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My wife is a very attractive half Chinese girl named
Doris. She is small and slim and sexy, and always gets
paid lots of attention. Last year on our holiday we
had a little drunken adventure involving two other
guys, and since then I have longed to watch her
getting well and truly fucked.

The chance came when we were invited to a party with
some friends, but no sooner did we all arrive but some
emergency cropped up and our friends had to leave.
Doris and I decided to stay on at least for a little
while, with our hosts, Mike and Ruth, just the four of
us. Mike and Ruth, who are both in their forties, had
taken a shine to Doris, plying her with drink and
making very flattering remarks about her appearance,
and Doris was getting more drunk by the minute.
Suddenly the atmosphere was very sexy, and I found
myself getting excited, thinking of seeing this older
couple fooling around with my lovely little wife.
Neither Doris nor I knew what they had in store for

When Doris had to go to the loo, Mike was right there
at my side, telling me how lucky I was to have such a
beautiful "fuckable" wife. He was staring at me as he
said this, to judge my reaction, and he must have been
pleased, because he then came right out and asked if I
wanted some fun. My throat was dry but of course, I
nodded yes. He said, "Doris is pretty drunk, I bet
it's easy to get her horny, what do you say?" Again I
nodded my agreement, and he went on, "I think I know
what you would like, you want to see her getting
fucked, don't you." This time I managed a croaky "Yes"
and Mike said, "Right then, we'll have her. Leave it
to us, believe me, you will enjoy watching Doris
taking cock."

Next moment Doris came back into the room. I have to
say that she was wearing dark stockings and high
heels, a short black skirt and a thin white top with
narrow shoulder straps. She is only just over 5ft
tall, long black hair, cute little orientalish face
and a slim 32 figure. She did look good and fuckable,
just as Mike said.

Ruth gave her yet another drink, saying, "Here you
are, girl, there's lots more if you need it." Doris
gulped it down and got her glass refilled immediately.
Ruth turned to her husband and said, "Doris looks
really sexy tonight, doesn't she. I would guess she's
feeling horny. Do you think she would like some cock
fun with us?"

Even in her half drunken state, my wife looked up in
surprise, but didn't actually say anything, and didn't
resist when Ruth led her over to the sofa. It was a 2-
seater and both of them sat down together. Mike left
the room just then, and Ruth put her arm round my
wife's shoulder. She looked down at Doris's legs, and
saw that the short skirt had ridden up almost to her
stocking tops. As Doris tried to pull down the hem a
bit, Ruth stopped her. "Just leave it alone, Doris,"
she said. "I love your outfit, and your legs are so
lovely it's a shame to cover them up." Doris bowed her
head shyly, until she felt Ruth's hand under her chin
jerking her face up. "You want something tonight,
don't you, Doris," she said. Doris was looking
puzzled, her face blushing a little. "You're drunk and
horny and you want some fun," went on Ruth. "Well,
that's what you're going to get. We have plans for
you, darling."

Mike had been answering the door, and came back into
the room just then. Another man was with him, and Mike
introduced him as a good friend, Keith. Oh god, I
thought, this will be good, Doris is going to be well
fucked tonight. I looked towards the sofa. Ruth had
her arm round my wife's shoulder, holding her tight.
"You know you're a slut, Doris, that's why you're
here," she laughed. Her hand was right between Doris's
legs now, under her skirt. Doris's mouth opened but
all she could manage was a low moan. She was blushing
hard, but Ruth was still holding her face up. The men
were grinning as they stared at Doris, and Ruth
laughed again. "She's wearing stockings, mmmm, we like
that! Nice bare thighs!" Then she twisted her hands
into Doris's long black hair. "Tonight, Doris," she
said. "your cunt is anybody's. Do you understand?
Whoever wants your cunt can have it, and will do
whatever they please with it. You understand? Is that
clear enough, my sweet Doris?"

Keith squeezed onto the sofa with the girls, and my
wife seemed to be totally in a daze, not realising
that Keith had put his hand high up on her thigh. I
watched him inching it upwards, dragging the skirt
with him, until his fingers met the bare skin above
Doris's stocking tops. Only now, with her skirt almost
up to her hips and bare white flesh revealed for
everyone to see, did Doris become aware of what he was
doing. "No!" she gasped out, trying to cross her legs
and push his hand away.

Ruth immediately gripped her arms, holding her still.
Doris tried to struggle away, but Keith managed to get
her legs across his lap, and of course the little
skirt went right up round her waist. Now we could see
not just her stocking tops and suspender straps, but
also her tiny black panties which were barely wider
than her cunt lips.

