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Spring break, a announcement, and a mystery person
Tiffany’s POV: Spring Break in Daytona Beach Wednesday evening around 6

Chris, Selena, and I are enjoying the evening in a very nice restaurant. Our parents are watching our children for the night. As I sip on my wine waiting for the food to come we have a nice conversation until we hear an old voice from our past.

“ Well, well what do you know out of all the places to vacation at we have to bump into the three musketeer’s who seem to be missing the fourth.” Travis says with a smirk on his face

“ Travis they don’t look too happy to see us brother.” Michelle says with a snobbish tone

“ Why would we want to see two people that hurt their own brother.” Chris says with some disgust

“ What brother.....oh wait you mean the witty bitty baby. Is he still crying after all this time?” Michelle says as they all laugh

“ He isn’t a baby bitch.” I exclaim as her eyes narrow looking at mine

“ Watch who you call bitch you slut. So where is the no good bed wetter at? You know the one you call a man?” Michelle says asking before looking around

Chris, Selena, and I look at each other before Chris speaks up.

“ Quit looking around he isn’t here.” My brother says as they all look at us

“ Oh and why is that if I may ask?” Travis exclaims as I just look at the three of them

“ I fucked up and he left me if you must know. I hope your happy now. You satisfied that I hurt him as well.” I say as they look at each other then at me

“ What do you mean as well. I haven't done shit you little slut.” Michelle says with a stern tone

“ Oh so what was the deal with all of you leaving him behind uh? What was so bad you left the one person you were clinging to before he left for private school the first time?” Selena says standing up looking at them

“ Because he was a brat to be around, and besides we grew up.” Travis says as Selena sits back down shaking her head before continuing “ But this is rich his own girlfriend hurt the man she always said she wouldn’t.”

“ Aww I think she is going to cry sis.” Trey says as I look away out the window

“ I think your right bro poor thing I’m sorry, but just think your better off without the baby.” Michelle says with a grin loving the hurt in my eyes

“ So how did you do it? Break up with him? Sleep with a another man?” He asked as I turned to look at him before he continues “ Oh wow you slept with another guy. I bet that was hard to explain.”

“ Travis I think it’s more then her hurting our poor little witty brother.” Michelle says as we all look at them

“ I think your right sis so all three of them hurt him so let me guess he heard you all talking?” He asks as I shook my head slowly

“ No I think it was more then that. Maybe he caught her in bed with them. I bet Chris slid his little dick in her while Selena played with herself watching.” Michelle says making us feel low

“ ENOUGH BITCH! AGAIN IT’S NOT LIKE YOU HAVEN’T HURT HEATH!” Selena says standing up quickly

“ Yeah whatever you say girly as I don’t give a damn about Heath.” Michelle says with a annoyed tone

We look at her with shock hearing those words that we never thought would come past her lips. I stand up just to get in her face.

“ Michelle you use to hold him and love him as your own. What has made your heart so cold towards the man you cared for as a mother?” I ask as she looks dead into my eyes

“ It’s like Travis said we grew up you little baby.” She tells me before Travis steps between us

I see his eyes then a smile before he places his hands on either side of my face. Travis places his lips on mine as I try to struggle. I feel violated by his advances as I shove him away from me to only slap his face.

“ Don’t you ever do that again you asshole.” I say as he starts laughing

“ You know you liked it and want more. Hell Tiffany I could make you wet and scream for my cock.” Travis tells me before I try and slap him again

My wrist is caught by Michelle as she stops me. I shrug her hand off my wrist stepping back.

“ I wouldn’t touch you asshole. I only want Heath and will wait as long as it takes to have him again.” I state as they laugh at my words

“ I doubt he would know what to do with a sexy ass like yours. He maybe smart, but when it comes to having sex he is dumb as fuck.” Trey says as I am stunned

“ Your wrong he knows how to love me so fuck off.” I exclaim being disgusted

“ Bend over and I will until I get off and leave you hanging.” Trey says as my eyes go very wide

“ Yeah Tiffany why don’t you take my brothers out back, take that beautiful dress off bend over and take them in both holes. Hell we know they are more man then Heath the baby.” Michelle says as Travis and Trey smile in agreement

I don’t know what comes over me as I slap her twice across her face.

“ Get away from me as I wouldn’t touch any of you sick fucks. I love Heath and only him. I will keep my legs closed which is more then I can say for some you whore of a sister.” I say as Michelle’s eyes grow wide

“ Why you.” Michelle says before Travis holds her back

“ Come on sis as I wouldn’t touch her anyway.” He says as Michelle stands there with narrow eyes

“ Your right never know what you would catch. Let’s go I need my fix and I don’t mean someone’s dick like she needs.” Michelle says as I narrow my eyes before I see them walk away flipping us off

I sit back down to only hear Chris laughing.


Chris POV:

I sit here and start to chuckle. Tiffany and Selena look at me hurt. Michelle said such evil cruel things about our brother but I'm laughing.

“Chris what is wrong with you. That's not funny.” States my beautiful girlfriend

Tiffany gets very defensive and asks a similar question. I stop myself from laughing and explain.

