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The fourth installment
Kelly kept kissing Stephanie's pussy for a long time after she stopped moving. When she looked up, she saw that her head was back and her eyes were closed. Her hands were lying idly by her side. Kelly moved up to sit next to Stephanie, pulling her close. "Are you okay sweetie," she said as she took Stephanie's head in her hands and looked at her.

Stephanie opened her eyes slowly. She had a disoriented look on her face. When she saw Kelly's wet face it all came back to her. A weak smile crossed her lips. "Your face is all sticky," she whispered.

"I know," Kelly answered and licked her lips.

This time, Stephanie pulled Kelly's lips to hers for a very wet kiss. When she pulled back, she stared into Kelly's eyes with a look of concern on her face.

Kelly knew what she was thinking. "You don't have to do that to me," she whispered. "But I would love it if you sucked my breasts."

Stephanie slowly nodded her head and then whispered, "All right."

Hearing that Kelly pulled her top up, revealing her firm breasts and large nipples. The nipples were as hard as pebbles and stuck out like pencil erasers.

With a moan, Stephanie dropped her head and took one into her mouth.

"Oh yes," Kelly gasped. She unsnapped her jeans. As she held Stephanie's head to her heaving breast, she slipped her hand under her jeans and found her already throbbing sex. It only took her a few moments to reach her peak. She squeezed Stephanie's head to her breasts, as her body shook with a powerful orgasm... short in duration, but very satisfying.

Kelly had a broad smile on her face as she left Stephanie standing in the doorway that evening. She knew that the older woman was feeling guilty: guilty that she had performed on her, but that she had given little in return. That was exactly what she wanted.

Chapter 5

Stephanie could think of nothing but Kelly over the next several days. She couldn't believe how good it had been to have her mouth on her pussy. She could almost feel her lips still on her. While she was satisfied, there was an excitement burning inside her. She also felt selfish. She had never been a taker. Just the opposite... she had always been the giver... to her husband and son or anyone else that needed her. Now she felt guilty that she had let Kelly pleased her with her mouth and she had done nothing in return. Since Kelly hadn't called in several days, she worried that she might be angry with her. Suddenly, she had to call her... to tell her... she didn't know what. But she had to talk to her.

It was almost eight P.M. and Kelly was still at the school. Reports cards were to be turned in just a few days and she still had papers to grade before she could fill in the cards. It was always at this time of the semester that she became hyper. Sometimes she felt like she was out of control. However, this year Stephanie's help made it easier.

A smile came to her face when she thought of the pretty older woman. Her budding relationship with Stephanie made the days go by quicker and she looked forward to the times that she was in her classroom. Now she knew what she had been missing in her life. The ringing of her cell phone startled Kelly. "Hello," she said.

"Hi Kelly, its Stephanie."

"Hi," Kelly answered without revealing any emotion.

She is mad at me, Stephanie thought. "Uh... I was just wondering... wondering if you had time to get together tonight... for a drink... to talk."

"I'm sorry Steph, but I'm buried with work. Report cards are due in a couple of days and I have papers to grade." Kelly paused, letting the monotone of her voice sink in. She could almost feel the tension over the phone.

Listen, I could stop over to your house and help if you want."

"I'm still at the school."

"Oh," Stephanie said and paused. Then she added, "I can come to the school then."

"Well, if you have time..." Kelly said.

"I'll be right down." With that Stephanie hung up and told David that she had to go help Kelly at school. Fortunately he was home and could stay with Ben, who was already in bed.

Kelly smiled as she hung up the phone. She sighed and a little tremor went through her.

A few minutes later, Stephanie walked into the deserted school. Her heels on the tile floor sounded louder than ever. It was strange and almost scary being in the empty building. When she arrived at Kelly's classroom, she saw her working behind her big oak desk. Her heart started to beat faster at the sight of the pretty girl.

Kelly was wearing a pretty green sweater and what looked like a short pleated skirt.

"Hi," Stephanie said.

Kelly looked up and said "Hi."

When Stephanie got close enough, she bent over and kissed Kelly on the mouth. Her lips were receptive, but not particularly responsive. "How can I help?"

"You can grade these papers while I start the report cards."

Stephanie picked up a stack of papers and sat down at a table in the front of the room. As she began to work, she glanced over at Kelly several times. Kelly didn't look up. Stephanie was sure she was mad at her. "Kelly, are you... are you mad at me?"

