth, “mmm.”

Then before I can react, I feel him recoil and whisper harshly, “Oh my god, what am I—?!”

What should I do?! Should I try and stop him?! No, I can’t do that, then he’ll know I was faking it and it might make the situation worse. He’s drunk, he might not listen and then… oh shit, shit, shit. I don’t know what to do. While I’m completely frozen my dad stumbles out of my room in such a hurry that he forgets to even cover me.

I hear him in the bathroom, I think he’s peeing. I sit up in my partially lit room. Okay, what’s the plan, what am I going to do now? My nipples are standing fully erect and my sex is soaking wet. I’m so horny I feel like I could fuck anything with a penis right now… but then I’m also completely petrified that my dad would freak out if I was too forward.

I hear the hiss of the shower. Alright, okay, what can I do with this? I sit there thinking over a few ideas and decide on the least obtrusive one. I get up and with out getting dressed I head towards the bathroom, then I start stumbling to get into character.

I enter the bathroom acting as though I’m drunk. My dad is so stunned he doesn’t even protest. He just stands under the running shower, watching my nude figure stumble over to the toilet. I plop down onto the seat and release a heavy stream of pee. I stall, sitting on the toilet for a full minute if not more, hoping for him to do something and then I grab a piece of tissue and proceed to wipe myself.

I get up and ‘forget’ to flush and on shaky legs I make my way to the sink, okay, here goes nothing. I stop about a pace away from the counter and begin to lean over then drop to the sink, landing on my forearms with a notable *thunk.* My legs are closer together with my right leg extended carrying my weight and my left knee kinked. My pussy is now on full display.

I grab onto the counter acting like I’m trying to regain my balance, something I was familiar with from Halloween. I give a nice audible, “Hmmngg,” moan to sell the act that I was feeling ill. My god how much of an invitation did he need. I then place my left foot about a shoulder width and a half from my right. I hold the ‘fuck me’ pose for another minute or so. The shower is still running and I almost look back, then I consider accidentally stumbling into the shower but I chicken out. I rinse my hands and retreat to my bedroom.

I go over the nights events in my head a few times listening for him to leave the shower. I feel like I did everything right and I gave him all the opportunities, I mean he had my nipples in his mouth!!! Oh god, he had his lips wrapped around my stiff little nipples. I pinch both and give them a tug, remembering the electric shock I felt when he took the first one.

Oh no, did I play it too sleepy, did I play it too sick? The shower stops and I hear him getting out. One, two, then three minutes go by, he’s not coming, the sound of his door shutting confirms my disappointment. I take one last second to consider slamming his door open then jumping him in his bed but fail to muster the courage.

Instead I grab Romeo and plunge him deep inside of me. I turn him on to the strong and steady vibration and begin to move him in and out of me at a vigorous tempo, god I was so horny. *Squish*squish*squish* it was one of those session, I was so turned on every time I shove the dildo into my pussy I could here my juices being sloshed around. “Mm-mm-mm,” my clit was tingling and my vaginal walls were pulsing. I used my left hand to jack hammer the dildo into my pussy and my right hand to rub my clit. “Hnnggg, yes, oh yes, oh god—ah—ughhhhh.” My whole body shakes with an orgasm and my hips spasm uncontrollably. I turn the vibe off and go to pull it out but stop because I’m still spasming.

I wake up rather disoriented, the birds have started singing so it must be four or five in the morning. I prop myself up on my elbow and look around my room for a second then take a sip of water. Something feels weird but I can’t place it. I go to roll out of bed when, “Ow!” Something just stabbed me in the vagina! My hand shoots down to inspect and falls onto a dried and crusty dildo half sticking out of me. Oh shiiit, I fell asleep with Romeo in. I wrap my fingers around the base and begin to pull. “Ah,” it pinches and I can feel some of my hair being pulled so I stop.

I decide I’ll have to get a damp wash cloth. I go to stand, fall off balance and then end up catching my self on my desk, my head is pounding. I feel like I’m going to be ill and slowly begin to make my way to the bathroom. I can hear my dad snoring loudly, so I decide to jump in the shower.

I grab the shower head and turn on the water adjusting the temp. I then place the head directly over my mound and start to clean off my dried juices. The warm water washing over my lips feels great and I keep bumping my clit as I clean my hair out of the mess. I realize this works to my advantage because as I get excited I lubricate the dildo and am able to slip it out. “Hmph,” when the dildo is completely removed I feel incredibly empty and as if my vagina has been left gaping open. I wash Romeo off and then exit the shower and dry off. I return to my bed and fight the headache and annoying birds to get back to sleep.

Awakening to the sound of dad in the kitchen, I notice that my throbbing headache has subsided to a dull pain in my temples. I gingerly make my way to my dresser, grabbing a pair of booty shorts, and a long sleeve shirt. After I’m dressed I shuffle out to the kitchen.

As I round the corner, I croak, “Good morning.”

“Hey there, how are you feeling?” dad asks reticently.

Sensing his tone I became concerned that he was upset. “Hmm, I’ve felt better… I think I drank too much,” I reply trying to lighten the mood.

“Oh yeah, more than at the Halloween party?” he asks slightly more cheerful.

I look up at him for the first time since entering the kitchen, “You knew?!” I exclaim, immediately regretting my decision to raise my voice.

“You’re my daughter, of course I knew,” he snorts.

I bring my fingers up to my temples and start to massage. Showing a little concern he ask, “Wow, you really hit the bottle hard last night. Here, I anticipated this.” He hands me a red with hints of green smoothie.

“What is this?” I ask.

“It’s a mix of tomatoes and spinach with a couple other ingredients… just drink up. I take a sip and although it tastes a little weird it doesn’t taste bad.

“How is it?” he asks.

“It’s actually kind of good,” I say as I take another sip.

The toaster pops up two golden pieces of bread and my dad grabs them placing one on each plate. He then pulls a pan off the stove and scoops up a serving of scrambled eggs to each plate then sets one in front of me.

I shoot him a smile, “You always take such good care of me.” I can see that he’s struggling with something and he turns to his plate and takes a big bite of toast. I spread some butter on mine and begin picking at my eggs.

“I do try… aaand last night you were, well, what do you remember from last night?” he hesitantly inquires.

I have a mouthful of food and slow down my chewing to buy time. What should I say? He was obviously embarrassed last night and now I’m starting to second guess what I was even trying to accomplish. I mean what would I have done if he actually tried something? Would I have followed through… I had a couple of opportunities myself and I backed out last second each time.

I swallow my food and wash it down with the smoothie. “Well, I remember sitting by the fire, drinking wine, and eating cheese… then I went to the bathroom… I came back and then…” I pause and act like I’m trying to recall what happened, “Then I don’t really remember, I don’t even recall how I got to bed little alone undressed.”

His brow furrows, was the bit about being undressed too much? “Hmm,” he nods, drinking the last of his smoothie, “well, you passed out on me and I carried you to your room per usual. Then, umm, well I didn’t realize you didn’t have any underwear on and I pulled your socks and pants off for you, I’m sorry, honey, I didn’t know.”

“That’s fine, dad, really. It doesn’t bother me if you see me naked,” I assure him.

He tries his best to keep a poker face and asks, “Okay, well, I just didn’t want to…i-is that a new thing or is that similar to how you prefer to go topless?”

I pucker my lips and squint a little, “Meh, I suppose it all kind of started around the same time…I sorta like to wear as little clothes as possible. Does that make you uncomfortable daddy?”

“No, you know what, at first, I’ll admit, you going topless wasss…a little distracting for me but now I’m fine with it,” he discloses.

“M’kay, I’m happy that you are actually okay with it instead of just pretending,” I share with a big smile.

We finished out the day at a pretty lackadaisical pace since we both felt washed out. Dad settled for just giving me my reading assignments and said that we’ll have to make up 30 minutes a day in the following week. There are plenty of leftovers so we finish those, only this time we drink water, lots of water. We took turns taking showers and then called it an early night.


I wake up the next day and feel like a new person, especially considering yesterday. I spend most of the morning completing menial chores while I go over the past 48 hours events. I’m fairly certain that I shouldn’t have acted as though I was sleeping the whole time. Also, when I thought about it rationally, who would make a move on a girl who looks like she’s about to vomit into a sink? Not a guy I would be interested in. After lunch I start on my homework but my mind keeps wondering. Is this what I want, what do I really expect to come from this? One thing I did know was that I was getting incredibly horny thinking about all of it.

I decide to browse my trusted toy site for inspiration. I realize that if I spend enough time perusing, I always end up in the bondage section. Something about the idea of being tied up or bent over or just restricted in some way gets me so excited. A number of the things I come across are foreign to me and I’m not sure how or what they are used for. I do like being spanked I’ve decided, and sort of discovered up on the hill, but the riding crops sort of scare me.

What I really like the idea of are the leather ankle and wrist cuffs. I guess you would need your own rope but the thought of being tied down to a bed makes my sex tingle. I reach down under my panties and starting circling my clit with my left hand as my right manipulates the mouse. Then I come upon the nipple clamps, these I truly love the thought of. Abandoning my clit, I reach up under my sweater and pinch my nipple, “Aaah.” Yes, I do enjoy the wonderful pain of pinching and twisting my nipples. I notice that I can pick up a set for $15… I play around with the idea while I start twisting my other nipple, “Mmm.”

I’ve been feeling especially dirty and rather emboldened lately. After all, my plan did work to a degree, he did end up sucking on both my nipples. Before I can second guess my self I add them to the cart and complete the purchase.

I strip off my clothes and grab Romeo. I drop to my knees and simultaneously begin to vibe my clit and continue to work my nipples. I then reach down with my free hand, dipping my finger in my pussy to see if I’m wet enough. I am. I guide the dildo to my entrance and begin to dip and twist the head, covering the crown in juices. I slide him about half way in and then start to do a modified split until the grip end is pressing against the floor.

Letting go of the dildo I bring both hands up to my nipples and get a firm hold on each. Thanks to my flexibility I begin to rock and slowly start to fuck myself with Romeo. I sit back, sliding the dildo deeper then I rock forward and squeeze my vaginal walls, pushing it out. I repeat this while I torque on one nipple and flick the other. My nipple play continues to send brilliantly painful shocks of excitement down to my clit and inner sex.

“Oh-god-yes,” I choke out. I quick bump the vibes selection to fast pulse and sink down to its hilt and bear down. As I feel the dildo vibrate and press up against my G-spot I pinch each of my nipples as hard as I can. The pain is almost unbearable but the pleasure is greater. My pelvis thrusts forward, pinning the vibrating head of the dildo against the spongy sweet spot and my orgasm erupts in a throaty grunt, “UGHHH!” I reach down slip the dildo out of me and collapse onto the floor in the fetal position shuddering in aftershock.

As I’m lying on the floor, almost immediately after my orgasm subsides, I begin to regret purchasing the nipple clamps. What was I thinking? What if dad finds out about these? There would be no explaining this one away. Oh shit, should I cancel the order? I quick go to the bathroom and clean up. I pull my clothes back on then sit down at my laptop. If I cancel it though, would that draw more attention? I don’t know…

Well I do have a list of things I was going to choose from for dad’s Xmas gifts. That’s what I’ll do, I’ll just order a couple things off that list and it will just get lost in the randomness of the charges. I find a couple of the lower priced items; thermos because he’s been complaining that his coffee is cold before lunch; scarf, since he doesn’t own one and we hike often now; and finally, a book I know he’s been meaning to read. After I press submit on the last order I lean back letting out a sigh of relief.

