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With the help of his best friend a man blackmails his wife into a life of wild sex.
Blackmailed by her husband

I t was a typical night in our house, I was in the den watching the TV and my wife Kim Lee was in the living room watching Chinese programs on that TV. Kim Lee is a beautiful little Asian woman with a tight body in her early forties. Her shiny black shoulder length hair framed her face in perfectly and made her big brown eyes look soft and inviting. For a woman her age she had a slender well shaped body that was 5 feet 4 inches tall and she weighed 102 pounds. Her firm 34 B breasts and hard tight little ass made her body look almost like a teenaged girl. She was not into sex at all and never wanted to try anything new or exciting. With her it was always missionary position in bed with the lights out. With the same old thing for 15 years sex between us had gotten boring and rare. I still loved her but wasn’t as excited about sex with her as I was in our early years together. Some of my friends commented often about how good she looked. My best friend Jim even said that he would like to trade wives with me for a few hours. His wife was a hot looking little blond that I had wanted to fuck for a long time. I thought about how much fun swinging with them would be but I didn’t mention it to my wife. I knew she would get pissed off and we would have a big fight if she knew how I felt. In the end she still wouldn’t change or do anything new and I would never hear the end of her complaining about it.
One day when Jim and I were talking, he brought up the idea of the four of us getting together for a night of drinking, fun and wild sex. I laughed and told him again how boring my sex life with her was and that she seldom drank.
He laughed and said “Too bad we can’t do something about that. The four of us could have a lot of fun together”. He mentioned some things that he would like to do to my wife. I didn’t say anything about him and the things he wanted do to Kim Lee because I was thinking about doing many of the same things to his wife.
Over the next several weeks Jim and I talked more and more about getting together for a night of wild sex and how much fun we could have. The more we talked about it the more we wanted it. One day while we were talking I mentioned that my wife was so conservative that we couldn’t even blackmail her into doing anything fun.
“Too bad we can’t get some pictures to blackmail her with” Jim said.
“I have some pictures of her naked in the bedroom, but nothing we could use. She would recognize the pictures and she would know that I gave them to someone. The blackmail wouldn’t work and she would divorce me for sure” I told him.
“Can I see them” Jim asked?
“No, I shouldn’t have even told you about them” I told him.
“Please, I won’t tell her. She is one sexy little lady and I will show you some pictures of my old lady” he begged.
We continued to talk about it and he continued to beg, but I wouldn’t give in. For a week and a half he continued to beg and come up with reasons for me to show him the pictures I had, he even showed me some pictures of his wife Mary. Finely I had herd enough begging and I must admit that I wanted to see allot more of Mary. It was Saturday and my wife was going to the store to get some food for another Bar B Q. Jim was helping me do some work around the house so we invited Jim and Mary to stay for a cook out. After my wife had left I told Jim to come with me. I took him into the house and into my den. He got so excited when I told him what I was going to show him as I turned my computer on. I took a CD out of my hiding place and slipped it into the drive. A file icon popped up on the screen, I motioned for him to take the mouse.
“Go ahead, open the file and enjoy yourself” I told him.
He went through the pictures in one sub file and then another. The more pictures he saw the bigger the smile on his face got.
“She is hotter than I thought” Jim said with a smile. “I can’t believe how firm her tits look” he said. Then his smile turned into a sly sneaky grin. “You know Bob. I have a good graphics program on my computer. I could take some of these pictures and make it look like she was doing anything we wanted anywhere we wanted” he said.
“What good would that be” I asked?
“You mentioned blackmailing her about a week ago. With what I could do with these pictures we could blackmail her into doing anything we want" Jim said.
“As soon as she saw the pictures she would know that they were fake. She would know that she had never posed for the pictures” I replied.
“Don’t worry Bob, we can work something out. Maybe we could get her drunk or something” Jim suggested.
“How? Where? She don’t normally drink” I told him.
“I will talk to Mary, maybe we can invite you and your wife to go out with us some night. When she isn’t looking I have a little pill to put into her drink. Even if she don’t drink enough to get really drunk the pill will mess her up enough so she wont remember what happened” Jim told me.
“You plan on telling your wife about what we want to do to my wife? Are you crazy” I asked sarcastically?
“My wife and I are in to swinging. What I didn’t tell you is that Mary is bisexual and enjoys a good mouth full of pussy when she can get it. That’s not something you tell everyone you know. She has told me several times that she would like to spend some quality time in bed with Kim Lee Jim said.
“I don’t know Jim. I will have to think long and hard about it. I love my wife and I really don’t want to hurt her”.
“Ok Bob, the pills wont hurt her, they will only make her real drunk fast. Just let me know so I can work on the photos” Jim said with a grin.
I told him that I would think about it but he couldn’t take any of the pictures home with him now. He looked disappointed but agreed as I turned off the computer and we went back to work.
My wife came home from the store with three bags of groceries. I took the bags into the house for her. Before I could put the bags down she started bitching and complaining about everything. I put the bags down and walked out of the house and went back to work. Soon Mary came over and helped my wife with the cooking. About 5:30 pm we were sitting down to eat and by 6:30 pm we were cleaning up after the meal. After Jim and Mary left my wife began complaining again. Nothing was ever good enough. When we got into bed I tried getting close to her to give her a hug and a good night kiss but she just pushed me away and complained even more.