“ We all thought of her as a big sister. She doesn't love Heath anymore so when he comes back we have to love him even more to make up for it.” My girlfriend and sister smile at me and nod

I take a couple minutes to think. Its been three years since we screwed up so badly. Our parents have come around and accepted us back, but it’s not how it was when Heath was here I know there is a deep hidden pain and we all share it as well...its our love for the man I called a brother and betrayed. My dad told me one night that he hired some P.I.'s to try and find my brother but it hasn't yielded anything yet. There has been three Christmas' that he hasn't been here for and other holidays. I wonder everyday how's he doing and if he still cares for us. I want him home to meet my son and of course his beautiful little girl. I want the man that would do anything for his family back and with us. I start to cry as I pray to someone I haven't talked to in about a decade. ‘Hey Uncle Greg it's Chris...I know I screwed up, but please watch over my brother and help guide him back home to us...I know he is alive...please have him reach out to our parents if he doesn't want to talk to Tiffany, Selena or me...they never did anything wrong. He has a beautiful little girl that we tell stories of him to. She is the most innocent of the victims. Please Uncle Greg show him that there is still love for him here and that he is wanted....NO he is NEEDED here. Until he can come home I will raise Karen and keep her safe..that's a promise to you and him...I love you Uncle Greg’. My love sees me crying and wipes my tears away.

“Hun, you ok?” Selena asks with much concern

I look back into her eyes and shake my head.

“ No I miss him so much. At times I wish he would have killed me that day because the pain I feel for hurting him and not knowing where he is hurts so damn much." Selena hugs me as I feel Tiffany join in the hug before I continue looking into Tiffany's eyes."Tiff I swear until Heath comes back I will help raise Karen as my own. I need to...No I OWE my brother at least that much for the wrongs I committed.”

Tiffany kisses my cheek and smiles.

“ I know hun and even when he's back you will still have to help out, because your niece loves you so much.’ I smile to those words she speaks

“Yep and I love her as my own just like Heathie loves you like a mom just as he does Selena.” I say as Selena smiles at our sister and me

“ Common guys let's go back to the condo, get our babies and get some sleep." Tiffany takes this chance to pick on us

“ I'll watch the kids you two can play some adult games.” My sister says as Selena smacks her on the elbow

“ Hey now I love having my babies sleep with me too.” Tiffany laughs because Karen and Heathie were inseparable and were always together

I hope that Heath comes home and sees the wonderful surprise waiting for him.


Jack’s POV: Thursday back in Daytona Beach around 11 a.m.

Adam and I left Hannah and Diamond’s last night to return to the hotel room. Heath suggested for us to at least spend the next few days having fun. So here we are on the beach soaking in the sun. I have been looking at all the young ladies walking back and forth on the beach. Each one wearing tight bikinis although I notice a few in g strings. I notice one that catches my eye. She looks to be around my age, 5‘8 124 lbs toned with caramel skin, long black hair and from what I can tell are brown eyes. Her bikini is red with black trim. I feel mezmorized by her beauty of a beautiful goddess in a temple. I look to see Adam looking at me as I speak.

“ What bro?” I asks as he shakes his head

“ Dude if you want to go talk to her then go I am a big boy you know.” He tells me as I nod

“ Abs you sure it’s ok man? I don’t want to look like I’m blowing you off.” I say to him getting a nod

“ I am sure go have some fun Jacman.” Abs says with a smile as I get to my feet

Walking over to the beautiful vixen I tried to keep myself from getting more nervous then I was. Once to her I stood with a smile as I watched her get on her elbows looking at me.

“ May I help you?” She says with a beautiful voice that flowed into the air

“ I can only imagine you hear this a lot, but I been eyeing you the past 20 minutes and think your beautiful.” I exclaim as my heart races

She has sunglasses on hiding her eyes. I can’t see what she might be thinking, but I wait for some kind of response.

“ Your right I have heard it so many times the past few days, but not like the way you just told me stud.” This divine young lady tells me as I nod

“ Well I just wanted to tell you I won’t bother you again.” I say only to turn before I hear her voice again

“ What your not going to stay and talk hun?’ She says asking me as I turn being stunned

“ Well I didn’t know if you had a boyfriend or other.” I state getting a giggle

“ Your alright and no I have no boyfriend or other. It’s just me as my sister is somewhere getting something to eat.” She tells me sitting up before continuing “ Care to join me um.”

“ name is Adam.” I say lying but I know this is just a Spring Break thing

“ Nicole nice to meet you Adam.” She says as we shake hands

“ So what brings you here if I may ask?” I say seeing her beautiful smile

“ On vacation had to get away from my family for a bit.” She tells me as I listen before she continues “ And you? why are you here?”

“ Vacation away from college. Came here with my family, but something happened so the others are up in Myrtle Beach staying with family. My younger brother and I came back last night as our older brother requested we enjoy the rest of the week.”

“ Aww that’s nice so you go to college?” She asks getting a nod

“ Yeah in Virginia, but we live by the beach.” I state as her eyes sparkle

“ Wow must me nice. I have to ride a few hours to see the gulf of Mexico.” Nicole states with a hint of sadness

“ Damn that sucks, so what do you drive babe?” I ask getting a giggle

“ I don’t drive hun I ride as in a Motorcycle.” She says as my eyes grow wide

“ Awesome never rode a bike before.” I tell her as she smiles

“ Well maybe before the day is over you will.” She tells me as I look at her shocked

“ That would be cool. So where you live Nicole?” I ask as she giggles

“ Alabama honey it gets boring, but my family makes it nice to live there.” She answers telling me with a smile

“ Sounds cool with the family as they are what make life wonderful.” I tell her getting a nod

We talk, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. She is a free spirit as she talks telling me riding bikes is in her blood as it’s a family thing. I find myself falling for her voice as well as her attitude. She may be wild, but that makes her who she is. As the afternoon goes by she starts calling me honey, sweetie, and baby. I smile the whole time, but I know by Sunday we will part ways to never see one another again.


