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Sweet Thai's That Bind
Misti ran the clothier just down tne road from where I worked in Fort Worth, Texas back in 1984. IWe had met quite by accident when her car over heated in the restaurant parking lot where I was taking a lunch break. Upon leaving the restaurant, I noticed her trying to loosen her radiator cap. Pulling up beside her, I cautioned not to open the cap just yet because you could still hear the water boiling in the engine compartment.. I knew from experience that she would get a not so appreciated steam bath were she to open the radiator. Fortunately, she backed off. I managed to talk her into letting me get behind her and pushing her to the service station that was just 2 blocks away and let them take care of what she might need. From the way she was dressed and by the looks of her Buick Riviera, I figured she could better afford a few hundred dollars. Again, I had to convince her to leave the car there and call back in a couple of hours and I was pretty sure her car would be taken care of properly, so I drove her to her place of business and I went on, insuring her I would be back at 3:30 when I got off work. In short, everything worked out okay and she was pleased that it had only cost her the price of a hose, labor, and antifreeze to get her back in business. We became pretty good friends, but neither of us were particularly interested in the other. She just wasn't my type, although she was basically pretty and pleasant to talk to, she and I never "clicked."
A couple of years went by and we would have lunch together, usually on Fridays and engage in small talk. It was enjoyable to have someone to talk with who was intelligent and interesting, as well as always willing to listen. She had been dating a plastic surgeon for the two years I had known her, but I could tell she wasn't really into him either. I could never put my finger on it, but I always knew there was something "different" about her.
It was two days before my birthday and Misti and I had our usual Friday lunch together. She inquired if I had anything particular planned for my birthday. I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head in the negative. She advised me that if I wanted to, she would love to have me come to her place and she would have a surprise for me. To be honest, I really didn't know what to expect. I wasn't expecting that she would offer to jump in the sack with me, so it was the prevailing thought throughout the rest of the day and Saturday as well.
Sunday afternoon rolled around and I pulled up into her apartment complex at Calmont and Las Vegas Trail. Apartment 116 looked deserted as I rang the doorbell. A smallish oriental girl answered the door and beckoned me to follow her. She sat me down on a seatee in the living room and said Misti would be here shortly. "What are you drinking?", she asked. "Bacardi And Coke," I replied. In about five minutes she returned with my drink, just as Misti made her appearance from the back to the apartment. She looked elegant, wearing a kimono style sik robe and barefooted, she came over and kissed me on the cheek. "You are in for a big surprise, my friend !," she exclaimed. "First, I want you to meet your bar girl, Chessa. She is 17 and just got here from Thailand." Chessa came back from behind the bar and and extended her small hand to me for a customary handshake. Chessa will do anything you want her to, and I do mean anything,"
Misti reiterated. Chessa came back by and slowly peeled off her white blouse and proudly showed off her firm dark breasts, cupping them in her hands and showing me her stiffend nipples. She then slowly slid her Gucci jeans off her hips and onto the floor, standing bare ass naked looking at me before coming over to me and putting her hands palms down on my chest and then she said in perfect English, "You can cum in my ass, pussy, or mouth,whatever you desire." Misti, cleared her throat and said unexpectedly, there are two more girls in the hot tub in the back bedroom. They will introduce themselves. They are sisters, Kaya and Maya. They are 18, I must go now get some things done. I will be back in an hour or more, so, ENJOY!", she belted as she went out the door. Chessa refilled my glass then proceeded to lead me to the back bedroom, still naked, I watched her firm ass only slightly ripple as she walked in front of me. I entered the room and it looked like something out of Windsor Castle. In the middle of the room a large brass king size bed with a canopy. Chessa coaxed me to lie flat on the bed. She mounted my body, both knees on either side of my waist, and bent down and kissed me on the lips.I could hear the two girls splashing in the hot tub, but still had not seen them or the tub. The hotness of her tongue started the yeast effect upon my manhood. Her small hands were removing my pants from off of my body, then my briefs and shirt. Reaching behind her, she grabbed my cock with her right hand and guided it up to her pussy and slowly sat down on its length, impaling her small frame upon its entire length, but effortlessly and silently took all eight inches into ner moist snatch. With her knees gripping ,my hips and her hands palms down on my chest, she began screwing my pole like there was no tomorrow.. "OH, DADDY, FUCK THE LITTLE PUSSY HOLE!!!", she wailed as she pumped up and down with increased authority. Hearing the sliding of a door, I looked up to see two of the cutest girls I had ever seen standing totally nude and dripping wet at the foot of the bed. It was quite obvious they enjoyed seeing their friend getting her twat stuffed. They spoke in their own language, but it was evident seeing two people fucking was a big turn on for them. Chessa's internal cumbustion thrilled them into oohs and ahhs, as her love juices oozed from her filled fuck furnace. Silently, she laid her head on my chest, her little body twitching in sensual delight as her orgasm gripped her, then released her with the last of three spasmodic quivers. My hard cock was still inserted deep within the pinkness of Chessa's pussy, when Kaya and Maya joined us on the bed. Kaya reached over and felt of my swollen balls as Maya began rubbing her clit. Chessa beckoned me to withdraw my pole from her pussy. When I did, Kaya wrapped both of her little hands around its girth and began a llolipop licking of the swollen head. Maya was now fingering herself deep with two fingers and kissing Chessa full on the lips. Chessa said, " go ahead and take care of these two little girls, but I want you to fuck me and cum in my ass before we are finished."