I was getting tired of all her bitching and complaining. The next day when Jim asked me about the pictures and our idea to blackmail my wife I was ready to do something.
“Ok Jim, I will give you a copy of the disk with all the pictures when Kim Lee leaves for work tomorrow. How long will it take you to get them done” I asked?
“I don’t know, I will have to talk to Mary first and have her invite you and Kim Lee out. After a few drinks we will take some background pictures.” Jim continued to explain what he would do to the pictures and how his wife Mary could help set everything up.
“Are you sure that Mary will help and not tell my wife what we are going to do” I asked? I was concerned.
“Of course she will help. They are friends but Mary would love to have some fun with your wife’s sexy little body” Jim replied.
I felt bad, but I was tired of all her bitching and complaining. Sex was rare and always the same old thing. I still loved my wife but I felt like I had to do something to make a big change in our marriage.
Three days later when Kim Lee came home from work, she looked at me and asked me what I had planned for Saturday night. I was surprised because she usually told me what she wanted me to do and then we would argue about it. I told her that I didn’t have any plans. She told me that Jim’s wife Mary had invited us out to dinner and drinks Saturday evening. She also told me that Jim had gotten his tax return check and they had decided to celebrate with us. I told her that I really didn’t want to go out. I knew if I said no she would want to go even more. I knew what was planned and I wanted to go but I didn’t want her to change her mind if I gave in too easy. I told her that I would think about it while I was getting the bills ready for mailing. After dinner I told her again that I really didn’t want to go but if she really wanted to go I would go. My wife said ok, I will tell Mary when I see her tomorrow. I tried to sound a little disappointed as I told Kim Lee Ok. I went back to the den and turned on the TV. I turned the volume up so my wife wouldn’t hear me. I called Jim and told him that my wife fell into our little trap and she would be talking to Mary tomorrow. We talked a little longer before we hung up. I was all excited for the next few days as the weekend got closer. I had to be careful around my wife so she wouldn’t suspect anything.
Saturday evening came and at 5:00 pm Kim Lee and I were standing on Jim and Mary’s doorstep. Jim opened the door and welcomed us.
Mary came into the room smiling, “hi Bill and Kim Lee, are you ready to go yet Jim” she asked as she picked up her purse?
We all agreed that we were ready then went out and got into Jim’s car. Jim drove and within a half hour we were walking into a nice seafood restaurant. We had a wonderful dinner, then we loaded back into Jims car for a short drive to a local club. I paid the cover charge and a cute young waitress in a short black skirt lead us to a table near the dance floor. She took our drink orders and disappeared in the crowd by the bar. My wife only ordered a coke and we got concerned that our plan would fall apart if she didn’t drink something stronger. My wife and I danced one dance then Mary asked me if she could dance with me while Jim danced with Kim Lee. My wife and I looked at each other then I said I would love to dance. Jim led Kim Lee out onto the dance floor and Mary and I moved to an open spot that was near the table. About half way through the dance Mary led me back to the table where the waitress was walking by. Mary ordered another round of drinks but this time she ordered a rum and coke for my wife. When Jim and Kim Lee came back to the table the drinks were just being delivered. My wife sat down and took a drink. “Wow, I hadn’t planned on drinking tonight but that is good” Kim Lee said. Jim and I were drinking Beer, my wife was now drinking rum and coke and Mary was our designated driver so she was drinking coke. Between us we kept my wife drinking. She was drinking two rum and cokes to one of our beers. When Kim Lee was done her third rum and coke she excused herself. She had to go pee so Mary also excused herself and they went to the ladies room together. Jim ordered another rum and coke for my wife as soon as they left. When the ladies returned to the table my wife had a fresh drink in front of her. Jim looked at her and asked her to dance again and without hesitation she accepted. As soon as they were out of sight on the crowded dance floor Mary reached into her purse and pulled out a small camera and a small white pill. Mary winked at me and stood up. She walked around the table and stood where my wife had been sitting. I watched closely as Mary backed up to the edge of the table. She used one hand to take some pictures and with the other hand she dropped the little white pill into my wife’s drink. She continued to move around and take pictures.
After one more drink my wife was beginning to appear intoxicated. Mary took the camera from her purse again and handed it to me.
“Here, take this and get a bunch of pictures in the men’s restroom” Mary instructed in a whisper.
I didn’t know why they wanted me to take pictures in the men’s room but I excused myself and went to the bathroom. There were two men inside when I got there so I took my time. I carefully snuck a few pictures of them and when they were gone I took the camera and began taking pictures of everything. I took pictures of everything I could think of and from every angle I could. When I was done taking pictures I put the camera away and went back to the table. Kim Lee was looking vary drunk by now and we decided to go home. I handed the camera back to Mary.
“Come on Kim Lee, lets go to the bathroom before we go home” Mary said to my wife as she looked at me and winked.
In a heavily slurred and week voice my wife said “Ok, I’ve got to pee again anyway”. Kim Lee stood up and almost fell down. Mary guided her through the crowd and into the bathroom. When they returned Jim had paid the bill and we left the club.