Kelly looked up and said, "No, why would I be mad at you?"

She's mad, Stephanie thought. "Because... because of the... other night."

Kelly suddenly changed the subject. "Could you get a stack of report cards from the shelf in the coatroom."

Stephanie got up and went to the coatroom. She paused as she stepped into the crowded closet, feeling like she was going to cry. She had to do something or risk losing Kelly as a friend. She retrieved a stack of blank report cards from the top shelf and went back to the front of the classroom with determination in her step. However, the closer she got to Kelly, the less confident she felt. Finally she was standing next to her desk trembling, holding back tears.

When Kelly looked up at Stephanie's sad face, a pain went through her heart. It was time to stop the charade. She pushed her chair back.

Suddenly Stephanie looked down and gasped. She saw that Kelly's little pleated skirt was high on her legs, revealing much of her the soft skin of her thighs. However, that wasn't what made her gasp; Kelly's panties were around her ankles.

"I guess my panties fell down," Kelly giggled. With that she reached down and pulled them from her feet. Then she boldly held up the slip of material before placing it on top a stack of test papers in front of Stephanie. "Maybe you can grade these papers."

Stephanie's heart began to race as she looked at the panties on the pile of papers. Her hands were trembling as she picked up the stack and walked back to her table. Her eyes never left the pink panties on top. She could see that there was a glistening of juice on the gusset. A chill of excitement rushed through her. Just as she sat down, someone came to the door. She snatched up the panties quickly and dropped them to her lap.

Jim, the night cleaning man, looked into the room. "Miss Kelly, are you ladies going to be okay here. I'm about to leave for the night."

"We'll be fine Jim. Just lock the door on you're way out of the building."

"Okay ma'am. I've checked around the school and everyone is gone but you two."

"Thanks Jim."

"By the way, if you two are going to be here alone, I'd advise you to close them blinds on the windows... you know... so nobody can see you alone here."

"That's a great idea Jim. Goodnight."

"Goodnight ma'am."

Kelly smiled at Stephanie.

They heard Jim whistling as he went down the hall. Then they heard the front doors slam and knew he was gone.

Kelly went over to the windows and let the blinds down. Then she went back to her desk and sat down.

Stephanie watched her turn to the side as she leaned over the desk to work again. She crossed her legs, letting her short skirt slip high up her thighs. She could feel her pussy pulsing as she thought about Kelly sitting there without panties.

Kelly looked up and saw Stephanie looking at her legs.

Stephanie's eyes dropped back to the papers on her desk and her face turned red. Then she saw the panties in her lap. With a trembling hand she picked them up. She glanced over at Kelly and saw that she wasn't watching her. She slowly brought the panties to her nose. Suddenly her head began to spin as she inhaled Kelly's scent. The crotch was wet and still warm. It smelled of a combination of perfume and a hint of Kelly's sex. She pulled the panties from her nose and gasped when she saw Kelly staring at her. Her eyes drifted down. She saw she had her legs uncrossed and they were spread apart. Her skirt was halfway up her thighs. Stephanie gasped when she realized she could see her shaved pussy.

Kelly smiled and crooked her finger at Stephanie.

Almost in a trance, Stephanie stood up and walked slowly over to her.

"Are you ready to please me?" Kelly asked.

Stephanie took a ragged breath and nodded her head, unable to speak. Incredible excitement rushed through her.

"Then get on you knees under the teachers desk."

Stephanie thought that she had misunderstood her. "Huh?"

"Get under my desk," she said.

Stephanie felt like her legs were going to give out. She swayed on her feet and her heart pounded in her chest. "I... I... don't know what to do," she said in a trembling voice.

"I'll show you." Kelly slid away from the desk to give Stephanie room.

With that Stephanie went to her knees and crawled under the big oak desk. She couldn't believe what she was doing. Yet, she had never been more excited in her life. She watched as Kelly turned and slid her chair toward her, spreading her legs wide in the process. Suddenly it was dark under the desk and she could barely see. She could smell Kelly's excitement.

"Kiss my thighs, but nothing else until I tell you," Kelly said.

With trembling hands, Stephanie spread Kelly's legs and began to kiss up her thighs. She felt the younger girl tremble as her lips drew across her soft skin.

