My first time with a Latino guy happened during my first year of college when I was 19. Since I didn't go home over spring break, and all my friends (and most of the school) had, I needed something to pass the time. It was a Friday night and I was bored as fuck. I was surfing the internet and found a listing for glory holes in the area, and figured it might be fun to check out. I'd never been to one, but a few times I'd seen pictures in magazines, and the idea seemed intriguing. I printed the list of places, took a shower, and left the dorm at about midnight. The streets were busy, being Friday, and it was tough to drive and look at the addresses on my list. The first place I wanted to visit was the most remote; it was at an overlook at the local lake. The website had said that the public restroom there had an active, if secluded, glory hole.

When I pulled up, there was only one car in the parking lot. I decided to put on my baseball cap, just in case, and nonchalantly enter the restroom. I didn't know where the hole was, exactly, so I had to do a little searching. It turned out to be in the last stall; there was a simple hole cut neatly into the partition at about crotch height. The entire thing had been taped with duct tape, which looked very fresh and clean. Since I was alone in the bathroom, I sat down on the toilet and waited. Sure enough, just a minute or two later, I heard the door open and close. The guy in the car outside, I figured, had watched me go in and wanted to see if I was in the right stall. My heart started to pound at the sound of his footsteps echoing off the tile. He was coming my way. I could see the shadow he cast grow, and then his sneakers when he entered the adjoining stall. I wasn't sure about what to do, but I could feel my hard-on through my jeans, and I figured my best bet was to start touching myself.

I unbuttoned my Levi's and, as quietly as I could, pulled out my rock-hard cock. The anticipation had me oozing quite a bit of precum, so I used that to slick the pink head and begin stroking. It made the unmistakable sound of jerking off, but at this point I didn't care; it felt so good. I could see the sneakers under the partition turn, and sure enough, an eye appeared in the hole. I could make out that he had smooth light brown skin and dar brown eyes with thick eye lashes. He watched me for several minutes, then I heard his belt buckle rattle as he opened his fly. He stood, and a semi-erect uncut penis came through the glory hole. Seeing that dark cock turned me on more than I'd ever been turned on. Not only was this to be my first glory hole experience, it would mark the first time I'd ever done anything a guy that wasn‘t white. I walked over, dick still hanging out of my pants, and put my hand on his dick. It was softer than I expected. I knew that I'd be rock hard in his place, but I also had no idea about the man's experience, or even his age.

I began pumping it. He was slow to respond, but little by little his semi turned into a full on, raging boner. Wishing I'd brought lotion, or KY, I did the only thing I knew to do to lubricate him; I spit into my palm and rubbed it all over his prick. As my hand glided smoothly over his shaft, I heard him moan a bit. I knew from my own jacking off experience that it felt really good to focus on the head, so I stopped pumping and instead rubbed all over the end of his dick. I made a fist with it inside and twisted, almost like I was giving it an indian rub, and the man behind the wall moaned louder. After about half a minute, he whispered through the partition in a thick accent, “Suck me." I was caught off guard. "Okay," I replied. I let go of his cock and hit my knees. My own erection bounced as I did. With the man's fat uncut cock at eye level, I nervously stared at it throbbing just inches from my hungry mouth. In my head, I was thinking that I couldn't believe what I was about to do. I didn't have any idea who this person was, and he was going to be the first Latino dick I sucked.

I leaned forward. The tip of my tongue reached his piss slit, and I immediately tasted the salt of his pre-ejaculate. I licked all around his cockhead like it was a lollypop, before moving to the shaft in long squiggly lines. Like I knew what I was doing, I reached up and held his shaft in a fist and put my entire mouth on him. Inside my mouth, I could feel him swell even more as my tongue swished over every part. His glans moved past my teeth, providing just a little friction as I face fucked him. For his part, he was finding it difficult to keep from humping the hole; I could tell he was trying not to, and failing. With my free hand, I reached down to my own dick and began masturbating. It was an amazing feeling, to have a cock in my mouth and one in my hand. The thought that entered my mind, which surprised me, was that I only wished I had one in my ass, too. That would have completed things. I must have sucked the man for ten minutes before I knew that he was about to cum.