When we got home Jim and Mary helped me take my wife into the house. Kim Lee was so drunk that she was passed out half the time. We decided to try to get some more pictures of her. We took her into the bedroom and put her on the bed. She was passed out and only woke up for a few seconds at a time but she was so far gone that she wouldn’t remember anything. Jim took the camera and began to take more pictures as Mary and I stripped my wife. I stood on the bed with one foot on each side of Kim Lee. I reached down, grabbed her wrists and pulled her up into a sitting position, then held her arms up over her head. Mary moved in behind her and pulled her shirt up over her head. Before we took it off Mary also unfastened Kim Lees white lace bra and pulled it up to her shirt. Carefully we pulled the shirt and bra off and laid her back down on the bed. I could see Jim out of the corner of my eye. He was constantly moving and taking pictures of my wife’s bare breasts form many different angles and even some close ups. Mary moved beside Kim Lee and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. I bent down, grabbed her ankles and pulled my wife’s legs up and back over her head to roll her hips up off the bed. Mary waited until Jim was in a good position to take pictures then hooked her hands into the waistband of Kim Lees Jeans and panties. Mary wiggled and pulled until Kim Lee’s jeans and panties slid up around her knees. I let her legs down and gave control of them to Mary. Mary finished pulling the jeans and panties off, then spread Kim Lee’s legs wide open. My wife was laying there completely naked with her legs spread wide open. My cock got so hard as I stood there and watched my completely naked wife being photographed and touched by our friends.
Mary stepped back and again Jim moved in and took picture after picture of my wife’s naked body. He got some real close pictures of her closed shaved crack, before Mary stepped up and kneeled between her legs. Mary reached out and spread my wife’s soft pussy lips open. Jim changed position and kept taking pictures as Mary slid one and then two fingers into my wife’s cunt.
During the next hour Mary had licked Kim Lee’s pussy and sucked on her nipples. Mary also pulled her skirt up, slipped her panties off and squatted down over my wife’s face to make it look like my wife was licking her pussy.
Then Jim took his turn while Mary took pictures. At one time we were all naked and Jim and I were in poses that made my wife look like a willing participant. Mary handed me the camera so she could get back into the action. I stood there and watched as Jim lifted and spread my wife’s legs wide apart. At first I was mesmerized by the sight of Jim’s 9 inch cock as it pushed and forced it’s way into my wife’s tight pussy. Then I regained my senses and began to take more pictures.
By the end of the night Jim and I had each fucked her twice and Mary had climaxed on her face four times after masturbating. Mary made sure to cover Kim Lee’s hand and face with pussy juice to make it look suspicious. When we were done my wife had two loads of cum leaking out of her cunt, one out of her asshole and one in her mouth.
Mary and I got my wife dressed in the same clothes she wore to the club and we gave her face a quick wash. We didn’t give her face a good washing because we wanted her to wake up wandering what had happened. When we were all done with her we laid her on the couch and covered her up with a blanket to make it look like she had passed out there. We had been using Jim’s digital camera and to our surprise we had taken over three hundred pictures that night. We said good night and Jim and Mary went home.
When my wife woke up the next day it was almost noon.
“I feel so sick. What happened last night” she asked?
Before I could answer she stood up and ran to the bathroom. I could hear her throwing up from the living room. I really felt bad that she was so sick and I almost called the blackmail off. When she came out of the bathroom and started complaining because I left her on the couch instead of putting her in bed I changed my mind again. She didn’t see me watching her when she went into the bathroom to shower. I was peeking around the door and watched her take her clothes off. When she pulled her panties down she found the large stain of semi dry cum in the crotch and all over the front. She slowly and cautiously ran her hand down over her belly and in between her legs. I could see her face cringe in a mirror when her fingers made contact with her sore swollen pussy. A vary scared look spread across her face as she carefully rubbed her sore pussy. When she pulled her hand out from between her legs I could see the cum that was covering her fingers. I watched the shocked look on her face change to terror as she began to wonder what had happened the night before. I stepped back when she began to move to the mirror. I was still hiding when she looked into the mirror and saw more stuff crusted on her face around her lips. She looked at the crust on her face then looked at the cum that covered her hand. I could see her entire body begin to shake with fear. She quickly turned and walked as fast as she could to the shower. Cum was still leaking out of her cunt and now it was running down her leg with every step she took. I know the water was cold when she first turned it on but she didn’t hesitate as she stepped in and began to wash herself.
That evening when we sat down for dinner my wife cautiously brought up the subject of the night before. I told her that we had gone to the club and after a few drinks she had begun to get a little wild. I also told her that she had made several trips to the bathroom to pee and that she must have gotten sick many times. When she went to the bathroom she was in there for long periods each time. Jim, Mary and I had planned out every detail of our story and I was feeding my wife all of it. I made her actions sound suspicious but I also made her think that I believed nothing wrong had happened. Over the next few days my wife had asked Jim and Mary about our night out. We all told her the same thing so she began to relax. A few days later she was back to her old self, complaining about everything.