I go to the kitchen and warm up a mug of water for some tea. Scrolling through my Snaps, I send a couple replies. It’s been a big school year for my friends back home. Two of my closer friends have boyfriends, which has been blowing up my Instagram. I’m a little jealous.

After Halloween, Laura has been hanging out with the boys when they get off work at night. I’ve only gotten the chance to hang out with them twice, both times were when I was in town with dad grocery shopping. While he was walking up and down the isles I asked, “If I could go hang out with Laura at the gas station.” I grab a tea bag and drop it in the hot water to let it steep, while texting to Luara, “Hey.” A few minutes later:

Laura: hey
Me: what r u doing
Laura: work
Me: boring :p
Laura: lol yea
Me: r u plan to chill with the boys this wknd
Laura: yes :D u finally ask ur dad
Me: no but I think I might
Laura: OMG girl, if u don’t ask you wont know
Me: I know :(
Laura: hey reminds me
Laura: we’re going to the city on Sat
Me: nooo, he’ll nvr go for that!
Me: what r u doing there
Laura: mall movie food
Me: k I guess I’ll ask
Laura: Girl I swear. U need to grow some ovaries
Me: lol XD… I know :(
Laura: k lemme know, gtg
Me: k

I plop down on the love seat and pull the blanket over me. Loosing myself in thought I try to come up with a way to present this to dad with out him freaking out. ‘You’re in middle school and you want to hang out with boys that graduated high school!’ I could hear him exclaim. I figure that I can just guilt him into letting me go by rebutting that I wouldn’t have to if I still went to school with boys my age. I finish my tea and grab the book I’m reading for American Literature. I manage to knock out a few chapters before dad gets home.

“That smells great honey. Could you scoop me up a bowl?” dad asks.

“Sure dad,” I reply filling up each of our bowls with a heaping serving of chicken noodle soup. “So how was your day, dad?”

“Not bad. Justin told the guys it was my birthday last week so they got me a card and a case of beer,” he shares.

Swallowing my first spoonful, I bob my head, “That’s cool.”

“What’d you do today?” he queries.

“Ah, nothing much, chores homework, and a little Christmas shopping,” I end with a grin.

“Uh-huh, is that right? Okay, I got the hint, don’t worry, Santa’s coming this year,” he teases.

I snort and respond, “I haven’t believed in Santa for years.”

“What, isn’t there anything you for Xmas?” I shrug my shoulders, “I don’t know, I’ll let you know if something comes to mind… although, there is one request I’d like to make.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that?” he asks curiously.

“Laura and a couple of the boys we met at Halloween are headed to the city on Saturday. I was wondering if I could go with them?” I ask cautiously.

Dad peered up from his soup, “Yes, Justin mentioned that a certain, David, is it, has taken a liking to Laura.”

“Yeah, I guess. I mean it’d be nice to hang out with kids my age,” I share.

He arches his eyebrow, “Your age? Last time I checked they’d graduated high school, so that’s not exactly your age,” he counters.

“Yeah, but dad, I haven’t been able to go out for real since we moved here, and I’ve been doing all the chores, and I’ve kept up with my school work,” I argue back.

He remains silent for a moment scooping up a few more spoonfuls of soup and then with a huff he says, “Okay, here’s the deal. If you promise to text me when you get to the city, at least one update, and once again before you leave AND reply immediately if I text you, then you can go.”

“Yes, yes, yes, and yes! Thank you so much, daddy!” I shout as I jump out of my chair and wrap my arms around his neck and hug him.

“Alright,” he laughs, returning the hug, “remember what I said,” he says an ever so caring but stern manner.

“I will dad, I promise,” I spit out clasping my hands together in glee.

I clear the table after we finish dinner and rinse the bowls in the sink before loading them in the dishwasher. Then I pull out my phone and head to my room.

Me: I can go :D :D :D
(few minutes later)
Rachel: omg awesome
Rachel: think ur dad can drop u off in town
Me: yep
Rachel: cool meet at gas station at 9
Rachel: early I know but its a long drive
Me: np
Me: I’m just so excited XD
Rachel: i told you he’d say yes

We pull up to the gas station and I grab my purse. “Thanks for dropping me off so early.”

Swallowing a gulp of coffee, dad shakes his head, “Not a problem, I’ll get the grocery shopping done early and head home for a relaxing day in front of the tv and a roaring fire. Hey, remember, be back here no later than 10pm, that should be more than enough time.”

“Yes dad, and text, text, text,” I chime rocking my head back and forth.

“Hey,” dad says, leaning toward me on the armrest, “I’m only concerned cause I love you. And it’s not that I don’t trust you, I just don’t trust everyone else.”

I lean over and peck him on the cheek. “I know, daddy. I’ll see you tonight,” I say as I climb out of the truck.

I meet Laura inside wear it’s nice and warm.

“Hey, you’re early, great,” she greets me with a smile.

“Yeah, didn’t take me long to get ready, where are the boys?” I ask.

“Psh, you know boys. They’ll be here when they get here. Anyways, open up that jacket and lemme see what you’re wearing.”

I unzip my jacket and flip it open like I’m a flasher, eliciting a giggle from Laura. I’m wearing my favorite pair of black skinny jeans with the maroon deep V tee that just barely covers my bra.

“Oooh, I like.” *Bzz-bzz* Laura grabs her phone, “That’s them. They’re outside.”

We spot them and luckily they are driving a large SUV. When we climb inside we find the two bucket seats mid cabin. “Hi guys, thanks for picking us up.” Laura says.

“Not a problem,” David says leaning up from the back seat to greet us.

“Hi guys.” I wave.

“Glad you could make it,” Joseph replies winking at me from the passenger seat.

“So who’s SUV is this?” I ask.

Josh, the quite one of the bunch I’ve learned, who is at the wheel, speaks up, “Technically it’s in my name… I bought it when we graduated…but we all pitch in for insurance and payments now.”

“That’s smart of ya’ll.” Laura comments.

“Are we all set, anyone need to use the restroom or grab something to eat,” Joseph asks looking around the cabin, “No? Okay, let’s go.”

As we embark on our nearly two hour drive there is a lot of cross talk in the cabin. Since I’ve never been to the city I ask what stores are at the mall. The boys discuss what movie they want to see. Then finally Laura gets tired of contorting herself so she can chat with David.

Grabbing my knee, Laura asks, “Hey hon, d’ya think you could switch seats with David?”

“Of course,” I say.

I get up and shift to the rear middle seat, allowing David to scoot by, then I slide over to the rear left. I notice Joseph is regretting his seat choice now but before he can say anything Mark engages me in conversation.

“So pretty excited to finally visit the city,” he says making quotes with his fingers. It’s not really a city per se, the population barely exceeds 20,000.

“Yeah, I’m not expecting NYC but anything has got to be better than the outpost.” I share.

“Have you been to New York City?” he asks curiously.

“Yeah, my dad used to take me there once and while for a sort of mini vacation.”

“Wow, that’s pretty cool. Hell, the only time I’ve been to a big city was for my dad’s 40th birthday part. We went to the Twin Cities, stayed in a hotel, and visited the Mall of America,” he shares rather sheepishly.

“What, that’s pretty cool, I’ve always wondered what the Mall of America would be like!”

“Meh, it’s just a really, really, really big mall… I guess the indoor roller coaster was impressive,” he adds looking at the ground.

I grab my cell phone and text my dad that we are about half way there. He replies immediately thanking me for letting him know and tells me to “have fun but be safe.” Mark and I actually end up having a lot in common and we arrive at the mall before I know it.

When we get to the mall we take a look at the directory, find which stores we want to visit, and start to wander. We start off at Hollister, then we visit a couple random stores. The boys drag us into LL Bean where they check out camping and fishing gear. We quick grab lunch at the food court and then continue our loop around the mall.

“Hey guys,” Josh says looking at his phone, “if we need to be back by 10pm, we should catch the 6pm showing. Does that sound good?” We all nod or reply with some sort of agreement.

“While we have a moment,” Laura starts, then gestures to the two of us, “we need to take a bathroom break.” I don’t really have to go, I went before we ate, but I follow anyway.

As soon as we get in to the bathroom Laura exclaims, “O-M-G, Joseph and Mark are totally fighting over you!”

My face reddens because I know it’s true. As soon as we arrived at the mall they both had been glued to either side of me. Then they were opening every door for me, they almost fought to empty my tray at lunch, and whenever I tried something on they would pay me a compliment.

Laura grabs my hands and in a hushed tone goes, “You know what we should do… we should put on a fashion show; A super slutty fashion show.”

I awkwardly giggle back, “You’re crazy, you know that, right?”

She rolls her eyes, “Psh, yes, but are you in?”

“Okay, and what do you expect to happen?” I ask.

“We’ll do what us girls do best, we’ll drive them crazy,” she shrugs.

“Where should we have this show?”

Laura scrunches her face and looks up, as in thought, and replies, “AH! American Eagle… they have Aerie there too.”

We end up walking around the mall a little longer before executing our little scheme. The whole time Mark and Joseph are wrestling over my attention and I barely have a moment where we aren’t talking. I actually feel kind of bad because they both are nice and trying hard. However, I’m just not that in to either of them. It’s sort of unfair since we’ve only hung out three times now but I don’t think it would make anymore of a difference. Like the boy models and boy bands, they just don’t possess the X factor I’m looking for. I need someone who is more mature, experienced, and rough around the edges.

When we get to AE, we go through the store grabbing the lowest cut jeans, the sheerest shirts, and anything that showed off more skin than not. Then we grabbed the sexiest bras and g-string thongs. We dress up in a number of variations and march out doing our best runway struts each time, mimicking what we’ve see on Top Model.

The best reaction I received was when I wore a pair of super short jean shorts that showed my butt cheeks, a black lace push up bra, and a sheer see-through white cutoff shirt that showed off my cleavage. Laura of course pushed the limit each time, if she didn’t get the reaction she wanted then she would start unbuttoning her shirt or turn and do her best twerk. It was getting close to the movie’s start time so we change back and head to the theater.

We bought our tickets then grabbed some popcorn and soda. When we got to our theater we found a row of seats towards the back that could fit six across. The seating was Josh and David on the far left, then Laura and then me between Mark and Joseph. The movie had barely started rolling before Laura and David started messing around with each other.
They weren’t being subtle about it either, which created some tension between me and my two boys.

First it started sort of comically, Mark grabbed my left hand and then Joseph took my right. We sat like this for probably 20 minutes. Then when I didn’t favor one over the other, Mark boldly put his arm up behind me on my shoulders. At this point Joseph couldn’t exactly do the same, obviously. So after what seemed like some serious contemplation, he instead flipped the armrest up and scooted over putting his nearest hand on my knee and taking my hand in the other. I’m sure it must have been quite the spectacle for anyone who happened to see us. Since I didn’t react strongly to either of the boys advances the movie ended with us tangled and Laura giving me a confused look.

We exited the theater and Laura and I immediately excused ourselves to the ladies room. “Okay, are you going to tell me what’s going on with you and the boys?”

My face breaks out in a confused smile, “I don’t know. It’s like they can’t control themselves.”

Shaking her head, “Girl, it’s because David and I are sort of a thing. Leaving you as the only piece of you know what on the market!”

“Wait, when did you two start dating?”

Laura laughs, “Honey, we aren’t dating… necessarily, but he does seem to be the best bachelor for me at the moment.”

“Okay, well, I don’t know what I’m going to do on the ride home.”

Laura pauses a moment to fix her makeup, then applies some lip gloss and with a smack of her lips she turns and says, “Listen, this is what you are going to do. Either pick the one you like… which is the boring choice OR try and play them off each other and see what happens. You know which option I would choose.”

