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An older neighbor teaches a young boy new tricks.
Jimmy's Lesson, Part 1

Jimmy lives across the hall with his mother, and I've watched him for many weekends and nights since he was an infant. His mother Beth is a single parent and is often away on business. I'm a writer and not being very successful at it, I never travel anywhere. Jimmy's mother and I had tried to have a bit of a relationship when they moved into the building years ago but we ended up deciding we were just friends.

While I may have fantasized about a physical relationship with Jimmy (or someone young like him), I thought I would never initiate anything for obvious reasons. Some sexual fantasies can be acted out while others need to remain imagined.

That changed quite dramatically one rainy fall Saturday afternoon. Jimmy's mom had left him with me Friday evening to go on a weekend get away to return on Sunday. Jimmy had just recently turned 12. He was reading in the spare bedroom since we couldn't go to the park as we typically did after the chores were finished.

At least I thought Jimmy was reading. I got up from my work to stretch my legs and to see what he felt like eating for dinner. As I got closer to the bedroom, I heard exaggerated, rhythmic breathing which triggered a tickling sensation in my groin and an unexpected growth in my shorts. My body had registered a sexual act before my brain had fully realized what was happening. Thankfully, it kicked in just in time for me to hesitate before I went barging into the room.

From the hall way I could see Jimmy on the bed. He had his shorts pulled down around his knees. I could also see quite clearly that the reason for his breathing was that his hand was very busy pumping his small but hard penis in a rapid and frantic way.

I froze in my tracks and watched in fascination a scene that I had only imagined as I masturbated on my own, or while looking at the teenaged boys I had seen around the neighborhood and in the park.

But I had never actually witnessed a boy playing with himself, as I had begun doing at about the same age when I was a youngster. I was pressing my cock down between my legs to try to give myself some relief, but I suddenly knew that I was either going to have to open my jeans to pleasure myself or I was going to have to interrupt this vision.

"Hi", I said. "I was wondering what you wanted for... oh I'm sorry I didn't know, I'll be back later when you've finished up." Jimmy grabbed the book he had been reading and put it on his lap, covering his nakedness.

"Please don't get angry with me for doing that," Jimmy said, pleading, and taking me by complete surprise.

"Angry, why would I be angry with you?"

"And please don't tell my mom about what you saw."

"Why would either I or she be upset about you masturbating?" I asked trying to come to grips with what was transpiring.

"My mother has never liked my playing with myself. Mom caught me when I was, like four, doing it and she spanked me. She thinks that kind of stuff needs to wait until I'm older."

"Well, that's ridiculous," I said. "I never thought your mom was a prude. Everyone masturbates, children and adults. It's one of the things that makes us human. We can manipulate our sex organs to pleasure ourselves. We don't have to just jump into having sex with another - sort of like the birds and the bees do."

"So you won't tell?" Jimmy implored.

"You bet I won't," I promised. "We can make a pact that neither one of us will reveal what we've talked about or what has happened today."

My head was spinning. Could it really be possible that Jimmy is swearing me to a code of silence about my catching him masturbating? The possibilities of what else might transpire that we could agree not to tell her mom were dancing in my head while the blood was returning to the cock trapped in my jeans that I wanted to get my fingers on.

"Do you play with yourself? Masturbate? Do all adults do it too?" Jimmy asked.

"Sure we do. You know that very hard thing you had in your hand a moment ago, what do you call it?"

"I call it my thingy, but I have friends that call it cock and prick and fuck pole."

Jimmy blushed and I think for the first time realized that his cock was exposed under the book on his lap. He moved the book aside and spread his legs a little bit. I had given him plenty of baths up until a couple of years ago when it seemed best for him to bathe himself. Maybe that was the reason that Jimmy didn't seem too self-conscious about showing me his penis.

Seeing his penis again, and with his improving the view by spreading his legs, was pushing me right over the edge. I was either going to have to start grabbing myself or get out of the room shortly. Luckily the conversation kept unfolding in the right direction in just the nick of time.

"It gets a bit bigger when I rub it," said Jimmy as he let the book fall aside.

