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John's lifelong quest to find the girl of his dreams takes some very unexpected twists and turns along the way.
* * * * *


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The author holds exclusive rights to this work.

Author's Note:

This novel deals with extremely taboo situations and events in a very graphic, no-holds-barred manner. It covers a myriad of taboo sexual categories, ranging from "incest" to "rape," and beyond. If taboo thoughts, ideas and fantasies are not your sexual "cup of tea," then by all means, please feel free to bypass this story entirely. Consider yourself warned.

The storyline of this novel occasionally jumps around in time--either forward, or backward--from one chapter to the next. So those of you who do decide to continue onward to actually read this whole story through to the very end will need to pay close attention to the year date at the beginning of each chapter.

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An Adult Erotic Twisted Tale About Taboo Relationships

by rat_race

* * * * *


1997: The John

* * * * *

There's just something very special and exciting about doing a thing for the first time ever. Especially when that "thing" is a brand new vagina that one's erect penis is on the verge of penetrating.

At least, that was the essence of the main thought that was preoccupying Johnathan Ridgeway's mind, while he was rubbing the head of his erect dick along the crack of her moist pussy.

John had already screwed more chicks in his 46 years on the face of this earth than he could count on all of his fingers and toes combined. But this woman, who was about to become the next "notch" on John's "gun," was truly different from all the others. He sensed that there was something very special about her. But he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

And John knew this from the very moment that their eyes had first locked together.

She had walked into Fred's bar earlier that same evening, and had sat down on the bar stool at the bar, right beside John.

There was really nothing spectacular about the way that this 27-year-old lady looked, or dressed. She was wearing a loose-fitting beige sweater, faded blue jeans and some dark-brown cowboy boots, with her jeans tucked neatly inside them.

Her shoulder-length, brunette hair was perfectly-parted right down the middle to form thick ponytails that were hanging down on each side of her head. Her twin ponytails were way too long and thick to be called pigtails, even though that's what they technically were. And she had each ponytail tied up with a narrow piece of royal blue ribbon, done up in almost-identical bows hanging over the top of each ear.

She had a rather plain-looking unremarkable face, accented with only the minutest touch of makeup, which did help to make her face look a little bit more attractive than it really was.

And she had a slender, boyish-looking body that no guy in his right mind would ever describe as being "built like a brick shit-house."

But then John wasn't exactly a "Mel Gibson" either. He was already at least 35 pounds overweight, with most of that excess fat being deposited around his stomach and waist, in the classic "tire-tube pattern" that middle-aged wives are all too familiar with.

He had thick brown hair, which was about the only thing that he had in common with the lady just described in the previous paragraphs. And John was already going prematurely bald. But he had enough hair covering the rest of his body to more than make up for the noticeable lack-of-hair on the very top of his head.

He wore brown horn-rimmed glasses, was a high-end computer analyst by profession, and most of the women who knew him considered him to be a nerdy type of guy. Definitely not the type of guy that a woman would normally get the hots for.

But since John had money, and all of the exorbitant trappings to go along with it, he also had been blessed with the good fortune of being able to bed almost all of the women that he had ever actively tried to pick up. There are a lot of gold-diggers in this world, and John knew it. And he also didn't give a damn. Because the only thing he ever really wanted from any of those women that he picked up, was the use of their female genitals for a night or two.

Of course, he wasn't stupid enough to let them know that fact in advance. Instead, John would always wait until he had first gotten what he had wanted, before he would finally "spill the beans," and let the woman know that she didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of establishing any kind of on-going relationship with him, or with his money.

But tonight, John wasn't feeling particularly horny. And so he wasn't trying to pick up any women, although there were a few of them sitting at various locations throughout the small tavern.

Instead, John was lost in his own thoughts and staring into the mirror behind the bar, when the sweater-and-boot-clad, girlish-looking woman approached him.

The moment that she sat down beside him, she enthusiastically announced, "Hi, my name's Lisa Chadwick. What's yours?"

Oh God, she sounds just like a Talking Barbie doll, John thought to himself. And a Talking Barbie doll was the last thing that John needed right now. Without even looking at her, he dryly replied, "John," and he automatically took another sip of his Colorado Bulldog.

He was still lost in his own daydreams and unconsciously shaking his head, when she said, "I'm sorry. I really don't know how to go about doing this kind of thing any more. I guess I'll just go sit at a table or something."

"No no, that's okay," he said, still half-way locked into his daydream state. "It's a free country. Go ahead and have a seat."

"Are you sure about that?"

John finally glanced over at her for a moment. "Look, lady, I don't bite. At least, not very hard. But I am guilty of howling at the moon from time to time. I guess it's just a trait that comes from being a Ridgeway."

This was John's poor attempt at humor. He usually wasn't a very funny kind of guy. People tended to laugh at him much more often than they tended to laugh with him. So he immediately turned back towards his sickly-sweet drink, and tried to mentally transport himself back into the same daydream.

"Being a what?" she asked.

"A Ridgeway," John snapped back at her. "'Ridgeway' is my family name."

Lisa plopped herself down onto the circular hardwood bar stool beside him, and she made a concerted effort to tone down some of her enthusiasm.

"Well, John, would you like to provide some company for a lonely lady?" she quietly said to him. "I just need to talk to someone. That's all. You don't even have to say anything, if you don't want to. I just need someone to listen to me for a little while. I'm sick of sitting at home and talking to four walls."

John finally turned to look at Lisa, as she was pouring her heart out to him. My God! Her eyes are beautiful, he thought to himself as he was staring deep into them.

Lisa had large, powder blue irises encircling her jet-black pupils. And her "bedroom eyes" were truly the only remarkable part of her otherwise plain-looking face. Despite John's constant stare, she smiled warmly at him, and he instantly knew that she was a very special woman.

John went out of his way to assist Lisa in ordering a Tom Collins from the bartender. And then Lisa and John both sat there at the bar and chit-chatted. They talked about lots of different things, none of which had anything to do with the subject of "sex." And an hour or so later, John felt like he had known this young woman for many years. This seemed odd to John, when he considered the large age-difference that existed between the two of them.

It was at about this point in their conversation, that Lisa took a sip of her second Tom Collins, and decided that it was finally time for her to make "the move."

"You know," she said in a subdued voice, while staring into the top of the half-empty, tall slender glass directly in front of her, "I haven't been kissed by a man for an awfully long time."

She slowly looked back up at John, and he could tell that her eyes were getting watery.

"Would you kiss me, John?" she politely asked, "I mean, really kiss me. So that I can remember what it's like to be with a man?"

John was floored. He didn't know what to say. He felt like a fool, as he just sat there, lost in those gorgeous, melancholy eyes of hers.

She quickly turned back towards her drink, bowed her head and closed her eyes. John saw a single tear stream down the side of her cheek.

"I mean...that's okay," she said to him. "You really don't have to kiss me, if you don't want to." She slowly turned her head towards him, but kept her eyes averted, as she added, "But I'd sure be grateful if you would." And only then, did she look back up into his eyes.

John leaned across, and started to politely kiss Lisa on the lips, when her mouth suddenly opened up wide. And her wiggly tongue came out, searching for his. She passionately rubbed the palms of her hands against his chest, and then quickly moved one of her hands down into his lap. And she grabbed hold of the bulge in his crotch and started massaging it.

John was both flattered and embarrassed when he finally backed off from the kiss. "Whoa there, little lady!" he exclaimed, "You're really something else!"

"Thank you," she smartly replied, and then leaned over very close to him to sexily whisper in his ear, "I think you're cute as a teddy bear. I'd love to take you home with me tonight, so I can snuggle up with you...and fuck...your...brains...out!"

She backed off, and looked at him for a moment to gauge his reaction, before she abruptly turned her attention towards the mirror at the back of the bar.

"Of course, you can just stay here at the bar, if that's what you really want," she quickly said, with the words spewing out of her mouth like water gushing out of a wide-open spigot. Her pace didn't let up, as she added, "And I'll understand. Believe me, I will. In the past, I've said 'no' to a lot of guys myself and--"

Lisa's faucet-mouth came to a jarring halt, when she felt John's warm, fleshy hand reach over and gently engulf hers. She looked back up at him, and didn't say a word for a few seconds.