Kelly started to hum as she went back to grading papers.

Stephanie kissed high up one thigh and then moved to the other side and began kissing back down. When she reached her knee, she switched again, using her tongue this time as she moved back up the warm flesh.

"Mmmm, very nice," Kelly whispered.

Stephanie worked on the younger woman's thighs for a long time, enjoying the feeling of her soft flesh under her lips. She lost herself in the task and forgot where she was for a time. The movement of Kelly's legs brought her back. She felt the young teacher opening her legs wider and slipping lower in her chair.

"Kiss my pussy like you kissed my mouth."

Stephanie swallowed hard and looked at the dark outline of Kelly's sex in front of her face. There were giant butterflies in her stomach and she began to tremble.

"Kiss my pussy," Kelly ordered.

With her body now trembling like a leaf in a storm, Stephanie closed her eyes and moved her head forward.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Kelly gasped as she felt Stephanie's lips touch her pulsing sex. "Kiss me, kiss me, kiss my pussy lips," she gasped.

Stephanie felt Kelly's juice on her lips and she moaned. She licked her lips tongue and brought the taste into her mouth. Her heart beat faster in her chest. With a little whimper, she stuck her tongue into her wet hole and felt it surrounded by the tight sphincter muscle. Her head began to spin as more juice dribbled down her tongue and into her mouth. With a moan of excitement she pushed Kelly's legs wider and began to suck on the open hole.

"Oh yes, yes, you know how to eat pussy already," Kelly gasped and humped her hips into the sucking mouth.

Stephanie pulled away abruptly, teasingly. Then she felt Kelly's hands reach for her head and she heard her scream, "No!" With a smile, she let her pull her face back to her sodden sex lips. She began to suck and kiss her lips like she was kissing her mouth. She worked her tongue in and out before sucking the lips. Soon she felt Kelly's thighs tighten on her head.

"Oh God Stephanieeeeeee!!!" she screamed and began to climax. The sound of her voice echoed off the cinderblock walls of the classroom. It was a good thing there was no one in the school.

Stephanie held on to her thighs and kept sucking. She accumulated the juice pouring from her hole in her mouth until it threatened to overflow. Then she drank it down, sucking for more. Suddenly, Stephanie began to tremble. An incredible climax rushed through her and she nearly swooned.

After a long while, Kelly came down from her climax and tried to push Stephanie's head from between her legs. However, she felt her resisting and heard her moan in protest. She stopped pushing and lay back in her chair again, spreading her legs wider. A moan of satisfaction escaped her lips as she allowed the older woman free access to her sex. It only took a few minutes before she felt her excitement building again.

Stephanie was lost in a sea of sensual delight. She never knew how exciting it could be to please another woman with her mouth. It was so unlike oral sex with David. Her juice was sweet and she knew that there wouldn't any sticky cum to contend with when she climaxed again.

"Oh Stephanie," Kelly gasped when she felt her using her fingers to open her sex lips. Then she felt her teasing her clit. "Oh God, oh God," she gasped.

Stephanie sucked the clit into her mouth.

"Ahhhhhhheeeeee!!!" Kelly screamed and went over the top again.

When Stephanie left the school that evening, there was a smile on her sticky face. She was happy that she had pleased Kelly, but she was also surprised at how much she liked it. She ate the young woman to three strong climaxes and would have continued had she not pushed her away. She could still taste Kelly's juice on her lips... and she had her panties in her purse, which she would use to masturbate with when she got home. She wasn't even going to wash her face tonight.

Chapter 6

It was Friday night. Stephanie stood in her closet trying to decide what she was going to wear for her evening with Kelly. I seem to do this a lot, she thought to herself with a smile. A few minutes ago, she had kissed Benjamin's sweet face and sent him with a backpack full of stuff out to his grandparents' waiting car. David was off on a business trip for two days. As she looked at her clothes, she remembered the other day at school when Kelly had talked to her about Friday night. "I thought that we could go out to eat and then come back to my place and have some fun," the pretty blonde had said with a sexy smile. The butterflies that were always present in Stephanie's stomach had been flapping their wings like mad at that. Stephanie had agreed that sounded like fun.