We meet them in the lobby and Josh shares, “Hey because of all the previews, the movie ended a little later than I expected, so we won’t be getting back until 10pm at the earliest.”

Hearing that I remember to text dad and I let him know we might be running a little late. He responds almost instantaneously thanking me for the heads up but not to be too late. We start to make our way through the mall back towards where we parked I’m still trying to decide what to do. I don’t really have a strong preference so I don’t really care what, if anything, happens.

As we approach the SUV, I notice Mark and Joseph are hanging back and appear to be having an energetic conversation. When we go to load David climbs in mid cabin first with Laura in tow and instead of finding a seat she sits on his lap shooting me a grin. Then just as I’m about to climb in the van, the boys tap on my shoulder.

“Hey,” Mark says, “could we talk to you for a sec?”

“Sure,” I reply.

Mark continues, “We were talking and we know we’ve only hung out a handful of times and it’s probably hard for you to choose between us—“

Joseph interrupts, “And we both really like you, so we were wondering if, well if it’s okay with you…and you don’t have to agree,” he starts to babble, “it was just an idea—,”

Mark grabs his shoulder cutting him off, “We were wondering if you would give both of us a chance?”

My left eyebrow shot up involuntarily, “Ahhh, um…”

I’m surprised and am in a little shock of there proposal. First, I can’t believe they just assume I’m going to make out with either of them and second, they are not only okay with but proposing I make out with both of them!

Then I start thinking about it… actually, since I’ve only made out with two boys before… sort of, well one was a spin the bottle type deal where we only kissed for a few seconds. The other one, I had been dating my “boyfriend” of two weeks at the end of 6th grade and we made out for a little bit on the neighborhood playground. This will give me the opportunity to increase that number 100% and the idea of making out with two boys was sort of hot.

I tilt my head and shrug, “Okay,” then I squint and point at both of them, “as long as you respect my boundaries and if I say stop, we stop.”

I don’t know who looked more surprised, me when they asked or them when I agreed. Regardless, all three of us crawled in to the back seat. As I was climbing past Laura we made eye contact and with a huge smirk on her face she mouthed, “YOU SLUT.” All I could do was roll my eyes and place myself on the middle seat. Mark sat down on my left and Joseph to my right.

Mark, of course, made the first move. As we made our way out of the parking lot he brought his hand up to my chin and turned my head towards him immediately bringing his lips to mine. He’s not too bad, I mean we’re both a little awkward, I’ve only made out twice before after all. After about twenty minutes I need to come up for air from Marks continuous onslaught of kissing.

“That was nice,” I felt awkward, like I had to say something to switch my focus on Joseph. “Hey, how are you?” I ask Joseph.

“I’m fine, how are you?” I give a little grin and tilt my head.

I quick look up at Laura and David had his hand under her shirt, I avert my eyes, looking toward Joseph and bring my face close to his and he starts to give me little pecks on the lips. It was especially weird at first because they were a lot like kisses you give loved ones.

I reach behind and grab a hand full of his hair and gently place my forefinger on his chin and take charge, slowing down the tempo and focusing on making the kisses more sensual. He eventually got the idea and it became more enjoyable. We stop making out and I bring my head to rest on his shoulder and trace the length of his arm with my fingertips… he’s not taking the hint and holds still, almost rigid.

Suddenly I feel a hand sort of just cup my left breast. I glance down and see it’s Mark’s hand. I turn back to him, “Are you bored over here?” I jokingly ask.

“Well, you two have been necking over there for over a half hour now and it looked like it slowed down sooo…” He moves in, shifting his hand to cup my right breast, and starts kissing me again. Mark is definitely a better kisser than Joseph or at least he’s more ‘active’ I should say.

After another five minutes of what felt more like sucking face I pull away, “You know, just cupping me like that doesn’t really do anything.”

He looks at me a little lost and replies, “Oh right, of course, I was just trying not to move too fast.”

We return to our make out session and he starts to just squeeze my whole boob like a kid playing with a water balloon, testing to see how much pressure he can apply before it pops. It wasn’t painful as much as it was uncomfortable.

“Hey,” I whisper, “I need a break.”

“Oh, sure,” Mark says dropping his hand to his lap.

I look up to check the time and it’s just after 9:30pm. Laura and David have finally given it a rest and are just cuddling now.

“Excuse me a sec,” I say to the boys and crawl up to the front of the cabin. “Hey, how long till we get home,” I asked in a hushed tone.

Josh smirks, “That eager to get home, huh?”

“I-I…um,” I try to think of something but fail.

“It’s alright, it’s not like you’re breaking my heart,” Josh shares in a more friendly tone, “anyways, since there hasn’t been any traffic and no cops, I’ve actually made good time. We should be back at the gas station in 10 minutes.”

“Really? We’re that close?” I ask a bit relieved.

“Yep,” was Josh’s simple reply.

“Alright, thanks,” I said and returned to my seat.

“Hey guys, looks like we’re almost home,” I share a little hesitantly.

“Oh,” says Joseph, “well, I hope you had a good night.”

Then Mark chimes in, “I hope we didn’t confuse you too much,” he says with a smile on his face.

“No, no,” I try and reassure them, “it was a lot of fun and you both were… nice.”

Keeping up with his audacious personality, Mark asks, “So, do you know which of us you’d like to see again…or at least who was the better kisser.”

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to answer that question and I take a deep breath to buy some time.

“Ummm, I don’t know,” I actually wasn’t impressed by either, “I can’t say. You both were so nice to me tonight and I like you both a lot… I just don’t think I could choose between the two of you at the moment.”

Joseph finally speaks up, “Ah, that’s fine. As long as you had a good time, that’s all that really matters.”

“Thanks, you guys,” I finish with a little smile.

We then ride the next five minutes in silence until we pull into the gas station. I see my dad waiting over in the parking lot and text him that we just arrived. Josh pulls into a spot and turns the cabin lights on.

“Alright ladies and gents, we’ve arrived at our destination,” Josh announces.

Laura shifts over to the other seat, “Hey, their going to drop me off at my place cause it’s on the way for them.”

“Okay, cool, I’ll see you in a few days for Christmas?”

“Yep and don’t worry, I told my dad and we’ll be bringing baked ham.”

I snort, “Thank god.” I get up and shuffle to the door and Laura opens it for me.

I turn after I climb out, “Thanks again guys, today was really a lot of fun, probably the most fun I’ve had since I moved to this place. Seriously, thank you and have a Happy Holidays!”

They wished me a happy holidays back and I closed the door and made my way over to my dads vehicle.

“Hey kiddo, how was the city?” Dad asks as I climb into our truck.

“It was fun for the most part,” I reply.

“That’s good to hear, what did you do?”

I’m distracted with my thoughts, “Hm, not much shopped…went to movie.” I couldn’t get my mind off of my make-out sessions.

“I’m surprised you didn’t buy anything,” dad observes.

I just felt…unfulfilled, “Oh, we tried stuff on but didn’t get anything,” I answer in a distant tone.

“Hey,” my dad says as he snaps his fingers in front of me, “you alright, is everything okay?”

I’m pulled out of my trance and realize I probably sound like a zombie. “Oh, sorry dad, it’s just been a really long day and we actually did do a lot.”

Sounding relieved he responds, “Okay, I was just a little concerned something might have happened to you.”

I look over with a confused look on my face, “Like what?”

Shrugging his shoulders and sounding disconcerted, “I don’t know…I mean, your gone all day with a bunch of guys, there’s only two of you and four of them… and you know?”

I lean over and give my dad hug and giggle, “I’m perfectly fine dad and they’re just a bunch of boys looking to hang out… really, I have to emphasize boys because…” I trail off.

“What?” dad inquires plainly.

“Oh, I don’t know. I suppose I just expected them to be more…” I’m thinking experienced but I don’t want my dad to freak, “mature, I guess.”

Dad starts chuckling, “And so it begins.”

I flash my dad a perplexed look, “What begins?”

“Honey, I’m sorry but that is the age old struggle. Women are always searching for men who act more mature than their age. I hate to break it to you but those boys won’t be acting mature enough for you for probably another ten or fifteen years,” he states matter o’ factly.

I gaze out the window and observe, “Well, I guess that’s why I like spending so much time with you.”

My dad laughs a little bit more and I stare off into the darkness losing myself in my thoughts.

When I wake up the next morning my thoughts almost immediately drift to yesterday’s events. I’m distracted most of the morning during class, dad, however, isn’t having any of it.

“Hey,” he says sternly, “kiddo, if you can’t focus your attention, next time you ask to stay out late, I’m gonna have to reconsider.”

I shake my head and sit up straight, “Sorry, dad. I’m not tired, I was just a little distracted. I’m okay now.”

We have a quick lunch and then return to schooling and finish late in the afternoon. I return to my room, hop on my bed, and flip open my laptop. I bring up 8track, the latest music streaming site I found, and select indie electronic.

I feel the need to better understand my make out sessions last night. I know where to start but even though I know no one can see what I’m searching, I’m still a little embarrassed. I make sure that I’m browsing privately, just in case, then I begin searching ‘what it is like to make out,’ ‘how you should feel,’ and ‘how you can tell if they are a good kisser.’

Of course most the results yield just a bunch of kids, no doubt, opinions. However, I do find a couple good responses. One common theme is that you lose yourself in the moment and that you don’t really think about anything other than the other person. Also, the better you know the person and care about them, the easier it is to lose yourself.

Well, now that I’m thinking about it, it makes perfect sense. Then it hits me, I realize I was on the right path all along. I wasn’t being naïve, I was just following my instincts. My feelings for my dad were organic; they were a result of how well I know him and how much I care for him. I think back to that night and I realize the whole time I was thinking of only him. And yes, what he did to me felt amazing but I so very much wanted to return the favor… somehow. That’s it, I am going to do this…I don’t know how but I’m going to show dad how much I love him.

I had spent the previous night thinking of ways to create another opportunity like I had for dad’s birthday. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice; there would be no question what my intentions would be this time. I decided that I would need a little extra help in knowing what dad likes, so I decided the best place I could probably find that was on the computer.

Dad had moved it into his room after he had given me my laptop. I went to log on and found that it was still password protected. I tried the old password and it failed. Luckily I know dad’s preference in passwords pretty well. I had helped him set up a couple online accounts before. I tried the typical ones, his birth date, then mine, without success. Hmm… I was stumped then I remembered his favorite one: my name and birth date reversing the numbers, it worked.

Alright, now that I was in I had to imagine he was like most guys and had a stash of porn somewhere. After some searching I couldn’t find any on the hard drive. Next, I opened up his browser and searched his bookmarks, “Wow,” I commented to myself, none here either. Then I checked his history, 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month back, nothing! Looks like I know where I get my paranoia from. He has to look at porn, right?

I start to really wonder then – ah-ha, I know where to look. I go to history then open up his cache files and start browsing through. Jackpot! As I scroll through I start to find cookies to a number of sites that look promising, so I start pulling them up. Out of the half dozen sites that load, a couple are not porn so I close them.

Out of those that remain, I notice a number have a common theme as I click in between tabs. I feel my heart leap into my throat and my stomach fill with butterflies. I frantically click in between thumbnails vids of women restrained with sashes, bound with rope, or lashed to metal pipes with cuffs. I randomly start clicking on videos, watching only a few seconds here and a minute there. I can’t believe what I’m seeing and what’s more, I can feel my nipples poking through my shirt and my left hand has slipped into my panties.