"But I'd really appreciate it," she very slowly stated, in the calmest voice she could muster, "if you would let me take you home with me tonight. I promise you, I don't bite. At least, not very hard. And I don't mind at all if you howl at the moon. I guess I'll just have to howl right along with you."

What could John really say to a proposal like that? Absolutely nothing, of course.

But he definitely felt like he was robbing the cradle, as he stood up, pulled out his wallet, dropped a fifty on the bar, thanked the bartender, and proudly put his arm around this lovely lady's shoulder. They left the bar together, behaving like a newlywed couple on the first night of their honeymoon.

Twenty minutes--and a lot of kisses--later, they arrived at her place. Lisa lived in a modest-but-well-kept, single-bedroom apartment. As soon as they stepped through the front door, John closed it behind him, locked the door and turned back around.

Lisa instantly ambushed him, as she passionately French-kissed him for what seemed like the hundredth time. But this time, her hands were busy unbuckling his belt and pulling the zipper down at the front of his pants.

John expected her to grab hold of his dick and fondle it, like she had done at Fred's bar, right in front of all the other customers.

But instead, Lisa backed away from him, quickly pulled her sweater off up over her head, undid her bra, and dropped those pieces of clothing down on the carpet, right at John's feet. Then she darted off--with her body now naked from the waist up--and made a beeline for her bedroom.

John just stood by the front entrance for a moment, in total disbelief. Every time that he thought he had this young woman figured out, she would end up doing something else that totally caught him off-guard and surprised him.

He thought to himself, This lady's like a birthday or Christmas present that you unwrap and open up, only to discover another wrapped box inside of the box that you just opened.

John was lost in this thought when an Eva Gabor-sounding voice, with its overly-thick Hungarian-style accent, playfully called out from the bedroom, "Vell, come on, you bik tettybeya. Vaht ahh you vaiting fawh, dahlink? An ad in duh newspaypah?"

* * * * *


1988: The Family

* * * * *

Once upon a time, there was a papa bear, a mama bear and a baby bear--all living in the same house with Goldilocks.

Well eventually, Mama Bear got so disgusted with Papa Bear's excessive drinking, that she tried to punish him by denying him his husbandly porridge. But Mama Bear had badly underestimated Papa Bear. He refused to be denied that which he felt was rightfully his.

So Papa Bear decided that he would get even with that ol' Mama Bear. Late one night, he went to Baby Bear's small bedroom, while she was sound asleep in her little bed, and he vowed to himself under his breath, "I'm gonna eat your porridge, you little baby bear bitch!"

* * * * *

Lisa Chadwick's whole life had seemed to her like it was some weird, distorted fairy tale.

In this particular fractured fairy tale, Lisa was the baby bear. But it might be more appropriate to call her the "bare baby," because she preferred to sleep in the nude. And even when she didn't, the most clothing that she would ever wear to bed was a pair of panties. Even on the coldest of nights, she relied on her blankets and quilts to keep her nice and toasty.

Lisa really wasn't a baby either--at least not in the true sense of the word. She was an 18-year-old girl, with the intellect of a 21-year-old, and the sexual knowledge of a 10-year-old. With this combination of traits, Lisa was also a walking-disaster waiting to happen.

But right now, Lisa wasn't walking. It was a Sunday night--February 14th, 1988, to be exact--and she was sound asleep in her own bedroom, tucked safely under the covers of her own cozy twin size bed, and having one of those erotic dreams that had been plaguing her ever since she had reached puberty.

Her erotic dreams always involved her playing the role of the young princess, who was rescued from her evil stepfather, the king, by some handsome young prince. Of course, the role of "the prince" was played by whichever boy at school that Lisa happened to have a crush on at the time.

But even though "the prince" was always someone different, the ending to the dream would always turn out the same. The young prince would whisk Lisa away from her horrible existence, and they would end up passionately making love in the late evening on a secluded stretch of beach, with a full moon shining down on the white tops of the ocean waves, as they relentlessly crash and splash up against the rocky coastline.

In her erotic dreams, Lisa also always envisioned herself as having long straight reddish-gold hair, and the hourglass-shaped body of a fully-grown, voluptuous woman.

This was a far cry from the gangly, narrow-hipped, budding-breasted, almost-boyish body that Lisa woke up to in the mirror every morning. And she would have been extremely disappointed--and very upset indeed--if she could have looked into a crystal ball, and seen that, three years from now, her fully-grown woman's body wouldn't look that much different from the 18-year-old body that she now inhabited.

Many times, Lisa had woken up from one of these erotic dreams to discover that her hand was already stuck in her crotch, with her fingers in auto-pilot mode, as they were deftly stroking away at her already-moist and blood-engorged vulva. Of course, once she was awake, she would simply continue to masturbate, until she had finally orgasmed enough that she felt satisfied, and could go back to sleep.

Lisa didn't know that the sexual act she was performing in her bed late at nights was called "masturbation." She thought that is was called "playing with yourself," because in her past, when she was a young child, whenever her mother had caught her doing it in front of someone else, she would always tell Lisa not to play with herself. But Lisa didn't have any qualms about doing it in private, because her mother had told her that it was okay for her to do that.

So Lisa would wake up from an erotic dream, and happily stroke herself from one orgasm to the next, without ever realizing what an "orgasm" was. Lisa only knew that whenever she "played with herself," it gave her these incredibly wonderful--and uniquely pleasurable--sensations that she would always look forward to experiencing, over and over again.

And just like other normal healthy girls her age, Lisa absolutely loved to stick her fingers up into her own vagina, whenever she was masturbating. She thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of having at least two of her held-together fingers inserted up into her vagina, as she was instinctively stimulating her G-spot with her fingertips.

Whenever Lisa was playing with herself like that, she would always automatically tend to keep her eyes closed, while she vividly fantasized about what it would be like for her to actually have sex with a guy in real life.

At her mother's insistence, Lisa was home-schooled. This meant that she never got to take the standard sex education classes offered by the public school system where she lived. And that was the main reason why she was so naive about anything having to do with "the birds and the bees."

Instead, Lisa had gotten almost all the information that she knew about the subjects of "sex" and "lovemaking" from her best friend, Sharon, who was also 18 years old. Of course, this wasn't exactly the ideal way for a girl her age to get that kind of information. In certain aspects, it was like the blind leading the blind. Nevertheless, what Lisa found herself fantasizing about a lot lately, was a thing called "fucking."

She and her best friend, Sharon, had gone to the local zoo together last month, and they had witnessed two lions copulating. The female had crouched down on her stomach, and the male lion had approached her from behind, and was looming over her, as he repeatedly bit at the back of her neck.

Lisa had said, "Oh look, Sharon, those two lions are fighting each other."

And Sharon had replied, "They're not fighting, Lisa. They're fucking." Sharon had seen the confused look on Lisa's face, and she added, "Oh, come on, you know...they're making baby lions."

"But look at him biting that poor lioness on the neck. She doesn't seem very pleased about what's going on. Are you sure they're not fighting?"

"Believe me, Lisa, I'm positive that those two lions are fucking right now. Look at their back-ends. She's got her tail pulled over to one side. And see how the male lion's got his wiener stuck into her pussy?"

"Yeah, but what's he doing to her?"

"I already told you, silly. He's getting her pregnant, so she can have babies. All mammals fuck."

"Do people fuck too?"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes," Lisa answered, and then added, "Well, do they?"

"You bet they do! And they do it a lot, too!"


"'Cuz they're mammals, and it feels good to do it. That's why. Haven't you ever stuck your fingers into that big hole at the very rear of your pussy?"

Lisa didn't respond. She just stood there with her mouth open, staring blankly at Sharon. So Sharon quickly lowered her right hand down in front of her pelvis, and pointed her extended index finger at her own crotch as she strongly whispered to Lisa, "You do know that it's called a 'pussy,' right?"

"Yeah," Lisa finally admitted, feeling pretty embarrassed.