Now she selected a knit dress that hugged her body sexily. It was snug, but not too tight. They were going to be out in public after all she reasoned with herself. She couldn't look too sexy. Stephanie decided to forgo pantyhose as her legs still had some of the tan. Earlier in the day she had put on a light layer of self-tanning foam and was pleased with the result. She decided to skip her panties. This morning she had spent a long time in the shower shaving most of her pubic mound and trimming the hair into a cute little heart, which sat just above her clit. Everything else was totally bare. She couldn't believe how sensitive it felt as the material of her dress rubbed against it. Finally she selected a pair of very high-heeled pumps and headed for her car.

When Stephanie knocked on Kelly's door, the younger woman called out for her to come in. Stephanie opened the door and stepped inside. Suddenly she felt her heart skip a beat. It was always exciting to enter this apartment. It was the place they had shared their first secret kiss. Kelly entered the room, but she didn't appear to be ready to go out yet. The gorgeous blonde wore a short, silky robe that was tied around her waist. She wore lace-topped, thigh-high black stockings and spike-heeled black pumps. The robe was so short that the tops of her creamy thighs were clearly visible above the stockings. Stephanie felt her heart begin to pound in her chest. "Uh, aren't you ready to go eat yet?" she asked her friend.

Kelly came forward and took Stephanie's hand. "I'm ready to eat," she replied in a throaty voice as she started to lead the older woman toward the bedroom. Stephanie felt puzzlement as she let the younger woman lead her. As she walked into the room she started to understand. A huge chill ran down her spine. There were silk sheets on the bed and lit candles on the dresser. Soft music was playing from her CD player. "I've made a change of plans," she said with a sly smile as she helped Stephanie remove her light coat and discard it. Kelly's eyes filled with lust as they roamed over Stephanie's body. "Sexy dress," she whispered. "Too bad we'll have to take it off," she said as she slipped it over Stephanie's head. Kelly's eyes were had a glow like lust as she looked at Stephanie's nearly naked body.

Stephanie trembled as her lover looked at her. She was only wearing a black lace bra that clearly showed her now hardening nipples, and the high heels. She felt her pussy throb and grow wet. "Mmmm, no panties", Kelly teased. "You're a naughty girl." She brought a trembling finger to Stephanie's pussy and felt the wetness. With great will power she moved her finger away. Kelly untied the sash on her robe and let it fall open. She was naked underneath with only her stockings and heels on. The sexy blonde reached up and unhooked her friend's bra, letting it fall to the floor. She took Stephanie into her arms and found her lips. The two women moaned as their soft lips pressed together.

Stephanie trembled when she felt Kelly's tongue touch her own. She could feel Kelly's soft breasts pressing into hers and their nipples were touching. The kiss was dizzying for her, and it seemed to go on and on. She was furiously moving her tongue against Kelly's and holding onto the back of her silky robe.

Kelly suddenly moved away and dropped the robe from her shoulders. She began to push Stephanie to the bed. The older woman let Kelly press her down on the bed. Her heart was beating furiously in her chest. Kelly took Stephanie's arms and raised them over her head. Stephanie lay there curiously while Kelly bent down to the floor. When she stood up she was holding the sash from her robe.

She quickly leaned over Stephanie and began to tie her wrists together over her head with the sash. Oh, this is too much, Stephanie thought, but her vagina was clenching and she felt wetter than she ever had in her life.

Kelly gave her a quick kiss and let her tongue run over the brunette's lips. Then she moved away from the bed and in the soft candlelight, she sensuously rolled down one of her thigh-high stockings. She ran her hand over her glistening, bare pussy and looked out of the corner of her eye to see if Stephanie was watching. Stephanie's eyes were focused on her---large as saucers. Then Kelly very sexily rolled down her other stocking and removed it. She slipped her "come fuck me pumps" back onto her feet and stood at the foot of the bed. Kelly lifted Stephanie's foot at the ankle and tied one of her thigh-highs in a knot, just above the sexy pumps. Then she tied the older woman's ankle to the footboard of the bed.

