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April goes home and finds more friendly family members
When it was time to leave Mary Lou and her family and go home, I was sad to depart, but then again I was anticipating some new adventures using my knowledge and experience from my summer at Aunt Betty's. I had discovered that sex could be a wonderful experience, and that I didn't have to wait for some clumsy boy to start mauling me in order to have my body give and receive pleasure. I had a new appreciation of both my body and the feminine gifts of other women and girls. I couldn't wait to find out whether there might be others in my life who would want to help me continue to learn and to satisfy my sexual appetites.

I rode the bus home, and enjoyed sitting in provocative positions that displayed my young, smooth thighs to those who sat near me. I was especially pleased to see some of the women and girls peeking at me as I squirmed around on my seat to give them the best view up into my shorts, under which I had neglected to wear panties. Such a naughty girl! One young woman came and sat next to me and put a hand on my thigh, but when she moved her fingers up to attempt an exploration under my shorts I brushed her hand away and went to sit next to an older woman who was sleeping and didn't even know I was there. Though I stopped the wandering fingers of the younger woman, my body still tingled at the thought of getting intimate with a total stranger, but we were getting too close to home for me to entertain such an idea seriously.

When I got off the bus, my mother welcomed me with open arms and gave me a big bear hug that squashed me into her breasts. Now that I was more aware of such things, I noted that her breasts were not as large as Aunt Betty's, but that they still felt good against my little ones.

Mom and Daddy drove me home while I sat in the back seat, remembering my good times with Aunt Betty and my cousins, my pussy starting to leak a little into my shorts. I hoped Mom wouldn't notice--or maybe I hoped she would!

She looked so pretty in her summer dress, which was short enough to reveal her shapely thighs, and low enough so her breasts were partly revealed whenever she moved her torso. Daddy was in a good mood too, and he kept playfully reaching over and running his hand up between Mom's thighs until she would push him away and remind him that their young daughter was sitting in the back seat.

Though the ride home was stimulating to me in more ways than one, I was glad to get home and rush up to my own room, remove my clothes, and take a bath. While I was in the tub, washing my breasts and my bottom thoroughly and enjoying the tingle that ensued with my stroking, especially when I got to my pubic mound, Mom popped in to see how I was doing. She sat down on the toilet seat and looked me over, expressing surprise that my breasts had swollen some during the summer.

When I stood up to dry myself she reached for a towel and began toweling off my body, noting also the fact that I seemed to be growing a nice little fuzzy bush on my pubic mound. When she rubbed the towel over my special place my whole body tingled, and I found myself pressing against the towel in her hand. After I was dry, Mom hugged me again, and I was aware that her hands paused over my buttocks and her fingers lightly traced the crack of my ass.

I got the idea that perhaps Aunt Betty had been talking to Mom, and that my mother was aware that I was a bit more "sophisticated" than I had been when I left home for the summer.

After I got my nighties on--a pair of panties and a t-shirt was all I wore--we had supper with my father, who seemed to look at me in a more appreciative way than I had ever noticed before. He was wearing jogging shorts, and I could tell they were bulging out from what I knew hung loosely underneath them.

Following supper we all watched TV for a while, and then, since I was tired from my trip--so I said--I went to bed, looking forward to playing with myself while I remembered the good times I had enjoyed in the country.

After a while I heard the sound of my parents coming up the stairs on their way to bed. I heard Mom giggling the way she does when Daddy is feeling her up or making leud suggestions to her. When they passed my bedroom door they looked in, but I pretended to be asleep, so they went by. I heard Mom say to Daddy that she noticed I was beginning to grow up into womanhood, and he replied that he noticed it too.

I slipped my panties off my bottom and kicked them to the foot of the bed, and then I wriggled out of my t-shirt so I could play with my breasts and my pussy at the same time. I was already wet when I slipped my fingers into my vulva and found my little clitty, which I fondled until it began to throb.

Soon I heard the sound of my parents doing what parents do in bed at night, and since I was so much more aware of sex than I had been before, I decided to see if I could get a peek of them in action. Sure enough, their bedroom door was open a crack, and as I knelt in the hallway, I could see them on the bed, in the light of a small bedside lamp.

Mom was kneeling between Daddy's legs, much as Mary Lou and I had done between Aunt Betty's legs, and I could see her head bobbing up and down as he moaned softly in obvious pleasure. I was thrilled to see my mother's ass spread open to reveal her anus and the furry pussy beneath and between her thighs.

She looked so delicious that I wished I could just jump on the bed behind her and start licking, the way I had with Aunt Betty. I imagined how my mother's pussy would taste compared to Aunt Betty's, and could almost taste the pussy juice on my tongue as I continued to flip my fingers into the crack of my vulva and over my clitoris.

When I saw Mom mount Daddy, and watched his huge, hard cock slither into her cunt, I wondered what that would feel like, I couldn't imagine that Daddy's member could ever fit into my little cunny, but from the way Mom was enjoying her thrusting up and down and making soft, moaning sounds, I guessed that it must feel just as wonderful as having your pussy licked. . .maybe more so!

I was tempted to call my parents' attention to my presence and see whether they would invite me to join them, but I decided that I had better wait until my mother became more aware of my sexual development, and not rush things.
(to be continued)

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