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These events took place at a party, a situation where it is easy to get
drunk. My wife Doris is half Chinese, very cute and sensual, and very
easy to get drunk. And when she gets drunk she gets horny, and it is
easy to have good sex fun with her.

That night she was wearing stockings and suspenders, and dressed in a
short black halter neck dress and high heels. She looked incredibly
sexy, almost as if she was asking to be fucked. The dress very nicely
showed off the shape of her small pert high set tits, and the curves of
her lovely rounded bottom. Not surprisingly, she was in great demand and
was frequently dancing or being chatted by some of the other guests. One
couple in particular, Liz and Roy, seemed always close by her, hardly
letting her out of their sight, and a single man, Vic, seemed also to
always be hovering around.

The party was in full swing, and Doris was getting more and more tipsy.
Vic was dancing with her, and I could see she was getting a little
unsteady on her feet. I watched him steer her towards the door and then,
still dancing, out of the room. Almost immediately, I saw Roy also
leaving the room, and of course it was easy to guess what was going on.
I decided to follow.

Across the hall, another door was open, and the light was on. I moved
across and glanced in. It was a bedroom, and Vic and Roy together were
both dancing, or rather swaying, with Doris. They had her jammed between
them, and Doris had her arms round Roy's neck, with her eyes half shut.
She now looked very drunk, and as I watched, Vic, who was behind her,
slid his hands up towards my wife's breasts until his fingertips were
just touching her tits. The only reaction from Doris to this fondling
was a sigh, and the men took this as a sign they could go further. Roy's
hands went down to the back of Doris's thighs and I realised he was
trying to slide her dress up.

I felt someone slide their arm through mine and turned to see Liz beside
me, also looking on the scene in front of us. "Your wife is drunk," she
whispered. "God, she looks so hot! I would love to get into her
knickers!" She leaned closer to me, a smile playing on her face. "You
like watching, don't you? How would you like to watch me playing about
with Doris? I mean touching her, feeling her up, getting her randy,
maybe even making her cum, getting her ready for....anything. I would
give you a damn good show."

"I would love to see that," I whispered back. "Doris gets very horny
when she's tipsy, and it looks like she is drunk enough for anything

Liz smiled slyly at me. "How about if we all wanted to screw her? You're
saying if she's drunk it should be easy to get into her pussy. You like
to see us doing something like that?"

"You bet I would," I answered, and Liz stared at me with her eyes
glittering. She was breathing deeply. "I'd like that too," she murmured.
"I'd love to see that sexy mouth of hers filled with cock and those
lovely legs spread wide open....oh god I'm getting wet just thinking
about the things we can do to her!"

She unhooked her arm from mine and walked over to the little group in
front of us. Vic moved aside, grinning, and Liz took his place behind
Doris. I saw her looking at her husband and smiling, and I realised Vic
was closing the door somewhere behind me. The five of us were now alone
in the room, with the rest of the party still going on elsewhere in the
house, and it wasn't hard to see that this was all pre-planned.

Liz pressed her body hard up against Doris, and openly cupped one of her
breasts while she started fumbling with the halter neck strap. Roy had
tugged her dress high enough to reveal the lacy band round the tops of
my wife's stockings. Behind me, I could hear Vic breathing heavily and
muttering about how fuckable Doris looked. My cock was stiffening and I
too was breathing faster, hoping that I was soon going to see Doris
stripped and fucked.

Liz finally managed to undo the neck strap, and pulled the front of my
wife's dress down below her tiny half cup black bra. The dress was now
up to her hips, with her suspender straps coming into view, and then a
glimpse of bare white thigh skin above the stocking tops. They turned
Doris round so that she was sideways on to Liz with Roy behind her, and
Liz leaned forward, one hand on the back of my wife's head, and kissed
her full on the lips. As she did so, she simply pulled the bra down to
expose my wife's tits, leaving the bra just underneath them. She began
to fondle the bare nipples, turning and tugging them, then cupping and
squeezing the whole breast, then pinching and teasing the nipples again.
She was rewarded almost immediately. Doris has very sensitive nipples
and Liz could see and feel how aroused she was making my wife as the
nipples immediately began to stiffen up under her touch.