It’s Thursday evening around 6 p.m. as I lay in bed being loved on by Jasmine. Her mouth is warm and wet around my hard shaft. She has been loving up on me since yesterday evening after Diamond started her love making. I have came in them both so many times since last night that I felt so worn out, but she is keeping me up. Diamond is also pleasuring me by kissing the upper part of my body. I let out a moan as Jasmine massages my balls to make her reward be big. But she doesn’t take it in her mouth, but in her pussy as does Diamond.

“ Diamond what have you started?” I ask as she stops kissing my chest

“ I have started something wonderful baby. I don’t ever want to see you two apart. You two make a wonderful couple.” She tells me sliding up to kiss my lips

Jasmine stops sucking my manhood to only straddle me lowering her pussy onto my dick.

“ Oh yes where you belong.” She says placing her hands on my chest

“ I get the next load baby.” Diamond says breaking the kiss

“ Ok...oh yesss....darling.’ Jasmine says as she rides me

“ Jasmine, Diamond what if you both become pregnant?” I ask as they both look at me

“ If we do, we do baby, but I hope sis has a boy.” Diamond says as Jasmine moans

“ And if...Diamond is I’s a I can dress her up.” My beautiful girlfriend says moaning

“ I hope not as she will be a daddy’s girl as mommy is.” Diamond says smiling at me with a wink

“ Yeah will I hope you both have boy’s.” I say as Jasmine clamp’s her pussy around my cock

After 10 minutes Jasmine and I came together. Diamond helped by getting behind Jasmine licking my balls and Jasmine’s pussy. That moment was so erotic I held Jasmine down against me as I pushed deep to paint her womb. After some cuddling we dressed in sweats making our way out to see Hannah and Faye spooning on the couch watching t.v. as they both giggle knowing what all we had done. That evening went by nicely for us as we spent time together. After dinner and a movie we all went to bed. That night I slept soundly with two beautiful ladies half on me as I had a arm around each one of them.

The next few days went by with Jack and Adam meeting us that Saturday night before we left for home Sunday morning. Diamond and Jasmine rubbed their bellies with hopes that they were carrying my child. I had my concerns about Diamond, but she was smiling the past few days since Thursday. I couldn’t take that smile away from her so I kept my mouth shut. Both Adam and Jack told me about the two ladies they had met. Adam told me the night that I left he met a lady named Michelle. I looked at him a bit nervous asking what she looked like. He described her having black hair wearing conservative clothing. I let out a sigh knowing it wasn’t my sister. Jack told us about the lady he met as she was a family oriented person, but a free spirit that rode a motorcycle every where she went. I was happy for both of them hoping one day each would see the other again. We left that Sunday making it back home to relax. Again it was sad to leave them both as they were a part of our family. That night I took Jasmine for a walk on the beach before bedtime. She was still scared I would leave her so I had to put her heart at ease. So I found a dark place where no one could see us and made love to her in the sand. She moaned with the waves as I thrusted deep into her releasing my cum into her womb. That night was a rekindling of our love.

That Wednesday after Spring Break Jasmine, Jack, Adam, and I were walking to class when we heard someone from behind us. We all turned to see it was that Dan guy from Spring Break. I turned to Jasmine who just shrugged as I turned my head back to see him getting closer. Once to us he looked from Jasmine to me before speaking.

“ Hey Heath I what.” He didn’t get to finish as I hit him hard making him land on the hard floor

I turned to Jasmine leaning down giving her a kiss before walking away to my next class.


Jack’s POV:

I just watched my brother knock out the asshole that kissed Jasmine over spring break. I think of being a good guy and help the idiot to his feet as he is coming around.

“ What the fuck just hit me?” Dan asks getting a few chuckles

“ My brother you idiot.” I say as he looks at me holding the left side of his face

“ Why didn’t you tell me your boyfriend had a temper Jasmine?” He asks looking at my sister

“ You didn’t ask, and besides did you think he wouldn’t want to get some vengeance on you asshole.” Jazzy says as he looks at her a bit upset

“ Why am I the asshole?’ He asks getting rolled eyes from Jasmine

“ For kissing me Dan as you almost cost me the love of my life. What the hell was you thinking?” Jasmine says asking the fucker

“ I was drunk and I didn’t mean too. I have always thought you were cute. So I took a chance to get a kiss.” He answers as Jasmine goes wide eyed

“ Well I hate to burst your bubble I only have eyes for Heath so don’t ever try that shit again.” Jasmine says making ole Danny’s eyes go wide

“ Believe me I won’t as I don’t need to be around tramps.” Danny says making Jasmine’s eyes grow wide

Before I could respond Adam cold cocked Dan in the mouth making him land on his ass. Jasmine and I watched as Adam stood over a shocked Dan.

“ You ever call my sister a tramp again and I swear what my brother did will look tame compared to what I have planned.” Adam says before Jasmine pulls his arm

“ Come on Abs we need to make our way to class.” Jasmine says as I help get Adam away from the idiot on the ground

I smile as we go to our respective classes. My little brother really showed me not to mess with him. I feel sorry for anyone that does.


