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she fell in love
I was on the red line on my way home from school, when I saw this boy that goes to my school. His name is Deondrey he goes to my high school, Pope John high. He’s about 6 feet and 3 inches and he’s 18. Deondrey is built but not overly muscular he’s just perfect. His skin color is like a mix between chocolate and caramel, it’s like a color that hasn’t been named yet but it’s there. He’s half black and half Cuban. Deondrey’s eyes are breath taking, they’re dark jade green with specks of gold and azure. He has a great smile with dimples and these perfect thick lips that you just want to kiss. He has his ears pierced and he has light brown hair that he always has in corn rows. He’s the star runner of the track team, the star baller of the varsity basketball team, and the running back of the football team with a 40 yard dash time of 3.21 seconds. He gets strait A’s too. Even though he is the perfect boy he’s also a blood. I never understood how a boy that perfect could get into a gang that vicious but then again living in New York what else could I expect. I’ve seen him at football practice his body is tattooed up. Every chick in my school wants him but he doesn’t pay attention to them,. He just acts as if they weren’t there at all.
My name is Tashawna, as you probably already figured out I go to Pope John too, Unlike Deondrey I’m not a senior though. Im 16 and im a sophomore. Im 5 feet 5 inches and I don’t exactly have the body of a 16 year old. I’m very busty, well a 40c to be exact. I’m also very thick I have a flat tummy but my thighs are very thick and my ass is big round and bubbly. My friends call me the black girl with the perfect black girl ass. I have curly brown hair to my shoulders. I have hazel eyes and a nice smile I have dimples too, and my skin is a light brown. I’m on the girls varsity basketball team and I’m on the varsity track team with Deondrey.
I’ve always liked him ever since I first laid my eyes on him. He knew it too that’s why he always toys with me. When were standing random places and i come in contact with him he presses up on me and whispers dirty things in my ears. When he does this my tummy starts to quiver. He especially likes to push me up against a wall or locker and spread my thighs a little with his thighs , and he lifts me up against the wall almost making me straddle him. That’s when I become really aroused. My eyes become dilated and glaze over, and my pussy gets damp. This is very embarrassing considering the fact that my pelvis is usually resting on his lower tummy when he does this to me, and I know he feels me getting wet because he gets this grin on his face like I just told him a dirty little secret about me. When he does this to me I know he’s playing cause seriously why would he a senior that’s loved by every girl in the school want to go out with a little virgin sophomore like me. I’d be playing myself if I believed he would ever want me. It’s nice to fantasize about it though, but I stay in my limits.
On my way of the train he grabbed me by my hips and pulled me close to him. “Yo Tashey where you goin’ mamita?” I wanted to yell at him for calling me Tashey first of all cause I hated that nick name but when he said it he sounded so sexy I had to concentrate more on my now weakening legs. His hand on my hip wasn’t helping eighter. I calmly replied, “I finna go home to do some homework.” “Iight mamita.” he replied. He let go of my hip though I wish he hadn’t. The train came to a halting stop and I fell back into him . He wrapped his arms around me as a reflex and I wish he would never let go. His warm hard body felt so good against mine and he smelled of old spice. The moment ended to soon as I realized it was my stop. “Gotta bounce Drey, I’ll holla at you later iight.” I walked of the train with my heart attempting to jump out of my chest. I was walking down my street when I felt someone grab my arm I was getting ready to punch when I saw that it was only Latrell. Latrell was Deondrey’s friend he was a senior too. He was 18 and was Puerto Rican. He was 6 feet 2 inches and he was built like Deondrey was. He has a great smile with really cute dimples and his hair was cut low. He had pretty dark azure blue eyes with specks of a really lite blue. He had pretty lips and his skin color was a light caramel. He’s quarterback of the football team.
“Yo Tashey what it do mamichula ?” “Nuffin finna go home and chill.” I replied. “You should come kick it wiff me and Drey., I’ll pick you p at 7 iight mamichula.” “Uh iight where we finna go tho?” I asked surprised that they were asking me to chill with them. “Oh we iz finna go to da movies mamichula.” iight I answered. 7 seemed to come in mere seconds I put a pare of jeans on and a T-shirt. I didn’t have to worry about parents because I’ve been living in a house with my 25 year old cousin Rachel ever since my parents died 3 years ago. The doorbell rung and I said bye to my cousin as I rushed out the door.