Keith quickly took his belt and pulled Doris's hands
behind her back, wrapping the belt round her wrists.
With her arms now behind her, Doris's firm little tits
jutted out enticingly, and it was an amazing sight to
see her being held down, helpless, her shapely legs
slightly splayed apart, the dark stockings and
suspender straps contrasting with the creamy white
bare thigh flesh above the stocking tops. Her eyes
were glazed slightly, and she was starting to sob. She
had a terrified look on her pretty face as she stared
at Ruth. She was crying now, confused by the drink and
the speed things had happened.

Keith started to take off his clothes, and said he
wanted to see what Doris's tits were like. Like a
flash Mike was pulling her top off, and suddenly my
wife's pert little tits were on display as well.
"Let's see her arse now," Keith mumbled, and
immediately Doris was turned half round to expose her
lovely round arse, the thin ribbon of her black thong
almost invisible between her cheeks. She looked small
and helpless and extremely vulnerable and fuckable as
Keith ran his hands up and down the back of her
thighs, clenching them sometimes round her exposed
arse cheeks. I could see his cock getting hard, just
like mine, as he thought of how in just a few minutes
he would feel it inside Doris's tight cunt, and then
watch everyone else fucking her too. His hands hooked
into the thong, and slowly he pulled the scrap of
material down over Doris's knees. Now my wife was
almost naked, her skirt and top crumpled round her
waist, tits, cunt and arse all bared.

Mike reached for her tits, and Doris gave out a loud
squeal as he pulled roughly at her nipples. Almost
immediately I saw the points start to stiffen up, and
Doris was openly crying now, her beautiful oriental
face blushing with shame as she tried to turn away.
She knew she was helpless, she knew they could do
anything they wanted to her. Keith was stripped now,
and she could see him stroking his cock to hardness by
the side of the sofa. It looked enormous, a good seven
inches of rigid prick jutting out from a forest of
black pubic hair. He pulled Doris's head round to face
him, and pressed the huge knob against her lips. "Take
it in your mouth, Doris," he rasped out. "Suck me."
Doris tried to turn her face away but Keith gripped
her by the hair and pulled her mouth against his
throbbing prick. The cock was huge and Doris had to
stretch her mouth wide open to even begin to close her
lips around it.

Then Ruth reappeared. She was holding a large black
strapon dildo. "I told you, Doris," she said.
"Tonight your little cunt is for anybody who wants
it." My wife caught sight of the dildo and her eyes
went wide with shock. "No!" she stammered, "please,
no." But as she watched, Ruth strapped on the dildo.
It was pure black, about six or seven inches long and
an inch thick. Ruth pushed Keith aside and thrust the
dildo against Doris's mouth. "Suck this, slut," she
ordered. "Make it wet before I fuck you with it."
Everyone laughed, except Doris. Slowly her lips parted
and Ruth worked the dildo into her mouth, pushing and
pulling it as if she was fucking Doris's mouth with
it. At the same time she reached out and began to
fondle my wife's tits, twisting the nipples between
her fingers. The points were already hard, standing
out like little bullets as they were manipulated.

"Spread her legs," Ruth commanded, and Doris felt
eager hands pulling her thighs apart. They bent her
back over the arm of the sofa and held her down, legs
spread well apart, as Ruth strapped on the dildo. And
slowly, inch by inch, she fed the dildo into Doris's
tight cunt. The sight of Doris taking that black
rubber cock into her pussy was incredible. She was
moaning loudly, making sobbing, crying noises.

And then Ruth began fucking her with it. Faster and
faster her hips thrust to and fro, ramming the strapon
cock into my wife's helpless cunt. Each thrust made
Doris gasp out, her tits shaking and her body jerking
as Ruth screwed her relentlessly. Ruth herself was
panting with the effort, building up to her own
climax, her large tits bouncing and swinging as she
fucked on and on. As she orgasmed, she collapsed
forward, shaking and trembling, her hands clutching at
Doris's tits.

Slowly she pulled herself back and the soaking dildo
slid out of Doris's cunt. She looked down at Doris
lying spreadeagled on the sofa and motioned to Keith.
"She's ready for real cock now," she said, and Keith
took her place between Doris's legs. She was still
having to be held down, and watching the hands clawing
at her stocking clad thighs to keep her skirt up round
her waist and her legs wide open ready for Keith to
start fucking her was so good, I had the stiffest,
biggest hard on ever.