Wednesday goes by as I am home sitting in my chair around 5 in the evening holding my Jasmine who is showing me love by cuddling up to me. I found out what happened after I walked away and can’t stop smiling to my family. I love the fact we have each other’s backs. Jasmine has her legs blocking what she is doing so our brothers can’t see. I had changed into shorts after getting home as Jasmine suggested I do so. I found out Monday why as she wanted to masturbate me until I came on myself then we would go to the bathroom. So we have been doing this the past few days. I try not to moan as not to lead on to what Jasmine is doing. I guess what happened over Spring Break jasmine is doing all she can to show her love to me. Jasmine is nibbling on my ear before she whispers to me.

“ You close baby to cuming for me?” She asks getting a slow nod before continuing “ Good because were going to do something different today.”

I turn to see her eyes are sparkling brightly as she removes her hand from my shorts to just stand up. Jasmine takes my hand getting me up to follow her.

“ Guys we will be right back. I need to be with my baby for a few minutes alone.” Jasmine says before we hear Adam speak

“ Sis you can quit the faking excuses to leave. Jack and I know you masturbate our brother before going to do who knows what. Do you think we don’t understand after last week?” Abs states getting Jasmine’s attention as Jacman and I chuckle

“ Adam I...I just want to show Heath I love him more then ever. I don’t want to lose him.” Jasmine says lowering her head

“ Sis sex isn’t the answer you just being here for him as he is here for you, but I think you two need to spend more time together as that is your problem. Yes we all hang out, but you two don’t have privacy except your bedroom or the beach at night. So my suggestion is go spend time in your room.” Adam states making a very good point

“ You guys don’t mind?” I ask as they shake their heads

“ Bro when we get the woman we want I imagine we will be going off somewhere alone at times. So we don’t mind hell we live in the same house. It’s not like we don’t see each other so go have fun. Watch t.v. or something just do as Abs said and spend time together as a couple.” Jack says as Jasmine cheers up before he continues “ And no more masturbating bro damn if I wanted to see that I would whip mine out.”

We all laugh at that until Adam smacks him in the back of the head. I take Jasmine’s hand taking her upstairs to our room. Once in she shuts the door before shoving me onto the bed. I watch as she pulls my shorts off tossing them on the floor. I chuckle as she strips down to nothing before straddling my hips.

“ I thought Adam told you sex wasn’t the way darlin?” I ask getting a shook head

“ This isn’t sex baby this is us being comfy and holding each other. Sorry I just want to be naked on top of your sexy body.” She tells me as I nod

“ Ok beautiful so what’s on your mind?” I ask as she smiles placing her hands on my chest

“ Baby what would you do if I said I think I am pregnant?” She asks making me get a nervous feeling

“ Well I would probably ask how long and when was the baby going to be born, but what makes you think you are?” I answer only to ask her a question

“ Well I just feel I am it’s hard to explain.” She tells me as I look in her eyes

“ Well do you want a baby right now?’ I ask already knowing the answer

“ Heath you know I do more then anything. I just can’t figure out why I haven’t yet.” She tells me as I think

“ Maybe your wanting it to much, or it could be stress. Let it just happen honey as you know I will be happy.” I say as Jasmine smiles knowing I am right

“ Your right my love as I haven’t taken any birth control since we been together.” She tells me as I nod

“ I figured that by seeing it in the trash one day.” I say as she smacks my arm

“ You looked in my trash?” She asks with a surprised look

“ No they were on top of the trash already so blah.” I say sticking my tongue out

The evening turned into night as we had a quick snack before going to bed for the night.

That Saturday morning I was sitting in my chair as both my brothers were on the couch as we watched a movie sipping on our coffee’s. Faye was in the bathroom I guess taking a pee. It was 9:30 a.m. that Jasmine came down to join us with a smile on her face. I watched as she got on my lap placing her arms around me. I look in her eyes to see them sparkle as her smile shined. I raised my right eye brow before I spoke.

“ Ok darlin what’s up you seem very happy?” I ask as I see her nod

“ Yep I am baby as I have some good news.” She tells me as I look over at our brothers

I watch as they shrug as Faye comes back in the room as Jasmine speaks surprising us.

“ I’m Pregnant.” She says as Faye is in med step

“ Your pregnant?” I ask getting a big smile

We all go quiet as Faye starts dancing.

“ I’m going to be a grandma, I’m going to be a grandma.” She sings as I see Jack and Adam chuckle

They both look at Jasmine and I with smiles.

“ We’re going to be uncle’s.” They both say joining Faye dancing

Jasmine and I laugh at the three before my cell phone goes off. Jasmine grabs it off the coffee table then answers it.

“ Hello.” Jasmine says as I rub her belly with a smile before she continues “ Let me put you on speaker sissy.”

She puts my phone on speaker while holding it.

“ So what’s up Diamond?’ Jasmine says as our family stops in mid dance

“ Oh just wanted to say.....I’M PREGNANT!” Diamond says as my eyes go wide

“ Your....your pregnant?” I ask being shocked by her words

“ Yep I am honey are you happy?” She asks as everyone looks at me

“ He better be as I am pregnant also sis.” Jasmine says getting a scream

“ NO WAY!” Diamond yells as Faye, Jack, and Adam start dancing again

“ Their going to have babies, their going to have babies.” They all sing in unison

I sit there with Jasmine in my lap as we talk to Diamond a bit longer before she has to go. My family all calm down before I finally speak.