Stephanie lifted her head in shock as Kelly lifted her other foot and did the same thing with her other stocking. She couldn't believe what she was letting happen, but she had no strength to stop it. In spite of some fear deep inside, she felt incredibly aroused to be Kelly's captive, and she moaned as she strained her legs against the bonds. Kelly climbed onto the bed and with her shiny blonde hair spilling over her face she licked Stephanie's foot, tracing the outline of her shoe. Then she began to lick up one leg from her ankle to her thigh and then bent down and did the same thing with her other leg. Stephanie felt her juice pouring onto the sheet beneath her. Pulling her head back, Kelly skipped her pubic area and licked up her lower belly, swirling her tongue in Stephanie's navel. She dragged her tongue higher and higher and then she savagely caught one hard nipple between her lips and sucked and bit it. "Ohhhh," Stephanie moaned as she writhed with her arms tied above her head. Conscious thought was beginning to leave her, and she was drowning in a sea of sensual delights like she had never before experienced. Kelly's mouth came down hard on her other nipple and she screamed. She was enjoying this as much as Stephanie. In fact, she had never been this excited, and she was so glad she had thought of doing this to Stephanie. Liquid was literally pouring from her throbbing hole as she worked her lips up her beautiful lovers body. She left the soft breasts and pressed her lips to Stephanie's. They both groaned loudly when their mouths touched. Kelly reached up and stroked her long nails over the underside of Stephanie's soft arms, dragging them down to stroke her armpits. Stephanie squirmed and moaned into Kelly's mouth. It felt wonderful to her. She was too aroused for the nails on her soft flesh to tickle. Up and down her body the fingers moved as Kelly continued to scrape her nails on the sides of Stephanie's body. She reluctantly pulled her mouth away and crawled lower scraping her nails down the older woman's thighs and then her calves. Then she began to lick the soft legs. She licked each of Stephanie's ankles around the tightly tied stockings and then she licked up her legs slowly, gliding her tongue over the creases of Stephanie's thighs. She continued to lick all around the pubic mound, but would not put her lips or tongue to the dripping slit. "Oh God, Kelly, please," Stephanie almost screamed. Kelly looked up from her licking. "What sweetheart, do you want me to eat you?" Stephanie was straining at all of her bounds. "Yes, please, eat me. I need you to do it." Kelly looked up naughtily at Stephanie. "You're just going to have to be patient. I've got you and you're mine right now, and very soon, I'm going to lick that sweet, wet pussy of yours." And she dropped her mouth to the crease of Stephanie's thigh again. It seemed like a long, agonizing wait for Stephanie's aching vagina, but it was only a couple of minutes before Kelly spread her swollen sex lips wide with her hands and dropped her mouth hungrily to the wet slit. "AHHHH, OHHHH," Stephanie screamed as Kelly's soft mouth and tongue began to lick and suck every inch of her. "Oh, Kelly, eat me!" she screamed. Kelly stuck her tongue into the dripping hole and pulled the liquid hungrily into her own mouth. She loved Stephanie's sweet taste and trembled as her juice slid down her throat. Then she stuck her tongue again into the moaning woman's hole and dragged her juice up to her swollen clit. She began to lick and suck the throbbing clit with abandon, every now and then stopping to lick and suck the entire area and stick her tongue deeply into Stephanie's throbbing hole. Stephanie was straining against her ties, moaning deeply in her throat. She knew she wasn't going to be able to last long. Her body began to tense and then she felt Kelly's mouth sucking her clit with frenzy while she stuck two fingers into her sopping hole. "Oh, God, Kellllyyyyy. I'm cummming," she screamed as her hips lifted off the bed and her body convulsed with an intense climax that seemed to go on and on. Just when Stephanie thought she was done, she felt Kelly's lips suck her whole clit into her mouth and she climaxed powerfully again. Because Stephanie's arms were tied over her head, she couldn't push the pretty blonde head away. She lay helplessly while Kelly brought her to one sexual peak after the next with her mouth, tongue, teeth and lips. When Stephanie could open her eyes and think straight again she realized that Kelly was lying beside her stroking her arm. "Welcome back," Kelly said with a laugh as she kissed Stephanie's lips. Stephanie tasted herself on Kelly's mouth, and it made her shudder. "Untie me, " she ordered Kelly. It's time for me to take care of you." "If you're sure," Kelly answered. "I can make you come again, while I've got you here," she said with a sexy smile. Stephanie shook her head, and Kelly slowly and sensually