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to start off i have never been a normal guy. i first began wearing womens clothing when i was about 10 years old. i kept this a secret from everyone for about 5 years before my secret was discovered b
i had just gotten home from school and when i arived home nobody else was there. i snuck into my sisters room and stole my favorite pink thong and bra, a tight tube top shirt, a pair of pantyhose, and a cute little skirt my sister had. i also took her makeup and lipstick and i went back to my room to change. i got all dressed up and put the makeup on as i had seen my sister do many times before.once i was done i looked at myself in the mirror and began rubbing my cock through the panties dreaming of being a real woman. i let my hand travel back and forth between my cock and my hole in the back. just then i heard a knock at my door. "are you in there?" i heard my moms boyfriend joe sayi was to scared to even move never mind say anything and i just sat there as he opened the door. i could see the look of shock on his face as he opened the door to see a 15 year old boy dressed up and made up to look like a girl. i was to embarrased to say anything. by the look on my face he must have known that i just wanted to cry and he shut the door behind him and came and sat down next to me on my bed."its alright" he said to me "you look really beautiful all dressed up like that"as he said this he put a hand on my leg and slowly began working his way up."If you be a good girl for me i wont tell anyone about what i just seen" he saidby this time he was rubbing my little cock through the panties and all i wanted to do was please him and to not let anyone find out."okay" i replied nervouslywith that he began kissing my neck and working his hand back toward my tight arse rubbing my hole through the thin layer of cloth and pantyhose. he then told me to stand up and as i did he got up and got undressed and sat back down."im going to show you how to be a real girl" he said as he puched me to my knees then directed my hand to his semi hard cock.i took it in my hand and slowly began stroking his softmeat in my hand and i could feel it swelling up as i moved my hand. once it was hard he grabbed my head and slowly pushed my head onto his large hard cock. i gagged as he moved my head up and down and poked my throat with it. i liked th feeling and i wanted the whole thing in my mouth so i tried the best i could to take as much in everytime i let my lips slide down his long cock. he then let go of my head and i continued making love to his cock. i looked up and saw the pleasure i was giving him by looking at his face and i wanted to do everything i could to please him. just then he grabbed my head once again and forced his whole cock down my throat and i could feel his cock jumping as he squirted his hot salty load down my throat and filling my mouth till it overflowed with his warm lovejuice. "get up here and lay down" he said as he grabbed my arm and tossed me on the bed. "ill be right back"he said as he left and returned with a bottle of baby oil. he then slid off my pantyhose moved the thong to the side and squirted the cold liquid right on my ass and slid a finger in. it felt really uncomfortable at first but as he continued it felt better and better and i wanted my arsehole more and more full.before i knew it he slid another finger in there and not to much longer later a third. it felt so good to know that before long he would be fucking me like i had only imagined. i layed there with my legsspreadwide open until finally the moment i was waiting for was here. he got up and placed his erect cock between my cheeks and began applying pressure until i finally heardthe head pop in my insides ached from being strecthed out so much and it seemed like forever before it was all the was in and i wrapped my legs around him as he proceeded to slide it back out only to push it back in. after a while it felt so good that i just wanted more. i jerked my cockthrough the panties that wre still covering it and moving my hips to try to make joe cum inside of me like i so desperitely needed. before long i felt my own sticky load squirt right into my panties. myorgasm seemed to go on forever and i began to moan loudly as his cock streched my newly found pussy out. my ass spasmed while joe fucked my quivering body and hearing my moans joe began fucking me harder and harder until i felt his cock jumpingaround inside me as he filled me up with his cum. he was right for the first time i felt as close to a woman as i would ever get. i could still taste his cum in my mouth and i could feel his cumdripping from my arse."dont worry" he said "you keep this up and nobody will ever know our secret"

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2013-09-02 23:51:54
2294570816 bi male loves wearing women clothing pantys and pantyhose

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2013-03-12 01:40:45
Pantyhose,short skirt,bent over,a hard cock sliding deep in and out of my tight hole,my cock spurting cumm.

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2012-12-28 18:29:23
I should be happy to be fuckked like lauraboy

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2011-12-25 08:59:34
I love to wear skirt and bra and blouse to make my TV repair man to love and fuck whole night every week.

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2009-09-26 05:37:58
I love dressing up in womens clothing, mostly anything I can get of my moms, and my friends sister. I dream about having a cock rammed into my ass while im wearing a bra, skirt and high heels!

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