“ I’m going to be a daddy.” I say getting nods from them all

“ Yes you are baby and a uncle.” Jasmine says as I look into her sparkling eyes

“ I’m going to be a daddy.” I say again before Jasmine takes my head into her hands

“” Jasmine tells me as I feel tears come to my face

“ Heath son are you alright?” I hear Faye ask as I start crying

“ Heath baby what’s wrong honey?” Jasmine asks me as I wrap my arms around her pulling her to me

“ I’m going to be a daddy and an uncle.” I say feeling her hold me back

“ Yes you are bro so which room is going to be turned into the nursery?” I hear Jacman ask getting everyone’s attention

I see Faye smack Jack in back of the head as he turns to look at her.

“ Momma Faye what gives? Why do you all hit me in the head?” Jack asks getting head shakes

“ Because we’re trying to knock some sense into you, but it isn’t working.” I say getting a chuckle and giggles

“ Hey I was just asking dang bro.” Jack says as I smile

“ Well for your answer we could turn your room into the nursery?” Adam says as Jack shows him the bird

“ Hey now no bird calling son.” Faye says as we all laugh

We all talk to decide which room to turn into a nursery for the baby. Faye brings up a very important point that the first few months the baby will need to be in our room, but when Jasmine was healed Faye would watch the baby to give us alone time. Jasmine and I smiled to that comment. Adam and Jack chuckled knowing what that meant. That day was spent relaxing as Jasmine and I walked up and down the beach talking of how our lives were going to change in just 9 months time. We never stopped smiling knowing we were going to be parents for the very first time.


Michelle’s POV: That night around 11 p.m.

I am laying in my bed alone thinking of my spring break vacation. I met a nice guy that treated me like a woman. He might of been a few years younger then me, but he was still cute. His name was Adam and his voice was so sexy. The clothes he wore were so nice. He was such a nice guy. He wasn't just after my ass. Its been a while since I’ve had a man like that. I think the last one was.......Heath. Why do I think of that bed wetter at a time like this. As Heath was nothing compared to Adam. My mind starts to think of the past as I start to feel conflicted. No I can’t be conflicted right now as I want to think of sweet Adam. His body was so oh god sexy. I move my hands down taking my panties off my ass. I spread my legs to slowly rub my labia lips wishing Adam was going down on me. Oh Adam you have opened feelings in me. I wish we had longer to talk, and know each other better. When he stood up I looked at his fine ass. And his front oh god it looked big. I thought was I making him hard for me. If it wasn’t for that emergency call we might of spent the night just talking. I slide my fingers down my slit finding my warm entrance waiting for my fingers. I wet my fingers in my mouth then replace them on my swollen nether lips before sliding them in. Oh yes it feels so good as I let out a soft moan. I bring my legs back raising my pussy up in the air. I working my fingers in one at a time. I broke my hymen some years earlier when I started playing with myself. I work three fingers in feeling I am so wet from thinking of Adam the man I want to know more off. I pull my fingers out to only reach under my pillow to get my 8 inch dildo. I give it a few sucks and then slide it in my cunt moving it in and out fast and hard. I imagine Adam is on top of me making love as I want him to. I feel myself getting close as I get on my hands and knees to lower my head to my pillow to stifle my moans. My pussy is so wet and tight as the dildo rubs against my g spot.

“ Oh god Adam...I’m CUMMINGG BABY!” I say into the pillow

I pull the dildo out getting on my back. I start licking it as I open my eyes to see my mother standing at the foot of the bed with eyes wide.

“ Mom why didn’t you knock oh my god.” I say as she looks at me with shame

“ Sorry honey I just wanted to talk to my daughter, but your um busy so I’ll go.” She tells me as I watch her turn before moving to stop her pulling her to me with her back against my chest

“ Sorry mom guess I was just embrassed.” I say as I see her nod

“ So who is Adam baby girl?” She asks me as I let her go as she turns where I had her sit

“ A guy I met over vacation.” I tell her getting a smile

I fill her in on what I knew that he went to college, lived with two guys he calls his brothers, one has a girlfriend he thinks of as a sister. I tell her his age, and that is when she looks at me odd.

“ So he was your brothers age? I wonder where he is?” She says as my eyes shot to her eyes

“ He doesn’t want to be a part of this family mom. He said so in so many letters. Forget him because Travis and I love you so much” I exclaim seeing tears start to fall

I watch as my mother gets up leaving my room in tears. Damn I did it again hurting her. I knew she still loved Heath, but she had me and Travis. Damn you Heath why do you have to make this hard and why am I conflicted.


Maggie’s POV: In her Den

I go to my own den taking a seat in my rocking chair. I rock looking out the window with tears. How can Michelle say that. It’d break Heath’s heart if he heard that. He always treated her like a mom. I swear I gave birth just so she could be a 5 yr old mother. Why Michelle would you say that. I know my son and he loves us so much.....what happened to cause him to never come home. I feel so alone around here no one want’s to even acknowledge my baby boy. I have got to figure what is going on around here. I love my bright blue eyed baby boy so much. Please Heath come home to me or let me know your alright.


The next week was comprised with classes, online company work, and Faye taking Jasmine to the doctor that Wednesday since she didn’t have to doing any wedding planning. I was nervous that day wanting to know for sure if my Jasmine was pregnant. Jack and Adam helped to keep my mind occupied. Once our classes were over with for the day I raced my way home to find Jasmine and Faye taking bags full of stuff into the house. I pulled up followed by Jack and Adam. We parked then after getting out helped the ladies get the rest of the bags which was groceries. Once done and everything in it’s spot Jasmine had us sit down and that was when she told us she was definitely preggers. I quickly got up going to Jasmine giving her a big hug. I was followed by Faye, Jack, and Adam all hugging her and me. That day Jack made a great dinner starting on making Jasmine eat right.