untied the robe sash and the two stockings. As spent as she was from her unending orgasms, Stephanie wanted to give Kelly a taste of her own medicine. As soon as she was free, she quickly pushed the gorgeous blonde onto her back and gathering her arms over her head, tightly tied the robe sash around her wrists. "Ohhhhh," Kelly moaned. "Now you're going to play dirty." Kelly let Stephanie spread her legs and tie each ankle to the footboard. Unlike Kelly, Stephanie removed her sexy high heels and began to rake her nails over the soles of Kelly's feet. "Oh God, " Kelly whispered and then she laughed until Stephanie's fingers left her feet and trailed sensually up her legs. Stephanie ran her pretty nails all the way up Kelly's body to her hands. She tickled her palms while she ran her tongue over the younger woman's lips. Kelly groaned and felt the juice pouring out of her vagina. Stephanie took one large breast in her hands, lifted it and devoured the nipple with her mouth. "Oh, Jesus," Kelly screamed and her body began to shake uncontrollably in climax. Stephanie kept her mouth pressed to the breast as she felt her friend orgasm. When Kelly lay still again, Stephanie continued to scrape her nails down Kelly's confined body, following the path of her nails with her tongue. Kelly squirmed and writhed as her body quickly grew excited again. Her skin felt like it was on fire everywhere that the pretty brunette's nails and tongue touched. Stephanie was now lapping the soft, bare pubic mound, dragging her tongue from Kelly's little, belly button to just above where her swollen clit peaked out. "I'm going to keep licking you, sweetie, but I'm not going to let you come," Stephanie boldly teased. "Oh God," was Kelly's response. She could barely stand anymore. Although she had just climaxed when Stephanie sucked her sensitive nipple, she began to gasp again. She had been aroused for too long and her vagina was throbbing with desire. After a few more minutes of Stephanie's teasing, she was going out of her mind with need. "Please, Steph, I'm begging you. I can't take anymore. Lick my pussy, please!" "Well, if you put it that way," Stephanie smiled and then she buried her head between Kelly's spread legs lapping the entire slit from top to bottom with her probing tongue. "Oh, Jesus, Steph, that's it, eat me, eat me! Oh, god, keep licking, I'm coommminngg!!!" Kelly's body bucked and shook as Stephanie's tongue went from her clit to her dripping hole and back again. "Ahhhhh, OHHHHH, yes, yes, yes!" she screamed as the most amazing climax radiated from her throbbing vagina throughout her entire body. Stephanie only let her come down from her orgasm high for a moment when she plunged her tongue deep inside the dripping hole and began to pull it in and out furiously. She stroked the throbbing clit with her nails and Kelly began to come again. "Stephanie!!!" she screamed as her orgasm overpowered her. Her legs trembled and her arms shook over her head. Moments later, Stephanie gently untied her and took the spent blonde into her arms and kissed her lips sweetly. "God, I love you, " Kelly said into her mouth as she tasted herself on Stephanie's lips. "I don't think I have the energy to go out to eat. What do you think about ordering pizza?" "I think we both have eaten plenty, but a pizza might be good," Stephanie answered. "Women cannot live on love alone," she said and smiled, her lips and cheeks still glistening with her lover's juices. They laughed. Chapter 7 As Kelly drove to Stephanie's she could barely contain her excitement. She had been able to think of little else all day and it had been difficult to concentrate on her tasks. Whenever she thought of Stephanie such overwhelming desire would come over her she could barely stand it. And her heart would swell with love. I've got it bad for her, she thought. She smiled. It felt great to feel this way, and she hoped Stephanie shared the intensity of her feelings. She looked at the bag lying on the seat beside her and her body started to tingle. She had a special surprise for the pretty brunette tonight. In a short while, Kelly was inside her lover's home and her excitement was mounting. She could feel her sex lips swell. Her clit throbbed in anticipation. Stephanie had the lights down low and candles burning in pretty glass holders were set throughout the house. Stephanie held a bottle of wine in one well-manicured hand. Her hair was beautifully curled and styled and her make up was flawless. She's gorgeous, Kelly thought. The older woman was dressed in a sheer lace black body stocking and black high-heeled pumps. It hugged her body and stretched tightly across her curves. Her already hard nipples were poking through the thin material. She was smiling seductively at the pretty blonde teacher. "Hmm, I love that outfit, Steph," Kelly said throatily," but maybe it covers too much of your good stuff." She followed Stephanie across the room and