I walked down to the movie theater with Latrell, Deondrey, Shenessa, Omar, and Alycia. We went to see some movie we didn’t even pay attention to cause we were all talking. Me and latrell were getting to know each other real well and I started to like him more and more, I started to become more and more attracted to him. We started to flirt with each other and I was having a lot of fun. I turned around and realized Deondrey was staring at us I didn’t really know why because he had the strangest look on his face, so I just didn’t pay any attention to him. Latrell started to touch me and play with me teasingly. After the movie we all went to club matrix. I didn’t know why because I know you had to be 18 or older to get in. When we got there I got in with no problem turns out Alycia knew the bouncer. They all started to dance and Shenessa started grinding with Deondrey, Alycia was doing it up big with Omar. I just stood there until Latrell dragged me out into the dance floor. He pressed up close to my back and we started grinding. I putt my arms around his neck and I started to grind my ass into his crotch. I began to wind my hips front and back on him and then I bent over and popped my booty on him. “Damn ” I heard him holla. “Wus wrong?” I asked. “Mamichula you be workin me gud, whurr you lurn ta dance like dat?” “Nowhere. It just felt rite so I did it.” “Well damn Tashey don’t let me stop you cuz you got an audience.” I suddenly stopped and looked around, everyone in the club was starring at me. Everyone looked dumfounded including Deondrey whose jaw was dropped so far down you’d think someone yanked it down with a crowbar.
The song turned slow so I turned around and put my arms around Latrell’s neck and I started to rock my pelvis on him almost grinding into him. “Shit mamichula you got a nigga up against the wall. Be my gurl Tashey.” I looked him in the eyes and said yes without even having to think about it. He leaned in to kiss me and I went up on my toes to reach him. He kissed me deep and slow, his lips were so soft and he did me right for my first kiss. He slid his hand down my back and grabbed my ass, it made me jump a little but I liked it. When we stopped kissing, I turned back around and I saw Deondrey. He looked pissed off and hurt I could tell by the look in his eyes and how he was bitting his bottom lip with a look on his face telling me he wanted to punch someone. I was wondering what was the matter with him but I stopped caring when Latrell ran his fingers up my thigh then higher to my rib cage and the brushed the side of my breast. Chills ran up and down my spine and I shivered which made him pull me closer to him. I had never had so much fun before. I got home at around 2 in the morning but it didn’t matter because the next day was Saturday. At around 2:30 pm on Saturday, Rachel drove me down to Pope John because I had a track meet. I was walking trough the school making my way to the track field when I was suddenly grabbed and pushed up against a locker. I was Deondrey, “why the fuck you kickin it with Latrell fo?” He asked looking me strait in the eye. “Why the fuck you even care?” I asked aggravated. “I don’t.” “ I just wanna know what you see in him that you don’t see in me?” “What? What you talkin bout Deondrey?” I asked now really confused. “Tashey you know I been feelin you, you know you sexy as a mothafucka? You be makin me do some stupid shit when im around you.. Damn girl you know you look good and you thick as hell, damn I wanna hit dat so bad. You strait up perfect you the only gurl I want. Y you think ever since you came to this school when I was a junior why I haven’t been fuckin round with them otha hoes in this school. I wanna do you rite, and you makin it hard fo me cuz you so damn goody goody at least thats wut I thought till you started to dance like you was fuckin a nigga. Damn yo must be a freak in bed.” He started to stroke my thigh. “Um................... im a virgin.” I mumbled as I looked down at the floor.
“Did you just say you still have yo V-card ?” he said sounding surprised. “Well.............uh..............yes.” He looked down for a second and looked back up at me with a grin on his face. “Are you horny?” he asked with the hugest grin on his face. “” I said trying to hide it. “Then why theirs pussy juice drippin down yo thigh?” I looked down and I saw droplets of pussy juice dripping down my thigh coming from inside my very short track shorts. I whimpered and looked up at the ceiling about ready to cry.
I felt something warm and wet lick the droplets up my thigh. The shock made me look down quickly to see Deondrey licking the path the drops had traced down my thigh. As he got closer to my pussy I began to breath faster pretty soon I was panting and he was watching my breast rise up and down as he lapped at my inner thigh. He got up off his knees and started to kiss me really deep. He slid his hand down from my hip into my shorts and he started to circle the lips of my pussy with his middle finger. “Mmmm damn mamita you have a fat pussy im finna get dat one day.” I started to whimper wanting him to just slide his finger inside me instead of teasing me. He started to dip his finger into my lips and quickly slid it out again. I couldn’t take anymore.