The first day of April had us all laughing. Seems Adam pulled a prank on Jack by putting pink wall paper up, pink curtains up, and pink covers on the bed in Jacks room. Jack wasn’t happy to find his stuff in a room down the hall. Jack confronted Adam about what was done. Adam chuckled before replying saying ‘ Well you asked where the nursery would be’. Jack stood there eyeing our brother to only start laughing as the rest of us joined in. After that moment Jasmine, Faye, and I helped to two knuckle heads fix Jacks room back to the way it was before. I had to admit Adam had one up on Jack. I also noticed Jack seemed to respect Adam more as to being a practical joker. I thought of that day knowing Jack was definitely rubbing off on Adam. I could just see the two later down the road playing some prank on Jasmine, Faye, or I to just make us laugh.

College courses were coming to a end for our 3rd year. I had good memories plus a few bad ones, but it was all worth the experience. In every relationship there is going to be struggles between the two. For Jasmine and I it took us two bad moments to make us stronger, but this time around Jasmine became pregnant which showed love would prevail. I spent the times i was alone thinking of how my life would of been if Tiffany and I did make it. Would she be the same as Jasmine carrying our first child, or would she be carrying another’s. I shook my head getting the thought out of my head as I could never get that scene out of my mind. I guess that evening would always haunt me for the rest of my life as I didn’t really feel closer for my actions.

The college year ended on a good note as Jasmine, Jack, Adam, and my grades were way over average. We left that last day of school with a smile feeling the sun on the last Friday in May on our faces. We arrived home that day to find Faye, Diamond, and Hannah waiting for us with smiles. They congratulated us on a year down, and one more to go. We returned the smiles thanking them greatly. That evening was a party with great food, drinks, and music. Jasmine and Diamond were showing as their bellies were sticking out. I would either rub Jasmine’s saying stuff like ‘ Daddy can’t wait to see you’ or ‘ Daddy loves you’. With Diamond it was ‘ Uncle Heath will love you as his own’. They would both smile, but Diamond would respond with telling me the baby will know the truth one day. I thought of those words and smiled knowing a woman who was like a sister to me was having a baby out of love. I had to make sure he or she knew I would always be here for them. We spent that last day of our school day with family enjoying the night as well.

The days and weeks of June went by with doctor visit’s for Jasmine, buying her more maternity clothes, and decorating the room we chose for the nursery. Faye wasn’t working all that much as in saying she wanted to be here for Jasmine as well as Diamond. I thought of her reason as a smile showed on my face. Jack and Adam went back to their post as Life Guards for their 3rd summer. I could tell they both enjoyed it as it gave them something else to do besides sit around the house. Diamond and Jasmine have been sending pictures of their ultra sounds back and forth after each doctors appointments. Jasmine shows us all that Diamonds baby is getting bigger. I just smile knowing there was going to be two big boys added to the family soon. Diamond told Jasmine that her and Hannah would be here for July spending a month as well as my birthday with me. Jasmine and I started to make love while spooning with one of her legs in the air. She loved this new way as I didn’t put pressure on her belly. I loved her more and more each day as we have not be a part except for when Faye took her to see the doctor. Jasmine started to pay more attention to me in every way she could.

The day before the 4th of July Diamond and Hannah showed up. I greeted Diamond with a hug and kiss on the lips. Jasmine did the same as Faye gave Hannah the same greeting. I rubbed Diamonds belly as she giggled. After the greetings we all sat with Faye between Diamond and Hannah with Jasmine in my lap around 3 p.m. on a Friday. We talked for a bit as Faye and Hannah went to get us all some Ice Tea. After they come back handing us all glasses Diamond speaks up looking at me.

“ So Heath honey what do you want for your birthday?” She asks me as I look at her

“ Just to have my family with me.” I answer getting a nod

“ I know that honey, but what else? There has to be something you actually want.” Diamond says asking again as I look at Jasmine then back to her

“ Well I guess I want you and Jasmine together, but I get that anyway.” I say as they nod

“ Yes you do baby, but we could always do something different in that department.” Jasmine says as I look at here curiously

“ Like what?” I ask as she smiles with a giggle

“ You will just have to wait and see my love.” Jasmine tells me getting giggles

“ She’s right honey we will come up with something. So just relax between now and then ok sexy brother of mine.” Diamond says with a seductive smile

I look between the two and just shrug knowing I wouldn’t win. We talk as I rub Jasmine’s belly so our baby stay’s calm. It’s not long until Jack and Adam come in the back door to see their sister’s here. Both go over to get hugs from the two big sisters. Adam rubs Diamonds belly to only talk to his nephew. Jack does the same from her other side as we laugh. I just smile knowing the babies will be loved as they grow up. Jack and Adam excuse themselves to go change to relax before dinner. That evening goes by as Jack, Faye, and Hannah fix dinner. Jasmine gets up to only take my hand pulling me up. She goes over to Diamond helping her up. Adam looks at them with a smile.

