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I love shopping for shoes. Not because I particularly have a need for them, but rather, I love the experience. Shoe shopping has become a game for me; and one in which I love to play. I make time for this pastime at least once a week – a girl’s got to have her fun.

Before I head out, I always pick one of my shortest skirts. Of course, I never wear panties. Sometimes I wear stockings so that the top lacing can peek out from under the short hem of my skirt. Other times, I leave my legs totally soft and bare. For my last excursion, I decided to go with bare legs.

With a light step, I casually walked into the shoe store at the local mall. To my luck, a new salesman was working. Maybe twenty-two, short brown hair and an average build. He looked harried, as if the long day of waiting on customers had finally gotten to him. This was ideal for what I wanted to do. My excitement built as I thought of what was to come.

Wishing to build the mood, I leisurely strolled down the aisle. Part of the game too was choosing the right pair of shoes. I picked up a pair of long-laced strappy sandals and approached the young sales clerk. "Do you have these in a seven?" I asked in a sing-song voice.

"Um, yeah, hold on," he said, giving me a quick once over.

I winked at him and grinned; then made my way to the bench to sit down. I saw him stop to watch me as I lifted my leg as if slowly inspecting it. My hands ran down its length in appreciation before I turned to look at him. His face blushed red before he quickly turned and made his way to the stock room.

Perfect. This was going to be enjoyable. I loved to flirt and tease the young salesmen with my antics. Watching their eyes widen when they first noticed the flash of naked flesh beneath my skirt. How their sweaty hands tried to hold my foot as they helped its way into the desired shoe. Their lowered faces flushed pink as I grinned at their shock.

I smiled sweetly as the salesman returned with my size sevens. His goal was to remain businesslike and professional. My goal was to make sure that didn’t happen. He slipped the first shoe from the box and lifted my foot. It slid in easily.

"Be a dear, and lace them for me, sweetie."

"Um, yeah. Sure."

I was sure he was slightly offended to be asked. But within a matter of seconds, I knew he’d had a change of attitude. While starting to wind the lacing around my ankle and heading upwards, he got his first view of my naked pussy. His face colored slightly while he tried to maintain his focus on the strapping. I grinned each time his eyes headed up my legs and to my not-so-hidden treasure.

"The other one too, if you don't mind." My voice gave nothing away. It was a matter of allowing him to believe that he was getting an unnoticed treat. That somehow, only he was aware of what he had just seen. It was his secret, one even hidden from me.

"Sure." His voice cracked slightly as he spoke the word.

I spread my legs slightly before resting my other foot in his hands. This exposed my pussy further and I had to try not to giggle as his eyes popped.

"Looks good on me, don't you think?" I teased.

"What? Oh, it sure does."

The poor boy looked like he was going to fall over. It took him a long time to finish with the straps, but as courteous as I am, I never complained.

Once he had finished, I stood quickly before he had a chance to right himself from his kneeling position on the floor. I made sure my crotch rested just in front of his face. A slight stumble on the high-heeled sandals and it made its desired contact. He flushed deep crimson which caused my pussy to tingle with excitement.

"I’m terribly sorry. How very clumsy of me," I stated, in faked embarrassment.

"No problem. Really," he practically stuttered back.

I took a slow walk to the mirror a few steps away. Reaching the full length view, I turned first left, and then right, as if carefully inspecting the look of my possible purchase.

"Hmm, is this right?"

I casually bent over to adjust one of the straps, knowing that the short skirt I had worn would rise and totally expose me to the young clerk. I watched his expression of lust in the mirror. My fingers fumbled innocently with the straps. Finished with my adjustments, I walked back over to the flushed salesman.

"I'm not sure about these. Mind if I come back later and decide then?"

"No. Sure, I mean. Come back later. Come back anytime."

I sat and gave the flustered clerk a soft grin. "Are you going to help me take these off?"

"Oh. Yes, of course."

“Thank you, I’m so grateful for the wonderful service you’ve shown me today.”

“No, thank you,” he answered in earnest. I smiled the whole time his shaky fingers fumbled with the lacing. Once done, he looked as if he had been put through the wringer.

I stood and made my way to the front of the store. I turned once more and gave the still kneeling clerk a last wink before I walked out. I definitely would be back soon.


2017-08-28 21:47:55
Delightful. It would be interesting to tell the same story from the salesman's perspective. (Even better to film it.)


2007-06-11 14:21:03
Rather naughty, but very nice.

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