She broke off the kiss and looked across at me, grinning, as if to say,
"I told you so." Turning back to Doris, she trailed her lips downwards
and began to lick and suck each bared nipple in turn. Doris was panting
heavily, her head went back and she had a glazed expression on her face.
In her drunken state, she seemed totally unaware that Roy meanwhile had
pulled the little dress right up high above her waist, revealing the
full length of her bare thighs above her stockings, and the lovely
rounded curves of her bare arse cheeks. Even her narrow lace suspender
belt and the full length of its black straps were visible, as well as
the tiny triangle of black lace thong covering her pussy.

Liz lifted her head away from my wife's breasts and murmured, "You seem
to be getting all worked up, Doris. Let's see if you're really ready for

Her hand moved down to my wife's stocking clad thigh, and caressed
slowly up the inside of the thigh until she reached bare flesh. Her
fingers continued upwards, and reached the thong. She stroked lightly
across it, then cupped Doris's pussy. Both girls were moaning softly as
Liz slipped her hand inside the waist band, then pushed downwards
towards my wife's cunt. Doris didn't seem capable of even trying to stop
her. Her mouth opened and she began whimpering as she felt Liz's fingers
probing through her patch of black pubic hair. I could easily see the
long fingers through the thin semi-transparent material. Suddenly her
middle finger disappeared and Doris let out a gasp. I knew that Liz had
pushed her finger inside Doris's cunt and I could see her hand began to
move up and down slightly as she started to fingerfuck my wife. I heard
Liz whispering loudly enough for us all to hear, "Mmmm, your pussy is so
very tight, Doris. And it's so hot! I think you'd really like to feel a
hard cock in here, wouldn't you!"

Doris moaned a little louder on hearing that, and Roy decided to join
in. He had one hand on Doris's bare left breast and the other snaked
downwards to join Liz's hand inside my wife's knickers. With both hands
working on her, Doris began to thrust her hips to and fro slightly. I
knew she wasn't far from cumming just from the two sets of fingers
wanking her, but suddenly Liz pulled Roy's hand away. "The bitch's cunt
is soaking," she announced. "Doris needs cock."

Together they pulled Doris over to the bed, and pushed her face down,
feet on the floor, her upper body on the bed. She tried to get up but
she was quickly pushed back into the position they wanted her in, with
her inviting arse high in the air. Liz started to tug at the thong,
pulling it out away from the suspenders, over the rounded buttocks and
down to her knees. Her hands stroked Doris's cheeks. "This is so nice,"
she murmured. "She looks so sexy bent over like this for us to play
with. And her pussy is so wet and ready, mmm, it must be time you men
were fucking her."

Roy and Vic had both been stripping their clothes off, and now they were
both naked, their thick cocks hard and erect in anticipation of the fun
they were going to have with this little drunk Chinese girl whose
unsuspecting cunt was suddenly on offer to them. Liz pulled off her own
dress, to reveal herself totally naked except for holdup stockings and
her shoes. She climbed on the bed beside Doris, her thighs either side
of Doris's head, looking down admiringly at the half naked body, tits
bared, the dress again pushed up above her waist, the suspender straps
stretched tightly across her bare bottom.

"Eat me Doris!" she commanded, taking hold of Doris by the hair and
pulling her face between her legs. "Eat me, now!" Her knees were wide on
either side of Doris's head and she was holding Doris's mouth hard
against her pussy. "I said eat me, you slut," she exclaimed. "Eat my
pussy. Let me feel your tongue on my clit, bitch!"

I couldn't make out whether Doris was doing it freely or whether Liz was
pulling her by the hair, but Doris's head started moving slightly as if
she was sucking, and Liz started gasping. Her hips were moving against
Doris's face, and after a few moments she motioned to her husband. "Come
on, the bitch needs cock. She's ready for it, Roy. Give it to her. Let's
see Doris getting shagged."

I think the last bit was for my benefit, for she smiled at me as she
moved away from Doris and motioned to Vic to take her place on the bed.
He quickly positioned his cock at Doris's mouth. Gripping her head with
both hands, he pulled my wife's face down on to his cock until he could
push it into her mouth. Behind Doris, Liz knelt beside her husband,
watching Vic and holding Roy's cock in her left hand, her fingers curled
around his hard shaft, while she slid the middle finger of her right
hand in and out of Doris's exposed cunt. At the same time, she took her
husband's cock in her mouth and started to suck and wank him. Every now
and then she released the cock from her mouth and looked up longingly at
Doris being forced to take Vic's cock in her mouth.

"Your cock is getting real hard, Roy," she murmured. "When you shag
Doris her tight cunt will give you such a great fuck!" Turning to Doris,
she said, "He just loves fucking hot little cunts like you, Doris. You
want his cock, don't you?"

