A few months ago me and my boyfriend were both feeling lazy so we decided to call for some pizza to have it delivered and boy to our surprise the delivery boy was so cute. He was Latino slim built around 20 years old and about 5 feet 8 inches. But what was the best part about him was his really cute face and his gorgeous full lips and I could just tell he was gay. I‘m usually pretty good with my “Gaydar“. We paid him and gave him a 5 dollar tip that’s how cute he was, normally we tip 2 dollars since we both still go to school and only work part time.

That night we were eating and talking about how we could get that boy back so we could have some fun with him in our bed. Well being the scheming minds that we are we decided to order some pizza again but this time pretend to have just gotten out of the shower and try to flirt with him. Well it took 5 times ordering dam pizza from this pizza place before we finally got that cute boy back to deliver our pizza.

Our plan was to have my boyfriend in the shower and I was to act as if I had just gotten out and had to run out of my room in just a towel still wet and answer the door. Well when he knocked on the door I yelled out just a second and put the towel loosely around my waist and opened the door. Boy he sure looked even cuter this time and I said oh I’m sorry I was just in the shower let me get my wallet I asked him how much it was and he said 17.00. My plan was to get my wallet and when I turn around to have my towel accidentally fall off so that he could get a good view of my naked body.

Well I grabbed my wallet and turned around and dropped my towel and pretended to be embarrassed and said I’m sorry here’s 20 and he said laughing that ok here’s your pizza. I then turned around so he could see my ass and put the pizza down and said well if you want why don’t you come back after your off for some dessert and this time I promise I’ll be dressed. He said well I’ll think about it and turned and started to walk off then stopped and said well if I do come back what your wearing now would be fine and then said oh is that smooth booty going to be part of the dessert. I smiled and said well if you come back you can find out.

A few of hours went by and we both really didn’t think he would be coming back so we both jumped into bed to relax and watch a movie. At about 2 in the morning I heard the doorbell ring and wondered who the hell was coming over at this time of the night and was going to ignore it but decided to go answer and talk shit to whoever it was. I peeked through the peek hole and to my surprise it was the pizza boy. I opened the door and said hey was sup. He said I’m sorry for coming so late but I ended up having to stay late and work and I had to go home and shower. I told him oh that’s ok come inside we were just laying in bed watching a movie.

I walked him into my room and said oh I’m sorry my name is Phillip and this is my boyfriend Edgar. The pizza boy then said my name is Anthony then kind of hesitated and said oh I didn’t know there was two of you here. I said oh I’m sorry then said well we were hoping you were into 3somes. Well Anthony hesitated at first then said well I never tried one but fuck it I’m horny and I’m always open to new things. Once he said that Edgar pulled off the cover from the bed and said well why don’t you take off your clothes and join me. Edgar was already naked and I was just in my shorts which I quickly pulled off and started to lick behind Anthony’s neck. Anthony then started to take off his clothes while I continued to rub his back and lick his neck and once he was completely naked we both jumped into the bed with Edgar.

Anthony got in the middle and I started kissing him and rubbed his dick while Edgar was behind him rubbing his dick against Anthony’s smooth bubble butt. Dam he was so hot naked he has a nice smooth body and a hot six pack which of course I was rubbing up and down. I started to lick my way down to his dick starting from his neck down to his nipple where I stopped for a little while to suck on. Then slowly reached my way down to his hard 8 inch uncut dick. I slowly started to lick around his dick head and down the length of his shaft and then back up teasing him with my tongue.

While I was doing that I could see Edgar starting to pour lube on his dick and along Anthony’s butt crack. Dam that turned me on so much I started to suck on Anthony’s dick trying my best to take his dick all the way inside my mouth. Before long I saw Edgar starting to shove his dick inside Anthony’s hole slowly at first and then once he was in Edgar started to fuck his hot smooth ass with his balls slapping against his butt cheeks each time he was all the way in. I continued sucking for a few more minutes until I couldn’t wait any longer and had to have his dick inside me. I grabbed the lube and rubbed it around my hole and then on Anthony’s dick then turned around so he could shove his dick in my ass while Edgar was still fucking him.

I reached around and guided his dick into my hole and then without any warning he just shoved it deep inside me and held me tight and then said aw fuck yeah your hole feels hot. Dam this was so fucking hot Anthony was fucking me while my boyfriend Edgar was pounding Anthony’s ass. We stayed in that position for about 15 more minutes when Anthony said he wanted to fuck me doggy style so we got up and I got on my hands and knees. Anthony got behind me and started fucking my ass hard. He continued fucking me slapping my ass when he suddenly said dam you know what would be hot if Edgar laid under you and you rode his dick. I kind of knew what he wanted and said ok.

I started to ride Edgar’s dick while Anthony was behind me playing with my hole with his finger while Edgar’s dick was inside me. A few minutes of that and Edgar position himself behind me and started to shove his dick inside my hole while Edgar was still in me. Fuck it was intense having the two inside me at the same time. Once I was used to both of them inside me Anthony started fucking me pounding my ass. I was so fucking hard my dick felt like it was ready to explode. Edgar kept saying fuck yeah while Anthony kept pounding away from behind slapping my ass while he fucked me. Before long Edgar yelled out he was Cumming and I felt his warm cum start to fill my hole while Anthony kept fucking me I immediately started Cumming also with my ass muscle tighten up against their dick’s Anthony pulled out and started shooting his hot warm load all over my back.

Anyways we all three spent the night together. That was the good part of story. A couple of weeks later I found out they were fooling around when I wasn’t there and I ended up breaking up with my boyfriend and they got together (it didn’t last - they broke up after only a couple of months). It took me a long time to get over it but now when I look back I remember how hot the sex was that night and still jack off once in a while thinking about it.


2010-04-08 15:49:18
I became hard instantly while reading this story. I am a delivery person and I have always wished someone male or female would give me a blow job for a tip.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-12-07 15:14:46
love the idea of a guy taking two dicks at once.


2007-02-23 00:07:50
damn, i'm straight/f but these stories always get me wet. aww... such a hot story. i agree that sex is anything but just heterosexual relations and i love this site because it allows variations. ~peace!~

ps... 10/10 for a hot short story


2007-01-14 03:59:30
it was ok


2007-01-08 02:20:54
that was great

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