“ Where you three going?” He asks with some concern

“ For a walk Abs as we want to spend time with Heath.” Jasmine says as I notice him nod

“ Jasmine you sure about this?” I ask as she comes up to me taking my hand

“ Yes I am baby as us three need to spend some time alone together.” She answers as I see Diamond nod

I look at Adam who shrugs as he watches t.v. I am led out by the two ladies that share a part of my heart in different ways. Jasmine is my woman and one day will be my wife. Diamond is my big sister, but yet a lover that shares our bed. Once we get to the sand they both wrap their arms around mine. Diamond on my right as Jasmine holds my left. As we always do making our way to the shore to walk in the wet sand. They both are quiet as the waves clash into the rocks that hit the rocks in the distance. As we get down the shore Jasmine is the one to speak.

“ Baby are you happy with how things are going?” Jasmine asks me with concern

“ Of course I am happy why wouldn’t I be. I have you as my girlfriend, Diamond as a lover/protective big sister, Adam and Jack as my brother’s, Faye as a mother to me, and Hannah as a protective big sister with Diamond. Plus your going to be giving me a son as Diamond gives me a nephew.” I exclaim with a smile

“ Awww baby just wondered as we don’t ever want you to be sad baby.” Diamond says as we walk with smiles

I am happy with the family I have. They love me with all their hearts, and have helped that wall around my heart break down a bit more. As we get back to the house we see our family on the beach yelling saying dinner is done. I watch as the two women let go jog back only to walk afterward as their bellies stop them from jogging. I run pass them only to get slaps on the arm once that get to us. It’s a nice dinner of talks about tomorrow. Faye says we will do the same thing as last year. Except Jasmine says if she has to pee she will go into the ocean to pee. We know why she says that as I nod. After dinner Jasmine, Diamond, and I wash the dishes then clean the table before joining our family for a movie. That night Jasmine, Diamond, and I strip down to nothing to only go to bed cuddling to each other both on either side of me. I smile knowing my life was getting better by the day.

The 4th was here as I woke with two kisses on my lips. I pulled my two loves close to me. Feeling their soft bodies next to mine makes this moment seem endless. It’s not long before the kiss is broken as both get up to only pull me out of bed with them. We all three take a shower washing the other’s body. Nothing erotic happens except they squat to pee as I stand watching. They both giggle seeing the affect they are having on me. I can’t help but get turned on by my girlfriend, and our lover. After the shower as well drying off we dress making ourselves ready for the day. Both decide on bikini’s saying they were going to make being pregnant sexy. I just chuckle seeing them in their new bikini tops and bottoms. They place the wraps around their waist so they don’t reveal a lot to our brothers. Even though I know neither would do anything with my brothers they show some respect to Adam and Jack. I put on a pair of shorts then one of the shirts Hannah gave to me last year as a gift. I get whistles and sexy remarks as I take the two beautiful women’s hand’s to lead them out of the room to the kitchen around 8:30 am on a Saturday morning.

Once down in the big kitchen we see the rest of our family getting ready for the day. Both Faye and Hannah are dressed like the two I have next to me. Adam has on a muscle shirt, but keeps his wrist and half his fore arms covered with the bracers Diamond bought him not long ago. We all sit talking of the eventful day sipping on coffee or tea. Faye says why change something that was started last year as we keep tradition going. We all agree as Jack goes to get ice for the coolers with Adam going along to help gather up Beer and soft drinks for Jasmine and Diamond. He made a point his nephews were going to be healthy even if he had to watch what Jasmine and Diamond drank and ate. I think that made both ladies feel very happy knowing the two they carried would be loved by him as well as us all.

The morning went by as everyone got prepared for the day. I gathered up the lounge chairs for us all. I made a point after last year to buy a few more for Diamond and Hannah. Jasmine made a point stating her chair was my lap with my chest being her support leaning back. I chuckled knowing she would never get bored sitting on me. Once everyone brought the two coolers, and their personal items our own family party kicked off. The guys set up the volleyball net for some guys against girls. Jasmine and Diamond called it to be score keepers as Adam was referee. It was nice playing a sport with this family as I had missed it with my own family back home. We played for awhile until Jasmine and Diamond wanted their bellies rubbed. Faye volunteered to do so as we all took a break around 1 p.m. As Faye rubs both bellies she speaks to the two unborn boys inside.

“ Grammie going to spoil both of you so much.” She states getting two beautiful smiles

“ Stop it old woman that sickening.” I hear Jacman state being a smart ass until we all see Faye turn to only go after him playfully hitting him before he continues “ Momma stop your hurting me. I’m sorry I take it back, I love you momma Faye.”

“ I love you too son, but I will spoil my grand babies if I want to so blah.” Faye says stopping only to stick her tongue out at Jack

“ I think she told you little brother.” Hannah says as Faye goes back to rubbing the two bellies talking to each of her grand babies that she has claimed as her own

The rest of the day goes by with relaxation as I hold Jasmine in my lap. Hannah holds Diamond in her arms on a blanket as Faye hold Hannah. The guys are off swimming in the ocean seeing which one is a stronger swimmer. I just chuckle at the two knuckle heads, but smile knowing they were growing stronger as close friends as well as brothers. Jack was becoming protective of this family. Ever since the attack on Jasmine he made sure the house was safe with a burglar alarm as well as camera’s on the corners of the house. I looked at my family as they all talked and felt more at home every minute. The ladies talked about baby clothes as well as what to get as toys. I just sat there holding Jasmine while watching the waves hit the sand like always.