“Please Drey Drey please. ” I moaned. “Please wut?” he asked arrogantly. “Please give it to me ?” “Give wut to you?” “Please make me cum.” I moaned almost begging him. “Why should I?” he asked. “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU. ” I moaned the words out loud not even realizing it. They came out of my mouth as is it was second nature to me to say them. He looked at me with bright glazed over shimmering eyes. He slid his finger in me quick and hard. I whimpered his name while digging my nails into his shoulders. He did it again and I pulled his head into mine to kiss him so I could avoid screaming. He did it again and again each time increasing his pace, each time he did it hitting me so hard my breasts bounced up a little. My orgasm came in a rushed furry making me claw Deondreys back. Every thing went white for just a second in a bright flash of light as I hit my peak. When it was all over I was panting fast and my heart was trying to jump out of my chest. I was trembling as he lowered me down to the floor, and when he let go he had to grab me again since my legs went weak and wouldn’t support me he had to.
“Are you ok mamita?” I nodded.. He asked if I could stand and I shook my head so lifted me up as if I weighed nothing and carried me to the girls bathroom. Why are you going to the bathroom I whispered with my voice almost breaking. “We need to clean you up mamita.” I then looked down at my legs and saw what seemed like gallons of my juices running down my legs. He sat me down on the sink and took a wet paper towel and wiped my thighs down. He took of my shorts and my panties and cleaned up my soaking wet pussy very gently. Feeling him almost caressing it with the paper towel turned me on and made me start to get wet again.. He looked up from my pussy at my face and said “you know you real sensitive you get turned on easy look you already soakin yoself.” I looked away ashamed. When he was done he got up and went to his locker to get his extra pare of shorts so I could borrow them since I soaked trough mine. When I got the feeling in my legs, we went to the track field the coach yelled at us for being late.
After track Deondrey walked me home. When I got inside my house I saw Latrell was in my living room watching tv waiting for me. Rachel let him in. When he saw me walk in to the house in my tank top and short shorts and sweating, for some reason his eyes lit up. I grabbed his hand and made him follow me to my room. I told him to sit and wait for me on my bed because I was going to take a shower. I took my towel and walked to my rooms joint bathroom, stripped of my clothe and started to shower.
5 minutes into my shower I heard him come into the bathroom, he leaned with one foot up on the wall opposite the shower entrance. “ I want you mamichula”I heard him say in his deep low voice. Hearing him made chills go down my spine. “I finna be out in a minute then we can go out.” I answered. “No mamichula don’t come out.” He stepped buck naked into the shower with me. I tried to cover my titts and my coochie but before my hands could move he grabbed them and put them around his neck. Then he started to nuzzle and kiss my neck, he put an arm around my waste and pulled me closer to him.. Little whimpers escaped my throat. He moved his arm lower and spread my thighs. He started to rub my clit and then slid his finger inside me. “Damn you tight mamichula, when was the last time you fucked?” “Um never.” I giggled nervously.
“You still got yo V-card Tashey?” “Uh...................yeah.” He started to finger me a little faster and leaned in towards my ear and kissed my neck. He slid his finger out of me and started to circle my pussy lips with his index finger, he whispered into my ear “iz you gon give dat to me ma?” I couldn’t lie to him, I pushed him away and looked shamefully into his eyes trying to keep my tears in”I can’t give it to you it belongs to Deondrey.” he looked at me dumbfounded and said “huh ” “Im sorry Latrell but I love him I can’t help it im hung up on him.” I tried to hug him but he pushed me away, he didn’t even look at me he just looked away. He looked so hurt I just kept saying sorry over and over. We got out the shower and got dressed. When we were both back on my bed sitting he spoke. “ I love you mamita why you don’t want me ?” “It’s not that I don’t want you or don’t like you it’s just that im in love with Deondrey.” “Oh.” he replied with no emotion as if he felt nothing. “I’m sorry Latrell I really do like you, do you want to be my friend, I would understand if you said no.” “no ill be your friend Tashey, you to cool not to like.” I smiled and hugged him. “Oh tashey by the way as one friend to another you have nice tits.” I looked at him for a minute and then we both bursted into laughter.
“Lets go watch tv I’m bored.” He followed me downstairs to my living room and we watched tv till he feel asleep with his head on my lap. I fell asleep to about ten minutes later. We woke up the next morning, both of us on the floor. I was lying on top of him and he had his arms around me as if I were his teddy bear. He took a shower and I made him breakfast then he went home.
