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How I became bi
I had experienced a few things that were leading me up to this I had been fingered in my ass by a girl and had fingered my self also.

I am 24 years old and this just happened on my last vacation on new years eve night. i am a medium built Brown skinned nlack man 6 feet tall and good looking i have always had my way with the women. I was out of my country and in a foreign place where I had studied for five years and picked up many habits, such as sucking pussy anal sex with women , threesomes all of that. And now that I was back to visit my girlfreind who was still studying I had the erge to enjoy cock for the first time.

We were at the new years eve ball and the music was great we were dancing, I ws seeing all these people around me and was thinking on how good it would be for me to resolve my issue on the first night of the year. I thought quickly and told my Girlfreind tht i had to go to the bathroon as i felt a little drunk from all the liquor her name is Suzan. She fell for it and i went by the mens room and started to make progress I went by the urinal and took my dick out and peed after I had finished i shaked it a bit abd began to gentle massage my dick just for it to be semi hard as i got this Two guys came up on each side of me and pulled out their dicks tu pee I looked at the guy to my left and looked at his dick he was a white guy I asked him where he was from and he said Canada. I told him my name was Don and he shaked my hand, O am John. he had finished peeing and I said hey you r finished over there he said yeah your right, You seem to have a nice cock, he said pardon me what/ don't be offended i siad just thought you might have wanted a blowjob. From a guy he responded, well do you I asked more firmly and he said hesitantly but where. just get into the toilet and I'll join you he went in and kept looking on me then i turned and went to him after putting my dick back in my pants. I pulled up the door behind me but didn't close it and went straght for his zipper took his dick out as it grew instnatly in my hand. I went on my knees and began to jack him off while i felt his balls with my fingers. He semed to enjoy this as he pulled the nelt and dropped the pants to the ground . This gave me more room to act I reached up and playe with his nipples as i jacked with the other. He began to buck against my hand and I out my mouth at the enge of my hand and lte his dick touch my lips as he came through my hand, then I began to kiss his dick at the tip and then sucked on the tip as afterawhile I took more into my mouth and rubbed his balls he looked down at me and kissed as he urged me to carry on, "suck my dick Don suck it' he fucks me down my throat until his load shoots down my throat then I spit it back on his dick and balls and spread it all over him all the way ti his ass and slip a finger into his asshole as it trembles while he still flows cum. I turn him to face his back and lean him over the toilet and begin to rub his asshole with my fingers. I bit his ass cheeks and then spat at his asshole and licked it using my tongue to peirde his pucker and enter his shit holehe squirmed and it took a little time until he relaxed then I took my pants down and lubed my dick with spit and pressed it against his ass as it entered a little the the head jumped in then it seemed to hitch he begged for me to be gentle and i said 'sure John I'll takecare with your asshole you r a good boy. he kept on whimpering as i forced in more ingching deeper into his depths. He became more lubed and began to ride back as i straddled him and rode the ass like a horse soon I had him dripping tears as he was almost tearing as my 9 inch buried deep in his ass. Riding away at john's ass i barely noticed when a latin guy opened the door and I just kept riding I said noting to him and he just stood looking at us. I looked at him as i didn't break stride then I took my hands and parted my ass cheecks and kissed at him as i fucked away at john's ass, 'so whats your name fellow' he said'i am Pedro and I asked well r u gonna fuck me or what, he still stood there so i took his dick out of his pants and jacked him until he was at full length. I spat in my hand and wet my ass and put his dick to my ass and eased it in as the head bore my entrance It was alot more than I ws used to so I eased off fucking john as hard and got used to the size of Pedro's 8 inch dick as he relaxed abit a then rode me like a pony. I got used to the strides ansd began on girate on this prick as I girated in Johns ass.

I reached at Pedro's balls and fondled him as he rode me and as i rode Johns now wet ass after being there a while I ease out of john and turned him around and put my dick in his mouth he quickly got used to it and gave me a great blow as i began bucking away at his face with me near cumming. I let go in his mouth and it overflows as my load is too much Pedro keeps at my ass and I urge him on ass i ask for him to cum in me. 'fuck my ass you latin shit fuck my ass, I bow my head as he strides harder and faster at my ass and i kiss john softly from lips to tongue and Pedro hits his load and fills my ass until he slides out and it pours out my ass lookin so nice.


2008-01-10 18:35:10
Be quiet. The grammar was bad, but most of you had grammar errors in your comments. HAHA Ironic?

To the writer -- keep trying, space it out, and please use spellcheck.


2007-06-27 03:49:32
tought it was great ... fuck grammar


2006-04-05 17:47:02
I couldnt read this shit at all!! what the fuck? next time do a better job k


2006-04-02 12:23:27
You dumb fucker - you can't spell and I think you should try to have a life outside of a toilet stall and grow up - you sound as though you'r about 8 years old!


2006-04-01 03:29:52
Damn, I came so hard whule redaing that! I want to suck some dick !

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