"Well, doesn't it feel really good to you, when you stick your fingers up into your hole?"

"Yeah," Lisa quietly said, nodding her head as she was starting to blush.

"Well, okay then. I rest my case. Doesn't it make sense that having a guy's wiener inside that 'special hole' of yours would feel good to you, just like your own fingers do?"

Lisa nodded in agreement.

"In fact," Sharon continued on, "a guy's dick should feel even better to you, because that's exactly what that 'special hole' of yours was meant for."

"I thought it was meant for a baby to come out of, when a woman gives birth."

"It is. But the lady's got to get pregnant first. And the only natural way she can do that, is by letting a guy stick his dick in that 'special hole' down between her legs, so that he can fuck her. Of course, the guy's gotta get a hard-on first. You do know what a hard-on is, don't you?"

Lisa slowly shook her head, with a puzzled look on her face.

And so Sharon began describing for Lisa exactly what a hard-on was. During Sharon's deion, Lisa realized that she already did know what a hard-on was. She just didn't know that the word "hard-on" meant the exact same thing as the word "boner," which was the slang term that Lisa was very familiar with.

Lisa had actually seen a "boner" in person, just a couple of weeks before. It happened when she had accidentally walked in on her stepfather, who was in the bathroom, taking his morning pee.

The bathroom door wasn't completely shut, and Lisa had simply assumed that no one was using the bathroom, even though the bathroom light was on. Besides that, she needed to urinate very badly.

So she grabbed the doorknob and threw open the bathroom door. And she was already inside the bathroom by the time she realized that her stepfather was standing in front of the toilet in a very strange, leaned-over position--with his legs spread unusually far apart--as he was struggling to urinate from his fully-erect penis. Of course, the erect state of his penis was something that he had simply woken up to, just like healthy men do in the mornings.

Naturally, Lisa's stepdad turned his face towards her, to see who had barged in on him. But then, he calmly turned his head back around, and continued to "do his thing" at the toilet.

Lisa just stopped dead cold, and stood there in shock for a moment, with her eyes locked on her stepfather's erect, pissing penis.

"If you're gonna watch me," her stepdad said, without looking at her, "you ought to at least come over here closer, so you can get a better look at my boner. Remember...there aren't any secrets in this family."

Lisa quickly apologized and dashed out of the bathroom, pulling the bathroom door closed behind her--but not before she had already seen much more than she had needed to see. And for the rest of that day, Lisa just couldn't get the word "boner" out of her head.

So during her trip to the zoo last month, Lisa already knew what a hard-on was. But thanks to Sharon, Lisa now knew what a hard-on was supposed to be used for.

And when Lisa got home from the zoo that evening, she went to her bedroom to be by herself, and she thought about various things. She thought about the two lions "doing it" at the zoo, right in front of her and Sharon. She thought about what Sharon had told her about "fucking." She thought about the time that she saw her stepfather's boner--his "hard-on." And then she thought about what her stepfather had said to her in the bathroom that day. Especially the part about there being no secrets in their family.

This statement by her stepfather had run totally contrary to Lisa's real-life experience. In fact, she wondered why he had even said that to her, because he had to have known that it was just another lie.

Lisa had grown up lying so much, that she found herself starting to believe some of her own lies. From as early as she could remember, her mother had insisted that Lisa lie to all the other kids around, and pretend that her stepfather was her biological father. Mom had demanded that Lisa always call her stepfather "Dad" or "Daddy," instead of using his first name, like stepchildren would naturally tend to do. But the hardest thing for Lisa to do, was to pretend that her "Daddy" didn't have a drinking problem.

Edward Chadwick loved his liquor--much more than he loved his own wife, Valerie.

He had met her while she was working as a stripper at Bare Bottoms, a local titty bar. He had really had the hots for Valerie, because she was the wholesome, girl-next-door type, who didn't fit in with all the other bleached-blonde, mountain-breasted bimbos that worked at Bare Bottoms.

Valerie's breasts were on the small side, and they were very firm, and nicely-formed. She also had lovely legs, and a pussy mound that was completely hidden under a very thick patch of dark-brown pubic hair. Ed was in lust, from the moment he saw Val take off her bra for the first time.

Ed showed up at the topless club every night, for about a month. And he eventually talked Val into going out with him on a date.

During that first date, Val had confessed to Ed that she wanted to give up stripping, and find a guy to settle down with. And Ed was determined that he would be that "guy." After all, Val had spent the night with him that first date, and Ed wanted to do whatever he could to keep her coming back to his bed again and again.

Ed took his time "courting her," and finally married Val seven months later, after she had already moved in with him.

Valerie's daughter, Lisa, was only 7 years old, when her new "daddy" came into her life. And she was very fond of Ed. He spoke with a thick southern drawl, and had all the charm of a true southern gentleman, which naturally made him a very likeable character.

About the time that Ed and Val hit their first anniversary together, the lust started slowly wearing off, and Ed began to see the true woman that, up until now, had been camouflaged so effectively by her outward appearances.

The true Val was a real bitch, as far as Ed was concerned. She was a pathological liar. And she wasn't the genuinely-nice person that she had led Ed on to believe. Only a few months into their marriage, Val had already begun to whine at him, and nag him about different things.

Ed had always been a fairly laid-back sort of guy. But over the next several years, his patience wore thinner and thinner. He found himself spending more and more time at work--he was an auto mechanic, and a damn good one at that--and spending less and less time with his family.

A few years ago, right after Lisa's 12th birthday, Ed just couldn't take the stress any more, and something inside him snapped. He began drinking heavily.

Of course, he never drank before or during work, because he didn't want to risk losing the only job he had. But the minute that he punched out on the time clock, you could be sure that he would be heading straight for the pint of Jack Black that he religiously kept in the glove box of his Ford pick-up truck.

After "priming the pump," as he used to like to call it, he would head out to the bars and clubs with his buddies. And he would stay all night long, until he was forced to leave at closing time.

Then Ed would come home in a drunken stupor, usually to pass out on top of the bed, still in his work clothes.

Sometimes he would wake up Val, and have sex with her. But that only happened on those rare nights when Ed had miraculously managed to not drink too much, so that he would actually be capable of getting an erection.

Of course, Val's nagging had become incessant by now. And the only reason that Ed would ever try to have sex with her nowadays, was because he would finally get so horny that he just couldn't stand it. And Val's pussy still beat no pussy at all.

But even when Ed did actually manage to have sex with Val, all she ever seemed to do afterwards was to complain that he didn't make her cum good enough, and that he didn't care about her any more.

And to emphasize that fact--in her concerted effort to throw it all right back in Ed's face--Val used to openly diddle her own already-creampied pussy, until she had made herself cum enough so that she would finally feel sexually satisfied. And Val always did this right in front of Ed, immediately after he was finished fucking her, and had rolled off the top of her.

Over the course of the next five years, Ed's personality began to change drastically, as the alcohol slowly took over his life. He even started drinking at the house on the weekends.

Lisa was painfully aware of how her "daddy" was different now. And she started to become scared of him, because she had seen first-hand, just how easily Ed could lose his temper, and go ballistic on her.

One time, he had asked her to bring him a beer from the refrigerator. And while she was setting the can of beer down on the armrest of the sofa, she accidentally spilled a little bit of it. Ed cussed her up one side and down the other, calling her names like "slut-puppy" and "little bitch."

All Lisa could really do, was to stand there and take Ed's verbal abuse, because if she tried to walk away from him, he would grab her by the arm--or by the hair--and forcefully hold her in place, until he was finally ready to let her leave.

Ed was a large man, by anyone's standards. And even though he was 38 years old now, he could kick the ass of most guys half his age, if he wanted to. He had the overly-muscular arms and upper torso of a mechanic. And the fact that he had developed a very visible beer-gut still didn't make him any less ominous.

So the last thing Lisa wanted to do, was to get her stepfather angry with her.

Then this last weekend, Lisa had noticed that her "daddy" was acting kind of strange. He just kept staring at Lisa, whenever she was in his presence. And Ed didn't say one word to her, either. He just sipped on his beer, and stared at her body--specifically, at the private parts of her body that were below her waist.