Though I'd never sucked a cock before, I could just tell by the way it suddenly got extremely hard, like there was backpressure building. Being my first time, I didn't really want the man to cum in my mouth, so I pulled off of his penis and began jerking him off again, to finish. It only took a couple of pumps before the first shot of hot semen flew over my shoulder. The next spurt didn't have quite the distance, and landed square on my forehead, before beginning to ooze down my face. I kept pumping his shaft. The next round fell onto my black t-shirt, and the rest simply oozed out of him. As he started to go soft in my hand, he abruptly pulled himself through the hole, zipped his pants, and quickly left the bathroom.

His cum was still warm, and making its way toward my eye, so I reached over and got a wad of toilet paper and wiped it off. That was when I looked down and saw the jizz on my shirt. I cleaned it off the best I could, but it still left a stain. All that sperm made me want to finish myself off, so I gathered some from the side of the wall and used it as lube. Within a minute, the head of my dick turned the shade of purple that immediately preceded an orgasm, and I let loose. My own wad fell onto the tile floor in six or eight spasms. I wiped myself, and left the place.

I drove back to the dorms. I threw the cum-stained shirt into my hamper and changed into gym shorts and a tank top before laying down, but I just couldn't sleep. Within a half hour, I was getting hard again and tenting my shorts. I still had several glory hole locations on my paper in the car, and it was still fairly early in the night, 2am by my clock, so I decided to go back out. The next spot on my list was the public restroom at a truck stop only a mile or so out of town. I was doing my best to progress to more populated areas, building my way up. The truck stop, which had a restaurant I'd stopped at a few times before, didn't see a whole lot of business. I knew that it wouldn't be too crowded. Pulling in I took note of several big rigs parked out in the lot, along with the assorted collection of local teenagers out for a post party grease-filled meal. I wondered how much action the glory hole was seeing. The bell on the door rang as I walked in, and the counter person at the gas station half of the building nodded a hurried hello; she was having problems with the credit card machine, and apparently on hold with the provider.

I saw the restroom sign and made my way past the snacks and sodas to the back hallway. One of the lights back there had either burned out or been removed, so the whole hall had a seedy look, either that or just the fact that it was a truck stop made it seedy. Still, I pressed onward and pushed open the door to the men's room. I heard footsteps approaching the door as I walked in, and it turned out to be one of the teenagers. He looked at me funny as we passed; his eyes stayed on me just a bit too long for a casual meeting. He walked past me and out the door anyway. This restroom had about 5 stalls in a row on one side, with another 5 down the other side, with a couple of sinks at the end. I pushed open the first door, and to my surprise found a hole there. Since the last one had been at the end of a row, I was curious; which was the norm? I went to the next stall and found another hole, and another, and another. Each partition had one! Needless to say, I got aroused really fast. I chose the middle stall, with a glory hole on each side.

I'd just gotten the lock turned when I heard the hinges of the bathroom door squeal. Footsteps came into the bathroom, stopped, then started again. I got the impression that this man had looked for feet under the partitions. Sure enough, I saw a pair of tennis shoes enter the stall to my left. I was still in my shorts, so I pulled up the left leg and exposed my hard dick, rubbing it some in case the guy bent down to peep through the hole. He must have, because as I was looking down at myself, the wiggling of a finger caught my attention. He had stuck one through and was giving the "come here" signal. I wasn't prepared to actually be sucked off, but I figured that's what this guy wanted. Was it the one I'd seen when I came in, or someone else? Did it matter?

I stood up and dropped my shorts. My dick sprung out and stood at an upturned angle for a second, before I slowly put it into the hole. I found that it was a little intimidating, because there was always the
possibility that the man on the other side could hit it or something. He didn't. I felt his tongue as it made contact with my slit, parting it slightly. The feeling was electric; all the more so since I couldn't see my erection or the person playing with it. His tongue continued all around my dick, following the ridge all around and making my right leg twitch. Then, all at once, there was a rush of warmth and I knew he had taken me in his mouth.

Either this man knew what he was doing, or the kinkiness of the moment got to me, because I could not handle it. I had to moan. As I felt the noise leave my throat, I heard the squeal of the bathroom door again. The guy on the other side of the partition froze, with my cock fully in his mouth and almost down his throat. I felt it soften a bit with fright. It seemed like my moan echoed for ten minutes. Was it a cop? Some passer by? I didn't know. It seemed like ages, but the stall on the other side of mine opened, and the new guy entered it. By now, the guy sucking my cock had started again, and I could do nothing but bite my lip and try to keep quiet. Looking over my shoulder, I could see an eye peering through the other hole, staring at my naked lower body

I motioned for the guy watching to stick his prick through the hole, and the eye disappeared and was replaced by another rock hard penis. Like the one at the other place it was brown and uncut, but longer and thicker. That hole was fairly large, and the guys ball sack stuck through as well. He had a natural full black bush of hair but naturally smooth hairless balls. I reached back and started rubbing him, savoring the baby-soft flesh of his privates. His nuts were bunched tight, and I cupped his balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. The man sucking me off must have gotten a squeeze of my precum, because he made a little "mmm" sound behind the wall. I continued to stoke the other guy until I suddenly felt my dick get cold; the stranger had pulled it out of his mouth.