I gently begin to trace my lips, tickling my outer labia, and then I start to circle my clit. This was the fastest I think I had ever gotten turned on from watching porn. I start gyrating my hips in sync with my fingers as I played with my clit. Then I’m suddenly pulled from my bliss as I hear a knocking on the front door. OH SHIT! Is dad home, did he forget his keys? Did Laura decide to swing by and surprise me? I quick exit out of the browsers and shut the computer down. Then I stealthily make my way over to the kitchen window just in time to see the delivery truck driving back down our drive way.

I had completely forgotten about my orders. Sure enough when I open the door there are a number of boxes stacked next to the door. I grab them all and head to my room. At first I though my little gift to me hadn’t arrived, then I realize that they just packaged some of the gifts for dad together. I complete a quick inventory of the gifts and shove them to the back of my closet.

Opening my box I notice that my heart is beating much faster than normal. I pull the plastic bag out which actually contained a felt bag. I loosened the draw string and dumped out the contents. The chain was so cold, probably from sitting in the back of the truck. I then inspect the clamp part; It was made up of a tweezers like design with little rubber caps on the end. To tighten or loosen the clamps, there was a metal ring that you slide up and down the tweezers pinching it shut.

Feeling a little turned on still, I figured I would give my new toy a try. Then the hair on the back of my neck stands on end and it hits me… this is exactly what dad likes! The butterflies return to my stomach and I look down at the clamps as though it’s some sort of priceless artifact. This was it, it’s almost like it was meant to be. I mean what are the odds that I had such similar interests as my dad.

I wasn’t sure what I was more turned on by: The fact that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree or the fact I was about to experience my first session with nipple clamps. I reach down grabbing the waist of my shirt and pull it up over my head and toss in on the bed. I look down at the perky orbs sitting on my chest in admiration. Much to my delight my pre-teen conical shaped breasts have started to settle into more round, near perfect archetype, boobs. I really should have bought some bras at the mall because I am definitely no longer an A cup. However, I rarely wear them anymore around the house and I kind of like how my boobs spill out when I try to fit them in the smaller cups.

I pick up the clamps, taking one in my hand and sliding the ring all the way to the base. I then pinch my left nipple and place the tongs on either side. Then slowly I slide the ring towards the nipple, tightening the clamp. “Hmmmmm,” I let out a moan of pleasure as I feel the clamp start to pinch. I stop about mid way not wanting to over do my first go. I then grab my right nipple and repeat the process, “Ahhh.” Oops, tightened that one a little more than I wanted, so I loosen it slightly.

Dropping my hands to my tummy, I just revel in the bliss being granted to me without my effort. Oh god, I can feel the blood coursing through my nipples and the little shocks of pain each time my heart beats, simultaneously shooting impulses of pleasure down to my sex. I bring my pointer finger up to my left nipple and just barely drag the length of the pad of my finger across the tender surface, “FFFuuuuuu—agh.”

I stand up and walk over to my night stand, bending over to fetch Romeo from the drawer I feel the weight of the chain as it swings. I love everything about these! I sit on my bed leaning against the wall so I can still easily manipulate my nipples. Then I turn the vibe to my favorite setting, the strong and constant buzz and place the tip on my clit.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yesss,” I can’t believe how turned on I already am.

Between the discovery and the new toy and nipple play, I am already at the edge. I straighten out the fingers of my free hand and begin to brush my right nipple back and forth. The sensation of my nipples being clamped combined with the increased blood flow culminates in utter delight. The sensations overwhelm me and my pussy explodes in orgasm.

After my euphoria passes I immediately remove the nipple clamps. The pain is almost all that is left now and I don’t like it. I question my actions for a moment but then I look down and see that my panties are thoroughly soaked and the sliver of regret passes. I change into some new panties and I go to pull my tee over my head—“Oh!” Jeez my nipples are sensitive…I hump my back and carefully pull my shirt the rest of the way down. I return to my desk, put on some music, begin browsing message boards, and start brainstorming ways of how I’m going to execute my next plan.

From what I read nearly all men are horny all the time. Yes, sometimes you get guys who can’t get it up without a little help and then there are those people who are genuinely asexual. I sort of feel bad for them… not that I’m super experienced with sex but I know what it’s like to be so attracted to a gender that it gets me wet just thinking about it.

Anyways, so I know my dad must still be attracted to women. I guess I’m just surprised that he hasn’t met anyone out here. I’m also pretty sure he’s not paying for it, cause he hasn’t worked late since his training and we spend all our time together on the weekends. I decided I’ll try and prod him tonight.

“The Plan”

I made a simple fish dish since Christmas Eve is tomorrow night. We’re half way through dinner when dad asks about the trip with the boys. Perfect, I think to myself, now it’ll be even more natural when I want to ask my questions.

“So, any of those boys trying to win you over?” dad starts.

I shoot him a astonished look, “Abrupt much?”

“Oh, come on, since when can’t you talk to me about this stuff,” he shoots back.

I roll my eyes, “Never, I suppose.”

“Alright, so?” he persists.

I take a second and actually think about it, “Meh, a couple of them were actually being funny.”

Arching his brow and turning his head, “A couple, huh?”

I shake my head and smile, “It’s not like that…well, they were serious but at the end of the day, like I said Saturday, they’re just too immature.”

Giving a half frown dad says, “Well, I’m not saying you should settle for them but there aren’t to many more fish in this pond…unfortunately.”

I shrug my shoulders, “Yeah, maybe, you never know.”

I figure this is a perfect segue, “Speaking of witch, how have you been in regards to company of the opposite sex?”

He gives me a pleasant smile, “Thanks for asking.”

Tilting my head, I shoot him the biggest grin I can muster and add a little squeak for effect.

He continues with, “Well since we moved out here I’ve been so busy with work and adjusting to the rural lifestyle, I haven’t had the time nor motivation.”

“Really, you aren’t… lonely or anything,” I push back.

“No, how can I be lonely when I have you,” he half kids.

“Ha-ha, dad. Well, still… what about… you know…” I try my best to insinuate.

He furrows his brow and shakes his head slightly. I don’t think he could imagine me asking about his sex life.

“You know… ah, happy times.” I hint, nodding my head towards his bedroom.

“OH, Jesus, what business of that is yours?!”

I can’t help but start laughing now, “Wh-ha-ha-at,” I do my best to get myself under control, “since when can’t we talk about this stuff?” I manage to choke about before I start laughing again.

He just squints his eyes and purses his lips trying his best to hold back his own laughter. We finish out the night per our usual routine and go to sleep on the earlier side.

The next morning before dad leaves he reminds me we’re making the sides and to get a start on them before it gets too late. I wave him out the door assuring him I’ve got everything planned out. I spend the rest of the morning cleaning up the house. Then I catch up on school work before starting the sides. I send a couple of snaps of me in an apron, leaning over the stove. Even after an hour I only get a response or two. I have noticed, as of late, that I don’t keep in touch with friends back home nearly as often as I used to. Meh, whatever. Dad said that he was going to meet up with Justin and Laura in town and caravan out to our house. So they should be here around 6:30’ish, which was quite soon.

Just as I set the oven to 180F to keep everything warm I hear them pulling up. I slip on my shoes and meet them outside, “Hi, is there anything I can help carry in?”

Justin grabs a bag of gifts, “Here, could you take these?”

“Sure,” I respond grabbing the bag and heading back inside.

I hold the door for Justin who is carrying the ham, followed by Laura and she gives me a quick hug. “I saw you were laboring over the stove all day.”

“Yeah, I made a lot of sides, I hope you guys like them.”

“Well, I baked the ham. So hopefully it isn’t dry,” she counters.

My dad chimes in, “Is that right, so our girls are completely responsible for our dinner tonight? Well I hope they didn’t decide to poison us!” Justin chuckles and Laura and I just roll our eyes.

Everything turned out nicely, the vegetables taste fresh, the starches are well seasoned, and the ham is juicy. We start the meal catching up with each other and then of course the discussion turned towards our trip to the city with the boys. The dads give us both a hard time, trying to get us to slip up and confess to doing something. Of course since we didn’t really do much, there is nothing to tell. I bore of the cross examination and decide to turn the attention on them.

“So, Justin,” I start, “I was talking to my dad yesterday about his options while living out here and was wondering if you’ve had any luck?”

Dad chokes on the yams he was swallowing and fights the rest down while exclaiming, “Sweetheart!”

“What,” I protest, “it’s an honest question.”

“No, no,” Justin saves me, “it’s okay, I don’t mind answering.” He grabs his beer and takes a swig.

Well, after we settled, I must admit I did try to get back into the dating pool. But with finishing out the last year of Laura’s schooling, I just didn’t have the time. Well, that and to be honest there isn’t much in the way of prospects out here.”

“So you haven’t dated at all,” I ask.

“Oh, I did end up meeting a woman named Carol, buuut…” he looks over at Laura and half grins, “well, that just didn’t work out.”

We’re all looking at Laura now and I think she felt obligated to speak, “We didn’t really get along at the end.”

My dad smiles, “Well, when you become a parent, you learn that your priorities come second.”

We continue the night exchanging gifts and past Christmas stories in front of our Charlie Brown tree.

Justin finishes his first six pack of beer and before starting on his next he turns to my dad, “You sure you don’t want any?” My dad declines and Justin says, “Well, honey, looks like you’re driving us home tonight.”

We then turn to sharing embarrassing accounts of drunken relatives at parties, weddings, and such. Finally it’s getting late and Laura shares that she doesn’t want to be too tired while driving home.

Justin goes to stand and almost looses his balance, “Whoops, looks like I had too of many… er, one too many.”

“Here, I’ll help with the bag of gifts,” I volunteer.

Then my dad goes, “I’ll pack up half the leftovers for you guys.”

I get up and wait for them to put their shoes on, then I open the door. Laura and Justin start making their way outside when I spot Laura’s purse on the kitchen table, “Laura, your purse.”

She starts to turn back but since she’s holding her dad up she asks, “Could you grab it for me?”

“Sure,” I walk over, grab the purse, and walk outside.

Just as I exit the house I see Laura helping her dad into their SUV and am confused by what I see next. Justin has his arm hung over Laura as he’s struggling to climb in the passenger seat, then he reaches down behind her and grabs a handful of her ass and squeezes. I pause for a second waiting for Laura to smack him or something but instead she grabs his hand and firmly pulls it away. She then waves the finger of her other hand back and forth and says something but I can’t make it out.

I pause a second more until she closes the door and turns back, I then act like I’m just stepping off the porch and bring her, her purse and gifts. Dad follows only a few seconds later and we help her load everything in the middle compartment. It’s getting pretty cold out so we wave our goodbyes and head back inside.

“Well, that was a pretty successful night,” dad comments.

I’m still processing what I saw, for all I know it could have been something innocent. Hell, I walk around my dad topless.

“Don’t you agree,” my dad asks.

“Oh, sure,” I manage.

I notice him giving me an odd look as he closes the door, “Sorry, I was just thinking about how lucky we are to have them as friends.”

Dad smiles back at me, “Me too kiddo, me too.” We clean up the kitchen, unplug the Christmas tree, and head off to bed.

We wake up the next morning and bring our gifts out and place them under the tree. Then per my dads ritual he pours us some eggnog and adds a splash of Captain. I then hold up mine and make a pouty face and he caves, “Alright, just a splash though.” After he finishes pouring I kiss him on the cheek, “Thank you, daddy!” He shakes his head and we make our way over to the tree. The fire has started to pick up so dad throws another log on the fire and I turn on some Christmas music.

Sitting around our sad little tree we exchange our gifts, wishing each other a “Merry Christmas!” We take turns tearing off the wrapping paper and exchanging thanks.

Dad gave me a nice pair of headphones “Since you spend so much time on your laptop,” he says.

I also got a new pair of hiking boots, which I was actually pretty excited about especially since I had worn through the soles of my old ones.