What Lisa didn't know, was that three nights before--which was Friday--Ed had tried to have sex with Val. But she had steadfastly refused his advances. She had told him that she wasn't ever going to have sex with him again, unless he straightened out his act, and stopped drinking for good.

Then she warned him that he had better not try to rape her either, because she would call the police, and press charges against him. But even though Ed was very angry at Val for what she had done, he also knew that she would carry through with her threats.

So Ed sat there fuming all weekend long, while he was figuring out a way to get even with Val, while not getting himself into trouble in the process.

Ed was also feeling very horny. And Lisa's 18-year-old body was starting to look inviting to him. But he didn't know if he could really do that. He would just have to drink on it a little more, and think the whole thing out, before he decided to take action.

* * * * *


1988: The Rude Awakening

* * * * *

At 10 o'clock on Sunday night, February 14th, 1988, Lisa took off all her clothes--except for her panties--turned off the bedroom lamp, and slipped in under her bed covers. It was a school night, and she knew that she should be going to sleep as soon as possible. But she was having trouble getting her mind to shut off.

She kept thinking about the strange way that her stepfather had silently stared at her lower body all day today--as well as throughout the whole day yesterday--and Lisa had a creepy feeling about it. She knew something wasn't right, but she didn't know what that "something" was. And that bothered her a lot. But pretty soon, Lisa was well on her way to "La La Land," despite her earlier anxiety.

By 1:00 A.M. Lisa was getting towards the end of one of her "prince rescues princess" erotic dreams. In her dream, she was on the same familiar secluded stretch of beach, making love to the latest version of "the prince." But in reality, she had her hand stuck in her crotch, "making love" to her own pussy.

In her dream, the prince had magically transformed himself into the same male lion that Lisa and her best friend, Sharon, had seen coupled-up with the female lion at the zoo last month. Lisa wasn't scared of the lion at all, as she lay down on her back, and held her arms out towards the lion, gesturing for him to come to her. As he approached, she spread her legs far apart, to let the lion get into position, so that he could mount her.

She reached down and wrapped her hand around the base of the lion's penis. And then she rubbed the pointed tip of it against her own pussy mound, before inserting it up into her "special hole"--the one that Sharon had enlightened her about. And the lion's penis filled her vagina up, and felt so good to her! Much better than her own fingers ever had.

And that's when Lisa began to slowly wake up, with the natural anticipation of the masturbation that would inevitably take place next.

But instead, she woke up to the shocking discovery that her hand really was wrapped around the base of a fully-erect penis.

And the head of that penis really was inside of her "special hole."

But this penis belonged to her own stepfather, who was now looming over her in her own bed, and was coupled-up with her in a missionary-style position.

Lisa tore her hand away from his penis, as if it were a hot iron. "Oh God, Daddy, please don't do this!" Lisa pleaded with him.

"Don't do what, honey?" her stepfather replied, and she could smell the stench of the whiskey on this breath.

"Please don't fuck me!" Lisa begged.

"What makes you think that I'm fucking you? You're the one who's done everything so far.

"I heard some moans comin' from your room. So I walked in to check on you, and see if you were okay. And you were lyin' there, with your hands stuck down between your legs, diddlin' yourself, and havin' a good ol' time.

"Then you kicked off all the covers, and you pulled the crotch of your panties over to one side, and you just kept on diddlin' your little bare pussy right in front of me. Well, a man can only take so much, ya know? And pretty soon, I had a boner.

"Then you held out your arms towards me, like you wanted me to come join you. And when I crawled up into bed with you, you spread your legs apart. So I moved in between 'em, like any man would naturally do.

"And you reached down, and you grabbed my boner, and started rubbin' it up against your pussy. Then you stuck it inside you, and kept on squeezin' my dick. And now, here we are.

"So who's really fuckin' who right now? I'd say that you're the one fuckin' me."

"You don't understand, Daddy. I was having a dream. I wasn't awake at all," Lisa said, hoping that Ed would listen to her, while at the same time, realizing that she was probably fighting a losing battle.

"Yeah, sure. And my dick's not inside your little pussy right now, either," Ed sarcastically replied.

"Come on, Daddy. That's my 'special hole.' Please don't do this!"

"Now, Lisa, you know you've been wantin' my dick for a long time now. I could tell from the look you had on your face, when you walked in on me in the bathroom that day, a few weeks back. I could tell that you wanted to stay there with me in the bathroom. You wanted to touch and play with my dick. But you were way too scared to do anything about it at the time. So you ran off.

"But I'll bet you've fantasized about my dick for a long time. And now, you're finally doin' somethin' about it."

"But, Daddy, it's not right. We shouldn't be doing this," Lisa pleaded.

"But we already are, aren't we. Now you just relax. I'm gonna ease my boner further up into your...your 'special hole,'" Ed explained, before doing just that. "There. Now that didn't hurt, did it?"

"No, but--"

"Good!" Ed interrupted her, and then just kept on talking away. "Boy, you must've had a great dream, Lisa, 'cuz you're really wet inside."

"Yeah, I know," Lisa admitted. "But I'm really scared, Daddy. I've never done this with anyone before. I mean, I don't know what I'm supposed to do..."

"Don't worry, you'll do just fine. Now I'm gonna slowly move my dick--I mean, my 'special finger'--around inside your 'special hole.' How does this feel?" Ed asked, as he began to slowly thrust his penis in and out of Lisa's now-deflowered vagina. "You do like this, don't ya?"

Lisa didn't answer him. She just closed her eyes, and noisily sucked air in through her closed, chattering teeth. And Ed instantly knew the answer to his question. Val used to make that same type of shivering sound, whenever she was getting really turned-on. Ed hadn't heard that sound in years, and the irony of this wasn't lost on him.

This was going to turn out even better than Ed could have ever imagined. He had originally planned to physically hold Lisa down, and rape her against her will. But none of that had been necessary at all. And now, it looked like Lisa was going to do much more than just passively cooperate with him. For Ed, this was going to be a very sweet revenge indeed!

"Daddy?" Lisa whispered with her eyes still closed.

"What, honey."

"Please don't get me pregnant," she half-heartedly pleaded, as she felt her rational mind totally shutting down on her, and she started naturally turning her attention towards much more important things--like noticing that Ed's loose-hanging balls were slapping up against her butt, every time that he made an energetic inward thrust.

"Don't you worry 'bout that right now, honey," Ed reassured her, as he paused his thrusting just long enough to say to her, "You just lie there and enjoy yourself."

And Lisa did just that, while Ed continued to enthusiastically hump away at her freshly "de-virgin-ized" vagina. Lisa kept her eyes closed, as she fantasized that her "daddy" was the male lion, and that his penis was the male lion's weird-looking, animal-penis.

And a few minutes later, when Ed made one final thrust with his penis, and he began to ejaculate, Lisa felt the lion's pointy-headed penis starting to throb and pulsate inside her lower abdomen. And she began to orgasm. She didn't know exactly what the lion was doing to her "special hole," but whatever it was, it sure felt incredible to her! And Lisa experienced one of the most intense orgasms that she had ever experienced in her entire young life so far.

Lisa started to scream out in sheer pleasure, but Ed immediately slapped his hand down over her mouth to muffle her cries. This instantly snapped Lisa right out of her lion fantasy, and her eyes popped wide-open to the reality of what was really taking place. She began shaking her head, and squirming underneath Ed.

"I'm sorry," he said, "I didn't want to do that. But I had to. I was afraid you might wake up your mother. And you wouldn't want her to catch us doing this, would ya?"

Lisa stopped struggling and relaxed again. And Ed rewarded her for her cooperation by removing his hand from her mouth, as he was finishing up the very tail end of his sperm-release.

Afterwards, they both just lay there very still, coupled-up and totally spent, as they were basking in their respective sexual afterglows for several minutes.

Then Ed finally rose up onto his elbows and forearms, and asked, "Well, what did you think, Lisa? Do you like havin' my dick inside your little pussy?"