The day passed by pretty quickly since all I did was sleep all day. I woke up at 10;30 PM BUT NO ONE was home I remembered Rachel was working tonight. My phone began to ring as soon as I stepped into the kitchen. I picked up my phone expecting it to be Rachel checking up on me but to my surprise it was Deondrey. “Hey mamita whose home?” he asked “um.... no one why?” before I could finish the word why he said he had to go. I was hungry so I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I heard a role of thunder and realized it was raining outside. I went to my living room and started to watch tv. There was a flash of lightning and my electricity went out. I was getting ready to go to sleep since it was dark all over my house.
The doorbell rang the sound first frightened me but then I went to open it. It was Deondrey soaking wet. His wet shirt was clinging to him letting me see his nice six pack. The water dripping down his face and his lips and his chiseled jaw line was turning me on. Before he could say anything I pulled his face in and started to kiss him. He followed my lips attached to rest of my body which was leading him into my house. He used one hand to slam the door close behind him. I led him up to my bedroom as we fumbled to take our clothe of at the same time. When we were naked he stared at me, as if he had never see me before. I was wondering what he was looking at until I realized he was licking his lips because he was looking at my hard nipples. I moved my hands up quick and cover my breasts. He groaned and said “ I finna let you see if you finna let me see.” I agreed.
He pulled down his boxers, and my mouth dropped, “holy shit how big is that thing ” I didn’t mean to say it but the words just came out my mouth. “Um just a little over 12 inches”he said not even caring. My jaw dropped even farther down. He was so long and he was thick to my hand wouldnt be able to wrap around him.. He picked me up and laid me down on my bed and started to kiss me. He sat me up and pulled me to the edge of my bed. He got down on his knees and started to kiss my inner thighs. He trailed kisses up too my dripping wet coochie and then stopped and then he went to my other thigh and did it again. I began to whimper. “Baby kiss me there.” “Kiss you where mamita?” “Kiss my coochie pleeeeeaaaaseee baby.” he looked at me for a second and then dug his face into my crotch. Up until he started licking my clit I had forgotten he had his tongue pierced. As soon as his tongue slid in me I lost all ability to form rational thoughts. I grabbed on to my bed sheets for dear life as my hips began to buck into his face, covering his whole face in my juices. He continued increasing his pace as he did while disregarding me yelling and cussing while I grinded my pussy into his face. He started to swirl his tongue in me faster I started screaming his name. Everything went bright as I experienced earth shattering multiple orgasms. I came in a rush completely covering his face in pussy juice, the more I came the harder he tried to lick it all up which made me cum even more.
By the time he stood back up I was a trembling mess on my bed, panting as hard as any human possibly could. He walked over to where his jeans laid on the floor and pulled out his wallet, he oppened his wallet and pulled out a string of condemn packets. He took one walked back over to me and slipped it on quik. Before I knew it he was between my legs kissing my neck and whispering sweet things into my ear. his legs were between mine spreading my thighs open. I felt the head of his dick at my opening, he felt so huge. I started to get nervous, I went tense again. “Relax ma.” he said. He started to kiss my neck and push in me at the same time. I felt him stretching me out, he was so big I wanted to scream.
It hurt so bad I felt tears start to rush down my cheeks. “Open up for me ma.” he whispered to me sweetly. The walls of my pussy tried to accommodate to his size but he was just so big. It felt like he was stretching me from inches to miles, but he continued to slide into me.
He came face to face with my hymen. “Im sorry baby.” he said to me, he kissed me and with one long, hard thrust he broke my hymen. My pussy started to burn. I wanted to scream but he kept kissing me so I couldn’t. He waited a minute before moving again. When it stopped burning and I stopped clawing at his back, he started to move in and out of me slowly. Even tough it hurt more then it felt good I felt little sparks of pleasure.
Small moans started to come out of me. He increased his pace, and I started to moan a little bit louder. He started to groan,” yo so fuckin tight mamita.” he said while still increasing his speed. After about 4 minutes he lost control and he started to pound into me mercilessly and I was enjoying every second of it. I started to scream and moan. Every time a moan came from my throat he started to beat my pussy up harder and faster as if I was encouraging him. I stared to scream his name and I felt him get harder. My pussy started to contract around him, almost milking him. He started to move even faster, I felt like a piece of pavement being jack hammered. I began to cum bucking my pelvis against him wildly.
Seconds later I felt him tense up. He rammed me hard one last time burying himself deep in me. I felt shot after shot of his cum being pumped into me. It seemed he would keep cuming for eternity. It felt like he was releasing gallons of his seamen into me. When he was done he turned over and dropped on the bed next to me. We where both panting very hard.