Jim and I saw each other almost every day and after a week of working on the pictures he told me that he had about a dozen pictures ready. On Saturday my wife went out to do some shopping. As soon as she left I called Jim.
“Hay Jim, my wife is gone and she wont be back for at least an hour and a half. Can I come over and take a look at the pictures you made” I asked?
“Sure Bob, I will turn the computer on and have the pictures ready for you to see when you get here” Jim replied.
I went out the back door and by the time I got to Jim’s house Mary was waiting for me with the door open.
“Hi Bob. Those pictures came out real good. You would never know that they weren’t real” Mary said with a sly smile stretching across her face.
I went in the little office that Jim had set up in the basement. The first thing that caught my eye was a picture of Kim Lee on Jim’s computer. She was bent over a sink in the men’s bathroom and her jeans and panties were down around her ankles. I recognized the picture in the background and the men that appeared to be looking at my wife’s bare ass. It was a picture I took when I went to the bathroom. Jim had taken that picture and one of the pictures we took of Kim Lee when we got home and put them together. I looked close and I couldn’t tell that the picture was fake. He had put some other pictures together to make a picture of her kneeling in the bathroom giving one of the men a blowjob. When I finished looking at all twelve pictures I was in awe. I couldn’t believe how real they looked. If I didn’t know they were fake I would never have guessed.
Jim, Mary and I talked about when and how we would give the pictures to Kim Lee. After an hour of planning we were ready to carry out our blackmail plans. I went home and back to work just in time because my wife got home early. I helped her take the grocery bags into the house and listened to her complain about traffic and how crowded the store was. She was making me crazy like usual.
Friday morning we were all ready. I got up at 6:00am like usual and my wife was still asleep when I called into work and told them that I was sick. I told them that I couldn’t come in to work and I would be back to work Monday. My boss said that it was ok and he told me to take care of myself. I got cleaned up, dressed and ready for work. While I was eating breakfast I herd my wife moving around in the bedroom. I was ready for work like usual but today I stalled and waited until she came out. I said good bye and gave her a little kiss on the cheek as I walked out the door. I knew she was watching when I backed out of the driveway, turned my car and drove away. Instead of going to work I drove my car to a parking garage where Mary was waiting to pick me up. When we got back to her house Jim snuck out the back door and put a large envelope on the steps to our back door. When Jim got back we used a brand new cell phone to call Kim Lee.
“Hello” Kim Lee said when she answered the phone.
Jim disguised his voice “I saw you at the club a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to have my camera with me. I got some good pictures of you that night. The men you were with in the men’s bathroom looked like they had some fun, now it’s my turn”.
“What are you talking about” Kim Lee asked?
In a strange voice Jim replied “I thought you might need something to think about so I left some pictures on your back step. I am watching your back door, you can’t see me if you look but I can see you. I will wait on the phone until you look at the pictures and then I will tell you what to do.
“I don’t know what you think you are doing but I wont cooperate” Kim Lee said.
“That’s fine with me. I will post the pictures all over the internet and make sure that every man in your neighborhood gets a full set, including your husband” Jim told her. “Now do you want to do as you are told or do I just hang up and show everyone how much fun you can be” Jim asked?
Mary and I were watching out the upstairs window that over looked the back steps to my house. We watched Kim Lee slowly open the back door and look around to see who was watching. She still had the phone in her hand as she carefully squatted down and picked up the large envelope full of pictures. Quickly she stepped back inside and closed the door. Jim had turned the speaker phone on so we all could hear, all of a sudden we herd Kim Lee say “oh my god, no. What are you going to do” she asked?
“That all depends on you lady” Jim said in a distorted voice. “If you cooperate I will fuck you once or twice a month for the next six months. I will fuck you any where, any way and any time I want. If you don’t cooperate or if you tell anyone I will spread your pictures all over the internet and to all your friends before you find me. Now will you cooperate” Jim asked?
“Do I have a choice” Kim Lee asked?
“Yes, you do have a choice. You can cooperate or be disgraced and embarrassed for the rest of your life. That’s not counting what will happen when your husband finds out.
Now what is your answer” Jim asked forcefully?
“Ok, Ok. I will do what you want, but some things I won’t do” Kim Lee replied.
“No, you will do anything I tell you or else” Jim barked.
“Ok. What do you want me to do” Kim Lee asked?
“Good” Jim said. “Now put on the blindfold that was in the envelope and sit down at the kitchen table. We will come in the back door. If you don’t have the blindfold on or if you take it off our deal is off”.
“What do you mean, we? I have to let you come over but nobody else” my wife said.
“Look bitch, you will do what I tell you, where I tell you and to who I tell you. Do I have to keep repeating myself by reminding you about the pictures. Does your husband have a good lawyer” Jim asked?
“Ok, Ok, I will be sitting at the table. I am hanging up the phone now and will wait for you” my wife said in a vary low, sad voice.
“Good, I am glad that you will cooperate, we will be there in about five minutes. Be blindfolded and ready” Jim instructed her before he hung up the phone.
We waited for a few minutes before we went out the back door and snuck over to my house. Jim looked into the kitchen window and saw Kim Lee sitting at the table with the blindfold on. “She is ready” Jim whispered. We opened the back door, quickly walked in and put masks on just in case she peeked.