"Oh God, Daddy, I've never felt so good in my entire life! Is this what you and Mom do together?"

"Yeah, we used to. But she doesn't want to 'do it' any more."

"How can she not want to do something that feels so wonderful?"

"I don't know, baby. But that's why I finally came to you tonight. I needed to be with a woman so badly, that I just couldn't stand it any longer. I noticed that you weren't a little girl any more. And I remembered the way that you had looked at my boner in the bathroom that day. And I knew that you might let me have sex with you."

"Is Mom the reason you started drinking so much? I mean, the fact that she won't have sex with you any more?"

"Yes, honey. And I'm sorry for treatin' you so badly, and callin' you all those bad names. You probably don't know this, but when a man doesn't have sex with a woman for a long time, it actually drives him crazy," Ed said matter-of-factly, as he rolled off of Lisa to lie down on his back, right beside her, before he continued on with his explanation.

"You know, I wouldn't drink at all, if I could just have sex whenever I needed it. That's what a wife is supposed to do for her husband. But your mother has decided that she doesn't want to 'do it' any more."


"Yes, honey."

"Am I pregnant right now? Sharon said that guys fuck girls to get them pregnant, so they can have babies."

Ed looked over at Lisa, and he could see the worried look on her face. "And so you thought I was gettin' you pregnant tonight?" Ed asked.

Lisa slowly nodded her head.

"Oh for Christ's sake, Lisa! Come over here, sweetie," he said, as he opened his arms up, and then gestured for her to snuggle up next to him.

She rolled over on her side, and nestled herself under his armpit, with her arm thrown across his hairy chest.

"Listen. I assure you, Lisa, you're not pregnant right now."

"But what we just did together was 'fucking,' right?"

"Yes, of course it was. But what your friend, Sharon, 'forgot' to tell you, was that a woman can fuck thousands of times without ever gettin' pregnant--just as long as she avoids fuckin' during that two weeks a month when she's fertile. In other words, when she's most likely got eggs in her womb, waitin' to be fertilized."

"But how do you know that I don't have eggs in my womb right now?"

"Your period started last Tuesday, and ended yesterday. Right?"

"Yeah. But how did you know that?"

"I snuck into your purse, and I looked at that little calendar of yours. You know? The one that you use to keep track of your periods, just like your mom taught you to?"

"Daddy!" Lisa said sternly, showing her disapproval of his invasion of her privacy. Then she said, "Okay, so you know that my period started on Tuesday, and ended on Saturday. But how did you know that you could fuck me tonight, without getting me pregnant?"

"I knew that, 'cuz today is day 6 of your menstrual cycle. And a woman can't get pregnant during the first 7 days of her menstrual cycle, which starts on the 1st day of her period. A woman also can't get pregnant from day 21 through the rest of her cycle. Those first and last weeks of a woman's cycle are called her 'safe times.'"

"So what you're telling me is that we could fuck over and over again, but just as long as we're doing it during one of my 'safe times,' it still won't get me pregnant?"

"That's exactly right, Lisa. In fact, believe me, the last thing I'd ever wanna do, is to get my 18-year-old stepdaughter pregnant."

"Daddy, would it be okay if I touched your balls? I just want to see what they feel like. That's all."

"Sure, honey. You can touch any part of my body you want. You know there aren't any secrets in this family."

Lisa reached down into Ed's crotch, and she gently touched and fondled his pendulous scrotum with her hand, while he quietly lay there, with his legs splayed apart, letting her satisfy her sexual curiosity.

Part of Lisa wanted to say to him, No secrets, huh? Then why don't I go wake up Mom right now, and tell her that her husband just finished fucking her daughter? I bet she'd love to hear that one, Daddy!

But of course, Lisa didn't say a word to Ed. She was already very good at keeping secrets, and she would simply add this latest secret to her large imaginary portfolio of very-real secrets.

Most young girls keep a diary. But Lisa was smart enough not to own one. She knew that her whole life would collapse around her, if her diary were ever found, and read by someone else.

After a few minutes of male testicle exploration on Lisa's part, her hand naturally moved up to feel and squeeze Ed's now-limp penis. She was curiously playing with the spongy head of his penis, when she finally broke the silence, "Daddy, when you were fucking me, did you pee inside my 'special hole'? I mean, I felt really wet inside all of the sudden, just like you were peeing inside me."

Lisa's naive question made Ed smile and chuckle under his breath just a little bit. But then he got serious again, and said, "Well, honey, first of all, your 'special hole' is really called a 'vagina.' And yes, I guess you could say that I was peein' inside your vagina. But it wasn't urine that I was peein'. It was somethin' called 'sperm.' A man squirts his sperm into a woman's vagina whenever he finally gets excited enough while he's fuckin' her. And it's the man's sperm that gets the woman pregnant."

"Oh. So then I've got some of this sperm stuff inside my 'special hole'...I mean...inside my 'vagina'...right now?"

"Yes, you do," Ed said, matter-of-factly.

Lisa lay there quietly for a few moments, thinking about all the juicy sexual stuff that her stepdad had just finished telling her. But eventually, Lisa came to the inescapable conclusion that there was still one crucial and very obvious piece of this sexual "puzzle" that didn't make any sense to her. And so, spurred on by her own intense sexual curiosity, Lisa finally spoke up again, "I have another question for you, Daddy. It might sound stupid, but please don't laugh at me, or get mad. What are your balls for? I mean, what exactly do they do?"

"It's those two balls, that you just had in your hand, that are responsible for makin' sperm. And that's the whole reason why men have balls."

"That's also why lions have balls, right?"

"You got it," Ed assured Lisa, not knowing why on earth she had brought up the subject of "lions and their balls."

"I love you, Daddy," she automatically said, as she finally removed her hands from his dick.

"I love you too, sweetie. And I'll try not to drink so much from now on."

"That would be great!" Lisa chimed out.

"Goodnight, honey," he said, giving her a polite kiss on the forehead, and then tucking her in under the bed covers, just like a parent does for a very young child.

"Daddy?" Lisa said, as Ed was putting his boxer shorts back on, getting ready to leave her bedroom, "Would you please come back tomorrow night and teach me some more about sex? I mean, while it's still my 'safe time'?"

"You betcha! I look forward to it. Now, goodnight, sweetie. See ya in the mornin'."

* * * * *

So Papa Bear began to secretly eat Baby Bear's porridge on a regular basis. Not every night, mind you. But at least seven or eight times a month.

And several months passed, before Mama Bear finally woke up one night and heard the rhythmic, wet "slurp-slurp" sounds coming from Baby Bear's bedroom. She went to investigate, and caught Papa Bear doing something mighty naughty with Baby Bear. So Mama Bear kicked Papa Bear's bare butt out of the house that night.

But what about Goldilocks? How does she figure into this twisted tale? Well, you'll just have to wait until you get to Chapter 6 to find that out.

* * * * *


1997: The Tease

* * * * *

John Ridgeway ambled his way from the front entrance of the apartment to Lisa's bedroom. A friend of John's had taught him how to "amble" correctly.

And by the time that John gingerly stepped through the bedroom doorway, Lisa was lying flat on her back on a twin size bed. She had her head on a pillow, which was right up against the wall, at the head of the bed. The length of the bed was positioned parallel to the doorway, and the bed jutted out from the wall into the center of Lisa's bedroom, so that there was room for a night stand and a small lamp on each side of the bed.

Lisa was motionless, and wearing nothing but a pair of panties. The eerie light of an almost-full moon was streaming into the small bedroom, through the partially-draped window. John could clearly make out the outline of Lisa's body, lying on top of the bed. And the natural moonlight was reflected off her panties in such a way, that they seemed to be glowing in the darkened room.

"Would you mind if I turned on a light, so I can see?" John asked.

"Don't bother," Lisa said, with her hand already on the pull-chain of the little lamp next to her bed, "I'll do it for you." And she pulled down the small chain before remarking, "I know you guys really 'get off' on seeing what you're doing. And tonight, I want you to be able to see me, John."