“Im sorry I hurt you baby.” he said while stroking my face. “It’s ok I replied he leaned in to kiss me and I tasted my self.. He began to kiss my neck and play with my nipples, “are you sure about that?” “Yes.” I said almost moaning.
He began to twist and tug on my nipples harder, I let out little whimpers as I felt my pussy start to get wet. He kept on going, My pussy was dripping wet within seconds. I felt drops of my pussy juice start to run down my thigh. I slid my hand down between my legs. Before I could touch that spot that needed my attention so badly, he caught my hand. “Awww poor little girl getting all wet.” He said as if he were talking to a five year old.
He pulled me up on top of him my back facing him, and my legs spread open to eighter sides of his body. I was sitting on his perfectly chiseled abs, staring at his dick from between my legs. It was so big, I estimated that it was about 12 inches long and 6 inches thick. “Holy shit that’s what was in me I blurted out not realizing it. He laughed and said “ yeah li’l Ma, shit I was surprised you could handle 12 and a half inches yo first time.” “It felt like you were tearing me open baby.” I said pouting and sounding as if I were a 4 year old again.
I wrapped my fingers around it, arched forwards and licked the tip. I squeezed it a little and a good amount of pre cum came rushing out. I slid the head into my mouth and sucked on it for a little bit and popped it back out. I grabbed the shaft and slowly ran it up in my mouth. I ran my tounge up and down his huge dick and sucked on the purple head then diving my mouth back down to get the rest of his dick. I heard him groaning, so i sucked harder like it was a sucker since i had never given head in my life. Trying to please his dick i tried to get the whole monster in my mouth.. Pushing my head down he forcibly pushed his cock down in my throat.. because it kept rubbing against my gag reflex he groaned even louder. I think he liked the feeling of me gagging on his cock. I felt a tiny squirt on the back of my throat but i knew it was only pre cum. Deep throating his dick for at least ten more minutes he came. Rivers and rivers of cum shot down my throat causing an ocean in my mouth. He tasted bittersweet but I liked it, I played with his cum in my mouth . I licked his dick completely clean of all his cum like a little puppy and gave it one final suck.
“Shit baby you wet as a motherfucker.” he groaned. Just then I looked down between my legs, and I saw my pussy juice dripping onto his six pac. My clit began to throb and my thighs started to tremble. He turned me around so that I was facing him. He lifted me up by my hips, and slammed me back down on his dick hard and fast. “ awww fuck ” I screamed almost trembling. He pulled me up and did it again over and over, each time rubbing against my g-spot and making me scream louder and louder.
I started to tense up, I felt my orgasm coming. I took his hands of my hips and started to ride him. I went faster soon I was bouncing up and down his dick, my 36cs were bouncing up and down. I felt my pussy tighten around his dick, I started to scream louder and louder, it felt like I was going to explode. “Deondrey ” I moaned, as I came.
I collapsed on him still panting extremely hard. I tried to get up off him but my legs gave out on me and I couldn’t move, I could feel my legs trembling. He reached down between my thighs and dipped his fingers in my still gushing pussy, he brought it up tp his lips and tasted it. “You taste good baby.” He said still sucking on his finger and looking more alive then I did.. “Get on yo hands and knees.” He said while rubbing the head of his dick. I did as he said. He came up behind me and slapped my ass. “Spread yo thighs.” “Yes baby.” I said sounding more like his sex slave than anything else. I spread my thighs and I felt the head of his dick rub up and down my slit. He slid inside me slow and the pulled back out until just the head was inside me. I moaned. He grabbed hold of my hips and slammed into me hard and fast.
I almost tore my bed sheets. He did it again and I screamed. He then started to move in and out slowly. I moaned and grabbed held of my sheets tighter and tighter every time he slid back inside me rubbing against my g-spot.
He increased his pace and pretty soon I had a vice grip on my pillow. He increased by like 80 strokes per second every millisecond. I felt like he was splitting me in two I started to moan and whimper uncontrollably alternating back and forth between those and screaming his name. He held my hips tighter and he started to ram into mercilessly. He started to grunt as my pussy contracted around him. I came in a non ending gush of pussy juice.
My pussy was squeezing so tight around him I was almost milking him. I felt him cum inside me. I felt squirts of hot cum being pumped inside me. It felt like he was coming forever. I felt as if gallons and gallons of cum being pumped inside me. He said my name and grunted one last time.
I laid there trying to regain feeling in my legs I colapsed and he fell next to me both of us breathing very hard. I my legs were quivering and I was trembling as he held me close to him. We fell asleep together and remained in our state of nirvana in our dreams.

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