“Who is there" Kim Lee asked?
Jim disguised his voice again and told her that we were the people that were going to fuck her senseless. My wife began to whimper and cry as she realized that this was not just a bad dream.
“Come with us” Jim ordered. He grabbed her arm and led her to the living room. “Just stand there and don’t give us any trouble” Jim told her. We gathered around her and began to run our hands all over her body. My wife flinched at our every touch and then shook in fear as our hands began to explore her body. Mary was standing behind my wife with her arms wrapped around Kim Lee. Her hands softly rubbed against my wife’s breasts on their way down to her waist. With a slow smooth motion Mary lifted my wife’s dark blue T-shirt. With only more tears and no hesitation Kim Lee raised her arms above her head to allow the shirt to be pulled up and removed. Mary pulled the T-shirt up over Kim Lee’s head and over her arms until it came off. I kneeled in front and unbuckled and unzipped my wife’s jeans while Jim stood to one side and slid one hand down the front of her soft cotton panties. Again my wife cringed when Jim touched her soft smooth skin. I pulled the jeans down around her ankles then reached for her panties. They were nothing sexy, just plain white cotton panties with little smiley faces printed all over them. I had seen them hundreds of times and didn’t waste any time pulling them down. Jim ordered her “Step out of your jeans and panties. Next time wear something sexy for all of us”
“All of you? How many people are here” Kim Lee asked?
“Don’t worry about how many people are here, just do what you are told” Jim snapped.
Kim Lee didn’t say another word, she just lifted one foot then the other and stepped out of her clothes. Mary had unhooked my wife’s flimsy black bra and slid it down her arms until it fell off and dropped on my head. Mary giggled a little when she looked down and saw the bra hanging with one cup on each side of my head. I stood up and tossed the bra on the couch.
“On your knees lady, my cock needs some attention” Jim said. My cock was already hard as a rock but I thought it would explode when I saw my completely naked wife sink to her knees in front of Jim. He stepped forward and pressed the head of his uncircumcised 9 inch cock against her lips. She pulled back but Jim told her to lick and suck it, then he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back to his hard shaft. Reluctantly she searched with her hands until she found Jim’s leg. Then slowly her hand moved up his leg past his thigh to his hard cock. Jim was tall and even on her knees Kim Lee seemed short and had to pull his hard shaft down to meet her lips. She paused for a moment but Jim pushed forward and his foreskin hit her lips.
“Get started bitch” Jim insisted.
My wife whimpered a little as her lips parted and her tongue began to lick and probe the foreskin covering his cock head. I was so engrossed in the sight of my wife’s tongue sliding up and down that long hard shaft. After a few strokes up and down his shaft my wife pushed the foreskin back with her lips and accepted his meat into her mouth. I saw that Jim was smiling, Kim Lee was holding his cock with both hands and her head was slowly moving forward and back. She was only taking the head into her mouth as it moved in and out
“Deeper” Jim ordered as he pushed deep into her mouth.
My wife pulled back suddenly to pulled Jim’s cock out of her mouth. She gagged and choked when Jim pushed again and his cock hit the back of her throat.
“Never had anyone in that deep before did you bitch” Jim asked? “Don’t worry lady, we will fix that. My friend here is a little smaller. He will be a good one to break you in and stretch your throat out for me. Come with me”.
Jim made her crawl on her knees over by the couch where I was standing. Jim instructed her to pull my pants down and suck my cock as deep as she could. My wife didn’t know it was me and she felt around until she found my belt and zipper. Soon she had my pants and underwear down and I stepped out of them. She felt around again until she found my engorged piece of meat. Before she could start sucking I sat down on the couch, spread my legs and pulled her head into my crotch. She crawled closer on all fours until her elbows were on my legs, then she gripped my shaft and guided it into her mouth. My wife had begun to accept the fact that we were going to do what ever we wanted and she couldn’t do anything about it. Her crying and whimpering had stopped and she did what she was told without hesitation. Her head started moving up and down and her lips were closed tightly around my shaft. She was taking my cock deeper into her mouth but not deep enough to make her choke. Jim instructed her to swallow it as he pushed her head down hard and her lips went all the way down to the base of my shaft. When he let her head go she pulled up and off and choked again. Jim held her head and pushed it back onto my cock. She started sucking again only this time she went deeper. I could feel the head of my cock enter her throat a few times and then she would choke again. She continued doing this several times until she didn’t choke anymore.
I was watching my wife sucking and taking my cock down her throat. It was such a fantastic blow job I knew I wouldn’t last long. It was better than she had ever done before and it didn’t take long before I could feel the pressure start to build in my balls. Jim and Mary could see the affect that my wife’s sucking was having on me. Mary bent over and gave me a quick kiss and a wink before she walked around and knelt behind my wife. Mary smiled then put a finger in her mouth seductively. Then she ran her finger down my wife’s back, over her ass and in between her legs to her soft tight pussy. Kim Lee was startled by the feel of this strange finger rubbing and probing the soft tight folds of her womanhood. Mary didn’t finger Kim Lee’s pussy vary long before she stopped. I was about ready to explode when Mary stood up and began to do a strip. She danced slowly as she unbuttoned her white blouse slipped it down her arms and dropped it on the floor. Her breasts looked like they had been stuffed into her lace bra and her small light brown nipples were hard and straining to push their way through. Her hips moved and wiggled wildly while she unzipped her skirt and dropped it around her feet. Mary turned her back toward me and gave her tiny little ass an extra shake in my direction while she reached up and unhooked her bra. After dropping her bra on the floor she bent over, spread her legs slightly and slid her white lace thong down. Her ass and pussy were in plain view for me to see as she reached back and spread her ass cheeks open.