watched her ass sway sexily, each cheek moving independently with her exaggerated sway. She could see the dark grove of her crack and felt her own pussy begin to drip. She watched as the brunette poured out two glasses of wine. "So, I've got good stuff, huh?" Stephanie said teasingly as she handed her friend the wine. "Well, it just so happens, you'll still have access to a very important part," she said coyly as she took Kelly's free hand and brought it between her legs. "Oh!" Kelly exclaimed. "I like that." Her fingers could feel Stephanie's already wet pussy through the crotch-less opening of the body stocking. " That will do for awhile, but you know, sweetheart, I have to be able to touch every inch of your soft skin with my mouth and hands, so that outfit's going to have to come off at some point." Kelly winked sexily at her friend. Stephanie trembled with desire. She could hardly wait to get closer to her beautiful blonde lover. "I have a surprise for you tonight," Kelly said as she set down her wine and picked up her small overnight bag. "I'll be right back. You drink up," she ordered as she headed toward the bathroom wagging her pretty backside seductively. Stephanie felt herself get even wetter in anticipation. What could she possibly have planned she wondered dreamily as she sipped her wine. She had never felt like this before and it felt really good and somehow, really right. A moment later Kelly entered the room. She was wearing a tight little French maid's outfit that hugged her sexy body. Her ample soft breasts were practically spilling out of the low-cut top and her firm sexy legs were clad in black fishnet stockings with black spike heeled pumps adorning her feet. The short black dress left an expanse of white flesh between the hem and the tops of her nylons. She had a little white maid's hat on her head. "Does mademoiselle like?" she said in her best French accent. Stephanie raked her eyes over the sexy blonde's body. "Wow, that's incredible!" she finally exclaimed. Then to Kelly's surprise Stephanie opened a closet and seemed to be looking for something. She exited the closet and walked back to Kelly with a teasing smile on her face. In her hand she held a feather duster. "Here, " she said with a laugh handing the feather duster to Kelly. "I assume you're going to clean my house? I really appreciate that." Stephanie laughed sexily. Kelly laughed as well as she took the feather duster from her friend. "Sorry, I don't think I'm planning to clean your house, sweetie, but I can think of other ways to use this feather duster," she said naughtily, her eyes roaming the brunette's body. Kelly felt juice dripping from her throbbing hole as she took Stephanie's hand and led her to the bedroom. "Lie on your back and open your legs for me," Kelly said. Stephanie did as Kelly asked. The pretty women in the French maid's outfit knelt between her legs. Stephanie watched as she took the duster and brought it to her already swollen pussy. She touched the tip to her pussy lips. "Ohhhhh," Stephanie moaned in surprise. Kelly giggled and moved the duster from Stephanie's pussy, running it up her body and over her already hard nipples. She watched her lover squirm on the bed as the duster made her excitement grow rapidly. She circled one nipple and then the other before moving back down her body. Slowly she moved it down one thigh and across her knee to her feet. "Kelly," Stephanie gasped as she felt the soft feathers on the bottom of her feet. She could feel her pussy dripping juice onto the bed. The young woman in the French maid's outfit tortured Stephanie for many long minutes. She finally put the duster down when she saw the state of excitement of her lover. Besides, she wanted desperately to get her mouth on her sweet pussy again. "Would mademoiselle like a tongue bath?" Stephanie sat up abruptly and grabbed Kelly's head in her hands. "Eat me!" she almost screamed, pulling the startled woman between her thighs. Kelly didn't hesitate. Her mouth opened wide and she sucked the swollen lips of her lover inside. "Ahhhhheeeee!!!" Stephanie screamed. Her hips lifted from the bed as she held Kelly's head in her hands. She could feel her tongue probing for entrance to her excited pussy and spread her legs wide to give her access. Kelly lifted her legs, pushing them back until her thighs touched her breasts. Her mouth never left her pussy. At this angle, Kelly could force her tongue deep into Stephanie's dripping hole. "Oh my God," Stephanie gasped when she felt Kelly's tongue probing her so deeply. It felt like she could touch bottom. "Yes, yes, yes," she screamed as waves of pleasure rushed through her. She climaxed hard. Her body twisting this way and that as her hands now twisted in the younger woman's hair. Fireworks were going off in her head with each explosion stronger than the last. The lights slowly dimmed as she passed out.


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