Dad liked all of his gifts and gave me a big hug and said, “You know me so well sweetie.” I hug him back enjoying the embrace.

“Dad, I have to be honest.”

“What,” he asks.

“I prefer regular eggnog,” I share as I scrunch up my nose.“You know what we haven’t done in a while?”

“What’s that sweetie?” dad asks as he sets his gifts aside.

“Spend a lazy morning lounging by the fire,” I reply.

My dad climbs up on this his chair, reclines back, and pats his lap, “Climb on up.”

I obey, clambering on top of my dad, shimmying into the nook between him and the chair. He then wraps his arms around me and I snuggle against his chest. I start to doze as we lay there listening to the crackling of the fire and watch as it starts to snow outside.

I slowly awaken and check the time on the cable box and notice it has only been 30 minutes or so. I peer up at dad and see that he’s sleeping. I sit thinking for a moment then decide I might as well… time for a little test.

I’m only wearing booty shorts with an oversized long sleeve tee on. I pull my shirt up exposing my butt. I am on his left side and my butt is pushed up against the arm of the chair. I gently lift myself and then ever so carefully reposition his left arm so that when I lower myself I pinch his hand with my butt and the armrest. His hand is now cupping my right cheek and his thumb is resting in my little cleft. Perfect!

Now for the next step; I quietly say dad’s name and he doesn’t respond.

Then lightly I utter, “Dad.”

My heart is beating so hard now I can hear it in my ears. I take a couple calming breaths and begin to lower my hand to his waist. Then I drop my hand to rest on his crotch. I try my best to control my breathing.

Dad is wearing his favorite lounge clothes, which is a t-shirt and basketball shorts. I know they are on the thinner side because I am constantly drawn to the outline of his package when he sits just right. My fingers search for his member while I cautiously keep and eye and ear open for any movements signifying that he is gaining consciousness. I have no idea how he would react if he were to suddenly awaken.

My heart literally skips a beat, found it! Jesus, what do I do now? Can guys even get hard when they’re asleep. I begin by tracing the outline, then, manipulating the loose material, I grab hold. Since I’m using my left hand, it’s not the most dexterous movement. Still, I use my thumb to explore the head. I start to feel him getting bigger. I’ve been paying attention to his breathing and heartbeat and nothing seems to have changed, so I feel it’s safe to proceed. I can’t believe how quickly it grows and how much it has, it just keeps going. Finally, I feel it stop growing and it has gotten so large that with the short material in the way I can no longer completely wrap my fingers around him.

His hand hasn’t moved underneath my butt, however between feeling his touch and my little endeavor, I have become quite moist. There is a battle going on in my head between being more brazen versus conservative. I decided to play it safe and instead of slipping my hand under his shorts through the leg hole, which I could easily do. I start to rub his shaft over his shorts like I have seen done in the vids I’ve watched.

I can feel my nipples getting hard beneath my shirt. I wish I had taken it off, oh well. I carefully move my hand up so I can pinch a hold of my nipple. It’s not easy since it’s sort of pinned between us. Just as I take hold of my nipple dad begins to stir, “Mmm,” he moans. I freeze, gripping his penis in my left hand and pinching my nipple in my right. Please don’t wake up… or if you do, please don’t freak out, I plead in my head. His hand then gently grips my butt and then just as quickly settles.

My heart is racing and my breathing has quickened but as soon as I realize he’s not waking I let out sigh of relief. I hold still for another minute or so just to make sure. When I’m positive I won’t disturb him again, I begin to squeeze and release his pole. Then I return to rubbing him, concentrating on his head. I feel him starting to grasp hold of my ass again, this time I continue. His breathing seems to stay somewhat steady thus giving me courage to continue. I roll and pinch my nipple with my right fingers to try and give myself some relief but it only makes me hornier. I then find that if I use a modified hold on his shaft… upside down, I guess… that it’s easier to masturbate him through the shorts.

As I pick up the pace he breaths in sharply and moans again increasing his grip on my butt. His breathing starts to pick up and it’s becoming harder for me to discern whether he’s still asleep. I can’t decide if I care or not, what will I do when he wakes up, will I continue or try and… oh, I don’t know.

He moans again and now I can feel his thumb pressing against my swelling lips. Jesus I wish I had a third hand to finger myself. All of a sudden I hear him take a deep breath in and he begins to stir. Oh shit, I freeze and I feel a wave of embarrassment wash across my body, what am I going to do…

I think he’s waking up, so I rest my head on his chest and relax every muscle in my body and just act as though I’m sleeping. Just as I do this I can feel his chest, shoulders, and stomach flex. Then I feel his jaw brush the top of my head as, I assume, he looks down—oh shit, I’m still holding on to him.

The seconds tick by like minutes. My eyes are closed and I’m trying my best to appear as though I’m sleeping. I can’t tell if he’s fully conscious or just dozing.

“Sweetie,” he whispers. “Hey, you awake?” he asks in a soft tone.

Should I answer, I don’t know, I’m too frozen with fear, I couldn’t act even if I wanted to. Then his hand takes a firm hold of my right ass cheek and squeezes. My hand, as if an involuntary reaction, squeezes him back.

“Ugh,” he grunts.

In response I feel his thumb burrow deeper between my legs, grazing my slit the entire way. Oh gawd, my fingers bear down around this dick as I relish in the pleasure. With out warning and in one fluid motion he turns his body towards me and slips out of the chair.

My brain can’t process fast enough and all that I manage is a confused, “Dad?” as he quickly retreats to his room.

Had I done something wrong, did I scare him, I thought he was enjoying it? I was so confused. I wasn’t sure if I should go knock on his door or if I should stay on the chair and wait for him to return. Seconds turned into minutes and then five minutes passed and another fifteen more. He wasn’t coming back.

I sat there trying to figure out where it went wrong. Had he been dreaming and when he awoke he didn’t know it was me? No, no, he asked if I was awake and then he squeezed me and stuff. I sat on the chair staring into the dying fire over analyzing, as usual, the events in my head. I decide to stop fretting over it and instead wait and see what happens with the rest of the day.

I awaken to find the fire has completely died out and a peek at the clock reveals that it is after 4pm. Although it has gotten quite dark out I can see that the snow is coming down harder than before. I guess the meteorologists weren’t lying when they said we’d have a white Christmas.

I pull myself up and look back and dad’s room and his door is still shut. Has he been in there this whole time, I wonder? I get up and head to the bathroom, I really had to pee. I squat down and wince as the cold seat hits my butt. Then, after I finish wiping, I look down and notice that I’ve left quite a bit of residue behind from this morning’s events. I flush then exit toward dad’s room. I stop in front of his door trying to hear if he’s up.

Then I knock, “Ah, dad… are you up?” No response.

Then just as I step away I hear him ask, “Yes, I’m awake, what is it?”

“Um, I was just wondering if you were up… ah, I thought we could play a board game or something instead of sleeping the day away.” I reach down to open his door but the door is locked.

After a moments pause he replies, “Sure, okay, just give me a moment.”

“Okay.” I reply through the door.

I walk over to the living room and grab the chess board and start setting it up. Just as I finish, dad exits his room and shuffles over to the kitchen and grabs some water before making his way over to me.

“I’ll be black.” I volunteer with a grin.

“Okay,” he replies without making eye contact.

We then proceed to play through an entire game. What was very odd was each time I would make a comment or ask a question, he would give as short an answer as possible. On top of that he barely, if at all, made any eye contact with me the entire time.

“Is everything okay daddy?” I asked as I started to reset the board.

“Nah, not really, I just had a really weird dream earlier to day…and then I woke up with a headache after our nap this morning and I…” he trails off.

Really, was this his story? I didn’t know what to think. Should I tell him I liked it? But then if he is coming up this as an excuse would it only make things worse?

“What kind of dream, what was it about?” I pried.

He stays silent for a second then replies, “I-I don’t know, it’s hard to explain. It was just one of those that leave you feeling… confused.”

I decided not to push it any further, “Do you want to play another match?”

“Actually, I’m a little tired, do you mind if we just watch some tv?” he asks looking out the window.

“No, that’s fine. I’ll put this away,” I reply as I start to pack up the pieces.

When dinner came around I heated up the leftovers and brought my laptop out to the kitchen.

“Dad, dinner’s ready,” I announced over the show he was watching.

“Okay, thanks.”

I pulled up the weather tracker and clicked on the forecast map and saw that the system that hit us came down from Canada and is supposed to dump a record 10 to 14 inches of snow.

“Wow, did you see this?” I ask spinning my laptop so he could see the screen.

“Jeez, if this keeps up I won’t be able to make it to work tomorrow,” he remarks a little hopefull.

“Really, if that happens can we go hiking tomorrow, that’d be so fun?!”

“Sure, I don’t see why not,” he shrugs appearing a little more relaxed.

I decide I want to do some “sensitive” research and I tell dad that I’m going to bed early tonight and that I hope to see him in the morning. I plop down on my bed and immediately get to work. I’m done with the indirect and discreet approaches. I start by searching how to seduce a man. I scroll through the many ideas and, even at my age, find the answer to be either too vague or immature. Also, some of them just don’t apply to people in my… situation. Finally, after clicking past the first few pages of results I find a blog I like: How to Dominate(rix) Your Crush. This should be perfect!

I’m immediately intrigued just by her tone. Instead of playing the damsel in distress, she promotes women to use their ability to provide what men want (sexual pleasure) to their advantage. She goes on to discuss how not only do all men want sex but they are willing to do just about anything to get it. Men will lie, cheat, and steal their way into a woman’s pants, even if this requires him to commit social taboo’s, like being subservient to a female.

“If you want a man,” she continues, “whether it’s for a relationship or sex but especially for sex, all the woman has to do is offer. But if you want to stay in control of either, it is up to the woman to maintain the position of power. This can be done in one of two ways: dominate or submit.”

The more difficult path is to dominate. It is in mans nature, in most cultures, to appear to be the dominant. If you choose this path it will require months of preparation and hard work. The easier method, and,” in her opinion, “the more effective of the two is to appear submissive. This allows the man to think he is under control, when in fact, if executed correctly, the woman will maintain dominance in the relationship. After all, she quotes; The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.”

I then continued to read through her posts late into the night. I liked a lot of what she had to say, I didn’t agree with all of it but I felt like a fool proof plan was forming. It would be simple but elegant. It would take some IT expertise to assist and luck with the weather would help.

Immediately upon waking I peak out the window, “Yes!”

It had continued to snow through the night and was actually still flurrying out. After my morning routine I join dad out in the kitchen.

“Holy crap that’s a lot of snow,” I point out.

Dad smiles looking up from his tablet, “Yep, there’s no way I’d make it to town in this. I already called work to let them know.”

I catch him looking me up and down out of the corner of my eye. I’m wearing a denim button down with only the few bottom buttons fastened, a thong, and knee high socks. As I go on my tip toes to grab the cereal off the fridge the tail of the shirt exposes my bare little cheeks; his eyes go wide

Looks like I’m off to a good start, I smile to myself. I pour myself a bowl, add milk, and make my way over to the kitchen table. My shirt is just barely covering my breasts, I’m sure at the angle my dad is sitting at to me he can see my nipples unhindered.

“So, do you still want to brave the cold and go on a hike,” I ask.

“Ahhh, yeah, of course,” he stumbles, “I’m ready when you are.”

Even though he’s used to me walking around topless, it’s almost like me wearing a shirt where he only gets a peek has more of an effect on him.

We make sure to bundle up, not knowing if the snow is going to let up like they are saying, and set off up the hill. It takes us nearly twice the time to make it to the top, in the foot of snow, than it usually does. Once we make it to the clearing I pull my beanie off and unzip my coat. The climb, combined with all the layers, has me overheating and I take a moment to vent.