“Its yours when you are ready sweetie” Mary said with a sly grin.
With the blow job that my wife was giving me and the vary sexy strip show that Mary just did I couldn’t hold back any more. I reached down and held Kim Lee’s head so she couldn’t pull away and shot one of the biggest loads of my life into her mouth. She tried to pull away but I wouldn’t let her head go. I pumped load after load of my thick cream into her hot mouth as she struggled to get free. My cum was leaking out around her lips as she continued to struggle to get away. In a disguised voice I told her to swallow it but she shook her head no while she tried to pull away.
“I said swallow it bitch. If you don’t I will push your head down and cum down your fucking throat” I told her in the same disguised voice.
She stopped struggling and I could feel the suction from her mouth get stronger on my cock as she swallowed reluctantly. When I was done shooting my load in her mouth I pushed her away and Mary took my place on the couch. Mary spread her legs wide apart and laid back. I pushed my wife forward so her face dropped between Mary’s wide spread legs. Kim Lee felt around to find the next cock for her to suck, but jumped up fast when she found a hairless pussy instead. Jim moved around and took another picture with the camera he had brought. He handed me the camera and stepped in behind my wife. Forcefully he pushed her head back down between Mary’s legs and told her to start licking.
“No, I am not like that” My wife mumbled from between Mary’s creamy thighs.
“Does your husband have a good divorce lawyer” Jim asked?
“You bastards” my wife said as she bent over again and started licking Mary’s soft shaved crack. Jim smiled as he watched my wife’s ass move while she was licking his wife’s pussy. He knelt down behind Kim Lee, grabbed her hips and pulled her ass up into position. He pushed her legs apart with his knees and moved forward placing the head of his hard cock against my wife’s tender brown pussy lips. Again my wife struggled and shook her head but this time Mary had her fingers tightly tangled in my wife’s silky black hair and was pulling her head tight against her pussy. I could hear my wife squeal and try to scream in protest but the sounds were muffled in Mary’s dripping pussy. All of a sudden Jim lunged forward and drove his 9 inch peace of meat deep into my wife’s tight dry cunt. She let out a loud scream of surprise and pain and her entire body was forced forward, her face plowed into Mary’s pussy. Kim Lee was inexperienced at licking pussy but Mary was enjoying every flick of the tongue my wife gave her. Mary’s head was tipped back and she was breathing hard, her fingers were tightly gripping the hair tangled between her fingers. Mary had rolled her hips up and wrapped her legs tightly around Kim Lee’s head. Jim had pulled back until only the large head of his cock was inside of my wife and then he thrust forward again. After three or four more strokes of his big cock Kim Lee stopped resisting and her pussy began to get wet and relaxed. Jim pumped harder and deeper with every stroke until his balls were slapping my wife’s naked flesh. Her cunt had accepted the pounding that it was getting and got wetter and wetter. I was still taking pictures and I could see her pussy juice running down her leg and making a spot on the carpet. Every time Jim pushed in Kim Lee’s body was forced forward harder and harder. The pounding Jim was giving my wife was being forced through her body and drove my wife’s face harder against Mary’s twat. Mary could feel the increase in force against her clit and she was on the edge of loosing control. I was standing near by taking more and more pictures when Mary reached over and grabbed my now hard cock. She was gasping for air but still pulled me close and began to suck my dick like she was possessed. She didn’t lick or play with it, she just sucked it in like she was trying to suck the head off and make it collapse like a straw. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take that for long but Marry stopped sucking and let my dick spring out of her mouth. She threw her head back hard, her entire body got as stiff as a board and I could see her begin to shake. A low guttural grown began come from her and quickly got louder as it turned into a scream. Her body continued to shake a quiver. Just as her body began to relax from one orgasm another orgasm would begin. Orgasm after orgasm attacked her body without mercy. Jim could see what was happening to Mary and pulled my wife away from her pussy. He grabbed Kim Lee by the hips and began to pound her even harder. I was surprised when I noticed my wife was rocking back to meet his thrusts. My wife began to let out soft moans of pleasure but I shook my head at Jim. I whispered into his ear. When I was done he looked up at me with a big smile and nodded his head.
“Stand up our dirty little Asian slut” Jim told her as he pulled his cock out.