Keith's prick was rigid as he pressed it between
Doris's wet cunt lips. His purple knob started to
disappear inside, then he slammed forward and Doris
screamed out as the whole shaft penetrated her juicy
cunt. "God you're so tight," Keith moaned. "You must
have had so many cocks in here... such a beautiful
sexy little slut like many cocks have
screwed you Doris, how many times has this tight
little cunt been fucked..." He pulled back a little
then drove his cock hard into her again. "Tell me,
cunt," he gasped. "How many cocks have shagged you!"
His pace was getting faster, he was getting close to
cumming off inside her. I realised she was saying
something, and managed to hear her whisper, "Don't
know, had a lot of cocks, lot of fucks."

Ruth took hold of Keith's arm and told him to stop
fucking Doris and lie back on the sofa. "Let's see the
slut fucking you, Keith," she ordered. So Doris was
then hoisted on top of Keith and lowered down onto his
massive prick. As soon as the cock was inside her, she
obediently began to ride up and down on it. Ruth moved
up behind her and pushed her forward so that her tits
were dragging on Keith's chest. She gripped Doris by
the hips, helping her slide up and down on Keith's
stiff cock. "Mmm, lovely arse, Doris," she breathed
excitedly. Her hand snaked in between Doris's legs and
began working on my wife's clit, as she still moved up
and down on Keith's rigid prick. Ruth was using both
hands on her now, one rubbing her clit, the other
probing between her arse cheeks. Doris was moaning as
she continued to fuck Keith, and then to my delight I
realised that she was starting to cum off. Her hips
were jerking faster, even with her hands still tied,
she was really riding him. Her head went back, her
eyes tight shut. Her climax hit her hard and she was
gasping, panting, almost screaming, as her body shook
with its force.

Ruth still had the strapon dildo jutting out from her
crotch. It was glistening wet, and now Ruth was
guiding it between my wife's legs from behind.
Suddenly Doris also realised what was happening and
tried to turn round. "NO! No!" she cried out, but it
was too easy for the others to hold her there, her
cunt impaled on Keith's cock to the hilt, as Ruth
prodded her arse with the dildo. Suddenly it was
entering her. Again Doris cried out, then Ruth pushed
forward. More and more of the dildo was inside. Ruth
began to fuck her again, and each push moved Doris
forward off Keith's cock, before she was pulled back
onto it again. I watched Doris getting sandwiched
between the two of them, both cock and dildo ploughing
into her. Mike moved to her face and grabbed her hair.
His cock was at her mouth, forcing its way in, and
then she was sucking it, her lips clamped round his
shaft as he jolted her head to and fro.

Ruth was driving the dildo harder and harder into
Doris, gasping out with the effort of fucking my
lovely little wife. Almost the whole length of the
strapon was now penetrating Doris. "You love this kind
of fucking, don't you, Doris," Ruth gasped. "You can't
get enough cock, can you. You'll do everything we tell
you now. Any time we want to fuck you, or get you
fucked, anything we want, you belong to us now."

Doris had given up. She lay there with Keith driving
his cock up into her cunt and Ruth driving the dildo
into her arse, sandwiched between the two, legs spread
open, her hands still tied with Keith's belt. Her
whole small slim body jerked each time they thrust
into her. Mike's cock between her lips was fucking her
face, she wasn't sucking him off, just laying there
with her mouth wide open letting him fuck her. All the
time she was moaning and making little squealing
sounds every time the three cocks rammed into her.

The little scenario lasted about five minutes before
the cocks started spurting cum. Doris had cum off
again as they fucked her, and when they finished with
her she lay slumped on the sofa, almost unconscious,
cum spattered over her face, her hair, her tits, her
arse. I had watched her getting well and truly fucked,
and it wouldn't be the last time.


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2008-09-03 11:40:30
I am an old woman now but I used to have what I called "young friends" like your Doris and used to play games just like your story, giving the girl a few drinks then my late hubby and I would take turns fucking her (me with either a dildo or a strap-on cock or just my fingers and mouth. Your story about Doris got me very aroused and your Doris sounds like a very sexy girl I hope you keep her well supplied with cock, she should be kept getting a good hard fuck every chance you get. Love from an old lady.


2008-06-20 16:32:14
O yes this is a hot story I am bi girl and would really love to have Doris in my power for an hour or two or three I am wet thinking of the things I could with her mmmmmmmmm

Anonymous readerReport

2008-05-29 13:37:24
Very nice the girl in the story reminded us of a lass called doris we used to know in our little seaside town if she got drunk it was easy to get her knickers off she was an easy shag and wife loved to make her cum fucking her with a dildo we had lot of fun with doris and this story brought it all back thanks Mick


2008-05-29 13:18:03
This is very nice it reminds me of a girl called doris we used to know in a little seaside town who was just like the girl in the story if she got drunk she was an easy shag and my wife loved to make her cum with a dildo this story made us very randy


2008-03-24 09:23:50
Sorry, but I htought it was dumb story

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