She pulled the huge thick cock closer to Doris, and started to rub the
head against my wife's pussy lips. Again she asked, "You want to feel
this cock right inside you, don't you, Doris?" She pushed it in just a
fraction, then pulled it back and moved it up and down along the slit.
Doris was whimpering again as she felt Liz teasing her pussy with Roy's
knob. Vic pulled her head back from his cock to allow her to speak.
"Yes," she managed to whisper in a croak. "Please, I need cock, please
let him fuck me."

Liz started to very slowly feed the stiff shaft into Doris's cunt. As
the throbbing cock started to penetrate her, my wife's whimpers turned
to moans and gasps. They were muffled by Vic's cock filling her mouth
again, or she might have been crying out more loudly.

They had pulled Doris's legs apart to make it easy to see everything
happening as the cock slid deeper and deeper into her cunt. Her whole
body seemed to be shaking. In no time Roy was in her up to his balls and
he began to move his hips to and fro, sliding his rigid cock in and out
of her faster and faster. His thighs slapped against her buttocks on
every forward thrust and his face was getting contorted as he rammed his
cock into my little wife's juicy tight cunt, and even with her mouth
sucking Vic's cock, Doris was still gasping and panting and making
squealing noises as she was fucked. I was sure she was cumming as she
pushed herself back against his cock but he was holding her hips as he
screwed her, and roughly pulling her body about so much it was hard to
be certain.

Liz couldn't wait any longer. "Get the bitch up on the bed," she
ordered. "On her back. Spread her legs. I want her cunt and I want it
now." The men reluctantly moved back from fucking Doris, and manhandled
her up onto the bed. She was flung her on her back, the dress again
hoisted up to her waist and her thighs parted enough to expose her bared
pussy. Liz sank her face between the outstretched legs and her hands
clawed at Doris's thighs, pushing them wider and wider apart to give her
space to let her mouth and tongue and lips get to work feverishly
licking and sucking on my wife's clit.

Doris reacted to the onslaught on her pussy by crying out, trying to
turn her body from side to side, until Roy climbed onto the bed beside
her and held her down, grasping her tits in both hands and squeezing and
pulling her stiff nipples as he watched his wife sucking and finger
fucking my wife. Liz's mouth was clamped round Doris's clit, her fingers
now plunging in and out of Doris's cunt and arse, both holes being used
now to get my wife more and more worked up.

Doris was starting to cum off again. She couldn't help it, the
excitement and pleasure of being continually sucked and fucked and
fingered were too much for her. Her mouth was hanging open and her
oriental face was screwed up and her hands were clutching the bed cover
as she began to buck her hips up and down. "Oh God, please don't make
me...," she sobbed. "Please don't... no, please... please... don't stop,
yes, yes!" Her slim body started to shudder, and suddenly she arched her
back high off the bed, still frantically thrusting her pussy against
Liz's mouth, as a huge orgasm hit her.

Liz moved back with a satisfied look on her face and motioned to Roy. He
rolled onto his back, legs spread, his thick hard cock rearing up from
his crotch like a pillar. I watched the others lift my wife, still on
her back, and position her over Roy. Doris was in a daze, sobbing and
crying from the intensity of her orgasm on Liz's sucking and fingering,
and didn't realise at first what they were doing. This time, they wanted
Roy's cock in her arse, and we all knew she was too drunk and too horny
to do anything about it. They were holding her arms and legs, spread
open, forcing her down onto his prick. Roy's well lubricated cock
prodded between her cheeks and started to inch its way into her. She
could do nothing to stop it, her mouth was hanging open again, her eyes
tight shut as she felt it penetrate deeper and deeper. Now my wife was
lying on her back on top of Roy, her arse impaled on his cock, still
wearing her dress, although it was crumpled in a ring aroung her waist,
her stocking clad legs spreadeagled, her bare stiff nippled tits rising
and falling as she panted and gasped for breath.

With her thighs held open and Roy's cock in her arse, her pussy lips
were slightly parted, glistening and inviting. The wetness round them
was clearly visible. And now it was Vic's turn to fuck her cunt. He got
in front of Doris and peeled her pussy lips fully open, then slowly slid
two fingers straight in. For a few moments he finger fucked her, working
his fingers in and out and round and round, slowly at first, then faster
and faster. He was grunting and muttering about how tight Doris's cunt
was, how she was going to give him a fantastic ride, while Doris was
making so much noise, gasping, panting, moaning, whimpering, that I
thought the people in the other room would hear and come to see what we
were doing to her.