I was taking more pictures and I could see how stretched out, red and swollen her love hole was. I could tell that she was ours to do with as we pleased when she stood up and she kept her head bowed down in disgrace. Jim sat down on the couch and pulled her onto the couch and on top of him. Carefully he guided her sore swollen pussy back on to his ridged shaft and pushed her down hard on it. She was still wet and slid all the way down without any problem. Jim squeezed my wife’s firm breasts and pinched her hard little brown nipples. She winced in pain but still began to slide up and down on his shaft at his command. Jim pulled her on top of him and spread his legs. My wife’s pussy and ass were spread open and in plain view, her juices covered Jim’s ridged shaft and ran down over his balls. Everything was so wet when I moved up behind my wife and pressed the head of my dick against her tightly puckered asshole. She slid up Jim’s shaft in an effort to pull away from my cock but Jim and I both pushed her back down hard. She let out a loud painful yelp and a spasm of pain shot through her when the head of my dick forced its way past the threshold and into her tight anal opening. The dark brown tissue and muscles around her asshole yielded to the forced penetration and stretched tightly around my hard shaft. She cried and whimpered as I slowly pushed deeper and deeper inside her virgin ass. We began to push and pull my wife’s naked stretched and abused body up and down on our cocks. I could feel her asshole spasm, contract and release around my shaft as her body began to accept the violation that was taking place between her legs. Her pussy and ass hole felt so tight around our cocks that it didn’t take long before Jim began to feel the pressure in his balls start to move up his shaft. To my surprise I noticed that my wife was beginning to respond to the fucking that she was getting. I could hear low grunts again coming from her every time she dropped down harder and harder on the two shafts of flesh that were pounding and stretching her sore swollen openings.
“Oh damn, she’s tight. Fuck me bitch, fuck me” Jim panted.
I could see and feel my wife grind her pussy and ass into Jim and I every time she came down on us. Her asshole had relaxed but was still tight around my cock. It felt like she was squeezing my shaft and milking my cock every time she slid up my shaft.
Jim couldn’t take any more and I herd him groan loudly. My wife was jumping up and down like she was bouncing up and down on a spring. When I looked up I saw Jim tense his body, lock his arms around my wife and shove his cock hard and deep inside her tunnel of womanhood. That was all she could take and she dropped down hard on his shaft. Her entire body began to quiver and the muscles in her ass tightened even more as it grabbed my cock. She continued to shake, grunt and moan as she fell over on top of Jim. I lifted myself for a better angle and drove her asshole harder. I herd her let out a loud gasp between moans. I continued to pound her ass mercilessly.
Mary had regained some control and saw what was happening. She moved over beside me and leaned over to kiss me. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I had my lips locked against Mary’s, our tongues were exploring each others mouth and I was still pounding my wife’s ass. I could feel Mary’s tongue in my mouth and her hand on my back. She began to rub my back until I felt it slide down over my ass. She gently brushed my asshole with her finger a few times before it continued down between my legs. Her hand rubbed and massaged my balls while my cock continued to slide in and out of my wife’s ass. Mary moved around behind me and pushed me hard to burry my cock in Kim Lee’s ass. I was startled to feel Mary’s lips on my lower back and her tongue begin to lick its way down. With both hands she spread my ass cheeks and a charge of electricity shot threw me when her lips and tongue made contact with my asshole. Mary continued to lick and kiss my brown hole while her hand rubbed and explored the two cocks, balls and the pussy. My balls were aching to be unloaded and my cock was harder than it had ever been before. Slowly my hips began to move so I could finish and shoot my load. Mary felt the motion begin and stopped me. She pulled her hand back to my ass and pushed the tip of a finger inside. Nobody had ever done anything like that to me before and I got so excited I almost lost control. It felt unbelievable and Mary knew it. She felt me start to relax and with one quick move drove her finger up my ass. I was surprised and shocked until her finger hit the right spot. I started to cum and couldn’t stop. Mary moved her finger in and out. Every time she pushed her finger in she hit the same spot and I would shoot another load. I had never felt anything like it, I had no control and shot load after load until I was so exhausted. My legs gave out and I just fell over, Mary’s finger pulled out as I fell away. Jim’s meat pipe was still deep inside my wife’s cunt as she lay on top of him. They were both still overcome by the furious fucking they had given each other.
Gently Mary cupped Jim’s balls, leaned in and sucked them into her open mouth. She sucked and licked her husband’s balls while his cock was still deep inside my wife’s slippery twat. Her tongue began to lick the base of his semi soft cock and up his shaft to where my wife’s pussy was stretched around it. Mary continued to lick and explore my wife’s stretched out cunt and the cock inside it. Mary licked Jim’s cock and my wife’s pussy in an attempt to get all the creamy juice that she could get. Mary had licked every inch of flesh from Jim’s balls to my wife’s ass hole. With her tongue she had cleaned up every drop that she could reach. I just laid there and watched in total amazement. I don’t know how but my cock was hard again by the time she was finished. Slowly my wife pulled herself up and Jim’s cock fell out.
“Come with me. I have another job for you” Mary told her.
Now it was Mary’s turn for fun. She guided my wife around and made her sit on the edge of a arm chair with her ass on the edge. Mary looked at me and smiled as she said “will you fuck me now, I need to be filled too”.