Dad unzips his jacket and then taking a super hero pose, his hands on his hips, he takes and deep breath in and says, “This was a great idea kiddo… you know, I think I’ll take a personal day tomorrow, even if the roads get cleared.”

I smile at him, half laughing at his ridiculous pose, and reply, “Sounds like a plan to me.”

We kick as much snow off to the side and stomp the rest down to clear an area to sit and chat. I ask what else we could do up here and dad suggests snowshoeing. I like the idea and tell him I’d like to try it sometime soon. Finally we cool off enough and begin to make our way down the hill back home.

I change back over to my sexy little outfit and we spend the rest of the day drinking hot cocoa and coffee, respectively. After dinner I suggest that we find a pop culture movie I should watch, dad has a list of them, and we cuddle up under a blanket enjoying a bag of popcorn.

Once the movie is over we head off to bed. I tell dad that he can shower first while I head to my room. As soon as I hear the shower running I crack open my laptop and bring up the router. First I change the password. Dad isn’t a tech moron but he also isn’t a tech wizard. Then I pull up another window that tests the speed of our internet. I then open up the settings to throttle our speed. I read about how more tech aware parents use this to control when their kids are online. I’ll be using it for a similar purpose. I then throttle the down speed to about the level of an old school dial up. It’ll be just enough to continue basic service like email and search but it won’t be able to handle video players or anything of the such.

Dad opens my door to the bathroom and hollers, “Shower’s all yours.”

“Thanks dad,” I respond as I close everything down and shut my computer.

I take my time showering and brush my teeth when I hear a knock. I swing open the door and ask, “What,” as I finish rinsing out my mouth.

“Hey, I was wondering if you noticed the internet was slow?”

I play it cool, “Hm, I guess so. I just thought it had something to do with the storm… why?”

“Oh, I was just trying to send an email to work… you know what, never mind. Good night.”

I had to bite my tongue to contain my excitement and I quick patter off to my room. I pull up the speed test… which did take a while, stupid Flash effects, and clicked begin. Yep, more than fast enough for email but not anything else. A devilish grin crept across my face as phase two of my plan went into effect.

When I woke up the following morning I made my way out to the kitchen to find dad fiddling with his tablet. He was really into whatever he we doing because he barely noticed me.

As I sat down next to him I asked, “What’s eating you?”

With an exhaustive exhale he says, “I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s going on with our internet. I’ve reset my computer, my tablet and, hell, even unplugged and plugged in the router a few times.”

“Well, who needs internet when we have hiking to do?”

He sets his tablet down and looks up at me, “You’re right. You wanna head out after breakfast again?”

“Sure, give me ten.”

After I change into my layers I return our internet speed to normal and rush to meet dad outside. It’s much nicer today, any warmer and the snow would start melting. We follow our tracks from yesterday and make it to the top much faster. I had definitely over layered and strip off my jacket. I then peel off my under layers until I’m standing bare chested.

Dad looks over and smiles, “You know, I’m glad you are so comfortable with your body.”

I squint from the sun reflecting off the snow and ask, “Yeah, why’s that?”

“Meh, I’m just happy you didn’t end up with an eating disorder or something from peer pressure, advertising… whatever.”

“Yeah, that certainly isn’t me,” I agree nodding my head.

I cool quite quickly but I see that I have been keeping dad’s attention, so I bare the cold a little longer before getting dressed.

“You know,” I start, “we should bring a blanket up here and have a winter picnic tomorrow!”

“Hm, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea… if they weather cooperates,” he replies looking off into the distance as if he can see tomorrows weather.

“It’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow,” I add.

“Alright, picnic it is.”

When we get home I catch up on homework while dad does a couple of the house chores. We eat dinner and watch a few episodes off the DVR. I share that I really liked the movie from last night, so dad picks another one for us to watch. Then again, I throttle our speeds but this time I shower first and am to bed before dad finishes his.

Mid morning the next day we are getting our supplies in order. I’m in the kitchen making sandwiches when I hear a crashing sound.

“GODDAMMIT!” dad shouts.

I poke my head around the corner and see dad wrestling with the contents of the storage closet.

“Is everything okay,” I ask.

“IT’S FINE—I’m fine, sorry. I was just trying to grab the tarp since it’s going to be wet today… and then all this happened.”

Raising my eyebrows I simply respond, “Okay,” and return to the kitchen.

Wow, he’s usually a bit more reserved than that. Is this all because he hasn’t had access to his fix for the past two nights? Well then, after phase three this afternoon on the hill and tonight’s lack of service again, he should be more than ready to go by tomorrow. I finish packing our supplies and go to change over.

Once we get to the top we lay out the tarp then the blanket. It’s actually quite warm out, relatively speaking. The snow is starting to melt and really easy to pack. I hang up my jacket but keep my layers on for the time being. We sit down, set up our little picnic, and enjoy the amazing view and weather. We finish lunch and relax in the sun and then I decide, it’s now or never.

“Hey dad, I’ve got a question,” I start confidently.

“Sure, what’s up?”

I look down, acting bashful, “Would you mind if I worked on my tan?”

Shrugging and shaking his head he responds, “Sure, why would I care… but aren’t you going to get cold pretty fast.”

“I don’t know, I’m pretty well adjusted to the temp,” I reply.

“Okay, fine by me.”

I stand up and strip off my top layers, releasing my sweaty breasts from their confines. The cool air feels great and I can feel my nipples reacting to the brisk change in temperature. I then bend over at the waist facing away from dad giving him perfect view of me from behind as I unlace my shoes. I stand up and push them off. Finally, I hook my thumbs in my long underwear and panties then I slowly begin to bend, keeping my legs as straight as possible, sliding everything down at once. I rock my hips back and forth for effect and I feel the cool breeze blow over my lips—oh god, this is so hot.

I hear a cross between a choke and clearing of the throat, “Ahhh.”

I finish pulling the long johns off both my feet and sit down on the blanket.

“So…you, ah, you’re sunbathing in the nude?” dad manages.

“Oh, sorry, is this to much for you? Here,” I reach for my balled up clothes.

“No-no, it’s fine, you just caught me…I just wasn’t expecting… this. It’s fine though.”

I bite the inside of my cheek to hide my excitement and hope he doesn’t see even that. Grabbing the spray sunscreen from my pack, I apply a layer. I make sure to spend time lathering up all the right places and then lay back on the blanket.

“I’ll, ah, I’ll just keep an eye out for, you know…” he says gesturing off towards the woods.

I can see him at the edge of my vision adjusting himself; this is perfect. I pull on a pair of shades and relax, soaking up the rays. Dad tries to keep his focus out on the horizon but I can see that he is losing that battle. Eventually, by the whites of his eyes, I can see that he has surrendered to scanning every inch of my body. The fact that I know he his so infatuated with me makes the juices between my legs begin to flow. Fuck, should I just try it here? No, I have to practice discipline, stick to the plan. By tomorrow he’ll be wound so tight that there will be no question as to his actions… or mine.

I hold out until I can’t fight off shivering before I call it quits. I do, however, take my time getting dressed, making sure to put on just as much of a show as before. We pack up the rest of our supplies, much to my dad’s dismay, and head back home.

When we get home dad asks if I can put the picnic stuff away while he sends an email to work. When he bypasses his tablet sitting on the kitchen table I quietly rush to my room. With hyper speed I throttle our internet and return to the kitchen.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” I hear from dad’s room.

I choke the laugh off in my throat then hurry to his door.

“Dad,” I check the door to find it’s locked, “are you okay?” I ask in a rather convincing tone.

“Yes, I’m fine,” he barks out quickly.

I jiggle the handle, “Are you sure?”

The door swings open, “Yes, it’s just the damn internet is on the fritz again.”

“Oh, well, I can take a look at it,” I offer moving towards his computer.

“NO, no, it’s fine. I’m just overreacting. Let’s get started on your school lesson for the day.”

“Okay,” I chirp turning on my heel heading back out to the living space.

We finish off the night marathoning a tv show we found on Netflix. We complete our nightly routine per usual and make our way to bed. I could have sworn I heard pounding on a keyboard but it was too faint to tell. As I lay in bed, my mind is racing through all the scenarios that could play out tomorrow, focusing on the one I wanted most. I don’t know how but I eventually fall asleep.

I awaken with the anticipation of a child on Christmas morning. After a satisfying full body stretch I swing my legs over the edge of my bed and hop out. I grab my sheerest white tee, dad hates when I wear it in public because you can always see my bra. I then slip on a pair of boy shorts from VS that read PINK across the butt. I take extra time getting ready in the bathroom. I focus on applying just enough makeup to accentuate my features but being careful to not make it look like I’m trying.

When I get out to the kitchen I’m surprised not to see dad at the table reading the news and drinking a cup of coffee. I am hungry and figure dad may be as well. I decide I’ll check and see if he’s interested in some eggs and bacon for breakfast. When I approach his door I stop and listen for a second, I hear some slight rustling and assume he must be awake.

I knock as I open the door, “Morning dad, do you want some breakfast?”

“HEY,” my dad shouts as I see him grabbing his covers and pulling them up, “give me a little more warning… I’m not dressed.”

I turn and slightly close the door, “Sorry!”

Oh my god, was he just…I mean its dark in his room because of the curtains but I could have sworn I saw him gripping himself. “Ah, sorry, did you want eggs and bacon for breakfast?”

I can hear him mumbling to himself, “Yeah, sure, sounds good. I’ll be out in a minute.”

My plan is working better than I had imagined, I could only assume. I mean, it’s not like I new his masturbation schedule but I was pretty sure that he limited himself till after we went to bed. During the day with a grown kid, as a single parent, would be pretty risky I guess. Anyways, regardless, this rather serendipitous event almost insures that nothing will interfere with the rest of the day. Dad joins me at the table after I plate our breakfast and he pours himself some coffee.

“Sooo, sorry again about barging into your room,” I say over my glass of OJ.

Dad takes a sip of coffee and says, “It’s fine, I’ve just been sleeping in the a, well the nude lately, and you caught me before I could change. That’s all.”

He’s having a hard time keeping eye contact with me so I decide to push a little more, “Oh, you’re sleeping naked now, what changed?”

He takes a second to think as he spreads butter across his toast, “Well, I thought a bit about what you had said, after you asked to go topless, and found it liberating sleeping… naked, to be honest.”

I smile, “Oh yeah,” I say sitting up with my knees on my chair and reach over to grab another piece of bacon.

I catch his eyes as they are drawn to my breasts, thanks to the sheerness of my shirt he can easily see my nipples poking through and just barely make out my darker areolas.

“I like it too, I feel less constrained at night.”

Perfect, he can’t help but try and steal a glance of my breasts every chance he gets for the rest of the meal.

I head over to the couch and turn on the tv and start watching a random show. Dad remains at the table and reads his news and finishes his coffee. As I sit there digesting, I try to remain as calm as possible, which is proving difficult. I feel, especially after this mornings little shocker, I should move up my time of events.

I close my eyes, take a deep breath and exhale quietly, “Hey dad, I’ll be ready to start the day’s lesson after this show.”

“Okay, works for me.”

Alright, this is it, all or nothing. Once the show ends, which I was hardly watching, I go and grab my school stuff from my room and set it on the kitchen table.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom quick,” I say as I make my way back to my room.

I quick grab the nipple clamps out of my nightstand and scoot over to the bathroom. I pull my shirt up over my shoulders and then very carefully place it on my first nipple and then my second. I pull the shirt back down and check out my work. If you aren’t looking directly at them it’s hard to tell but if you are, it’s almost impossible to ignore that there is something amiss.