"Mine gets bigger than yours because I'm older. Have you ever seen an adult's up close?"

"I've seen my cousin Bill's but it's little compared to yours I'll bet. And I've never seen him play with it. Will you show me sometime how you masturbate by rubbing yourself? Maybe we could do it at the same time."

At that point, I was certain this was a very vivid dream that I would wake up from in short order. "Sure," I said. "Probably no time like the present, since you have already started and are half undressed. Why don't we both take off the rest of our clothes to be comfortable. But son, this is really something neither one of us can tell your mom or anybody else about. Big people like me aren't supposed to be doing things like this with boys your age."

"Oh, don't worry. I wouldn't dare, I would get into so much trouble. Thanks so much for making me feel like playing with myself is an OK thing to do."

Of course it's not just playing with yourself, I thought, that is what's going on here but at the moment my urge for release and the possibility of what we might do together was way too compelling to stop.

Jimmy slipped off his T-shirt and I saw his bare chest and developing muscles. I started to undress. I pulled off my own T-shirt and bared my chest. I don't have much hair on my chest to speak of so didn't expect Jimmy to respond as he did by looking admiringly at my chest.

I slid my jeans off of my legs and then stepped out of my jockey shorts.
"Wow," Jimmy said. "You are really big, and you have hair all around your thingy!"

I couldn't resist touching myself, being with this young, naked Adonis and showing off my wares. I sat on the bed next to Jimmy, spread my legs, and held my cock up and stroked it a bit. It relieved some of the pressure I was feeling, but I knew it wasn't going to help for long. "The hardness of my penis is from my being aroused by what we are doing. I see that yours is hard too. Show me how you stroke it like you were doing when I came in."

Jimmy resumed stroking his penis, his small hands covering most of the little flesh pole, but pushing the little head up at each down stroke, and a beautiful sight it was. I massaged my cock very slowly so as not to bring myself to an orgasm too soon.

While we were in pretty deep already, we were at a point where we could chalk up what we had done so far to an advanced anatomy lesson or perhaps graduate school 'birds and the bees,' but if we took those next steps, we were really going to cross a line of no return. I had two thoughts: This wasn't likely to happen again, and I hope I can get away with it.

Jimmy looked longingly at my hard cock and asked, timidly, "Would it be okay if I touched it? I'll let you touch mine if you want."

"Sure, we can do both at the same time to each other and then we'll both feel good at the same time. Jimmy took hold of my man meat and I grasped his boy meat, and we both started to breath rhythmically like I had heard his breath before I came into the room and interrupted his masturbating.

I was going to come big time and probably have a very noisy orgasm if Jimmy continued to stroke me, but I wasn't capable of interrupting him just now. I decided to concentrate fully on him and what I was doing to his little cock and see if that was distracting enough to keep me from scaring him with my ejaculation.

Pretty quickly, thankfully, Jimmy began to climax and lost interest in my cock. His hand went back to his own his cock, pumping rapidly as he stared at my hand doing the same.

Jimmy began a rolling orgasm that lasted for several seconds. His thighs squeezed together and Jimmy pushed up on his feet, raising his middle off the bed. All of this without making a sound.

I gathered that the silent orgasm must have been a response to having been caught by his mother and punished. I was certainly hoping he would remain silent about more than just the orgasm.

It took a few minutes for him to recover. Jimmy lay back panting and making little sighs. I rolled onto my back and when Jimmy had began to breath normally, he rolled toward me and cuddled, sort of half on and half off of me with my arm around him.

"That was awesome," Jimmy finally was able to say. "You really know how to do that super. Did it happen for you too?"

"No," I said. "Not yet, but I think it won't take too long. I'm very excited by our being together and helping you to have an orgasm."

"Oh, what can I do to help you feel good too?"

I wasn't going to let this opportunity go by without my having my mouth on that beautiful little penis or the possibility that my cock might get a chance to be in his mouth. I decided to offer a couple of other lessons before I came, if I could resist long enough.