She turned back around and spread my wife’s legs again as she raised her ass up to invite me in. Her legs and her ass cheeks were open to reveal her hairless pink slit and well used asshole. Just by looking I could tell that I would not be the first to fuck her in the ass. It still looked like it would be good. Mary was working on my wife’s pussy when I began to kiss, lick and finger her sexy little pussy. It wasn’t long before I could hear Mary begin to moan softly. Mary was licking and sucking our cum from my wife’s red swollen cunt while she was being eaten by me. Jim sat back and watched the action while he was taking more pictures. The sight was erotic beyond words. Mary lunged forward when I kneeled behind her and drove my hard shaft into her dripping, silky soft pussy. In minutes my wife was breathing hard again and Mary was matching her pant for pant. I was driving deep and hard into Mary’s dripping pussy and she was fingering and licking my wife’s twat with the same ferocity. We were all building to a blow out fast and we were on the edge. It would just take a little something extra to start a chain reaction. Mary’s ass and pussy were covered with her sweet love juice and it was even running down and dripping off my balls onto the floor. Without missing a stroke I pulled my cock out and shoved it up deep into her ass. She squealed and pushed back hard on my shaft. Three strokes later I felt Mary’s pussy squirt her womanly juices out onto my balls as her body began to shake out of control. The muscles in her ass tightened and released time after time after time. It felt like a massage and I lost control, I began to shoot my load inside her ass and I pushed even harder. Mary eagerly accepted my new thrust and drove her face hard against my wife’s pussy. My wife wrapped her legs around Mary’s head, her body tensed and her fingers were turning white from the grip she had on the couch. We all herd a long deep groan as my wife reached the peak of another orgasm. She climaxed three more times before her body relaxed and let go of Mary.
By now we were all pretty well exhausted but we still had a few more things to do before we left. Jim, Mary and I all lined up side by side on the floor. We told Kim Lee to get on her knees, lean forward and clean us up. One by one she licked and sucked Jim’s cock, then mine clean. Finely she got down and spent a half hour licking Mary’s pussy to get it cleaned out.
“Last thing before we leave for today” Jim told Kim Lee. We took her into the kitchen and made her lay on the floor. “Open your mouth wide” Jim said. I was so tired, but the sight of my vary conservative wife laying completely naked on the floor with her legs spread and her mouth open in front of people she didn’t even know was an incredible turn on. Mary moved over and squatted down over my wife’s open mouth. I watched as Mary grunted and tighten her stomach muscles until a glob of cum dropped out of her ass and into Kim Lee’s mouth. My wife coughed and choked, then closed her mouth and swallowed the load. A string of cum hung from Mary’s ass down to Kim Lee’s lips.
“Lick it clean” Mary ordered. The order was quickly obeyed. “Now open back up” Mary ordered again. Without hesitation my wife opened her mouth again. Mary repositioned herself and told Jim to get ready. Jim got down close with the camera as Mary used her fingers to pull her pussy lips open. A second later a stream of warm yellow water shot out and into my wife’s mouth and all over her face. I couldn’t believe that I was watching Mary piss in my wife’s mouth and all over her face. The piss was pouring out of Kim Lee’s mouth, running down her face and all over the floor. With a few more squirts Mary was done, Jim nudged me and we kneeled on each side of my battered, bruised and naked wife.
“You are not done yet my little piss slut” Jim told her. Jim and I both let loose at the same time. Two hot streams of golden yellow piss hit her in the mouth and face. The hot salty liquid quickly filled her mouth and the piss and foam poured out. In just seconds we had sprayed her face and most of her body.
While we were hosing down my wife Mary had gone and gotten all of our clothes and brought them to the kitchen. As I was getting dressed I kept watching my wife lay there completely vulnerable on the kitchen floor in a large puddle of piss. She was completely naked, her pussy and asshole had been stretched, bruised, and brutalized. I could even see a few small bruises on her small breasts. I almost felt sorry for her at that point but I also knew that if I didn’t do something we would not have stayed married much longer. I did love her but she needed some tough love which she had just gotten.
Jim took a couple more pictures of her and then told her “we are going to leave now. We have the phone set up so we can listen to you. We will be able to hear everything you do. I want you to count to two hundred and then you can take your blindfold off and get cleaned up. We will call again when we are ready to do you again. Oh, next time wear something sexy. Start counting”.
Jim, Mary and I went out the back door and took our masks off as we quickly went to Jim’s house. When we got there we could still hear Kim Lee counting on the phone. She was only on 92 but we listened until she was done. We could hear her whimper and cry but she didn’t make any other sounds until she had counted to 200.
After we got cleaned up I stayed with Jim and Mary the rest of the day. We figured that we had been with Kim Lee for just over two hours. When the time was right Mary took me back to my car so I could go home.
When I got home to Kim Lee she had cleaned everything up and didn’t say anything about what had happened. Instead of complaining about everything she was quiet the rest of the day. I noticed that she was walking funny and I asked what was wrong.
“Nothing wrong, I slipped on the back steps and fell on my bottom” she said quietly. I knew better but didn’t say anything. I just asked her if she was alright or should I take her to the hospital? “No! No! I will be ok in a few days. I don’t need to go to the hospital” she said apprehensively. Three days later I asked her if she wanted to have a little fun when we went to bed. She told me that she still wasn’t feeling good enough.

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