I make my way out to the kitchen, walking as steadily as I can. I’ve noticed that if I make too sudden a movement the chain that connects the nipple clamps clinks together. Dad is focused on writing equations on the small whiteboard we use. I find, after sitting down, that I have to maintain a perfect posture or risk knocking the chain on the table.

I have to use every ounce of discipline to hold my focus on the lesson. The blood has rushed to my nipples making them both hard and incredibly sensitive. Even though I made sure to tighten them only enough to stay on, after just 25 minutes I’m so sensitive that the slight movement of the fabric of my shirt from breathing is over stimulating. Coupled with the mere fact that I’m wearing nipple clamps in front of my father, my panties are becoming wetter by the minute.

My condition has not gone unnoticed. Each time dad looks at me to ask a question his eyes dart between making eye contact and my fully erect nipples poking through my shirt. Then just before the lesson ends I notice his eyebrow arches as he slightly turns his head and his eyes go wide. I am sure he just realized I’m wearing something underneath my shirt.

With the lesson over, per his usual routine, dad takes my work from the previous week over to the couch, ignites the fireplace, and begins to correct my assignments. My heart is in my throat and I feel the excitement of the anticipation wash over me like a wave. I look through my assignment for a question to ask. Found it, I go over my plan one more time in my head, steel myself, and glide over to dad.

“Hey dad, I have a question about this one,” I say as I point to my book.

He clears his lap and grabs the book for a closer look. I take the opportunity to sit on his right knee. Facing him, my clasped nipples are poking through my shirt no more than a foot or so from his face.

“You know this,” dad begins but is distracted by the view of my chest, “ah, it’s, um, it’s basically a factorial…h-here, take another look.”

I take the book back, “Oh, okay,” and rotate on his knee and lean forward.

I quickly complete the problem, it’s actually quite simple for me, and sit up swiftly. The movement swings the chain slapping it against my chest making it cling together. Out of the corner of my eye I see dad tilt his head, probably trying to confirm where the noise came from.

I spin back to face him, “Like this,” I ask handing him the notepad.

His eyes are now glued to the fast rise and fall of my chest. He tries to hide the fact by looking over and past my work but it is obvious to me where his line of sight lies.

I take the notepad back and say, “I’m going to try two more, just to make sure I’m doing it right.”

“Oh, okay,” he replies.

This time when I spin back I slide off his knee and position my butt right over his package. He jumps a little so I look back over my shoulder.

“Sorry dad, but your knee is too bony for my butt,” I say with a smile.

“Well, this a little less comfortable for me, that’s all,” he responds.

I bet it is; I can already feel his hardening member pushing into my crack.

Working out the problems, I lift my butt a little, “Here, is this better?”

“It’s fine, just concentrate on finishing the problem,” he replies promptly.

I slide back down making sure to grind into him the whole way.

He clears his throat and puts his hands on my waist to push me forward, “Honey, okay, it’s just…”

I push back harder, wiggling into him and plead, “Just one more sec, I’m almost done!”

Giving up in exasperation he stops pushing but leaves his hands on my hips. Between my pinched nipples, his hands grasping my hips, and his boner pushing into me, I’m wetter than I think I’ve ever been before!

I sit up and hand the notepad over my shoulder, “Here, how does this look?”

Dad takes the pad, “Can you give me some space to look it over.”

“Sure,” I say and I slip down to the floor, kneeling back on to my heels.

I pull my shoulders back, pushing out my breasts and the stimulation of my nipples betray me, I bite my tongue trying to prevent it and let out a little moan.

He immediately drops the notepad and simultaneously furrows his brows, “What are you do—” he cuts short as his eyes lock onto my chest.

I peek down and I see that my nipples are easily visible through my shirt but what is even more obvious is the outline of the clamps and part of the chain.

“Wha—are those what I…” he stutters.

With my head still tilted down, I look up at him with my eyes, smile, and bite my lip. I reach down to the waist of my shirt and sexily peel it up over my head arching my back.

Dad lets out a breathy, “Oh Jesus,” as I drop the shirt behind me.

I then begin to slowly climb up his body. First I grab each knee to lift myself off the floor, then I grab handful after handful of his shirt pulling me up. He seems to be completely frozen, unable to react, other than leaning back into the couch. Keeping eye contact the whole time, I then plant my knees on either side of him until we’re almost face to face. I grab his hands, which have fallen by his sides, and place them so that each is gripping an ass cheek.

“I--I-I shouldn’t…” he tries to protest.

“Sh-sh-shhh,” I hush as I shake my head. “I know you think you shouldn’t because of some moral reason or social pressure but I know you want to,” I begin.

Remember when you carried me to bed and went to take of my pants to realize I wasn’t wearing panties? Or, how about the time you I stripped down nude on the hill and you threw me over your shoulder and spanked me? Or,” I pause for dramatic effect, “how about after your birthday when you-Sucked. On. My. Nipples?!”

He was speechless, the lips were moving but nothing was coming out.

“Daddy, it’s okay,” I said as I took his face in my hands, “I wanted it then and I want this now.”

I then drew my lips to his and kissed him. If he hesitated it was only for a fraction of a second, squeezing my ass in his big hands he simultaneously returns my kiss, passionately. He alternates between kissing my upper lip and then my lower.

Abruptly he grabs my shoulders and pulls me away, our lips making a loud smacking noise as they separate.

“NO, no, we can’t do this—I can’t do this… to you,” he tries in the most convincing tone he can muster.

“Daddyyy,” I plea, frowning as tears begin to well up in my eyes.

I’m emotionally confused, I went from afraid, excited, then elated, to disheartened, all with in the matter of the past minute or so.

“I want this. I’m saying it’s okay,” I implore.

Watching his eyes, I could tell that he was having the internal debate of his life. “Sweetie, you’re barely mature enough to understand the implications of what you’re saying.”

My eyes sharpen and I reply sternly, “No, not barely. I do understand. Yes, you’ve always been there for me. You’ve given it your best, I’m not saying you haven’t. But the reality is that I had to half raise myself growing up.”

Dad’s face shifted from concerned to shocked.

“Like it or not, this forced me to mature a whole lot quicker than the rest of the girls my age and I think I more than proved that over the past year.” I soften my voice to an intimate tone and lean in next to his ear, “So when I say I want this, I mean I need this, because… because, I love you.”

I feel his iron grip tense and then soften and then his nose tickles the nape of my neck as he draws in my sweet scent. He releases my right arm and brings his hand to my cheek and kisses my neck just below the ear.

“Mmm,” I moan, there was just something that I absolutely loved about receiving a kiss there.

I mean, I’m sitting and it makes my knees feel weak. Dad continues to plant kisses all the way down my neck to my clavicle. I lift my hands back up and run my fingers through his hair, turn my head, aligning my lips with his, and begin to re-explore his mouth. Our hands trace up and down each others arms eventually slipping around either of our bodies, grabbing and tugging one another whenever our tongues slip past each others lips.

It requires all of my strength but I rip my self away from his hold and bring my finger up to his soft, warm lips, “Daddy,” I look down pouting, “my nipples are really starting to hurt.”

They have gone to a dark purple and actually are starting to sting.

“Oh honey, how long have these been on? Here,” he said gently taking a clip into his fingers, “let me help.”

I hiss in pain, “Ooo, be careful, they’re really tender.”

He then proceeded to steadily loosen and, ever so warily, remove both clamps. My nipple really stuck to the second one causing me to whimper in pain, in return evoking the biggest puppy dog eyes I’ve ever seen my dad give, he asks “Are you okay? Here, let me—”

Before I knew it he enveloped my stinging nipple into the warm embrace of his mouth. At first it was too much but then he just let it rest, no sucking or flicking, just resting. For a loss of words I return his act of kindness by simply hugging my arms around his head.

He then started to pull away and I loosened my grip. To which he starts giving me little pecks around my boob, circling my areola, and then crossing the valley to my other nipple and giving it the same treatment as the other. In that moment, him showing me that act of kindness, I fell truly in love with him.

I mean, I have always loved him, even more so than when I was just a kid. I loved him because, first, he was the adult who took care of me. Then I learned to love him as my dad. Finally, when I was old enough, I loved him so much I wanted to take care of him. But this, this was different. In my most vulnerable state, when I knew like any man, his body was telling him to use me for his pleasure, he showed me that he loved me so much, that he placed my needs before his own. I love this man.

I was so happy I could cry, so I had to do something to keep in control. I enjoyed one last second of warmth and then grabbed two handfuls of dad’s hair and pulled him away.

“Now it’s my turn,” I say as I climb off his lap, down to the ground back onto my knees.

I then reach out with both my hands and undo his belt and unbutton his pants, I grip either side of his pant waist and begin to pull. He lifts his butt allowing his pants to slide underneath him. As I continue to pull his pants off of him his now rock hard staff springs up almost hitting me in the face.

I pause in awe, part in due to its size and it being my first! It’s not like I’m experienced in penis sizes but compared to Romeo and the dicks I’ve seen in porn, proportionately speaking, it was larger than average. Dad is wearing half a grin and I realize my mouth is hanging open.

“Are you sure you…?”

“Ah, yes, sorry, it’s just this is my first time seeing a co—a penis in real life.”

“Well, I don’t know if I should be relieved or concerned.”

I smirk at him, “You have nothing to worry about.”

I pull his pants down to his ankles and I kneel up so as to position myself for closer inspection. I’m thankful for the thick rug as I begin to lean forward, resting a hand on either of his thighs. Seeing a cock in real life is far different then what I’ve seen online. I begin to reach out to grab him, pausing for a moment to look up at him. Dad is so intently watching my hand he barely notices. He sharply inhales as I grasp him, wrapping my fingers around his man meat.

“Are you alright?! Did I—,”

“Yes, you’re fine. It’s just been a while since someone else has done that,” he smiles back.

My fingers tips are just barely able to wrap around him and touch my thumb. Manipulating him like a joystick I inspect it from all angles. I actually think it’s a really nice looking penis. The skin is smooth, there isn’t too much hair, there’s a big fat vein running down the middle and my favorite part is that he’s circumcised. It wouldn’t have been the end of the world and maybe I wouldn’t have cared but I like the look of the prominent helmet sitting atop his shaft. I point his dick up and bring my other hand down and grab hold of his balls, giving them a little tug.

“Ahh, for heaven’s sake,” he exclaims.

With a gapping smile I ask, “You like that?”

“Yes, ohhh yes.”

“Good,” I reply, “then you’ll love this.”

I point his pink helmet towards my mouth and take him in one fluid motion.

“Oh god, sweetie,” he rasps.

The sensation is interesting, it feels warm and hard but soft, sort of spongy I guess. I push farther down, feeling his head slide towards the back of my throat and his shaft pressing along my tongue. I try my best not to graze him with my teeth, I’ve read enough to know that’s bad. Now that the head of his penis is resting against the back of my throat, I just hold it there. I enjoy the sensation of this warm piece of man meat sitting in my mouth. After a number of seconds, I start to pull back to his tip. I trace the ridges of his head and feel where it transitions to the soft skin of his shaft. Then I slip my tongue underneath the crown and up his slit.

“Oh god yes,” he utters, “where did you learn that?”

I shrug my shoulders and pop his penis out of my mouth, “I read a lot.”

I then suck my dad’s cock back into my mouth and begin to bob my head up and down. From the sound of his groans I can tell he’s enjoying the head I’m giving him. As I continue to bob my head I ensure to keep up suction, especially near his head. I also start to play with his balls in my other hand like a pair of baoding meditation balls. Trying to concentrate on all the moving parts proves to be a little difficult, so I just focus on sucking and licking his crown.