In the lamplight, John could see that Lisa's shimmering panties were really only the same kind of plain, no-frills, solid-white nylon panties that a little girl might wear. He also noticed that Lisa's pants and boots were lying in disarray on the floor by the side of the bed.

"I originally intended to be lying here on the bed, totally naked, when you came into my bedroom, and I turned on the light," Lisa said, breaking the awkward moment in the process. "But then I changed my mind at the last second, and decided that it would be even better if I saved the panties for you."

Then Lisa added with a devious look, and a dimpled grin, "But I'm not going to let you take them off me, until you show me that sexy 'thing' down between your legs, first." And she pointed her slender, well-manicured index finger towards his crotch.

John quickly stripped off all of his clothes, and let them fall to the floor willy-nilly, right next to hers. He felt kind of silly standing up in front of a woman, and taking off all his clothes, while she was watching him in the same way that a hawk watches its prey.

He moved over to the other side of the bed, and started to climb up into bed next to her, when she stiffened her arm out and placed her hand into a "stop right there" position, just like a cop directing traffic.

"Hang on! Wait a minute!," she slowly and emphatically said, in a "mother talking to a child" tone-of-voice, "Fair is fair, Johnathan. Now that you've let me see your 'thing,' I need to keep my promise, and let you see my 'thing,' before you get into this bed with me."

Lisa slid her body over to the opposite side of the bed, right next to where John was standing. And she lay there on her back, with her body straight as an iron rod, and her arms glued to her sides. She had her toes pointed downward, towards the foot of the bed, so that her held-together legs looked like they belonged to a horizontal ballerina.

"Okay, mister, I'm ready for you to take my panties off now," she said in her best imitative little-girl voice. Lisa gave John a wide-eyed lost-puppy dog look, and breathily whispered in the same little-girl voice, "It's okay. I won't tell my Mommy."

This time, John decided to play along with Lisa's "little game," as he said, "Well, you'd better not. 'Cuz I'll get real mad, if you do."

John reached over, placing one hand on each side of Lisa's waist. He stuck his fingers inside the waistband of the plain white panties, and using both hands, started to work the panties down her narrow, boyish hips.

That's when Lisa's right hand shot out at his crotch, and grabbed hold of his bare scrotum and testicles--making John jump and suck in a quick audible breath of air. "Do they really call these things 'balls'?" Lisa blurted out in her little-girl voice. "What are they for, mister?"

The totally faked look of wide-eyed innocence on Lisa's face took John by complete surprise. And he burst out laughing so hard, that he completely forgot that he was busy trying to take Lisa's panties off--even though he still had his fingers inside the waistband of Lisa's panties, on either side of her hips.

As soon as John regained his composure a little bit, he finally answered Lisa's intentionally-naive little-girl question. "Don't worry, little girl, you'll find out soon enough," he said, while doing a horrible impression of John Wayne's voice and mannerisms.

As soon as John heard the words coming out of his own mouth, he knew that he really had no business trying to be funny. But what the hell. The damage was already done now.

So John began pulling Lisa's panties down again. And when he caught his first glimpse of her bare pubic area, he was immediately struck by the fact that her crotch looked just like it belonged to a little girl. There wasn't one pubic hair anywhere on her slender lower abdomen, or on the outside portion her vulva. And in her current body-position, Lisa's outer pussy lips were so thick and fleshy that they closed up completely to form a long perfectly-vertical slit that effectively hid all of the inner parts of her pussy from view--including her clitoris.

Now, John felt like he was really robbing the cradle. Literally. First, it was the pigtail-style hairdo, and the lack of facial makeup. Then, it was the underdeveloped breasts, and the slender boyish hips, covered in little-girl-type panties. And now, he was looking right at a bare, hairless and wrinkle-less pussy mound, that perfectly fit in with the rest of the "little girl motif."

John began to wonder if Lisa ever even had a monthly menstrual period. But of course, his rational mind kicked in, and told him that she obviously did.

Lisa saw the somewhat-horrified look on John's face, as he was finishing up removing her panties from around her ankles, and letting them drop onto the bed, next to her feet. "I hope you like shaved pussies, John," Lisa said, in her own sincere voice.

"Well, of course I do," he automatically responded, without really knowing what to say. "It's just that...I've never made love to a...a woman who had a totally-shaved...pussy," he tongue-twistingly replied, while unconsciously gesturing towards his own crotch.

Of course, that was a complete lie on John's part. No matter whether John liked it or not, the practice of pussy-shaving had already become very popular with women in the U.S. And during the past year, John had managed to bed at least three or four different women who all just happened to have totally-shaved pussies. However, not one of those women's shaved pussies had looked like the type of pussy that one would expect to find between the legs of a little girl.

"Oh yeah? Well, you're not going to make love to this woman either," Lisa insisted. "Let's get one thing straight. What we're getting ready to do right now is not lovemaking. It's, John. And you know it! The fact that you're standing here, naked, and looking at my pussy and my tits, tells me that you also want that, just as badly as I do."

"Touché!" was all John could say to her. Then he began to walk around to the other side of the bed, so that he could climb into bed with Lisa.

"Hang on!" she very loudly blurted out, "I still haven't kept my part of the bargain."

Lisa paused for a moment, and then turned back into a little girl, right in front of John's eyes. "I still haven't really showed you my...'thing' yet, mister. Why don't you go stand over there," she quietly suggested, while pointing her index finger towards the foot of the bed, "so that you can see my 'thing' better." She then stuck the tip of her pointing-finger into her mouth, and started playfully sucking on it.

As soon as John was standing at the foot of the bed, staring directly at Lisa's crotch, she slowly spread her legs apart and let John get his first good look at her entire closed-up vulva.

Then Lisa pulled her finger out of her mouth, and--using the same hand--she teasingly petted her bare-skinned pussy, just like it was some sort of small hairless animal that she loved.

It really amused John when Lisa began baby-talking to her own pussy, as if it were alive. "There, there, now. Everything's just fine. I'm going to let this nice man look at you. Don't worry. He won't hurt you. He wants to be your friend. Just like I am."

Lisa looked back up at John, and smiled. She placed one hand on each side of her pussy crack. Then she quickly-but-smoothly pulled the inner lips of her vulva wide-apart with both hands, treating her inner labia as if they were little curtains at the front of a theater stage, as she proudly showed John that most-secret area of her body. And when she did that, she playfully sang out in her little-girl voice, "Ta¬ódaaaah!"

John had to laugh again. He could hardly believe that all this was really happening. It almost seemed like the whole thing was some kind of strange dream or something.

But he knew that it was all too real. He could smell that sexy odor of her woman-ness wafting upward from her wide-open pussy crack, as her pussy-smell permeated the air in the small bedroom. He could see the glistening moisture inside that opened-up crack of Lisa's pussy, as his eyes were automatically drawn to her urethra and her vaginal opening. And he could feel his penis starting to grow and come alive.

John made a lunge straight forward, to crawl up into the bed, between Lisa's spread legs.

And once again, she stopped him cold, by switching back to her "mother lecturing a child" tone-of-voice and teasing him, "You bad boy! What're you doing? I didn't give you permission to get into my bed yet. I've got to get you 'into shape,' first. Now you just stand there at the foot of the bed and behave yourself, while I do what any good woman worth her salt is supposed to do to a bad boy like you."

Lisa moved down towards John and sat up on the edge of the bed, right in front of him. He halfway expected that she would try to get him to lie across her lap, so that she could playfully spank his bare bottom.

But of course, this was Lisa. Lisa, the never-ending, box-within-a-box birthday present.

So it shouldn't have shocked John at all--but it did--when Lisa roughly grabbed hold of his half-erect penis and thrust her mouth down around it. She raked her teeth across the head of his dick a few times, and then started sucking on it so hard, that it felt to him like she was trying to vacuum his dick-head right off his shaft. And throughout all this, she just couldn't keep her hands off of his balls.

And within less than a minute, John had a full-blown erection.

Lisa pulled her mouth up off of John's stiff dick, and she looked up at him and smiled. "Now, that's much better, Johnny. Don't you think?" she said in a warm, motherly tone.