As the day rolled on evening came as I looked down to see Gina and Ron getting ready for the night. Again Jack and Adam went to help make the night look wonderful. It was right when the sun went down that the first rocket was lit as it whistled across the night sky. The loud boom startled Jasmine at first, but I held her close to my chest as Jasmine held Diamond to hers. Faye and Hannah held each other as the sky was being lit up in a hue of reds, blues, green, and purple with the occasional gold and silver. It was a beautiful sight as it has been the past few years. It wasn’t long until Jasmine had to use the bathroom. And just as she said she walked to the ocean to squat moving the crotch of her bikini bottoms to the side to pee. I watched from where I sat as Diamond looked around to make sure no one was looking between Jasmine’s legs. Once done she came back with a smile feeling a relief in her bladder. Diamond and I laughed as Jasmine stuck her tongue out to only have Diamond say ‘ Later baby while Heath does me’. Jasmine giggles reaching behind her to rub my manhood through my shorts. I let out a moan that Diamond heard before she giggled. After a few hours we all packed up our stuff going back into the family home. After some little conversation we went to our rooms. Jasmine, Diamond, and I stripped down like the night before, but this night they both shoved me on the bed attacking me as two wild women needing a fix. That night they both tag teamed on me making me cum in both their holes down below. They loved anal the way we did it looking at each other. I just loved the way they took control being pregnant in the bedroom. That night was just the start for many more nights to come.
The weeks leading to my birthday were contained with baby shopping as Faye and Hannah wanted both babies prepared. They bought enough clothes for a year. I couldn’t help but laugh going from one store to the next. I mean damn how do they know both boys would grow so fast. I asked them about that and all Faye could say was ‘ It’s better to be ready’. I couldn’t argue the point with four women as I was out numbered besides being the bag boy. So I just followed the four women in my life enjoying the experience as this was my first time being a father.

My birthday was finally here being on the third Friday of the month. I was woken up to a blow job being done by two beauties. Each taking turns sucking what I had between my legs. I watched with amazement as Jasmine deep throated my manhood as Diamond sucked both my balls into her hungry mouth. My mind raced to the pleasure they were giving me. Just after 5 minutes I came in Jasmine’s mouth to only see her open kiss Diamond sharing in their reward. They both showed me the white liquid in their mouths before swallowing with a smile.

“ Happy Birthday Baby.” They both tell me in unison as I smiled

We got up getting dressed for the day. Both in bikinis which I asked why. They giggled saying it would be easier for what they had planned for later. I just went with their reasoning as I put on shorts and shirt. That morning I was greeted with a birthday breakfast which was a meal for a army. Seems Jack, Faye, and Hannah all got up early to make a feast for the morning breakfast. I was sat at the head of the table with Jasmine and Diamond on either side of me. I smiled as my family was treating me big time on my 22nd year of life. They each said Happy Birthday to me except Jasmine and Diamond. That morning is celebrated with conversation of what they have planned for me. I chuckle at some of it which is going to be held on the beach. I notice Jasmine and Diamond wink in my direction as they seem to be planning something. I smile in anticipation of what it was they had planned for me.


?????? POV: Around Noon

“ Is everything set up?” I ask into my phone

“ Yep your set with a place and bank account.” My dear friend tells me

“ Good so when do I leave out?” I ask making sure everything is set and in place

“ Tonight under dark, and I made sure that you have a ride ready in your name.” He tells me as I grin

“ Thanks for all your help.” I say before he gets serious over the phone

“ You sure you want to do this. I mean what can you seriously do out there?” He asks being concerned

“ Not a lot yet except watch from a far, and don’t even try to talk me out of this.” I say with a stern tone

“ I am not trying to talk you out of anything. I know you need to do this, but be careful ok I don’t want to lose a good friend.” He tells me as I sigh into the phone

“ I know, but keep tabs on things on your end and here.” I exclaim hearing him sigh

“ You know I will. Now get some rest as you have a long flight.” He tells me as I smile

“ I am too anxious at the moment, and besides I can relax on the flight.” I respond hearing a chuckle

“ Ok, ok just chill dang your too much.” He says as I giggle

“ Yeah, but you love me though.” I say hearing a chuckle

“ True, but still be careful ok.” He says as I grin

We talk for a bit more before I hang up looking at the screen of my laptop. Looking at the message my friend intercepted. I can’t stop from feeling anger towards the person that wrote it. I have read it over and over only to want something to hit. How dare he write such a thing to someone I never knew. I look up to see it’s only 12:30 p.m. on Heath’s birthday. I scroll over to the picture of Heath that I found among a baby book I found. It is a picture of him and his family of long ago before his life changed in a way he never saw coming. I remember those days of meeting him and can only sigh with grief. I trace his eyes hoping they were still the same.

“ Heath I am coming to keep you safe from what is going to happen once he finds you. I just hope I can do this without being discovered by those that hurt you.” I say out loud as I shut my laptop off before getting up to make sure I have all that I need


Author’s Notes:

I know I am leaving this as a cliffhanger, but it’s for a reason. And that reason is because this person I left speaking at the end will have a big role to play, but for now they will be Heath’s eyes and ears without him or the family knowing it or either family knowing. So if you are thinking ‘ Damn Hawk why you being a pain’ lol well sorry I have to keep my fans and readers on the edge. I would like to thank those supporting this story so far. I hope you to keep seeing your support as this story is long from over. The surface has not been scratched yet. Although Heath’s healing is coming in bit’s by those around him. He will still see hurt down the road. But his happiest moment will come when little hands touch his heart with a smile and eyes he hasn’t seen in the mirror. Peace to you all.....Hawk

Writer: Hawkrider

Proofreader, Editor, and my comic relief: tazonda94


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