"Before I do that, I have something else I want to show you about how two people might make each other feel good in the way you just did. Will you climb up on me and straddle my head with your thingy pointing down?"

Jimmy didn't question or hesitate, but climbed right up and swung his legs over my head. I put my lips around his little cock and began to lick it with my tongue.

I grabbed myself with my right hand and stroked, but very gently because I didn't want to come just yet. With my free hand I reached around and caressed Jimmy's smooth, boyish ass cheeks. I used the hand that was around his backside to push him firmly into my mouth while Jimmy ground his hips and ran his cock and balls down across my tongue. For a second time in just a few minutes Jimmy had a massive, but silent, orgasm that seemed to keep coming and coming.

"That was cool. Thanks a lot," he said after he had caught his breath. "Can I make you feel good now? Can I use my mouth to please you too?" Just the sort of invitation I was hoping for.

"Sure, let's start with your hand and then your mouth. I'll lie on my back and you can kneel here beside me." I patted the bed next to my hips. I wanted to be able to explore his body while Jimmy fingered my cock. Jimmy did exactly as I told him. He leaned over from his kneeling position and tentatively began to explore my penis with his fingers. I held his wrist and showed him how to pump my cock. Once he got the right grip, he knew exactly the amount of pressure and speed to apply.

Meanwhile I let my left hand explore his little body from his chest down his flat tummy to his beautiful, hairless scrotum and then underneath to his anus. This made him squirm. While Jimmy was pumping my cock I thought, what a masterful job for someone who hadn't done it before.

But maybe it was just so unbelievable that this was even happening that I was in awe of it all. It only took a bit of time for me to reach my first orgasm and I yelped out a scream that startled Jimmy. "AAAHHH, AAAHHH, AAAHHH."

My cum came spurting out of the head of my cock and caught Jimmy by surprise, since his orgasms were still dry. The creamy syrup splashed on his hand and wrist, some of it even going up to hit his face, which was bent close to examine my prick as he was pumping it.

"Did I hurt you, are you ok?" he said, wiping at the cum off his face and rubbing his cum-soaked fingers on the bed sheet.

"I'm fine," I panted after I caught my breath. "I have noisy orgasms, or rather, I choose to have noisy orgasms. Don't you ever want to celebrate out loud when you come?"

"Well maybe, but I need to be quiet too."

"Not here with me, Son. We can scream as loud as we want when we come."

"Can I give you kisses now on your thingy?"

Winning the lottery would not have given me as much pleasure as that remark by this naked boy with me on the bed. I grabbed him around the waist and pulled him on top of me.

"Yes, I would like that very much."

"Me too," he said, and he put his lips on mine and pressed hard, which took ME by surprise. I returned his kiss by pushing my tongue into his mouth and flicking it a bit. It resulted in a little boyish giggle. Jimmy felt really good lying on top of me.

With our lips touching, his middle was above my cock, so we could feel our cocks rubbing together. "I like being here with you, George. Can you show me how to use my mouth on your thingy?"

"Yes my boy, I'd like nothing better." I spread my legs apart and he slid down between them and cautiously put his mouth on my cock.

"Use your tongue to lick the head of my penis until you feel like opening your lips and taking the head into your mouth." He was able to manage it without difficulty and knew just what to do. He quickly had me churning. I helped him apply pressure by holding him by the back of his head. Before I came again though, I wanted to get my mouth back onto his cock, tasting his sweet testicles and seeing the little rose bud of his anus.

"Turn around this way son, so that I can enjoy you too." He swung his butt around so that it was over in my face.

"It's funny to do it upside down like this," he said.

"Different," I said, "but if we practice we might be able to both come at the same time. That's a nice thing to have happen."

Maybe it was beginners luck, or maybe we were just good together but I felt his urge and mine building at about the same time. I was sucking on his cock and thrusting a middle finger into his back hole. Both of our orgasms were muffled because we didn't want to give up where our mouths were, but his was noisier then it had been before.

We were both feeling quite spent at that point and we pulled the bed covers over us and snuggled. I'm not sure about Jimmy, but I think I might have passed out within minutes.

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