* * * * *


1996: The Abduction

* * * * *

Lisa Chadwick had been fast asleep that night. But something unexpectedly woke her up. And when she opened her eyes, there were two pairs of gigantic, elliptical, obsidian eyes staring right back at her.

Lisa tried to scream and get up out of bed to run away. But she could do neither. All she could do was to lie there in her small apartment bedroom, and let those gray-skinned beings from some other world stare at her naked body. But at least she could still move her head around.

And she could hear them talking to each other. But their small slit-like mouths weren't moving at all.

"This one should do very nicely. Good, she's awake. Should I check her physiological responses, before we take her."

"Naturally. We must be positive that she is the one we want," the second alien said to the first.

One of the alien voices in Lisa's head sounded much more feminine than the other, and she assumed that one of the two aliens had to be a female. But Lisa couldn't tell which one it was, because they both looked alike.

Lisa watched as her legs automatically spread apart and rose up to assume the same kind of position that she would have been in if she had had her feet in the stirrups at her gynecologist's office. But these alien stirrups were completely invisible. And yet, they held her feet no less securely than the real ones would have.

Then one of the aliens reached across Lisa's body with its long, bony index finger and touched her clitoris. She saw the tip of its gray finger start to glow, producing a bright white light. And then she heard a male voice in her head saying, "E.T. phone home," followed by some strange male and female laughing sounds. Her clitoris started tingling, and she felt her vulva almost instantly swell up with blood.

The next thing she knew, as the alien continued to hold the glowing tip of its finger up against her clitoris, Lisa felt a penis being rapidly thrust in and out of her vagina. It didn't feel like a dildo to her either. It felt just like a man's real live average-size erect penis was repeatedly penetrating her baby-making hole. But there was absolutely nothing there down between her spread-apart thighs that Lisa could actually see.

Within a few minutes after this weird invisible alien intercourse had begun, Lisa felt the muscles in her vagina clamp down repeatedly and go into orgasmic contractions. But she didn't experience any orgasmic sensations at all, while this was happening.

The two aliens both stared at Lisa's pussy the whole time. Then one of them took out a weird-looking, hand-held probing instrument of some kind, and inserted it into Lisa's vaginal opening.

Lisa quickly figured out that it was some kind of speculum, when she felt her vagina being forcibly stretched wide-open. In fact, just a little bit too far wide-open, as far as Lisa was concerned. It was downright painful to her.

"This one produces more than sufficient fluid discharge levels during extreme arousal. She should be perfect for our experiment," the male alien voice stated to the female alien.

"I concur. Her past experiences also make her a perfect candidate," the female-sounding voice said, as that alien was finally removing the weird speculum thing from Lisa's vagina. "She is very fond of sexual activity, and she has always desired to be a male, instead of a female."

Lisa thought about how true that female alien's statement was. Whenever Lisa's stepdad was fucking her, back when she was 18, she remembered wishing at the time that she were in his shoes. That she were the one with the penis and testicles. That she were the one who was in control of everything during sexual intercourse. That she were the one who could have sex any time she wanted to, without ever having to worry about getting pregnant. That she were the one who never had to suffer through "the curse" of enduring a monthly menstrual period.

In fact, now that Lisa really thought about it, she knew that she would gladly jump at the chance to trade in her underdeveloped breasts and her pussy for a dick and a set of balls to go along with it. But that was an impossibility. Or was it?

And on that thought, Lisa lost consciousness.

Lisa eventually woke up again. But this time, she found herself inside what she assumed was the aliens' spacecraft. She was still frozen from the neck down, and couldn't move her body one inch, no matter how hard she tried.

"We know that you are not content with being a female," the male alien voice inside her head boomed out. "But we can give you a penis, so that you would be the one who is in control during the procreative process of your species."

This communication had come from what looked like one of the two aliens that Lisa had seen earlier in her bedroom. Of course, Lisa assumed at the time that the aliens had the technology to turn her into a man, and that that was exactly what they intended to do to her.

"Well, would you like for us to give you a penis?" the female alien voice asked.

Lisa thought to herself about how wonderful it would be to have a dick between her legs. And that's when she rapidly lost consciousness again.

Lisa woke up again at some point after the aliens' surgery on her had been completed. She looked downward at her naked body and saw that she still had the body of a woman. Lisa looked over at the two aliens that were in the room with her, and said, "I thought you guys said you were going to give me a penis."

"We did," the male alien voice boomed inside her head, "Would you like to see it?"

"Why? Is it invisible or something?" Lisa asked, very confused.

"You could say that. At the moment, it is coiled up inside of your uterus, where it will naturally remain most of the time. But if you wish to extend it out of your body, all you have to do is to think about where you want it to go. It will automatically respond to your thoughts, just as easily as your own arm and hand does, whenever you reach out to grasp something. Go ahead. Try it."

Lisa did what the male alien told her to do. And she felt this weird thing slithering down through her vagina. And when it shot straight out between her legs, she was in total shock. Her new penis was extended out almost as far as her knees.

"Can you free up my arms, so that I can touch it?" Lisa begged.

"Of course," the male voice replied, "But please do not try to escape, or we will be forced to take more drastic measures--ones which we are sure you will find to be most discomforting."

"I promise. I won't try to escape. I just need to touch it. That's all," Lisa pleaded. And then her arms were all of the sudden freed up, so that she could move them.

Lisa curiously reached out and touched the long, skinny shaft of her new penis. It had a very firm, muscular feel to it, kind of like the body of a small snake does. Then she gently tugged on it. And sure enough, it was definitely attached to her body. She touched the very tip of it, and it felt exactly the same to her as it did whenever she touched the head of her clitoris during masturbation.

She immediately reached up to the very front of her pussy crack to touch her real clitoris. And it wasn't there! Oh sure, the little clitoral hood was still there. But when she retracted it with her fingers, there was no clitoris inside of it! No head. No shaft. Just an empty tube of loose skin. Lisa was instantly horrified.

The female-sounding alien voice in her head said, "We sincerely apologize, but it was the only way that we could insure that you would actually desire to use your new penis. Do not worry, we are growing a replacement clitoris for you right now. And we will be attaching it, before we place you back in your cage."

Lisa thought that "cage" was a strange way to refer to her small apartment. But in a way, her small apartment really did feel like a cage to her sometimes.

"Once your new clitoris is in place, no one who sees your bare genitalia will ever suspect that you are not a perfectly normal female," the female alien voice continued, "You have correctly deduced that the glans of your real clitoris is now the glans of your new penis. Of course, we had to split it open and encircle it around the tip of the shaft, so that you could ejaculate out of the tip of your new penis."

Lisa thought to herself, So that I could ejaculate what?

The male alien voice in her head matter-of-factly responded, "Your ova, of course. We altered your ovaries so that they will produce ova with long tails on them. In other words, your ova will have motility, just like a male's spermatozoa do.

"We also altered your fallopian tubes," said the male voice, "so that they are both attached directly to an implanted male prostate gland. This prostate gland is situated very deep inside of your uterus. And it, in-turn, is attached directly around the base of your new penis.

"Your new prostate gland will perform much the same function that it does for the male of your species. From now on, during your orgasms, the sexual ejaculate fluid from this prostate gland will combine with your own generous release of sexual fluids, in order to insure that your ova will always have sufficient liquid to maintain their motility, until they are able to accomplish their purpose.

"You will never have to worry about becoming pregnant ever again, because your orgasm will trigger your special penis to ejaculate any ovum that your ovaries have released."

"How am I supposed to have sex with this weird penis thing living inside my vagina?" Lisa demanded.

"Inside your uterus," the female alien voice corrected her. "It is attached to the rear inside wall of your uterus."

"Vagina. Uterus. What difference does it make? I'm still a freak! I don't even know if I'm supposed to have sex with men, or with women, or with both?"

The male alien voice calmly replied, "You are an intelligent female. You will eventually figure it out. All you need to know for now, is that your new penis is designed to function in much the same way that a male's penis does during the normal procreative process of your species."

Lisa started losing consciousness again.

The next time she awoke, it was in the morning, with her alarm clock beeping away. And Lisa was once again back in the safety of her own bedroom.