Then Vic mounted her, moving his body between her shapely legs and
lifting them and keeping them wide apart. Doris was still trying to
twist and turn, her legs held up in the air and her head flopping from
side to side, but she was helpless. Vic was leaning over her to grasp
her bare tits, and letting his prick push against the entrance to her
cunt. His teeth were gritted as he told her, "Now Doris darling, you're
gonna feel what it's like to get a real good hard double fucking!"

I watched his cock start to penetrate her cunt and saw Doris open her
eyes wide with surprise as she felt the size of his hard prick starting
to stretch her. Her mouth fell open and she gasped out a strangled
"Uhhhhhhh" as Vic pushed his cock deeper into her. Now both men were
penetrating her, one in her cunt, the other in her arse, and both men
were grunting as their hands clutched and grasped at her tits.

Then they both together started to fuck Doris. Vic's hips moved slowly
back then thrust hard forward, burying the whole length of his prick
into her juicy tight cunt. Roy pushed himself hard up into Doris's arse,
then briefly relaxed and slipped half out before ramming back into her
again in unison with his friend. And Doris was starting to climax again.

Liz was bending beside me, wanking me and taking my cock in her mouth,
but still watching Vic and her husband fucking my wife. "It's
unbelievable!" she gasped. "Seeing your slut wife taking those two cocks
like that! Look at her, the bitch is loving it, she's almost cumming off

She led me over to the bed, and laughed as she roughly pulled Doris's
head to the side and guided my cock towards her mouth. "Doris," she
grinned. "Here's another one for you. You're a dirty little cock-hungry
cunt and you might as well have three cocks in you!"

Liz was still holding my cock in one hand, wanking it into Doris's
mouth. Her other hand had slipped down to Doris's clit and was now
vigorously rubbing it hard, helping Doris on her way to another wild
orgasm. She started to kiss Doris, even though my cock was in her mouth,
and in between kisses she snapped out, "Suck him off, Doris, suck him,
suck him off, suck! Make him cum in your mouth! Swallow his spunk!"

Watching the two cocks plunging in and out of her, and feeling her lips
clamped tightly round my own cock, and still with Liz's fingers wrapped
round my shaft, I couldn't last more than a few seconds before I started
firing my cum into my wife's mouth. It went on and on and on and when I
drew back exhausted, Liz immediately straddled my wife's face and
started grinding her pussy against Doris's mouth. She was facing Vic
now, and leaning forward to kiss him, while her hands were busy on
Doris's tits, and while the two men continued to fuck my wife.

I watched breathlessly as both Liz and Doris started to cum, and at much
the same time the two men shagging Doris both started to cum off as
well. All four bodies on the bed were writhing around so much it didn't
seem possible that both cocks were still fucking into Doris, but they
were, and everyone was making so much noise and I was sure someone would
hear us, but nothing happened.

After a little while, when we had all calmed down, Liz refastened
Doris's dress but insisted that she should stay naked underneath, and
gave me her knickers and bra for safe keeping. We called a taxi and left
for home, with promises and threats of another longer fuck session
another time with my drunk and horny well-shagged wife.


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2012-09-13 06:10:58
Good story, wish I had been there to help give Doris a good shagging. Did Liz ever get the chance to shag Doris later?

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2012-03-20 07:17:35
A great story my wife says its about our next door neighbour, she saw it happen to her at a party, almost exact like the story. M

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2009-02-22 22:46:29
this reminds me of a porn movie ive seen long time ago when woman used to get spasmatic when they cum and pull away from you and the other person get out of contol holds her down and wont stop till she almost pass out from orgaming to hard miss those types of movies.

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2008-09-19 06:32:27
This is a hot story hubby and me want to meet Doris we can give you both a great time watch us shagging Doris both at same time I have a lovely big strap on dildo Doris will love getting shagged with it while hubby gives her some cock up the arse Such a hot story 10/10

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2008-05-09 12:36:17
You should dress Doris as a schoolgirl, knee high stockings, short skirt, you and your freinds then force her to bend over a chair, lift her skirt, give her a nice few strokes of the cane across her bare arse for being a bad girl. Give her cunt a good feel and fingering in between cane strokes. Keep her held down over the chair and take turns giving her a good hard shagging. Doris will be desperate for cock and do anything for your freinds.

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