I had gotten so caught up in giving my first blowjob I didn’t realize how incredibly wet I had become. In fact, if I didn’t know better I would say giving head was only adding to the mess in my panties.

Then I heard dad, “Honey…sweetie,” his two big hands covering my ears pulled me off his dick, “that feels amazing but I’ve been dying to see something for a couple days now… here, stand up.”

Releasing his cock and balls I stand up, “What?” I ask.

Setting his hands on my waist he spins me around so that my butt is in his face. He hooks his fingers in my panties and pulls them down, letting them drop to the floor.

“Wow you look great from behind,” he remarks and kisses each of my ass cheeks.

Then he spins me around, pulls me forward, and plants his face in my pubes taking in a deep breath, “And you smell wonderful.”

My face flushes red and I go to lean forward only to be stopped. “No, first I have to have a taste,” he says just before I feel his warm, wet, soft tongue wash over my lips and clit.

“Holy fucking shhh…” I can’t manage the last syllable because all I feel is pure pleasure shooting from my clit to every corner of my body.

I grab hold of his head with one arm while gripping his shoulder with the other for support. I then realize in the midst of dad’s aggressive lapping at my pussy I’ve lifted one of my legs up over his other shoulder and am holding on for dear life. With dad’s help, him holding my leg over his shoulder and the other hand firmly supporting my opposite hip, I begin to buck against his face.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh god, ohhhh,” I breath out with each lap of his tongue.

I can feel an orgasm bubbling up inside me, which I am sure my dad is sensing. Then he latches on to my clit, swirling around my pink bean and as I begin to shake he lashes his tongue back and forth.

“FFFUUUCCCKKK!” I scream out in complete and utter ecstasy.

I collapse forward, neither of us being able to support me any longer. I squeeze him between my thighs, humping his abdomen, and wrap my arms around him in a bear hug. I then push back and embrace him in a deep passionate kiss. I don’t care that my juices are all over his face, I just want to show him my love.

I slide down to his lap and his rock hard shaft comes to rest between my butt cheeks. I lay against his chest for a couple of minutes, basking in the heat coming off both our bodies. Placing both of my hands on his pecs I push myself back, locking eyes with him.

Dad starts, “Are you…”

I bring a hand up placing a finger on his lips and nod my head, knowing he’s only concerned with my well being. Then without breaking eye contact I reach back with my other hand and grab hold of his softening shaft. Slowly I begin to stroke it, focusing on the head, and keeping eye contact. As I feel him starting to stiffen I press him up against my ass, wiggle it, and bite my lip, his eyes go wide.

Finally he is fully erect, so I sit up and drag his penis across my puffy lips and position him at my entrance. His hands, which are now resting on my hips, squeeze me as he feels the heat emanating from my love canal. I move him back and forth, dipping him in and out, covering him in my juices. With his knob fully lubricated I stare deeply into his gaze as I sink down on to his hot, rock hard cock.

“Ughhh, I love you so much,” he chokes out.

I, however, am completely lost in the plethora of new sensations I’m experiencing as my dad’s penis penetrates deep into me. First, it feels hot, not warm but hot as it enters me. Then there is this pressure pushing in all directions as I feel his much larger diameter tool spread me apart. With that there is also, this pulling or rubbing sensation on my labia that adds to the stimulus. Finally I come to rest at the base of his staff.

Gripping on to both of his shoulders and with my knees planted on either side of him, I feel completely spread apart. Dad then brings his hand up and lifts my chin, raising my lips to his. He gently peppers me with kisses, slowly teasing my upper lip than lower until I’m rapaciously anticipating his next move. I slide my hands up his shoulders till I am clasping his neck for leverage. His hand that was holding my chin seizes my jaw, almost wrapping his fingers around my neck.

“Hold on, are you okay,” he gestures to where we are now joined, “are you in any pain?”

I shake my head, “No, it was a little tight at first but now it feels like… like I’ve molded around you.”

Slightly, he turns his head, “But…”

I guess at what he’s inferring, “Oh, I lost my hymen already but I’m still—well, was a virgin until a few moments ago,” I simper.

He scans my face, as if trying to determine whether I’m being truthful, then validates my testimony with a smile and a kiss.
“Okay, well regardless, we’re going to do this right,” dad says as he proceeds to step out of his pants.

He then takes hold of my butt and tells me to, “Hold on.”

I give him a confused look and he rocks forward. I feel this uneasy sensation as he leans forward to stand up causing me to latch my legs around his waist and squeeze tight around his neck. I didn’t think he could get any deeper but after he became upright, it felt as though I settled another inch onto his dick. Dad then proceeded to walk the both of us over to his room. I couldn’t believe the ease at which he was able to move us, especially when he leaned to the side to rip the covers off. Then when he lowered us down on to his bed I felt his muscles rippling across his body which made me feel both safe and turned on.

As I settle on to my back and dad’s weight started to shift on to me I was worried about being crushed but I quickly found it quite pleasant and comforting.

“Are you okay,” dad asks probably reading my facial expression.

“Yes,” I nod, “this feels good.”

I unhook my feet and let my legs fall to the side. I discover that I prefer to leave them sort of suspend up in the air. Then I feel dad start to pull out and then thrust back in.

“Ohhh,” I groan as I feel his cock slide into me.

The sensation is actually a bit different than when I was just sitting on him. He then continues with a slow tempo of sliding in and out. I find each thrust very satisfying as I feel him filling me up, also the friction between us is actually stimulating my clit. I grab a hold of the back of his head and pull him down to me, joining our lips in a deeply passionate kiss. He then wraps his arms behind me taking hold of my neck and waist, holding me steady. His tempo then begins to increase gradually. My mind is racing trying to comprehend all of the sensations. I can feel the crown of his penis pumping in and out of me, his veins tickling the inside of my vaginal walls, and his pelvis grinding into my clit.

“Oh my god…this…feels…so…amazing,” I manage in between thrusts.

Dad just flashes me a knowing smile and kisses me back slipping his tongue into my mouth. He drags his loose hand up my body, tracing my curves with his fingertips from my knee, up my leg, past my hips, and taking my boob in his big strong hand. This elicits a deep moan from within me that is muffled by my lover’s lips. My expression of pleasure causes dad to change his thrusts from quick and shallow to these longer and deeper plunges. My breath is almost taken away from the intense visceral pleasure caused by our love making.

“OH—OH—OH,” I grunt each time I feel his long, thick shaft bottom into me.

Then I feel it. This orb of what feels like pure energy growing in the depths of my sex. Building with intensity with each thrust; each time I’m spread apart to accommodate him. I sense the entire surface of my skin become incredibly sensitive to touch. Everything is magnified, the hot breath on my neck, his hairs tickling my chest, and my clit being mashed between us.

“Oh god, oh god, OH GOD,” I chant with each thrust.

I can feel the pressure and heat melting over.

“I’m going to—,” I choke out as I feel it start to erupt. “Daddy-DADDY-DADDYYYYYY!!!”

My orgasm explodes in a mass of sensations; the amount of pure release is enough to steal my breath away. Every one of my muscles tenses and contracts causing my legs to straighten onto the bed and my toes to curl. Simultaneously I feel my pussy clamp down around my dads cock as he continues to thrust. This proves to be too much causing him to pull away from me.

The vast sense of emptiness causes me to call out, “Nooo,” as I feel him tense and shake on top of me.

I’m almost concerned with his convulsing and then it stops.

“I’m sorry honey, I’m sorry baby girl but I couldn’t cum in you,” he apologizes.

I had been so caught up in the moment that the thought never crossed my mind. Simply put I was only concerned with the intense amount of pleasure I had been experiencing and nothing else.

“Of course, right, cause I could get… right,” I gasp between breaths.

Dad rolls over, leaving me feeling even more empty, and grabs a couple tissues. The absence of his body heat reflects how I am feeling emotionally I realize. I just want him back in bed with me, holding me, comforting me.

After he finishes wiping up his mess he says, “I need some water.”

As he steps out of the room it almost becomes too much.

Once I hear him fill the glass with water I call out, “Dad, please come back to bed.”

He returns from the bathroom, “I’m right here, what’s wrong.”

I’m blunt, “I need you to hold me.”

“Oh, of course honey,” he sings empathetically as he sets the glass on the nightstand and climbs into bed.

Even in light of our cardio session I’m still a bit chilly, so when he settles into bed I snuggle up against him laying my head on his chest and hook one of my legs over his. I reach across his broad chest with my free arm and hug him tight and then relax as he pulls the sheet over us.

“There, is that better?” he asks.

“Yes, thank you.”

I snake my other arm up in between us and rest my hand on my rib cage. Dad takes the opportunity to grab hold of it interlocking his fingers with mine. That’s it, I feel complete.

“I love you, daddy.”

“I love you too sweetheart.”

I can hear his smile in his voice. I drift off to sleep playing through how perfectly everything went this afternoon. Just before I slip into unconsciousness I realize there is just one more thing I need to be completely satisfied.

I awake after nightfall and sneak out of bed. I scurry across the cold floor to the toilet and plop down just as I spray a steady stream. Oooo, that felt good, I’m a bit sore but nothing major. I’m still a little dozy but then I remember what I was thinking about just before I fell asleep. I wipe, wash my hands, and return to bed. As I crawl back into bed dad stirs.

“What time is it?”

I check the nightstand clock, “A little after five.”

I snuggle up against him.

“How are you feeling,” he asks in a semi-normal tone.

“I feel fine,” I respond, “a little sore but nothing to be concerned over.”

He inhales quickly and then holds his breath contemplating his next words, “How about, well… emotionally, are you regretting your decision.”

I peer up at him and answer confidently, “No, not at all.”

Pushing myself up I straddle him and turn on the bedside lamp.

“Why, are you regretting what we did?” I ask slightly concerned.

He sees that I’m a little hurt by his question and sits up pulling his legs in and crossing them under me, I in return wrap my legs around him.

He takes my head in his hands and looks me directly in the eyes, “I do not regret a single second. In fact, I’ve been struggling with my feelings for months now.”

My heart skips, “Really?”

“Yes, ever since we packed up and moved out here I’ve come to realize how mature you are. And recently you’ve shown me, whether I wanted to or not, how beautiful you are.”

He tucks a tendril of my hair that had fallen in my eyes behind my ear.

“When you took charge today and declared you wanted this, it was like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders,” he confesses.

Blinking repeatedly, he looks up for a second, fighting back his emotions.

Then he looks me back in the eyes and in a reassured tone says, “I love you. More than a father loves a daughter. In fact, I love you more than any woman I’ve loved before.”

I am a mix of emotions, relieved, flattered, and excited, all I can manage is, “Even more than…” I fall short.

Confidently he replies, “Yes, even more than her.”

We don’t have to say her name; we both know who she is. With this revelation dad, still holding my head in his large hands brings his lips to mine. We engage in a sensual embrace, lovingly and tenderly kissing each other, uttering muffled “I love you’s” when ever the seal of our lips is broken.


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Wonderful story


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Wow, really enjoyed the build up great story thanks loved it.


2017-11-13 19:28:04
Wow, really enjoyed the build up great story thanks loved it.


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Really nice story .Being a senior man and father of four, I appreciate and identify with incest sex. I too gave my young daughter her first real sexual experience. Fortunately, I had a vasectomy years ago so was able to complete the act by ejaculating inside her. The same pulsing cock that made her now was pumping her full of hot cum. It was a wonderful experience for both. Please continue the story and allow her to feel her fathers sperm spreading warmly thru her pussy.

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