But it took Lisa a few seconds to orient herself to her surroundings. She was in a cold sweat and her heart was pounding, though she quickly calmed down, as she realized that this whole alien abduction experience had simply been nothing more than a very bad nightmare.

Lisa went about her business for the next several days, and didn't think about her abduction nightmare at all, because she felt completely normal, except for a little bit of abdominal cramping, which was nothing new to her.

Then about a week later, Lisa woke up from an erotic dream very early in the morning, and she felt something weird rubbing up against her pussy mound. But it also felt really good to her.

She threw the bed covers off, and turned on the small lamp by the bed. She saw that the "something weird" that she was feeling was her own alien-formed penis. The exact same one that she had thought was just a part of her bad nightmare that she had had the week before.

Lisa's new alien penis was extended well out of her vagina, and it was looped back up towards her body. It was moving, all on its own, as it was slowly rubbing its bean-size head--which was actually the former head of Lisa's clitoris--back and forth against the crack of her pussy. Lisa just sat there, with her mouth wide open, and she watched her freaky-looking snake-like penis, as it stimulated itself.

Lisa was very curious to see what would end up happening. But nothing much did. She experienced a mild orgasm, and then her alien-created penis simply withdrew itself back up into her body, and she felt her uterus contract. That was it.

There was no ejaculation, or earth-shaking climax, or anything like that. And Lisa was pretty disappointed that her "female penis" hadn't worked the way that she thought that it would.

And to make matters even worse, Lisa reached down and tried to give herself a second--and hopefully, much stronger-orgasm, by masturbating her clit. But even though her replacement clitoris at the very front of her pussy crack looked absolutely normal, the head of it was totally numb to the touch, and therefore, did absolutely nothing to help Lisa in her urgent quest to gain immediate sexual release.

Lisa frantically stuck her fingers up into her vagina and began massaging her G-spot, trying to make herself orgasm. But the G-spot area inside her vagina was also totally numb to the touch, just like her replacement clitoris was.

The gravity of this whole situation finally hit her like a lead weight. And Lisa cried like a baby, until the alarm in her bedside clock rudely blared out its warning signal. Lisa had to get her butt in gear, or she was going to be late for work.

She threw on some clothes and anxiously fought the traffic all the way to the small landscape design firm that morning, where she worked full-time as their office receptionist.

But once she had clocked in at work, she began to realize that going to work that day had probably been the wrong thing for her to do. All day long she just couldn't get that morning's strange experience out of her mind. All she could think about was that weird alien-penis down between her legs, and the fact that nobody knew it was there, except for her.

She felt like shouting out to the whole office staff, Hey, everybody, you're not going to believe this, but I was abducted by a couple of aliens the other night. And now I've got this weird, snake-looking, alien penis-thing down between my legs. You wanna see it?

But of course, Lisa couldn't do that. She was petrified about the thought of ever letting anybody else see her "lady-penis." And she truly thought that she might not ever have sex with anyone else again.

"Lady-penis" was the term that Lisa initially coined to refer to her new female penis-appendage. After all, she felt that she had to call it something. But by the end of the week, Lisa had begun referring to it as being her "dick-clit," since she liked the word "dick" much better than the word "penis," and this nickname emphasized the fact that the head of her clitoris was permanently attached to the end of her long alien penis-thing. Not only that, but the term "dick-clit" also

sounded much more feminine to Lisa.

Needless to say, Lisa was hell-bent on finding out everything that she possibly could about her new dick-clit. And so, over the course of the next few weeks, she masturbated a lot. Of course, she used her hands most of the time, at first--just like she used to do, before her abduction. The big difference was that she was now manually masturbating her dick-clit, instead of her clitoris or her G-spot.

But Lisa got a big kick out of the fact that she could also masturbate by extending her dick-clit out of her vagina, looping it upward, and then either rubbing the tip of it against her own pussy, or against her nylon panties, if she were wearing clothes. One time, she even masturbated this way while she was standing in a supermarket check-out line. And of course nobody was aware of all "the action" that was taking place down inside the crotch of her panties--nobody except for her, that is.

Whenever Lisa was masturbating in the privacy of her own bedroom, she freely experimented with her new dick-clit. She tried everything that she could possibly think of doing with it.

Once, she even inserted her dick-clit up into her own rectum, and actually screwed herself in the ass, just to see if she could really do that. And she could. But her rectum turned out to be way too big and wide to provide much stimulation for her pencil-thin dick-clit. And so she gave up on that idea, after that first attempt.

Lisa also tried to gently hand-pump her dick-clit, in the same manner that a man would jack off his penis. But all that did was make her dick-clit get raw and sore. It just couldn't stand being handled very much at all.

Then one day, Lisa discovered something that felt incredibly good to her. She was rubbing the tip of her dick-clit against her pussy crack, and it accidentally slid up into her urethral opening. And it fit perfectly. She pulled her dick-clit all the way out of her piss-hole, and then penetrated it again, with no problem at all.

So then she intentionally started fucking her own piss-hole, by repeatedly thrusting her dick-clit in and out of her urethral tube, treating her short female urethra as if it were a tiny vagina.

Man, what a killer feeling that is! Lisa thought to herself at the time. This is what it must feel like to a man, whenever he's fucking a woman.

The bottom line was that it just felt to Lisa like her dick-clit belonged inside of a urethra. And after that day, Lisa began masturbating this way a lot. Especially whenever she was out in public, and got feeling a little bit horny.

Lisa soon discovered that even though she could experience mild orgasms during masturbation, no matter what she tried, she just couldn't make herself orgasm strongly, like she used to be able to do, before she was abducted by the aliens.

Also, she couldn't leave her dick-clit outside of her vagina for too long of a time, or else it would start to dry out, and feel very uncomfortable to her. Unlike a man's penis, her dick-clit was completely covered with the kind of skin that was meant to stay moist and slick, just like the sensitive skin inside of a woman's pussy crack.

In fact, Lisa didn't know it yet, but the aliens had removed the rough-textured skin and nerve endings that was originally the G-spot area inside her vagina, and then grafted a long thin strip of this very same special vaginal skin onto the underside of her dick-clit shaft, so that her G-spot area was now located just behind the head of her dick-clit.

Lisa also found out that she had to have her dick-clit extended--with the head of it positioned at least a couple of inches outside of her vaginal opening--in order for her to even be able to experience an orgasm at all. In other words, Lisa found that she was incapable of orgasming while her dick-clit was up inside of her vagina, or in her uterus.

Of course, the aliens were responsible for this "discrepancy." They had simply wanted to make sure that Lisa would stick her dick-clit out of her vagina, and actively use her new penis during sex.

However, while Lisa was experimenting with all this, she accidentally discovered that the aliens had also made some major alterations to her uterus that they had "neglected" to mention to her at the time.

For starters, her cervix was much larger. A little over two and a quarter inches in diameter. And Lisa could consciously extend the whole neck of her uterus about three to four inches downward into her vaginal canal. And she could easily insert her finger up into the newly-enlarged hole in the middle of her cervix.

She also found out that she could even use the muscles surrounding her cervix to intentionally open up and close the hole in the middle of it, just like it was a small, circular mouth.

At the time, Lisa didn't really know what to make of all these "new discoveries" regarding the organ that now played host to her dick-clit, but that still didn't stop her from being fascinated by each new discovery.

Lisa eventually decided that she needed to go ahead and bite the bullet, and try to have sex with another person. Masturbation just wasn't "doing the trick" for her on a mental and emotional level. And she was hoping and praying that she would be able to orgasm much stronger, while she was having sex with another person.

Lisa gave serious thought to becoming a lesbian, because frankly, she was afraid to have sex with a man at this point. She also thought that another woman might be able to relate to her better, and empathize with her alien abduction experience, as well as be more able to accept her unique sexual anatomy the way that it was.

However, Lisa had no idea how to go about finding a woman who would want to have a sexual relationship with her, let alone to find a woman who would accept her the way that she was.

But then Jan came over one night, and that changed everything.

* * * * *
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