Kaya stood up slightly, pulled her pussy lips apart with her fingers, then slid my poker rod all of the way into her welcoming womb. Her gash was unbelievably tight as she began to moan from deep in her belly. She was already about to erupt, I could tell by her trembling body and her lurid eyes, when she eased herself down onto my shaft, she had the glaze of lust in her eyes as
her pussy gave a large sucking sound and she erupted her sensual lava like cum, that gently oozed from around the base of my hardened tool. Chessa and Maya were indulging in some 69 action, when the shrill, but low scream, came from Kaya's mouth. My balls were about to explode, but I managed to contain them, as Kaya rolled off of me and took Mara's place with Chessa. It seemed systematically planned as Maya immediately rolled on top of me and began to kiss me on my chest and nipples. Her nands were reaching down and grabbed my stiffness. Using it almost as a handle, she pulled herself up on its length and slowly embedded it into her steamy, gripping, gash. With one hand lest to play with my balls, she used the other to assault her clit. Her slender buttocks beat a perfect 4/4 beat upon my swollen balls as she began to release her passions from deep inside her belly. Her cum was frothy and white as it escaped her tortured twat. Chessa saw that both the girls had reached their sexual acmes, and she now joined Maya, licking Maya's asshole, and gently moving her off of my rock hard cock. "It is now time for my ass fucking
and I want you to shoot your wad deep into my butthole," she proclaimed. Maya and Kaya were again wathcing us as Chessa easily guided my cock up to her anal target. Easily, she allowed the head of my cock to enter her tight sphincter ring. With a few slight pushes, the head of my dick entered into her dark chamber. With its tightness almost squeezing the cum from my balls, she finally sat completely down upon my length. Catching her breath, she silently moaned and began her slow, but methodical rise and fall upon my stiffness. With eyes almost as big as saucers, Maya and Kaya gasped at the delicious sight of seeing my eight inches of muscle and blood engorge the lower anatomy of their friend Chessa. The tightness of her asshole sent quivers down my arms as she quickened the pace and began a more frequent up and down motion. My balls were reaching their maximum capacity, and soon exploded their slippery whiteness deep inside her freshly fucked ass. With every slight touch or movement, Chseea twitched and trembled as my shrinking manhood easily slid from her ass hole. Momentarily, the great combination of my cum and hers, oozed out her puckered and plundered ass hole and ran down her inner thighs. She moved down to lick my balls clean of any cum, then procede d to get up and go toward the sliding door where the hot tub was located. Maya and Kaya, followed her, with all insuring they would return shortly, after they cleaned up.
In about ten minutes, they all three returned, in fresh clotjing. Maya was carrying a small pan of water and sponges, Chessa had a couple of towels, which she handed to Kaya. The twins began an earnest effort to clean me up and wipe me down. Chessa returned with my rum and coke, just as I was getting toweled dry. The twins began to get me dressed and were just finishing up when Misti made her return. "I trust all is going well?", she quizzed as she came over to the bedside, gave me a wink and sat down beside me. She leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek and said, "Happy birthday," as the three girls went about picking up and cleaning up the remnants of our fuckfest.
"You must have figured out by now that I am a lesbian," she said matter of factly." I knew I couldn't or wouldn't give you the satisfaction that these girls could give you. These three are my mentors. I went to Thailand and talked their parents into letting me bring them over to the States. I provide them a home, food, and health care, plus, home school them. In 18 months they will go back with money in their pockets and an education they never would have received in their homeland. They perform for me and any of my friends and I pay them well, about $250.00 for each session they perform. They do this about three days a week and of course give me pleasure as needed. Any time they wish to leave, they are free to go, but so far, they seem happy here. This is the third year I have done this with three different sets of girls and will continue to do it as long as I can. One session like you just received would normally cost someone $1000.00, yours is on the house and they do not expect any pay for their part today.
They were willing to do it because I asked them to and told them I would pay them their usual price, but they declined because they know that they are well treated and were willing to do it just for me. What do you you think?", she quizzed. I told her it was a very nice and pleasant birthday surprise, I was greatly appreciative, and then we all had a drink, said our goodbyes, and readied ourselves for my next birthday.


2007-01-17 04:12:23
Good story, just that. I know why you didn't get fucked by that dyke. it is just the way those Texas Dykes are. She was a smart one by getting foreigners
to service her. And Thia broads are good at servicing
just about antone. No pussy hair.


2006-12-05 05:28:03
A 17 Y/O. thia girl takes the lead and up her ASS.


2006-04-03 00:02:25
ummm where is the detail? it was like one girl would get on you and then they would cum and get off

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