"Hey," he said, "turn around and put your ass next to the hole." I could tell from his voice that he was about the same age as me, and had a sexy voice. "I've never..." I started, but he cut me off. "I've got lube." My heart felt like it would pound out of my chest. I'd prepared only for oral. Hell, I'd never even really thought taking anal before. I came close to just pulling my pants up and leaving, but for some unexplained reason, I did what he asked. As I bent down, I took my t-shirt off and stepped out of my shorts, now completely naked except for my socks. The stall was narrow, and I barely had enough room to bend over, but the upshot was that it put the second erection right in my face.

I glanced back to make sure my asshole was aligned, then reached back and spread my cheeks. I could hear the cap open on a tube of what I hoped was really decent lubricant, and before I could really change my mind, a slight tingle as the head of his cock hit me, cold with the gel. My butt naturally wanted to tense, but I made an effort to relax as much as I could, and the guy was inside me. I could feel that he wasn't very big, which was good because even then it hurt some. Once it was in, he paused for a minute, I guess to let me get used to it, and I could feel his pulse. I contracted myself a little, and his hard-on swelled inside my ass.

Meanwhile, the uncut cock in front of me was still sticking through the hole, hard as a rock. While I allowed myself to be ass fucked, I began licking the smooth balls of the stranger in front of me. He had zero trouble keeping his dick hard. Unlike me, his cock had a banana curve. He fit perfectly into my mouth. Everyone was now making sounds in that restroom. Mine were muffled by the stiff one in my mouth, but the other two guys couldn't keep quiet. I think it turned them on even more to know what was going on at my other end, without being able to actually see it. My own penis, mostly neglected to this point, pointed at my belly button and pumped precum as my prostate got massaged from the inside. I could taste the slightly sweet, slightly salty stuff in my mouth, and I could hear the wet sound of a dick sliding rapidly in and out of me.

Without warning, there was a jolt, and the taste of cum. I had no warning, he just exploded into my mouth. I swallowed as best I could, and let the rest dribble out of my mouth. I kept sucking. As the guy came, he made a lot of short "mm" sounds, and I guess that set the other guy off. As I was getting a load to the throat, the guy fucking me let loose and shot a blast deep inside me. I felt its warmth. Spurt after spurt came on both ends, and I knew I was going over the edge, too. My own load started shooting onto my lower stomach and dripped down to the floor, without me ever having touched myself. My anus contracted and finished the man's orgasm, almost milking the rest of his spunk. The uncut dick pulled out of my mouth, and a long string of milky white sperm formed between my mouth and his receding prick, before finally breaking. The guy behind me rapidly pulled out of my ass, and I could feel his cum oozing out, over my slick balls.

They both left their stalls at the same time and went to the sink to clean up. They started talking and laughing, and obviously knew each other. I peeked through the space between the stall doors and saw two skater punk-looking guys, one white, the other Latino. They were both cute as fuck and probably in their late teens. The Latino told the white guy that he came here to get sucked by faggots whenever he was horny. I guess it was the white guys first time. They gave each other high fives and went back to their friends. I was once again alone in the bathroom, cleaning up all the sweat and seminal fluid from my body. All I had available was toilet paper, and I used most of a roll, flushing the used stuff as needed. Once I felt like I was mostly clean (at least clean enough to make it back to my car) I put my clothes back on, and walked calmly outside. Needless to say that wasn’t my last time there and I was never home bored on a Friday night again.

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I LUV being FUCKED at both ends too with at least 8 or 9 COCKS YES PLEASE


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Very hot. I'd like it in both ends, too. I'm sure I'd come hard


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well i loved it,would love to be sucked off by a guy who has a cock in his arse


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i'm not gay, but i still enjoyed reading this. i always had a fantasy about fucking the same sex


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Reader if you are so turned off about Fag storys why the fuck do you come to our site too read them stay the fuck out you muct be a fag in the closet great story . why to the guys that think ther str8 read our gay stories?

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